How to clean memory on Android Huawei

Types of memory on Android devices

The general classification gives two basic sections:

  • volatile;
  • non-volatile.

The first is RAM memory. It is non-volatile. the device’s RAM, it is played only when the gadget is working. Non-volatile classification (ROM) includes system components, internal memory, memory cards and flash drives.

details about division and dependence are shown in the table:

Volatile RAM. RAM
Nonvolatile Sewnable section Bootloader
Rewritable section SD card

About how much free space on the device, it is possible to find out in the settings or the explorer of the smartphone / tablet.

Delete messages

Messages are elements that also take up part of the device’s volume. And they do it even more than you can imagine. Therefore, if you are a fan of texting, do not store your SMS for a long time, as this will only slow down the work.

App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner can be downloaded for free from the Play Market. The software also cleans up internal and external unnecessary elements. Its distinctive feature is the prompt deletion of the cache. invisible remnants or images stored in the folders of the explorer.

SD Maid

An analogue of the previous version is the more modern SD Maid. Unlike Wedge Master, this one cleans not only internal components, but also formats external media.

Removing applications

As mentioned, apps take up a lot of space. And there are even more updates. Therefore, if you have ones that you have stopped using altogether, or you rarely open them, it is better to delete them. This will free up memory for something more needed.

Clearing the browser cache

Over time, browsers accumulate a really large volume of unnecessary files that should be deleted periodically. Let’s look at this process using the example of the two most common browsers: “Google Chrome” and “Yandex browser”.

  • Open chrome and click on the three dots icon.
  • In the window that opens, select the item “History”.
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    History “width =” 660 “height =” 696 “srcset =” ~ images \ kak-pochistit-pamjat-na-androide-huavej_1.jpg 660w, /kak-ochistit-pamiat-na-huawei-i-honor-scr6-284×300.jpg 284w, i-honor-scr6-379×400.jpg 379w “sizes =” (max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px “/

  • Click Clear history Clear data. Delete data “width =” 660 “height =” 691 “srcset =” jpg 660w,×300.jpg 287w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/11 / kak-ochistit-pamiat-na-huawei-i-honor-scr7-382×400.jpg 382w “sizes =” (max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px “/
  • As in the case of chrome, open the browser and click on the icons in the form of three dots.
  • In the window that opens, we find “Settings”.
  • There is an item “Clear data”.

Clearing internal memory

Now let’s talk about the ways to free up space and delete unnecessary files on Huawei (Honor). There are several options here:

  • Clearing the browser cache.
  • Deleting application data.
  • Banal removal of unnecessary programs and files (videos, pictures, messages, photos).

Cleaning up RAM

First, let’s figure out how to clear temporary memory (cache). There are two ways to do this: close background apps or clean up individually in each app.

Clearing the application cache

To clear the cache of applications on your Huawei and Honor, do the following:

  • Open the “Settings” smartphone.
  • Next, select the “Applications” item. In the window that opens, click “Applications” again. Applications “width =” 660 “height =” 695 “srcset =” 660w,×300.jpg 285w, / uploads / 2019/11 / kak-ochistit-pamiat-na-huawei-i-honor-scr3-380×400.jpg 380w “sizes =” (max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px “/
  • The applications that you use most often eat up the cache. Take the Health program as an example. We find it in the list of applications, open it and find the item “Memory”.
  • In the window that opens, you will see the amount of internal memory that this program occupies, as well as the cache. Click “Clear cache” and you’re done.

Another easy way to clear RAM is to simply restart your smartphone.

How to clear memory on Huawei and Honor

How to clear memory on Huwei and Honor? In this manual, we will explain how to free up space by clearing the internal memory and at the same time learn how to free up RAM.

RAM. Required for storing temporary files. The speed of the system depends on its quantity. You’ve probably come across a situation when the system starts to freeze and even opening simple programs takes longer than usual. The reason is just the lack of RAM. Most likely there are many applications open that are running in the background.

Inner memory. Everything is clear here. it is needed to store files and programs on your smartphone.

Removing application data

The applications you use can also accumulate a large number of junk files that simply take up space. To remove them, a useful program is built into the system. “Phone Manager”. The default dispatcher shortcut should be located on the desktop.

In the manager, select the item “Memory cleaning”. In the window that opens, you will see general information on unnecessary files and application data. It also displays data on messengers, which also tend to clog the memory with unnecessary “junk”. Another useful item is unused applications. Just delete what you don’t use.

Opposite each item there is a “Clear” button. click on it and free up space on your smartphone.

If, for some reason, there is no shortcut to the “Phone Manager” on the desktop or you have previously deleted it. it’s okay. In this case, go to Settings Memory Clear. The same menu will open to delete unnecessary data.

If you scroll down in the “Memory Cleanup” menu, you can see the “Special Cleanup” field.

Here you can find all the statistics on images, videos, audio, applications and large files stored in the memory of your Huawei. We look, analyze, delete all unnecessary.

Closing background applications

Everything is simple here. if you use a large number of programs, they often continue to run in the background. You can terminate their work in just two clicks:

  • Click on the navigation icon in the form of a square.
  • A window will open in which the applications running in the background will be displayed, as well as the amount of free RAM. Click on the basket and you’re done.

Standard removal of programs and files

Well, of course, you can clear the internal memory on Huawei through the standard explorer (shortcut “Files”). Applications are removed both from the desktop and through the “Settings”.

How to use storage cleaner in android phone Huawei P9 lite

The most radical method to free up free space will come in handy in especially neglected cases. You can trivially reset the settings to the factory settings.

We will not consider third-party programs, since there is no point in them. The system has all the necessary tools that were described above.

How to clear memory on Android phone: instructions

Free memory on your phone may run out at the most inopportune moment. It can always be quickly released using Android tools.

So, at any time when you need to quickly delete unnecessary files from your phone, you can always do it using the tips from this material.

In the previous article, we looked at what qr code scanners are for Android. Now we will analyze in detail and with pictures how to clear / free up memory on an Android smartphone or tablet so that there is much more free space.

Interesting! The instruction is universal and suitable for phones and tablets of any model: Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi or any other.

AVG Cleaner

A functional and fast cleaning application for smartphones and tablets. Has a simple and intuitive interface in Russian. All the tools you need to make your devices run faster.

  • Phone optimization
  • Different cleaning modes
  • Hibernation of programs
  • System information
  • File management


One of the most popular applications for cleaning Android and, in general, improving the performance of a smartphone or tablet. It works very quickly and allows you to make high-quality cleaning.

  • Clear memory
  • Speed ​​up the work of the device
  • Application uninstall function
  • View energy consumption by each program and game
  • Shows the state of the RAM

Delete cache

Go to the cache section and delete it. There is little sense from it, but you can free up enough space. Then we will clean it up separately for each installed program and game.

How to clear memory on Android

In 99% of cases, the most space is occupied by the application cache and from the browser. Therefore, you should first watch them. For example, the same telegram can take up to 10 GB in the cache, the same applies to and Viber.

Clearing memory and cache of Huawei smartphones

Different models of Huawei smartphones have special built-in applications. which help to clean the smartphone. This is a utility that resembles the memory cleaners from the Play Market. But they were created by the developers of the manufacturer’s company. Therefore, if your phone has such an application, then it is necessary to use it. Do not download additional programs. they are useless.

    Select the application icon in the Huawei menu;

Select the cleaning app in Huawei

  • After a while, you will see the result of scanning the device memory;
  • You need to select the appropriate action at the bottom. delete;
  • Further in the window you can see which files were found by the program. They are categorized by data type;
  • The utility also offers to clear the RAM. Confirm permissions and wait for the process to complete.
  • In some cases, uninstaller-specific utilities do not help clear the Huawei cache of some programs (for example, the Google Play cache is not always removed by utilities). In such situations, we need to do it manually. In case of problems in the operation of some applications, it is recommended to remove their update through the market.

    An easy way to clear the memory of your Huawei smartphone

    You do not need to understand the phone system to delete unnecessary files. Application developers know how to help us with this. And we have already created several useful programs that automatically collect “trash” on your Huawei phone. And remove it safely. Do not think that this is a panacea. There are also downsides to this cleaning method. When Wi-Fi or mobile internet is on, you will see ads in the program window.

    Also, cleaning programs take away the resources of a mobile device, constantly being in running processes. These programs tend to annoy with notifications that the smartphone’s memory is full. Although in reality he often “juggles” the scan results.

    If configured properly, the cleaning app is a good tool for deleting unnecessary data on Huawei:

    • To find such an application, open the Google Play market and enter in the search “Clear memory” or “Remove trash”;
    • In the results, you can choose the best program for yourself. The most popular is Clean Master due to its thorough search for cache and junk files. It has been downloaded and installed over 1 billion times;
    • In all these applications, the operating principle and user interface are similar. In the main menu of the program, select “Clean up trash”. Select the button in the Clean Master “Trash”

    And the application will start looking for unnecessary files on your mobile phone;

  • After scanning, click the “Clear” button;
  • Then select the item that cleans the OP and in the same way free it from unnecessary running processes;
  • Delete the RAM of the smartphone
    Most of these programs have anti-virus protection or a scanner. Try to scan your Huawei smartphone. Perhaps, along with the downloaded files, you entered viruses into the memory.

    Take a closer look at all the tools in the app to clean up memory. Apply them. This cleaning method often helps fix problems with your smartphone. Get rid of lags and slowness of the Huawei operating system. Since the cache and other similar files can take up not only the physical memory of the mobile device, but also part of the virtual one. After that, you encounter various errors in the Play Store when installing new applications.

    Removing unnecessary apps in Huawei

    The previous section helps you fix some bugs and system slowdowns. Uninstalling apps on your Huawei smartphone will help you free up a significant portion of the storage space on your mobile device. This will also partially speed up its work. The time has passed when 3-4 interesting games could be downloaded from the Play Market with 200 MB of memory in a smartphone. At the same time, the memory still remained. Today games on Google Play have become more colorful and dynamic, but they take up a lot of memory.

    For a long time there have been applications that require more than 1 or 2 gigabytes of storage on a mobile device. If we revise the list of installed applications and remove unnecessary ones, we will do a good job to speed up other programs and games. Well, let’s clear the memory of your mobile phone from the Chinese brand Huawei. This can be done in two ways: in the device itself and through the Google Play application.

    • Run the application;
    • At the top, click the three bars next to the Google Play search bar;

    Click the three bars next to Google Play

  • Select “My Apps and Games”;
  • In the next window, click the “Installed” tab at the top;
  • By selecting any of them, you can delete it in a separate window. To do this, click the “Delete” button;
  • Review the list and remove any programs and games that you have not used for a long time. Or do not plan to use it in the near future.
  • Deactivating apps on a Huawei device

    If you have problems with the Internet and at the moment there is no way to launch Google Play, unnecessary games and programs can be uninstalled offline.

    • Select the settings icon in the main menu;
    • Find the “Applications” item here. It may have a different name depending on the version of your device;
    • Then select the “All” tab;
    • Find the programs you want to uninstall from your Huawei phone here and select them;
    • In the new window, click the “Delete” button;
    • Review carefully the entire list of programs in the general list. If the programs were installed by the manufacturer, they can be uninstalled or turned off. Since these programs often run in the background. Even if you don’t use them;
    • Find such a program and go to the settings window;
    • Click the Stop button. Then “Disable”. And confirm shutdown.

    The more programs are removed and turned off in the “All Apps” window, the faster and more reliable your smartphone will work. Perform cleaning in a variety of ways to get the most out of your Huawei smartphone.

    How to Clear Memory on Huawei Phone

    Today’s smartphones are able to cope with any task: games, programs, VoIP conversations. They have built-in processors, the power of which can be compared with computer ones. But over time, the speed of the applications disappears somewhere. And the Android system starts to slow down altogether. The question arises as to how to clear the memory contents on a Huawei mobile phone. And also on other Android devices. In this article, you will find several different effective ways to do this.

    What is Program Cache in Huawei

    If an application in Huawei becomes full of cache, it crashes: it does not start, an error appears with different codes, it works slowly. Mobile applications work faster due to the downloaded data from the network. For example, in the Google Maps application, when you view your location, the application loads a map of that area into the cache. So that the next time it starts it can quickly show it to you.

    Sometimes maps can even work without the Internet for the very reason that the map files are already in the cache. But if this storage is full, the program will have nowhere to put the files of maps of other areas. If you suddenly want to look at the Eiffel Tower. You can also delete the cache files of an individual program in the “All Programs” section, where we removed applications without the Internet. In the program window there will be a button “Clear cache”. Click it and confirm the deletion. And also use other methods to clear the memory on your Huawei mobile phone.

    What is Program Cache in Huawei

    If an application in Huawei becomes full of cache, it crashes: it does not start, an error appears with different codes, it works slowly. Mobile applications work faster due to the downloaded data from the network. For example, in the Google Maps app, when you view your location, the app downloads a map of that area to the cache. So that the next time it starts it can quickly show it to you.

    Sometimes maps can even work without the Internet for the very reason that the map files are already in the cache. But if this storage is full, the program will have nowhere to put the files of maps of other areas. If you suddenly want to look at the Eiffel Tower. You can also delete the cache files of an individual program in the “All Programs” section, where we removed applications without the Internet. In the program window there will be a button “Clear cache”. Click it and confirm the deletion. And also use other methods to clear memory on your Huawei mobile phone.

    Reasons for lack of free memory

    The built-in memory on a Huawei mobile device can be divided into 2 types:

    • Random access memory. memory intended for storing temporary files. If you turn off the power of the smartphone, then the RAM will be cleared. In addition, the speed of the system depends on the RAM. Probably, all smartphone owners at least once noticed that the smartphone thinks and hangs for a long time before executing the user’s command. This means that the amount of RAM is not enough for the correct operation of the device. To do this, you need to clean it. The reasons for the lack of RAM: several heavy programs are running; there are many temporary files in the device, many programs are running in the background.
    • Internal memory is the memory where the user’s information and files of the Huawei smartphone are stored. The reasons for the lack of such memory are logical. there are many files on the media. You need to delete unnecessary files.

    Thus, if everything is relatively clear with the internal memory (open “Files” on the device, manually deleting unnecessary files), then not all users of Huawei mobile devices know about the methods of cleaning the RAM.

    Removing programs

    Sometimes the system notifies the user that there is not enough free memory on the device. Most often this happens when trying to install a new program. One of the ways to clean up memory is to uninstall unneeded apps.

    • Click on the icon on the desktop, and then drag the file to the trash can or to the inscription “Delete”.
    • Through smartphone settings.

    The second method implies that the user needs to go to the phone settings, go to the “Applications” section, and then select the program in the drop-down list and click on it. After that, press the “Delete” button. The program will be removed from the device, which means that some memory will be freed.

    With built-in apps

    First of all, we will use what the developers of your smartphone have come up with to clear the internal and external memory by following these steps:

    How to clean memory on Android Huawei

    When a user purchases a new Huawei smartphone, he expects to get the expected. But, unfortunately, expectations do not always coincide with reality. Sometimes there are hidden defects, flaws or imperfections.

    For example, many users of Huawei mobile devices are experiencing insufficient memory on their phones. So, the owner installs applications on his smartphone, actively uses the device, and the system then reports that there is not enough memory, refusing to download programs. After that, the user realizes that the memory is completely clogged.

    In this case, most owners want to move applications from the phone to an external memory card, but even here users sometimes face problems. Someone does not know how to move files, while this method does not help others, since not every program can be moved. There is also another category of users. Some users may not be able to transfer applications, since there is simply no support for a memory card in a mobile device. But you can find a way out of this situation.

    Cleaning with standard functions

    The important procedures for clearing memory on a Huawei mobile device are as follows:

    • clearing the application cache;
    • uninstalling programs;
    • deleting unnecessary files.

    Often these actions can take a lot of time, but, most importantly, they will bring results.

    Delete cache

    Browsers save not only browsing history, but also temporary page files to speed up their loading later, which are called cache. To clear it up, here’s an example from Google Chrome:

    • Go to your browser.
    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Personal data”. “Clear history”.

    Important! Delete only the cache and history, if you delete cookies or sites with passwords, the authorization data will have to be entered again.

    Apps can also grow in size via the cache in the form of commercials. It can be removed on Huawei Y3 or Y5 using built-in memory management apps or using a third-party app like CClear.

    Note! Music streaming services also store tracks as cache, which prevents them from being seen by music players. You should delete the accumulated songs through the application settings.

    How to clear the internal memory of a Huawei smartphone

    An easy way to clear the internal memory of your smartphone is to transfer files to a memory card. The lack of a slot is partially compensated by cloud storage. Solutions from Google and Yandex allow you to store an unlimited number of photos, which, with their size of 5 MB or more, significantly save space. An alternative is to transfer the data to a computer. After connecting the device to the PC, do not forget to clean the thumbnails folder:

    • In the root folder go to “DCIM”.
    • Select “.thumbnails”.
    • Select and delete all files.

    This is where thumbnails of media files are accumulated to quickly display thumbnail tiles in the gallery. Fans of mobile photography can save up to 1-2 GB of useless files in a folder.

    The second way to clear Huawei phone memory via PC is to pay attention to the folder also located in the root section. The cache of the social network of the same name remains in it: voice messages, sent photos, videos and graffiti. Feel free to get rid of unnecessary files in the folder. forwarded files are stored on network servers.

    On the way, go to the Download folder. it stores files downloaded from the Internet, send unnecessary ones to the trash.

    Note! In the built-in file manager on a smartphone, these folders are often hidden. The exception is Total Comander, which allows you to view the above directives via your smartphone.

    How to clear memory on Huawei phone

    When the internal memory of the Huawei smartphone is full, it is impossible to install applications, take a photo or download music from cloud services, which is indicated by the corresponding notification. Let’s figure out where memory disappears and how to free it.

    What is the memory of a smartphone

    Phones use two types of memory:

    • RAM. volatile memory that is required to work with applications. Filled with active processes and running programs.
    • Persistent. the memory on Android where personal information, operating system and other files are stored.

    If RAM is loaded, applications will not be able to use it for work, which will lead to minimizing or closing other programs. To free up RAM:

    • Open the list of running programs.
    • Click on the cross to close a specific application or tap on the trash can icon.

    When there is still not enough memory, it means that some software is running in the background, for example, messengers, games with an online connection. They get rid of them as follows:

    • Open “Settings”.
    • Go to “Apps & notifications”.
    • Search for Viber, WhatsApp or Instagram and open the tab.
    • Click Stop.

    How to free up memory completely

    If you cannot clear the memory, deleting residual files and large applications does not help, it remains to completely clear the internal storage by rolling back the smartphone to factory settings:

    • Go to “Settings”.
    • Select “Recovery and reset”.
    • Click “Factory data reset”.
    • Agree with the start of the operation.

    Attention! Resetting to factory settings, among other things, will delete all data from the internal memory of the smartphone, so first copy them to a PC or memory card.

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