How to block hidden number on Samsung

How to Block Private Number / Unknown Number Calls in any phone | [Tutorial]

Blocking a hidden caller on Android

There are several ways how to block hidden number on Samsung phone. The function is available on most modern models, in addition, smartphone owners can download applications that allow them to manage incoming calls and block unwanted calls.

The standard method involves changing the settings in the phone itself without additional downloading any programs:

  • We go to the “Phone” menu.
  • On the page with the last calls, open the properties through the “three dots” icon.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • We tap on “Blocking numbers”.
  • If you know the caller, enter the numbers with the operator code in the designated field. Otherwise, activate the switch “Block unknown numbers“.

Also, free applications are available for users, which can be easily downloaded from the Playmarket. One of the popular programs is Calls Blacklist, which blocks both hidden calls and calls from unknown subscribers. The only drawback of the application is that it starts automatically and constantly runs in the background, which will negatively affect the speed of the device and the rate of battery consumption.

After downloading, open the application and configure the available functionality to fit your needs:

  • In the top panel, switch to the “Black List”.
  • Activate the sliders “Calls” and “SMS”.
  • We tap on the arrow next to “Calls” and put a tick next to the item “Hidden numbers”.
  • We do the same with the “SMS” section.

If you do not want to receive calls from all sorts of banks with annoying applications and various offices that collect statistics, in the settings we put a tick next to the item “Unknown numbers”. Now, if a person is not in the contact list of the smartphone, he will hear long beeps, and the smartphone will not bother you with anything. The only downside is that if a loved one tries to call you from someone else’s phone, he will also be ignored, so decide for yourself whether you really need a complete lock on Android.

How to block hidden number on Samsung

How to block hidden number on Samsung if you are tired of calls from an unknown subscriber? It is quite simple to do this, and in the material we will additionally consider ways of how to become invisible yourself.

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How to make a hidden number for yourself?

Everyone who at least once saw a call on a smartphone with the inscription “Unknown”, at first fell into a stupor, and then began to look for ways to become invisible himself. The function on the Galaxy will be useful if you need to call somewhere and at the same time maintain anonymity.

Almost all Samsung models allow owners to make the call hidden through the settings. For this:

  • Go to the menu.
  • Switch to “Settings”.
  • Tap “Call settings”.
  • Click “Additional parameters”.
  • Click “Determinant”.
  • We put a tick next to “Hide number”.

After updating the parameters, the new settings will take effect, and the subscriber you are calling will see the inscription “Unknown” instead of your name or numbers. Please note that all calls will now be anonymous; to return to normal mode, you will have to dig into the settings again.

You can become hidden at a time by simply entering the combination # in front of the subscriber’s phone and all codes. This code is valid for all Android devices.

The AntiAon service is provided by all operators, but, as a rule, it is paid. There are also applications in the Playmarket, the most popular is Hide Caller ID, but it should be noted that additional programs will significantly slow down the smartphone. For the sake of a couple of anonymous calls, spending money or clogging up the device’s memory is inappropriate, especially if there are available and free methods.

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How to disable hidden mode

The hidden caller function is disabled using a simple algorithm:

  • We re-enter the smartphone menu, go to “Settings”.
  • We tap “Call settings”, and then switch to “Additional parameters”.
  • Select “Identifier” and uncheck the box “Hide”.

Now you can call contacts in the previous mode: your name will be displayed on the screen of subscribers.

How to block calls from unknown and hidden numbers on Android

Good day!

Recently, it’s just some kind of epidemic of voice spam: they constantly call with a proposal to take a credit card, connect to another Internet provider, some polls, and sometimes just silence in the phone.

To be honest, it’s a mystery to me why it is still not forbidden to do this (at least to all large companies), or such dealers are not blocked at the operator level. Although, “If the stars are lit, then somebody needs it. “.

In general, one of the solutions to this problem can be setting up the phone in special. mode: it will drop all calls from unknown numbers. that is, those that are not in your address book (that are not entered in contacts).

All the necessary settings can be set quite quickly: everything will take about 2-3 minutes to complete. Actually, in this post I will give several ways how you can do this.

Universal version (using special applications)

If using the built-in functions (presented above) you did not manage to solve the problem, you can resort to special. applications. Their arsenal of functions is much richer than simple blocking. I will give a couple of them below.

Block SMS and calls from unknown numbers

The Blacklist application is designed for quick and easy blocking of any unwanted calls and SMS (both from unknown numbers, and according to your created lists).

I note that calls are blocked quietly and without any notifications on the phone screen (i.e. you can not be distracted and calmly work at the device at this time).

Also, one cannot fail to note the presence of filters that allow you to block all calls from numbers starting with certain numbers (sometimes this is also necessary).

Don’t call me. call blocker

Blocking all suspicious numbers

This application is distinguished primarily by the fact that in its arsenal there is a database of “bad” numbers (including it is formed by other users when they rate (however, you can do this too)). Thanks to this kind of “social protection”, all bad numbers very quickly get into the stop list, and you are protected from them.

With regard to locks, an application can:

  • block all unknown and hidden calls;
  • block outgoing calls to paid and foreign numbers;
  • block work with numbers that have a low rating from other users;
  • use and operate on your own blacklists.

Important: the application does not block numbers on your contact list.

Block hidden number on Windows Mobile

Having entered the call log, tap with a long press on the unwanted subscriber. An additional menu will appear, where check the “block”.

Samsung Galaxy J: How to Block Unwanted Inbox without Third Party Apps

Recently, you can block incoming on smartphones Samsung Galaxy J last year, in particular in models J1, J2, J3, J5 and J7 (and other Galaxy with Android 6.0 MarshMallow) without third-party applications.

Phone spam, all sorts of unknown subscribers and other unpleasant characters who like to distract us from important matters and / or bother us during leisure hours seem to have gotten so tired that Samsung made the function of blocking unwanted incoming calls one of the standard functions in the Phone application. which equips its Galaxy J series smartphones with Android 6.0 operating system.

In other words, if you have a new Galaxy J (for more information about them and other Samsung Galaxy smartphones with one SIM, see the link), then in order to filter out unwanted calls with high quality, you do not need to install a separate application for this.

Your Galaxy J can create the so-called “blacklist” by itself. You just need to activate and configure the desired option. And now we will tell you how it is done.

How to block a hidden number?

A few words about Do Not Disturb mode

Despite the fact that almost all modern versions of Android have a Do Not Disturb function, I cannot help but note that there is one difference between it and the blocking function.

So, when you activate “Do not disturb”, the subscriber calling you will hear long beeps, and your phone will be “silent”. Of course, the telephone line will be busy at the same time (no one else can call you at this time).

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When blocking, the subscriber calling you will immediately hear short beeps. On the one hand, this is even better: your line will not be busy with all kinds of spam, and someone else will be able to get through, on the other hand, the caller can quickly guess that he is blacklisted.

It is difficult to say which option and when will be better. It all depends on who you are blocking:

  • if this is a person you know, then, probably, the “Do not disturb” mode will be preferable in most cases (so he will not immediately understand that he is blacklisted.);
  • if this is outright “spam”, then it is better to completely block (so as not to occupy the line).

Delete password file using ADB

This is another option that will only work if you have previously enabled USB debugging on your device and your PC is allowed to connect via ADB. If you meet such requirements, this method is ideal for unlocking Samsung lock screen.

  • Connect your device to your PC with a USB cable and open a command prompt in the adb directory. Enter the command “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and press “Enter”.
  • Reboot your phone. The secure lock screen should disappear and you should be able to access your device. Be sure to set a new PIN, pattern or password before rebooting again.

How to make the phone number appear again for interlocutors

The reasons why you had to hide your phone number on a Samsung smartphone may lose their relevance. And then again you need to make it visible to all subscribers. To return visibility, the algorithm described above must be repeated in the same order. Except: at the last step, in the proposed menu of three items, select the one that opens the contacts of the caller for viewing by the interlocutor. Note that the interlocutor can add incognito calls to the black list. After unlocking the function, the subscriber simply cannot get through to such a contact.

How to remove hidden number on Samsung phone

How to set up your invisible call log

First, you need to create a PIN for Reflection. This ensures that only you can see the hidden call and message log. Then tap the add icon to add a contact or number, then choose which logs will be hidden with the contact.

Check it out and see for yourself. Your history will be saved in the application log view, but your personal call log will remain blank.

Once the messaging feature for KitKat systems is implemented, this app will become even more valuable. If you like what you see with Reflection, support the developer and make an in-app donation or buy the Play Store version listed above.

Using Android Device Manager to Bypass Samsung Password

To learn how to unlock Samsung phone lock password using Android Device Manager, please make sure Android Device Manager is enabled on your device.

  • Visit on another smartphone or PC.
  • Sign in to your Google account that you used on the locked device.
  • Select the device you want to unlock in the ADM interface
  • Click on the “Block” option.
  • Enter password. There is no need to enter any message for recovery. Select “Block” again.
  • If successful, below you will see a confirmation with the buttons “Call, block and erase”.
  • You should now receive a password field on your phone to enter a new password and your phone will be unlocked.
  • Go to the lock screen settings on your device and disable the temporary password.

Hide call and message history for specific phone numbers using Reflection for Android «Samsung GS4 :: Gadget Hacks

Only thugs hide their call and message history, right? Wrong. While this may seem like a tactic to the wrong, it’s still useful for certain contacts on your phone that you don’t want to block right away.

Blocking someone on your phone seems cruel because you never know if someone might really need your help one day, even if it turns out to be your crazy ex-lover. It’s not very ethical to go through and delete your call history or messages.

Your loved one may not like you talking to your ex, but it’s important if your ex needs a referral, wants to tell you that a good friend has passed away, or is helping you solve a difficult math problem. To relieve your current lover of the stress of your conversation, use Reflection from developer Riyajudeen Mohamed Yousuf, which automatically hides and automatically protects the story from certain numbers.

To use this app, your Samsung Galaxy S4 (or other Android phone) must have the Xposed Framework rooted and installed.

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Solved: how to remove unsaved number from call log

Hey, if you haven’t found a solution yet, here’s what I did. I had the same problem that brought me here. I tried all of these methods recommended in the chat, but nothing worked. I figured I opened the phone, went to recent calls, then clicked the three dots in the upper right corner, then clicked on the option that reads (show messages), then I pressed n while holding one of the numbers shown. then I clicked the option in the upper left corner to (select all) and then I deleted all the selected numbers. And remember that this will not delete your messages, it will only delete the unsaved numbers. I have an S8 Hope this helps. This method was for older Android version.

After clicking on the three black dots in the upper right corner and choosing the option that says (show messages), you should select each unknown number that shows a message icon below it, not a call icon. They changed this feature from showing only the numbers you have sent or received messages, to showing the numbers you have sent or received messages, as well as the numbers you called. Hope this helps.

View solution in original post

What Reflection can do for you

Reflection. it is a simple application that hides call history by numbers. Add the number and then choose if you want to hide the history of incoming and outgoing calls from the assigned contact.

The ability to hide messaging history is still not fully functional on KitKat ROM, but it is in alpha development so it should be launching very soon.

Calls Blacklist

The application supports versions of Android, which do not provide for blocking through the menu. After downloading the Calls Blacklist application, the location will be automatically determined. Also, for registration, you will need to enter your number and send a confirmation code that comes in the form of SMS. The main feature of the application is the function for creating not only black lists, but also white lists. Those numbers that cannot call are added to black, all hidden numbers can be added here. But the whitelist contains those that can be dialed even when the “do not disturb” function is enabled.

How to block a hidden number?


You can block hidden numbers on Huawei smartphones as follows:

  • Go to the list of contacts through the “Phone” button. Find the “Settings” function, it is in the lower right corner, marked with three horizontal dots. Select the “Locked” function.
  • In the window that appears, in the lower right corner, tap on “Blocking rules”.
  • Find the line “Call blocking rules”. It is located at the very top of the page.
  • And already here, tap on the circle next to the inscription “Block unknown / hidden”, which will turn green.

Android up to version 5

In older versions of Android, the procedure is slightly different and only blacklisted contacts are added. To block calls from hidden numbers, do the following:

  • Go to “Calls”, open the menu and select “Call rejection”, then “Auto-rejection mode”, tap on it, a window appeared where you should select the last line “Black list”.
  • Then find in the menu “Call rejection”, where select “Blacklist” to set the appropriate actions in it.
  • Having opened this tab, activate the function on the line “Unknown” by checking the box.

Block hidden number on Windows Mobile

Having entered the call log, tap with a long press on the unwanted subscriber. An additional menu will appear, where check the “block”.


Modern phones of this brand run on the Android operating system.

You can block an unknown number on Samsung smartphones through the settings. Phased execution:

  • Go to the “Phone”, where in the upper right corner you should click on three dots. Choose “Settings”.
  • In the menu that opens, find the function “Blocking numbers”.
  • After that, a menu will appear where there is a line “Blocking unknown subscribers”. Activate this stitch by clicking on the slider. When the function is enabled, the circle will turn green.

Lock on iPhone

The iOS operating system does not support blocking subscribers with unknown numbers. You can only select the “do not disturb” option in the settings, where you can click on “call admission” only from contacts.

But this method is not suitable for everyone, because sometimes acquaintances call, whose numbers are not added to the contact list.