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Battery life

Many users are interested in how to check the battery on an iPhone, if such an option is not provided in the settings. The easiest way is to use the applications available for download in the AppStore. The most popular application among iPhone users is Battery Life. The application is simple and easy to use, equipped with an intuitive interface. The main screen of the application shows the percentage of battery wear. If the app shows 95, it means the battery is 5 percent worn out according to the program. interesting information about the device is found in the application menu. Open the “Raw Data” item. There are two points inside:

The second point is not of interest, since it simply shows the battery charge. Pay attention to Capacity. this menu item shows the remaining and original capacity of the battery.

IPhone Standard Tools

IOS 12 introduces a new feature in testing that allows you to see the current state of the battery.

  • Open the settings. In the new window, select the “Battery” section.
  • Go to “Battery Status”.
  • In the menu that opens, you will see the “Maximum capacity” column, which indicates the state of the phone’s battery. In case you see a reading of 100%, the battery has the maximum capacity. Over time, this indicator will decline. For example, in our example, it is 81%. this means that over time the capacity has decreased by 19%, therefore, the device has to be charged a little more often. If this indicator drops to 60% and below, it is strongly recommended to replace the phone battery.
  • How to check battery wear on iPhone

    Modern lithium-ion batteries in iPhones have a limited number of charge cycles. In this regard, after a certain period of time (depending on how often you charged the phone) the battery begins to lose its capacity. To understand when your iPhone battery needs to be replaced, periodically check the level of wear.

    Checking iPhone battery wear

    To make your smartphone battery last longer, you need to follow simple guidelines that will significantly reduce wear and tear and extend the lifespan. And to find out how rationally to use the old battery in the iPhone, there are two ways: using standard iPhone tools or using a computer program.

    How to check battery wear on iPhone

    The main disadvantage of modern batteries for mobile devices is that the battery loses capacity over time. The first symptom is fast charging and discharging of the device, a change in the percentage of the remainder in different directions after a reboot. If the battery has lost its performance, then you do not need to throw out the phone, the battery can be replaced. The main thing is to find out the degree of wear of the battery. Craftsmen cope with the repair of the device in a matter of hours, replacing a damaged battery will not bring problems even at home. Therefore, it is important for owners of Apple devices to know how to check battery wear on an iPhone.

    How to check iPhone battery health?

    At the moment, a modern smartphone is primarily judged by two criteria: the camera and how long the battery lasts. The first moment improves from year to year, but with batteries it is problematic, especially on the iPhone.

    After all, literally after a couple of years of use, the operating time of the device is reduced very significantly and you already need to think that you need to do something about this. This is especially felt by people who live in countries with cold winters.

    Therefore, let’s figure out exactly when it is worth changing and how to check the condition of your iPhone battery. With some updates to the operating system, it is much easier than it used to be.

    How to check your smartphone battery

    This question has been asked at least once by everyone, even not the most experienced user of mobile devices. The functionality of the devices and their battery life depend entirely on the battery charge. Having bought a very advanced smartphone with high performance, but with a low battery capacity, you will not be able to fully use its resource, since it will constantly require recharging.

    Owners of devices with rather capacious batteries face the same problem over time, when a full charge is enough for only a couple of hours of not too active use. This is the first alarm after which it is necessary to check the health of the smartphone battery. This is easy to do even at home. Consider the simplest and most accessible methods for this procedure.

    How to check the battery status of your smartphone

    A visual inspection of the battery should be performed before using the advanced test methods. If the capacitive element is built-in, then you need to pay attention to the visible plane. It should be absolutely flat, without bulges and bulges. The appearance of these defects indicates a malfunction of the battery and the need to replace it. Also, the battery should not overheat, especially when passively using the smartphone.

    To test the functionality of a removable phone battery, you need to put it on the table and try to unwind it. If it fits snugly with its plane to the surface of the table and rotates with difficulty, then there are no problems with it. If the battery instantly spins like a top, then it needs to be replaced. In addition, there should be no visible damage on the capacitive element and the metal contacts should be clean.

    For mobile devices based on the Android operating system, there are several ways to check the health of the battery:

    • using a system utility;
    • using special applications;
    • with a multimeter.

    To activate the system program on your smartphone, you need to enter a special multi-digit code in the call menu: ###. Then, in the window that appears, you need to go to the “Battery Information” menu, where all the main characteristics of your battery will be indicated, including its current state.

    In order not to memorize this complex combination of symbols, you can install one of the many applications from the Play Market:

    • AccuBattery
    • Battery life
    • Power battery
    • Battery Calibration and many others.

    With their help, you will receive complete information about the nominal and current characteristics, as well as the level of charge and wear of the battery.

    advanced users can check the battery capacity of the phone with a multimeter. To do this, you need to look at the battery itself at the nominal voltage value (it is measured in Volts and is usually 3.7 V), and then charge the device to 100%. Then measure the actual value. If it corresponds to the passport data, then the battery is normal, and if it deviates more than 20%, then the battery does not work correctly.

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    It is also worth paying attention to the speed of the battery discharge. If after 10 minutes of talking at 100% the battery has lost at least 10%, then this means that it does not hold a charge. Such a small load should not significantly reduce the cell capacity.

    How to find out the battery wear on your smartphone or iPhone

    For mobile devices with the iOS operating system, you can also check the battery performance in several ways:

    • using apps from the App Store;
    • using a multimeter;
    • using the iBackupBot program.

    One of the most popular iPhone apps is Battery Pro. It allows you to find out the battery capacity, nominal characteristics and% of its wear in fact in a few seconds. By installing it on your device, you can effectively monitor battery performance in real time.

    For Windows, a special program has been developed that allows you to diagnose the battery of the iPhone connected to the PC. It should compare two main characteristics of the battery:

    • DesignCapacity (nominal capacity according to passport data);
    • FullChargeCapacity (actual value of capacity at the time of diagnostics).

    You can also check the iPhone battery almost with a multimeter. This method is absolutely identical as in the case of an Android smartphone. We have considered the most popular and affordable ways to find out the battery capacity of your phone at home and determine the level of its wear.

    How to check iPhone and iPad battery health as accurately as possible on PC

    There are several different ways to check the battery health of your iPhone and iPad. The most accurate of these, using the coconutBattery application, assumes that the user has a Mac, which, of course, many do not. Fortunately, you can check battery health most accurately on Windows computers, and it’s completely free. This manual told how.

    Because of this, iPhone and iPad users are strongly advised to check the battery status of their mobile devices using special computer utilities. On Mac, this program is coconutBattery, and on Windows computers, iTools or iMazing. In both cases, the check is absolutely free.

    How to check iPhone and iPad battery health as accurately as possible on PC

    Download the iMazing utility from the developer’s official website. Install and run the program.

    Note that after launching, iMazing asks for activation. it is not required to perform it, since the function of checking the battery status that we require is available completely free of charge. This request should be clicked “Later”.

    Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable. The device will be identified in iMazing. If this does not happen, then it means that your iPhone or iPad has not been detected in iTunes before. It is required to launch iTunes and allow the mobile device to trust your computer.

    On the device page, click on the battery icon.

    Done! The window that opens shows technical information about the battery of your iPhone or iPad. Pay attention to the line “Maximum effective charge”, which indicates the remaining battery capacity in numerical and percentage terms. Important! If the battery of your iPhone or iPad is old enough, for example, its level of residual capacity is 85 percent or less, then the indicator in the line “Maximum effective charge” in iMazing and iTools will jump, this is due to the chemistry of lithium-ion batteries. However, the drops will be about 1-2%, which will make it possible to get an understanding of the real state of the battery.

    When the battery is in perfect condition

    If the battery condition is good, the system will not activate the automatic performance derating and will display the following message: “The battery is currently maintaining normal peak performance.”.

    How to check iPhone battery health

    With the release of iOS 11.3, a feature has become available to iOS users that automatically turns on a reduced performance mode if the device’s battery is worn out. It also shows the status of the battery and warns when a replacement is needed. The UiPservice team explains how the trotting function works and how to disable it yourself.

    Immediately, we note that the function works only on iPhones starting from the 6th model and with iOS 11.3 and higher installed. To view the report on the battery status, you need to go to Settings → Battery → Status. there will be shown the “health” of the battery as a percentage.

    check, iphone, battery, health

    When the battery is defective

    If you ignore the messages about decreased performance, use low-quality chargers or allow the battery to be completely discharged, the system will display a message about the need to replace the battery: “The battery condition has deteriorated significantly. An Apple Authorized Service Provider may replace the battery to restore full capacity and performance. “.

    In this case, it is better to immediately contact the service center and do not hesitate to replace it. the battery does not work as it should.

    When the battery is worn out

    If the iPhone once turned off or rebooted during peak loads, this means that the battery is no longer performing the task at full capacity. In this case, immediately after turning on the iPhone, it automatically activates the reduced performance mode and displays the message “This iPhone turned off unexpectedly because the battery could not provide the required peak power. To help prevent such shutdowns in the future, performance management has been enabled. “.

    This feature can be turned off to keep performance at the same level, but the iPhone will continue to reboot during peak loads. By the way, the function will automatically activate after each such shutdown, reminding you that you need to replace the iPhone battery.

    When a poor quality battery is installed

    The system is also able to recognize low-quality batteries. If after replacing you see the message “Could not determine the battery status on this iPhone”, it means that the service center installed a poor quality part.

    UiPservice uses batteries with characteristics that are identical to the original iPhone batteries.

    How to get battery performance information on Apple devices.

    Let’s guess: Like most of us, you probably constantly charge your devices, even if it could damage your battery. Many people leave their phones to charge overnight, mistakenly believing that the charge will last much longer.

    One of the best forms of preventative maintenance that you can easily perform for any Apple device is to periodically check the health of the battery. We don’t mean the percentage in the right corner of the screen. We’re talking about a hidden parameter that can give an idea of ​​how the battery of your Apple device is doing.

    Despite the fact that there is practically nothing you can do, if your battery is really terrible (unless you replace it with a new one), you will at least realize that your device is approaching the state of “ancient”, and it is time for you to get rid of your habits. which “suck” life from your smartphone or tablet.

    If you are lucky, you will find a “dying” battery while your device is still under official warranty. In this case, replacing the battery will not cost you a dime.

    Today we at will tell you how to check battery health on all Apple devices.

    What about iPad?

    The bad news: You can see your charging and usage charts just like on the iPhone, but on the iPad you won’t find a separate Battery Health section that gives you a specific idea of ​​battery life. To do this, you need to turn to a third party application. For example, go to iMazing or coconutBattery for more accurate battery information.

    On iPhone

    To see how well your iPhone’s battery is performing, open the Settings app and tap Battery. Wait a bit and you’ll get a series of graphs that show your battery level (and activity) over the past 24 hours or 10 days.

    This is all very cool, but that’s not what we need. Click on “Battery status”. in this section you will see the current value of the battery capacity as a percentage of the state of the new one. At low values, you may need to charge your device much more often.

    Don’t worry if you get below 100%. Remember, this is just data. If your iPhone can still handle your day without a problem and you are not experiencing significant performance degradation due to its low battery, there is no reason to worry.

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    You may want to upgrade to a new phone (or replace the battery) at some point, but this is not necessary unless you experience noticeable problems with daily use of your phone or tablet.


    When you upgrade your computer to macOS Big Sur, you will see that the Energy Saver section is no longer in System Preferences. The “Battery” section has appeared in its place. It’s not hard to guess where it leads.

    Click on the icon, and a picture will open in front of you, which you could already see on the iPhone. You will get information about how many times you have used the battery in the last 24 hours or 10 days, and you can also access all previous power saving settings, including scheduled start and shutdown of your Mac.

    Unfortunately, just like with the iPad, you won’t be able to see the overall health of your computer’s battery. You can get an idea of ​​how many charging cycles your battery has gone through by clicking System Information and then going to the Power tab under Hardware.

    There you will see the number of cycles of the battery, information about its condition and maximum capacity, and you can also compare the number of cycles with Apple’s limits.

    On Apple Watch

    After you upgrade to watchOS 7, you can check your device’s battery status right on your wrist. Open the Settings app and tap Battery. This will open a graph showing the charge on your Apple Watch for the past day.

    Scroll down and tap on Battery Status, where you can see the total battery capacity of your Apple Watch. Agree, it’s very simple! As with other Apple products, don’t worry if this number doesn’t match what you expect.

    While you can get through the day without needing to recharge your Apple Watch, don’t run to a service center to replace the battery.

    Battery life

    This program for the iPhone for the battery can be downloaded directly to the gadget from the AppStore. The big advantage is that you don’t have to pay money to use it, since the utility is free. Surprisingly, the app runs in the background and notifies the owner of the phone itself when the battery is critical. And all because the utility makes diagnostics without a reminder. If your phone has programs that drain your iPhone battery, the Battery Life app will notify you. By the way, it also works for iPad.

    After installation, you will immediately see the percentage of battery wear. The already familiar and above-described rule applies here: if the mark is below eighty percent, then the battery needs to be replaced. If the figure is higher, then, most likely, the gadget freezes and crashes for another reason.

    It is interesting that in the program you can read the history of the gadget’s operation and see the date when the battery was most worn out. This information will help you learn useful lessons for the future and understand which applications should be abandoned in order to extend the life of your smartphone.


    This iPhone battery app is fine if you have a Mac. You must first download and install the application on your Mac device, and then connect your iPhone directly to it. The interface of the utility is quite simple, so even an inexperienced user can figure out the functions of the program.

    There are three tabs in total. The first one shows the characteristics and current state of the Mac itself. The second shows the history (when the charging was done, which programs were running, etc.). The third one performs iPhone diagnostics. Click on this tab after connecting iPhone to Mac.

    At the top of the iPhone battery app, you will see the technical specifications of the gadget, and below the battery status. If the reading is below eighty percent, then a battery replacement is required. One hundred percent mark will be in the event that the phone is completely new and has not been in use for a long time. Normal indicator. in the range from 81 to 95.

    This utility is the most accurate to date. That is why it is recommended by experienced specialists for the purpose of battery diagnostics.

    How to check battery health: apps for iPhone

    Due to long-term operation and misuse, the gadget may malfunction. For example, to discharge quickly, leaving the owner without communication at the most inopportune moment. To understand the source of the problem, special programs for testing the iPhone battery will help. It is with their help that it will be possible to find out the real wear of the battery.


    This program for the battery on the iPhone requires a regular computer on any operating system: Windows, Linux and others. You need to install it on your PC, and then connect your iPhone. To diagnose the gadget and find out the state of the battery, you should click on the ” information” button. The dialog box will show the battery health indicators, its initial and current characteristics. Based on this information, it will be possible to conclude whether the battery needs to be replaced or not.

    Does Your iPhone Need a New Battery ? Find out

    Expert advice

    In addition to special programs on the iPhone for the battery, it is possible to check the consumed charge directly in the existing options of the gadget. To do this, you need to go to the settings and select the item called “Battery” there. The screen will show the programs in use and the percentage of consumed charge. Thanks to this feature, you can conclude which applications should be abandoned in order to extend the battery life.

    Experts recommend activating the power saving mode so that the gadget does not discharge quickly and the battery does not quickly become unusable.

    How to check battery health with these easy steps

    As time goes on, you may notice that your Apple device’s battery last less and less. In general, this is normal and we should not worry or be afraid as the battery will wear out with use.

    If we notice that the battery life is very short and we with our iPhone or iPad for a while it would be convenient to contact the official technical service to check its condition, as it may be defective from the factory and needs to be replaced. If this is a guarantee, a visit is mandatory, as it will cost us nothing and will ultimately benefit us. If this is your case, we recommend that you pre-read the published article in which we talk about the battery warranty.

    In the aforementioned post, we talked about the fact that in replacing the battery, even if it is under warranty, it is possible that it will be refused to us if it does not meet Apple’s conditions, that is, its charge cycles should be from 80% to 100% and of course you have not been before any other unauthorized maintenance.

    What is a charge cycle?

    Un charge cycle This is when we fully charge the battery, either in one charge, or in several, that is, we start the morning with a 100% charge of the iPhone, and when the day comes, we have 100% left, and we put it on charge. completely. We have completed half of the charge cycle. If we put it on charge again at night when 50% remains in it, and remove it when it is fully charged, we will carry out a full charge cycle. 50% during the day plus 50% at night. total 50%.

    Installing the app

    • The first thing we need to do is enter the App Store from our iPhone or iPad.
    • Once there, we will look for an app called: Battery Life. Be very careful when searching, as there are several with similar names and this could make us wrong. It’s completely free. Below you can see how it happens.
    • When we downloaded it and logged in, view with a percentage. This percentage refers to the state of the battery in relation to its initial state, that is, in our case, it shows 93% in relation to the state in which it was when we bought the product.
    • If we want to know what this percentage corresponds to, in the menu on the left we can enter the option “Raw data”.
    • There he will show us the bar with the previous percentage, where we will see that 93% is equivalent to 1600 mAh from 1715 mAh this was what I had originally.
    • The bar directly below it refers to the current charge level of our device.
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    As we can see, this is a very simple and simple application, but it gives us the data we need to know the state of our battery in real time. As we said earlier, we can go ahead and find out how many charge cycles we have completed.

    Installing iBackupbot on our Mac

    • The first thing we have to do is download the app from the following link, completely free and secure. Download iBackupbot for Mac. Download iBackupbot for Windows.
    • This application is mainly used to create backups of our devices, but for now we don’t care. With it, we can also check the status of our battery.
    • The next step is to connect our iPhone or iPad to the computer via the Lightning cable. Once we plug it in, the app will detect the device and it will look like this (1):
    • Next, we must go to our device (iPhone in our case), and information about it will appear, as we see in the image. We have to click on ” information” (2).
    • When we enter there, the following window will appear, in which, among other information, we can see the state of our battery.

    How can I check the status of my battery?

    It’s possible that after reading all of the above, you’ll want to know what state your battery is in and how many charge cycles it has. This is a very simple process and can be done in two ways. The first and easiest is to install the free app In our iOS device, providing us with very basic information, but on the other hand, we have another more complete option that will require installing the app on our Mac or Windows.

    How To Check Battery Health On iPhone 12 mini/iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14.3)

    Third party resources

    You can download an additional program to determine the current state of the battery, if, for example, you have an iOS version lower than 12. Consider working in the iBackupBot application, which is an addition to the main iTunes utility. For iBackupBot to work, you must have iTunes on your PC. you can install it from this official Apple page.

    Where to download iBackupbot and how to use it:

    • Go to the official website of the iBackupBot program. scroll the page to the table. click on the link to download the version for “Windows” or Mac OS.
    • Install the application using the downloaded file.

    We connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable and open the utility interface. Your “iPhone” will appear in the menu at the bottom left. open the section with it. Click on the blue Information link on the right side of the screen.

    In the new window, we are interested in the Battery section. The Cycle Count item shows how many charge cycles you have already done. The Design Capacity parameter will be the factory capacity of the battery, and the Full Charge Capacity will be the current capacity. We are interested in the difference between the last two parameters. To calculate the percentage of wear, you need to subtract the current from the factory volume. Multiply the difference by 100% and divide by the factory capacity.

    Another useful tool for checking wear is Battery Life. It can already be downloaded to the iPhone itself directly from the App Store. On the main green screen, the utility will immediately show you what state your battery is in: Perfect (excellent), Good (good) or Very Bad (very bad).

    Why is it important to check battery health

    The check is needed specifically in order to understand whether a battery replacement is needed in your case or not. If his condition is good, replacement is not necessary. Quick discharge in this case is facilitated by the work of a large number of applications. just use only the most necessary programs, and close the rest in time. Also turn off “Wi-Fi” if you do not need it at the moment.

    It is better, of course, to check the degree of deterioration of the battery regularly. this way you will begin to take care of it more carefully, follow the charging rules in order to delay the need to replace it.

    How to check battery health on iPhone and iPad

    You can find out for sure how much is left in your battery from the factory capacity using standard iOS tools or using a third-party utility that is downloaded to a computer with Windows or Mac OS.

    Built-in tools

    The iOS 12 variant has an option to check the battery status. If your version of “operating system” is lower than 12, the method is not suitable for you.

    What settings to go to to find out the exact percentage of wear:

    • Open the panel with sections of settings. Click on “Battery”.

    Expand the beta “Battery Status”. You will immediately see the maximum current battery capacity. If you have 100%, then everything is fine with your battery so far. If you have 80%, then the volume has already decreased by 20%. If the indicator reaches 60. 50%, you need to think about changing the battery.

    The immortal iPhone: how to determine the current battery wear on your device

    Regardless of how high-quality your iPhone battery is, this is just a consumable for the device. Over time, the capacity of the battery will inevitably decrease anyway. How to check the current state of your battery?

    Does your iPhone slow down? How to check the battery status

    Against the backdrop of the latest news, many users of old smartphones may have begun to doubt the condition of their batteries. Don’t jump to conclusions, check your battery first.

    Keep 3 Apps capable of assessing your iPhone’s battery health.


    This program is only suitable for Mac owners, but it is the most accurate among the competition.

    It checks the battery status of your Mac and connected iPhones and iPads. You don’t need any super skills to test. Just connect the i-device to your computer, click Trust, and see the battery status.

    General information about the device is displayed at the top of the program. At the bottom. the current battery charge and its capacity in mAh.

    A state of at least 80% is considered normal. Worse. Replacement recommended.


    This program is suitable for Windows PC owners. This is a kind of analogue of iTunes, but with broader functionality.

    Connect your device to your computer via a wire, open iBackupbot. Then just click on the name of your device and the Information button.

    iPhone Battery Health Explained!

    You will see a dialog box with information about your smartphone or tablet. The Battery section contains data on the number of charge cycles, current and initial capacity, as well as the battery health status.

    Battery life

    This free iPhone and iPad app also displays the current battery capacity. The first thing you will see at startup is the percentage.

    The same rules apply here: below 80%. it’s time for service.

    In the Current data section, you can see the current capacity not only in percent, but also in mAh. And in the History section, you can trace when your battery began to degrade. They also give a graph to build for maximum convenience.

    In addition, Battery Life is able to calculate the approximate operating time of the device in different modes: calls, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, video playback, and so on.

    Keep in mind that it’s not just bad battery conditions that can slow down your iPhone. This can also happen due to a poorly optimized version of iOS.

    In this case, we recommend updating to the latest firmware version.

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