How to check how much ink is left in the printer

By printing

Often, the printer can print itself a test page, which will contain all the information about it, including information about the status of the toner. Typically, print diagnostics are done through a computer. In the “Control Panel” you need to find “Devices and Printers”. After selecting the connected device, go along the path: “Management” → “Settings” → “Service”. In the last tab, you should look for the desired command that will print a sheet with information about the state of the ink.

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The info page can be printed by the printer itself. But there are many ways, and they are slightly different from each other. Below, on the example of specific models, an aLGorithm of actions will be given that will help to perform test printing on many samples of devices from different manufacturers.

  • The HP LaserJet Pro M1132mfp model has a Reports option in the menu. By clicking on the sub-item “Demonstration”, you can get the desired result.
  • For those models that have the “Print Screen” key, like the Samsung ml-2160, this button is clamped. After 10 seconds, the indicator will blink green. And after another 5. it will light up with an even color. Releasing the button will print the report.
  • If you open and close the cartridge cover five times in standby mode, the printer prints a test page. This works on the HP LaserJet P1102 and virtually all Canon designs except the Canon lbp 2900.
  • For the Samsung SCX-3200, you can get a consumable status report by holding down the Stop button for more than 4 seconds. And the more advanced model SCX-4200 will display information through its menu. You need to find the item “Reports” and give the command to print in the sub-item “System data”.

So, trying different combinations, you can achieve the desired result in working with different models.

How to find out how much ink is left in the printer

There are several ways in which you can determine how much ink is still in the printer. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

By external examination

If there is no screen and it is impossible to check the paint level programmatically, you can use the old “old-fashioned” method: check visually. To do this, just open the front cover, and if the ink is in transparent containers, then you can easily assess their level.

Advice! If the cartridge is opaque, you can determine the amount of toner by weighing it. But in this case, you need to know the mass of the full and empty sample in order to calculate the difference and approximately determine how many sheets of paint will still be enough.

It is not always relevant to be guided by the page counter. The information will only be accurate if original chipped cartridges are used. And if you forcibly reset the counters of the printed sheets, the data may not be accurate, and the toner may run out earlier than the calculations show.

Paint manufacturers

Among the most popular paint manufacturers are: WWM, ColorWay, BARVA, InkTec. When using non-original ink, it is necessary to additionally load the printer profile for a specific ink manufacturer, because the shades and characteristics of the ink will differ from the original and the mixing proportions to achieve certain colors will differ.

The best option is to buy original ink, but their cost is significantly higher. The advantage of original ink is that the print quality and color will not differ from that of the original cartridges.

Page 27: work with cartridges, 6work with cartridges

Checking Estimated Ink Levels

You can easily check the ink cartridge levels. This will determine how soon the cartridge will need to be replaced. Ink Level Displays the approximate amount of ink remaining in the cartridges.

The current ink level is displayed directly on the printer control panel. For more information on estimating ink levels, see the instructions below.

How to Check Ink Levels Using the Printer Software

Click the HP Deskjet 2510 desktop icon to launch the Printer Software.

You can also access the Printer Software

click Start Programs HP HP Deskjet 2510 HP series HP Deskjet 2510 series

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Printer model

The first thing to know is your printer model. If you use ink that does not fit the printer model, then there is a great danger that the printer will fail. In addition to the printer model, it is worth deciding which of the two most common types of ink is better to choose.

How to see how much ink is left in the printer: how to check ink in printers from different manufacturers.


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How to determine the paint level

Nowadays, there are 4 methods to check the ink level:

  • Printing a special page (test);
  • Data determined on the display of the device;
  • Thanks to specially developed software;
  • Visual inspection.

Each of these methods is designed to analyze the ink level in the printer. It is important to carefully study the verification aLGorithm and choose the most optimal.

Good old inspection

Despite the “antiquity” of visual research, it remains a fairly popular method, especially when it comes to inkjet printers with HPNC, where the paints are poured into translucent cans. In this case, it is enough to look and determine “by eye” the level of the remaining ink.

In a conventional “inkjet” it is enough to carefully open the front cover, and the carriage with cartridges will be right in front of the user. We take out the cartridge. it turns out to be opaque. We weigh it together with the new one and see how the results differ.

How to check HP ink levels?

How easy it is to use your printer regularly to lose sight of the fact that it’s out of ink. For some reason, only when at the exit we see a white sheet of paper instead of a page of text, we already think that “Yes, it’s time!”. Constantly monitoring the ink level in the HP cartridges will help to avoid this situation. This is a matter of seconds. You can verify this right now.

Checking Ink Levels for Canon Printer Models.

This type of printer itself tells how much ink is left in it. To do this, click on “Start”, go to the “Control Panel”, select the “Devices and Printers” section, select the Canon printer, right-click the context menu to select the “Properties” item. In the printer properties you need to find the “Service” tab, where the coveted “Printer Status” button is located. The last window will contain all the information you are interested in: how much ink is in each cartridge, data on all cartridges. To exit the application, just click “Ok”.

Checking the Ink Levels for Epson Printer Models.

This model is good in that it loads a shortcut about itself on the PC monitor screen. Just click on the icon at the bottom of the desktop on the right side. The menu that opens will show you the “Service” and “Device Status” tab. Even faster than Canon.

Checking ink levels for HP printer models.

HP cartridge consumption can be specified in the same way as Epson. HP installs an application icon on the desktop that allows you to control work and monitor settings without touching the control panel. If you click on it, a dialog box appears, where in the settings you will find the “Functions” tab. Among all the functions, you will need to select the item with the name “Printer Services” and click on it. In the opened tab “Ink level information” you will find everything you were looking for.

Refill HP ink no later than 2 days after it ends. The sooner you close this question, the less risk you will have to clean the nozzles as well. When choosing your own HP refill ink, make sure it matches your product model. You can verify this by going to the pivot table of correspondence, which can easily be found both on the Internet.

HP ink cartridges are typically refilled no more than 15 times in a row. By the last time, the cartridge itself is considered obsolete and subject to replacement. But who knows, perhaps you are a very attentive user of technology and your printer will serve for many years without replacing parts! But if you have any questions, call the service center on tel. 7 (495) 925-8895 and consult with a specialist or bring the printer to a service center.

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How to check ink levels in different printers?

To understand how much paint is left, no special knowledge is required. The only issue that can affect how fast color or black and white ink is detected is the printer model you are using. If the CD was not at hand, which often happens when buying used office equipment, it is advisable to use other ways to resolve the issue.

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You can check the ink status by software if the machine is not equipped with an information display.

To do this, you will have to go to the “Control Panel” of your computer and find “Devices and Printers” through the “All Programs” tab. Here you need to select the used model and click on the interactive button “Service” or “Print settings”. In the window that opens, view the remaining level of the dye.

Another popular way is to print a so-called diagnostic page. There are several ways to get accurate information.

  • Launching a command from the interface menu of a computer running Windows. Perform consecutive clicks in the menu: “Control Panel” and then “Devices and Printers”. “Management”. “Settings”. “Service”.
  • Activating the key on the front panel of the printing device.

Also, the information sheet can be printed by pressing several keys at the same time on the device panel. For example, in laser printers, to find out the amount of remaining toner, you must press the “Print” or “Cancel” and WPS buttons and hold them continuously for 4-8 seconds. Find the phrase Toner Remaining in the printed form and read the information.

It makes sense to tell you how to see the amount of ink in a Canon inkjet printer. The most universal way is to go to the “Control Panel”, find the line “Devices and Printers”, right-click to open “Properties” and in the “Service” tab activate “Canon Printer Status”.

Information about the colorant is clearly displayed here.

To find out how much ink is left in an HP printing device, you need to install the application software on your PC. If there is no disc, use the program menu. Open successively “Settings”. “Functions”. “Printer services”. “Ink level”. The readings will be accurate if the original cartridge is installed in the machine.

Reasons for Printing Stopped

A laser or inkjet printer can suddenly stop the process of printing text documents, images for various reasons. And it doesn’t matter what model or manufacturer it is. Problems can be hardware or software. But if the printing device refuses to function or gives out blank sheets, obviously the problem lies in the consumables. Possibly out of ink, toner, or the percentage of polymer content in the cartridges is very close to zero.

In most modern printers, if consumables are running out, a special option is provided. a self-diagnostic program, thanks to which the user learns about an unpleasant fact.

The printing device displays an alert with an error code on the information panel.

In some situations, the message may not appear, for example, when the counting of the used ink level is frozen or when the function is activated, the continuous ink supply system.

In order to find out how much ink is left in the inkjet printer, a special program must be installed in the operating system of a personal computer. Service software for servicing the machine is usually supplied with a peripheral device, usually on removable media. For example, some Epson models are equipped with Status Monitor discs. Useful software to check ink status.

How to find out how much ink is left in the printer?

It is relatively easy to learn how to use a peripheral device, print documents, images, graphics. And to study the functions of the printer and be able to configure it, as well as interpret various indicators on the interface panel. not everyone is capable of this. For example, for most users it is a problem to find out how much ink is left in a printing machine installed at home and how to view the remaining dye.

Refueling recommendations

Toner must be refilled by qualified service personnel. It is undesirable to decide on such a technological operation without the necessary knowledge. You could ruin an expensive cartridge or damage the drum unit.

How to find out the ink level in the printer, see the video.

A message stating that toner is low or how you can check the printer cartridge

Most owners of laser printers or MFPs will only know that toner has run out when there is an urgent need to print some important documents. This situation is certainly very unpleasant and unexpected. For this reason, the next question arises: how to check the printer cartridge? Monitoring the level of toner or ink in the printer is a must in order to avoid all kinds of unpleasant situations in the future. In general, this procedure is very simple and may take only a few seconds.

In general, usually the level of dyes in a printer consumable is monitored automatically by the office equipment itself and programs for the chips that are installed on the cartridge. But there is a catch, which is that if the device cartridge has already been refilled several times and nothing has been done with its chip, then the information displayed by the chip should not be taken into account. The fact is that the chip will write that the cartridge is absolutely empty.

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Determining the amount of toner

How do I know if a cartridge is out of toner? Usually, the fact that this dye has run out is indicated by the faded color of the printed documents and the presence of light streaks that remain throughout the printed sheet of paper.

A similar effect, as a rule, is formed due to the uneven distribution of the dye residues in the container of the consumable. The question arises as to what to do in this case? When faced with such a nuisance, first remove the cartridge and shake it well. Thanks to this action, the powder remaining on the walls of the hopper will be distributed more or less evenly, as a result of which it can be enough to print several more pages. This visual way of assessing the toner level is the simplest and most effective. Thanks to it, you can refill in advance the almost exhausted consumables of the laser printer, so that at the right moment it does not let you down.

Many modern models of printers of this type signal that the toner has begun to run out using a special control panel, which displays a corresponding message. If there is no screen on the device, then an LED light starts to glow on it (as a rule, there is an inscription “toner” next to it, or the light itself is made in the form of a pile of toner). To decrypt such a signal, you will most likely have to use the instructions supplied with the printer. But the accuracy of the readings in this case will be guaranteed only if the office equipment consumable is original and its owner buys a new cartridge when the old toner is completely empty.

Determine the amount of ink

Finding out how much dye is left in the consumable of an inkjet printer is somewhat easier than in the case of a laser. The fact is that thanks to the liquid substance that the cartridge is filled with, manufacturers use more advanced sensors that monitor its level. Therefore, you can find out whether the cartridge has run out or not in a timely manner, because the software of such a printer is capable of producing more accurate information. But this is only true for original parts. For this reason, when using re-stamped or refilled cartridges, you should not trust their readings.

To check the ink level without opening the device case, you should launch the software from the printer manufacturer or go to the corresponding tab located in the window that displays information about the office equipment driver.

In the standard version, you need to go to the “Printer and Faxes” tab, then select “Printer”. “Properties”. “Service”. The ink level in the opened tab will be shown either in percentage or in graphic format. This allows you to know when the ink cartridge will run out.

If a re-filled consumable is installed in the printer, then the software from the manufacturer will not help in this case, since it will give far from the most accurate readings. The only way in this case is to visually assess the amount of ink in the cartridge container. To do this, open the printer or MFP and, pulling out the ink container, estimate how many of them are still there.

Thus, determining how much toner or ink is left in a printer cartridge is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. over, the print quality can indirectly indicate that the level of the dye in the container of the consumable is far from ideal. It should be remembered that color inkjet and laser printers will stop printing if at least one of their bins is empty. The fact is that the required color and shade is obtained exclusively by mixing several other colors.

If the toner or ink in the office equipment cartridge has run out, you will have to purchase a new original consumable, compatible or refill the old one. The second option is a kind of golden mean, but using the instructions on our website, you can easily find out how to refill a laser cartridge or how to refill an inkjet cartridge, depending on the type of device used.