How to clear cache on iPhone 5

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How to clean the RAM of an iPhone or iPad

In addition to the function to clear the cache on iPhone and iPad, the Battery Saver app has the ability to clear RAM. The corresponding option is in the Memory tab. Here you can clear the memory of your smartphone / tablet from old programs that have been opened a long time ago and have not been used for a long time. There is no sense from them. but they can occupy RAM. In theory, iOS knows what to do in such cases. but sometimes it makes sense to enable “manual” control.

After clicking on the Memory tab, the application immediately calculates the amount of memory used. Press the green Boost Memory button to clear the memory.

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How to delete history and cache in Safari

As in the case of a computer, the network activity of a user of a mobile device does not disappear without a trace. the regular Safari browser carefully stores all your ins and outs, while taking up space on the built-in iPhone or iPad storage. Removing this data is quite simple:

Go to the web browser settings (Settings → Safari);

Press the button “Clear history and data”;

How to clear cache and storage on iPhone or iPad

Physical memory is one of the most valuable resources for every iPhone and iPad owner. It is not possible to expand disk space without using third-party devices and services, so any way to save “disk” space can be recommended for use. Especially if this method is simple, reliable and effective.

So, we will talk about clearing the cache memory of the iPhone and iPad, which can sometimes store up to 5 GB of software junk, which will never be useful to the user.

Programs to remove cache on iPhone and iPad from the App Store (not recommended)

Unfortunately, due to the existing limitations of iOS, such applications cannot cope with clearing the cache as efficiently as, for example, in the case of iTunes. However, in some cases it can be quite useful. We recommend using the Battery Saver app or its equivalent. The principle of operation of these applications is largely identical.

How to clear cache with data loss in apps on iPhone or iPad

Some programs (again, in the overwhelming majority of cases, these are instant messengers and social network clients, such as: Instagram,. Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) can independently make a significant contribution to clogging up the device’s memory, which means it makes sense to limit the cleaning of the cache of everything just reinstalling a few specific applications. To do this, you should:

Go to Settings → General → iPhone Storage;

Select the required application in the list (the most “heavy” ones will be located at the top) and estimate the amount of cache in it (displayed in the “Documents and Data” section);

Use the “Delete program” button;

Go to the App Store and install the application again without the attached files;

How To CLEAR Data/Cache On Apps | iPhone/iPad/iPods 2020

The method, of course, is barbaric, but in practice, a similar procedure, done every few months with the most gluttonous applications, does not take much time and allows you to free up a decent amount of memory.

How much space can you free up by deleting cache on iPhone or iPad

Practice shows that even not the most active iPhone or iPad user can regularly free up to 1 GB of memory from the cache, and a cluttered gadget that has not been flashed for a long time can have 5 or more gigabytes of ballast.

How to Delete Cache Without Losing Data on iPhone or iPad (Recommended)

The most commonly used method to remove the cache on an iOS device as efficiently as possible. A feature of this cache clearing is saving data on iPhone and iPad. For example, attachments from instant messengers (usually photos and screenshots from Viber, WhatsApp, other programs) will still be available.

This method is also used to reduce the size of the Other storage section of iPhone or iPad (details).

Note: The cleaning procedure requires a computer (Windows or Mac) and a Lightning cable

Disable the iOS Find iPhone function in Settings → Device Name → iCloud → Find iPhone. This is necessary for further data recovery from a backup copy;

We connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer and select it in the iTunes desktop client (you can download iTunes for the computer here);

Go to the “Overview” section, if necessary, indicate the encryption of the backup copy with a “tick”, create a password for it and click “Create a copy now”;

We are waiting for the backup to be created (this may take several minutes). At the top of iTunes, you can follow the process.

Now we restore the content of the device from the backup by pressing the corresponding button and entering the password;

Go to iPhone or iPad in Settings → General → iPhone Storage and evaluate the result.

Delete cache on iPhone or iPad by hard resetting your device to factory settings

If the cache problem is especially acute, then you should not waste your time on half-measures, but immediately cut it to the root. This method will allow you to get rid of all the software junk in one fell swoop and free up as much space as possible.

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Attention! All data will be deleted from iPhone or iPad.

Create a backup copy of the device according to the scenario described in the first method;

Go to the section Settings → General → Reset and do not hesitate to click “Erase content and settings”;

Set up iPhone as new or restore data from a backup.

Clearing the cache of the Safari browser

Most of the temporary data is accumulated when surfing the Internet through a browser. The total size of temporary files can reach several gigabytes, so you should delete them in time. Guide on how to quickly clear cache on iPhone in Safari browser:

  • From the desktop, go to the “Settings” section.
  • Find the inscription “Safari” and click on it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Click on “Clear history and site data”.
  • Confirm Action.

After that, the data will be deleted from the phone, and the items above will turn gray (inactive). This indicates that you will not be able to run the cleanup again, because this storage is empty. After such deletion, saved logins and passwords on third-party sites will disappear, the history of visiting resources will also be erased. It is recommended to carry out such cleaning no more than 1 time per month.

Force system reboot

All “junk” files accumulate in temporary storage, which received this name due to the fact that when the device is rebooted, the data from there is erased and written again. For a quick but shallow cache flush, you can often force restart the system. To do this, you need to simultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons. Keep holding until the Apple logo appears. This will clear the cache on the iPhone as quickly as possible.

Wipe all data completely

  • Open Settings. General.
  • Select “Reset”.
  • Item “All”.

During operation, unnecessary information accumulates in Apple devices. It needs to be cleaned periodically. After all, there are sites in memory that you do not go to, messages that you do not need, auto-complete data that annoy you. It’s better to get rid of them.

The history of visited web resources is saved in almost any browser. Sometimes there is a need for the user to browse it in order, for example, to find a memorized site that, for various reasons, was not bookmarked in time. Let’s find out the main options for viewing the history of the popular Safari browser.

The easiest way to view history in the Safari browser is to open it using the built-in tool of this web browser.

This is done in an elementary way. Click on the gear-shaped symbol in the upper right corner of the browser opposite the address bar, which provides access to the settings.

In the menu that appears, select the item “History”.

A window opens in front of us, which contains information about visited web pages, grouped by dates. In addition, it is possible to preview thumbnails of once visited sites. From this window, you can go to any of the resources available in the “History” list.

You can also call the history window by clicking on the symbol with a book in the upper left corner of the browser.

An even easier way to get to the “Stories” section is to use the “hot keys” combination Ctrlр in the Cyrillic keyboard layout, or Ctrlh in the English language.

Message retention period

A significant effect can be achieved if you limit the storage time of content in instant messengers. Let’s consider this function using Telegram as an example:

  • We go into the settings, we find the item marked in the screenshot below.

The required setting options are displayed at the top of the screen. Using them, you can configure the work of the messenger with disk space.

The number “1” marks a parameter that regulates the storage time of messages on the gadget. This possibility is provided in the settings of iMessage, Viber, WhatsApp. The default value for this parameter is set to “Indefinite”. The second item, indicated in the screenshot, makes it possible to reset the current message cache.

Pop-up menu allows you to select the files to delete or erase everything completely.

There are no such settings in applications of social networks, they have already ceased to actively occupy the available space. Instagram and WhatsApp, after moving under the wing of. began to receive constant updates, so they function stably.

Using content blocking rules

Content blocking policies are enforced by third-party programs and extensions that allow Safari to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content.

To use content blocking rules, follow these steps.

  • Download Content Blocker from the App Store.
  • Go to “Preferences” Safari “Content Blocking Rules” and configure the desired extensions. You can use several content blocking rules at once.

Via iTunes.

To uninstall apps via iTunes, do the following:

  • Connect your device and in running iTunes select the iPhone tab.
  • There you need to select the “Programs” tab. After that, you will immediately see the desktop of your iPhone, as well as the applications installed on it.
  • Hover over the application you want to remove the cursor. At this moment, a cross will appear on the icon, click on the cross.
  • After that, be sure to click on “Sync iPhone” in the “File” menu. Otherwise, the application will not be removed from your device.

After the data is synchronized, the application will be deleted, and the memory on your device will be freed.

How to clear cache on iPhone

Information on how to clean an iPhone will be useful to everyone, because at some point there will be so many temporary files that there is simply no space left on the device, it will start to “dull” and freeze

It is better to use your megabytes to save photos, music, useful updates and other important information. You can free up space on iPhone with built-in tools or using additional programs

Clearing app cache / cache with Battery Doctor

One such program for clearing cache / cache on iPhone or iPad, for example, is Battery Doctor. In order to clear the cache (cache) on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE) and iPad / iPad (2, 3, 4, 5 G) with iOS, download and install the application Battery Doctor:

The application is completely free and with the help of it, you can quickly and without additional knowledge in this area examine your smartphone or tablet for the load of temporary memory and clean up.

The developers of this application recommend clearing the cache / cache of the iPhone and iPad only as needed. when there is little disk space. Since, along with temporary files and other garbage (which will be saved as a new copy immediately after cleaning and then launching applications), essential data of games and applications can also be erased. As a result of clearing the cache memory, you may need to install some applications again.

  • In order to clear the cache (cache) of iPhone or iPad (iOS) applications, open the “Junk” tab and click on “Clean up cache”.
  • The app will automatically delete the app cache in the device.

The program is designed specifically for people with different levels of knowledge about the operation of the device. All functions are launched using several clear buttons, and the process of the work performed is accompanied by a logical and clear scale with percentages.

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This program is a really convenient and reliable assistant for clearing the cache (cache) of iPhone / iPhone or iPad / iPad, since using it, you can simply forget about this problem. If you periodically repeat the process of analyzing about cleaning the device, then over time, its operation speed will remain quite close to that which was during the first days of using the iPhone or iPad.

How to clear cache on iPhone or iPad in browser and apps

Mobile devices from Apple do not have the ability to expand memory, and when purchasing, the user must choose how many gigabytes of data he can store on his smartphone or tablet. The size of applications is constantly increasing, as is the weight of photos, which often take up the maximum amount of free space on the device. In addition, many programs save a cache to make it more comfortable for the user to work with them, and it also requires space to store it.

How to remove cache from iMessage

Separately, mention should be made of removing the cache from the “native” iOS application iMessage, which is a service for exchanging messages between users. Often, users send each other not only text, but also various photos or audio recordings. This is partially stored in the iMessage cache. To clear it, you must completely delete the dialog.

You can erase a dialogue in iMessage by swiping to the left, after which you will be prompted to delete the conversation. You can also select the “Change” item from above and then click on the correspondences that need to be deleted and select the “Delete” button in the lower right corner of the dialog list.

How to clear cache / cache of Chrome / Chrome browser on iPhone or iPad

The Chrome browser is not a system application of the device, so the principle of cleaning it differs from clearing the Safari cache, since here it must be done in the browser itself. In order to clear the cache (cache) of Chrome / Chrome on an iPhone or iPad with iOS, you need:

  • Open the Chrome web browser and go to the Menu and then the settings “Settings”.

We clear the cache in the settings

How to clear cache on iPhone? You need to go to the “General” section in the settings, and then select Storage and iCloud. On the “Storage” tab, click on Manage. Next, we clear the cache on the iPhone and delete data that takes up a lot of space. Let’s delete unnecessary data using Safari as an example.

Perform a hard reset iPhone

If you are still wondering “How to free up space on iPhone?”, Then this method will help you get rid of junk for a long time. Be sure to back up your device to iTunes or iCloud and then do a full iPhone reset to delete the content. After a full reset of the iPhone, you will need to go through the device activation procedure again, and then restore the settings and data from the backup.

How to clear cache on iphone 5s or 5

iPhone 5 or 5s has many applications in order to improve user experience: VK, Instagram they all collect information and save them for future use. this is called cache.

Data stored in the cache can be quickly recovered, only over time they can start to take up too much space, thereby reducing the speed and performance of the device.

Depending on how many applications we use, they can take up to several gigabytes. you must admit, this is a lot.

The easiest solution to get rid of temporary files is to use special applications (see which ones below), but clearing the cache on an iPhone 5 or 5s is easy and manual.

How to clear cache of Safari browser on iPhone 5s or 5

Safari on any iPhone including 5s or 5 is designed for easy web browsing.

This allows iOS users to easily access internet services while maintaining security.

Users can even add bookmarks for quick website loading. To speed up these downloads, Safari stores information in its cache.

If you want to clear cache to free up space on iPhone 5 or 5s, follow these steps.

Open “Settings”. the gear icon on a gray background (maybe on the main screen of the device).

Select “Safari”. Scroll down the page and click on “Clear History and Site Data”. A confirmation request will pop up at the bottom. confirm.

Clear cache app on iPhone 5 or 5s

Not only does Safari consume disk space to improve the user experience and speed up performance, but almost all others installed on an iOS device will consume some memory in addition to their size.

How to clear cache, cookies, browsing history and app cache from iPhone or iPad (2019)

If there are any problems, you can clear the cache more thoroughly with the “Battery Doctor” application available in the App Store.

The application is very easy to use, it does not require additional knowledge from the user, only at the time of this writing, there is no Russian language in it, so I will explain a little.

Launch Battery Doctor. Select the Junk tab at the bottom of the screen, then the “CLEAN UP CACHE” parameter.

We confirm the operation (in the window, the application warns us that deleting cache files can lead to the loss of records. The developer recommends using this option when it is really necessary).

At the same time, the phone will inform you of the maximum capacity. When the cache clearing operation is complete, Battery Doctor will notify you of the amount of data deleted.

Computer program to clear cache on iPhone 5 or 5s

PhoneClean is a program designed to optimize iOS devices. It will help you increase the performance of devices such as the iPhone 5 or 5s and everyone else.

The program safely cleans unnecessary cache files left by installed applications, games and improves the efficiency of iOS.

PhoneClean also has the ability to delete cookies. This feature is very useful if we care about our privacy.

By deleting them, you can ensure that information about the websites you visit will not be stored on iCloud servers.

In addition, PhoneClean allows you to delete files created in case of improper sync with iTunes.

The program also includes the ability to define the data to be removed from the system.

The only drawback is that the program is paid, so I won’t leave download links. Success.

Removing temporary files from the Internet

The Safari section in the preferences shows the amount of memory used by temporary files from the Internet. To delete cookies from memory, launch Settings, go to the Safari section and tap on “Delete cookies and data”. To delete all other data go to “Add-ons”. “Site data” and tap on “Delete all data”. You can also remove unnecessary items from your Reading List or Browsing History. To do this, you need to make a swipe to the left and click the “Delete” button.

If you use Google Chrome, then to clear the cache and data about visited files in the program, go to Settings, tap here on “Personal data” and press the button “Clear history” or “Clear all”. The same should be done for those who use other browsers.

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Remember one simple rule: if you can’t find a way to remove files associated with a specific application, uninstall the application itself, and then install it again. If the application settings are not saved in iCloud or any other place on the Internet, then it will have to be reconfigured.

You cannot uninstall preinstalled Apple apps. But the files associated with them can be deleted directly from the applications. For example, iMessage aims to consume all free memory over time. We can open this program, find an unnecessary thread of messages (a good effect can be obtained if it contains attached files or photos), swipe the chain to the left and select “Delete”. Additional free space will appear in the iPad or iPhone memory.

Source: http: // kakdelateto. ru / 201406-kak-ochistit-pamyat-na-ipad-i-iphone /

Let’s see which application “eats” memory on the iPad or iPhone.

Launch the Settings application and go to the “Basic Settings” section. Here we tap on “Statistics”.

The right side of each application displays the amount of memory consumed by q files it creates or uses. It may come as a surprise to find out that a program or game that you hardly use is taking up half of the iPad’s memory.

How to clear memory on iPad and iPhone: looking for “greedy” apps

iPad and iPhone do not have the file system familiar to many. Without jailbreak, you won’t see any folders or individual files. Therefore, it is difficult to understand where the file garbage is stored. But it accumulates constantly and takes away living space in a mobile device. How to clear memory on iPad and iPhone from unnecessary data. Using standard programs, you can determine which application is responsible for the disappearance of free space in the memory of a mobile device.

Each bit of memory is associated with the operation of an application. For example, books downloaded by the Kindle application, bookmarks created in it, etc. are associated with this application. Music files are linked to the Music app, videos are linked to the Videos app, and so on.

Why you need to clear cache / cache on iPhone or iPad

But, over time, the device is used to browse the Internet and install various software and game applications, the quality of work and the speed of its work significantly decreases and this happens, most often due to the overflow of information stored in the cache. By itself, the temporary memory cache is created to speed up the operation of the device, since when loading repetitive information, in the browser or other applications, the device does not need to download it again the second time. In the next opening of the same pages and applications, to the maximum, the general information previously saved in temporary files is used. the memory cache.

When the disk size allocated for temporary files (cache) becomes full, when opening, for example, Internet pages, the device has to re-download the template pictures of the site being opened, slowing down the opening speed. Question: How to clear the cache (cache) on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus) and iPad / iPad (2, 3, 4, 5 G) with gradually becoming very relevant for users of brand devices Apple.

But, loading Internet pages in browsers are not the only areas that require the use of a copy from the cache; also, temporary memory is used when applications are running, saving various parameters and information about the operation of the system, updates, downloads. Depending on the intensity of the workload of the smartphone or tablet, the cache memory is overcrowded faster.

During long-term operation of the device, it is recommended to periodically clean the cache / cache on the iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, SE) or iPad / iPad of both Internet browsers and other available applications.

Clearing the cache / cache of iPhone / iPhone and iPad / iPad applications

The ability to clear the cache of installed applications on the iPhone or iPad in most cases is absent, unless, of course, it was built into the settings by their developers. If, after carefully studying the available application settings options, you will not find clearing the cache memory, then there remains the option of using special programs for clearing the memory (cache / cache) of iPhone or iPad devices, of which there are already quite a few.

With prolonged use of the iPhone or iPad, a large number of installed applications can accumulate, which simply overwhelm the available sizes of the device’s memory and the question of finding settings and clearing the cache of individual applications already disappears. Here you just need to use special cleaning applications that clean not only temporary cache files, but also other accumulated garbage, in the form of currently unused fragments, previously installed programs and games, reaching quite impressive sizes up to several gigabytes.

How to clear cache (cache) of iPhone / iPhone and iPad / iPad

A large number of users of Apple devices sooner or later face the question: How to clear the cache (cache) on iPhone / iPhone (4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus. SE) and iPad / iPad (2, 3, 4, 5 G) in iOS 7, 8, 9? The problem associated with clearing the temporary memory of device applications does not come immediately, but only after some time of use.

We clear memory from accumulated documents, multimedia files and other data

Some applications take up an impressive amount of memory for their “Documents and Data”. You may not even be aware of this. For example, or Flipboard, often “nibble” from the iPad memory tens and hundreds of megabytes.

The same can apply to applications for working with office documents or programs that download something from the Internet. For active readers, a lot of space is taken up by data from applications for reading books or magazines (Kindle, Kiosk, etc.). Google Chrome cache can exceed 100MB.

But the problem is that we cannot always delete these files directly. Therefore, you must either delete the application with all its data, and then install it again, or look for the function of deleting temporary files in the program itself. For example, you need to go to Settings and tap on Clear Downloaded Files. All articles loaded into the iPad or iPhone memory will be deleted. But not all programs have a similar button.

How to clear cache / cache of Chrome / Chrome browser on iPhone or iPad

The Chrome browser is not a system application of the device, so the principle of cleaning it differs from clearing the Safari cache, since here it must be done in the browser itself. In order to clear the cache (cache) of Chrome / Chrome on an iPhone or iPad with iOS, you need:

  • Open the Chrome web browser and go to the Menu and then the settings “Settings”.
  • After that, select “Personal data”.
  • We find the line “Cash”
  • We confirm the action “Clear cache”.