How to change SIM card on iPhone

Where and how is inserted

Most smartphones are designed to fit a SIM card into a slot under the battery. The smartphone device does not involve the owner dismantling the battery. The subscriber module is installed in a special hatch in the body of the device. over, the card is not pressed against the reading board, but first is placed in a retractable slide.

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On the first Apple devices, the connector for installing the subscriber module is located at the top of the smartphone, above the head speaker. From model “5” the SIM card slot “moved” to the right side panel, where it remains to this day.

Access to the tray is limited by designers: in order to remove the slide from the SIM, you need to open it using the proprietary key included in the delivery set (by default, it is in an oblong white envelope).

How to insert a SIM card on iPhone

iPhone is, first of all, a phone with which users make calls, send SMS messages, work with social networks via the mobile Internet. If you purchased a new iPhone, the first thing to do is insert the SIM card.

You probably know that SIM cards come in different formats. Until a few years ago, the most popular option was a standard (or mini) size SIM card. But in order to reduce the area that it will fit in the iPhone, over time, the format has decreased, and to date, current iPhone models support the nano size.

The standart-SIM format was supported by devices such as the first generation iPhone, 3G and 3GS. Popular iPhone 4 and 4S models are now equipped with micro-SIM slots. And finally, starting with the 5th generation iPhone, Apple finally switched to the smallest version. nano-SIM.

Installation process

The general algorithm is shown on the example of Apple iPhone 5S, but it is also relevant for newer models):

  • We take out the SIM card slot key from the envelope. it has a large oval eyelet and is similar to a paper clip.
  • We find the SIM slot on the right side panel of the iPhone or on the upper edge (the outline and the lock cylinder are clearly visible).
  • We insert the key into the hole, press slightly. access is open. On most devices, the SIM card mount pops out of the slot on its own. On used phones, the slide can be difficult to move due to wear or dirt.
  • We take out the slot, put it on a flat surface. The SIM card is simply inserted from above into the slot. Note that it is placed at the top, not the bottom. Make sure the position of the SIM card matches the opening of the tray.
  • you need to put the card into your smartphone. It is more convenient to do it this way: turn the phone with the right side towards you and hold it with one hand in this position. With the other hand, insert the mount with the SIM in the working position, at the same time holding the card with your index finger.
  • We insert the slide into the hole, push them all the way so that they do not protrude from the body. Installation completed.
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Changing An iPhone Sim Card

Important. In Apple gadgets, the subscriber module mount is completely removed from the device. Therefore, be prepared for it to fall out of the case. Another important point: the correct position of the SIM card has no technological markers, except for coincidence along the contour, i.e. there are no additional latches or latches.

All the described manipulations are easier to carry out with the gadget turned on. If the device does not have a SIM card, then the diagnostic message “SIM card not inserted” is displayed on the notification screen, and the network indicator will be absent (instead of it. the inscription “No network”).

If all the above manipulations are done correctly, then after a minute the message will disappear, and the name of the cellular operator and the signal strength indicator will appear on the display.

How to change the SIM card in your iPhone — Apple Support

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IPhone SIM size

An important point is the size of the SIM-card, which is individual for the iPhone lines. There are three types in total: standard, Micro- and Nano-SIM. They all differ in the size of the plastic card and the size of the chip:

  • Standard card fits early iPhone models up to 3GS.
  • Micro-SIM is compatible with devices up to 5S inclusive.
  • Nano-SIM is used for smartphones from 6th model and above.

When you buy a new SIM card, the cut-outs are already applied to it, thanks to which it is easy to modify it to the desired size. If it is planned that the old SIM card will remain, it is better to contact a specialist in a communication salon, where the card will be cut with a special knife.

Possible problems with reading the SIM card and ways to solve them

When the SIM card is detected and read without errors, the device displays the name of the cellular network, signal strength, and the available type of wireless Internet connection. If, instead, “SIM card not inserted” or “No network” is displayed, the subscriber module is inserted incorrectly or there is a technical malfunction.

Insert SIM card into iPhone

From the very beginning, regardless of the SIM format, Apple kept the same principle of inserting the card into the device. Therefore, this manual can be considered universal.

  • A SIM-card of a suitable format (if necessary, today any mobile operator will instantly replace it);
  • A special paper clip supplied with the phone (if it is missing, you can use a paper clip or a blunt needle);
  • Directly the iPhone itself.
  • Starting with the iPhone 4, the SIM slot is located on the right side of the phone. In younger models, it is located at the top of the device.

Press the sharp end of a paper clip into the jack on the phone. The slot should give in and open.

Pull out the tray completely and insert the SIM-card into it with the chip downwards. it should fit snugly into the groove.

Insert the SIM slot into your phone and snap it fully closed. After a moment, the operator should appear in the upper left corner of the device screen.

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If you did everything according to the instructions, but the phone still shows the message “No SIM card”, check the following:

  • Correctness of installing the card into the smartphone;
  • The operability of the SIM card (especially when you cut the plastic to the desired size yourself);
  • The health of the phone (much less often there is a situation when the smartphone itself is faulty. in this case, no matter what card you insert into it, the operator will not be detected).

It’s easy to insert a SIM card into an iPhone. see for yourself. If you have any difficulties, ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Apple iPhone smartphones have gained popularity among users around the world due to their convenience and a huge number of technical capabilities. The iPhone‘s primary function, however, is cellular. With all the advantages of these devices, it is not always easy to figure out how to insert a SIM card into an iPhone. Without access to the network, the gadget actually loses all its advantages: calls, SMS sending, voice assistant do not work. Incorrect insertion of the SIM card can even damage the smartphone.

What to do if a paper clip was not included to open the tray

A common problem for Yabloko. Usually the factory key is lost during operation. Most relevant for those who purchase a used incomplete iPhone: the key is missing.

In this case, you need to use a handicraft analogue of a standard tool. These can be:

  • thin needle;
  • paper clip.

Before use, a paper clip must be unbent and when installing the module, work with a sharp end. In this case, the paper clip should enter the diameter of the tray larva. It’s the same with the needle. At the same time, an artisanal tool should not be brittle, because a metal fragment stuck in the hole of the tray can entail an expensive appeal to a specialized service.

There is no need to abuse such substitutes. their use over time leads to breakage of the tray opening.