How to Boomerang Videos on iPhone

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We shoot a Boomerang video and make it from a ready-made one for Instagram

If you are a Snapchat or Instagram user, you are sure to come across a boomerang video. It can be done even in non-social media applications. Today we’ll talk about how to make a boomerang from a video. Let’s consider several ways. Let’s make a short introduction, for those who are not familiar with such a filter.

Boomerang for iPhone

Boomerang uses a photo sequence, “scrolls” it back and forth at high speed, thereby creating a cyclic Boomerang video. To create Boomerang-

  • Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen. Tap or slide your finger across the screen to switch between the back and front camera of your phone.
  • Tap or. to post your Boomerang video to Instagram or. or tap to access other options. Boomerang videos are saved to your phone’s camera roll and are automatically stabilized on some devices.

After you’ve created a Boomerang video, tap or. to post it on Instagram or. or tap to access other options.

Boomerang videos are automatically saved to your phone’s camera roll. Videos can also be uploaded to other sites directly from your device.

No, you don’t need to have an Instagram account to use Boomerang. You can use the application immediately after installing it.

If you’d like to share your Boomerang video on Instagram, you can apply custom filters and creative tools to edit your video before publishing it.

Boomerang videos are automatically saved to your phone. Open the camera roll on your phone to watch Boomerang videos.

Tap or slide your finger across the screen to switch between the back and front camera of your phone.

According to the classics

Let’s do what users usually do:

  • We update instagram, if it is not updated.
  • Remove and re-download the program.
  • Contacting Instagram Support Settings. Help. Report a Problem. Something Doesn’t Work. Describe the Problem.
  • We are just waiting. Maybe let go. And Instagram will stop hurting.

So many questions, so few answers

Have you ever had a situation where you wanted to take a live photo, but did not succeed? Why aren’t live photos uploaded to Instagram? There is one obvious problem here. it’s just a glitch in the application itself. And that’s all. Let’s not even reinvent the wheel.

Solution options

Why it is impossible to make a boomerang photo on Instagram, we found out. Well, if not at all, then you can use the additional program. It is called Boomerang. Yes, yes, this is the same as in Instagram itself. But the developers have also created a separate application.

You can download the program for free in the AppStore and Google Play.

Also, do not forget about the ability to make LivePhoto in iPhones using a standard camera. Then these photos need to be uploaded to your Instagram story. How to do this is described in the article “Secrets of Story Design”.

What to do

There are several options for solving this problem. Let’s take a look at each of them to try and get the Live Photos feature back in place.

Making from the captured video

There are many third-party applications ready to help turn video into a “boomerang“. They all have drawbacks, the most common: a lot of advertising, low-quality effect. One of the acceptable ones is Looper Video. Algorithm of actions:

  • Install on a smartphone.
  • We give the go-ahead for all permissions.
  • Click “Camera”.
  • Open the gallery by tapping on the icon.
  • Select or shoot the desired video.
  • Adjusting the video segment to which we want to apply a boomerang.
  • We choose one of two options and a check mark.
  • Done.

As you can see, making a boomerang from an already shot video is quite simple. To do this, you need to download a third-party application.

Having resorted to the instructions, it remains to stock up on ideas and delight your subscribers with new, high-quality and creative content. Share your ideas.

How the fashion for “live” photos appeared?

When a new Apple product went on sale 2 years ago, many users were interested in how to take a “live” photo on the iPhone 6. Not only did the quality of the gadget’s camera become much higher, the function of a mini-video was also added, which was saved in the “live” format photo by combining JPG and MOV. Despite the megapopularity, this new product still had a number of disadvantages:

  • the photo was played only on iOS 9, to convey the effect of movement on other devices, it was necessary to convert the file to GIF format;
  • accompanying sound was recorded, which differed little from the new format from video and was not always convenient;
  • The iPhone recorded 45 frames, and played back the image at 15 fps, which was very much like a GIF, but the file itself was much heavier;
  • there was no function for editing the picture and erasing the audio sequence;
  • the slightest shudder of the hands was fraught with a spoiled frame;
  • The Live Photo format was very specific as it combined MOV and JPG. If they tried to send this “live” photo by mail, then only the JPG component remained, the main effect of movement disappeared.

2.3 What’s The Difference Between Videos and GIFs?

You may have noticed that Lively also has the option to save a Live Photo as a GIF. What is a GIF? A GIF is a short animation that plays on a continuous loop.

GIFs have lower resolution than regular videos, and they show jerky and unsteady footage. Also, GIFs don’t save with sound. Plus, you can’t always share GIFs on social media platforms.

Therefore, I recommend saving your Live Photos as video files. That way, you’ll have more sharing options. Plus, your Live Photo videos will be higher quality.

How to create a Live Photo

  • Open the Camera app on iOS.
  • Activate the Live Photos option on the top bar. The icon must be yellow.
  • Press the shutter button as if you were taking a regular photo.

The feature is turned on by default on iPhone 6S and later. To take a regular photo, click on the Live Snapshot icon on the top bar and make sure the option is turned off.

Users who actively create live photos say that the function is still damp, but this does not prevent them from getting good shots under the right conditions. In Live Photo, it is difficult to capture motion, but you can capture the atmosphere. for example, you are standing, and clouds float across the sky. It is not worth moving the camera during shooting, as a low playback frequency (only 15 frames per second) will lead to problems in the picture.

What are “live” photos?

“Live” photos are images in which the main subject remains static, and the background is animated, or vice versa. In fact, any detail can move: eyes open / close, leaves flutter, water flow, hair flutters, etc. Everything else remains strictly motionless, which creates a feeling of real magic.

We used to call GIF an animated image consisting of several static frames. All GIFs, respectively, are in GIF format.

Live photos are a combination of JPG and MOV formats. This hybrid is only supported by the operating system iOS 9 and above. All other gadgets, if you transfer this file, will see only the JPG image. To show the world the original look of such a Live Photo, it is most often converted to GIF format.

And, of course, the style of live photos itself implies that part of the image will be static, and part will be animated, thereby creating a template break and the effect of magic.


The privilege can be used not only with the Boomerang option and the Cinemagraph program. To create unique content, other applications are available for all types of operating systems. Among them:

  • Motion Stills (developed by Google, allows you to edit and filter images and videos before publishing);
  • Lively (this option is specially designed for creating posts in the above format, allows you to save Live to the smartphone’s memory or publish them to social networks);
  • Plotagraph (allows you to “animate” individual parts of the image using vectors).
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Most of the software runs only on the iOS platform. But are there ways for other OS how to upload a live photo to Instagram? The Cinemagraph application for Android is in this case the most convenient and functional. Also, owners of such smartphones are advised to use Plotagraph for Windows. In this case, the images edited on a computer can be used in the future for their publications.

How to use the Boomerang app

First you need to download and install “Boomerang” on your smartphone. After installation, run the program. Click on “Capture”. the camera will take ten photos in a row, which will turn into “live wallpaper”.

The beauty of the program is that you can take pictures with both the rear and the front camera, and the animation has a back-to-front view function. Life photos are uploaded to and Instagram, after downloading the file is saved in the smartphone’s memory.

Now you know how to upload a photo to Instagram through the Boomerang application.

What is live wallpaper

Live wallpapers are realized from Live-photos. If you put one of these as a screensaver on the lock screen, then it will begin to move as soon as you press hard on the display with your finger. In general, you can convert your favorite videos into Live-photos. But this is more for the advanced level, implemented through third-party applications.

It’s important to understand that this option is only available on iPhones that support 3D Touch. That is, the feature is not available on the first and second generation iPhone XR and iPhone SE. If the battery of your gadget has a low charge, then the option can be deactivated in order to save energy.

If the battery of your gadget has a low charge, then the option can be deactivated in order to save energy.

Naturally, live wallpapers or static wallpapers are not the only possible option for installing a screensaver on the screen. The iPhone has an option for dynamic pictures that can change as wallpaper. Also, there is a slideshow option that allows you to implement several images on the screensaver, which change depending on the preferences indicated by the owner of the phone.

It should be understood that the Live Wallpaper option on the screensaver requires additional iPhone resources. Of course, there are no power issues on the latest iPhones.

boomerang, videos, iphone

How to fix a finished video

For such purposes, additional programs and software are also downloaded. Looper: Video Converter is considered popular. The program requires user registration, but temporary use is available as a guest or software tester. Despite the English-language interface, it’s easy to figure out how to make a boomerang from a video. 15-second videos are created from ready-made material.

How to work in the official Instagram app

Most often, users use exactly the functionality of the application. If you are a user of an outdated version of the program, then update to the latest update to make a boomerang out of the video. Then follow this instruction:

  • Start recording Stories, open the effects by clicking on the “Boomerang” tab, which is located on the right side of the standard shooting modes.
  • Before shooting, look at the necessary effects, masks on the video, click on the record, perform any simple movement, publish a post in the story. The program will automatically change the video by looping it.

In fact, the boomerang does not work entirely with video, but takes several pictures. This makes the result seem jerky.

Function tips

Creating content on a social network primarily implies a creative approach to work, the outcome of which is problematic to predict. If the user does not have a good taste or sense of style, then it is unlikely that the video will come out beautiful and interesting, even despite the high-quality idea. All work tips are relevant only for users who know how to edit videos in special programs, shoot with a good camera without cutting out the edges and edges, and also overlay music over the video. Despite the fact that videos with music are more interesting, this parameter is more additional than the main one. Follow these tips when working with a boomerang:

Be creative, then with the help of “Boomerang” the video will turn out to be unusual, attracting the attention of other users.

Definition of what it is used for

At least once in their lives, social network users have heard that there is a boomerang function on Instagram. what does that mean? It is not difficult to guess which word the parameter name came from. A boomerang in real life is a plate curved with the letter “G”. If launched into the air, it will return back to its owner. The essence of the toy is preserved in the messenger itself. Boomerang is a parameter that loops a small video, returning it back.

If you press the desired key, which we will talk about a little later, the video will start recording in a few seconds. At the end, the program will add the same video to the resulting video, only scrolled in time in the reverse order. The function is neutral, suitable for business profiles, blogging and personal pages. Will even make content that sells interesting and memorable. The function dilutes the feed of the same type of temporary publications, entertains subscribers of business pages and lures new ones. The feature is becoming more popular among subscribers and business page owners.

How to make a boomerang on Instagram: what it is, how to shoot, shoot on your phone, how to use it on iPhone and Android

New functions and filters are constantly appearing on the social network, so let’s talk about how to make a boomerang on Instagram. Frequent updates are quite justified. without development and updates, social networks will quickly annoy the audience.

For this reason, developers are constantly coming up with new features to work in the application. From the very beginning of the creation of the social network, its main competitor for processing photos, videos, and also source of inspiration was Snipchat. New parameters, stickers, filters, masks, etc. are added to each messenger, the purpose of which is to attract more audience. One of the popular social media features is the boomerang.

How to create a Boomerang

Instagram’s boomerang feature helps you create short videos that automatically loop and play in both directions. To record, you need to move a little on the camera, pick up the phone, launch the Boomerang application for smartphones based on different operating systems.

Many service promotion companies use the program to approach video creation with creativity. For example, Inspiralized Corp. shows in a loop how their kitchen utensils help you cut vegetables into spirals. Here are some tips to help you create eye-catching social media videos:

  • Always move, come up with some interesting moves for the video. Take pictures of people, pets, objects around, which are now in motion. When the subject is not moving, move the camera. When filming, follow the rule. hold the camera tighter so that the video is static, high-quality, without blur.
  • Share the results on your Instagram account. Before you make a boomerang on Instagram, shoot some quality footage. Upload the page to your Instagram or profile. In addition, ready-made frames from the application can be published in other social networks from the gallery.
  • Process the recording, add effects after uploading the finished video to the network, use the built-in Instagram editors. Pick the best shot to show in your profile. Post a video recording to Instagram Stories, apply a few stickers, decorative elements. After such registration of the publication, immediately post the processed images on the social network.
  • A helpful additional tip is to tap the screen with four fingers at the same time before shooting, revealing a hidden menu. In the window that opens, select the resolution of the video, change the order of photos, repeats, set playback as you want. The program allows you to launch a video boomerang on Instagram forward, forward / backward, with pauses at different ends, adjust the shooting frame counter, the frequency of their change, etc.

How to use the option on different devices

Most of the users do not understand how to make a boomerang on Instagram. At the same time, everyone knows how filters are applied to photos, however, looped videos are created mainly by advanced users who are professionally involved in generating and publishing content on the network. Let’s talk about methods of attracting an audience and about editing, processing a looping video on smartphones with different operating systems, computers and laptops. There are only three ways to create a video with this effect.

Option 1 (creating a video movie from all photos of the album, the ability to save)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

Click on the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Play a movie-memory”.

A slideshow of the album’s photos with music will be launched.

Tap the screen to change slideshow settings. Choose a soundtrack (soft, light, funny, vigorous, disco club, etc.), as well as a frame rate (short or medium).

To fine-tune the slideshow, click the “Edit” button in the upper right corner and in the pop-up window confirm your intention by clicking the OK button.

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Additional options will open that allow you to change the slideshow title, title image, music theme, and select a photo for the current slideshow.

The process of detailed customization of the slideshow creates a copy of it in the “Memories” format in the “For You” tab of the Photo application.

To save the slideshow in video format to the Photos app or share it with friends, return to the original screen (before clicking the Edit button) and click the Share button in the lower left corner.

In the menu that appears, select “Save Video”.

The slideshow in video format will be saved in the Photos app.

How to make and share a music slideshow (video from photos) in the Photos app on iPhone or iPad

Apple offers two options for creating slideshows.

How to make and share music slideshow in Photos app on iPhone or iPad

With the release of iOS 10, Apple seriously decided to make the Photos app a competitor to Google Photos by introducing the Memories tool with the ability to group photos by events and create slideshows from them. In this article, we will show you two ways to make a music slideshow from photos in the Photos app.

Option 2 (creating a video film from selected photos of the album, more opportunities for choosing animation effects and musical accompaniment)

Open the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad and go to the Albums tab. Select the desired album to create a slideshow (movie). We talked in detail about how to create albums and folders in the Photos application in this article.

To select all photos for slideshow, click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

To create a slideshow from selected photos, click the Select button and highlight the desired images, and then click the “···” icon in the upper right corner.

Select Slideshow. Slide show starts automatically in full screen.

Tap the screen to change the settings. Click the Options button to change the slideshow settings.

In the Music section, select one of the suggested standard songs or music from the Music app (Apple Music).

In the Theme section, choose a style for displaying your slides. To repeat the slides, activate the Repeat item.

To decrease or increase the playback speed of the picture, use the turtle and hare slider.

Changing the soundtrack entails re-arranging the entire clip to match the tempo and tone of the composition.

It should be noted that the slideshow created using the second option does not provide the ability to save the video and send it to friends. The created slideshow can only be viewed on an iOS device or transferred to a TV with an Apple TV set-top box.

Instructions for using the function

Here’s how to take a time lapse on your iPhone:

  • Open the Camera app.
  • Slide your finger over the options at the bottom of the screen until you get to Timelapse (in older versions of iOS, the 10th item may be called “Interval”).
  • Press the red record button to start.
  • Press the red record button to end recording.

Things to Remember

Here are a few things to keep in mind when recording a time lapse on iPhone:

  • Use a tripod or stand. For best results, iPhone should be in the same place at all times.
  • Prepare a memory card. Videos can take up a lot of memory. While on the App Store you can download apps to help you reduce the size of your videos.
  • Disable auto exposure and focus. If you leave AE and AF at the default settings, brightness and focus will change with each frame.

While time lapse videos may seem like just filming regular video, there are some nuances that you will understand along the way, so if you’re just getting started with time lapses and they don’t turn out the way you want them to, don’t worry. Just keep trying and make adjustments as you go.

About Time Lapse

How to take a time-lapse on iPhone? It was once a very long process. To take a time-lapse on iPhone, you would have to take one or two photos every second and then link them together in a dedicated app. But now it’s as easy as recording a regular video. If you have a time-lapse on your iPhone, but you don’t know how to use it, read the instructions below.

How to take a time-lapse on iPhone

Apple is constantly evolving, never ceasing to create new technical capabilities for its products. On September 17, 2014 in “iPhone-8” a new function “Interval” was introduced, which was later renamed to timelapse (timelapse). What is iPhone time-lapse? This is a kind of shooting in which many photos taken at a low frame rate are “glued” together. The result can be a video that fits a whole day in one minute. Previously, this technology was used only for scientific purposes (experiments on mice, observing plant growth, viewing the starry sky, etc.), but thanks to the work of the developers, timelapse on the iPhone has become available for ordinary users.

Timelapse on iPhone: frequently asked questions

After you’ve shot a few videos, you will probably have a couple of questions related to the recording and storage process.

How many frames per second does the iPhone shoot ?

The number of frames taken per second depends entirely on how long you shoot your time-lapse. Apple calls this dynamically sampling intervals. This means that all time frames captured with the Camera app will always be between 20 and 40 seconds. And the longer you shoot, the fewer frames per second it needs.

So if you shoot for less than 5 minutes, your camera will shoot 2 frames per second, but if you shoot for 40 minutes, it will shoot 1 frame every 4 seconds. That’s why the ideal time-lapse interval on iPhone is around 30 minutes.

Timelapse videos captured can take up a lot of space on your phone because you are capturing full-resolution photos for each frame. To optimize storage, use the Gemini Photos app.

If you set up saving video online in a cloud interface (for example, DropBox), you are not afraid of the problem of insufficient memory. The only limitation is the length of time-lapse shooting on iPhone. battery charge. So, all you have to do is make sure your iPhone is connected to a power source and you can let it charge as much as you need.

Remember: whether you shoot for 30 minutes or 30 hours, the Camera app will still set the final video for 20-40 seconds.

Can you change the recording speed of the time lapse?

Since the Camera app automatically adjusts the number of frames it captures per second, unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the speed of your iPhone time-lapse directly through the settings.

Fortunately, you can use some third-party apps that will allow you to change these settings. Downloading from the AppStore such as Hyperlapse, you will get more options and will not be limited to creating a 20-40 second video.

You are now ready to shoot your video masterpieces!

How to install dark theme on Instagram

On Instagram, the dark theme is not an official color scheme. But using mods and system settings, the user can achieve inversion of the interface.

Setting up dark Instagram on Android

It is possible to make Instagram dark on Android through the Dark Mode For Instagram application. The service connects to a mobile browser, then. you need to log in to the system.

How to use and customize the dark theme for Instagram:

  • Download Dark Mode For Instagram.
  • Install application. open.
  • Enter your username and password from the social network.
  • Login.

Dark Mode For Instagram will open a tab in the browser version, in black. Only the interface will be changed: menu buttons, background. Photos and videos will be the same as in the standard version.

The disadvantage of the app is that you won’t be able to watch live streams, IGTV or use the full account settings. The browser format assumes limited functionality, without settings for business pages and work with content. Also, it is not possible to switch to another profile without exiting the first one. That is, the user will have to log out of one account each time to get into the second.

How to make Instagram dark theme

Dark mode is necessary at night to reduce brightness and strain on vision.

Users have two options for how to change the color:

  • inversion of shades. This will change the display of photos and videos;
  • mods and applications. For Android and iOS systems.

Browser extensions are provided for PCs that add a mobile look and the ability to download publications or add.

When installing modifications to a smartphone, the user must remember about the security of the profile. It is not recommended to download unofficial applications due to the risk of account hacking, virus attacks. By default, the color scheme changes in the browser, without connecting to the Instagram app.

Color Inversion is an accessibility feature on Android and iOS platforms. Apart from Instagram, the theme will also be changed in the device settings. This will change the tints in photos and videos. Using such an application format for viewing content will not work.

Activating Black Instagram on iPhone

Instagram black background on iPhone is possible through two features: Classic Inversion and Smart. The latter was added in iOS 12 and only changes the interface, without changing the pictures and images in applications. But this only applies to optimized and official services.

  • Go to the “Settings” device. General.
  • Accessibility. Display Adaptation.
  • Inversion. select one of the options by moving the slider.

Selecting “Classic” changes the color of all objects displayed on the screen. If the function is not available on your smartphone, you need to install the Instagram app. But the software product is offered only for owners of Jailbreak devices. There is no dark theme for Instagram in the AppStore.

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Inversion can be temporarily disabled if it interferes with your smartphone. After shutdown, it is recommended to reboot the device for correct operation.

Is it possible to make a dark theme on Instagram on Windows 10

Dark theme for Instagram on a computer is possible through third-party extensions and utilities.

To install additional tools in the browser:

  • Go to Google Chrome. at the top there are three dots “Options”.
  • Select from the list: “Additional tools”.
  • Extensions. Shop.
  • In search enter: Dark theme for Instagram.
  • Install. confirm download.

Next, you need to go to the social network and launch the extension by clicking on the corresponding icon. Only the interface will change, but the text will also become light. In contrast to the standard mode, in the expansion the colors are less contrasting and, therefore, it is easier to see comments and descriptions under the photos.

On Instagram, the dark theme is not an official add-on. This format is distinguished not only by a reduced eye strain, but also by a stylish design.


Taplet is a completely free application for iPhone (iOS) that can work not only with footage on Apple devices, but also with clips from third-party devices, including the well-known GoPro. The principle of the application is simple to disgrace: the video is divided into a large number of separate frames, which can be saved with one tap on the screen.

over, the functionality of the program allows you to change the sharpness, brightness, contrast of the frame. All received photos do not lose in terms of quality, and if necessary, after processing, they can be posted immediately on social networks.

One of the notable features of the app is the ability to take a selfie with a flash. To do this, you need to shoot a video with the main camera, and then select the most successful frame. Note that if the video was shot horizontally, then you will have to edit it in the usual, vertical position.

At the end of shooting, the application allows you to very quickly process the recording, after which you can view all the frames, moving in the direction you need in the video. Thanks to a very successful and simple interface, it is very easy to find successful photos, as well as to save them in a separate folder.

Apps on iPhone (iOS) for extracting good shots from videos

If you often use your camera, then you probably wondered how to take a photo from a video on an iPhone. This is necessary to extract the most successful frames, which can later be processed. In this article, we will look at several noteworthy applications that can pull out the photos you need from videos.

The simplest way that does not require additional applications is to take a screenshot while watching a video, pause it. But if you need to make a video storyboard and cut out a freeze frame beautifully, then use one of the following tools.

Video 2 Photo

After the advent of high-definition video, many users began to think about the need to use still frames. One of the applications providing this functionality is Video 2 Photo.

With the help of the program, you can simply add existing videos and select the desired sections in time. You can specify the location with high accuracy, thanks to the buttons on the screen, and then you can proceed to further processing.

Video 2 Photo has a couple of filters and special effects that allow you to improve image quality, play with colors, add vignette, etc. There is a functionality for cropping the resulting image.

After completing all the necessary work, the finished picture can be sent to your iPhone or shared with friends on social networks. Note that the application works only on devices of the iPhone family of at least 5 and on iOS at least 7 version. Minus Video 2 Photo. paid distribution, but symbolic. only 119 rubles.


Like previous programs, Instanty is used to pull good shots from movies. It is quite simple to take a freeze frame: you need to specify the location using the “” and “-” keys in the main application window, after which you can start processing the received frame.

The application has in its arsenal dozens of useful filters and special effects, with which you can improve image quality, change colors, frame texture, add effects like sepia, grayscale and others. After that, you can save the image to the phone memory or send it to social networks.

The application works on iPhone 4 and higher with iOS 7 and higher, and is available for download completely free.


If you need to cut a still frame from a video, you can also turn to Movavi for help, which, in addition to extracting images from a video, has many tools for processing videos.

After starting the program, you need to click on the “Add files” button and select the “Add video” item, and then select the video you need. If you need to save a frame from a movie on a DVD, then click on “Add DVD” and select the appropriate folder. After that, the video will be in the program, and you just need to drag it into the editing window.

After that you need to go to edit mode.

Now you can start directly searching for the desired frame and saving. To do this, move the slider on the scale to the place where you need to capture, and then just click the icon with the image of the camera. In the pop-up window, you will need to specify the file format and specify the path to save it on your computer. After that, you can send the photo for further processing or send it to friends via Skype or publish a post in

In addition, Movavi is able to convert video, audio and other media files, can change the format without loss of quality; improve the quality of photo, video and sound; trim clips before converting.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

What is boomerang video on Instagram

Do you know what a boomerang is? Played as a child? Then the principle of the video should be clear. You record a short segment of video, apply an effect, the video goes to the end and on rewind goes to the beginning. Boomerang has gained well-deserved popularity among bloggers. Imagine you jump into a pool and immediately emerge from there. Very short videos look especially impressive.

The recording process takes place by pressing and holding the button. During this time, the application takes a large number of photos, which are then shown continuously in reverse order. Thanks to continuous shooting, this video effect is achieved.

At the very beginning, boomerang existed as a separate application, which made it somewhat difficult to use. Then the developers added the effect to the Instagram story, however, in order to publish on the page, you will have to download the program.

boomerang, videos, iphone

Making in Stories

  • Click on the icon for adding a new Story.
  • On the left, select “Boomerang” from the list.
  • Press the button and shoot the desired frame.
  • We publish.

On your page

You can also use a separate, official application.

  • Go to the App Store for iPhone, Play Market for Android and download Boomerang from Instagram.
  • We go into the installed application and hold down the circle for shooting.
  • Then we click on the icon of the social network where we want to share the boomerang.
  • Done!

It will not work to make a boomerang from the finished video in this way. There are other programs for this, we will consider one of them below.

We shoot a Boomerang video and make it from a ready-made one for Instagram

If you are a Snapchat or Instagram user, you are sure to come across a boomerang video. It can be done even in non-social media applications. Today we’ll talk about how to make a boomerang from a video. Let’s consider several ways. Let’s make a short introduction, for those who are not familiar with such a filter.

How to shoot a boomerang on Instagram

Since the shooting process in Stories and the news feed is different, we will describe them in detail.

Making a boomerang from a finished video

There are many third-party applications ready to help turn video into a “boomerang”. They all have drawbacks, the most common: a lot of advertising, low-quality effect. One of the acceptable ones is Looper Video. Algorithm of actions:

  • Install on a smartphone.
  • We give the go-ahead for all permissions.
  • Click “Camera”.
  • Open the gallery by tapping on the icon.
  • Select or shoot the desired video.
  • Adjusting the video segment to which we want to apply a boomerang.
  • We choose one of two options and a check mark.
  • Done.

As you can see, making a boomerang from an already shot video is quite simple. To do this, you need to download a third-party application.

Having resorted to the instructions, it remains to stock up on ideas and delight your subscribers with new, high-quality and creative content. Share your ideas.