How to change Instagram theme on iPhone

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Change the Instagram photo on your avatar using your phone

The mobile application is available for both Android and iPhone devices. It is not difficult to change your avatar using a mobile application on your phone:

  • install and run the Instagram application;
  • log in to get to your account;
  • if the profile is new, then where the avatar should be, there will be an icon with a silhouette of a person on which you need to click; in case of replacing the old picture, click on the existing avatar.
  • the following steps will be sequential: “Edit Profile” ➡️ “Change Profile Photo” ➡️ “New Profile Photo” ➡️ “Change Profile Photo” ➡️ “New Image” ➡️ “Next” (apply filter as desired).

The updated ava will appear instantly if you have a good internet speed, otherwise it will take a few seconds.

How to change your Instagram avatar

Some users do not always bother about which photo to put on their avatar, and even more so they do not think about the fact that this photo needs to be changed periodically. This rule is especially true for those who want to gain subscribers and promote their account. You can change your Instagram avatar in different ways:

  • using a mobile device using the Instagram application;
  • using a computer using the PC version.

I’m promoting my Instagram page myself, and I like the mobile version better. It is functional and intuitive, even for beginners. But the version for the computer is quite suitable in order to change the photo.

Before choosing and changing your Instagram profile photo, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules so that your avatar is bright, harmonious and attractive to subscribers:

  • Don’t forget that your Instagram profile picture is round. A beautiful large photo will be cropped and scaled down, and in this form it may not look as bright as in full format. A small photo will be enlarged, which can also negatively affect the final result.
  • The size of the photo should be suitable for the avatar, this is necessary so that the message of the photo does not change, and everything that was planned to be shown on the avatar should remain on it. The minimum photo size is 150 × 150 px, but for the correct placement of the photo, you should take square-shaped images with dimensions of 300 × 300, 500 × 500 or 800 × 800 px.
  • The quality of the photo must also be at the highest level, otherwise the avatar will be lost among millions of users, and the account will remain unnoticed. It is very important to choose the right lighting, adjust the focus, you can even blur the background, or make it contrast.
  • Do not use text on the avatar, the only exception can be the logo.
  • To make the avatar as vivid and effective as possible, outline the edges of the photo with a bright color that matches its color scheme. For this, online services or graphic editors are used.

These simple rules for creating an avatar will help attract subscribers, which means that the page will become more and more popular. And if this is a business account, then, accordingly, it will begin to bring even more profit, attracting more and more potential customers.

Change the Instagram photo on the avatar using a computer

Since the Instagram application is mobile, the computer version is less convenient, but you can also change the avatar using the PC version, using the browser:

  • open a browser and go to the Instagram website;
  • log into your account;
  • in the upper right corner, click on the silhouette of a person (or on your previously installed ava);
  • Click on ava ➡️ “Upload photo” ➡️ “Open”.

PC users with Windows 10 operating system can use the desktop application to change their Instagram profile picture:

Launch Instagram ➡️ Open profile ➡️ Click on photo ➡️ Select image ➡️ “Done”.

change, instagram, theme, iphone

I advise you to use a mobile application, but as you have already noticed, if there is such a need, a computer is also suitable for using the functionality of the Instagram application.

Important! Sometimes problems appear when replacing photos, which can be caused by problems with the Internet, an old version of the application or technical problems on the server. Don’t panic, check for internet or connect to Wi-Fi, update the app or just try again.

Now you know how to change your Instagram photo on your profile picture using different devices, and this process will not take much time and effort.!

Is it possible to return the old design

Let’s say you don’t like the new design and want to bring back the old one. Do you have such an opportunity? IOS users are out of luck, they will not be able to return the old design in any way, but Android owners can be helped by one method, which we will discuss below.

How to change the chat topic on Instagram

Instagram, being the second most popular social network, continues to develop and never stands still. The last significant update is the ability to change the chat topic on Instagram Direct.

How to change the chat subject

Instagram Direct is evolving and the chat design is very colorful and varied at the moment. Now users have the ability to change the theme, apply different colors and gradients for different chats. This will help you distinguish between chats in which you are chatting with your family, from chats with your friends or your significant other.

If you are lucky and you are among the lucky ones to whom this function is available, you should:

Step 1: Go to your profile and open any chat

Click on the “i” icon in the upper right corner

In the chat settings, select the item ‘Subject’

Choose a theme or gradient you like

As mentioned earlier, the feature is still in early stages of testing, so it is not yet available to everyone.

Available chat topics for today

The following topics are now available to most people:

  • Love
  • Hippie
  • Monochrome (old design)
  • Halloween
  • Berry
  • Candy
  • Unicorn
  • Tropics
  • Maple
  • Sushi
  • Rocket

Is it visible if you change the chat topic on Instagram?

Yes, a message will appear in the chat that the Chat Topic has changed. It will indicate who changed the theme, the name of the theme and the “Change theme” button for quick access to the theme selection window.

If you already have access to chat topics, but the interlocutor does not, then when you change the topic, the design of the chat will change only for you. The interlocutor will only see a corresponding message stating that you have changed the subject, but will not find any differences in his chat. (it will have the old default chat).

Is such an opportunity available to everyone

To begin with, it is worth understanding that at the moment Instagram is only testing a new design and the ability to customize (change) chats. Therefore, the function is not yet available to everyone, and if you are on the list of testers, but want to return the old design, you will not be able to do this either, at least officially.

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Installing an older version (Android)

Remove the app from your smartphone

Now you need to download this APK file, you can download it to your computer, and then transfer it using a cable, or you can immediately download it to your smartphone

Click on the file and install the application, for this you need to allow the installation of third-party applications (“Settings” → “Applications and notifications” → “Advanced” → “Special access” → “Install unknown applications”)

Go to Google Play, open the Instagram application page, and click on the three dots in the upper right corner

Disable Auto Update

How to change the font style on iPhone?

Go to Settings> Accessibility and check the box next to Display and Text Size. To select an enlarged font, click Bigger Text. Drag the slider to select the font size you want.

How to make different fonts on iPhone?

Open the app, click on the Activate button, agree to the terms and choose the “Install” option. After these manipulations, the list of new fonts can be viewed in the “Settings” “General” “Fonts”.

How to customize icons on iPhone?

  • Go to the iSkin website from iPhone.
  • Select the theme you like and open the page with it.
  • Select the Applications icons section and mark the necessary icons.
  • Click Generate theme and allow settings to open.
  • Confirm profile installation.

How to change the name of an icon on an iPhone?

How to rename icons on iPhone or iPad using Icon Renamer [Cydia / Review / Download]

  • Enter icon editing mode (long tap on any program on the desktop)
  • Double click on the icon you want to change the name.
  • Enter the required new name.
  • Click “Apply”

How to change the look of the watch on iPhone?

  • Open the Clock app on your phone.
  • Click Settings.
  • The following actions are available in the Screensaver section: To change the format of the clock, tap Style, and then select Arrows or Numbers. To dim in the dark, select Night Mode.

Can I change the color of the iPhone?

You can change the color of your iPhone, thanks to special service centers, purchase of covers or a completely different case. Certain methods may void your warranty, so choose carefully how you want to change the color of your iPhone.

How to change the color of icons on iPhone?

  • Launch the Reminders app.
  • Open the list and click the “” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Title and design”.
  • Choose from 12 color options and 60 icon options.
  • Click Finish.

On iPhone

With iOS 7.0, there is a color inversion feature. Unlike other operating systems, iPhones have Classic and Smart. The second allows you not to completely change the color of all media files, but only the background and buttons.

How to make Instagram dark theme via color inversion on iPhone:

  • Go to “Settings”. General.
  • Accessibility. Enable “Display Adaptation”.
  • Color Invert. On.
  • Enable “Smart Inversion”.

Next, go to Instagram and check the operation of the parameter. Inversion of colors may not work in several cases: if any application does not provide for work with the changed settings of the smartphone. The classic version completely changes shades even in photos and videos.

How to change Instagram theme to dark

Black Instagram theme is possible through mod apps and browser extensions. In the first case, only the browser version will be available to the user.

Another, unusual way is to set color inversion. But this method has a significant drawback. the shade of not only the interface changes, but also videos, photos.

  • applications. Mainly for Android devices;
  • inversion of color. For iOS devices;
  • extensions. For browsers on PC.

It will not work to make Instagram dark in standard ways. The application does not provide a night mode, therefore it is available in only one shade. Dimmed is suitable for the evening or time of day when you need to lower the brightness on your smartphone.

Extensions for browsers with a dark theme

For the desktop version of Instagram, there are other tools for changing the look. The extension is proposed for the Google Chrome browser, the latest version.

  • Go to Google Chrome. three dots on top.
  • Additional Tools. Extensions.
  • Google Chrome Store. Instagram DarkMode.
  • Click: “Get”,
  • Wait for the installation to finish.
  • Go to the social network. click on the “On” icon.

If you turn off the mod, the theme will change to light again.

On Instagram, the dark theme has not been added in official apps (for Windows 10 or the browser). When downloading third-party services, you need to be careful about filling in the fields with personal information. Also, check activity through the “Authorization” section and change the password if the service is not working or a notification appears: “Action blocked”.

How to put a dark theme on Instagram

On Instagram, the dark theme is not a standard color scheme. To change the design of the application, you need to download additional plugins or applications.

In the standard Instagram application, the dark theme will be available only for iOS 13 and Android 10. But it will work thanks to the settings of the phone itself. for this you need to go to Settings and select a dark design.

There are other options for setting a black background for earlier versions of Android and iPhone, how to set it up correctly.

On Android

Instagram black background on Android is available through Dark Mode and Themes For Instagram apps. The disadvantage with them is that they open a mobile view and can be dangerous for the device. For example, they carry viruses or are designed to get data about the page.

How to use Dark Mode Theme on Instagram:

  • Download and Install Dark Mode Theme. Open App.
  • Enter data from Instagram page.
  • Confirm Login.

The browser version will open, which includes the placement of publications and Stories, correspondence in Direct. But there are no additional features like masks or live broadcast. The social network will open the page in the browser, so the theme will be changed there. The stock Instagram app will remain the same as before.

New design on Instagram

One of the updates added a theme change. Through the Instagram settings, it is possible to change light to dark.

  • Go to Instagram. go to settings.
  • Select at the end of the list: “Subject”.
  • Specify parameters.

The change is available on new versions of the application. Therefore, if the function is missing, you need to go to the Play Market and update Instagram.

The dark theme changes the display of the main windows, but does not affect images, videos. The same settings can be specified using the item: “Screen brightness” on the smartphone. If the user transfers the entire phone to a new design, then all Instagram will automatically change the style.

On iPhone 6 and below

For older models, deprived of the latest firmware version, it is possible to enable an alternative. Algorithm of actions:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • We click on the item “Basic”.
  • We are looking for the sub-item “Universal access”.
  • Find “Display adaptation”.
  • Turn on “Color Inversion”.

This look will be slightly different, but the main thing is to achieve the goal. When opened, Instagram obeys general settings.

How to make a dark theme on Instagram?

Considering this issue, it is worth recommending special third-party applications and extensions. Additional tools should be used to install in a browser. The procedure for setting a dark background looks like this:

After performing such actions, the text becomes light, and the background is darkened. The colors on the cover are not as contrasting. Comments are easier to read when you flip through the feed. Users are provided with stylish design and reduced eye strain.

Android 9 and up

Depending on the shell installed on top of the operating system, some menu items may differ. But the principle for making a dark tone is the same:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find the “Display” section.
  • We are carefully looking for an item, it can be called “device theme” or “dark mode”.

It is possible that for some reason this option is missing. do not worry. There is another way.

The standard way to activate the black theme

In mid-2020, the developers officially added the ability to activate the black theme for every Instagram user.

If this option is not yet available, update the application for your device, or use one of the methods below.

Turn on black on Android

The situation with the owners of devices on the “green robot” is almost the same. In new versions, the option is available in the settings. In old ones, you will have to download an additional utility.

Activating Black Instagram on iPhone

  • Go to the “Settings” device. General.
  • Accessibility. Display Adaptation.
  • Inversion. select one of the options by moving the slider.

Inversion can be temporarily disabled if it interferes with your smartphone. After shutdown, it is recommended to reboot the device for correct operation.

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For iPhone

Starting with iPhone 7, “Color Inversion” appears in the standard menu, which changes the shades of the theme and buttons.

To make a black background in Instagram on iPhone, go to your account:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the “Basic” option.
  • We turn on the adaptation of the display through “Universal Access”.
  • Turns on dimming through activation “Smart. inversion”.

A short video on how to make a black background on Instagram last 1 minute 22 seconds:

Dark theme for VK

  • Follow this link.
  • Click on the “Install” button.
  • In the window that appears, you need to click “Install extension” again.
  • Now when you log into your PC account, you will see the dark theme in all its glory.

How to write a name for Instagram beautifully in the original font

Instagram users place great value on visual experiences. They try to take original photographs, process them with filters and edit them. But that is not all. Many people wonder how to write a name on Instagram beautifully. An unusual font will help a page stand out from other similar ones, they say. The social network itself did not provide such an option. It is not possible to change the font either in the phone or in the web version. But numerous requests have prompted developers to create an application, and more than one that will do the job. First, let’s figure out how to write a name on Instagram in the original font using your phone. First you need to download the program. Stiltsh Text, Font Changer applications have been developed for Android devices. For iPhones, Better Fonts and Cool Fonts are fine. These are the most popular programs, but there are others with similar functions and a similar algorithm of actions.

Let’s look at how to write a name on Instagram beautifully using the Stiltsh Text application.

We start the Stiltsh service already installed on the phone;

We print the text in a line with a blinking cursor, only the Latin alphabet can be used;

Click and hold the line to copy;

We open an account on Instagram, go to the profile;

Paste the text copied from the font generator into the desired line;

Click on the checkmark to save the changes.

Profile information can also be edited on a computer. This means that the name for Instagram can be decorated with a new font. But unpleasant moments may await you: the text may stick together, not everything is reflected correctly. Although when switching to mobile format, the labels will look as they should.

In the right, select the font style, select it and copy it with the right mouse button;

Open the web version of Instagram (;

We enter our page, move to the profile (by clicking on the silhouette of a man);

Then click on the “Edit Profile” button;

In the field where we will change the information, insert the made copy of the text;

As you understand, there is nothing complicated in this procedure. And after all the successfully performed manipulations, you will receive a page that is not similar to any other. You can place not only intricate text on it, but also nice pictures.

But a nicely written Instagram username is just a start. It will be useful for novice mobile photographers and operators to get acquainted with our materials “How to shoot video on Instagram and in a story. format, music”, “How to add a video on Instagram to a story, from a computer and phone”, as well as “How to download a photo from Instagram on phone and PC without problems “.

And if you want to know more about other social networks, go to the website There you will find a lot of practical information about the most popular Internet communities.

How to change Instagram theme on iPhone

Beautiful Instagram names for girls and guys: how to write or change your online username. about this you can about Honor in a further article on the page.

How to change your name on Instagram. where you can do it quickly

Talking about how to change the font in the profile, we inevitably touched on the topic of how to change the name on Instagram. After all, the program doesn’t care what you change: style or labels. The algorithm is the same. over, using it, you can rewrite any information: name, nickname, email address. And this can be done quickly and easily both in the mobile version and on the computer.

Let’s remind you how to change your Instagram name and other data if you are using a phone:

Open the application, go to your profile;

Click in the iPhone on the word “Done”, in devices with android. on the “checkmark” icon, they are in the upper right corner.

Now the same procedure, but for the web version of Instagram:

We leave through any browser on;

Go to your profile, you need to click on the silhouette of a person located in the upper right corner;

Click next to the avatar on the “Edit profile” button;

That’s all. Instagram has not set any restrictions on such actions. So change your personal information as much as you like. Just do not get confused later in the information about yourself and accounts.

If you have problems logging in, look for tips on how to proceed in our article “How to restore a page on Instagram. rescue operation”.

Beautiful names on Instagram for girls. how to choose, examples

The female part of Instagram users is worried about how to highlight their page on the network. Of course, the best way is to publish bright, relevant and non-trivial photos and videos. Quality content is the most important thing. But there are other distinctive tricks as well. For example, beautiful names on Instagram help an account stand out from the general row, attract attention to it.

Meanwhile, there are already more than a billion users on this network, and the same nicknames are not allowed by the rules. It is becoming more and more difficult to surprise with something original. Therefore, names on Instagram for girls are intensively thought up, searched for on the Internet or created using special services. There are some general tips to follow:

The name (nickname) should not include more than 30 characters, but much less is better;

You can use only the Latin alphabet, which means that you should write either in English or in another language, including Russian, but in Latin;

Numbers, punctuation marks, other symbols are allowed;

Names consisting of a number of words should be separated, it is more convenient not with spaces and dashes, but with underscores;

Don’t forget your real name. Most of them have many variations. Add something or divide successfully, it will turn out interesting;

When coming up with a name, write about striking traits of your character or appearance.

If your profile is created for making money, use the name of the profession, brand, type of service, or the name of the company you are promoting;

Shorten words, use abbreviations;

If appropriate, flip the word;

When your real name doesn’t like it or doesn’t fit your profile, think about characters from books, movies, cartoons and games.

It is not so difficult to choose names on Instagram for girls. I want it to be uncommon, bold, maybe even shocking. But then it is very easy to go too far. And some points still need to be excluded. Let’s name the mistakes that the fair sex make when choosing a name for Instagram:

Use children’s diminutive versions of the name;

They add worn out baby, sexy or similar words, this is already vulgar;

Come up with names that should evoke sympathy. For example, miserable girl.

They write the name in English without checking the translation, it turns out to be an absurdity.

A meaningful name on Instagram can become a kind of label that will indicate a person’s belonging to some kind of community on the Internet or in real life. If you are looking for like-minded people, take this circumstance into account when coming up with your nickname.

You will find detailed information on how to choose a name for a social network, including using generator services, in the article “Nicky on Instagram for girls and guys, with a name, in English and Russian”.

And for those who have just started taking their first steps in the visual social network itself, we will teach you how to post a photo on Instagram from a computer, how to add music to publications and add video to a story, from a computer and phone.

Darkening your Instagram profile

On Android and iOS, there are different ways to enable the dark theme:

  • use applications;
  • switch to inverse image.

On the computer version. just install the extension to the browser. A black background on Instagram is necessary for the user to be able to proHonor the text in the dark, without additional strain on the eyes. This format has already been implemented in other social networks, but has not yet been added for Instagram.

Browser plugin

To set the dark mode in the browser, the user needs to use the extensions.

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Both work with a social network and only change the background, the text on the screen. How to use plugins:

  • Go to Google Chrome.
  • Open: “Settings”. Additional Tools.
  • Google Store. search for Dark Mode for Instagram.
  • Select: “Get”. wait for the plugin to install.

Next, you need to go to the social network through the browser and click on the tool icon that appears. The page color will change to dark, and you can disable it by clicking on the icon or removing the plugin from the browser.

On iPhone

Dark Instagram on iPhone can be done through the parameters of the mobile device. Color inversion allows you to reverse the colors on the screen. From the 10th version of iOS, an additional feature has been added: color inversion only in applications and on separate tabs.

The classic inversion changes the color of not only icons and inscriptions, but also images. Therefore, the “Smart” function is suitable for use on Instagram: it changes only menus and tabs in applications.

Change Instagram Message Color on iPhone 2021 (2 Methods)

To turn off the inversion: go to the “Settings” section again and remove the switch from the active state. If necessary, the smartphone can be rebooted.

On Android

The dark theme for Android is available through apps in the Play Market. The only downside to mods is that they only open the browser version. That is, you will not be able to log in from the official Instagram application.

Especially for users, I have developed and written Checklists and Guides for working with Instagram

Similar manuals are sold, but for my site users I give away for free, click on the button above! ☝

  • Download and install.
  • Login. confirm the terms of use.
  • Login with Instagram.
  • Wait for the end of the download.

After that, a browser with a dark theme will open. The difference from the application is that the settings functions are not available in the web browser. The user will not be able to switch to business services or view statistics. But posting of photos, Stories is available. You cannot add videos to posts or stories.

Switch to dark theme in the Instagram app

The dark theme on Instagram is not included in the stock app, but it can be installed via extensions and third-party apps. Unlike the standard light one, it was added for evening and dark hours.

Black background in Android 10 and IOS 13 will be available through smartphone functions. It’s not a standalone setting in the app section, but a connection to the phone and Instagram features. On iOS, go to the Display section and select Dark Theme. On Android: “Display”. Optional and specify the type of design. Together with Instagram, the smartphone interface will change. To disable the function, you need to remove the previously specified parameter.

The function will become available only for devices with the new operating system. At the moment, black theme on Instagram is supported in beta.

But there are applications and other ways, let’s go!

Why is there no dark theme in the default Instagram app

The Instagram application is launched on different platforms and in order to implement a different design, a large-scale update needs to be released.

Soon, the black background will turn on automatically at night (if you specify it in the phone settings) starting from Android 10 and iOS 13.

Why users choose shaded design:

  • less stress on vision. In the dark and in bright light;
  • stylish and laconic design;
  • less battery consumption.

One of the tips that applies to any device: to reduce battery consumption, you need to reduce the brightness of the screen. Instagram has a predominantly bright and light design, so the application consumes more resources during regular use.

Method using Instagram mod on Android OS

If your phone does not run on Android 10, and you are not expected to upgrade to this OS. We recommend installing a special mod for Instagram called “Instagram MOD / InstaXtreme”. This mod has advanced functionality, including the presence of a dark theme, no ads, clickable links in the comments and a number of other convenient features.

Install the mod “Instagram MOD / InstaXtreme”

At the same time, this mod requires ROOT rights on your device. Therefore, install it at your own peril and risk, being aware of all the possible consequences for your gadget (including “brick” ones).

How to Enable Dark Mode on Instagram (Works in 2021)

Step-by-step instruction

Above, we have already talked about the problems of the standard implementation of inversion on the iPhone. But fortunately for the owners of these gadgets, the world saw the IGDarkMode tweak. It is freely distributed and is not difficult to install and use.

So, let’s tell you how to make a monochrome interface using this development. First of all, open the Cydia application and type the name of the software in the request field. igdarkmode (everything is possible in lower case). We touch the desired search result and tap on the install button on the page that opens. Click on the “Accept” inscription in the bottom menu that opens. When the process comes to an end, check “Restart SpringBoard”. At this point, everything is ready to use the application.!

  • in the phone configuration, select the item “IGDarkMode”;
  • activate the slider mode (“Enabled”);
  • go back to the original frame of the device.

It’s time to test black Instagram for Android from tweak. Of course, the dark design seems unusual and radical J In addition, there is an opinion that the strain on the eyes decreases due to the lack of shades of white and blue. Color rendition of the page content in this case is at a high level.

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

“How to make a dark theme on Instagram?” Is a topical question for both Android and iOS owners. Many applications include this function for ease of use: the light does not irritate the eyes so much, saves battery power. Not about Bosch innovation on the side of Instagram. This application has also appeared on the social network, which functions on the basis of iOS 13 and Android 10. About how to connect / disconnect it in this article.


For owners of Huawei and Honor, which operate on the basis of Android 10, for the Dark mode to function in the application, you need:

  • open “Settings”;
  • select “Display”;
  • find the “Additional” heading;
  • in the device theme menu click on “Dark”.

How to set up the camera on Huawei and Honor phones for good photos

For iPhone users, to enable Dark, you must:

  • check the Instagram version, make sure you are using the latest;
  • open “Settings” on the gadget;
  • click on the heading “Display and Brightness”;
  • choose “Dark”.

An indicator that the version of Instagram is the newest. the App Store does not offer the user to update it.

How to make a dark theme on the Chrome browser

If you like to view Instagram on your browser, we also recommend installing the “Dark Theme for Instagram” extension, which will color your Insta in Chrome, Yandex and others in dark colors.

Use the “Dark Instagram Theme” extension for your Chrome browser

It comes in handy: why Instagram contacts are not displayed.

How to change Instagram theme to dark

Black Instagram theme is possible through mod apps and browser extensions. In the first case, only the browser version will be available to the user.

Another, unusual way is to set color inversion. But this method has a significant drawback. the shade of not only the interface changes, but also videos, photos.

  • applications. Mainly for Android devices;
  • inversion of color. For iOS devices;
  • extensions. For browsers on PC.

It will not work to make Instagram dark in standard ways. The application does not provide a night mode, therefore it is available in only one shade. Dimmed is suitable for the evening or time of day when you need to lower the brightness on your smartphone.

How to enable dark theme on Instagram on Android

In order to put a black theme in Instagram on Android devices, you need to do the following:

  • Make sure your gadget is running Android 10. You can see the data about the version of your Android in the phone settings, in the section of information about your device;
    Make sure your phone is running Android 10
  • Go to the settings of your smartphone, then select the “Display” section;
  • Then tap on “Advanced”, then select “Dark”.

Choose a dark theme

Your phone system will change color to dark. By launching Instagram, you will see that this application has also received a dark color.