How to cancel a printer print task

Stopping via the command line

The command line with admin rights is opened through the task manager. In Windows 10, there is a search button near “Start” through search. We enter cmd into the search and run the line as an administrator.

  • To start the dispatcher, hold down the AltCtrlDel or CtrlShiftEsc combination.
  • In the “File” menu, click on “Start new task”.
  • You register “cmd”.
  • Check the box next to the phrase “Create a task with administrator rights”.
  • Press Enter or OK.

Enter each command in the window one by one:

  • net stop spooler;
  • del% systmroot% \ system32 \ spool \ printers \.shd. removes.shd files from the Printers directory;
  • del% systmroot% \ system32 \ spool \ printers \.spl. clears the folder from spl format documents;
  • net star spool.

The first and last commands stop and start the print manager respectively.

The cancellation is considered successful if after each command is executed, no response messages such as “Access error. “Or” Failed. “.

Remove paper

If you notice inaccuracies in your document, or if it does not print well, remove it from the tray. The process stops immediately, saving paper. After, the output of the document for printing is canceled both on the printer itself and on the computer.

Pressing the cancel button

Not available on every printer model. By pressing, you can instantly cancel printing on the printer. The button is colored red with “Cancel” or “C” written on it. Located in the visible part near the button that starts copying.

Clearing the Printers folder

The folder contains information about the printed documents and files. It is located on the boot disk at C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printer. The operating system may not be installed on the C drive, then another drive is written in the address bar instead of C: \. All spl.shd files are deleted inside the folder (see the image in the previous paragraph of the article).

Clearing the queue

Via the icon in the Windows notification area.

  • At the bottom right of your computer screen is the system tray, which displays the running tasks. There should be a running printer icon (may be hidden under the triangle icon).
  • Click on the icon and open properties.
  • Choose from the list “Clear queue”.

If the printer shortcut is not displayed in the notification area, another method for removing documents from the queue is using the control panel.

  • Press the WindowsR buttons at the same time.
  • In the window that appears, write the command “control printer”.
  • In the list of printers, find the required.
  • Open its context menu by pressing RMB.
  • Click on “Show queue” or “View print queue”.
  • In the upper horizontal menu of the window that opens, click on the “Printer” tab.
  • Depending on the task at hand, click on “Pause printing” or “Clear print queue”.

If there are several files in the list, and a specific one needs to be canceled, select it and press the Del key on the keyboard.

Program interface

Modern software for processing text and graphic information, allow the user to stop printing through their interface. If the document is small, on several pages, you simply will not have time to use the method physically, since small files are printed instantly. Loading large-volume documents, theses, doctoral theses, graphs, photos in good quality takes more time. To cancel, just press “Esc” on the keyboard or use a special button in the program functions.

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Viewing the queue through the “Control Panel”

Quite a primitive method, relevant if there are several documents in the queue, one of which does not need to be printed.

  • To begin with, go to the “Start” menu in which we find the “Devices and Printers” section. Making a single click.

Next, a list of connected and previously used printers appears. If the work is done in the office, it is important to know exactly which device the file was sent to. If the whole procedure takes place at home, the active printer will most likely be marked with a check mark as the default.

Now you need to click on the active PCM printer. In the context menu, select “View print queue”.

Immediately it is worth noting that if you want to stop all printing, and not just one file, then in the window with the list of files you need to click on “Printer”, and then on “Clear print queue”.

Thus, we have covered one of the easiest ways to stop printing on any printer.

Button on the printer body

The ideal option is to have a special undo button on the body of the device itself, which also stops the printing process. Clicking on it will immediately cancel the job from the computer to print documents from the queue. As a rule, this button is marked in red with the words “Cancel” or simply “C”. It is easy to find, since it is always in a conspicuous place near the copy start button.

Canceling Printing from the Printer

How do I cancel printing if the printer has already started working? It turns out there are many ways. From the simplest, which helps in a matter of minutes, to the rather complex, which may not have time to implement. One way or another, it is necessary to consider each of the options in order to have an idea of ​​all the available possibilities.

How to cancel the print command on the printer

Tell me how you can set up the printer: I sent 3 documents to it for printing. As a result, he printed one, and the other two did not. Now how many documents I do not send. he does not print anything.

A window pops up with a print queue of documents. one of them seems to be frozen. There is no way to clear this print queue or delete it. How can I do that?

Yes, there is a similar problem: when sending several files for printing (especially if they are large and weigh several tens of megabytes, contain graphics, drawings, etc.). it is not uncommon when the print queue freezes. And, of course, until it is cleared. the printer may not react in any way to sending new documents for printing.

Actually, today’s article will be on this issue.

Stopping the print service

  • Open the window for managing Windows services through “Start” or in any other way known to you.
  • Find the Print Manager service. Stop it by pressing button 1 at the top of the window.
  • Empty the “Printers” folder. This step is detailed in the next section.
  • Start the service via button 2 in the main menu of the snap.

Remove paper

When you notice that something is wrong, an error in the document, poor quality, then first remove the paper from the tray. This will stop printing on your printer immediately and save paper. After that, in the order described in this manual, try to cancel printing on the PC and in the printer itself.

3 ways to cancel printing documents on the printer

via printer properties

1) First you need to open the Windows Control Panel at: Control Panel Hardware and Sound Devices and Printers.

2) Next, right-click on the printer to which you are sending documents for printing. In the pop-up window, select “View the print queue” (as in the screenshot below).

3) After that, having selected any of the documents present in the queue, you can cancel (to remove it from the queue, just select it with the mouse and press the Del key). See example below.

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I would also advise you to try to restart printing the document, before removing it from the queue.

Right-click on the document and cancel its printing.

This method will help solve the problem in half the cases. However, sometimes, no matter how many times you press the Del button, not a single document can be deleted from the print queue. In such severe cases, use the options below.

stopping the service and cleaning the PRINTERS folder

Windows has a special service responsible for printing documents (called “Print Manager” or “Spooler”). So, if you stop its work, you can “manually” delete all the files that were sent to print. Actually, below it will be shown how to do this.

1) First you need to open the list of services. To do this, press the WinR button combination. and enter the command services.msc. Example below (works on all Windows versions).

services.msc. open the list of services in Windows

2) Next, find a service named “Print Manager” or “Spooler” in the list. you need to stop it. See the screenshot below.

3) After stopping the service, go to the folder: C: WindowsSystem32SpoolPRINTERS

4) In this folder, you must delete all files with the.SPL and.SHD extensions (on my computers, this folder is generally empty.).

cancel, printer, print, task

5) Enable the “Print Manager” service (which was previously disabled) and check the operation of the printer. The problem must be resolved.

using the command line

1) The first thing to do is open a command prompt as administrator. To do this, open the task manager (shortcut CtrlAltDel or CtrlShiftEsc) and click “File / New Task”. enter the CMD command and check the box that the task must be on behalf of the administrator. Example below.

Run command line as administrator

2) Next, enter the command net stop spooler and press Enter. The print service must be stopped (see example below).

3) Then enter two commands in sequence:

  • del% systemroot% system32spoolprinters.shd
  • del% systemroot% system32spoolprinters.spl

After entering each. press Enter. Thanks to these commands, temporary files for printing will be deleted from the PRINTERS system folder (they are exactly what are present in the print queue).

Temporary files sent to print have been deleted

Please note that after entering each command, nothing should be written in response (this means that the command was completed successfully).

4) Next, start the print service by entering the command net start spooler.

To cancel printing on the printer or completely disable it for a while, you need to do some manipulations with the device itself or on your computer. In this article, we will look at several quick ways to stop the task of sending a document to print on Windows operating systems. Cancellation is supported by most models of devices of well-known brands, including: HP, Brother, Canon, Samsung, built-in tools on the devices themselves.

Power off

This is the most radical option and should only be used in the most urgent situations. It carries some risks.

  • Paper Jams or Jams Inside the Printer.
  • Device breakdown.

It is recommended to disconnect from the network as a final event after performing one of the standard printing cancellation methods. You need to turn it off for a while to give the device time to clear its built-in RAM.

In order to print a document, you need to send a request to the printer. After that, the file is queued and waits until the device starts working with it. But in such a process there is no guarantee that the file will not be confused or that it will be longer than expected. In this case, it remains only to urgently stop printing.

Cancel sending a document in the program

Regardless of the application in which the file you want to print is open, a standard Windows dialog box opens before sending it to the output device. In it, you must select a printer, specify the page range and the required number of copies. If you already at this stage realized that you do not want to print the document, just close this window. To do this, click “Cancel” at the bottom of the interface. It will be closed, then you can make the necessary changes or select another file.

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How to Easily Clear the Printer Queue Windows 10

If in this window you have already specified the necessary settings and sent the document for output, you can use another way to cancel through the application. Document preparation takes time. For small files, it can go almost unnoticed. Bulky text documents with a lot of graphics and tables take longer to prepare. At this time, in office and other applications, as a rule, a small window with one button. “Cancel” is displayed. Click it to stop the process.

Important advice! If such a window does not appear, do not wait for it to appear. Most likely, the document has already been submitted to the list. To cancel the assignment, go to the next step.

Removing from the print queue

All files sent for printing are included in a separate list. To open a list of prepared documents, click on the printer icon in the tray (bottom right corner of the screen). Go to the “Printer” menu and select the “Pause” section or the next item. “Empty queue”. After that, you can resume work through the same section of the main menu. Obsolete tasks can be deleted using the context menu.

Important! If the desired tray icon is missing, open the page through the Windows control panel. To do this, go to the “Devices and Printers” section, select your device and click “View Queue”.

Canceling Printing on a Printer: Simplest Steps for Newbies

The need to cancel printing on the printer usually arises when the wrong document is accidentally selected. To stop the process, you can use one of three main ways. The first way is to press the corresponding button in the utility from which the printout is performed. This action is effective if it is performed immediately after the file is sent to output, while the utility prepares it to be added to the print queue. As a rule, it is performed in a dialog box that appears for only a few seconds.

The second method is to remove from the print queue itself if the file has already been sent there. The third method is associated with performing certain actions on the printer. Depending on the model of equipment, these actions may differ, however, many devices have an emergency stop button. For these purposes, a special menu can also be used in the settings of the device, if there is a screen on the case. De-energizing the device is the fastest way to cancel the printout, but this method is not recommended for use.

How to cancel printing on the printer with the button

Find the button that stops printing on the body of the device. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the instructions and control elements of the device in advance before turning on for the first time. If a key is found, press it and the current task will be paused. LCD printers may not have this button. Instead, a separate menu is used, which is entered by pressing the control keys next to the display. The relevant clause can be signed:

  • Cancel printing on the printer;
  • Stop work;
  • Emergency stop;
  • Canceling the current job.

Note! Canceling the printout by turning off the power can only be used in an emergency. If the printer has already started preparing for work, it is better to cancel programmatically or using a button. If the device stops abruptly, the laser or print head may break.