How to activate iPhone 7 step by step


All devices of dubious assembly were at risk of their work, but after the release of iOS 11, there were more people who could potentially face a phone lock. All because of the new company policy regarding non-original spare parts installed on phones. When you reset the settings, with non-original components installed, the smartphone can be locked and turn into a piece of useless iron. It will be almost impossible to unlock it.

Apple server is temporarily unavailable

The first possible problem that needs to be discarded right away is the unavailability of servers. To do this, you need to go to the official Apple website and see the information about the servers. If they are overloaded, then it is worth trying to activate the smartphone again a little later.

How to activate iPhone 5?

You need to follow these steps to activate your iPhone 5.

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Setting Up iPhone 7 For the First Time

The reasons

The main reasons for iPhone activation failure can be:

  • Bad internet or no internet at all.
  • Modem problems.
  • Non-original smartphone accessories. Relevant for iOS 11 and beyond. Any non-original components turn the phone into a piece of iron.
  • Server is not available. It also happens that the company’s servers are overloaded and simply not able to cope with the influx of people.
  • Errors in activation programs.
  • You have installed the test version of the program.

Delayed shutter release

In the Camera app, frame your shot, then click on the Timer icon at the top, select the shutter interval (3 to 10 seconds), and click on the shutter button. After pressing the shutter button, a countdown will appear on the screen until the shutter is released.

IOS 11 Activation Issue on Refurbished Phones

With the release of a new version of the software, Apple has decided to fight fiercely against Chinese counterfeits. Now, when activating new phones, the programs check all the numbers of all the parts of smartphones and if there are discrepancies, the phone will not be activated and will turn into a useless piece of hardware. So it just became unprofitable to buy Chinese fakes of the phone, which are going from several others.

How to activate iPhone without a SIM card

When we receive a new iPhone, the first thing we need to do is activate the iPhone so that we can use it. And generally, we have to turn on the mobile phone with the SIM card. However, what if you don’t have a SIM card when you want to activate your device? Does this mean that there is nothing you can do at this moment? Definitely not! Even if you don’t have a SIM card, you can still activate your iPhone easily.

If you would like information on how to activate iPhone without a SIM card, you can read and skip down to the details below to give it a try.

Activating iPhone without a SIM card

Using iTunes utility for Windows or OS X. First, you need to download the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Once you have established a connection between iPhone and iTunes, you may receive a message stating what is on the iPhone you are trying to activate. no SIM card inserted. If you get this information, you still need a SIM card to unlock your phone as the device is locked to some network carrier. But if the message does not appear, you can proceed with activating your phone.

activate, iphone, step

Then you need to select “Set up like a new iPhone” and click “Continue” on your device. After that, iPhone activation will start in iTunes.

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When the process is complete, you need to configure some settings on your iPhone, including location, password, app and data, Apple ID, etc.

After all the settings are done, your iPhone will be activated successfully. Finally, you just need to click “Start” to manage your new device.

Activate iPhone with an emergency call

It involves turning on the iPhone, and when a greeting appears on the display, sequential pressing of the Home and Emergency buttons. Then enter “112”. and start the call. After that, quickly press the shutdown button. then “Cancel”. After the end of the call, the gadget will perform all its functions and work normally. This means that you have successfully activated your phone and can now control your phone.

The efficiency of the first one has not been tested by us, but you can try it. it definitely won’t get any worse.

Activating iPhone via Tenorshare 4uKey utility

Tenorshare 4uKey. is an iPhone activation and unlock tool that allows you to activate and unlock your iPhone without a SIM card. This is the most effective and easiest way to activate iPhone X / 8 / 8Plus / 7 / 7Plus / 6s / 6 / 5s.

activate, iphone, step

Download and install the software on your PC / Mac before we start.

Launch the program and connect iPhone / iPad to computer via USB cable.

After the program recognizes your device, you can press “Start” to activate the iPhone.

Before activating iPhone passcode, download the latest iOS firmware over the Internet.

When the software is downloaded to your computer, you can click “Start Unlock” to start iPhone recovery.

The whole process takes a few minutes. Please keep your device connected to the system recovery process.

You can set your iPhone as new, Touch ID and Face ID.

After all, if you forgot your iPhone / iPad password, or accidentally entered the wrong password too many times iPhone is disconnected connect to iTunes, you too can use Tenorshare 4uKey to unlock iPhone in minutes.

How to fix the unable to activate error on the iPhone 7!

How to activate iPhone 6s plus step by step

Having become the happy owner of a gadget from Apple, you will have to understand not only the system, but also understand how to activate it. Launching is required for the device to start working. This process is easier than it sounds, and the setup itself will take a few minutes. The user may be surprised by the number of lines and fields that need to be filled in completely. In the article material, we will tell you what to enter and choose in each of them. Follow the instructions below carefully, and if you do everything right, then there should be no problems. We will analyze all possible ways to activate a new iPhone.

The activation process may vary slightly. it all depends on the specific model of the gadget. But, in general, the procedure is identical for every Apple device, and the instructions below will work for any model. If you are holding an iPhone in your hands for the first time and / or have switched to a device from the Android operating system, then we suggest reading this detailed guide and learn how to activate on a new device.

IPhone activation process

Before turning on your iPhone, check to see if you have a SIM card of the correct size (micro for older models and nano for newer). Activation will fail without a SIM. You will also need a wireless Internet connection (or cellular connection) or a computer with iTunes (as an option for restoring a backup). And only after you are convinced of all the listed steps, you can safely hold down the Power button (or hold down the lower volume and lock buttons on iPhone 10 and above).

There are no legal methods to activate a device without a SIM card! In versions iOS 7 and higher / lower, such a vulnerability did exist, but since iOS 7.1.2 it has been fixed.

Create an Apple ID.

The next. and very important. step: creating an Apple ID. You will need this ID to download games, programs, music and movies from the App / iTunes Store, communicate via iMessage and FaceTime, synchronize and store personal documents. Strictly speaking, without an Apple ID, your iPhone is just a “dialer” and a device for accessing the Internet through a browser.

It can be done in two ways. You can find detailed instructions on how to create an Apple ID account here. Pay close attention to your security questions. it’s best to write them down in your notebook and keep it in a safe place! (you can find out why this is so important here).

How to Transfer Music, Movies and Photos to Your New iPhone

To synchronize media content with iPhone, iTunes is used (available for both Windows devices and Mac computers). Transfer music and videos from your old device to your computer, then add them to iTunes (File. Add to Library). After that, connect your iPhone to your computer, open iTunes, select your smartphone by clicking on the icon and in the Music, Movies tabs specify which content should be copied to the device. If there is not enough space, create a playlist for the very best.

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How the two terms “activation” and “Apple’s warranty” are related

Many users, who have picked up an Apple device for the first time, ask themselves the question, what is the meaning of the warranty when starting up for the first time or restarting from scratch? The fact is that the activation process is accompanied by an automatic start of the warranty period from Apple. The warranty period does not start on the day of purchase, but from the moment the Apple ID account was created (or re-authorized).

Important note! The initial text “Hello” (Hello and other greetings in different languages) in no way signals that the device is new. This inscription appears regardless of whether the device is new straight out of the box or used with discarded content.

How to activate iPhone?

You won’t be able to use your iPhone until you activate it. The iPhone activation procedure is quite simple, but for the first time, users may still have certain difficulties. Here’s how to activate your iPhone. All of the methods listed below are universal and suitable for devices such as iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 7 and 7 plus, 8 and 8 plus, SE, X, XS, XR, 11 and 11 pro.

How to activate iPhone using Wi-Fi or cellular?

First of all, insert the SIM card into your newly purchased mobile phone.

Turn on your iPhone by pressing the power button. On devices without a Home button, such as the iPhone 10, hold down the side button.

After turning on the phone, you will see a window in which you will be asked to select the desired language. Choose your language. You will also be asked about your country and then about the location function.

Now you need to connect your iPhone to the Internet. You can use Wi-Fi for this. If you want to set up without a modem and without the Internet, use a cellular connection.

Once connected using Wi-Fi or cellular data, the iPhone is available for use. At this point, you may also be asked for your Apple ID email address and password. You will not be able to complete activation without an Apple ID and without iCloud. Logging into your account is a check if you are a real user or not. If you forgot your password, you can recover it using another iPhone or computer.

How to activate iPhone via iTunes?

The method of activation via iTunes is good because it is suitable for iPhone without a SIM card.

Turn on your iPhone. Select your preferred language and select your country.

You will now be presented with several setup options: Wi-Fi, Cellular, and iTunes. Select iTunes.

Connect your iPhone to your computer. ITunes will launch automatically. If this is the first time you open it, a welcome message will appear. Click continue.

Select your location and then click Set Up New iPhone.

Enter your Apple ID email address and password, then click Next. At this point, you will see the terms of use. Read and click “Agree”.

Activating iPhone after factory reset

You often have to do a factory reset if you forget your password. After resetting your iPhone, you’ll need to reactivate it. You can do it with the first or second way.

How to turn off your iPhone 7?

In order to turn off the iPhone, you must hold down the Power button until the “Turn off” slider appears on the screen. Then it remains only to swipe the slider to the right and the smartphone will turn off.

How to properly activate iPhone 7?

To turn on your iPhone or iPad, just press and hold the Power button and the Home button at the same time for 15-20 seconds, after which the Apple logo will appear on the screen.

What to do if iPhone is charging and won’t turn on?

If iPhone charges but won’t turn on, restore it via DFU mode.

  • Press the volume up button and release immediately;
  • Press the volume down button and release immediately;
  • Press the side button and wait for the branded apple to appear on the device display.

What to do if iPhone 7 is frozen on an apple?

Sometimes a forced restart of the device helps to get rid of an apple on a dark screen. iPhone 7 and newer models can be rebooted by simultaneously pressing and holding the power button and volume control for 10 seconds.

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Activation methods

How do you activate your iPhone 7 after turning it on? There are three ways that can help you cope with this task:

  • via cellular communication;
  • using Wi-Fi;
  • using iTunes.

The easiest way to work with the card is to connect the mobile Internet to it. The presence of a 3G network will also help. Then you only need to insert the SIM card into the iPhone, and it will connect to the Apple server by itself, allowing it to check the status. Next, activation will occur, and you will see the logo of your mobile operator on the screen.

The video explains how to properly insert a SIM card into an iPhone 7.

The process via Wi-Fi is also not difficult. First you need to turn on the device, insert the SIM card and press the touch button “Home”, opening the menu for selecting the country, then the language. Having decided on this data, connect the iPhone 7 to Wi-Fi with the presence of the Internet. Further steps will be prompted by the settings assistant: just follow the inscriptions on the screen.

There is also a third activation option, in which you need a computer. This need arises if there is no 3G, mobile Internet and Wi-Fi network. In this case, iTunes will help you.

How can you activate iPhone 7 this way? You will also need to insert a SIM card and then select the country and language of the device. Connect your smartphone to your computer using a certified USB cable. On the screen, select the inscription “Connect to iTunes”, click on it if the program does not automatically continue.

Next, the program will contact the Apple server to activate the device. Upon completion, you will see an inscription about unlocking.

How to Activate iPhone 7 using SIM Card & Wifi. STEP BY STEP

Then you will be able to use the activated iPhone, setting it up at your discretion.

How to properly activate the first time you turn on the iPhone 7

In practice, many people do not know what to do after they turn on the device. There are also those who are willing to pay for the work of an assistant to follow the correct steps. Given that the process is simple, it is worth figuring out how to do this work yourself.

Immediately after switching on, a welcome message appears on the screen, and you should not be alarmed if you see hieroglyphs. Clicking on the “Home” button will open a selection menu in which you can find your country and language.

Activation without a SIM card

There are often questions about whether you really need a SIM card for a successful unlocking. Working with iOS versions 7.0 to 7.0.6, it was possible to make an emergency call to 112 to activate the iPhone. The new iOS 10 does not provide such an opportunity.

As you can see, the process is not so complicated that, using the prompts, you cannot do everything yourself. When buying new equipment, be ready to learn it and use all the possibilities.

The activation process itself begins with a 5 minute video.

Where bugs are usually placed?

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How to check if there is a call forwarding on the number?

#. allows you to get information about enabled call forwarding. calls, messages and other data. Very handy if you want to check if someone is spying on you.

How to check a room for wiretapping yourself?

You can independently check the premises for wiretapping using a mobile phone. To do this, make a call, and while talking on the phone, go around the room around the perimeter. Interference will occur when approaching the transmitter. This is not the most effective way and is only used to find simple bugs.

How can I check my phone for wiretapping??

You can check the phone for wiretapping with the following combinations: #. a combination for current call waiting. #. sending this combination will display the phone’s IMEI code.

How to find out if there is a virus on Android?

You can check Android for viruses in the same way as a computer. by installing an antivirus on your phone. The Google Play Store has mobile versions of all antiviruses approved by the independent laboratory AV-comparatives and the German institute AV-Test.