How to charge Apple wireless headphones

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How to know that AirDots are already charged

Redmi created its own branded headphones and gave them the name. AirDots. They have their own unique case that stores the music device.

AirDots case

Like wireless headphones, it has a small indicator that tells us if the devices are charging now. Or already charged enough. And they can be used. It is important to understand that in the case of Redmi AirDots, they can be charged even without a wire. It has small contacts that are located on the “saddles”.

AirDots headphones in case

Charging indicator on AirDots headset

When the wireless AirDots inside the case is charged, you’ll know by the color of the LED on the case.

Indicator on the AirDots case

The color of the indicator on the case also changes. It may differ depending on the AirDots model. You can also check the battery level using your smartphone connected to the wireless headset. Check the quick access window immediately after connecting. It should display the information we need.

How long does it take to charge wireless headphones?

The battery capacity of a Bluetooth headset determines how long it takes to fully charge the gadget. For different models, this period is from 1 to 4 hours.

Maximum capacity is guaranteed when the headset is connected to the network via original accessories.

When charging from a laptop or personal computer, the process is slower.

The latest models come with fast charging: if you keep the capacity increase for about 5-15 minutes, it will make the gadget work for 1 to 3 hours.

For the battery of the purchased wireless headset to work successfully, after a full discharge, it must be charged to 100% three times.

How to properly charge through the case

In stationary conditions, when it is possible to connect to a network or a computer, the headset should be placed in a box, and the case itself should be connected via a USB or Lightning-USB cable to a power source. This source can be a wall charger or a USB port of a computer or laptop.

For the convenience of the user, there is a special power distribution scheme:

  • During the first few minutes, most of the energy goes to the headset until the battery level reaches 90%;
  • then the power is redistributed to the battery cover.

Usually it takes 20-30 minutes to fully charge the headset itself, and 2 hours to charge the case.

Recently, however, the speakers themselves have been able to receive power wirelessly. However, as a rule, this requires the purchase of an additional Bluetooth platform. For example, to charge Series 2 Airpods, simply place them on the Qi platform. Please note that in this case, the lid must be closed and the indicator is on top.

The Bluetooth headset charges even when the case is not connected to a power source, but the battery is sufficient.

Checking the Remaining Battery Power

To check the battery level of your Android wireless headset, you need to

  • connect it to your phone;
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, next to the Bluetooth icon, you will see the battery charge of the gadget.
charge, apple, wireless, headphones

If there is no data on the screen, you need to go to the list of Bluetooth wireless devices and see the battery level next to the icon of the connected headset.

To check the remaining charge of the headset on the iPhone, you need to open the case next to the phone: the remaining charge of the case and headset will be displayed in the window.

Another way to check is to go to the “Items” menu and look there.

There is also a dedicated battery checker app that installs when data cannot be tracked otherwise.

Apple Airpods (Pro)

Probably the most expensive Apple wireless earbuds available today. They are two independent devices and can be used separately. They come with a case (box) that doubles as a charging station and power bank.

You can charge these bluetooth headphones only in the box that is included in the package. To do this, install headphones (or a headset) in the case and that’s it. charging will start automatically. Charging indicator. LED on the case. The battery status of the headset can be judged by the color of the indication.

The case itself can be charged using the included Lightning to USB-A cable. The case itself can be charged using the included Lightning to USB-A cable, and can also be charged via the USB-A port on a PC / laptop, a wall charger with 5V output, or a power supply that supports charging low-power devices.

Charge Airpods with a cable

Unlike its predecessor, the Airpods, the Pro version also supports wireless charging. The charging station, unfortunately, needs to be purchased. The algorithm is even simpler here. Turn on the wireless docking station and put the suitcase on it. Charging will start automatically. The charging time depends on the condition of the batteries in the headset. If the batteries are completely discharged, then after 2-3 hours the headphones are charged to 100%.

Airpods How To Charge. Airpods How To Charge Wireless. Airpods How To Charge Case Instructions

Charge Airpods Pro with the Wireless Dock

Important: If the headset is installed in the case, the headset battery status is displayed on its indicator. Otherwise, the state of the battery.

Charging instructions for popular models

There are many models of wireless earbuds, and it is difficult to list the nuances of charging all of them. Therefore, we will look at this process using the example of the most popular brands and models.

Features of charging the i9s, i7 and i11 earbuds

The TWS i7, i9 and i11 earphone modifications are copies of Airpods from China, which are infected similar to the original. But in particular, TWS i7 provides the ability to charge the earbuds separately via the second cable that comes in the box (you may want to watch the video).

In addition, some copies of Aliexpress Airpods do not load the same way as the prototype. There is a button on the cases of these headphones. And in order for the headphones to start charging, the user must insert them into the case, and then press this button. If you do not do this, the headset will not charge even if it is in this case.

How to charge Airpods with the wireless charging case?

Airpods Pro Wireless Charging Case (also Gen 2) The Airpods Pro can be charged with almost any Qi-compatible charging cradle (although we’ve heard of Airpods not being compatible with some Mophie chargers). How to charge Airpods using wireless charging?

    Place the case on the charging pad with the battery status indicator on the case facing up (or towards you if you are using a cradle). Please note that you can charge the case with or without Airpods inside.

charge, apple, wireless, headphones
  • Step 2: The battery status indicator should turn on for a few seconds and then turn off while continuing to charge.
  • Step 3: If the indicator does not turn on when you put it on the charging pad, try changing the position of the case.
  • If you are having trouble charging the case, make sure the cable is securely connected to the charging cradle and the other end is properly plugged into an outlet. If the case still won’t charge, remember that you can charge it by plugging the Lightning cable into the bottom connector and the other end of the cable into a USB charger or port.

    How to charge Airpods?

    To charge your Airpods, simply place your earbuds in the case. A fully charged Airpods case gives you over 24 hours of listening time or up to 11 hours of talk time. If you let the Airpods charge for 15 minutes in the case, you can use the gadget for 3 hours for listening or 1 hour for talking.

    How much to charge Airpods? It takes just 25 minutes to fully charge Airpods!

    If your Airpods or Airpods Pro are in a case, an indicator light inside the case (or on the front of the case if you have a wireless charging case) shows the charging status of the Airpods. When Airpods are removed from the case, an indicator light shows the charging status of the case. Green means charged and yellow means less than one full charge left.

    To charge your non-wireless Airpods, connect the included Lightning cable to the Lightning connector on the bottom of the case. Then plug the other end of the cable into a USB charger or a port on your computer. At the same time, finding the Airpods in the case is optional!

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    How to charge Airpods, Airpods 2, and Pro?

    Today’s article will be devoted to answering the popular question “How to charge Airpods?” Here I will analyze different charging methods, give tips and ready-made instructions on how to charge Airpods, Airpods 2 and Airpods Pro headphones.

    New Apple Airpods usually come fully charged. The earbuds offer about 5 hours of music listening and 2 hours of talk time, and in the case of Airpods 2, up to 3 hours of talk time before you have to charge them again.

    There are several ways to manually check the charge level of Airpods, but the common indicator is a beep when the battery of the Airpods is low, and a second beep before the gadget is completely discharged.

    Battery life

    Even though Airpods have a long battery life, charging capacity naturally degrades over time. If your Airpods are still under warranty and their lifespan has decreased, Apple offers an Airpods (or Charging Case) battery replacement service for 49. While an out-of-warranty battery replacement service costs 69.

    If your battery has a manufacturing defect and is covered by Apple’s warranty or consumer protection law, Apple will service it at no additional cost.

    charge, apple, wireless, headphones

    How to charge wireless TWS earbuds

    Let’s figure out how to charge TWS earbuds. Fully wireless headphones are charged from the complete case, and the case is charged from the mains or an external power source (powerbank, laptop).

    This guide will show you how to charge your TWS wireless earbuds and how to do it right. And separately, how long are the headphones charged and is it possible to charge TWS headphones from the outlet, from the phone, without a case (all methods).

    How to charge TWS earbuds in a case (in a box)

    TWS earbuds are charged from the complete case (box, case). And already it is charged from external sources. How to charge headphones in a box?

    How to charge the TWS earbuds themselves:

    • We put the headphones in the case. They should automatically start charging. For some Chinese headphones (extremely budgetary), in order to start charging, it is not enough to put the headphones in the case. You also need to press a special button. But this, thank gods, is rare.
    • We make sure that they are in place correctly and that the charging has started. The headphones are held in the case by magnets. And they are charged through the terminals without wires. Accordingly, it is important that the terminals on the headphone are correctly positioned on the terminals in the case. The headphones should visually lie exactly in place. In addition, there is usually some kind of indication that charging has gone. The nuances of the indication for a particular model should be found in the instructions. Either in a complete package, or in an extended one on the site, or in an application.
    • We wait. The time it takes to charge the earbuds should also be mentioned in the instructions. There is usually no indication of the end of charging the headphones themselves. But it’s okay, the headphones can not be fully charged, so to speak. And all modern models are protected from overcharge. When they are fully charged, the headphones will simply turn off and wait in the wings.

    How to properly charge wireless headphones in a box? Obviously very simple. You just need to pay attention to the nuances.

    How to charge TWS earbuds without a box? In short. nothing. They are charged only from a complete case or another box from the same model. In fact, the TWS headphone case is a complete power bank.

    How to charge wireless Airpods from the box

    As you most likely know, the Airpods box is not just a convenient case, but a real PowerBank. It has its own battery built into it, which is refilled when charging from the mains, stores energy and then transfers it to the headphones when you insert them into the box. I think you have already figured out how to charge Airpods wireless headphones, you just need to insert them into the box, so further we will talk about some of the features and parameters of the case.

    Let’s start with the size of its battery. It is significantly larger than in headphones. The energy stored in the box is enough for four full charges of Airpods. Therefore, if you put the headphones in the box on time, then the charge in them will be enough for eleven hours of calls or for a whole day of listening to music.

    Airpods headphones: how long does the charge hold

    First, let’s figure out how long your headphones can last without recharging. The battery built into the earbuds is quite powerful and in a static state (the earbuds are on, but not playing sound) can last up to two weeks. If you use them to listen to music, then the charge will be enough for five hours of continuous work. The battery runs out the fastest when talking, it only lasts for two hours of communication.

    The battery consumption of the headphones is also affected by the volume set. The data above is for average sound volume. A higher volume will make the earbuds use up faster, and a lower volume will make the headphone use up more slowly.

    Of course, it would be extremely inconvenient to count the time left until the headphones are turned off. Therefore, Apple has provided two ways to check the charge of Airpods on your phone.

    • The first is the beep. The first time you hear it, when the charge level drops to fifteen percent. If you hear that the sound was played twice, then you should know that the charge of the headphones has reached a critical level and it will only last for a few minutes of active work.
    • The second way is the battery indicator. It appears at the top of the phone screen after you connect headphones to it.

    There are two more ways to find out the battery level of the headphones using the box. We will talk about them a little later.

    How long does it take to charge the Airpods wireless headphones

    Now about how long it takes to charge Airpods wireless headphones. Charging is very fast, you will receive a full battery in half an hour after you put the headphones in the box.

    As mentioned earlier, boxing has one more interesting function (or rather, even two). It gives two more additional ways to check the charging level of the headphones.

    Inside the box, you can see a small indicator light. This indicator performs two functions at once. When there are no headphones inside, it tells us about the state of the box’s battery (green. high charge level, yellow. energy left for one charge, red. box is discharged). If there are headphones inside, then by the color of the indicator you can understand whether they are charged or not.

    Another interesting feature is provided on the iPhone. If you bring the box to the smartphone screen, then after a while a window will appear on it showing the box’s charge level. If at this moment there are Airpods inside, then you will also see their charging.

    The same function is available for the macOS operating system. Here you need to open the lid of the box, bring it to the screen and click on the Bluetooth icon, then select your device from the list.

    How to charge the Airpods case

    The Airpods case is charged via a regular USB cable. How do I charge Airpods one box or with the earbuds? Some users mistakenly believe that this method can harm the headphones. but this is not the case. At the time of charging, you can easily put headphones inside the box, then they will be charged at the same time. Even company representatives are of the opinion that in the question “How to properly charge Airpods wireless headphones?” there is no correct answer, and it is suggested to use both methods.

    The charging time of the case varies greatly depending on the quality of the cable used and the connection method. Charging the box from the mains using the original cable will be much faster than from the USB port. In general, charging takes much less time than charging a phone.

    So it is worth mentioning the new technology that Apple announced relatively recently. This technology allows you to charge your AirPods wirelessly.

    How to charge Airpods wireless headphones

    In the last article, we told how to check Airpods for originality, today we will tell you how to properly charge Airpods wireless headphones (one box or together with headphones) so that they last longer, how long they need to be charged, how long the charge holds and how to check the charge of Airpods for phone.

    Perhaps the main innovation of Airpods headphones is the complete absence of wires, the headphones are connected to the device via Bluetooth, are not connected to each other in any way, and are even charged using a special box. At the first acquaintance with this technology, many users have a quite reasonable question “How to charge Airpods wireless headphones?”. The answer to this question is given by this article.

    How to extend the life of Airpods

    Not all users know how to charge the case from Airpods and the headphones themselves so as to protect them from damage. Here are some simple rules to help you extend their lifespan:

    • If you are not using Airpods, we recommend storing them in a case.
    • Use original charger; if yours is broken or lost, buy a new one at an Apple service center, not in the market.
    • The charge of the case is spent on opening and closing it (the indicator lights up and synchronization with the smartphone starts), so do not overuse.
    • Store the charger, case and earbuds neatly to avoid clogging.
    • Do not charge the box in high humidity or poor ventilation conditions.

    Follow these simple rules and your headphones will last you much longer.

    Now you know how to charge your Airpods wireless headphones. As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the process, but it can be very unusual, which is why some users have difficulties.

    Thank you for your interest in How to properly charge your Airpods wireless headphones. If you find it helpful, please do the following:

    • Share with your friends using the social media button
    • Write a comment at the bottom of the page. share tips, give your opinion
    • Take a look below, maybe they will be useful to you.
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    Charging methods

    If the device runs on batteries, then everything is clear: you just need to change them when they run out. Battery devices are a little more complicated. There are three ways to charge them:

    • Through the cable. A mini USB, USB Type-C, E-type or other connector is being used.
    • Through the case. How are the earbuds charged in the case? This technology is supported by the Apple brand in Airpods, as well as by analogs of these headphones: through the contact of the contacts of a special box, which also needs to be charged periodically.
    • Through special wireless chargers. They can charge various compact devices, for example, fitness bracelets, watches, etc. There are models through which you can even charge smartphones.

    How to Charge TWS Earbuds i7,9,10,11,12

    All modifications, including the i9s, i10, i11 and i12 models, are copies of Apple Airpods and are charged in the same way. The i7 has the ability to charge the earbuds one at a time using a dedicated cable. The rest of the modifications are charged from the case.

    Please note: Many Chinese counterparts Airpods do not start charging immediately after you put them in the case. To do this, you must first press the button after you place the gadget inside the box.

    How to Charge AirPods Pro & Check Battery %!

    How to charge wireless headphones?

    How to Charge Xiaomi AirDots Wireless Headphones

    Redmi AirDots, Xiaomi’s most popular wireless earbuds, is charged from a case. Everything is simple here:

    • Check if the box is charged.
    • Make sure that all protective pads on the device contacts are missing.
    • Check if the gadget is fully placed in the case.

    How much to charge Xiaomi headphones, you will learn from the instructions. But the smart gadget will inform about the discharge in advance with the help of a sound signal. Xiaomi AirDots will emit a characteristic sound or warn the owner about a low battery with a voice prompt.

    How to charge JBL wireless headphones

    JBL is a popular brand that produces budget and quality devices. One of the most popular models is the JBL Tune 120. How do I charge JBL headphones? Read the instructions carefully. They can be powered both from the cable and from the case. In the process, the indicator color changes (from white to red), and the charge level of the case itself is shown by 4 LEDs of different shades. When it is fully charged, they will glow (all 4), and then go out.

    Please note: a rather short cable is included with the gadget, so carefully consider the place for charging.

    How to charge headphones: instructions

    • We attach one end of the plug to the device.
    • We insert the second into the charger (in this case, the corresponding LED should light up).
    • We study in the instructions how much to charge the headphones, and leave them alone for a specified period of time.
    • After its expiration, we look at the indication signal in order to understand whether the headphones are charged or not.

    Can wireless earbuds be charged from the wall outlet, from the phone and without charging? (all ways)

    How can I charge wireless headphones? First, I recommend using the supplied cable. If it is lost or short (which is often the case), you can take a good replacement with the same connectors. The most logical thing is from your smartphone. They are usually equipped with good wires. The main thing is not to use cheap Chinese wires. They can indirectly harm the battery in the future.

    And the easiest way to connect the complete cable is to the USB connector of a computer, laptop or power bank. But you can also take a network adapter. Best of all. also from the phone.

    ⏱ How long do wireless headphones charge. indicators

    The charging time for each model of wireless headphones is different, depending on the size of the battery (usually from 2 to 6 hours). The manufacturer writes on the box, in the specifications or in the instructions for the model for the specific time, how much you need to charge the headphones. There are other “pointers”.

    How to charge wireless headphones. this instruction is in video format:

    How to charge wireless headphones.:

    How to properly charge wireless headphones?

    How do I charge my headphones correctly? Everything is very simple, but sometimes there can be nuances. Here’s a complete guide on how to charge your wireless earbuds:

    • Take the charging cable from the kit. Usually this is USB to microUSB, Type-C or Lightning.
    • We connect one end to the headphones.
    • The other end of the cable (USB plug) is connected to the connector of a computer, laptop, power bank or adapter (aka charger for headphones ) for charging from the mains. Can be used with cases and adapter in the car. The magnitudes of the current and voltage (see the instructions or on the charging cable) must match.
    • The LED lights up or changes color.
    • We are waiting for as long as indicated in the instructions. Usually 2 to 6 hours.
    • The headphones are fully charged when the indicator changes color, stops blinking, or goes out. However, there are exceptions.

    After the end of charging, you can check if everything turned out right. How do I view the charging of the headphones? The charge level is usually displayed (when connected to the phone) in the “shutter” or in the proprietary application.

    Do I need to charge wireless headphones? Yes, wireless headphones need to be charged like any device with a built-in battery.

    How to charge wireless headphones?

    In this tutorial, we will figure out how to charge wireless headphones and not ruin them at the same time. Of course, the process itself is intuitive and does not cause problems. But there are nuances. What kind of headphone charging do I need? And how to properly charge the headphones? And how. wrong.

    Below we will analyze all the subtleties. This general guide will give you a clear idea of ​​how wireless headphones charge, and will work for all models. Well, if charging your Bluetooth headphones will cause difficulties even after reading this article. welcome in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

    How to understand / know that the headphones are charged?

    There is no definite recipe for how to understand that wireless headphones are charged or discharged. The indication for different companies (or different models of the same company) is often different. Most often, the situation is as follows:

    • In working condition (headphones are connected to the phone via Bluetooth), the indicator is lit or blinking blue. It could be white. Sometimes it is red, which is generally embarrassing. But more often it is blue.
    • The state when the headphones are discharged (or almost discharged) can be understood by how the indicator has changed, most often it blinked. Sometimes the color changes. In almost 100% of cases, an additional signal (voice or just sound) about a low battery level is sounded.
    • When the wireless headphones are charging, the indication changes again: the LEDs are shining or blinking red or green. The most common options. But there are also exceptions. Usually, the display features are highlighted in the documentation for a specific model.
    • Often the fact that the headphones are charged can be understood simply. they are charging, and the indicator has gone out. Or blinked, and then began to shine evenly. Or was red and turned green.

    However, there are models in which there is no indication of the end of charging. That is, we put it on charge, the indicator turned green. And it hasn’t changed anymore. How do you know if the headphones are charged in this case? Wait for the time stated in the instructions or connect to the phone and see the charge level there: in the application or simply in the list of connected devices.

    How long are the headphones charged

    • You can find the exact or approximate charging time in the instructions for your model, in the reviews on this site (type in the model name in the search at the top) or on the Internet.
    • When most Bluetooth headphones are connected to the phone, it displays the charge level. So you can understand not only how much charging is on the headphones, but also how long the wireless headphones take to charge.
    • This article discusses applications for displaying the battery level on a smartphone. Convenient function, useful when using headphones.

    In some models of headphones (starting from 2017), the possibility of fast charging has appeared. When you put the headphones on charge for 5-15 minutes, you get 1-3 hours of work. The easiest and most effective way to do this is in models with USB Type-C. However, fast charging is also possible for microUSB. This feature is always mentioned on the box or in the instructions. It simplifies life a lot.

    How long does the Airpods charge last?

    Battery life will vary depending on the environment and how you use the headphones. It is affected by volume settings, ambient temperature and other factors.

    The official Apple documentation indicates how much the Airpods Pro holds:

    • Up to 5 hours of listening to music.
    • Up to 3.5 hours talk time.

    A fully charged case lasts several charging cycles for the earbuds. more than 24 hours of audio listening and up to 18 hours of talking.

    Airpods 2 hold a little less charge:

    • Up to 5 hours of music listening.
    • Up to 3 hours talk time.

    Apple tests the battery life of the headphones on the iPhone XS Max at 50% volume.

    If Airpods won’t charge over the air

    If you put the Airpods case on the charger and nothing happens, there are a few things to check:

    • Whether the case is in the center of a rug or stand. This is the most common problem, as some chargers may not work if the case is placed incorrectly. You can find the right place by moving the case on the rug or delivery.
    • Does it need to be charged exactly. Sometimes it will feel like you need to charge the case, however, it holds a charge well even after two days of inactivity.
    • Is the wireless charger connected to the network? This known issue is that the cable is not plugged into the wall outlet or charger enclosure. Check the connection and place the case back on the mat (stand).
    • Is there a protective cover on the case. Remove it, place the case on the charging mat. Some cases may interfere with charging the case.
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    If you are having problems with wireless charging, make sure the case is centered on the charger. Also check the cable connection of the rug (stand), remove the cover from the case if available.

    In case of over-the-air power problems, you can always use the Lightning cable.

    Headphone charging time

    To charge Airpods in the case, you need to put them inside and close the lid.

    How long Airpods charge depends on the model and the state of their batteries:

    • Pro version. 5 minutes of charging in the case adds about an hour of use.
    • 2nd generation. 15 minutes of charging in a case adds about 2.5 hours of work.

    It turns out that until the state of the headphones is 100%, you need to wait 20-30 minutes. In this case, the case is charged by air to 100% for at least an hour.

    If charging the headphones to 100% takes more than half an hour (sometimes up to 2 hours), this is a sign of dying batteries.

    Remember that wired charging is always faster than wireless, especially when using an iPhone or iPad charger.

    It is impossible to charge Airpods Pro faster using the 18-watt charger from the iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. At the same time, its use will not damage the headphones, since it uses technology that prevents “overcharging”.

    Can Airpods 1 and 2 be charged wirelessly

    Yes, you can wirelessly charge the 1st or 2nd generation headphones.

    The first generation has been produced since 2016, complete with a case with a Lightning cable. Apple updated them to Gen 2 in 2019, giving the buyer a choice of two cases: Wireless Charging and Standard Lightning.

    At the same time, wireless charging cases went on sale, which are perfect for the first generation. You don’t have to spend money on buying new headphones. They don’t sound much better.

    If you are thinking about upgrading to the Pro version, I recommend reading the comparison between Airpods Pro and the second generation. The article will help you decide which is better to choose.

    How to charge Airpods Pro 2nd & 1st generation with cord and wireless charging

    Today we’ll show you how to charge your Airpods Pro 2nd and 1st generation using wireless charging or the Lighting cable. We will also answer frequently asked questions about batteries for Apple headphones.

    How to charge Airpods with wireless charging

    The Airpods Pro and Gen 2 Wireless Charging Case can be charged on any Qi mats or cradles. There are rumors of incompatibility with some Mophie brand memory devices, but we have not been able to reliably verify this yet.

    The cases have a status LED:

    How to charge your Airpods case wirelessly:

    • Place the case on the charger with the indicator facing up (or facing you if using a stand). Its lid must be closed. Please note that you can charge the case without or with the headphones.
    • The status indicator will turn on for 8 seconds and show the current charge level: green. the battery is 100% charged, yellow. less than one cycle left (a fully charged case is enough for several charging cycles of the headphones).
    • After that, the indicator will turn off, and the case will continue to charge.

    To see if the case is charging (yellow indicator) or is already fully charged (green indicator), press it while it is on the wireless mat (stand). After tapping twice on the case, the LED indicator will light continuously for 8 seconds.

    Charge via Lightning cable

    To charge Airpods with a cord, connect the included Lightning cable to the case. You can use Lightning-USB-C or Lightning-USB. Connect the other end of the cable to a charger or computer port.

    The charge level of the case is displayed on the indicator with the lid open and the headphones removed from it: green. the battery is fully charged, yellow. less than one cycle left.

    If the case won’t charge with the Lightning cable, see our article Why the Airpods case won’t charge.

    What cases are charged without a wire

    Apple Introduces Wireless Charging with 2nd Gen Airpods Launched in March 2019.

    They are sold with one of two case types to choose from:

    Along with the second generation of headphones, cases for charging “over the air” are on sale. They are suitable for 1st and 2nd generation.

    Released in October 2019, the Pro version supports wireless chargers and the Lighting cable.

    Here are the cases that can be charged “over the air”:

    • Airpods Qi-compatible case, pictured above.
    • All Airpods Pro Cases.

    Features of properly charging wireless earbuds

    Most of the models of wireless headphones on the market in one way or another copy the prototype “Airpods”, released by “Apple” in 2016.

    Such devices consist of earbuds and a charging case, which comes with a cord that allows you to connect the case to a charger (laptop, tablet, Power Bank, etc.).

    The system can be charged in four correct ways:

    • Charging the headphone case. Typically, a micro USB cable is connected to the case, and the other end of the cable is connected to a standard USB port. The process usually takes 2-4 hours. A full charge is usually indicated by a change in the indicator color (from red to blue or white) or by the indicator fading.
    • Recharge the headphones in the case. Usually the time is 1-2 hours. The end is signaled by changing the color of the indicators or turning them off.

    The correct specification for your particular model (charging time, connection features) can be found in the instructions for your headphones.

    Tips: Explanation:
    To recharge the headphones, use the cable that came with the device. It is not recommended to use third-party cords.
    Stick to the charger specifications. Using more powerful chargers to charge your earbuds and case can significantly shorten the life of your earbuds.
    The average number of charges for the case and headphones is about 400 cycles. After that, you can purchase a new case.

    Let’s take a look at the correct charging of wireless headphones using the example of i7 TWS (i9 TWS), JBL or Apple Airpods devices.

    How to properly charge wireless headphones

    Bluetooth headset is the undoubted hit of our time. We no longer have to suffer with wires clinging to everything, just insert the earbuds into our ears and enjoy the high-quality sound of our favorite tracks. Such devices need to be recharged regularly, since their average operating time is 3-4 hours. In our article, we will analyze how to properly charge modern wireless headphones. And also what are the features of performing charging operations for different models.

    How to recharge your i7 TWS and i9 TWS headset

    China’s i7 and i9 wireless earbuds charge like their prototype “Airpods”. using the charging case.

    First, recharge the case itself with a cord (connect one end of the cord to the case, the other to the USB connector).

    During this, the red indicator will flash. When the indicator stops flashing, make-up will be carried out.

    Then place the headphones in the case and close it. Wait for the blinking blue light to indicate that the process is complete.

    In the case of the i9 TWS, you can use the special charging cable that comes with the device. Connect it to the headphones and the other side to the USB port of the charger.

    The i9 TWS charging box is also rechargeable via a USB cable. The end will be signaled by a change in the color of the indicator.

    JBL Wireless Earbuds Battery

    Despite the variety of JBL models on the market, the vast majority of them are charged via a USB charging cable that connects to the box or the headphones themselves. The second end connects to the USB connector of the charger (PC, tablet, Powerbank, etc.).

    For example, in the case of the JBL FREE X headset, they must be inserted into the charging box. A white light will illuminate to indicate that the earbuds are charging. Time is 2 hours. after completion the LED goes out.

    How to properly charge Apple Airpods

    Apple Airpods features support accelerated charging. Therefore, even if you put these headphones in the box for 15 minutes, you will get a whole hour of their battery life thanks to the work of the Pro H1 chip.

    To recharge these headphones, place them in the case, and the case itself using the Lightning cable connect to the charger or to the PC for charging.

    The second generation Airpods support wireless charging using the Qi standard. To power these headphones, remove any decorative case found on your Airpods case. Then place the case face up on the Qi-compatible stand.

    One hour is enough for a full Airpods battery.

    Your Setevichok


    But there are also disadvantages. Charging the headset and using it at the same time will not work. “Ears” are not meant for this kind of work. However, they charge easily within one and a half to two hours with the power adapter and cable. Charging via power bank will take several hours.

    Whether the headset is charged or not, it will be seen on the display. Full charge is indicated by five white indicators. If charging ends, the red light turns on when it blinks, the battery is almost empty. Full discharge. the indicator will not turn on.

    How to charge your headset via USB cable

    Plug one end of the cord into the right earphone jack. The other connects to the device: laptop, power supply, etc. Do not touch the headphones until the time specified in the instructions has passed. They will charge. When the charging time is over, look at the indicator. It should flash differently. If so, then the device is charged.

    If recharging is done through the box, it is enough to put headphones in it. Please note that the case is charged via a USB cable.

    However, there are features of charging different headphones that are good to take into account. Let’s talk about each of the common models separately.

    How to properly charge headphones?

    Before considering charging different models, let’s start with simple rules and universal charging:

    • Charge Bluetooth headphones before the battery runs out.
    • Do not disconnect the device from the charger until it is 100% powered.
    • Do not use headphones while they are charging.
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