How to clear app data on iPhone

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What the “Other” section is responsible for

If you have already walked along the path: the “Settings” application, the “General” tab, the item “iPhone Storage”, then you have already seen the main areas of memory sharing. Most of the points are clear, they are divided by application.

On an iPhone with iOS 9 or later installed, the “Other” contains:

  • System settings.
  • Siri Assistant Voices.
  • Current smartphone and system data.
  • Cache files.

IPhones running iOS 8 and older, then Other stored even more information.

As for the caching files from the fourth point, where do they come from at all? In theory, cached files are temporary files. This means that they were temporarily needed for some process, and after completing the task, they must be deleted.

Apple’s file caching defines everything that is created when streaming data: music, photos, videos. If you use Apple Music on a daily basis, prepare for a large cache size. Even previews of the tracks will go here.

How to clear “Other” on iPhone

Facing high memory usage on your iPhone and iPad? Try to clear the “Other” item in the memory settings! Don’t know how? Go to our article and read a full breakdown of the possibilities for clearing the cache on iOS.

Each iPhone lineup has several versions with different storage capacities. At the same time, Apple likes to add a lot in value for a larger volume, so many have to buy the smallest version or the medium.

Of course, in such conditions, the issue of free memory becomes acute. The author of this article uses a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus, so I know what I’m talking about. Applications are becoming heavier and even rarely saving photos and videos in the clouds to save free memory.

Many iPhone owners may face the “Other” section of the device memory overflow. If you check your device’s memory, there is a category called “Other” among others. By default, it takes 200-300 MB, but it can grow up to several gigabytes.

How to clear the cache of a specific iOS app

All the beauty of the previous method is the maximum safety of important user data. All photos and videos in messengers, data, personal documents remain intact.

From a system point of view, data from even applications that you rarely use can be important. If there is nothing of value in them, you can free up even more space.

You can delete the cache for a specific application, but you have to tinker. Open the Settings app → General → iPhone Storage. After downloading the entire list of installed software, select the desired.

Now the most “interesting” thing. you need to remove the program with large third-party data. Unfortunately, there is no more convenient way to clear the cache. After uninstalling, you need to download the program again.

Be careful! In this case, there is no guarantee that your data will be saved with this cleaning method. Conventionally, by reinstalling Telegram, you get the entire history of your correspondence and transferred files. Viber does not differ in such functionality.

How to Delete All Cache from iPhone

Let’s go from simple to complex. The easiest way to clear the Other section is to use iTunes. It is important that this deletes not the entire cache, but only the garbage collected by the system.

Answers to the most common questions:

  • How long the cleaning will take. somewhere between 10-30 minutes, but it all depends on the amount of software installed.
  • Will important files be deleted. all user-generated content will remain intact.
  • You need to re-authorize. no, applications can be immediately opened and used.
  • How much memory you can count on. from 1 to 4 GB.

To get started, launch iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone or iPad (yes, the instructions work with a tablet as well). Select the desired device on the home screen.

In the window that opens, you need to check the “Encrypt iPhone backup” checkbox. Come up with a password for the new backup and be sure to remember it.

Click on the “Create a copy now” button. This will start backing up your device to PC.

Once you’ve finished creating your backup, pick up your device and follow the following route in the Settings app: [Username] → iCloud → Find iPhone. Turn off Find My iPhone by confirming with your AppleID password. This is a temporary measure, then you can restore it. This is required for iTunes to allow recovery from PC.

Now in the iTines window, click on “Restore from a copy” and confirm the decision by entering the password. Do not interrupt the connection of the iPhone or iPad from the computer until the end of the procedure, including restarting the device and its appearance in iTunes.

Enter your AppleID password and wait for your applications to install. Don’t worry, their data will be pulled from the backup.

After the device appears in iTunes, the user will be able to evaluate the effect. This screenshot shows that we managed to free 900 MB. Considering that, according to the owner of the smartphone, the iPhone was reset a month ago to the factory settings, then the owners of devices 1 or 2 years old and older will be very pleasantly surprised at the vacated space.

How to clear the cache of the Safari browser on iPhone and iPad

Many apple technology users use the built-in Safari browser instead of solutions from other companies. It is quite convenient, and on iOS 13 it is also quite functional, but it loves to occupy the cache very much. At the same time, it is not even necessary to use the browser often.

To clear the cache in Safari, open the Preferences app and scroll down the main menu to the Safari tab. There is a separate field “Clear history and data”, where you need to tap. The system will warn you about the deleted files, and you need to confirm. Cleaning will happen instantly.

How to get rid of all cache on iPhone and iPad

There are no built-in tools for clearing the Other section in iOS. Also, any application from the AppStore will not help with this, due to the closed system. If you want to decisively defeat the cache, you will have to do a full reset.

ATTENTION! In the case of this operation, the device loses absolutely all data. Be sure to make a copy of your device in iTunes.

To start the hard reset procedure, you need to follow the route “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Erase content and settings”. The system will ask you to confirm your desire to reset the gadget to factory settings by entering the AppleID password.

When the device restarts, iOS prompts you to restore from a backup. This restore will return all user data back, except for the very cache.

How to clean iPhone and iPad without a computer

Everything happens in life, and someone in the “fields” may have a desire to cleanse their memory. We must say right away that it is impossible to clean the cache normally without a PC. You can download some kind of cleaning application from the AppStore that will remove some unnecessary data.

From what I’ve used myself, I can recommend the Magic Cleaner Battery Saver apps. They are very easy to manage, you just need to launch the application and press the big clear button.

Monitor the status of your devices, make backups constantly, follow our instructions and everything will be fine with your gadget! If there is any software or technical malfunction with your iPhone and you cannot deal with it yourself. contact the iLab service center for help!

How to Delete App Data on iPhone?

Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage. Wait for the list of applications to load, then select the application whose cache you want to completely delete. All installed applications in the list are sorted by size, which makes it faster and easier to identify “pests”.

Where are telegram files stored on iPhone?

By default, Telegram saves files to the Telegram Desktop folder in the system Downloads folder, which is usually located at the following path c: Users \ Downloads. Also, you can always change the location of saving files by going to Telegram in Settings. Advanced settings. Path for saving.

How to clear the application cache?

  • Go to “Settings” and find there the item “Applications”.
  • In the parameters, select the option “Clear cache”.

How to clear memory in Viber on iPhone?

  • Message log. Settings → Calls and messages → Clear message history → confirm action.
  • Call log (delete all calls to Viber). Calls → All → Trash (delete).
  • Chats with each contact separately.

How to clean up iPhone trash?

How to get rid of junk and free up space on iPhone

  • Perform a forced reboot
  • Delete the cache in the settings
  • Delete the cache in the applications themselves
  • Reinstall space eating apps
  • Start all over again
  • Use apps to clean up space
  • Take advantage of iOS capabilities.

How to clear the application cache?

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps & notifications”.
  • In the list that appears, click on the entry “Applications”.
  • Choose an application that contains many cache files.
  • On the app info page, tap the Storage option, then Clear cache.

How to remove the parameters downloaded to the smartphone

If a customer needs to erase app data on iPhone, they can use the following options for clearing memory:

  • using separate programs;
  • by restarting the smartphone system;
  • clearing the cache in applications installed on the phone;
  • by deleting cached data options in Safari browser.

It is worth telling in more detail how to erase file data using each of these methods.

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What is cached data on a smartphone

It’s worth starting with what the cache on the iPhone is and why the gadget needs it. Cached is temporary data that is stored in the memory of a cell phone. These parameters are necessary for faster loading of the applications in use. Also, the data allows you to spend less Internet traffic. If the user wants to check how much space the cache takes on his phone, he can go to the settings section and find the “Memory” item. There it is possible to check how much memory is occupied by program and application data.

How to Clean Safari Browser on iPhone

If a client often logs on to the Internet to surf and view information of interest, he must remember that some data is stored in the browser cache. In this case, you will need to clear the parameters of not only applications, but also Safari. To delete unnecessary files, you must use the following instructions:

clear, data, iphone

  • the client opens an icon on the cell phone with the name “Settings”;
  • then you should select the item “Storage”, this tab is located at the very bottom of the page;
  • from the list you need to find the section with the name of the browser used “Safari”;
  • the owner must click on the desired subsection;
  • a new list will open on the screen, you should scroll down the page to the “Site data” item;
  • when the transition to the subsection is completed, the client will see the parameters of the cached files;
  • the names will coincide with those sites that were previously visited by the user;
  • now you need to select the edit item from the menu section, for this the client selects the “Change” button.

Regardless of the smartphone model used, the cleaning process is carried out in the same way. The owner of the gadget can choose individual items to delete files selectively. The “Delete all” button is also available to the client. In this case, the cache will be completely cleared. If such a key does not appear, you should open all the files that are saved in the browser memory.

Resetting data by rebooting your smartphone

RAM is the working memory of the iPhone, where incoming data is processed. But this section can also store cached data. To remove unnecessary options, the user can simply restart the iPhone software. If the client is using iPhone version 8 or earlier, then the reset operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • first you should take your smartphone and press the button located on top;
  • a slider about disabling the gadget should appear on the screen;
  • you should slide your finger from left to right to move the slider, this will turn off the smartphone;
  • when the disconnection is completed, press the button on the panel of the smartphone again and hold it;
  • when the Apple icon appears on the display, you can release the.

If the user has a smartphone of version X or later, the following shutdown scheme should be applied:

  • on a cell phone, find a button on the side panel;
  • the user presses a key and then selects a button to increase the volume level;
  • a slider should appear on the screen;
  • you need to move the slider to turn off the cell;
  • when the gadget is deactivated, press the “Power” button again;
  • as soon as the “Apple” icon is displayed on the screen, you can release the key.

Thus, the client will be able to throw off the current cache on the iPhone, without losing important files.

How to clear app data on iPhone

Smartphone users often come across the term “Cash”. Not many people know what this data is and what it is needed for. The owner will be useful to know what this information is, how to reset the cache on the iPhone and what the parameters need to be cleared for.

Why remove cache settings: advantages and disadvantages

Before clearing the data of installed applications on the iPhone, the user must figure out what the pros and cons of the procedure. The cache is useful for frequent Internet use. With the data already loaded, pages load quickly. But the parameters take up a lot of free space on the owner’s smartphone. In this case, the operating system of the smartphone will perform worse. In order not to face such a problem, it is recommended to regularly clear the cache.

Professional users know that the operation should not be performed frequently. The fact is that the parameters allow faster loading of Internet pages, which are often used by a client on a smartphone. If your cell phone runs out of memory, you will have to clear some of the information. Otherwise, you will not be able to save photos and videos.

Even if the user has individual applications installed, they can also clog up the phone’s memory, causing the operating system to malfunction. If a large number of programs are installed on the phone, the memory will become clogged faster. In this case, you will have to clear the cache frequently. But the client should know that the Internet pages will load in this case slower.

Using special applications

Also, the developers have proposed an improved version of “PhoneClean Pro”. To use the program, you need to connect your smartphone to your computer. When the device synchronization is complete, the client should click the “Scan” button. This will activate the file scanning process. The utility will automatically start searching for parameters that the client does not need. Unnecessary objects will be shown on the screen, it remains only to delete them.

Another program designed to clean up iPhone memory is “Clean Doctor”. This utility is provided to smartphone owners for free. When activation is completed, you should go to the section to reset the cache. The user will only have to confirm the operation, and all objects will be deleted by the program automatically. It is better to use the deletion through the phone settings, since programs often delete the necessary files.

  • note
  • This utility can remove some information about game applications, as well as updates. In this case, the player will have to start the game from the beginning.

How to clear the application cache?

  • Go to “Settings” and find there the item “Applications”.
  • In the parameters, select the option “Clear cache”.

How to Reset Game Data on iPhone?

In the first case, you need to launch iTunes. Select “Edit”, then “Settings”. In the opened table, go to the “Devices” tab. select the backup you want to delete and click on the button. “Delete backup”.

How to clear the romance club cache on iPhone?

One way to delete progress is to go to your phone settings. applications. “Club of Romance”. clear data.

What happens if you clear the telegram cache?

Unlike other instant messengers, Telegram practically does not take up space on your device, even if you actively use it. If you delete any files from the cache, they will still remain on our servers until you decide to delete them.

How to clear telegrams in iPhone?

Open Telegram. Go to Settings → Data and Memory → Memory Usage. Just like WhatsApp, there will be information about how much space is used by chats and channels. To immediately clear all data, you need to click the “Clear cache” button.

How to clean up iPhone trash?

How to get rid of junk and free up space on iPhone

  • Perform a forced reboot
  • Delete the cache in the settings
  • Delete the cache in the applications themselves
  • Reinstall space eating apps
  • Start all over again
  • Use apps to clean up space
  • Take advantage of iOS capabilities.

How to Clear App Cache on iPhone

How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone?

  • Open the iPhone Settings app.
  • Go to General and then iPhone Storage
  • Wait for all storage data to be loaded
  • Scroll down to find the list of apps and find “Instagram” next to it will be the total storage used by the app

How to clear Instagram cache on iPhone?

The Instagram cache is located in the “Documents and Data” section of the app. Currently, the only way to reliably remove this section is to manually uninstall and reinstall the app, since neither iOS nor Instagram has a built-in option to delete Documents and Data.

How to clear the cache of the Safari app on iPhone and iPad

The Safari browser is, in fact, the very real storehouse of your cache, because part of some use of your smartphone you either search for something on the Internet, or spend in social applications, which (by the way) are also accumulators of unnecessary cache.

To clear the cache in the Safari app you need:

  • Unlock Smartphone
  • Open the Settings app
  • Go down and find the “Safari” app
  • Now you need to find the line “Clear history and website data”
  • Confirm your choice

The cache and history should be cleared. But keep in mind that some passwords may disappear on the sites where you entered. Personally, I did not have such a problem, but if you do it for the first time, everything is possible. Therefore, I advise you to play it safe.

You can also configure additional cleaning options next to the panel.

What is cache and why should you clean it

Cash is a word that we come across today much more than the same iPhone. Open your browser, and there is a cache. You open applications, there is also a cache. And what is this cache of such and such?

Cache is data that is stored in the memory of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook or any other device that has memory to make it easier for you to enter an application or some page of a web service. In fact, these are small pointers for the computer, which allow you to quickly understand what you want from it when you press a button.

You need to clear the cache in order to free up memory. You need to free up memory in order for a computer or smartphone to work faster. a bit paradoxical, but true. Because the cache can store data that you absolutely do not need. For example, you have viewed many pages on. suddenly something caught your interest and you went to a place where you had never visited before, and then from page to page, as usually happens. The phone remembered all this and saved data particles on your device, because it does not understand what exactly you are interested in.

Over time, this cache accumulates and it is simply impossible to use a smartphone: everything slows down, sometimes bugs appear, and maybe the phone overheats or turns off altogether. To protect yourself from such troubles, you need to clean the cache. And our simple guide will help you with this.

Clearing the cache of other applications

Here, as mentioned above, everything is much more complicated, because there are applications that provide such a function. And here or Instagram are protected from this.

In order to check the list of applications you will have to:

  • Go to the “Settings” application
  • Select “Applications” or “Application Management”
  • Click on the application you are interested in
  • Go down and see if there is “Clear data / cache” in the list

Unfortunately, in applications that do not provide access to cleaning, the only option is to completely delete them and reload from the App Store again. It’s not very convenient because it takes a lot of time, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

How to clear cache on iPhone / iOS

In this simple guide, we’ll show you how to clear the cache on your iPhone and iPad, as well as recommend an app for cleaning your smartphone from all sorts of internal junk.

Finding and clearing the junk hidden in the cache on iPhone and iPad is very difficult. Because, unlike Android, these operating systems do not have such a simple but desirable “Clear cache” button in the settings. Today we are going to tell you why you need to clear your cache and how to do it on your iPhone or iPad.

Using third-party apps to clear the cache

Nowadays, for iOS, they came up with applications that make our life easier and allow us to clear the cache without deleting applications and reinstalling them again. But finding them in the App Store is not easy.

But here is the Quick Heal Optimizer program, which will not only help you “clean up” your smartphone, but will also monitor its workload and tell you when it’s time to get rid of the junk inside the phone.

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Also, do not forget that you can always contact the specialized iLab service center for help.

How to completely delete cache on iPhone and iPad

It is impossible to completely delete the cache, aka the “Other” section, without performing a hard reset of the iPhone or iPad. Not a single utility for a computer, and even more so, not a single application from the App Store is capable of completely understanding the cache. Therefore, if the cache on your iPhone or iPad really does not allow you to live, then this radical method will really help out.

To completely reset your iPhone or iPad, you need to go to it in the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Erase content and settings.” iOS will ask you to confirm the operation by entering a password. Important! The system does this for a reason. A hard reset will erase all data from your iPhone or iPad. Be sure to create a fresh iTunes or iCloud backup for later recovery.

After performing a hard reset on your iPhone or iPad, all that’s left is to set up. At the setup stage, iOS will offer to restore from a backup, which, of course, is recommended, since all important data will be restored to the mobile device. Of course, the cache is not considered such data, and it will not be returned to the device. If you want the most “clean” iPhone and iPad, then the device can be set up as new. In this case, your data will not be saved, but there will definitely not be any cache and category “Other” on the gadget.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone and iPad Effectively Without Data Loss

Let’s start with the most optimal and efficient way to clear cache on iPhone and iPad using iTunes. This method does not completely delete the entire cache, but only removes the real “garbage”. For example, after using the method, attachments to Viber or WhatsApp will not be deleted, since iTunes does not consider them “garbage”. However, there will still be a lot of free space on the device.

  • What is being deleted? It is the “harmful cache” that is not needed in the system that is removed from the iPhone or iPad.
  • How long does the cleaning take? 10 to 30 minutes depending on the number of applications installed.
  • Will anything important be deleted? No, all content on iPhone and iPad will remain intact.
  • Will I need to enter passwords in apps? No, after recovery, you can immediately use any applications without the need to authorize.
  • How much space is freed up? 1 to 4 GB.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, launch iTunes and select your mobile device on the main screen of the program.

Select the “Encrypt iPhone backup” checkbox and enter the password for the backup. Important! Remember the password.

Click Back Up Now to back up your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Wait for the operation to complete.

After backing up your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings → [your_name] → iCloud → Find My iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone. This is necessary for subsequent recovery from the just created backup. If Find My iPhone is enabled, iTunes won’t allow recovery.

Note: You will need to enter your Apple ID password to disable Find My iPhone.

In iTunes, click “Recover from a copy” and confirm the start of recovery by entering the previously set password. Do not disconnect your iPhone or iPad from your computer until the mobile device is restarted and appears in iTunes.

When the iPhone or iPad turns on, you just have to re-enter the password for your Apple ID account, as well as wait until all applications are installed.

Done! When the mobile device appears in iTunes again, you can immediately see how much space was freed up on it by deleting the cache. In our case, an additional 900 MB appeared on the iPhone. It is important to note that this is assuming the iPhone had a hard reset just a month ago. If your iPhone or iPad has been in active use for a long time, then the device will definitely free up much more memory.

How to Clear Cache and “Other” on iPhone and iPad. Working Ways

How to clear cache and delete “Other” on iPhone and iPad.

Over time, iPhones and iPads start to run slower, and their built-in memory gets clogged with all kinds of junk. This is a well-known fact that Apple device users are not happy with, but they have to put up with it. Or you can fight, for example, clear the cache of the iPhone and iPad, deleting which allows you to speed up your work and free up valuable memory space. In this tutorial, we talked about how to clear cache and “Other” on iPhone and iPad. Collected only proven and effective ways.

How to delete the cache of a specific application on iPhone and iPad

The previous method is good in that all important data for users remains on the iPhone or iPad. Documents and data, for example, the already mentioned attachments in instant messengers (these are most often photographs, many of which may be memorable) are saved. However, users most often do not care about the cache in most applications, since it does not represent any value. There is a way to delete the cache of specific applications, but it cannot be called convenient.

Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage.

Wait for the list of applications to load, then select the application whose cache you want to completely delete. All installed applications in the list are sorted by size, which makes it faster and easier to identify “pests”.

On the application page, pay attention to the “Documents and data” column. It also displays the size of the application cache. To clear it, you need to click “Remove the program”, confirm the removal, and then reinstall the application from the App Store.

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet implemented a more convenient way to clear the application cache on iPhone and iPad. Nevertheless, this laborious method makes it possible to understand the cache in more detail.

How to Delete Safari Cache on iPhone and iPad

A lot of space on the iPhone and iPad is taken up by the cache of the Safari browser. It is noteworthy that it is not at all necessary to actively use the browser for this. Even relatively infrequent visits to the web through Safari fill up the cache basket instantly. To remove the Safari cache, Apple provided the function.

Go to Preferences → Safari.

At the bottom of the options page, click Clear History and Data. iOS will warn you that clearing will delete your browsing history, cookies and other browsing data.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone | Clear App Cache Data and Make iPhone Faster (iOS) in 2020

Clearing the Safari cache is instant, but the result is sure to please. In our case, more than 700 MB were freed up in the iPhone memory.

How to partially clear the cache on iPhone and iPad without using a computer

If you don’t have a computer with iTunes at hand, but you still want to clear the cache of your iPhone or iPad, you can use specialized applications from the App Store. Immediately, we emphasize that they only partially clear the cache, since Apple does not allow their tools to “go where they need not”.

Due to limitations, such applications cannot deal with clearing the cache as efficiently as iTunes. Nevertheless, if there is no way to use iTunes, the applications will somehow be able to help. The most effective of these are Magic Cleaner and Battery Saver.

The principle of their work is the same. You need to launch the application and click on Clena Junk or “Clean up trash”. Both apps are free, but contain in-app ads. And once again, we note that such utilities are not able to effectively clear the cache, so we recommend using the first three proven methods.

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How to clear cache on iPhone

You can delete the cache on iPhone 11, 10, 8, 7 and other versions of it through the device settings, in rare cases, individual applications offer this function, you need to look for it in their settings.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone: Apps and Safari

The iPhones are equipped with the IOS operating system, which is distinguished by excellent optimization, security, and stability. Unlike phones with other operating systems, you do not need to constantly clear the cache here, everything happens automatically.

But, in rare cases, you still need to do it yourself, for example, when you need to load a website page in the browser not from the cache, but with new data.

The previous article was devoted to how to cancel an iPhone subscription to a paid program. Now you will learn how to delete cache on iPhone quickly and easily to make apps run faster and more stable.

Interesting! The IOS operating system automatically removes cached data from the device and installed applications automatically. So, no participation is required from the user. Only occasionally does this need appear, for example, for the Safari browser.

How to remove the application cache

After you have seen how long it takes for a particular program or game, you can try to clear it. To do this, open it and in the settings find the function of clearing temporary files or other used.

But, it may simply not be there. Therefore, in the same place in the device settings. “Basic”. “IPhone storage”, you can delete the application, and then just install it again. So, when you delete and clean all the data and tails from the program or game, along with the cached data.

How to clear cache of Safari browser on iPhone

Open your device preferences and go to the “Safari” menu. Scroll to “Clear history and data” and click on it.

The cache and history will be deleted and, reopening a site, you will see its current version, and not the one that was stored in the cached files.

How to see the place occupied by the cache

Open the settings and go to “Basic”, here we need the item “IPhone Storage”. go to it.

Here is a list of applications and system utilities with information about how much space their data takes up. You can click on any and erase them. For example, to free up space, you can uninstall the IOS update.

The total space occupied by the cache is located in the “Other” section. You won’t be able to clear it from here, but you can see how much space it takes for certain applications. Open a specific one, in the “Documents and data” section you will see how many MB it weighs. Also, here you can “Download application”. In this case, the program will be deleted, space will be freed up, and the data with the settings will remain.

Interesting! By clicking on the link. download unused, you can significantly free up space on your device.

How to clean iPhone. about other methods and applications

I do not recommend installing special programs for cleaning the iPhone on a PC. They are mostly paid and can only harm your device.

Therefore, look in the repository how much space is occupied by which software. If possible, go to its settings and delete cached files from there. Most of the space is usually consumed by instant messengers. Pictures that are sent to you are saved in the device’s memory, they can be deleted immediately from the gallery. just switch to albums and you will see them right away.

In any case, the function. Upload unused to storage helps to significantly free up space on the iPhone.

Also, I highly discourage using the method of saving a backup to iTunes and then restoring it. It’s like shooting at a fly with a cannon. IOS does not like such manipulations and everything is done much easier from the storage or settings of a specific application.

Now you have learned how to clear cache on iPhone 7, 8, 11, 10, SE, XS, XR and other models. As you can see, everything is quite simple and done very quickly. Thus, memory can be freed up, for example, for updating the system.

How to clear the application cache?

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps & notifications”.
  • In the list that appears, click on the entry “Applications”.
  • Choose an application that contains many cache files.
  • On the app info page, tap the Storage option, then Clear cache.
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What happens if you reset all settings on iPhone?

As the name implies, in this case only the settings will be deleted. This includes network settings, keyboard dictionaries, Home screen settings, Apple Pay cards. At the same time, your files will remain on the device. May 14, 2020.

How to clean up Google Drive storage?

Go to on your computer. In the left pane, click Trash. Make sure there are no files in it that you may need in the future. In the upper right corner, click Empty Trash.

How to free up space on your phone without deleting anything?

For 4-5 times, you can free from 1 to 2 GB. Why this is happening is not entirely clear, perhaps iOS in this situation deletes temporary files and cache.Android

  • Clear your cache
  • Download the dedicated application
  • Purchase a MicroSD card.
  • Take advantage of cloud services
  • Delete SMS and Emails

How to clear cache on iPhone?

How to clear the cache of the Safari app on iPhone and iPad

  • Unlock Smartphone
  • Open the Settings app
  • Go down and find the “Safari” app
  • Now you need to find the line “Clear history and website data”
  • Confirm your choice

How to Reset Game Data on iPhone?

If resetting the iPhone means a complete reset. settings, content and account, then you need to go to Settings and select the General section. In the menu that appears, find the Reset item and select Erase Content and Settings. After that, the smartphone can be configured for a new account.

How to clear junk iPhone memory?

How to get rid of junk and free up space on iPhone

  • Perform a forced reboot
  • Delete the cache in the settings
  • Delete the cache in the applications themselves
  • Reinstall space eating apps
  • Start all over again
  • Use apps to clean up space
  • Take advantage of iOS capabilities.

How to clear your message history / iMessage?

Regular SMS and iMessages are deleted the same way. You can erase both individual SMS-ki, and entire correspondence. Getting rid of the correspondence is easier: just go to the “Messages” application, swipe from right to left on the correspondence, which is no longer needed, and click on the red button with the signature “Delete”.

If it is necessary to erase specific messages, proceed differently:

In the “Messages” application, find the desired correspondence and open it.

Press and hold SMS until the following menu appears:

Select the option. The message will be marked with a check mark.

Put a tick in front of other SMS-oks that you want to erase.

Click on the trash can icon in the lower left corner.

iPhone will count the number of messages to be deleted and ask you to confirm the operation.

After that, only important information will remain in your correspondence.

How to clean iPhone completely?

How to clear all types of data history on iPhone at once? To do this, it is worth resorting to the most radical method. a complete reset of the “apple” device. Resetting your iPhone is much the same as deleting your AutoCorrect history. You need to go to the “Reset” subsection, then click on “Erase content and settings”.

You will need to enter the restrictions password and confirm your desire to erase the iPhone by clicking on the corresponding button.

The Apple gadget will restart, after which the user will have to configure it as a new one. On our site there is an article about the initial setup of iPhones. you can resort to the instructions set out in it.

How to erase history in other browsers on iPhone?

The AppStore contains such popular browsers as Opera Mini, Yandex Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, UC Browser. We’ll take a quick look at how to clear history in some of them.

To delete history in Yandex Browser, do the following:

Go to the “Settings” application. click on the button with three dots.

In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” option.

Scroll down the settings screen to the Privacy section. In this block you will find the “Clear data” section. Follow into it.

Select the checkboxes which types of data you want to remove from Yandex Browser.

Then click “Clear” and confirm your intention by clicking on the “Yes” button in the window that appears.

Deleting history in Opera Mini is even easier:

Launch the application, and when the express panel appears on the screen, swipe from left to right. This will take you to the “History” section.

Click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner.

Confirm that you want to clear your browsing history. in the window that appears, select the option “Yes”.

From the point of view of flexibility of settings, Mobile Opera is far from Yandex Browser. Opera does not allow you to delete data of only one type (for example, cache). It is possible to erase only all data at once. both history, and a list of passwords, and cookies.

To clear the history of mobile Google Chrome, you need to start the browser, go to the menu by clicking on the icon with three dots and follow the path “Settings”. “Advanced”. “Personal data” (“Privacy “). In the last subsection there will be a “Clear Browsing Data” block. By clicking on the items in this block, you can delete data of different types.

How to clear purchase history in the AppStore?

Go to the “AppStore” application on the gadget and select the “Updates” tab.

Then go to the section “Shopping”.

A list of all applications that have been downloaded to the mobile device will appear on the screen.

Swipe from right to left along the line with the name of the application you want to remove from history, and click “Hide”.

Only owners of mobile devices with iOS version higher than 8.0 will be able to clear the download history from the AppStore in this way. On gadgets with iOS 7 and below, there will be no reaction to the swipe.

How to Delete iPhone Call History?

Thanks to the iPhone call history, the user can quickly contact the people with whom he speaks most often. without wasting time searching for their numbers in the phone book. Call history can also be “cleaned”, leaving only the most necessary contacts in the list. Here’s how to do it:

Go to the “Phone” application and select the “Recent” tab.

Click on the “Change” button located in the upper right corner.

You will see that a red circle with a minus appears in front of each call.

How to proceed further depends on your intentions. You can erase calls one by one by clicking on the red circles opposite them and then confirming the action by clicking on “Delete”.

IPhone also allows you to clear your call history completely. To do this, click on the “Delete” button and in the menu that appears, select the option “Clear all recent”.

Data on calls made by users of Apple devices with iOS 8.1 and higher is sent to Apple, even if the iCloud backup function is disabled. This is the policy of the organization. Apple claims that it stores information only for the last month and solely for the benefit of users. so that they have the opportunity to recover important data in case of loss. However, experts from the domestic company Elcomsoft managed to recover information about the calls made over the past 4 months. These statistics “added fuel to the fire” of discussions over whether Apple is spying on Russians.

How to delete Safari history on iPhone?

Although you can install third-party browsers on the iPhone, most Apple fans continue to use Safari. If you are thinking of cleaning your Apple smartphone, you should start with the history of the preinstalled browser. Deleting Safari history should be done through the “Preferences”. proceed as follows:

In “Settings” find the section “Safari” and go to it.

Scroll down the page and look for the “Clear history” item. Click on it.

Confirm that you want to clear history. click on the corresponding button.

The item “Clear history” will be grayed out. this means that you have coped with the task “with a bang”.

Please note that in our example (on iOS 7.1.2) there are two buttons. “Clear history” and “Clear cookies and data”. If you only click the first one, the cookie will remain in the iPhone’s memory. On gadgets with iOS of other versions, there may be only one button. “Clear history and site data”. In this case, saving cookies by deleting the browser history will not work.

There is no need to erase cookies from iPhone. You won’t free up a lot of space due to this action, but you will lose the ability to quickly log in to services and face the need to remember all passwords.

You can also clear your iPhone search history through the browser itself. This is done as follows:

Find the button “Bookmarks” (with the image of an open book) on the bottom panel and click on it.

Then go to the “History” section.

Click on the “Clear” button located in the lower right corner.

In the menu that appears, select the “Clear” option. this way you confirm that you want to say goodbye to the history of browsed Internet pages.

If you do not want the addresses of the sites you visit to remain in the memory of your mobile device, use “Private Access”. Requests after activating “Private Access” will not be saved either. You need to enable the “Private Access” function in the “Bookmarks” menu. just click on the button of the same name in the lower left corner, then click “Finish”.

You can tell that “Private Access” is enabled by the background color of the browser. The background turns black.

Deleting AutoCorrect History

The function of automatic replacement of words when writing a message or note, in theory, should be useful to the user; its task is to correct random mistakes, which, given the fact that the keyboard buttons on the iPhone are small, cannot be avoided. In practice, however, it turns out that autocorrect often turns logical storytelling into nonsense. There are several reasons for this. The main thing is the versatility of the Russian language, in which a lot of new words appear every day. The second most important is the ability of the iPhone to remember new words, including misspelled ones.

If your iPhone’s dictionary consists entirely of meaningless constructions and misspelled words, it is better to delete the autocorrect history. This procedure is performed as follows:

Go to “Settings” and follow the path “General”. “Reset”.

In the “Reset” subsection, find the “Reset keyboard dictionary” item and click on it.

In the menu that appears, select the option “Reset Dictionary”.

This will restore the factory settings of the dictionary.

You can also delete words from the iPhone AutoCorrect history individually. although it is rather inconvenient to do this. You need to write the word with a mistake and, when the iPhone offers its version, cancel the correction by clicking on the “cross” (×). After the user repeats this procedure 5th row in a row, the gadget “forgets” his corrected word and stops suggesting it.

How to delete history on iPhone?

Accumulated cache, cookies, massive call and browsing history on the Internet. all this slows down the iPhone. Users prefer to put up with the inconvenience, although in reality deleting stories on iPhones is a minute and quite simple matter.

iPhone accumulates a huge amount of data about the actions that have been taken by the user. Some of the information stored on the device is useful; they allow you to quickly find a useful site that the user once visited, or instantly log in to the service. without puzzling over a password. However, a small portion of useful data, as a rule, drowns in a sea of ​​”trash”. information that is unnecessary and meaningless.

Due to the large amount of stored information, the performance of the iPhone suffers. as a result of which its owner is forced to feel discomfort. To avoid inconvenience, the user needs to periodically clean his “apple” gadget.