How To Change The Cartridge In The Printer

Replacing a cartridge in a printer or MFP

It is unpleasant when ink runs out during printing of any principle documents. What to do in this case? You urgently need to complete the printout. There are two options. The first is to call the technician and pay him to replace the cartridge. The second is to use the instructions, which describe in detail how to change the cartridge in the printer and do everything yourself.

Cartridges vary depending on the make and model of the printer, but all the steps for replacing the cartridge are the same. Consider all the stages so that nothing will be missed.

  • Find out the manufacturer and model of the printer
  • We take out the cartridge
  • Replacing the cartridge
  • Checking the cartridge after replacement
  • A few SIMple tips

Replacing the cartridge

So, the cartridge is in your hands. Take it out of the box, but do not rush to remove it from the plastic packaging. The fact is that the ink can get stuck in the Tonner, and this will affect the print quality. Take it in your hands and shake it a little.

How To Change The Cartridge In The Printer

This way you distribute the toner evenly in the cartridge. By NOT doing this on the printout, you might think that the cartridge is bad, when in fact it is okay. Now you can pull it out of the plastic. Remove the protective film (colored tab) from the bottom. Be careful not to touch the print head itself during this operation. Small spots on the print lead to significant print deterioration. Even if you lightly touch it, wipe it off with a cloth.

The cartridge is ready. It can now be inserted into the printer. Put it in the cell and lock in place. In a printer that has a stop mechanism, make sure the cartridge is firmly inserted. This will be indicated by a characteristic click when pressed.

After you have verified that everything is in order, you can close the printer cover.

Perhaps an instruction on how to change the cartridge will help you. This shows the process of replacing a toner cartridge in a laser in an HP printer.

And that’s replacing the cartridge in HP inkjet printers.

We take out the cartridge

To get access to the cartridges you need to turn on the same device. In some models, the cartridge is replaced when the power is off, but there are often cases where it is necessary to turn on the device. This usually happens with inkjet printers.

After switching on, lift the cover or slide it towards you. In the case of an inkjet printer, you will see a small block that slides towards the center of the device and this is the cartridge. Each model has its own opening mechanism. There are some in which you must first hold down the reset button and only then open the lid. In the case of a laser printer, pull the cover towards you.

Removing the cartridge is not easy. Again, it all depends on the device model. Open the stop mechanism that holds the cartridge in place, or push the catch inward, which will detach it. The other type of cartridges must be removed as follows: grasp its top with your hand and pull up at an angle from the attachment point. Another way is to hold down the reset button on the side of the cartridge carriage. After the necessary manipulations, you can pull out the cartridge.

The picture above shows how to remove the cartridge from the Samsung laser printer. The process on devices from other manufacturers will not be very different.

Take a good look at and write down its type and number. For greater reliability, I will photograph it.

Checking the cartridge after replacement

We proceed to the next step. checking the cartridge. After closing the cover, the printer detects automatically that the cartridge has been replaced. A message appears on the screen telling you to print a test page. Click “Ok”. If your model does not provide this function, print the printer in the usual way. Be sure to insert blank paper, or an error may appear. Before printing, the settings will be checked in the printer itself and only after that a test page will be printed.

If the picture is true, then everything is fine. If you notice any streaks or gaps appear, do a deep clean. It may be necessary to align the printheads. All these operations are done in the printer control panel. Each device has its own menus, so you can read a detailed description of how to do this in the instruction book or download the user’s manual for your printer on the Internet.

So, you’ve just changed the cartridge in your printer. It’s easy to do. Just a few easy steps to save you money.

Find out the manufacturer and model of the printer

Before changing a cartridge, you need to find out which printer model you have and which cartridges are suitable for it. As mentioned above, different cartridges are suitable for different printers. Write down the manufacturer and model of the printer.

Also, if the printer is already installed on a computer or laptop, then you can click “Start”. “Devices and Printers” and see the name of the installed printer there.

Now that we know the model, you can enter the phrase “printer cartridge printer model” into Yandex search and find which cartridge suits you. But it’s better to make sure by looking at it with your own eyes.

A few SIMple tips

In most cases, inexperienced users do not know how to properly change the cartridge in the printer and, as a result, get dirty hands and clothes.

To get rid of annoying ink stains, take a dry towel and pat it dry as much as possible. Rinse off what remains with cold water. Using hot water will permanently leave stains on the fabric;

If you need to change two cartridges at once. color and black and white, make sure they are in place. If you insert a black and white cartridge in place of a color cartridge and vice versa, you only spoil them. When replacing cartridges, you need to be very careful, since their cost is quite high.


To install the cartridge, you will need to perform all the above steps in the reverse order. You will need:

  • Make sure that the equipment is disconnected from the network;
  • Check the cleanliness of the installed tank;
  • Gently insert it into the compartment, and do not exert effort. if problems arise, it is better to try again;
  • Snap the latches, making sure that the fasteners are secure;
  • Replace the cover or close the tray;
  • Connect the printer to the mains and activate it;
  • Wait until the technician “sees” the new consumable and recognizes it, while the message about the need to replace the toner or the lack of ink should disappear.
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It is important to note that problems may arise with the last point in some situations. We are talking about using non-original consumables.

One of the easiest ways out is to reset the printer or MFP. By the way, in the vast majority of cases, the error message in question does not affect the functioning of the equipment in any way.

Stages of cartridge replacement

Each specific model of modern office equipment has its own design features. At the same time, the aLGorithm for replacing cartridges in a printer and MFP, which print poorly, looks standard. However, it is worth considering certain nuances at each of the provided stages.

There are several differences in the process of replacing cartridges in inkjet and laser models of printers and multifunctional devices. And they consist, first of all, in the design and functional features of the technology of THESE two types. For example, inkjet printers use pigment inks supplied through nozzles. The laser cartridges are filled with powdered toner that fuses with laser beams. But regardless of the design features of equipment, including carriages, cartridge replacement is carried out in three main stages. When performing all the operations provided for by the instructions, it is necessary to remove the non-working element, prepare a new or refilled one and install it in the printer.

Replacing the cartridge in the printer

  • When to replace?
  • Stages of cartridge replacement
  • Possible problems
  • Recommendations

All printer cartridges, regardless of the type of peripherals themselves, have a certain ink supply. Powder (toner) or ink will inevitably run out over time, and the user is faced with the need to restore the equipment to work. One way to solve the problem is to refuel. However, you should also consider the option of replacing the cartridge in a printer or MFP.

We take out the old

As soon as the office equipment informed the user that the supply of ink or toner has dried up, it is necessary to restore its full functionality as quickly as possible. Naturally, this will require Appropriate theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Inexperienced users are strongly advised to study the instructions at the preparatory stage.

At the stage of removing the used cartridge, certain actions must be taken.

  • It is strongly recommended to remove all jewelry (bracelets and rings) from the very beginning, which minimizes the risk of injury.
  • Disconnect the equipment from the mains.
  • Remove the cover of the device. This operation will NOT cause any difficulties, since this structural element can be picked up by a special tongue or recesses. It is important to remember that the fuser can be hot on a laser printer and therefore remove the cover with extreme care. Most often, cartridges hold 2-4 clips in the form of clips, which will need to be folded back or snapped off.
  • After releasing the cartridge from the latches, pull it out by gently pulling on the plastic case. If it does not move from the seat, then it can be swayed a little from side to side.
  • As soon as you managed to remove the ink reservoir, it must be placed on paper or oilcloth, since ink or toner may be present on it. In this situation, it should be borne in mind that the paint is poorly washed.

This scheme in different models of printing devices may have some differences. For example, in situations with an inkjet MFP, you will first need to flip open the scanner lid. When replacing the described elements of the design of laser devices, this item will be absent, since it will be enough just to move the tray and take out an empty cartridge. Some difficulties may arise when removing the ribbon on dot matrix printers.

Preparing a new

After all of the above manipulations are completed, attention should be paid to the new consumables.

Experienced users recommend buying exclusively original cartridges or cartridges compatible with specific models of office equipment. Today the market offers a fairly wide range of relevant products. In such a situation, problems with the choice of cartridges, as a rule, do not arise. The new paint reservoir must be unpacked before installation. When removing the shockproof packaging, it is important to avoid contact with the nozzles or the drum unit. It is highly undesirable to touch these surfaces.

By the way, even new devices are NOT immune to ink release and toner spills. The next step is to remove the safety tape that protects the contacts and nozzles. In situations with laser printers and MFPs, it is recommended that the new cartridge is returned several times before installation, keeping it horizontal. This is to distribute the toner evenly in the container.

When to replace?

Sooner or later, each owner has to change cartridges in a printer and other devices. At first glance, such a procedure may seem rather complicated to an inexperienced user. However, in practice, it usually does not require significant time expenditures. Of course, there are a number of fundamental nuances, which should be taken into account by those who decided for the first time to independently replace the cartridge in an inkjet or laser device.

Ink consumption is directly proportional to the frequency of use of the printer and multifunctional device. In this case, the first signs that cartridges are to be replaced, as a rule, appear by the time when the equipment refuses to function. Since the developers are reinsured, their creations suggest changing the ink or toner tanks in advance, regardless of the presence of some amount of ink. This approach is due to the elimination of the risk of sudden equipment failure.

Taking into account all the nuances of the work of printing devices, it is worthwhile to change the cartridges in a timely manner, including in the Color Laser Printer, when a number of signs appear.

  • Print tone becomes less saturated and faded.
  • Not the entire page is printed clearly. Also, some symbols may be “lost” and empty corners will appear.
  • Symbols or messages appear on the display of the device itself, signaling the need to change cartridges or replenish the ink supply. Most often, after this, the printer will continue to work, but at any time it may refuse to print.
  • The need to change consumables is also indicated by the appearance of light and sometimes white stripes on the pages. This feature is well known to the vast majority of users.

The former are more technologically advanced, but more expensive. Their main advantages include the ability to monitor ink or toner levels and alert the user to replace them. As a rule, non-sealed cartridges are used for office equipment belonging to the budget price segment. It should be noted that experienced users promptly and correctly respond to changes in print quality.

Possible problems

The most relevant features of office equipment maintenance are due to the difference in designs and principles of functioning of different models. That is why all the manipulations associated with the removal of old and installation of new consumables should be performed in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. However, users often find themselves in situations where the printer or MFP, after replacing ink tanks, does not work at all or does not print well.

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So, if an inkjet printer prints poorly or refuses to print at all after replacing the cartridge with a new one, then the wrong installation may be a prerequisite. In addition, there may be problems with the supply of ink to the print head.

When servicing laser peripherals, it is worth paying attention to contacts. Malfunctioning laser shutters can also cause problems. However, first of all, it should be taken into account that in the process of replacing a cartridge or toner, it is necessary to exclude contacts with the working surfaces. In some cases, poor printing and refusal to work are due to the fact that during the installation of consumables the shipping belts were NOT removed.

In addition to the already described problematic points, which can be encountered when servicing inkjet and laser models of office equipment, it is worth paying attention to problems of a general nature.

  • Difficulties with the perception of new cartridges and print quality often arise due to the wrong choice of device peripherals when setting up a personal computer or laptop.
  • The source of problems can be failures that are directly related to the operating system. The most common symptom of a problem is the so-called stuck printing.
  • Among other things, specialized software, that is, printer drivers, becomes the source of all troubles. To fix the problem, you first need to open the appropriate tab in the “Device Manager” and make sure there are no exclamation marks. The presence of such symbols indicates the need to update or reinstall the software.

To cope with the listed problems is within the power of ordinary users with even minimal experience. But if you had to face more serious problems, then the most rational way out would be to contact the service center for help from professionals.


As already noted, each “representative” of the lineup of inkjet and laser printers and MFPs of different brands has its own characteristics. This applies not only to the device of technology, but also to the aLGorithms for replacing consumables. Read the information carefully before installing new cartridges.

Important recommendations should be considered when replacing cartridges.

  • Replace consumables as soon as ink or toner runs out. This is most important for inkjet printers, as there is a high likelihood of drying ink residues in the printheads. This is the so-called hot swap, in which a new one is put in place of an empty cartridge immediately after removing it from the carriage.
  • In the process of all manipulations, it is required to avoid touching the moving parts of the cartridges, contacts, imaging drum and nozzles.
  • After installation, a new consumable is not recommended to be removed without the need.
  • It is important to remember that there are chip and non-chip models of ink and toner containers. However, they are NOT interchangeable. Cartridges equipped with a chip that controls ink volume are more expensive. As soon as the minimum mark is reached, the device will notify the user in automatic mode. So, chips installed in printers and MFPs of Xerox and Samsung brands block the operation of all printing equipment in such situations. And representatives of the Canon and HP lineups continue to function for some time.
  • Particular attention should be paid to the correct choice of consumables. The best option would be to buy cartridges with the same marking.

In addition to all of the above, it is important to always remember the safety rules. It should be noted once again that jewelry on hands can be a prerequisite for injury. An equally important point is the chemical properties of the filling materials (ink and toners). It is recommended to use gloves to protect exposed parts of the body from paint.

The following demonstrates the process of replacing a cartridge in an HP LASERJET M1132 MFP printer.

How to change a cartridge in a Canon printer

The ink or ink in the printer, as a rule, can be enough to print a certain amount of text, and after which each user who has their own printer will be forced to either replace or refill their cartridge.

And of course, to complete this process, you need to learn how to first remove it and then reinstall the cartridge again in place. The designs and structure in different versions of Canon printers are almost always very different, although some of the nodes have a lot in common. It is believed that the easiest way is to replace the cartridge in the Canon mp250 printer, since removing the laser cartridge in a monochrome printer is a very easy process, taking that for it it is not necessary to connect the device to the local network. The most important thing here is to get to the desired part and remove it. In printers that have trays designed for paper, you can first just lift the lid (you can distinguish it on the assumption that the material for creating the lid is translucent plastic). The main function of this cover is that it accepts already printed pages. After that, it can already open the second cover, which serves to close the internal parts and mechanisms of the printer.

This lid has a small notch (it can be located either on the left or on the right), under which you can easily slip your fingertips. Some Canon printer models, such as the LBP810, load paper from the top. In such a printer, the cartridge is usually placed behind a cover located on the front of the housing. It is necessary to pull it towards you and fold it down. The path is now clear and the cartridge can be easily pulled out by the handle. It is also easy to return the part back, but if something does not work out, you cannot use force in any case. A bias is possible, and in order to avoid breakage, it is better to make a second attempt. When the cartridge is brought up to the guides evenly, it practically falls into the place intended for it, and sometimes you need to know how to change the cartridge in a Canon printer. The final stage: press to a characteristic click, so that the contacts are in place.

How to replace a cartridge in a Canon printer

If you have no idea where the cartridge is in a Canon printer, we do not recommend doing it yourself. The location and design of cartridges depends on the technology used in a particular device. For example, the Canon i-SENSYS LBP7110Cw printer operates on the Single Pass method and includes four SEPARATE print engines. The cartridges are located one after the other in a specially designed tray. Their replacement is carried out as follows: pull towards yourself and lower the cover on the front wall of the device; pull the block out by the handle; get out the cartridge that needs refilling; install complete. Important: Do not leave the cover open in the printer, be aware that the drum unit may light up.

Canon i-sensys LBP7010C control panel Canon i-SENSYS LBP7010C (7018C) color laser printers use multi-pass technology and, in addition to four toner units, the design includes a drum cartridge, which is a drum with a cleaning system. If you open the top cover, you can only access the toner cartridges. In addition, only one of them is accessible, the rest are located in the depths of the device. Using the “Paper” button on the control panel. press and hold for 2 seconds. the printer is switched to cartridge replacement mode. The Paper light is on, and the toner light for the color that is ready to be replaced is blinking. When you press the button once again, the cartridges move and all lights blink. Do not open the printer cover at this time. When the transfer operation is complete, one of the lights keeps blinking to indicate which of the toner cartridges can be removed. So each of the blocks is sequentially transferred to an accessible position. Replacement is carried out in the same way and the cartridge of the color of the toner, opposite to the designation of which the indicator flashes, is installed in place. To take the printer out of this mode, press and hold the “Paper” key again for 2 seconds. At the end of the article Visual instructions for removing toner cartridges from the Canon i-SENSYS LBP7010C printer.

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Here you cannot do without turning on the device, since the cartridges are located in the parking area and are not available for removal. After pressing the ON button, you need to wait until the printer is ready for use (indicator is on) and open the cover. The carriage extends to the ink cartridge replacement position Note that Canon’s instruction manuals do not recommend turning off the printer. over, on the first pages of the user manual there is a warning that when the power indicator is on or flashing, the cord cannot be disconnected. However, if you press the ON button now, the carriage will move back to the parking area. The only way to disconnect power from the printer is to unplug the power cord. Cartridges may have tabs that you need to push. Or, the carriage has covers that secure the ink tanks in position and must be lifted. If there is no lever, it is enough just to pull the cartridge yourself and remove it from the slot. Installing a cartridge in a Canon printer is in reverse order.

Principle of operation

How exactly does the device work, and hence the toner in it? The laser unit or scan unit is receiving an image from the computer screen to be printed.

After that, it is transferred to the image transfer unit, with the help of which the picture that needs to be printed is built, that is, the direct print job of the device.

This job is then transferred to the transfer and fuser unit. This unit is represented by a roller, which interacts with the toner and transfers it to the printing roller.

As mentioned above, when using a magnetic, it can do this directly, and when using a non-magnetic, it first transfers to the transfer device, and only then to the printing roller.

By type of manufacture

The division of such powders according to the type of production is quite interesting. In total, two types of production are distinguished:

There is a particular difference in which method was chosen for the powder in a particular printer.

When printing, it is almost impossible for a layman (and sometimes for a specialist) to distinguish such inks from each other.

The method of obtaining ink does NOT affect the quality of the print, color rendering and other features.

By composition

In terms of composition, there are two main types:

It is important to consider this data both when buying the device itself and when buying a powder.


In SIMple terms, we can conclude that the printer prints with ink. This paint is presented in the form of a powder of one shade or another. This powder is called toner.

It is used in laser printers. the actual print cartridges are filled with it, it can be black and color.

In black and white, only black is used, in color. several basic shades of powder (yellow, pink, blue), from which Desirable shades are combined.

At the same time, only one cartridge works in monochrome printing devices, and in full color. all four.


In addition, there are two types of powders for compatibility.

This is an important parameter, which is necessary for any user to know, since only in this case he will be able to select cartridges for his printing device:

Usually, the type of toner, as well as the model for which it is suitable, is indicated directly on the packaging with cartridges. After special problems with the choice, there is no need to.


Powders of this type have a number of features and characteristics, which are important to consider when working with them.

This will provide greater safety during operation and better print quality. The following features are available:

  • The powder is dangerous to humans when inhaled, and it becomes safe only when heated in the printer to an acceptable temperature;
  • It is necessary to work with toner (for example, refuel cartridges) with a respirator and latex gloves;
  • The room in which the powder is stored must be well ventilated, for example, it can be equipped with an air conditioning system;
  • Heating of the substance should be carried out at a temperature of 200 degrees (for most types of paints). only at this temperature melting begins and its adhesion to paper.

These paints (powders) are of various types. They differ in composition, principle of operation, quality and various other parameters.

What is toner and how does it work in a printer: types of toners, advantages and disadvantages of their use

What is toner in a home or office printer and what is it used for? Almost every home and / or office has a real printing device.

It is a complex mechanism consisting of many parts, the purpose of many of which is not clear to the user.

Nevertheless, it is the knowledge of the purpose and principle of operation of the parts and components of the devices that will allow the user to maintain the device and independently eliminate the problems that arise, and not resorting to service.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is laser devices that print using toner that are currently considered the most popular and common types of equipment for obtaining a print.

Why are they so popular and why is toner so good? Such a device and consumable have positive aspects.

Despite a number of pronounced advantages, this powder and printers working with it have many disadvantages. Sometimes they even pose a danger.

Table 1. Pros and cons

disadvantages advantages
It is only necessary to work in a sufficiently large, well-ventilated area; High productivity of work, its high speed and large volume with the use of a minimum amount of toner;
The need for a large number of personal protective equipment when working with powder. respirator, gloves, etc.;

Thanks to its features, printers with it become the choice of those who are interested in high productivity of the device at minimal cost.

The quality when using such a powder is sufficient for printing office documents, SIMple images, and sometimes non-professional photos (although much depends on the device itself).