How to change language on Sony Xperia

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Sony Xperia X. How to Change Language

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Short description

Stylish phone for communicating with your loved ones

The sleek Xperia miro comes with the latest Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich) and comes in four different stylish and vibrant colors. Choose the one that suits you best.

Don’t lose touch with your friends. Share music, photos and jokes with them. all Xperia miro features are integrated with

What’s happening? Xperia miro’s unique lighting will alert you. The backlight notifies you of incoming messages, updates and more. In addition, the backlight can be customized by choosing the interval of its inclusion to your taste.

Xperia ™ with. it’s a simple, fast and intuitive way to mark, comment and share files from your smartphone while staying in touch with your friends. Watch, share, tag and comment on music and photos right in your music player or gallery. And find out what your friends recommend in. can be directly from the music player. See their events and birthdays on the calendar, or tag music in the FM Radio app to tell others what you like.

A familiar face will always be by your side. on the touchscreen of your Android phone. Video chat with your friends no matter what they are using. smartphone, tablet or PC. Plus, the front camera of the Xperia miro allows you to quickly take a good self-portrait.

Use the 5 megapixel camera to capture high quality photos. Record video at 30 frames per second to capture the action in detail. Then sit back and enjoy watching on the 3.5 ” display.

Easy to connect, easy to use

Want to view content stored on your phone on a big screen? Easily connect your Android touchscreen phone to your TV via DLNA.

The Xperia miro smartphone runs the latest version of Android OS and offers a user-friendly interface, improved communication and enhanced functionality.

Found a song that you like? Dance, shake your head, stamp your foot. do what you want. XLOUD audio technology delivers clear and loud sound. Your phone can be used like a real DJ console. And don’t forget to turn it up!

How to set a ringtone and SMS in Sony Xperia

Detailed instructions for setting your own music or melody for a call, SMS or for a separate contact on Sony Xperia.

When getting acquainted with the parameters of a recently purchased gadget, users wonder how to set a favorite melody for all calls or a specific signal for certain subscribers in Sony Xperia, so that each incoming call will delight you with its sound. It’s not difficult to deal with this, but beginners have to spend time for settings, so below we provide a detailed guide with a step-by-step explanation of how to set music to a contact, ringtone or SMS in Sony Xperia.

You can set a ringtone in Sony Xperia in several ways, for example, using a Walkman player. You should start the player, go to the melodies folder, find the desired music in the list of music tracks, then click the small triangular icon, and in the options that appear, select the “set as ringtone” function.

Another method of setting up a Sony Xperia ringtone is to use a simple and easy-to-use settings menu. Many owners of a newly purchased smartphone immediately try to figure it out in order to set up the device. But before setting the parameters, it is better to download ES Explorer in advance: this way you can simultaneously get the function of a convenient search for tunes and a good file manager in your gadget. So, to select an SMS and call signal, go to “settings”. “sounds”, then press “ringtone” (call signal) or “notification sound” (SMS signal). When you select one of the options, a window will appear with a proposal to mark what exactly to use for the search, there you should stop at the ES Explorer installed earlier. After these steps you will get access to the window with the list of files, and you can assign any location to your music. For example, for SMS tones and ringtones, you can create a shared folder in the SD card. This little trick allows you to quickly navigate to a folder to find the audio track you want.

As for the installation of music on Sony Xperia SMS-signals, it is possible to install them from the “messages” menu. To make this setting, in the SMS menu, press the “options” button, and then select “options” and “notification tone”.

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How to put a ringtone on a contact in Sony Xperia?

If you want to know which caller is calling from one ringing sound, you can choose a unique ringing tone for any person in your Xperia contact list. The function can be set by going to the list of contacts (phone book), mark the desired subscriber, then click on “options”, then on the line “set the ringtone”. Then repeat the operation described above: select ES Explorer, find a suitable music track. and you’re done, the signals are set!

How to change Android notification sound for different apps

By default, notifications from different Android apps come with the same default sound. The exception is rare applications where developers have installed their own notification sound. This is not always convenient, and the ability to already identify a vibe by sound, whether it is Instagram, mail or SMS, can be useful.

This tutorial details how to set up different notification sounds for different applications on Android: first on new versions (8 Oreo and 9 Pie and Android 10), where this function is present in the system, then on Android 6 and 7, where this function is not provided by default. Also useful: How to change or put your ringtone on Android.

Note: the sound for all notifications can be changed in Settings. Sound. Notification ringtone, Settings. Sounds and vibration. Notification sounds or in similar paragraphs (depends on the specific phone, but is approximately the same everywhere). To add your own notification sounds to the list, just copy the ringtone files to the Notifications folder in the internal memory of your smartphone.

Change notification sound of individual Android 9 and 8 apps

The latest versions of Android have a built-in ability to set different notification sounds for different applications.

The setup is very simple. Further screenshots and paths in the settings are given for Samsung Galaxy Note with Android 9 Pie, but on a “clean” system all the necessary steps are almost exactly the same.

  • Go to Settings. Notifications.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see a list of apps that send notifications. If not all applications are displayed, click on the “View all” button.
  • Tap the app whose notification sound you want to change.
  • The screen will show the different types of notifications that this app can send. For example, in the screenshot below, we see the options for the Gmail app. If we need to change the sound of notifications for incoming mail to the specified mailbox, click on the item “Mail. With sound”.
  • In the “With sound” item, select the desired sound for the selected notification.

How to Change Language on SONY Xperia Z3. Language Settings |HardReset.Info

Similarly, you can change notification sounds for different applications and for different events in them, or, conversely, turn off such notifications.

Note that there are applications for which such settings are not available. Of those that I personally met. only Hangouts, i.e. there are not so many of them and they, as a rule, already use their own notification sounds instead of system ones.

How to change sounds of different notifications on Android 7 and 6

Previous versions of Android do not have a built-in feature to set different sounds for different notifications. However, this can be implemented using third party applications.

There are several applications available on the Play Store that have the following functions: Light Flow, NotifiCon, Notification Catch App. In my case (tested on pure Android 7 Nougat), the last application turned out to be the simplest and most efficient (in Russian, no root required, it works properly when the screen is locked).

Changing the notification sound for the application in the Notification Catch App looks like this (on the first use, you will have to give a lot of permissions so that the application can intercept system notifications):

  • Go to the item “Sound Profiles” and create your profile by clicking on the “Plus” button.
  • Enter the name of the profile, then click on the “Default” item and select the desired notification sound from the folder or from the installed ringtones.
  • Return to the previous screen, open the Applications tab, click Plus, select the application for which you want to change the notification sound and set the sound profile you created for it.

That’s all: in the same way, you can add sound profiles for other applications and, accordingly, change the sounds of their notifications. You can download the application from the Play Store:

If for some reason this application does not work for you, I recommend trying Light Flow. it allows you not only to change notification sounds for different applications, but also other parameters (for example, the color of the LED or the speed of its blinking). The only drawback is that not the entire interface is translated into Russian.

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In these settings I have the sound I selected for the application, but the sound that I set for notifications is still triggered! This is how I reset the phone settings (Before that, everything was fine

Hello. In the application itself, we looked at the settings, in some there is a priority. For example, in a telegram so, it is important what exactly is selected in it for the sound of notifications.

I myself did not come across these devices, but now I looked. it seems like only one sound for all notifications (in the notification sound settings), some applications in their own parameters (for example, messages) allow you to set a separate notification sound.

Hello. I can not remove the vibration response when the subscriber answers, I can not find the “sound profiles”. Already got not only me, but also the interlocutors. DOOGEE-X55 phone, Android 7.0. Help.

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on 9 Android there are no such notification settings on the phone.
maybe yours is specific. on my not!

Hello, on Android 8.1 there is a signal to install applications. how to remove it? Every time, as applications begin to be updated en masse, these sounds in chorus got out and all at night. Phone Nobby A200.

What is this nonsense? “Previous versions of Android do not have a built-in feature to set different sounds for different notifications.”
On Android 5.0, I quietly installed different sounds on individual contacts and applications without any applications without any problems and without any root rights
How is it that on 6-ke and higher there is no such possibility? I’m shocked I wanted to set it up on another phone and couldn’t, it’s horror.

It also depends on the specific manufacturer, some “chips” they have even earlier than in pure Android or in Android of another manufacturer.

Notification Catch App works very well on Android 6.0 in Chinese. Very easy setup

Thanks for the help. Installed sounds for all applications. very comfortably. Now I know when to immediately respond to a signal, and when to take your time.

Hello. Good information, but for many users with Android 10 it is useless, because anytime you try to set your sound or melody through the explorer or by transferring a file to a folder, the information appears “WRONG TYPE, CHOOSE AGAIN. As I understand it, the Notification folder does not accept MP3 format. I managed to put an mp3 ringtone on a call in a roundabout way only in this way: select a contact, enter the contact data, select “change” and there it becomes possible to set a custom ringtone, go through the explorer or file manager to the folder where music or sounds in mp3 format is stored. and select the one you want. Only this way, otherwise folders with notification sounds and ringtones are not accepted. To find out in what audio format all sounds and melodies are located there, then it was possible to convert it to a file in some editor to the desired format before transferring it to the folder. Tell me the solution. Do you know this format? Thank you in advance.

Do you really have mp3? Perfectly on Android 10, they are set as ringtones (and on a clean system, Nokia tested it on such as Samsung Galaxy). Why am I asking about “exactly mp3”. it just happens that some users simply change the file extension to the desired one (but then the format does not actually change).

Good day. I followed the instructions and everything worked out, but now two ringtones sound simultaneously in VK, the standard one and which I installed. How to fix? I have HONOR 9

To be honest, I don’t know for sure, the behavior is strange for me. But if you did it through a third-party application, and not in the phone settings, check what will happen if you just turn off notifications for VK in the settings (if possible).

Hello. How to change the sound for incoming email mail. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 pro phone.

Hello. But what if, when changing the ringtone for a specific application, it opens a list of notification types, and the sound is involved in several?
Those. I open the Android settings, select the application on which I want to change the ringtone, and there are a dozen types of notifications, and half of them have sound. It is inconvenient to change it with your hands, especially if the application is not one, but several.

Hello. I will not give you a solution to “speed up the process”, I don’t know.

Hello, I have Samsungo j5 2016
I want to put my sound on notifications, but there are only standard ones how to add my own?

If I’m not mistaken (now I can’t see the exact name of the folder), you need to put the file in the Notifications folder in the internal memory.

How to change the language in Sony Vegaspro 11, 12, 13

To get started, you need to install any version of SonyVegas. In my case, I will use Vegas 13. The process of changing the language for all versions is the same. And so you installed it? Then let’s go. First I’ll run Vegas Pro 13 to make sure it’s in English.

Next, close the program and go to start. In the search bar, enter the following command “regedit”

Using the mouse cursor, open the registry editor regedit.

Such a window should appear in front of you. Before you start digging through the registry files, create a Windows restore point

    Attention friends, before you start working with the registry, I want to warn you. This system partition is so important that if you make a mistake on which one, then some function may refuse you or Windows will not load at all and you will have to

We are looking for the Sony creative folder, basically it is located almost at the very bottom, double-click on it

After that, a folder with a number will open, for example I have it 13. This number depends on the version of your installed Sony Vegas. If you have the 12th version of Vegas you will have 12 if the 11th then 11. Click on the folder 13 two times

Click on this 13.0 folder and look at the window on the right. There should be a ULangID file

We click on it twice and this window will open. Or right-click and click change.

In the value field, place 409, put the value 419

Then press ok. and close the registry. Next, let’s see if the language has changed to Russian in SonyVegaspro. Launching Sony Vegas.

And the veils, the language is completely Russian. Now you can use this utility as comfortably as possible for editing your video clips. Friends, this method is the best for changing the language in SonyVegas, so use it without fear that something will fly off your computer.

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How to change the language of Sony Vegas pro 11 12 13 to Russian

Hello, friends! In this article I will tell you how to change the language in SonyVegaspro11, 12, and 13. Also, some people call this setting a localization.

As you know, I am sharing information with you on how to make it easier to work in SonyVegas and various tricks. By the way, in the future there will be new tricks with this utility. So don’t forget to subscribe.

In my previous leading articles SonyVegas pro 11, SonyVegas pro 13 and sony vegas pro 14, I did not use the crack, but simply left the default language. I know that I am not a supporter of different scripts that change program languages. But in this method I will not use any script or code.

Everything will be natural and clean. The setting will be carried out purely in the registry files. And so in my article SonyVegas pro 12, I said that when the script of the localization was installed, my computer died. Therefore, since then there has been no desire to do this. Recently on YouTube, a girl asked that it would be better to change the language to Russian. And I thought it was necessary to analyze this topic in more detail. This is why I am writing this post.

change, language, sony, xperia

This method will help change the language on all versions of Vegaspro. If you dig, it is also possible to change the language on other programs. We will look at this in the future. The most important thing is that you don’t need to change languages ​​to Russian, any programs and codes.

On this I think you can close the topic. Write in the comments how you think such actions are. Maybe someone knows the best method?

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Hello lovers of the video editor program and the popular tool Sony Vegas Pro 10. Until now

Hello readers and visitors! It’s time to tell you about Sony Vegas pro 14. Yes friends

Greetings, computer users. In this article I will share with you the information on how to get the key

change, language, sony, xperia

Via Sony PC Companion

Before starting the process, make sure that the USB cable is intact and firmly seated in the connector. After downloading PC Companion, open it and follow these steps:

  • Connect your phone to your computer.
  • Unlock the screen on your smartphone.
  • Select the connection mode: “Data transmission”.

If updates are available, a pop-up window will appear informing you of this. In this case, you will need to perform all the actions that the program itself will tell you. You can try updating older device models as well. For example, you can try to get the Sony Xperia Z3 update to Android 7.0.


Sony is one of the world leaders in the quality, functionality and reliability of its products. Their devices always receive up-to-date firmware versions and are supported for a long time. The update process itself is standard and does not differ much from smartphones of other brands, but in some cases exceptions are possible. How to update Android on Sony Xperia, what are the pitfalls of this process?

How to update Sony Xperia

Updating Android on Sony is not much different from the process on hundreds of other brands and models of Android smartphones. You also have three paths of development of events:

  • by air;
  • using a proprietary program (Sony has Xperia ™ Companion);
  • using custom firmware.

The latter is a rather tricky solution for the Xperia. All Sony phones have a locked bootloader, which adds an extra step to the flashing instructions. Removing a lock is also not an easy process.

Why it is worth updating the OS

In most cases, updating is straightforward. If the device is new, the update will automatically come over Wi-Fi as soon as it becomes available.

You need to update your smartphone for several reasons. Primarily to update the system. New OS version. new features, capabilities, bug fixes and optimizations.

If these are official updates from the manufacturer, and not some custom solutions, you need to install them immediately, without hesitation. Thus, you get a lot of new features, ranging from minor fixes to the transition to new versions of Android.

Phone recovery via PC Companion

The need for this action may be needed only after an unsuccessful flashing or a failure that critically damaged the system. To restore the device, follow the steps:

  • Launch PC Companion.
  • Go to the Support Zone.
  • There select “Software Updates” and then “Recovery”.
  • Agree to the deletion of all user data.
  • Select your phone model from the list.
  • Follow the further instructions of the program.

It is important that the charge on the smartphone is as large as possible. If it is not possible to check the charge level, put the smartphone on charge for several hours.

By air

In order to update in this way:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select “About phone” at the very bottom of the list.
  • Click on “Software Update”.
  • Select “Check for Updates”.

If the download process starts, wait for it to complete, click on the “Install” button. If there is nothing new for the smartphone, you will see a message about it. You can still update the Sony Z5 to Android 7, but you shouldn’t wait for new items on older models.

Installing custom firmware

As we already mentioned, the process of installing custom firmware on Sony devices requires a relatively complex bootloader unlocking process. In addition to this moment, the instructions for installing custom repeats similar ones for other smartphones.

change, language, sony, xperia

If you choose the method for flashing using a PC, it is best to use the Flashtool program.