How to clear cookies on Samsung

How to completely clear the browser on an Android phone

Temporary browser files take up space on the phone memory. They also store detailed user activity. If at least one of these points matters to you, clear the browser on your smartphone right now.

How to clear cookies on Android?

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We are talking about cookies, because they save all information, including secret data, such as login and password, which, once in untrustworthy hands, can cause a lot of trouble and trouble. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to clear cookies, we will talk about this on the website!

Cookies are files that store all the materials that were received by the web server in the form of an HTTP request. Most often, they are used by advertising sites to save information about a user who once showed interest in their products. In other words, after opening a file, some data about you is automatically saved to your computer.

In a short period of time, a huge amount of information can accumulate, and therefore, if you do not clean the cookie from the browser in time, Internet services begin to haunt you on all pages.

There is also a browser cache, which is a copy of previously loaded content: images, video, audio. All this information is stored on the computer for a long time. Sometimes it is necessary to clear the cache so that the material of previously visited sites is no longer displayed.

General concepts about cache and cookies

Cookies are text files that are stored in the browser folder. We need the site to recognize you when you visit it again. That is, they contain the authentication data, settings and user preferences. As well as statistics and tracking of sessions with the user.

The cache in the browser is used as an intermediate link between you and the site, which stores some pictures, texts, styles. Reduces website loading time and used traffic. The disadvantage of caching is that:

  • Changes to sites are not immediately visible.
  • It stores a lot of cache from sites you don’t need.

Browser history it records which pages you opened.

Remove passwords in Java

It happens that you went through someone else’s computer to your account and accidentally clicked on save password. And now you urgently need to remove it.

To do this, go to the settings using the “Ctrl H” key combinations and click the “Passwords and Cards” tab. You will get to the address browser: // passwords by the way, you can just copy this address and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

Here mark the site with the username and password you specified and click delete.

You can read more in the article All about passwords in Java

Automatic removal add-ons

Lastly, I would also like to tell you that there are add-ons for automatically deleting data after closing or after some time.

The most popular of them are ClickClean and eCleaner (Forget Button)

You can read more at these links.

I also want to suggest reading another Adblock add-on that blocks all ads on the page. You can read how to set it up correctly in the article Installing Adblock for Yandex Browser

We wish you a pleasant and fast surfing in Yandex browser.

Our “favorite” Internet Explorer

To delete cookies in Explorer, you need to perform the following actions, which will allow you to hide files not for general viewing:

  • Click the “Properties” button.
  • Select “Delete Browsing History”.
  • Open “Delete browsing history”.

In this browser, you can select the information you want to delete first, as well as get rid of all materials with one click “Delete All”.

That’s all, as you can see. cleaning cookies is not difficult. Having performed this operation, you can be sure that no one will find out your private information. All beaver, kindness and happiness!

Why clear cookies and cache

Harmless files that allow us not to re-enter logins and passwords, see advertisements tailored to our interests, such data, automatically recorded in the memory of our browser, are intended for a more convenient use of Internet sites.

Neither cookies nor cache harm your smartphone, but in large quantities they clog up memory and reduce it. If you need to clear the cache or cookies (cookies) on your smartphone, use our instructions for Google Chrome, created on the example of an Android smartphone.

How to clear cookies in Android

That’s it, the browser will be cleared of all temporary files. Sometimes this procedure frees up quite a lot of storage space.

How to clear browser cookies and cache on Android

Cookies are created in the browser by websites to store user information. On the one hand, they help surfing because they save settings, items, passwords, etc., which speeds up interaction with frequently visited sites. How to clear history on Android? Simply! But remember, with the removal of Cookies and history, you are automatically logged out from all sites, and you will delete all browsing settings.

How to manually clean Android

Now, to free up space for the free operation of the system (and we know that during operation, the system constantly creates and deletes temporary files, and if the memory is busy, the drive is cramped, then the system slows down, because it has to move files to temporarily free up space under system). We move the files, some directly into trash, that is, we delete, others we transfer to a flash drive. Here the rules are the same: do not touch files that you do not know, so as not to harm the system. Start with the biggest ones, they obviously cannot be systemic.

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It is inconvenient to do this inside a smartphone, so it is better to connect it to a laptop or computer with the supplied charging cable. We configure the connection as a media device, then the phone will appear on the computer as a separate disk, which you can view, record and delete files. We immediately pay attention to the following folders in the smartphone:

  • DCIM (there are photos and video materials, it is better to transfer them to a USB flash drive, or even better, immediately upload them to the cloud, and delete them in the local folder);
  • Download (usually there are saved files automatically downloaded or from applications not from the official store. Delete everything);
  • Media (music and so on, see what you need, but it’s still better to store playlists than whole tracks, because the Internet is always available);
  • Movies or Video, Sounds or Music (there, in fact, nothing should be there, if you need them, move to a USB flash drive.

It is also worth checking all the folders that are created by the applications you have installed, for example, messengers, maps, editors, and more. We search for and delete all media files. Yes, everything looks simple, but manual cleaning takes some time and perseverance. If you do not know what kind of file it is, it is better not to move or delete it, it is better then on the Internet ask for each.

Factory reset

The next option, which explains how to clear the cache on Samsung, involves resetting the phone’s settings. Please note that this procedure will completely delete all information on the device. If you do not want to lose data, then it is recommended to set up a backup. Just go to the settings and in the “Backups” section, log into your Google account and follow the instructions from the system.

To perform a factory reset, you must:

  • Go to settings.
  • Select the item “Archive and reset”.
  • Click on “Reset data”.
  • The system will show a warning that all information will be deleted, and will show the applications where your account is valid.

Confirm the procedure and wait for the device to reboot.

How to Clear Cache. Cookies On Android Phone

Clouds are our workhorses

With the advent of cloud services, and free accounts, storing files on devices, especially mobile ones, has become impractical. You are given about a gigabyte of space for free in only one service, but how much does your smartphone fit? What if you have three or more services and accounts? The Internet is fast now, there are no problems with access to your music, photos and other files. Internet speeds are even higher than if you pick up files from a flash drive.

Using the Google Chrome browser on a smartphone, a lot of data from visited Internet pages is cached, however, on a PC, similarly, not only history is saved, but also a bunch of other information.

How to clear cache or cookies (cookies) on a smartphone

We go into the Chrome browser and click on the three dots in the upper corner. Then in the items we find “Settings”:

Now we are looking for the item “Personal data”, going into which we go down to the very bottom and, voila, we see a line called “Clear history”, we look closely this is exactly what we were looking for! See step by step screenshots:

We choose what you need to delete (browsing history, cookies, cache, etc.), and at the top you can select a period, for example, if you want to erase the browser history only for the past hour today or all of yesterday. In order to clear the memory as much as possible, set “for all time”.

How to clear the cache on Android Samsung Galaxy every smartphone owner should know. With a clogged memory, the phone will start to slow down, that is, its performance will decrease significantly. In this article, we will consider the question. how can you clear the cache of applications and the browser.

Cleaning through apps

  • run Clean Master (or any other similar utility);
  • click on the “Start” button;
  • check the boxes next to “Unnecessary cache”. The system will start scanning and identify files that can be deleted without affecting the device’s performance;
  • click “Clean up trash”;
  • in addition to these actions, you can expand the “Clear ” tab and select “Sketches”;
  • press “Empty trash” again.

Garbage cleaning allows you not only to get rid of unnecessary cache, but also to keep all programs in an optimal state. As with the browser, some applications may take longer to turn on when launched for the first time.

Manual cleaning

The bulk of the cache is collected in messengers, video hosting and other applications that we often use (for example, VK, Viber, etc.). Therefore, further on how to delete files manually:

  • in the settings, open the “Application Manager”;
  • select the required application;
  • a page will open with information about how much memory the program takes up;
  • then open “Memory” and click on the “Clear cache” button.

This was a selective cleaning method. If you need to delete the cache from all applications, you can also do it manually:

  • in the phone settings, go to the item with optimization;
  • at the bottom of the screen, click “Memory” (or “Storage”);
  • click on the ellipsis in the upper right corner, then go to “Memory settings”;
  • on the page that opens, find “Cached data” and clear it.
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Clearing the cache will start, after which there will be a lot of free space on the phone.

Clearing the browser cache

As you use the device, the cache is accumulated in Internet browsers. You can clear it in a couple of clicks (take Google Chrome as an example):

  • open the desired browser and click on the ellipsis located at the top of the screen;
  • in the section that opens, click on the “History” button;
  • click “Clear history”;
  • further in the “Basic settings” section, check the boxes next to all the items (history, cache, cookie);
  • it remains to adjust the “Time range”. You can clear the cache for the last 24 hours or completely. Click on the value “All the time”, then tap on the button “Delete data”.

Upon completion of the procedure, the browser cache will be cleared. In addition to the actions performed, you can clear information about the operation of the application, including saved logins and passwords. For this:

  • click on the “Additional” button;
  • put a checkmark in front of all the items;
  • click on the blue button “Delete data”.

Attention! After clearing the cache in the browser, some pages will take a little longer to launch. This problem will disappear after the first boot.

Cleaning options

There are several ways to clear cache on Android Samsung. The options below apply to most Samsung Galaxy phones, including:

  • J3;
  • J4;
  • J5;
  • J6;
  • J7 and newer;
  • A5;
  • A6;
  • A8;
  • A10;
  • A20;
  • A30;
  • A40;
  • A50;
  • A51 and newer;
  • S5;
  • S6;
  • S7;
  • S8 and newer.

How to Clear Cache on Android Samsung

Cache is a hidden section of memory on a smartphone that stores files that are later used by the OS and applications to quickly perform operations. Each program creates a cache upon installation, the volume of which increases with the use of the phone. One application (for example, a browser) can store a cache ranging in size from 1 MB to 5-6 GB. This means that periodically the smartphone needs to be cleaned of unnecessary files. This article will show you how to clear the cache on your Samsung Galaxy tablet and phone.

Cleaning through recovery

If you decide to remove the cache due to any failures, then their reason may be in the unstable operation of the operating system. The most effective way is cleaning through recovery.

It should be noted that in this case, the cache will be cleared from all installed programs, including factory software and updates. Follow the procedure only if the other methods did not help.

How to delete cookies samsung 7

  • Turn off your phone.
  • You will need to go to the recovery menu. To do this, hold down the “Home” key, as well as the volume up and power-on buttons. The combination depends on the device model.
  • Pressing the volume down button, find the “Wipe cache partition”. Then click on the power key to select it.
  • Automatic cache clearing starts.
  • Upon completion of the procedure, click on the inscription “Reboot system now” to reboot the device.

Note! We recommend that you clear the cache every time you update your operating system. This not only helps to get rid of unnecessary garbage, but also prevents the possibility of problems with the software.

Also in the recovery menu there is a “Wype data / Factory reset” button. By clicking on it, you can return your phone to factory settings. At the same time, all games, programs and cache you installed will be deleted from memory. If the information contained in the phone is important to you, do not press this key and strictly follow the instructions described above.

If you need to clear the cache from 2-3 programs, the easiest way is to do it manually in the phone settings. If you are going to clean up system files, we recommend that you follow these steps with extreme caution. Do not press unfamiliar buttons in the recovery menu, as this will lead to serious consequences (up to returning to the factory settings).

What are cookies: how to delete or enable them

Cookie. what is it? Contrary to the name, it has nothing to do with confectionery. Cookies are tiny data files located on the user’s device that greatly simplify our lives and pose a serious threat to privacy.

Cookies are source of information that provides marketers with the information they need to create contextual advertising.

While browsing the web, you often come across a message that you agree to the terms of the collection of your data on the site. Because modern IT technologies have developed so much that the browser can record absolutely all our actions.

In fact, there are two files with similar properties, such as cache and cookies. However, if you dig deeper, they differ in many ways. But in order for you to understand in more detail, some of the information in this article is not written entirely correctly, namely, some of the properties in the description of cookies are more inherent in the cache and vice versa. Therefore, for a general understanding of the issue, this article is written in a simpler and more understandable language, without in-depth delineation of areas of responsibility between these properties.

Collected data chain image

What is browser cookie

Imagine that you are logging into your favorite internet portal. It is very comfortable to use it, because this portal remembers all your data: your mail; login; password and so on. Therefore, you do not need to enter information about yourself again every time you visit the site. Also, all your actions are saved in the site database, for example, you have completed a social survey, it will not be repeated again, because you cannot express your opinion on one topic many times. The browser remembers your localization and you do not have to re-select the Russian or English version when entering the site. Familiar. isn’t it?

The described case is the standard on the modern Internet. It wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the cookie. In simple words, these are small files that contain data exchanged between the browser and a specific site. This mechanism allows you to exclude cases of multiple voting in one survey and allows you to keep a counter of unique visits to the site (of course, these options depend directly on the settings of the site itself).

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As we have already said, the main distinguishing feature of cookies is that they are an auxiliary element for the browser in capturing various data about the user. However, very often we hear false information about cookies and believe that they need to be refuted:

  • Cookies are not a program. they are a text file.
  • They will not infect your device with a virus.

Basic cookie tasks

  • Authorization (browser). the browser records your username and password during registration, thereby making it possible to enter the resource without re-entering data. However, most often, before this, the browser will ask you for permission to save your data.
  • Saving parameters (site). thanks to cookies, all parameters you set in the search engine will be saved, for example, language, region or search filter.
  • Monitoring operations on the site (site) is a common practice when cookies track the steps of the user on the site to collect statistical information. As a result, this information is used in the field of Internet marketing services.

The cookie records information about which advertisement or news a person has already viewed and where he performed targeted actions, and where he did not. And if we talk about cookies for the site of private entrepreneurs, then you can not be afraid of “leaking” of personal data, but the same cannot be said about large network organizations. There is a law that the distribution of cookies is strictly prohibited and serious fines are imposed for violation of this rule, but nevertheless, in our practice, such cases sometimes occur.

Let’s assume you are administering your site through your WordPress dashboard. If you check the “remember me” checkbox on a third-party device, then its owner will be able to use this data and, for example, log into your account. It is most correct to open pages through incognito mode and do not tick the “Remember” item when entering personal data or any passwords.

Also, for ultimate privacy, turning off files alone won’t be enough. It is necessary to completely rebuild your behavior in the web space and change the usual parameters of programs and web applications. In other words, such theses as: convenience and safety are simply incompatible.

On May 25, 2018, a law on the data protection rights of EU citizens was introduced. Its abbreviated name is GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation. The main essence of the decree is that the owners of sites that collect data on the actions of visitors on the resource are obliged to inform them about it. The collection can be started only after the user confirms that he has been notified of this information. If your site is focused on work, not only by citizens of Russia, but also from Europe, then you will definitely fall under sanctions for violating the regulations.

Since we have touched on data collection, there is another very subtle point to be highlighted. Cookies are not an auxiliary element in the collection of personal data. Since the site owner cannot intensify the person whose actions are displayed in the cookie. That is, cookies do not provide information that it is Ivan Ivanov, born in 1992.01.01, residing at the address: Moscow, Lenin street, house 100, apartment 101.

Recently, Russian Internet entrepreneurs have also been fined for non-compliance with these rules. In theory, you can be fined up to € 20 million. In fact, the amount of sanctions is calculated individually, based on the situation.

Advice to entrepreneurs: do not in any way abuse the above rules if you do not want serious complications. over, from an ethical point of view, it is not correct to collect data about your client without his knowledge. Inform people about cookies. But it is not necessary to do it too straightforward and one-sided. For example: our IT company notifies site visitors about the collection of personal data, naturally and with a bit of humor, so as not to cause rejection in a person.

Prostudio Cookie Notice

Yandex browser

Open your browser’s “Settings”.

Select the “Sites” section in the sidebar.

Then open the section “Advanced settings”.

Selecting advanced Yandex Browser settings

Scroll down the page to the “Cookies” section and select “Allowed”.

In the same way, you can disable these files, if necessary, by selecting the “Forbidden” item. In case you want to restrict the collection of your data for a particular site, you need to:

Also, go to “Site Settings”.

On the top menu bar, select the “Forbidden” tab.

In the upper left corner, click “Add”.

Adding a site to the section of prohibited cookies

In the pop-up line, enter the URL of the site you want.

Thus, you will keep your cookies open for the browser and you will restrict the collection of data for a specific site. Using a similar method, you can perform the opposite operation, close your data to the browser as a whole and select specific sites with which you would like to share information about your actions.

Yandex browser

Open your browser control panel and select the “Advanced” tab.

In this tab, select “Clear history”.

Select the period and the item “Cookies and other data of sites and modules” to delete.

Click on the “Clear” button.

Selecting the time and file before clearing cookies in Yandex Browser

How to Delete Cookies & Cache on Android phone. Very Easy