How to clean the iPhone charging slot

Useful iPhone Commands

Below I have collected the most interesting and useful commands that will help you personalize your iPhone.

iPhone only lets you set up Do Not Disturb for one period. Usually, everyone sets this period at night so that notifications do not interfere with falling asleep. Further, enabling the mode is available manually and you cannot activate this mode for an hour or two, as is done with Telegram notifications.

This quick command fills in the gap and allows you to add a similar function. With it, you can set the timer to Do Not Disturb if you decide to take a nap or are busy with an important task and do not want to be distracted by notifications.

If you are one of those who cannot wake up on the first ring of the alarm clock. catch a useful command that will change your life. It allows you to set multiple alarms at an interval you specify. Now you definitely will not oversleep an important event and will not be late for work.!

This command generates a phrase or lucky number that can be used as a prediction. If you like these things, you can install and use it every day to have a little fun and surprise your friends.

Share Wi-Fi hotspot quickly

clean, iphone, charging, slot

If a friend asks to use your Wi-Fi point, and you cannot dictate a password to him now, use this command. It generates a QR code to provide access to your Wi-Fi without disclosing your password. After scanning the QR code, your friend will be able to use Wi-Fi, and you will not “light up” your password.

Uploading photos and videos from Instagram

Do you want to save a photo from Intagram to your gallery? Forget screenshots. Just copy the post url and run this command. The photo from the publication will be saved in your camera roll.

With this quick command, you have the ability to quickly find information of interest on Wikipedia without even opening Safari. Save time and get the information you need quickly after activating the quick command. For exams, the very thing!

Play rock, paper and scissors with your iPhone. A simple but cool game that allows you to test your luck and take a little break from your routine. Download this quick command, choose one of three (rock, scissors or paper) and get an answer. won or not.

Pronunciation of any text for Siri

This command allows you to make Siri speak any text dictated to you. It can be used afterwards for videos or just to have fun with friends. Interesting team, save.

An entertaining quick team that will allow you to get a horoscope for each zodiac sign, as well as its astrological characteristics. If you are interested in astrology, it might be interesting.

The emoticon that characterizes you and the totem animal

Another entertaining command that will show you what emoji you look like (randomly) and what your totem animal is. Interestingly, this unusual game is accompanied by various sounds.

You can use this quick command to quickly download YouTube videos to iPhone. After installing it, you simply select the desired YouTube video and click on “Share” by selecting this command in the list of sources.

IOS has a low power mode that saves some of the battery power by turning off background app refreshing and reducing the number of screen effects. With this quick command, you can start low power mode at a certain percentage of battery power. For example, you can set this to enable low power mode at 20%.

If you, like me, suffer for a long time with the selection of wallpapers for iPhone, this quick command will significantly simplify your life. After installing it, you can simply run the quick command and it will independently select a wallpaper for you that is equal in size and resolution to your screen. You can set this wallpaper to your lock screen or home screen in just two clicks.

With this quick command, you can not only scan the documents you need, but also immediately import them into Files, share with users, and so on. Scanned files can even be sorted into categories.

A useful command when you need to share a photo taken on an iPhone with an Android user, or just when you need a certain photo format. The command is on the shared sheet and allows you to directly share photos in extensions such as JPEG, HEIF, PNG.

How to use quick commands

Quick commands can be displayed on your iPhone’s home screen as app shortcuts, or activated directly from the Commands app. But, before dealing with “Commands” you need to know how to start working with them.

To download our suggested quick commands, you must allow your iPhone to install these commands from untrusted sources.

  • Go to iPhone Settings and then Commands.
  • Activate the lever opposite “Allow unreliable commands”.
  • Share untrusted commands.

You should now be able to install the quick command from another source.

To install the command you need:

  • Follow the link to any of the commands.
  • When the command opens in the Commands app, scroll down.
  • Click “Add command”.

Commands will now appear in your Quick Commands gallery. By clicking on three dots in the quick command, you can display the shortcut on the home screen.

best quick commands on iPhone

Collected 15 interesting and useful quick commands for your iPhone. And how we lived without them before?

Shortcuts are a great way to spice up your iOS 14 home screen, and also make it easier for yourself to access some of the iPhone’s features. The main thing is just to know how to install, run and use quick commands correctly. What will you learn in this small guide.

What are quick commands

In 2017, Apple acquired the Workflow app to release its Teams app in 2018. It allows you to create personalized scenarios for your iPhone and thus customize your home screen, use quick functions, or access new ones that are not available on iPhone by default.

The idea with teams spread so much that a whole library of quick commands appeared on the Internet, where you can find various commands by category.

I hope you’ve found our selection of cool quick commands for your iPhone helpful. Do not forget that you can share your interesting commands in our Telegram chat!

Why you need to clean your iPhone

Very often, users do not understand why it is so important to clean the iPhone, they forget to wipe the camera lenses or even the screen, and from this, over time, their device starts to work worse.

What problems can arise if you do not clean your iPhone:

  • Clogged speakers and microphone. A very common problem encountered by many users. If you do not identify it in time, then the next step will be a trip to the service center and the procedure for replacing the speaker or microphone for iPhone.
  • Damage to the screen. In some very severe cases, contact with dirt and dust without using a protective glass may damage your iPhone screen.
  • Failure of the charging connector. If the charging port gets clogged, further use of the iPhone becomes just an unbearable torment. And then either you go to the service center, or you start using wireless charging.
  • Clogged headphone jack. Newer iPhones are not affected, but users of older devices should be careful not to clog their iPhone headphone jack.
  • Damage to the camera lens. If we can protect the iPhone case or screen from everyday contact with dust and dirt using protective glass, film or a case, then the camera (especially the main one) is in most cases permanently unprotected. Few people these days use protective accessories like lens glasses. Therefore, it is important to wipe the camera lenses from dust and dirt every day if you want to maintain the quality of the pictures taken on the iPhone.
  • IPhone hardware problems. In general, if you don’t clean your iPhone, you can run into other problems with your iPhone and its major components. Which can be corrected only upon contacting the service center.

Cleaning the iPhone Camera Lens

If you want to always get high-quality, streak-free and bleed-free images with your iPhone camera, you should clean your camera lenses.

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To do this, I advise you to always have a small napkin on hand. It is not necessary to buy it separately, usually a similar napkin is already included with a protective glass for the iPhone screen and can be used both for quick wiping of the screen and for taking care of the lenses.

Once a day, you can clean the lenses with a dampened cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol. If your lenses are critically scratched or otherwise damaged, exclude contact with water, and best of all. contact a service center to replace the camera lens.

If you notice any debris under the lens of the camera, do not use tweezers or compressed air to remove them. To do this, you need to contact the service center.

Cleaning the iPhone charging connector

If your iPhone charging port is clogged, be sure to use an auxiliary flashlight to illuminate the dark areas of the port. This will help you avoid damaging the connector when cleaning it.

How to clean the iPhone charging port:

  • A cotton swab slightly moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol;
  • Toothpick;
  • A needle.

When cleaning the charging connector, be very careful not to damage the contacts. If you are not sure that you can handle it yourself. contact the iLab service center.

If you notice that the iPhone charging port is damaged or there are foreign objects inside, be sure to contact the service center.

How to clean iPhone screen

Apple provides slightly different tips for iPhone screen care for different iPhone models.

  • For iPhones 11 and up, you can use soap, water, and a lint-free cloth to clean the screen. But you should also be careful and give preference to cleaning the screen with wet wipes without alcohol, if you do not want to erase the oleophobic coating that protects the screen from fingerprints.
  • For iPhone 7 and up to XS Max, use a lint-free damp cloth only. It is not recommended to use compressed air and cleaning agents as cleaning agents.
  • For iPhones 5 to 6S, Apple recommends using an extremely slightly damp microfiber cloth.
  • For iPhone 5C, use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the screen. It is not advisable to allow the device to come into contact with water.

In order to disinfect your iPhone screens, you can use wipes that will be soaked in 70% isopropyl alcohol. You can also use sterilizing wipes.

Important! Be careful when cleaning the iPhone screen if it is damaged. Here, regardless of what model you have, it is worth excluding contact with water or moisture. A dry cloth is best for cleaning a damaged screen (you can use a paper towel).

How to clean iPhone speakers

Earlier we wrote detailed instructions on how to properly clean the iPhone speaker, so for detailed information you can follow this link.

The main things to remember when cleaning your iPhone speaker are:

  • Do not allow vagi or detergents to get into the speaker;
  • Do not use compressed air or sharp objects for cleaning;
  • It is impossible to violate the integrity of the mesh on the dynamics.

If you notice dirt on the speaker mesh in your iPhone, the best way to clean is to take a toothbrush and lightly brush the dirt off the speaker. But at the same time, do not press on the brush, try to get any objects yourself if they are stuck inside the speaker mesh, or use any detergents to clean. After the procedure, you can wipe the mesh with a dry microfiber cloth.

Controversial way

Most of the tips on how to clean the iPhone 5s charging jack boil down to blowing out the inlet using a hair dryer. It is assumed that the compressed air flow will blow out accumulated dirt in the connector and will not damage the contacts.

In practice, this does not happen. Among other things, Apple technologists warn that cleaning the iPhone connector in this way can provoke a complete breakdown of the device. Why? Dust, fluff and fine dry debris that accumulates in s or bags gets into the socket of the gadget. On contact with the contacts, dry dust turns into a viscous coating that cannot be blown out. But you can blow out even further, inside the device.

How to clean the iPhone 5S, 5, 6 charging jack

An open charging port in the iPhone is not only a convenience for the user, but also the reason that over time the gadget becomes impossible to charge due to clogged contacts. How to clean the iPhone charging connector using available tools and whether it is possible to do it on our own we will figure it out further.

How to properly clean the iPhone charging port with your own hands

The easiest way to clean the iPhone 5 charging connector is to use a wooden toothpick and a piece of cotton rag. You will need:

  • point flashlight;
  • wooden stick (toothpick);
  • cotton rags.

You won’t be able to quickly clean the iPhone’s charging slot. The work is quite painstaking, you will need to completely remove the adhering dirt and at the same time not damage the inner socket. It is forbidden to use metal wire instead of a wooden stick. Metal scratches the inside of the connector easily.

  • Check if the wooden stick is scratching the skin of your hands, remove any burrs from the toothpick. You can wrap a small amount of rags around the tip.
  • Gently clean the socket, removing all plaque.
  • Check the connector with a flashlight for unnoticed pieces.
  • Connect the charger and check the gadget for performance.

Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush. Soft polyethylene hairs will not damage the contacts and will help you quickly clean the nest, remove adhering dirt. If you use a toothbrush for cleaning, it is important that the hairs are dry. It is not recommended to use your own brush, it is better to have a separate one designed only for cleaning small parts such as: a USB port in a laptop, charging a phone, etc.

If after removing the dirt, the gadget does not charge, clean the charger connector in the same way. If, after these manipulations, the phone cannot be charged, the problem may be in a faulty charger. In this case, it will be useful for you to learn how to fix iPhone charging.

Is your iPhone charging poorly? Check the charging connector. it may be dirty

We know that you love your reliable, but probably very dusty and even dirty in places. And do you know where dirt and other small debris likes to clog most of all? That’s right, in the most secluded corners! And what could be more secluded in a smartphone than a charging port? Take care of him and he will not let you down for many, many years.!

While you probably already know how to clean your iPhone (and how often you should do it; if anything, we talked about it here), it will not be superfluous to go into more detail about the “hygiene” of one of the most important ports of a smartphone. the charging port. Perhaps there is no worse feeling when, while on the road or at work and actively using your smartphone for its intended purpose, you connect to an energy source, and the battery does not charge What to do now, and could it have been avoided?

Yes, you can avoid this problem, as well as return the ability to charge your expensive iPhone. If the reason for the lack of contact is still dirt accumulated in the charging socket, then try to remove it using several methods.

paper clip method, needles

This method is also simple, but a little more dangerous, as you can potentially scratch and damage the sensitive contact points inside the port. IPad-Recycle’s Stuart McGrenary warns iPhone owners:

“Be very careful. Find places where dirt may have accumulated and remove it with a paper clip. “.

Find a small safety pin, paper clip, or needle;

Locate the presence of dirt in the port (the main thing is that the dirt is not directly on the contacts, metal can easily rip off the connector surface. To clean dirt from the contacts, use either the first or third option). Insert it carefully into the port;

Begin with extreme caution with the tip from the inside out to remove dirt or debris;

Plug the charger cable into the port. Try if charging has started?

cotton swab method

“The iPhone port gets dirty sooner or later over time. this is inevitable. However, periodic cleaning is very helpful in reducing the chances of dirt build-up and critical port clogging, ”says Will Manuel, CEO of Core Media Concepts.

He recommends using a paper towel (or a cotton swab, or a cotton pad) and, “sharpening the corner” so that the tip of the cleaning tool enters the port without any problems, begin the cleaning procedure.

Find a piece of paper or cotton. anything that can be rolled up and small enough to get into the port;

Insert the tip of the cleaning pad into the port;

After making sure you reach all the edges and walls of the port, start scrubbing the dirt out in a forward motion, trying to scoop the dirt out from the inside out;

Reinsert the charger cable into the port.

Fine lint will allow the smallest debris and dust to adhere to the material and move out of the port, thereby cleaning the miniature connectors, without which no iPhone, iPad or iPod can be charged.

ATTENTION! It is important that the material is dry. Make sure the towel is free of any contaminants, chemicals or cleaning agents as this may damage the connectors.

Apple experts tell you how to properly clean your iPhone.

compressed air method

This is the only method that cannot damage the equipment inside, since there is no direct contact of solid objects with the interior of the port. Because of this, we would risk calling it the best, but definitely not universal, since it is simply impossible to remove some dirt without the help of a cloth.

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Hold the can upright (be careful not to insert the nozzle into the port or hold it too close to the port);

Press the nozzle and start spraying air in short bursts;

Wait a few seconds after another purge;

You can plug the charger cable into the port and try it out.

ATTENTION! Don’t blow into the port by yourself! Moist hot air from the mouth will not do any good to the port, and it can even be destructive for contacts if you do this “blowing” constantly. This whiff can do more harm than good.

Any of these three options will likely help clear your port and restore the device’s ability to charge again. The battery will thank you for sure. The main thing is to charge with original wires and use branded chargers, and not fake “china”.

Features of cleaning the nest

The main steps for cleaning the charging socket of the device:

  • Turn off the device.
  • We wind a small amount of cotton wool on a toothpick (it is important to remove excess villi).
  • We tilt the device so that the charging port is at the top.
  • Then gently, slowly, we will stir the toothpick inside the connector.
  • Little by little, we begin to scrape the dust and dirt accumulated in the parts.
  • We repeat the actions until we understand that we have coped with the task.

In order to check how well and how well the procedure was performed, you need to turn on the flashlight and carefully review everything. If you suddenly find even small particles of dust, you need to repeat the steps again. As soon as we are sure that everything is done correctly, we check the work. We put the smartphone on charge, it charges without problems, then everything went well.

The reason for this situation is dust that has gotten into the connectors of the device. Using a regular needle, you can gently remove small particles from the connector. In this case, the most important thing is not to damage other parts.

To complete the procedure, you must prepare in advance:

  • A properly working flashlight.
  • Toothpick (preferably not bamboo).
  • Cotton or cotton pad.

The most important thing in this work, it is important to stock up on great patience, since the process is responsible and painstaking in its implementation.

How to Fix Clean Iphone Charging Port

An effective way to clean the phone jack

If the phone has been worn in your for a long time and has never been cleaned, then most likely its socket is seriously clogged. In this regard, there is a loss of normal contact with charging.

In order to get rid of the debris, you can take a regular needle and try to remove particles of dust and dirt from the depth of the connector. It is the garbage that is the main obstacle to the charging contact and the input socket of your mobile device.

It is quite difficult to cope with the task with an ordinary brush. Only after the compressed, interfering debris has been pulled out, can you pick up a small brush and continue to clean the nest from insignificant particles, dust.

After completing this procedure, your device will be fully charged again. Many, when it becomes necessary to clean the phone jack, take a toothbrush, and gently use it. with light, massaging movements in three along the nest itself. This procedure can be repeated if desired. But it is important to know that all actions must be correct and easy. This rule must be observed in order to avoid additional problems.

Important! Some users advise using alcohol during work (drip into the connector). But its quantity should be minimal, this point is important to consider.

In the event that this did not help to correct the unpleasant situation, then you need to think about other problems that led to damage to the mobile phone jack. In this case, most likely, it is impossible to do without the help of professionals.

Preparation for work

Sometimes there is a feeling that the small contacts of the USB cable of the phone’s charging cable have bent from rather frequent and active use and do not work. If it is necessary to insert the charging cable into the device, it is either held with great difficulty or constantly pops up. It takes extra effort to charge your phone. What can be done in this situation? You can take the phone directly to the device repair service, but you can cope with the problem yourself. This will save money and time.

How to clean your phone’s charging socket?

It is impossible to imagine life without a smartphone in modern times. Using a mobile device is addictive. Continuous use of the phone negatively affects the charging characteristics. The main reasons for the breakdown of the charging socket: liquid could be spilled on the device, constant friction can lead to mechanical damage. There is another serious reason for this behavior of the phone. dust and small particles of debris have formed in the nest, which must be disposed of. A clogged charger connector is a problem that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. After a thorough procedure, you can use your phone again without hassle.

What not to use when cleaning the charging socket.

It is important to know that you cannot use all kinds of detergents and cleaners to clean the charging socket of the device. This will lead to unpleasant consequences, the smartphone will stop functioning normally. In addition, it is forbidden to use different aerosols and compressed air. You should not look for simple solutions to the problem. If you decide to take a needle for work, be careful not to accidentally damage small parts.

As soon as you have difficulty charging your mobile device, start cleaning it. First you need to get rid of the compressed debris. Only then, with light movements, remove all the remnants of dust particles.

Thus, in order to properly clean the charging socket, you will need simple tools that are in every home. Remember that the positive result of the work depends on your accuracy and patience. If you have not been able to achieve the desired result on your own, then you should seek the help of specialists. They will carefully examine your mobile device and provide detailed advice on all issues.

There are several ways to clean the connector pins.

For the first way we need a toothpick or a regular match, alcohol and cotton wool. It is necessary to moisten cotton wool in alcohol, and then wrap a toothpick with it. Thereafter, gently toothpick into the headphone jack. We change the cotton wool until it becomes completely clean.

Then we wrap the headphones or charger in a disk, so that the outside remains outside. Plug your headphones or charger into the desired jack. After that, change the “wrapper” to a new cotton pad and repeat the entire procedure from the very beginning.

I would like to note that these procedures are not one hundred percent solutions to this problem. And if you do not fully believe in yourself, then you still better contact a service center. this is a guaranteed saving of your nerves and money.

How to properly clean the iPhone charging port with your own hands

The easiest way to clean the iPhone 5 charging connector is to use a wooden toothpick and a piece of cotton rag. You will need:

  • point flashlight;
  • wooden stick (toothpick);
  • cotton rags.

You won’t be able to quickly clean the iPhone’s charging slot. The work is quite painstaking, you will need to completely remove the adhering dirt and at the same time not damage the inner socket. It is forbidden to use metal wire instead of a wooden stick. Metal scratches the inside of the connector easily.

  • Check if the wooden stick is scratching the skin of your hands, remove any burrs from the toothpick. You can wrap a small amount of rags around the tip.
  • Gently clean the socket, removing all plaque.
  • Check the connector with a flashlight for unnoticed pieces.
  • Connect the charger and check the gadget for performance.

Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush. Soft polyethylene hairs will not damage the contacts and will help you quickly clean the nest, remove adhering dirt. If you use a toothbrush for cleaning, it is important that the hairs are dry. It is not recommended to use your own brush, it is better to have a separate one designed only for cleaning small parts such as: a USB port in a laptop, charging a phone, etc.

If after removing the dirt, the gadget does not charge, clean the charger connector in the same way. If, after these manipulations, the phone cannot be charged, the problem may be in a faulty charger. In this case, it will be useful for you to learn how to fix iPhone charging.

Clean the charging connector

Most iPhone owners carry their smartphones in the s of their trousers or jeans, in which various small debris accumulates every now and then. Because of it, sometimes the iPhone does not charge.!

The solution to this problem is painfully simple. arm yourself with a toothpick and gently clean the charging connector of your smartphone. In this case, it is necessary to try to reach the farthest corners, but also not to overdo it. it is not easy to damage the contacts with a toothpick, but it is still possible.

Connect iPhone to a different USB port

If you are charging iPhone using a computer, you should also try connecting your smartphone to a different USB port. By doing this simple operation, you at the same time check if the problem with charging the iPhone in the charging block was the cause.

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How to clean the charging port of iPhone and iPad?

The charging port for iPhone and iPad is located where dust and dirt can easily enter. They can cause the device to stop charging, so the clogged port must be cleaned. How to do this without damaging the tiny contact strips located inside the connector?

Toothpick and cotton wool

The first method is to use an ordinary toothpick, cotton wool and alcohol. Cotton wool, previously moistened with alcohol, is carefully inserted into the connector and made several rotating movements. If after removing the cotton wool becomes dirty, and in almost all cases it happens, it must be replaced with a new one. This process must be repeated until the cotton wool stops getting dirty. Care must be taken to ensure that no cotton wool remains inside the connector.

You can also clean the headphone jack with a toothpick without cotton. Small and sharp, this tool is great for removing stuck fibers and other debris that often ends up in s. During such cleaning, you can also use a can of compressed air, which will blow out the smallest dust particles.

What you need to clean your iPhone charging port

The items you’ll need to clean your iPhone‘s charging port can probably be found at your home.

This is the simplest kit for cleaning the iPhone charging port.

Flashlight. You’ll need really good lighting to see if you’ve cleaned the connector enough. Even with a flashlight, it’s still hard to see this little hole, but it helps. I used a flashlight on another iPhone, but you can use a separate light source if you have one.

Toothpicks will be your primary cleaning tool. You will need a couple at once in case you break one. Some people will advise you to use a paper clip or safety pin. I don’t recommend sticking anything too hard or sharp into the charging port. Remember, there are small contacts there, and if you don’t want to scratch or otherwise damage them, it is better to use a toothpick, it is more flexible and softer.

Cotton wool (optional). It is a good idea to attach a tiny piece of cotton wool to the tip of the toothpick to make cleaning easier. However, keep in mind that if there is too much dirt, extra cotton wool will not help in this case.

Patience. If you’re lucky, you can remove all the dirt, lint, and debris from your iPhone’s charging port in just a couple of quick swipes. But if your iPhone no longer charges properly, it looks like there is too much dirt and it will take longer.

Why iPhone won’t charge

I recently had problems with my iPhone 12. When connected to power, it did not always charge (when using the original cable and adapter). I tried another cable and charging. the same thing. And I decided to look inside the Lightning connector with a flashlight.

Even with the naked eye it could be seen that the port was clogged with lint, dust and other dirt. This junk accumulated over time, and I pressed it against the back of the port every time I plugged in the charging cable. Eventually, a small “wall of dirt” began to prevent the charging cable from properly connecting to the pins inside the port. Hence the charging problems.

An example of how much dirt can be in the iPhone charging slot

Therefore, before you spend a lot of time and money troubleshooting iPhone charging problems, try cleaning the port of dirt and other foreign objects. But at the same time, be careful, as it is easy to make a mistake during cleaning, due to which repairs may be necessary in the future.

IPhone didn’t charge, cleaned the charging socket. I learned a lot

There are several reasons why your iPhone might be having charging problems. You might have a faulty Lightning cable, hardware issues (such as battery and more), or your operating system. Sometimes the iPhone has problems with power consumption, and in this case, you cannot do without repairs. Sometimes, however, the only problem with the iPhone charging port is that it’s just plain dirty. Very dirty.

Your iPhone’s charging port can get clogged with dirt in just a couple of months.

How to Clean an iPhone Charging Port

How to clean the iPhone charging slot

At first, you may not even see the accumulated dirt in the iPhone’s charging slot. It is important to proceed carefully until you reach at least some debris. After that, everything becomes easier.

Note. Take special care when cleaning around the charging pins to avoid accidentally damaging them. Otherwise, you may need to completely replace the iPhone charging port.

  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • If using cotton wool, place it on a toothpick and twist until it snaps onto the toothpick (use only a small amount of cotton wool).
  • Hold iPhone up, place a toothpick in the charging port.
  • Run along the back of the connector and try to remove the dirt from there.

Act gently, do not press hard

Sometimes you may also need to thoroughly clean the sides of the port. Garbage may well get stuck there. Be careful not to damage the clips that hold the Lightning cable.

Once you’re done, plug the charging cable back into your iPhone and see if it worked. You do not have to wait for dirt to clog into the charging socket, and carry out this procedure every 3-4 weeks.

Air cleaning the iPhone charging slot

If the contamination is too strong, cleaning may require special tools. a mini vacuum cleaner or a compressed air cleaner. They are at the disposal of service center specialists, and the entire cleaning procedure takes no more than 15 minutes. In the same way, you can clean the iPhone speaker if you suddenly become less able to hear the interlocutor. over, it is inexpensive. our friends Apple Pro service, for example, offer a service. cleaning the iPhone speaker for only 500 rubles.

Do not try to blow out the dust yourself. Hot and humid air from the mouth can damage the contacts.

Have you ever cleaned the charging port of your mobile device? You can tell about your experience in our chat on Telegram.

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Why iPhone won’t charge

There are several answers to this question. And it is not always necessary to have surgical intervention in a smartphone. So, the reasons for this problem may be the following:

clean, iphone, charging, slot
  • Lightning cable not working. It is very easy to check this problem, you need to connect another.
  • Battery problems;
  • Breakdown in the power supply circuit;
  • Software glitch. In this case, you need to restart the iPhone or install a new update.
  • Dirty power connector.

Here is the last case, the topic of this material.

This is a fairly common problem that can be solved on your own with enough patience and care.

How to clean the iPhone charging connector

This article is not about how to change the charging connector or battery at home using a Phillips screwdriver. We will tell you that the problem is not always an internal breakdown, what should be done first of all before calling the Apple Lab service center with the problem of an uncharging iPhone.

How to clean the power connector on an iPhone

  • Flashlight. to look at the pollution inside the port. And also assess the quality of the work done.
  • Toothpicks. we will use them as a direct cleaning tool. By the way, if you don’t have a toothpick at hand, you can use the key to open the SIM card tray.
  • Cotton. you need it to wind it around the tip of a toothpick. But this is not necessary, especially since cotton wool can catch on the Lightning fastener and damage it, as well as leave lint inside the connector.

Note! We do not use any cleaning agents. We clean only dry. Any liquid entering the port can lead to irreversible consequences.

Having prepared everything you need, we do the following:

  • Turn off the phone;
  • Now we are preparing our toothpick, I wind cotton wool on it.
  • Then we very carefully run a toothpick with a cotton swab along the inner wall of the connector.
  • Then shine a flashlight and make sure that the work is done efficiently.
  • After that, we check the charging by connecting the power cable to the smartphone.

We clean the iPhone connector with air

Compressed air or a special vacuum cleaner for technology is also used to clean the connector. Such a tool is in the arsenal of the Apple Lab service center. The cleaning service for the connector entrance to the speaker cleaning procedure. But if cleaning does not help, the verdict is diagnostics and repair at the service center.