How To Choose A Cartridge For A Printer

How to choose a cartridge for a printer

Buying and refilling a printer cartridge is probably the most difficult task of all (naturally associated with peripheral technology). Indeed, due to the huge variety of these products, it is difficult for a beginner to understand which of them are suitable for one or another office equipment. In the method of refueling, you can not mention it at all, since without knowing anything about your consumables, you can SIMply ruin it while you restore the level of the dye. Therefore, in order to exclude all sorts of errors, you need to familiarize yourself with some important tricks.

How print technology affects the choice of cartridge?

How To Choose A Cartridge For A Printer

Each cartridge is unique and fits only a specific model or series of peripherals. In rare cases, the same consumable can be installed on office equipment of different brands (this is only found on analog printed accessories). Nevertheless, a cartridge for a laser printer will never be suitable as consumables for office equipment of the second type (inkjet or matrix). Because the technology and the principle of operation of such devices are fundamentally different from each other. As a result, only specific consumables correspond to each type of office equipment.

Which is better: original or compatible cartridge

Conventionally, cartridges can be divided into three categories, such as:

  • Original. Created by the same brand as the printer. As a rule, they are of high quality and a decent resource. But expensive to maintain and operate.
  • Compatible. Manufactured according to the technology of original consumables, using materials of lower quality. over, they have the same properties as the original. But due to shorter terms of work, they are much cheaper.
  • Restored. These are the former original cartridges, which at least once, but renewed stocks of dye, or they were amenable to repair work. Such products are cheap, have a short operational life, and there is no guarantee at all. A SIMilar term is often applied only to laser cartridges.
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It should be noted that original consumables should be purchased only if you require high-quality printing of color photographs and other materials. In the second situations, it is more cost-effective to use compatible or so-called “Chinese” cartridges. Remanufactured works well for printing text materials.

No matter how I put on mistakes, during home refueling of the cartridge?

Recovering the dye in the cartridge will significantly save on consumables. However, this process is NOT the easiest and requires a thorough professional approach. The important thing about this business is that it is a very messy job. Therefore, before starting work, it is necessary to allocate a place, ennoble it with an oilcloth or an unnecessary thick bedspread, in order to exclude paint from getting on furniture, carpet, appliances, etc. It is recommended to refuel with rubberized gloves (especially if it is ink for an inkjet cartridge), since the dye that gets on your hands is difficult to wash off. Remember, under no circumstances refuel the machine with a cartridge over bathroom items. If the coloring matter gets in, then their appearance will actually be irrevocably damaged. Among other things, before starting work, it is important to familiarize yourself in detail with the cartridge device and how to refill it.

How to find cartridges for your printer

The answer to the question: which cartridges to choose for the best print results is both complex and SIMple. Despite such a seemingly absurd first answer, it is worth remembering that there are few ideal options in this situation. Therefore, you always need to look for a middle ground, taking into account the goals that you set for your printing device.

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Printer consumables include not only paper, but also special containers for storing ink. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a cartridge so that your printing device works normally, retains its reliability, and it is convenient for you to maintain it.

They can be conditionally divided into four types:

  • Original;
  • Refurbished;
  • Alternative;
  • Reusable.

First type Most preferred, because you get really the highest level of print quality and complete security for your printing device. If answering the question of how to choose a cartridge for a printer, you do not care about the cost of printing, then the original offers are designed just for you.

Remanufactured ink tanks are original solutions, which have been refilled with ink. The manufacturer does not provide for such a procedure, so this can greatly affect both the print quality and safety for your printing machine. After all, it is SIMply impossible to carry out this procedure without violating the integrity of the reservoir itself. But the cost of such a solution is much lower.

The next option is to select a compatible cartridge not made by the manufacturer of the printing device itself. This is one of the most readily available consumables, but there is a high probability that printing will become significantly worse and that your printer will become unusable. Such containers are positioned as original, only cheaper. The questionable quality of the tanks, plus the same disposable system of use, makes these consumables a risky way to save on printing.

Refillable consumables for greater efficiency

Refillable printer cartridges are one of the most efficient options both in terms of print quality and economy. These are capacities fully compatible with your printer model, made according to the standards of the original cartridges. They completely repeat their device in the smallest detail, therefore they are safely mounted in the device. You can independently choose which cartridge is suitable for which printer as much as possible from a huge list of models.

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The material of the containers assumes a long-term service without cracks and leaks. The paint is also characterized by high quality indicators. It is a proven chemical composition that:

  • Safe for the printing device;
  • Offers excellent color work;
  • Provides high-quality rendering and detailing;
  • Saves your resources.

over, there are a huge variety of such solutions for various models of printing devices. Therefore, it is very easy to find cartridges for HP, Epson, Canon or Brother printers and any of their series.

It is important to remember that refillable containers also have a fairly wide variety. For example, many manufacturers are trying to exclude the possibility of using non-original consumables and for this, special chips are installed on each tank. They automatically block the possibility of its further work. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to which cartridges are used in your printing device. Although often the manufacturer of reusable alternatives already take this aspect into account and immediately install special self-renewable chips.

It is quite difficult to get a definite answer to the question of which cartridge is better. But if you want to get excellent print quality, then use original consumables. Well, in cases where you need a balance between quality and affordability, then reusable containers are the best option.