How to choose a laser or inkjet printer

Inkjet printers

Most likely, many have encountered inkjet printer problems at home. This is a lack of working space for the device, finding the right driver, but the most important eternal problem is replacing cartridges.

Manufacturers wondered. why change the entire cartridge if you can just add ink to it?

This is how devices with CISS appeared. New models eliminate the need to buy a fresh cartridge after it runs out of ink.

What is CISS? The abbreviation is strange, but in reality everything is simple. “Continuous Ink Supply System”. Thanks to the ability not to buy another cartridge, but simply to add ink, the cost of photo printing has dropped dramatically.

Of course, it is tempting to purchase such a “system” for your inkjet printer. The user solves several problems at once:

  • such a device does not require drastic alteration;
  • any user can cope with the refueling process;
  • the resource of the print head increases many times over;
  • the cost of printing is reduced by 15. 25 times.

But there is one limitation. CISS can be installed only on the printer for which it is intended.

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Also, if the owner of the purchased printing device wanted to install such a system, then the manufacturer interprets such a change as an interference with the design of the device and the warranty for it ceases to apply.

Manufacturers in such devices saw a threat to their profits. And this is understandable. It is extremely profitable for them to buy expensive cartridges with a small resource.

But, for example, Epson decided to meet the consumer halfway.

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Epson model L100

The L100 model printer is a device from Epson, which has a standard CISS. This is the first such model and it attracts attention primarily by the fact that the manufacturer for the first time so dramatically changed its principles.

Prior to that, Epson was a supporter of the harm of such devices and disseminated information that such a device threatens with sad consequences:

  • failure of the entire printer;
  • inconvenience during operation;
  • poor quality printing;
  • void of warranty for standard device.

L100 is the first trial copy and therefore there are no such “chips” as:

  • wireless and wired network connection;
  • fax functions;
  • printing on discs;
  • and other modern innovations.

There are no such new products. But everything will be compensated by the four-color CISS unit on the left end. It is very easy to remove and refill all containers with fresh ink. But owners should be aware that the ink is water-soluble. While more modern pigment inks.

Is it worth paying attention to if now there is the possibility of multi-color printing with great savings for the family budget.

But there is a function of printing borderless photos with a resolution of 5761 × 1441 dpi. Produces a color photograph of 10 × 15 cm in 93 seconds.

In order to understand the difference, we present a more advanced model of inkjet printers.

Canon Laser Shot LBP5200

It produces especially high quality color text printing. The output is a very clear and vivid document.

With photographs, the situation is worse. They look a little paler. But again, compared to the quality that inkjet printers are capable of delivering.

But printed invitations, envelopes, cards and postcards from this laser printer come out bright and clear. So partners, receiving your letter, can find out, without even reading, from whom it was received.

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But you must be prepared for the fact that it will take longer to wait for the uploaded document to be released. Inkjet printers can print much faster. The LBP5200 prints a 6-page color document in about 1.5 minutes.

It will process a photo in A4 format in 35 seconds. But again, when compared to an eight color inkjet printer, the print will be slightly paler. But I must say that although printing a photo is still not the main profile of a laser device, the prints are quite good. Colors, if a little pale, but quite clearly convey the displayed image.

On the other hand, the black and white printing on the LBP5200 should not disappoint the user. A 20-page black and white document is ready in 1 minute 14 seconds.

HP Photosmart 7510

It is suitable for both professional and photography enthusiasts. It is an All-In-One Thermal Inkjet Print with Flatbed Scanner. It is capable of printing laboratory quality photographs at home. It has five cartridges installed at once for five colors and with a maximum resolution of up to 9610 x 2410 dpi.

HP Photosmart 7510 has a touchscreen color display.

Interestingly, the device is the fastest among devices of this class. the printer will quietly print a 10 × 15 cm photo in a draft version in just 17 seconds.
Thanks to the Internet connection, it is possible to send the captured photos immediately for printing from any device connected to the network.

Color laser printer

Laser office assistants are also capable of producing high-quality color prints. In order to find out which device is preferable. laser or inkjet, let’s look at what this printer can do.

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Which printer is better for printing photos, laser or inkjet?

Greetings, dear reader of my blog. We are in touch with you, Timur Mustaev. Today we will focus on photo printers. Now that a digital camera has ceased to be something unusual and almost everyone has, if not as a separate device, then integrated into a smartphone, the need to purchase a photo printer is coming to the fore.

Modern technologies of photo printing have made great strides forward. Now the question becomes very relevant, which printer is better for printing photos? The line of such devices on the international market is continuously updated, you just have to choose the preferred technology. inkjet or laser.

In conclusion, I would like to take a closer look at several more models of inkjet printers from Epson. This model is L800, L810 and Epson Stylus Photo P50

Advantages of the Epson L800 printer, it has a built-in CISS system. And the clarity of printing photos is achieved by printing not 4 colors, as is usually the case, but 6. The printer prints using 6 colors. He also has the ability to print on CD / DVD discs.

And yet, my advice to you, if you are planning to take a printer for printing photos, look at an inkjet printer with a factory CISS system, this will greatly reduce your budget. And try to use high-quality photo paper, while your photos will be even brighter and better.