How to check an Apple Watch for originality

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Apple Watch won’t turn on

If your Apple Watch won’t turn on and won’t respond to button presses, try solving the problem yourself. With the instructions and the tools you need, you can quickly fix simple faults. You can find out why the device does not turn on, check the integrity of the control board and the reliability of the contacts, even without special skills.

Most of the time, Apple Watch fails for the following reasons:

  • the power button is broken
  • moisture has entered the protective case
  • clock stuck after an update or as a result of a software crash
  • due to mechanical damage, the watch display was damaged

A common reason Apple Watch won’t turn on is when the battery is drained or damaged. In this case, it is necessary to recharge or replace the battery. Hold the button on the side of the device and the Digital Crown to restart the watch until the “apple”. the branded Apple badge starts to light.

Difficult troubleshooting options

If your Apple Watch stops turning on and can’t diagnose the problem right away, the damage could be serious. The malfunction may be associated with the failure of the button responsible for turning on the device, a malfunction of the microcircuit or other reasons.

To determine the cause of the malfunction, you will need special equipment and tools. With their help, you can perform the following repair operations:

  • remove and replace the button responsible for turning on the Apple device
  • update the software if the clock freezes or turns off spontaneously
  • Rebuild Apple Watch Power Chip
  • replace the charger connector

Apple Watch users often experience such problems. after discharging, the watch freezes or turns off. To force a restart, press the side button and the Digital Crown at the same time. If after rebooting the watch turns on, but you do not see that the “apple” is on, or a notification with a red exclamation mark appears, this means that the device cannot be used due to a breakdown of the microcircuit or other parts.

How to quickly reboot an electronic device

You can also check that the charging is working properly. If the Watch icon is on, Apple should be charging automatically. Press the button on the side of the watch and the Digital Crown to restart your Apple device and make sure your installed apps are working properly.

A common reason Apple Watch won’t turn on is when Power Save Mode is running. In this case, pressing the screen will not start the clock.

What you need to know before proceeding with device recovery

To turn on your Apple Watch, press the power button, located on the right side of your device. In doing so, you will notice that the “apple” is on fire. The download duration is determined by the Apple device model and is usually about a minute.

The iWatch device belongs to the category of mini-computers, the installed applications on which must be periodically updated. Apple Watch users report that after a software update, devices start to run faster. If you want to put Apple Watch into battery saving mode, hold the button on the right side of the device until the Eco Mode slider appears.

Easy ways to fix devices

If you want to check if the charger is working properly, try restarting your watch. To do this, hold down the Side Button and Digital Crown for 10 seconds. In the event that the charge icon is not visible, leave the Apple device plugged into a rechargeable appliance for several hours.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Real Apple Watch Series 4 vs FAKE iWatch Series 4

Simple ways to repair smartwatches that turn off spontaneously:

  • drying devices
  • charge replacement
  • configuring the parameters of Apple technology

Why does the device not start

If your Apple Watch suddenly stops turning on, the problem might be due to a setting issue. Pay close attention to the notifications that appear on the screen of Apple technology. In them, the developers describe the problems and give options for their elimination. If your Apple Watch is out of power, connect it to the charger and wait for the company logo to appear.

If your Apple Watch stops turning on or responding to the charging connection, you can fix the situation in the following ways:

  • check the depth of insertion of the cable into the socket and the adapter into the socket
  • remove the protective film from the charger
  • clean the device from dirt and dust
  • restart the device (press the side button)

No messages on the display

Apple Watch is unable to function after being discharged. The display of the watch on which notifications appear is consuming a significant amount of power. Often the reason why notifications do not appear on the device is when the clock is turned on or when Do Not Disturb is activated. You can solve the problem in the following ways:

  • remove the passcode that prevents Apple Watch from turning on and the watch display is locked
  • make sure that the settings for Apple technology are correct

An effective method for solving device problems

If your Apple Watch won’t turn on and you need professional help, contact YouDo. Experts will quickly and inexpensively find out the reason why the device does not turn on, the clock is frozen or the power button has ceased to function.

Collaboration with Yudu performers provides the following benefits:

  • provision of services with departure at any specified address
  • replacement of parts with original components
  • 24/7 Apple Watch repair
  • experience in servicing all models of iWatch devices

Leave a request on this page, describing your problem (for example, “Watch logo is on, Apple is not charging”). Experienced performers can help you inexpensively any day of the week if your Apple Watch won’t turn on at all.

What do the rings mean in the Activity app

The app calculates the number of steps, calories burned, and time spent on the move throughout the day and provides a ring-shaped report of the results.

check, apple, watch

To get more detailed information on each of the rings displaying motion data, swipe (swipe) up.

Indicators are displayed in three sections-rings. “Mobility”, “Exercises”, “With a warm-up”.

The “Mobility” ring contains data on the number of calories burned so far.

The “Exercise” ring shows how many minutes the activity was intense.

The warm-up ring will help you find out the number of hours when the user got up and moved for at least one minute. Users with disabilities can indicate that they are using a wheelchair, then the Warm Up icon will be presented as a Roll and will display the number of hours the user has been moving quickly in the wheelchair for at least a minute.

Everything about “Activity” on Apple Watch in detail: how it works, setting and explanation

The Apple Watch allows its wearers to track different types of activity. For this purpose, the device provides an excellent assistant. the “Activity” application. With its help, users will be able to track the time of physical activity, exercise, as well as observe changes in indicators.

In addition, the app allows you to receive motivating notifications, set three types of daily goals, assess your progress in the training process and share your achievements with your friends.

To view the activity, click the program icon of the same name on the Apple Watch home screen.

How to set up notifications and reminders for the Activity app

The types of reminders and notifications related to the user’s daily activity are set in the Watch iOS application along the My Watch path. section “Activity”.

How movement and exercise points are awarded in the Activity app

The Activity program provides exercise and movement scores. To achieve your daily exercise and movement goals, every full minute of movement is counted with an intensity comparable to brisk walking. For wheelchair users, the number of quick pushing of the wheels is counted.

Honor says that for the correct scoring when walking, you need to make sure that your hand with the Apple Watch is always in motion. At the same time, this condition is optional if you are using the Training program, since in this case accelerometer data, heart rate sensor and GPS (on Apple Watch or iPhone) are used.

The Workout program is on the home screen of your watch. Apple Watch series 2 or later does not require an iPhone during exercise (as a GPS source).

How to change goals in the Activity app

To change your daily movement goal, you need to forcefully tap on any watch screen in the Activity application.

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Where to view your workout (activity) history

A detailed history of all workouts can be found in the Workouts tab in the Activity app on iPhone.

It will also show workouts tracked by third-party apps such as Runtastic.

Adding other sources of activity tracking apps is done in the Health app on the iPhone.

What are Achievements in the Activity app?

The Activity app on your smartphone has the Achievements tab.

For the fulfillment of certain goals, as well as when setting personal records, the user is awarded various awards in the form of animated icons.

How to check the battery level

To check the charge level of your Apple smartwatch, swipe up on the watch face. The control point will open, where the charge level will be indicated as a percentage.

Tap the indicated value to turn on Eco Mode on Apple Watch. This is recommended if the battery charge level is low and it will not be possible to connect the device to the mains in the near future. The watch will go into a special power saving mode, which will allow you to use the available battery charge more economically. At the same time, many functions of the gadget, including interaction with the iPhone, will be blocked.

In addition, there are special applications that allow you to display the Apple battery level directly on the watch face.

How to charge Apple Watch

Apple smartwatches have a built-in lithium-ion battery that requires periodic charging. For these purposes, a special device is intended in the form of a round magnet, which is applied to the watch from the inside. To replenish the energy of the gadget, they use wireless technology, so you won’t be able to charge the Apple Watch with a charger from the iPad.

Apple iWatch has an interesting feature: the charging speed depends on the battery level. If it is completely discharged, then the process will go at a good speed. about 1% per min. But when the charge reaches 80%, the speed drops dramatically, and the remaining 20% ​​will take over 40 minutes. The manufacturing company recognizes the existence of this feature and even indicates it on the official server as a charging characteristic for the Apple Watch.

How to connect Apple Watch to a charger

When the charge level on Apple Watch drops to 10%, a special symbol in the form of a red lightning bolt appears on the screen, indicating that charging time has come. If the battery is still low, the device will automatically enter Eco mode.

Before connecting the charger to Apple Watch, be sure to remove the watch from your hand. Some users charge the battery directly on themselves, but this is against the safe use guidelines that Apple strongly recommends.

The following devices are used as wireless charging for Apple Watch:

  • special case with charger;
  • Apple Watch charging cable with a round mount;
  • dock station.

You can choose any of these devices that best suits your needs. The easiest option is a magnetic cable. It is convenient to take it on the road, to the office, and transport it from place to place. The case is also easy to transport. The Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch can be conveniently installed as a stationary device, such as on your bedside table, to put your watch there at night.

Any charger is attached to the back of the gadget. Its location is aligned with a magnet, after which a green lightning bolt appears on the dial, indicating that the battery is filling. Even if the battery has been completely discharged, the level will reach 100% in about 2 hours.

The adapter for any of these attachments plugs into an electrical outlet. Magnetic cable can also be plugged into a laptop USB port, especially when traveling.

You can also use external batteries (power banks) to charge your device on the go or in situations where an electrical outlet is not available. The Zens PowerBank device, which has a very small size (40×40 mm) and provides 1300 mAh of charge, is well suited for working with iWatch. It can be used to fully charge the battery 2-3 times. It is convenient to always keep such a battery close at hand, in a backpack or bag, in order to be able to charge your watch at any time.

It is recommended to use only proprietary charger for the gadget. Chinese manufacturers offer many analogs of batteries, but their use is associated with some risks. Cases are recorded when the battery of the “smart” watch is disrupted due to a third-party charger.

How to charge Apple Watch: 6 tips and tricks for charging smartwatches

An Apple smart watch is a compact computer that is always “at hand”, or rather, on your hand. The status chronometer is crammed with an abundance of functions, but in order for all this to work properly, you need to monitor the battery level of the watch and periodically replenish the loss of its energy.

There is a lithium-ion battery under the Apple Watch case, which is charged using a special magnet. A magnetized “pill” is applied to the back of the chronometer, thus feeding the battery. Everything seems simple, but there are certain nuances that are not known to every user. How to properly charge Apple Watch, monitor the battery level and extend the autonomy of the watch, is described later in the article.

How to properly charge your Apple Watch and keep it running: top 3 tips

There are times when there is no way to quickly recharge the “apple” watch, and completely turning off the gadget is clearly not an option. In this case, a selection of tips for extending the autonomy of Apple’s smart watch will come to the rescue. It is worth remembering them, and it is better to try them right away, so that, if necessary, the process goes on “automatic”.

How much charge is left in the battery: how to check

Apple Watch (for example, Series 3) has not been recharged for a long time and is it time to find out the remaining energy in the battery? This is done in an elementary way. You just need to lift the “curtain” up on the watch dial. The control panel will appear, where the battery charge is indicated. Figures are given as a percentage.
Also, rummaging through the menu of the device, you can find a dial, where, together with the time, the battery energy will be shown. Convenient: just glance at the display to control the charge.

How and when to charge your smart Apple watch?

The watch must be connected to the charger as soon as the battery charge reaches 10%. The screen will tell you how often to charge your Apple Watch by showing a red lightning bolt at a minimum power.
Having reached the charging block, the first step is to remove the watch from your hand. Operating and safety regulations do not allow charging the chronometer directly on the user. At these points, the manufacturer himself makes a special Accent.

Many people are interested in how you can charge your Apple Watch? There are 3 ways:

  • Using the docking station. the device is good as a stationary charger for the home.
  • Signature Apple Watch cable with magnet. included with watch.

The simplest and most convenient is a magnetic tablet. This accessory is compact, fits in a bag and will be there at any moment. The cable of the device is plugged into a power outlet (it is also possible to a USB-connector of a laptop, PC, power bank), and the other side “sticks” to the clock. As soon as the user applies the magnet to the back of the case, a green “lightning” appears on the screen, signaling the start of the charging process.

Important: the manufacturer recommends using only branded gadgets to charge the Apple Watch. Some owners try to replace them with Chinese counterparts, but in this case, the watch either does not charge at all, or there are software glitches.

Remove animation

The animated watch face takes the lion’s share of the battery from Apple’s device. This is especially noticeable if you do not use other functions. It is logical that by turning off the animation, you can significantly extend the battery life.

  • open the Apple Watch application on the iPhone and select the line with the name of the watch;
  • click on “Basic”. “Universal Access”;
  • stretch the movement slider to a minimum.

You can initially put the dial without animation, but this is a matter of taste. Many users find it difficult to resist the cute dancing Mickey Mouse on the screen, and therefore the animated dial is still popular.

How long does Apple Watch charge?

Those who already own Apple’s smart chronometer have long noticed that charging rates are dependent on battery health. So, if the battery is completely discharged, it charges very quickly, approximately 1% in 60 seconds. But as soon as the battery is charged to 80%, the rate of energy replenishment drops three times and the remaining volume is charged for 40 minutes. On average, a charge from 0% to 100% takes about 2 hours.

Using minimum brightness

It’s worth noting that the bright dials on watches like the Apple Watch Series 4, like animated ones, draw a lot of energy. Therefore, it is better to choose a monochrome dial by default, where, in addition to black, there will be no additional colors.

Adjusting the brightness of the text in your watch will help you save even more battery power. This is manually adjusted via the Watch app. Further:

  • tab “My watch”;
  • line “Brightness and size of the text”;
  • use the slider to select the required parameters.

By the way, in Apple watches, the screen brightness changes itself depending on the ambient light.

My bad first setup experience

Setting up the Apple Watch for the first time wasn’t quite as quick as I expected it to be. The process itself is very easy, but the speed of rebooting, charging and syncing takes some time. Therefore, having bought a new watch, do not think that you will set it up in 5 minutes in the nearest cafe over a cup of coffee and go with it for a walk around the city. Anyway, I didn’t succeed.

I bought an Apple Watch at the airport when it was more than two hours before boarding. And all this time I spent charging, setting up and updating watchOS.

The stumbling block was the charging itself. The clock was discharged into the trash and did not even want to turn on. I partially charged them from the “power bank”. Doing it on the go is a challenge. Magnetic charging does not hold up well and constantly falls off the watch.

After charging the watch to about 20 percent, I began the process of setting up a pair of Apple Watch with an iPhone, but at the end of the synchronization of applications, the watch was again discharged and the whole process had to start from the very beginning. Including charging itself.

Fake vs Real Apple Watch!

The second time everything worked out, but the update to the latest watchOS version took some more time. As a result, almost 2 hours later, I got a ready-to-use Apple Watch with almost empty batteries, so I spent the next 2 hours of flight again on fully charging them.

But in reality, things are not so bad. You can connect Apple Watch to iPhone much faster if you don’t make my mistakes. It took me 15 minutes to re-pair the Apple Watch with the iPhone. But by this time, you need to add charging, time to install applications and watchOS updates. Anyway, I recommend brewing coffee. Drove!

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How to automatically install apps on Apple Watch

If a new application appears on the iPhone, which has a version for the Apple Watch, then it can be automatically installed on the watch. For this:

  • Open the Watch app;
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab;
  • Select “Basic”;
  • Select “Install programs”;
  • Turn on “Automatic installation of programs”.

How to set up Apple Watch: charge, turn on, pair with an iPhone, and install apps

He told how to quickly and without hassle connect Apple Watch to iPhone, set up and start using.

How to change the brightness of the Apple Watch screen

In Apple Watch, there is no manual brightness control in the usual sense, it always changes automatically depending on ambient light. But you can choose from three automatic brightness algorithms. This can be done both on the watch itself and in the Watch app on the iPhone.

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to the “Text brightness and size” tab
  • Set the options you want

Personally, I set it to a minimum and do not experience any inconvenience, even at the equator. The display is a little faded in the sun, but the information is still visible.

How to sort apps on Apple Watch

A list of all applications on the Apple Watch can be seen by clicking once on the Digital Crown. There is always a circle of clock icons in the center, and icons of other applications appear around them.

In order not to search for the desired program for a long time, I place the most necessary ones around the clock icon, that is, in the very center. For this:

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab
  • Select “Appearance”
  • Arrange the icons in the desired order

Vlad Gorokhovsky

Have a brand new Apple Watch? Congratulations! Sit back and put everything aside. You will have to: pair with your iPhone, update watchOS, customize your Apple Watch and, of course, install some cool apps. I’ll tell you about all this now.

How to set up notifications on Apple Watch

When the required programs are installed, I move on to setting up notifications. By default, they are completely duplicated from your iPhone. But I prefer to keep only the really important ones. Not only is it less distracting, but also saves your watch battery.

  • Open the Watch app
  • Go to the “My Watch” tab
  • Select “Notifications”

Scroll to the bottom and turn off those notifications that you don’t want to see on Apple Watch. I’ve got a couple of dozen of them.

How to distinguish an original Apple Watch from a fake: a comparison by 10 parameters

Smart watches from Apple cost a lot, but users are not wasting money in vain, because in return they get multifunctional, high-quality and reliable accessories. The same cannot be said about fakes. That’s where it’s a waste of finance. How not to fall for the tricks of scammers?

Smartwatches have several proprietary features that will help customers 100% authenticate their Apple Watch. What to look for first of all: the box, the appearance of the chronometer, the presence / absence of connectors, the appearance of the OS, something else? We figure out how to distinguish the original Apple Watch from the Chinese or any other fake.

View installed OS

The final touch of verification is to turn on Apple Watch and check the operating system. Originals only work on watchOS (like this MTEY2FS / A).

Manufacturers of copies, instead of proprietary operating systems, most often use an adapted version of Android or unknown firmware in fakes. In addition to low-quality translation, there are many other bugs in fake OS: it is impossible to change the theme of the dial, there is no Siri assistant, there are no useful Apple branded applications, etc.

Finally, one more way to check the original Apple Watch. This time we use the serial number of the watch. What do we have to do:

  • Go to the chronometer settings.
  • Open the “General” section, then “About this device”.
  • Find Serial Number (Letters Numbers).
  • Go to the official website of the brand.
  • Go to the section with checking the eligibility for service and support.
  • Enter IMEI in the appropriate box.
  • Enter the verification code and press Enter.

If the system displays information about the model. everything is ok, the original is in front of the user. If an error appears. fake.

No inputs for SIM cards, memory cards

Apple smartwatches do not have holes for inserting a memory card. Also, there is no place for a SIM card in the accessories. These features are rigorously supported in all Apple Watch series: from the first to the fourth.

Copies, on the other hand, are designed so that they can be used without being tied to a smart. Therefore, counterfeit devices often have a SIM card slot and even a place to install a memory card.

For information: Apple Watch can also be used without a smartphone, but the full functionality will only be revealed when working in pairs: iPhone smart watch.

Check design and extra parts

The original watch has a touchscreen display, a rectangular case with rounded corners and edges, as well as a button and a branded Digital Crown wheel on the right side. In the latest, Apple Watch Series 4, slight clicks are felt when scrolling the wheel. In this device Silver Aluminum Case with White Sport Band, these clicks are.

On the left are the holes for the microphone and speaker. On the back of the chronometer there are “marks” for connecting a magnetic charge.

We emphasize once again: connectors and slots for SIM cards, memory cards in the original Apple Watch of any series are absent!

The design is laconic, neat. There are no sharp protrusions and unnecessary details here. How else is a fake different from a branded gadget? It can be large bezels on the sides of the screen, and an overly small display. In addition, counterfeits are larger, thicker and therefore heavier than the original.

Magnetic induction charging

The smart watch is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which needs to be recharged periodically. But the charging cord is not inserted into the accessory itself, but into a special charging magnet, which, in turn, contacts the device without wires.

It is a round “pill” that is applied to the back of the chronometer (there are marks where the charger should be magnetized). The magnet cable can be plugged into the USB port of a PC, power bank, laptop, or you can use a regular outlet.

Note: There is one more way to charge a wrist accessory: use a special docking station, which fits a smart watch and is powered by energy.

There are no connectors

Apple Watch is ultra-modern gadgets that do not use connectors for connecting to a smartphone, connecting accessories or recharging. Connect wirelessly to iPhone, Bluetooth headphones and charger.

Therefore, the surest way to distinguish a fake from an original Apple Watch is to check the case for any connectors. If they are not there, there is a chance that the buyer is in front of the original, and if suddenly there is a 100% replica.

Special hardened body

What the manufacturer says about the process of making smart watches, for example, Apple Watch Series 6 GPS:

  • the future shell is pressed at the beginning of production;
  • then it is thermally treated;
  • at the end. polished with a diamond suspension for a perfectly smooth surface.

According to the brand, it takes several days to create each chronometer case. In addition, Apple releases the current Smart-watch models in a durable case made of aluminum and steel. Moisture and dust protection of the shell is provided. For example, with Apple Watch Nike Series 6 GPS 40mm you can swim.

The counterfeiters, of course, don’t have the impressive manufacturing capabilities of Apple, so the copies are flimsy, rather heavy, with no hint of dust or splash resistance.

Pros and cons of Chinese smartwatches compared to the original Apple Watch

The very dubious advantages include:

  • Inexpensive cost of the gadget.
  • The ability to insert a SIM card and make a call directly from the smartwatch.
  • No need to take care of the safety of the gadget. it’s not a pity to break or lose it.

There are undoubtedly more disadvantages of such analogs:

  • Body. cheap plastic.
  • The replica is much heavier than the original.
  • Chinese watch straps are made of leatherette, unlike real iWatch.
  • Clasp made of plastic or silumin. quickly deteriorates.
  • No protection against moisture and dust penetration.
  • The screen simply does not show signs of life, completely ignoring the user’s touch.
  • The service life of an outright fake rarely exceeds 10-12 months.

Apple Watch is the leader in the smartwatch market, as every gadget is premium quality. Therefore, even an inexperienced user can distinguish a fake from a genuine iWatch. When choosing such an accessory, you should not compromise in favor of a low cost, because a Chinese replica will bring one disappointment.

How to check a watch: new or used

The fact is that some Russian businessmen buy original products not from Tim Cook’s company, but from third parties, from whom the stolen products are reflashed and sealed again in the original packaging. Therefore, it is important to check if the Apple Watch is a replica.

How to distinguish an original iWatch from a fake?

Even an external cursory examination will allow you to find a number of differences that will leave no doubt that you have a fake in front of you:

  • Huge bezels on the sides of the screen. The screen itself is too small and grainy, and most importantly, the connector for charging a micro-USB device on the side, which gives out a fake headlong. But the most unpleasant thing is that you have to swipe the screen several times for the Touchpad to work, which, frankly, is annoying.
  • Chinese iWatch replicas are larger and thicker. Putting such a gadget on your hand, you immediately want to take it off. Fakes are downright heavy, uncomfortable and unpleasant in everyday use.
  • Chinese iWatch are designed to work independently from smartphones, so they have a SIM card slot. If you have an original iPhone Apple Watch, then separate watch work is impossible.

How to find your Apple Watch series

By the model, which can be found in the phone settings “About the device”, on the official Apple website, you can find out the watch series (

How to find your Apple Watch serial number or IMEI?

The serial number is written in the “Settings” of the mobile device. To find it, go to the “General” item and select the “About this device” section. Perhaps you need to scroll down the menu bars to get the necessary information about the Honor.

The IMEI / MEID number can be written on the SIM card tray on the back of the phone. It depends on the device model. Sometimes a serial number is also located in these places. Also, information can be found in the instructions for the device or on the box.

Apple Serial Number Authentication

You can find out about the activation status of the device by IMEI or check the watch by the number indicated on the package on the official website Checking Apple Watch by serial number will show activation status information:

  • not activated;
  • activated;
  • locked.
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How to check your Apple Watch serial number

How to check Apple Watch for authenticity upon purchase?

The innovative iWatch watch will cost the buyer a round sum, so when buying such a gadget from hands or from unofficial representatives of the company, you can stumble upon:

  • stolen product;
  • Chinese copy.

Therefore, buyers often face the question of how to verify the authenticity of the Apple Watch.?

Original or Replica: Verifying Apple Watch upon Purchase

The easiest way to distinguish is the Chinese copy of the Apple Watch, which unscrupulous sellers may pass off as original products. Smart watch for iPhone Apple Watch original:

  • devoid of any connectors;
  • magnetic induction technology is used for charging;
  • a SIM or SD card slot is an insult to iWatch.

The products of the famous American brand look completely different: all the details, curves and pixels of the screen are where they should be. Chinese copies are made very roughly: with irregularities and defects in both color and shape.

Even if the copies of smart watches are outwardly indistinguishable from the original Apple Watch, which is almost impossible upon close inspection, the internal filling of the fakes will surely put an end to this dispute. Instead of proprietary iOS with a great design and high-quality language translation, copies are used:

  • adapted version of Android;
  • Chinese version of unknown firmware.

In addition to the above information, it will be useful to read an article on the topic, what are the differences between ROSTEST and EUROTEST for Apple Watch at the specified link.

Conclusions on how to check your Apple Watch upon purchase

Buying from authorized dealers, you don’t have to worry about the legal purity of the new Smart-watch. When buying hand-held, the likelihood of getting legal problems bundled with the new iWatch is much higher. Checking Apple Watch smartwatches when buying from hands is no different from checking new ones, except that after the fraud is revealed, the seller will try to hide.

? What does the iPhone serial number check give

What information does this page allow you to find out?

You are convinced that the iPhone is truly original. If Apple’s verification service recognizes the iPhone, then it is 100% original.

The exact iPhone model is determined. Very often in the secondary market, scammers try to sell iPhone 6 under the guise of iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 under the guise of iPhone 8, etc. They rely on inexperienced buyers. On the Apple website, it will definitely become clear which iPhone model you have in your hands.

The status of the guarantee is being clarified. Apple’s service accurately answers the question of whether the iPhone is under warranty. Often unscrupulous sellers lie about the guarantee. It is said that the official smartphone warranty is still valid, although in reality this is not the case. A quick check through the Apple website and you know it all.

The verified purchase date is checked. And last but not least, the service makes sure that the iPhone is officially purchased, not stolen. This is very important as a verified purchase date will allow you to contact Apple support for any questions.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

How to find IMEI on iPhone? Elementary. To do this, you just need to enter the command # in the “Phone” application. IMEI will instantly appear on the screen:

This is how the iPhone IMEI is displayed after entering the command #

If the iPhone is packed, you can see the IMEI on the package:

IMEI was found, now it remains to punch it and find out additional information. This can be done using the following services:

Just go to one of the listed sites and enter the IMEI of the smartphone in the check field. Verification is performed in just a few seconds.

How to find the serial number of your iPhone

? In order to get more information about the iPhone, we need the serial number of the device. You can get it in various ways, for example, look at the back cover of the device (or on the SIM card tray in older models), but the easiest way is to go to the settings.

Go to the menu “Settings” → “General”.

Select “About device”.

Find the line “Serial number”. It contains the serial number of the iPhone.

The serial number was obtained, it remains only to check it on the Apple website.

How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI on Apple official website

Check iPhone by name and serial number.

When buying an iPhone off hand, you need to be extremely careful. Fraudsters are trying to sell various kinds of fakes on the secondary market, without checking which there is a chance to remain at a broken trough. How to check iPhone by name and serial number on the official Apple website was described in this manual.

How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website

Go to the special page of the Apple website to check the iPhone by serial number (link).

Enter your iPhone serial number in the field and click “Continue”.

Wait for the results page to load and read the information received.

? What does the iPhone check by name give??

The status of the iPhone is determined: stolen or not. The main thing that the IMEI check shows is the status of the device. If the iPhone is lost or stolen by its real owner, then the check will warn about this. There is no need to buy an iPhone that is reported lost or stolen. Only if for spare parts.

The result of iPhone punching by IMEI. We see that the smartphone is no longer guaranteed, but not stolen or lost

The country of purchase is determined. The IMEI identifies the exact model number of the iPhone. It is necessary in order to check which country the smartphone is intended for sale in.

Model number lets you know where the iPhone is from

The status of Find iPhone is shown. Also, the IMEI check allows you to find out if the “Find iPhone” function is enabled on the iPhone right now. If it is enabled, then the seller must be asked to sign out of his iCloud account.

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What to do, Apple Watch is stuck on the Apple logo / Apple Logo

My Apple Watch is stuck on an apple. After updating watchOS4.3, the Apple watch will not turn on again, the Apple logo will appear and will not pass by the Apple logo. “

Have you ever faced a situation where your Apple Watch hangs on an apple after a watch OS 4.3 update, or just freezes and does not respond to buttons, or gets stuck in an endless loop and does not turn on? Just like the iPhone, if your Apple Watch isn’t working or something goes wrong. For an iPhone attached to the Apple logo, we usually reboot or restore it using iTunes. But what can we do to fix the bricked Apple Watch problem? Do not worry! Here are the answers.

Tip 2. How to reboot Apple Watch if it is frozen?

If your Apple Watch is stuck and becomes unresponsive, you can perform a forced restart. This is done as follows.

Press the Side Button and the Digital Crown at the same time for at least 10 seconds.

Release both buttons until the Apple logo appears

Press and hold the side button until the Power Off menu appears.

Swipe through the Power Off menu to turn off the clock.

Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

Turn off screen saver and VoiceOver mode

If you restart your Apple Watch and see the Apple logo, but then the screen turns off again and you hear a description of what’s on the screen, it may have accidentally entered Screen Curtain accessibility mode.

To exit Screen Curtain mode, do one of the following: open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and tap General Accessibility Voice Over and turn off Screen Curtain and turn off VoiceOver.

Tip 1. Check if your watch is charging well

When you are trying to solve a problem, the first thing to do is to make sure that your watch has sufficient power. It is best to leave it on charge for a few hours before trying the following methods.

Another way: If Apple Watch randomly turns off, unresponsive, or crashes

If your watch has other problems, such as the Apple Watch randomly turning off, unresponsive, or crashing. In addition to the above method. you can open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to “My Watch” “General” “Software Update” and check if you need to update.

Falls can be caused by a specific application. If you notice a connection between the unstable operation of the device and the frequent use of a particular application, uninstall this program. Open the Watch app on iPhone, select the problematic program and turn off its display on the watch.

Sometimes, a hard reset can help sort out these issues. In the watch, select “Settings” “General” “Reset” “Erase all content and settings.” After that, you will have to re-configure the clock.

Top 4 Ways to Fix Apple Watch Problems

Fixing Apple Watch Stuck on Apple Logo with Tenorshare ReiBoot

Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac / Windows, the best software to fix all kinds of iOS problems now supported to fix Apple Watch (watchOS 4/3/2) stuck on Apple logo and won’t turn on. ReiBoot has two repair modes.

First, you can use the first repair method, one click to put your Apple Watch into recovery mode. This Method To Restore Device Without iTunes.

Download the program and connect the device to the computer using a USB cable.

The tool will access the device, then the Enter Recovery Mode button is displayed. Press this button and start to enter recovery mode.

After a minute, the Apple Watch entered recovery mode successfully. Your device displays the USB iTunes logo. Then click the “Exit Recovery Mode” button to restart the device.

Usually, recovery mode can fix a few problems, such as stuck on Apple logo and stuck on update.

If the above method doesn’t solve your problem, just follow these steps:

Launch Tenorshare ReiBoot for Mac after installation. Connect the program to your Mac via Bluetooth. this program will all recognize your device automatically. Click “Get Started” and then go to the recovery page, click “Standard Repair” to continue.

Tenorshare ReiBoot Pro offers a firmware package for an iOS device. Your device will update to the latest version after restoring. Click the Download button and start downloading the software package online. If you have problems downloading, click “Copy” and download through the browser.

Once the firmware package has been successfully downloaded, click “Fix Now” to restore your Apple Watch. After repair, your watch will restart normally.

When the restore completes, your iOS device turns on. Data and settings are saved and the problem is fixed.