How to choose an MFP printer for home

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Also Trustworthy: OKI, Toshiba, Lexmark, Kyocera, Xerox.

Canon PIXMA TS5040

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  • Double-sided budget box
  • Country: Japan
  • Price: 4389 RUB
  • Rating (2021): 4.9

Unlike the above models, the PIXMA TS5040 can be fitted with CISS. Otherwise, it is the same high-quality MFP with an excellent scanner and printer. The main feature is the support for double-sided printing. There is also a Wi-Fi and IRDA interface. There is a large LCD display on the front panel. Among inexpensive multifunctional devices, this model can really be called the best.

Buy with or without CISS?

CISS, or continuous ink supply system, is used with inkjet printers. Its principle is based on the fact that ink is supplied to the print head not from cartridges, but directly from containers.

Thanks to CISS, the cost of printing is significantly reduced. You can print a large number of documents or pictures without replacing the cartridge. The system itself is quite expensive. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase it for those who are going to actively use the printer. If you print no more than 5-10 pages and several photos per month, there is no point in purchasing an MFP with CISS.

Ricoh SP C261SFNw

  • The best photo quality from its segment
  • Country: Japan
  • Price: 13689 RUB
  • Rating (2021): 4.9

This model can rightfully be called the best in its category, which is why it topped the list. Ricoh SP C260SFNw has high quality and fast printer. Has an excellent scanner. There is the possibility of a network connection using an Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi. There is a possibility of direct communication with a smartphone. In terms of using the MFP, it is convenient and simple, has a large color LCD display.

Canon MAXIFY MB2740

  • Longest cartridge yield
  • Country: Japan
  • Price: 6454 R
  • Rating (2021): 4.7

This model allows you to take excellent color photos, as well as scan images without loss of quality. It can work as a fax, there is support for Wi-Fi. An important advantage of this model is the large resource of cartridges. you can print 1200 black and white pages or 900 color pages. It is possible to work directly from smartphones and other devices.

Canon PIXMA G3411

  • The most convenient ink refill
  • Country: Japan
  • Price: 11298 RUB
  • Rating (2021): 4.5

This model is a direct competitor to the above described device from HP. The functionality of the models is the same, but Canon, all other things being equal, shows a slightly higher photo quality when comparing the samples “head-on”. But there may be more problems with setting up Wi-Fi, since there is no clear instruction. Otherwise, the device has no obvious drawbacks, given its cost.

Canon i-SENSYS MF641Cw

  • Best MFP with color laser printer
  • Country: Japan
  • Price: 17000 RUB
  • Rating (2021): 5.0

For your money, the best MFP for home and office use. Easily refills, prints both color and black and white documents, and supports AirPrint for fast printing from Apple computers and mobile devices. Print speeds of 18 pages per minute and lasts for 1200 documents.

Print speed

If you are going to print a lot and constantly, then in order to save nerves and save time, it is better to take a device where the printing speed (measured in pages / minute) is higher. Even the simplest laser printer will not make you nervous. it prints very quickly. With inkjet everything is more complicated. If they get black and white printing even more or less quickly, then a color print has to wait up to 2 minutes.

Best printers for home 2017/2018

Canon PIXMA G1400

  • a printer;
  • inkjet printing, color;
  • maximum format. A4;
  • speed b / w printing 8.8 ppm, color. 5 ppm;
  • tray capacity 100 sheets;
  • cartridge resource 7000 pages;
  • noise 46.5 dB;
  • weight 4.3 kg;
  • price about 130.

An excellent option in terms of price / quality ratio. The printer is equipped with CISS, prints good photo quality, the minimum drop size is 2 pl, consumables are inexpensive, so if you have to print a lot, both in color and in black and white, this is a good model, only a copier and a scanner are not here. be careful.

Ricoh SP 150w

  • MFP;
  • laser printing, black and white;
  • maximum format. A4;
  • speed of b / w printing 22 ppm;
  • tray capacity 50 sheets;
  • toner resource 700 pages;
  • weight 6.5 kg;
  • price about 80.

Good laser printer. The user gets an economical printing device for a reasonable cost. Black and white prints with a maximum resolution of 1,200,600 will output at high speed and take 25 seconds for the printer to warm up. It is possible to print on labels, films, envelopes, cards. The printer has a Wi-Fi module, consumes 800 W during operation, prints quietly. Setting up the device is simple and easy, we also attribute compactness to its advantages, and the disadvantage is the lack of AirPrint technology, which is very strange in the presence of a Wi-Fi module. When you install a dedicated application, you can print wirelessly, but only images. Otherwise, everything is fine. this is a good desktop option for printing documents.

Paper size

Most household printers print on A4 paper, and you don’t need more. In 98% of cases. Therefore, you do not need to bother much with this parameter if you do not need to print large drawings. In this case, it is better to pay attention to printers that can print on A3 paper. There are professional office printers that print on A2 and A1 paper. On the contrary, there are also smaller printers that can print on A5 and A6 pages. These are the products of dye-sublimation printers, as well as compact portable devices.

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By the way, paper trays are also different. For home, the one that contains a small number of pages is suitable. 50-150, and for the office it is better to choose a more spacious option.

Xerox Phaser 3020BI

  • MFP;
  • laser printing, black and white;
  • maximum format. A4;
  • b / w printing speed 20 ppm;
  • tray capacity 150 sheets;
  • toner resource 1,500 pages;
  • weight 4.1 kg;
  • price about 110.

Xerox focuses on professional printing equipment. This model, for example, is intended for a small office, but it will also work as a home printer. The device copes with its main task with a bang. it prints with high quality and quickly, it can print up to 15,000 pages per month, it allows you to print on films, labels, cards, glossy and matte paper, it has a Wi-Fi interface and the ability to print wirelessly AirPrint It consumes 313 W during operation, one toner will last for a really long time. A great option for students, teachers, office workers and all those who have to print a lot in moderation. As for a laser printer, this machine is quite compact.

Samsung Xpress M2070W

  • MFP;
  • laser printing, black and white;
  • maximum format. A4;
  • b / w printing speed 20 ppm;
  • tray capacity 150 sheets;
  • toner resource 1000 pages;
  • weight 7.4 kg;
  • price about 220.

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Choosing a printer is often accompanied by certain difficulties. Manufacturers offer dozens of models, each with its own set of features and specifications. It will not be difficult to understand which ones will be useful for you if you know what to look for when buying office equipment for your home.

There are two types of home printing technique:

  • printers;
  • multifunctional devices (MFP).

Printers are designed exclusively for printing. MFPs, in addition to printing, are able to scan any images, as well as copy documents.

MFPs use flatbed or broaching types of scanners. In a flatbed device, the photosensor moves slowly along the sheet to scan it. For home use, this is a perfectly suitable option.

Large companies offer buyers to use laser and inkjet printers at home. The essential difference between them is that a laser device applies an image using a powder, while an inkjet printer uses ink.

If you plan to mainly print texts with tables, then the best choice is a laser printer. Its main advantages:

  • low cost of printing;
  • the ability to use thin paper.

Rely on inkjet printers and MFPs to print high quality photos. Often, such devices are capable of printing images on photographic paper of different weights.
Ink consumption is always higher than that of powder. A compromise would be to buy an inkjet printer with an enlarged black cartridge. This technique is suitable for printing both texts and photographs.

Standard inkjet printers are equipped with low volume cartridges. There is enough ink to print one stack of photos. After that, the cartridges will have to be replaced. If you plan to print multi-colored images on a regular basis, an inkjet printer with CISS is recommended. The advantages of such a device:

  • you will not have to frequently refuel;
  • the cost of printing is significantly reduced;
  • increases the life of the print head.

Inkjet printers and MFPs with CISS also differ in the number of cartridges. In the factory configuration, there are 4, 5 or 6. The more colors are mixed, the better the quality of the resulting image. At home, you can use a four-color one, although amateurs are better off buying a model with 5 or 6 cartridges.

The laser printer does an excellent job of printing large volumes of text documents. Typically, these devices print faster. The budget home laser printer produces 30-40 pages per minute. For inkjet models, this figure is lower: about 5-10 pages per minute.

Often, printers are equipped with additional options that should make life easier for users, but at the same time increase the cost of technology. Among them:

  • the ability to print over Wi-Fi;
  • support for memory cards;
  • printing from a camera;
  • the presence of the option “borderless printing”;
  • automatic two-sided printing;
  • enlarged paper tray;
  • faxing images.

Before buying, you should consider which of these functions will come in handy so as not to overpay. At, you can choose a model with the desired set of options by marking the necessary parameters when searching.

When choosing an MFP or printer, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the device, the presence of a display, the ergonomics of the control panel, the resource of cartridges and drums, the ability to print on specialized types of paper, support for A3, A2, etc.

The most popular are inkjet MFPs with an uninterrupted ink supply system. This option is optimal in terms of price and print quality. The devices are characterized by stable operation and durability, and will perfectly satisfy all the needs of users.

How to choose an inkjet MFP for your home

When choosing an MFP, the main thing is not to miscalculate. How to choose a truly multifunctional and economical device that will quickly pay for itself and justify the hopes placed on it? We will try to answer this question.

Let’s choose for comparison two devices that are currently the absolute champions among devices in their “weight category”. Canon PIXMA MG5240 and Epson artisan 50.

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Imagine a device that can print any documents and photos in high quality (24009600 dpi), scan and recognize characters, and perform color copying of photos. Add to that the rather fast print speed (9-11 ipm), automatic duplex and wireless connectivity (USB connectivity is also possible). Also, with the Canon MFP, you can print on discs. An easy-to-use color display guides you through all of these functions. Canon PIXMA has really great capabilities: it can print images from videos, intelligently print web pages. It also has a built-in memory card reader, which will make it very easy to print your photos. This MFP will allow you to save money on ink. Change ink only when it really runs out. By the way, in this model, the number of colors is expanded to 5, which has a good effect on the quality of prints.

How to choose an inkjet MFP for your home

What will the Epson artisan 50 offer us with CISS?

This inkjet device is perfect for printing photographs. Thanks to a palette of 6 colors, images are realistic and saturated. Epson will provide you with professional printing. This printer can also print on discs. However, the maximum expansion is inferior to the previous competitor: 5760 x 1440 dpi. But this printer prints three times faster. in a minute you get 37-38 finished prints. This unit connects with a USB cable, so you don’t have to set up a Wi-Fi connection.

Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice will depend on what you prefer. speed and simplicity or broad versatility. If you are choosing inkjet models over laser ones, then you are on the right track. Inkjets are much cheaper than their laser counterparts. Maintenance is also much more affordable and easier. The same can be said for consumables. Ink and inkjet paper won’t hit your. That being said, inkjet printers do a much better job of printing images. If you choose a device for this very purpose, then do not hesitate to buy an inkjet MFP.

Choose an inkjet with CISS. Thanks to the continuous ink supply system, you will save a lot. What is its advantage over cartridges? Every time a cartridge runs out of ink, you throw away the used cartridge and go for a new one. In the case of CISS, you only need to buy ink and refill the reservoir with it, which is much cheaper and more reasonable. This system is extremely convenient and easy to use, even a child can handle refueling.
Make no mistake in your choice! We wish you a happy shopping!

How to choose a printer for your home?

When choosing a printer, the main characteristics of the equipment are taken into account:

  • Print Format. Home devices typically handle A4 paper at 80gsm. m;
  • Printing speed. about 18-20 pages per minute;
  • The time for the first sheet to come out, it is usually spent on warming up the main elements of the printer. On average, this figure is 8-9 seconds;
  • The maximum print resolution is usually less than 600 dpi. For home prints, this is sufficient;
  • The volume of the input and output tray;
  • Cartridge resource.

HP LaserJet Pro M15w

A fairly compact printer that takes up almost no free space on the desktop. It will be useful for both a private person and a small enterprise. With overall dimensions of 16x35x19 cm, the product weighs only 3.8 kg, so some people even take it with them on business trips when it becomes necessary to create a mobile office. The printer is used exclusively for monochrome printing of documents or images. Print speed is pretty decent. 18 sheets per minute. The device works only with A4 paper, but the manufacturer claims that you can print on envelopes, make postcards, and so on. Indeed, the printer is capable of handling paper with a density ranging from 65 to 120 gsm. m.There is a folding tray for a maximum of one hundred sheets, but the designers did not provide for a unit for single paper feed.

There is no cable for a wired connection to a computer. you will either have to purchase it additionally, or use a wireless Wi-Fi communication module. The cartridge has a significant resource. one can print up to 700 pages on one filling. Manufacturers also decided not to put the drum unit in a separate unit, which made the printer so compact. The device is highly economical thanks to the original HP Auto-On / Auto-Off technology. With its help, the device independently monitors its workload. Depending on this setting, it will automatically stop or resume work.

  • One of the most compact printers on the Russian market;
  • Refilling the cartridge is inexpensive;
  • Can print directly via cable or transfer data via Wi-Fi.
  • If the device works for a long time without interruption, then it may start to get very hot;
  • There is no possibility of page feeding of paper.

Epson L120

This printer has a maximum load of 1250 pages per month, making this model ideal for home use, especially if it will be used frequently by school or college students. In principle, for an office with 4-5 employees, such a printer will also work. The device works on the basis of inkjet technology, it is additionally equipped with a continuous ink supply system. The containers with paint are not under the device body, but outside it. This affects the increase in size, but it greatly simplifies the maintenance of the device, moreover, you can print a decent amount of documents at a time. The paper tray holds one hundred sheets at once.

For an inkjet printer, the print speed is very fast. a standard A4 sheet with black and white text or image is printed within 27 seconds. Color images come out a little slower. the print speed is 15 pages per minute. The device can work with photographic paper, but one 10×15 image will be ready within 70-80 seconds. The design of the ink tanks has been improved, so there are no blots or streaks on the paper.

  • There is a continuous ink supply system;
  • The paint is consumed quite sparingly;
  • Relatively compact dimensions;
  • Containers with paint are taken out of the body. it is much easier to control their consumption.
  • No connection cable provided;
  • If the sheet gets jammed, then it can be problematic to remove it.
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Top ten

Samsung Xpress M2020

It has not the highest print speed. 20 pages per minute, however, for home use, this indicator, as practice shows, is quite enough. The device is able to work not only with ordinary office paper, but also with various other materials. cards, films, labels, envelopes. If necessary, it can be loaded with thicker glossy or matte paper, which is used in printing houses. The quality of images and printed texts is very high due to the high resolution of 1200 dpi. Thanks to this, the printer is able to work with pictures that are characterized by high detail. It prints well even very small fonts.

The manufacturing company provides a long warranty period of 3 years, and the printer itself can last about 10-12 years, depending on the workload. It can print up to 10 thousand pages per month. There is very little built-in memory. only 8 MB. The high speed of work is provided by a sufficiently nimble processor, the frequency of which is 400 MHz. The paper feed tray holds 150 sheets. Not very loud during operation. maximum 50 dB, the printer is compatible with all modern operating systems. Overall dimensions are insignificant 332x178x215 mm with a weight of about 4 kg. A cable for connecting to a computer is included in the kit, no wireless modules are provided here.

  • High quality printing;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Works no louder than other printers;
  • Significant working resource;
  • Long warranty period.
  • You have to wait a while for the printer to wake up from sleep mode.

HP Ink Tank 115

Another fairly high-quality inkjet product, which is distinguished by a long period of operation and high print quality, moreover, this printer has a very compact overall dimensions. It can be easily placed even on a small office desk. The model is equipped with a fairly effective paint supply system, which is equipped with protection against possible leaks. The ink containers are located outside the case, so the user will always see how much consumables are still left. They open easily, which allows you to accurately add the ending paint to the appropriate reservoir and continue working. contacting the masters is not at all necessary.

Print speed is low. only 7-9 pages of black and white text per minute, if you need to get a color image, then it drops to 4 pages per minute. You can even print photos on this printer, but you need to be prepared for the fact that it will take quite a long time. about 70-90 seconds for one 10×15 cm photo card. is so slow). When working with color images, this figure is 4800 dpi, with black and white format. 1200 dpi. The printer can even be used for serial production.

  • The quality of printing photos is significantly superior to printers, which are equipped with photo salons;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • You can refuel the cartridges yourself if necessary;
  • Works with all operating systems.
  • Increased dimensions due to the removal of cartridges outside;
  • Sometimes ignores settings when printing photos.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw

suitable for an office than an apartment, but more and more users are buying it for home use. The printer is designed for both color and black and white printing. Maximum per month it can print up to 40 thousand pages. The products are characterized by an insignificant amount of energy consumption. during operation only 381 W, the noise level does not exceed 50 dB. You can print on both office paper, cardstock, and glossy or matte type printing paper. The equipment works on the basis of a processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz, the built-in memory is enough even for very heavy images. 256 MB. It is connected to a computer via a cable or wirelessly Wi-Fi, it is possible to transfer files to print from the phone. The design is compatible with any operating system.

Print speed is fast. 21 pages per minute in black and white, up to 16 pages of color images. When working with non-office paper, these parameters will be much higher. The resolution is 600 dpi. slightly lower compared to other models, but still quite sufficient. The toner resource is 1400 pages without refilling, so the printer turned out to be quite economical. The case is plastic with a matte coating, its dimensions are 392x297x475 and weighs 14.8 kg. The set also includes a network cable. This allows you to connect the printer to a router so that you can start printing at the same time from different devices.

  • Sufficiently high print quality;
  • Decent speed of work;
  • Noisy is not very loud;
  • It is possible to connect to the network via the Ethernet connector;
  • Doesn’t freeze while in use.
  • Compatible cartridges are quite expensive, but the printer refuses to work with cheap non-original counterparts;
  • Quite expensive compared to other models.