How to clear cartridge error on HP printer

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Reset / zeroing of consumption counters, chips. fuses, refueling, increasing resources.

How are the consumable counters reset? It depends on which counter is meant.
– Toner counter: resets when the printer is on. toner empty (see above) receives a signal from the toner sensor and this signal corresponds to a full cartridge. If the cartridge has a chip. then the toner counter is reset when a cartridge with a chip enters the printer. inside which contains information about 100% remaining resource (read a new cartridge or a new chip).

153 (the specific number depends on the color: 150. yellow, 151. magenta, 152. cyan, 153. black);

To extend the service life of consumables (photo drums, stove, transport belt) and reset their counters, you need to replace in them (reinstall if these elements were supplied with the printer) a ceramic fuse with a rating of 0.0625A (1 / 16A).

About toners

Like all machines using separate consumables, OKI’s machines require careful toner selection to ensure that no background appears when printing. I often come across the fact that people recommend using monochrome Samsung toners for refilling OKI cartridges. This is a very strong misconception that can lead to a breakdown of the device. In OKI printers, the fuser has a lower fusing temperature and special fusible toners must be used to properly fix the toner on the paper. The use of refractory toners will cause plaque to build up on the Teflon roller, with subsequent fading of the Teflon coating. Instead of the prescribed 200,000 pages, the stoves break down even after running no more than 15,000 pages. I mean, when refueling cartridges for OKI MB472DN and other modern OKI machines, you should not use cheap Chinese toners and other toners from other vendors. To refill OKI cartridges, our company uses toners manufactured by Tomoegawa designed for the new generation of OKI B411 monochrome printers. In the absence of this toner from the supplier, the universal toner Static Control is used in a kilogram package. All these toners do not require dram cleaning from old toner residues and have a low melting point.

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About toner cartridge and chipless mode.

But OKI was lucky with cartridges for new printers and MFPs. The previous generation of OKI printers and MFPs and the new one use the same drum cartridge 44574302, so the tubes are structurally identical and, as I wrote above, you can distinguish everything only in the chip mount. The starter cartridge and the new 7000-page cartridge are the same dimensions. Therefore, the starter cartridge can be refilled for 7000 pages. The 12,000-page cartridge, on the other hand, is somewhat larger. By the way, there is no chip in the starter cartridge and the data on the capacity of the starter cartridge is stored in the 24c64 chip on the formatter board. In fact, you can remove the chip dump from the new device and by remaking the chip for the DIP8 connector planted in the “crib”, you can get an eternal chipless mode by simply reflashing the chip on the programmer from time to time with the previously read dump.

On this I will probably end the article. In this post, I tried to highlight the moments that, in my opinion, are key. On my own I recommend using only original drum cartridges and do not bring them to the “pen”.

Is it possible to refill a starter or chip cartridge on OKI C3200 / C5600 / C5800 / C8600 / C9600 printers? Let’s try to figure it out. Attention, we read to the end, we do not draw any conclusions in the middle of the text. I assure you, it will be more expensive for yourself!

To summarize the above:
You cannot refill starter cartridges for old models. it is useless. Purchased toner cartridges from older models can be refilled without restrictions.

About chips.

Finally, at the end of January, the first batch of long-awaited chips from the manufacturer ApexMic arrived. First of all, it turned out that the manufacturer produces chips of two types. The first type of chips resembles standard OKI B411 chips and is intended for installation in starter toner tubes. The second type of chips is intended for installation in separately purchased tubes and is closer to a square in shape. Despite the significant visual differences, the chip of the new format is rather easily installed into the starting tube with its subsequent fixation with a hot melt stick. a piece. The chips I tested were purchased from Ramis at the most reasonable price of 890 rubles for a chip with 3000 pages, the same chip from Chipcard costs 1690 rubles. I tested the chips on OKI MB492DN and flashed the device to the latest version before testing the chips. The chips I tested started the first time without problems, and the device reacted to them with an inscription about the installation of original OKI products. I tested 3k and 7k chips, in my opinion there is no point in buying 12k chips, the chip is the most expensive, and the cartridge is the most affordable. 12,000 pages Max Volume Cartridge 45807121 sells for a reasonable price of RUR 6,650.

Oki 472 reset cartridge counter

When on OKI B401 or MFP series printers the drum cartridge reaches the end of its life, the machine locks up and generates a drum error. As a rule, the cartridge still works quite well and there is no need to change it. There are several ways to reset the counter, but they all boil down to installing or simulating a fuse on the drum cartridge.

The fuse is not installed on the starting cartridge and you need to either depict the contacts in the place indicated in the photo below and solder the fuse to them, or use a less humane method. short-circuit the cartridge contacts in the printer.

The drum cartridge fuse in the printer looks like this:

You need to wind two wires to them and bring them out through the top cover of the printer. Be careful not to short-circuit the contacts to the case.

Next, we install the drum cartridge with the toner tube into the device, close the lid and try to find the moment of the fuse blown out. To do this, turn off the power, connect the lead wires and turn on the printer. After about 1-2 seconds, the wires must be disconnected, thereby depicting the blown fuse.

It is almost never possible to reset the counter the first time. If the device generates an error: contact the service, then the fuse could not be blown, i.e. kept the wires closed for too long. Usually, after several unsuccessful attempts, it is possible to find the right moment to reset.

Note! The toner bottle must not be empty and a new chip must be installed on it before resetting.

This method is quite dangerous, because if the printer cannot blow the fuse on the cartridge, then there is a possibility that the electronics or other fuses in the device itself will burn out.

It would be more correct to connect the output wires with a 62.5mA fuse and then you will not have to catch the moment of burning out. But in practice, in this way of resetting the OKI B401 counter, we reset about 50 devices and no side problems arose.

We all understand that the main profit of manufacturers of printing equipment comes from the sale of original consumables. But significant currency fluctuations have made buying genuine consumables a luxury rather than a daily routine. Taught by bitter experience, most companies, before acquiring printing equipment, first of all take an interest in the possibility of refueling this very equipment. If the equipment is not refueled and has no unique functionality in its price category, then it is almost impossible to sell it, unless, of course, the original “expense” is not worth a penny. As part of this note, I would like to disclose the topic of refueling OKI B412 / B432 / B512 / MB472 / MB492 / MB562 printers and MFPs built on a single printing platform.

About drum cartridges and reset.

Special thanks to OKI engineers for the drum cartridges. They finally got rid of the recycling printing system. The new dramas have doubled in size and now have a capacious cavity for waste toner. The drum also acquired a high-quality toner sensor borrowed from OKI color machines. The drum cartridge counter is reset by a standard fuse borrowed from OKI color printers. The starting drum cartridge does not contain contacts for resetting the counter and for resetting, you must install a fuse directly on the contacts in the device.

Where are the fuses and chips on OKI color printer consumables??

Toner cartridges for color printers use RFID chips to prevent refilling of these cartridges. The radio chip contains information about the model for which it is suitable, about the region for which this toner cartridge is intended and about the OEM manufacturer (similar printers with a different brand name). In addition, after each job, the printer writes to this chip the current remaining toner (it is calculated by the printer depending on the filling of each printed sheet). When the printer initializes, this data is read and the printer displays the current toner remaining in its menu, test print, and its website. It is thanks to these chips that when partially used toner cartridges are installed in the printer, it shows the remaining toner in that particular tube. Please note that there is no physical toner level sensor in the cartridges! All information about the remaining resource is calculated by the printer and written into the chip of each of the 4 toner cartridges.

С3300 / С3400 / С3450 / C3600 and MFP C3520MFP / C3530MFP
C5600 / C5650 / C5700 / C5750 / C5800 / C5850 / C5900 / C5950 and C5550MFP MFP
C8600 / C8800 / C810 / C830 and MFP MC860MFP
C9600 / C9650 / C9800 / C9850 and C9750MFP / C9800MFP / C9850MFP

C9000 Photo Cartridge Fuse Reset Diagram

Printers С3300 / С3400 / С3450 / C3600 and MFP C3520MFP / C3530MFP

Stove fuse (11 and 12 contacts, they are not wound in the starting stove!)

Contacts in the printer connecting to the transport belt fuse

Fitting location of the fuse in the transport belt

Placement of the chip in the toner cartridge

OKI C5600 / C5650 / C5700 / C5750 / C5800 / C5850 / C5900 / C5950 printers and C5550MFP MFP:

Stove fuse (left connector, 3 and 4 pins)

Pins in the printer connecting to the transport belt fuse

Fitting location of the fuse in the transport belt

Placement of the chip in the toner cartridge

C8600 / C8800 / C810 / C830 printers and MC860MFP MFPs

Stove fuse (3rd and 4th contacts. two middle ones in a row of 6 contacts)

The locations of the contacts of the photo cartridge fuse, the chip in the toner cartridge and the fuse in the transport belt are similar to those used in the C5000 series printers (see above), so in order not to clutter up the article with pictures I will not give them here.

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C9600 / C9650 / C9800 / C9850 printers and C9750MFP / C9800MFP / C9850MFP MFPs

The fuser connector on these printers is similar to that used in the C8000 series printers (see above) and the fuse connection contacts in it are the same, so I do not repeat the picture.

Pins in the printer connecting to the transport belt fuse

Fitting location of the fuse in the transport belt

Placement of the chip in the toner cartridge (under the color label)

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How to fix a printhead error

If you are the owner of a printer or MFP of such a brand as HP, then, for sure, you have encountered a message about an error in the operation of the print head. What to do in this case? Everything in order.

Each error has its own specific reasons. It is possible to return the continuous printing process by refuting each of them in turn. To do this, it is enough to follow small steps.

    stage. Using genuine cartridges.

Such an error can appear through the use of “foreign” cartridges, in other words, the cartridge for HP is not original. This is followed by checking the compatibility of the toner cartridge inside it. You can do this by going to the HP SureSupply website. If your HP printer does not print, follow the instructions on the screen to fix the error.

If you cannot get rid of the error in this way, smoothly proceed to the second stage.

stage. Resetting Printing Device Settings

Resetting the settings is done with two simple manipulations: restarting the power supply and rebooting the system. The first part is implemented by a simple “turn off-on” with a difference of 1 minute, and the second. by disconnecting the cable connecting the printer to the computer. Perform both steps only after the carriage has stopped moving completely. Do not start working with moving parts, it may harm your health.!

The second step allows you to reset the print queue and eliminate the software cause of the failure. Replace all cables. If your HP printer still does not work, proceed to step 3.

stage. Performing service or removing cartridges.

Similar to what we removed and put in place the power and mains cable, you need to remove and insert the cartridges. This is done after the carriage has come to a complete stop and the equipment is disconnected from the network so that you do not get an electric shock.

Too often, a cartridge that is incorrectly placed in the slot interferes with the transfer of ink from the HP head to the paper. If the technique is Smart, then, noticing the absence of one element, it stops the entire system to prevent useless printing. Useless is when the HP printer does not print in black, giving out white sheets instead of text, and drawings without an outline or captions, etc.

Self-service also includes checking to see if the HP paper you need is the correct one. If the source of the material is a roll, it is not uncommon for the owners to confuse printer paper with fax paper.

Carefully open the restraints, remove the cartridges, make sure they are not clogged (if so, clean them with a damp cloth or a special syringe cleaner), replace them, close the device cover, connect the printer to the mains and carry out a test print.

stage. Re-removing and cleaning the cartridges.

If the error persists, remove the cartridges again and perform a more thorough cleaning, including the remaining parts of the inner case from dust and particles. Remember, do not leave cartridges outside the printer for more than half an hour. Be neat but agile.

stage. Service of the printing device

Re-cleaning is like re-checking the text for errors. At first glance, your actions may seem correct, but everyone is wrong. If repeated cleaning did not help, resetting the print queue and settings did not help, then the problem is no longer of a software nature, but of a technical one. The equipment should be taken to a service center. The address is easy to find out by phone. 7 (495) 925-8895.

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Methods for zeroing HP cartridges

Apart from the fact that you can remove the unit by installing a new original or compatible printing accessory, then you will cope with this problem, the information below will help you.

How to reset the HP cartridge counter

When Hewlett-Packard cartridges run out of life, in order to save money, we prefer to refuel them rather than buying expensive new products. However, it often happens that you have installed it in the printer, and the software still does not see the consumable or gives an “Empty cartridge” error. And it’s good if the printer, despite all this, continues to function normally. But what to do if he flatly refuses to work?

Resetting the HP Cartridge Yield Counter with Scotch Tape

If you are unlucky, and the previous tip did not help, or you do not have four consumables, then try to pick up an adhesive tape and glue the corresponding contacts. This method works mainly on cartridges of models No. 56-58; 338-339; 343-344 and 348. It is carried out as follows:

  • Lock the cartridge. Its print head should be facing you and the contacts should be facing up.
  • Cover the contact. Select the uppermost one on the left diagonal (the second strip of contacts).
  • Install the consumable into the device. A system message should appear on the computer, click “OK” and make a test print.
  • Remove the cartridge and cover another contact. This time for C6656A (C6657A) the topmost, on the penultimate (last) diagonal from the right side. And do the same procedure as the first time.
  • Then remove the printing accessory again and remove the tape from the contact that was sealed first. Then repeat all the same steps.
  • Having done all this, pull out the consumable again, and this time completely remove the adhesive tape from the contacts and wipe them with an alcohol solution. Now you can install everything back and safely work with the printer.

In this way, you can reset the life of many cartridges. The main thing is to know which contacts need to be glued in order for the procedure to be crowned with success.

Four-way checkmate: how to bypass HP cartridge blockages

The whole feature of this method lies in the memory of office equipment. Most printers, MFPs, copiers and faxes remember no more than three cartridges. In other words, we take four cartridges of the same model, put them one by one and after the third one you can put the first consumable, but already filled, and it will be considered as new.

Resetting HP cartridge yields through the service menu

Cartridges such as CB335HE and CB337HE can be reset using the printer’s service menu. No matter how fantastic it may sound, the fact remains. To do this, you need to “disarm” office equipment (ie, pull out the cartridges). Then you need to hold down, hold a little and release the “Cancel” and “Ok” buttons to enter the service menu. Then everything is simple: open the item Resets Menu = Ok = Partial Reset (or Semi Full Reset) = Ok. Having done everything correctly, the device should turn off. Now turn on the machine, set the language, European region and follow the further instructions. If the first time did not work out, make another 1-2 attempts.

Main reasons

There are not so many possible situations in which the printer refuses to work:

  • Lack of drivers or the need to install a new version;
  • Incorrect device connection;
  • Lack of toner in the cartridge;
  • Incorrect device settings;
  • The inability to select one printing device by the computer if several are connected at once;
  • Sticky contacts.

Some problems can be easily eliminated at home on your own, with others it is better to contact specialists, especially if there is a suspicion that the equipment needs to be disassembled.

Printer hardware errors. what to do?

Several options for problems that are associated specifically with the physical part of the device and its connection:

  • Connecting wires defective. Check the entire path of connecting the machine to the PC. Cords can be damaged. for example, crushed by furniture legs, chewed by pets or pests. In this case, a cable replacement is required. Most susceptible to chafing are plastic patch cords in combination with a thin metal layer.
  • Network connection problems. If the building has a local area network (especially when using Wi-Fi technology), then checking the network connection can help resolve the printer error. The easiest way to check its condition is by connecting another device, for example, a phone or laptop, to a Wi-Fi network. If we are talking about an Ethernet-based network, then the problem may lie in faulty cables, outlets, ports, etc.
  • Problems due to improper toner loading. It is easy to determine that this is the case if the error appeared when starting the device immediately after refueling. In a laser printer, the solution can also be hidden in a poor-quality assembly or broken contacts between individual elements of the cartridge. In inkjet models with CISS (continuous ink supply system), air can enter the system, which is unacceptable.

A common breakdown is the need to update or replace a chip that monitors the status of ink refills. Relevant for both laser and inkjet models. You should also check if the print head is dry and clean it if necessary.

How to clear a printer error?

Attention: use the interactive price list to determine the cost of refueling your cartridge (printer):

A fairly common situation. you urgently need to print an important document, and a printer error appears on the screen. Sometimes it is not possible to immediately figure out the reasons, even if the notification contains an indication of the problem. Let’s consider the main situations when the printer generates an error, and give some tips on how to fix them. And if you can’t get the device set up, then we suggest contacting the professionals at our service center.

Printer does not print: print queue error

It happens that, due to device malfunctions, the user repeatedly sends a document for printing, which provokes another problem. the accumulation of files in the queue, due to which the system freezes and may not be fixed even after a reboot. Then manual cleaning of the queue is required.

This is not difficult to do. In the Windows Control Panel, look for the Printers section. Then find the model of interest that is having a problem. Right-click on it, select “View Queue”. In the window that opens, there is a button “Clear print queue”, which should be clicked.

Printer software errors

The operation of the printing device is provided by two types of programs: drivers and special software, which is provided by the manufacturer and helps to conveniently manage work tasks. In the event that the software is installed incorrectly or is missing, then even with the presence of a driver, problems may arise. They are signaled by the system, with a message that appears when the file is sent to print.

A virus attack on the computer is also possible, which damaged the software, which is why the printer writes an error when trying to work with it. It is necessary to install a high-quality antivirus and fresh databases, treat the computer, and then reinstall the software.

A common problem is a driver conflict if several printing devices are connected to one PC at once, or there is a local network with several devices and shared access. It is recommended to connect only one printer to the computer at a time, and when setting up a local network, select the same devices for all network participants. You can also go to the “Control Panel” and configure the default printer.

Printer error: why else it can appear

Consider a few more possible options, which, although rare, are encountered:

  • The system service that is responsible for printing processes hangs. You need to go to the list of services services.msc and restart the service called “Print Manager”.
  • Correcting the malfunction may consist in the competent configuration of the antivirus and firewall. Sometimes they block certain processes, provoking equipment failure. Exceptions will need to be configured to give permission for the printing device to access operations.
  • Insufficient rights. The reason may be hidden in the fact that for a particular user there are restrictions on various actions. In the properties of the printer, opened through the “Control Panel”, you can configure access rights.
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If all else fails, then you can also try troubleshooting by rolling back the operating system to the last good point. However, this is only possible if such a point is available. It is advisable to create them manually more often, as they are automatically created when installing some important programs and updates.

Finally, the best way to solve the problem is to contact our service center. We know how to fix a printer error of any complexity, we work with different models of printing devices (Canon, HP, Epson, etc.). So, if you cannot print a document and there are no options how to fix it, then we are always ready to provide competent assistance at a reasonable price.

We offer our services to both financial and legal entities, and are ready to take on complex subscription services for your company. You can find out all the details by calling the number in the header of the site.

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Flashing indicators with errors. HP LaserJet Pro, Ultra M130, M132a, M134 printers

Er / 02 Displays and Attention Light Blinks

Er / 02 error message indicates the top cover is not fully closed.

Close the top cover completely, then the scanner assembly.

Closing the top cover

We offer new compatible (licensed) cartridges and drum cartridges that will work 100% on your printer.

Replace Affected Consumables.

Go / 01 is displayed and the Attention light is flashing

This condition indicates that the printer is in manual feed mode.

Load paper in the input tray of the size and type required for your print job, then press the Start Copy button.

Er / 11-Er / 19 Errors Displays, and the Attention and Consumables lights blink

Errors can be displayed for the following reasons:

Er / 11, Er / 14, or Er / 17: The toner cartridge is not compatible with the printer, has been protected on another printer, or is not an authorized toner cartridge.

Er / 12, Er / 15, or Er / 18: The imaging drum is not compatible with the printer, has been protected on another printer, or is not an authorized imaging drum.

Er / 13, Er / 16, or Er / 19: Both the toner cartridge and imaging drum are not compatible with the printer, have been protected by another printer, or are not an authorized consumable.

Why is my printer showing a Supply Memory Error??

It is worth noting that this problem is relevant for both inkjet MFPs and laser ones (HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf / M277dw and other models). Basically, the Supply Memory error appears when the printer loses communication with the cartridge. For example, due to disruption of contacts. This can also happen after installing non-original, remanufactured or refilled cartridges. The technique is especially strict with those consumables that use outdated chips and microcircuits.

What causes a cartridge memory error?

In total, there are five main points that affect the appearance of this error on HP printers. In particular, we are talking about the following factors:

  • Protective films, covers, etc. have not been removed.
  • During operation, the metal contacts are dirty or worn out.
  • Mechanical defects disrupt the position of the cartridge.
  • Unupdated printer software is blocking cartridge operation.
  • The cartridge chip is incompatible with the printer.

Fortunately, all of the above is easy to eliminate, even for an inexperienced user of office equipment.

What you need to do to get your HP printer working again?

There are several ways to get rid of the Supply Memory Error, it all depends on the source that influences the cause.

Supply Memory Error: How to Bypass Blocking on HP Printers

Is your HP printer having a problem? Instead of normal operation, does it give a “Supply Memory Error” or something similar? Have you already tried to carry out manipulations with turning the printer on and off, removing and installing consumables, but the problem has not been solved? Do not rush to throw the device and cartridges into the “window”. First, do what we advise you.

In this article you will find answers to the following questions:

HP Printer Software

Office equipment manufacturers, including Hewlett-Packard, regularly release software updates for their products. If you have not updated your printer for a long time, then this may cause malfunctions in its work. For the same reason, the message “Supply Memory Error” appears on the display of the device. The error can be corrected by updating the firmware of the printing device. To do this, go to the official website of the printer manufacturer, find the required firmware version there and use a PC to install it. Or enter your printer model in any search engine and find the update you need for it.

Thin metal contacts on the printer and cartridges

The HP printer is connected to the cartridge using tiny metal contacts. These elements are found on both products. Their contact closes the circuit, the break of which leads to the appearance of a Supply Memory Error.

For cartridges, the contacts are in the form of solid plates or microcircuits fixedly mounted, usually on the back of the case. In turn, in office equipment, these elements are made in the form of springy plates or movable wires.

Interruption of communication, entailing the appearance of an error in memorizing consumables, can occur for several reasons:

  • Something got between the contacts of the cartridge and the printer.
  • The printer contacts have been deformed.

To resolve any issue, remove the cartridge from the printer and inspect the contacts for scratches or dirt. If they are dirty, wipe the product with a lint-free cloth. In the case of severe mechanical damage, only replacement of the cartridge will help. You can try changing the plate itself. But, most likely, this business will turn into a failure. Therefore, it is better not to waste your time, but immediately buy a new cartridge.

After performing the procedures with the cartridge, look into the inside of the printing apparatus. During operation, a lot of dust, dirt, scraps of paper and other debris could have accumulated there. Clear everything. Locate the printer contacts and check their integrity. If deformation is visible, then try to gently bend them back. If the process was successful, insert the cartridges and start printing. If the contact is broken or it was broken even before your intervention, take the printer to the service center.

Cartridge protection

So that during transportation the sensitive elements of the cartridge are not damaged, they are protected with various films, seals, paper strips, plastic caps, lids, etc. In fact, it’s hard to miss them. As a rule, they are indicated by the corresponding inscriptions (Pull out) and arrows, as well as highlighted in color (orange, red, green). If any of the security features are not removed, the cartridge will not be recognized by the printer and the display will show the message Supply Memory Error.

This reason for the appearance of an error in memorizing consumables does not have any dire consequences. To fix it, just pull the cartridge out of the printer, carefully inspect it and remove the remaining security features.

The laser cartridges have a special ring on the end (a piece of protruding film), which must be pulled to remove the protective tape. There may also be a plastic or paper plate under the cover that covers the drum unit. As for inkjet cartridges, everything is much simpler here. Only the contacts and printhead that are visible to the naked eye are protected.

How to fix the E8 error

On the example of the m1132 printer, the E8 error occurs often, and users are lost in conjectures. The problem lies in the scanner and you cannot do without parsing the entire structure.

When the equipment is connected to a personal computer, the message “used supply in use HP” appears on the screen, which means it is necessary to follow the instructions:

  • The cover is detached.
  • The carriage is removed.
  • The screws are unscrewed.
  • The scanner motor is disconnected on the HP printer.
  • The dirt is being cleaned.
  • Replaced scanner.

HP Laserjet M1132 mfp error E8 occurs for the following reasons:

  • Dirty printer.
  • Problems with firmware.
  • Broken board.

If you replace the scanner, you can fix the error, and then everything will work fine. During repairs, it is recommended to refrain from cleaning the loop, this may lead to loss of signal. The E8 error is found even in devices of the latest series, and there difficulties most often arise with the firmware.

As for dirt, it accumulates on the gears. Error E8 is in any case not critical and can be eliminated without contacting a service center. All you need is a hex wrench for the screws.

REFERENCE. A scanner error in its running form can lead to the fact that the equipment will start to malfunction and the loop will burn out. For some users, the printer simply does not respond to signals.

Troubleshooting error 79

If the display shows 79 service error, it is recommended not to rush to take the printer to the service center. The problem is often associated with printing a damaged file. For example, HP 2605 error 79 means an attempt to open a document in the pdf extension. To understand the situation, the first thing to do is reboot the personal computer.

For HP printers, error 79 loves to return, hinting at the need for firmware. Experts solve the problem by resetting the settings. The HP 400 printer displays “Error 79” if the software is incompatible with the technique. When printing does not start after a factory reset, it is recommended that you check for updated drivers. “Error 79” HP 400 printer is displayed when using pirated software. In such a situation, you also need to reinstall the system and check for new drivers.

If everything is done correctly, 79 service error will disappear from the display.

Failure to print on HP printers

When printing is interrupted, the user rushes to check the power supply, but the reason can be much more serious. The most common problem is with the microprocessor, in which case the equipment is not able to process the signal. It can also be associated with a cartridge. In this case, the print head is completely checked.

ATTENTION! When a printing error occurs, it is recommended to pay attention to the inscription (highlighted on the display).

Common error codes:

  • Breakdown 49.
  • Error 60.
  • Breakdown 79.
  • Error E3.
  • Breakage E8.

The versions of printers that most often suffer from malfunctions:

  • 090d.
  • 1132.
  • 1536.
  • 1536dnf.
  • 3f0.
  • 4250.

When there is a hitch in the press, the main thing is not to panic, to make the right decision.

Eliminating the problem with the E3 code

Using the example of the HP Laserjet 3380 printer, you need to analyze the problem of installing the cartridge. When the E3 error appears on the display, users assume that the vehicle has simply run out of paint. In fact, the reason may be incorrect installation of the cartridge.

The first step is to consider the mechanism, it is important to pay attention to the damper. Sometimes the problem is related to the lever that fixes the element; it only needs to be slightly tweaked. To get to the cartridges, of course, the cover is removed. If we consider the device M125RA, its element is located in the lower part of the case and you will have to spend some time to get to the

ATTENTION! When the lever is returned to the old position, the error from the display will disappear immediately or after a while.

If the device refuses to work in the future, you will have to think about how to take it to a service center. Alternatively, you can make diagnostics yourself, then the first thing on the technique is to press the off button. Next, it is important to disconnect the device from the mains, check the condition of the mains filter under the cover, wipe it with a dry cloth. The user is safe when the printer is turned off or in sleep mode.

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Common error codes on HP printers

HP printers have proven themselves on the positive side. Models are available for different printing, inexpensive options that give out a black and white picture are in demand. Error codes on HP printers occur when a technician refuses to work.

Clearing Errors on HP Printers

For HP printers, error 49, or 60, 79, e3, e8 can be resolved in a clever way. In the arsenal of the user there is such a tool as a support service. The method is called “reset the HP printer”.

Without any analysis of the structure right during printing, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • Calling up the menu.
  • Print button.
  • Calling technical support.
  • Sending a report.

When the printer is turned off or some other error occurs, you may need to contact a service center. If the problem can be fixed by updating the program, the method will definitely help. For example, error 60 02 is eliminated only by the service center specialists, and there is no point in experimenting. When you reset your HP printer, the main thing is to make sure that the latest drivers are installed and the cartridge has ink.

If the printer error persists for a long time, it is recommended to go through all the hardware items to find out what the problem may be. On printers of the old version, the head often flies out. After a while, the user will know all the vulnerabilities of the model. Even a minor oversight can require serious financial investments. Users, of course, have no desire to pay for an expensive fee or a loop.

REFERENCE. If the document is not sent to print, you should first make sure that the on button is lit.

Considering special cases, printers may show a network problem, this is error 1132. As a conclusion, it is worth noting that HP printers are reliable, however, like any technique, it breaks down and you have to take action. If you do not want to delve into the intricacies of the equipment, it is recommended to contact the service center.

Eliminating the problem with the E3 code

Often, HP MFP users see the E3 code appear on the display of the device. If you look at the instructions for the device, then this code is decoded in it, as “The cartridge is missing or installed incorrectly”. Undoubtedly, the cartridge can be incorrectly installed, foreign objects can get under it, or it happens that it is simply broken. But sometimes a situation arises when the device does not see the cartridge due to the fact that the lever, which has a shutter, simply does not reach the optocoupler. To get to it, you need to remove the back (metal) cover of the MFP. How to unlock the lever, after which the E3 error will be reset, is clearly shown in this video from a foreign resource (knowledge of the language is optional).

Failure to print on HP printers

Often, when trying to print a document, the user finds that the process is blocked for an unknown reason. In this case, all attempts to delete a job in the print queue, or to cancel it are unsuccessful.

This failure can appear for a number of reasons, for example, from a sudden power surge, but in any case, you will have to fix the problem in the Print Manager program. This fact is explained by the fact that when a document is sent for printing, a special file is created in the Windows system. For a variety of reasons, this file can become corrupted and cause a crash in which the printer does not print. Therefore, this file must be deleted in the following way.

  • Switch off the printing device with the button and unplug the electrical cable from the outlet.
  • Save all work results so that they are not lost.
  • Next, open “Windows services” by simultaneously pressing the Windows r keys.
  • A window will open with an empty line in which you need to enter “services.msc” (without quotes) and press ok.
  • In the window that appears, find the line “print spooler”.
  • Click on this line RMB and in the menu that appears, select “Stop”.
  • After stopping the service, the window can be closed.
  • Next, go to: C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ PRINTERS. This can be done by pasting it into the address bar of Windows Explorer and then pressing Enter on the keyboard.
  • In the folder that opens, you must delete all the files that are in it.
  • Turn off your computer.
  • Before connecting the MFP (printer) to the mains, make sure it has been off for at least 60 seconds.
  • Turn on the MFP (printer) using the power key.
  • Turn on the computer and wait for the operating system to load.
  • Send the document for printing.

If the printing process went well, then the setting is considered complete. If you still cannot print the document, you can solve the problem using free software from HP. The program is called “HP Print and Scan Doctor” and is used to solve printing problems and diagnose hardware. You can download it from the official website at this link. After opening the program window, select the automatic search for problems and their elimination. After the program finishes, try to print the document again.

In some cases, the following measures help to solve this problem.

  • Reinstalling the printer driver. But first you need to remove it: in the “Control Panel” find “Devices and Printers” and open a window. Right click on the HP printer icon and select “Uninstall”. These actions will remove the driver that was installed on the system. After uninstalling, you must reboot the PC. If for some reason you do not have drivers for this MFP (printer) model, then you can download them from the HP website by clicking on this link.
  • Turn off the firewall for a while and try to print the document.
  • Log in to the system under a different account (relevant in the case when the equipment was configured from another account).

How to fix the e8 error

The e8 service message is often found on the laserjet 1132 MFP. This indicates that there is a problem with the scanner. The instructions for the device indicate that a malfunction with an e8 code is fatal, that is, not recoverable. But craftsmen have found several ways to eliminate this malfunction, which, in some cases, can return the scanner to work.

The most common case is when the bar of the scanner has stopped at the far right position and does not move. At the same time, an E8 error appears on the MFP display.

In this case, the carriage just jammed. To fix this problem, you will have to remove the scanner glass and move the ruler to the center of the machine or closer to the left edge. To remove the glass, you need to unscrew the 6 bolts located around the perimeter.

To unscrew the screws, you need an asterisk hexagon.

After removing the glass cover, take the carriage, move it closer to the center, and replace the glass. Turn on the device and wait for the positioning of the ruler (it should go to the extreme left position). If everything happened this way, then you are in luck, since the E8 code may appear for other reasons.

In the case when the scanner carriage, after turning on the MFP, moves in jerks and stops, while the E8 code appears on the display, then you will have to check all the nodes of this unit well. To check the scanner unit, you need to remove the glass cover, as mentioned above, after which you need to get the unit itself and turn it over. On the underside of the block, you will see 2 gears and an electric motor pressed down with a plate. Next, do the following.

  • First, it is recommended to unscrew the 2 screws on the plate and check the gears: are there any dirt or damage to the teeth, there is play or not, is the axle on which the gear is held, etc.
  • Remove dirt (if any) from the optocoupler.
  • Check the connection quality of the loop.
  • After checking and replacing the failed parts, apply a little grease (you can use a grease for thermal film) on the gear bushings and on the guides along which the scanner unit moves.

The above steps will usually fix the scanner problem in the HP m1132 MFP. But in some cases, this problem can be caused by too tight pressing of the gears or an optocoupler. Sometimes the problem is solved by loosening the clamping of the gears or removing the small gear altogether. Then turn on the machine (with the scanner unit removed and turned upside down) and observe the rotation of the gear. If it continues to move jerky, then the problem may be hidden in the optocoupler.

If you look closely at the optocoupler, you will see that there is a notched disc between the two sensors. This disk should be centered on the optocoupler. Sometimes it shifts to one side, which causes the appearance of the E8 code. Try to mount the motor so that the disc is centered between the sensors.

If, after all the above manipulations, the E8 code reappears, then the malfunction may lie in the engine itself or the control board. If you can replace the motor yourself, then you will have to contact the service center about the control board.

Troubleshooting error 79

Error 79 in HP printers usually means that there is a software failure on the machine. To fix it, fly the following:

  • turn off the power to the device using the off key;
  • pause for at least 30 seconds;
  • turn on the unit again and wait until it initializes;
  • in the case when the device was connected through a surge protector, try plugging it this time directly into an outlet;
  • if the code message continues to appear, sometimes clearing the print queue or reinstalling the driver helps to get rid of the problem.

Clearing Errors on HP Printers

There are many ways to reset an error or so-called service message on HP printers, which are only suitable for specific models. Since this manufacturer has a large number of printing equipment models, you can use the tables below to reset service messages about a problem.

In cases where cartridges (LaserJet 1300, 1320, 4250/4350) containing a chip are refilled, it must be sealed before installing them into the machine. The device, of course, will display a message that the “left” cartridge is inserted, but it will work. Also, to zero the chips, you can use the recommendations from the following table.

Almost any service codes that indicate errors for the HP Photosmart series of printers are cleared by the following method.

  • Hold and hold the left arrow while pressing the Setup key, then remove your fingers from the keys. This will bring up the “Enter Special Key Combo” menu. Hold down the “Print Photos” and “Red Eye Removal” buttons at the same time and release them. Next, press one key at a time and release: “Correction of a photo (Red Eye Removal)”, “Print a photo (Print Photos)”, “Correction of a photo (Red Eye Removal)”.
  • Press the arrow to the right and go to the line “System Configuration”. Click OK.
  • Press the right arrow again to reach the line “Hardware failure status: Clear. Press OK to clear ”(if the device worked without interruptions before, then you will not find this line). Remember, you cannot start printing at this time.
  • Turn off the device, then turn it on.

Thus, the error code has been cleared and the machine can be used normally.