How to clear junk iPhone memory

How to get rid of junk and free up space on iPhone

Have you ever seen a message notifying you that you can no longer take a photo with your iPhone until you delete some of the data and free up space? As long as Apple will offer iPhone customers with 16 gigabytes of storage, the problem will remain relevant. There are several ways to free up memory while still keeping your favorite apps and cleaning up your library. IDB colleagues have listed all.

Unfortunately, our smartphones are full of junk that takes up storage space. Trash is temporary application files and other data that you probably won’t need. In this case, the garbage can take up several gigabytes on your device. Removing it is a temporary fix and it will reappear over time. However, in the case when you really need free space, and deleting applications and photos is unacceptable, the following tips will help you.

Perform a forced reboot

Remove cache in settings

Some apps allow you to clear their cache from device settings, but not all. Go to the General settings section, then to Storage and iCloud, and in the “Storage” tab, click Manage. Safari is a good example of an application that allows you to remove temporary data from preferences. Delete the data that you think is taking up too much space.

Delete the cache in the applications themselves

Not all applications allow you to clear the cache from the settings, but you can try to find this function in the application itself. You can see in the settings how much the temporary files of the Tweetbot application take up, but you can get rid of them only in the settings of the application itself.

Reinstall space eating apps

You will be surprised how much space is freed up if you uninstall Viber, WhatsApp, and many others, and then install them again from the App Store.

This is a really effective method to get rid of trash for a long time. Just back up your device to iCloud or iTunes and then do a factory reset to delete the content. The reset menu is located at the very end of the General settings section. You will have to go through the device activation procedure again and restore the data and settings from the backup. Before you reset, you should make sure that the backup has been created and the password for your Apple ID account is firmly in your memory.

Use apps to clean up space

Apple wouldn’t want you to use these kinds of apps, but they can be quite handy. Try PhoneExpander or other apps you can find on Google search.

Take advantage of iOS capabilities

Apple engineers have worked hard to fix the memory problem by adding a few clever features and tweaks to iOS. Here is a list of what you can do to try and increase the free storage space on your iPhone.

  • Disable Photo Stream
  • Disable saving originals of photos and videos on iPhone
  • Clear your custom dictionary
  • Disable Enhanced Quality for VoiceOver
  • Get rid of system languages ​​that you don’t use
  • Disable background refreshing for as many apps as possible
  • Remove or rebuild mail accounts
  • Do not store photo and video attachments in the Messages app
  • Clean up the album with recently deleted photos
  • Shoot FullHD videos instead of 4K
  • Disable and re-enable Siri to clear function cache
  • Turn off unwanted apps in Spotlight
  • Sync your device with iTunes. This will delete the application data from the device and transfer it to your computer.
  • Disable iCloud sync for unnecessary data

Remove music from your phone and listen online

You can also delete downloaded music from your phone, go to the Music application, open downloaded tracks and simply delete them from your device.

Additionally, they can be deleted from the repository. This is especially necessary if you do not listen to certain tracks.

How to check memory on iPhone

The memory can always be quickly viewed in the device settings. Go to them, go to the “Basic” group and open the information “About this device”.

clear, junk, iphone, memory

All capacity and available memory will be shown here, if you need to update the iPhone or other operations that require a lot of free space. always see the information here first.

Removing unused applications

Installed applications and games can take up a lot of space if you do not use them. you can simply uninstall or download them from your device. And then, if desired, install back.

How To Clear Cache On iPhone

In the same section “iPhone Storage” you can download both individual applications and games, and all at once that you have not launched for a long time.

This function does the following: deletes all application data. files, pictures, audio, and leaves the settings, like the shortcut on the desktop.

You just need to click on the shortcut then to download it again. This is convenient, especially with games that you just downloaded, but do not plan to play in the near future.

We do photo optimization

In “iPhone Storage” click on the option to optimize photos, they will be transferred to iCloud, and on the phone they will be compressed to a smaller size.

Interesting! Also, photos can be simply transferred to some cloud service, without leaving them on the smartphone at all.

We clear the mail

The mail application, even if it is third-party from the App Store, can store a lot of letters and attachments that take up space. Clean them.

Also, sometimes a problem arises. everything seems to be deleted, but the space is still not freed. This is solved by simply deleting the mail account, then you can add it again.

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Cleaning iPhone from trash. complete

It will help to completely clean all the tails and all the debris that is in the system. We will do a full reset, so all tails from applications and left by the system will be removed. After cleaning, we will restore the settings from a backup.

Go to settings, open your account. Apple ID, go to iCloud and open the “Backup” option. Create a new copy. methods of making a copy in the material. how to back up an iPhone.

Next, you need to reset the iPhone DO to factory settings so that all files and applications are deleted. In the settings go to “General” and then to “Reset”. Do exactly “Erase content and settings”.

When you turn on the iPhone and set it up for the first time. click on “Recover from iCloud copy” and specify the last created version to restore all contacts, settings and applications will also be downloaded again.

Interesting! This is probably the most effective method of all to clean your Apple device of all junk, tails of old programs and free up precious megabytes and gigabytes.

How to clear memory on iPhone correctly and quickly

It is often necessary to clean the iPhone from trash, because Apple devices do not allow installing SD cards in them, and applications and photos take up a lot of space.

There are a few simple methods to free up filled memory on your iPhone or iPad quickly and efficiently. Apple took care of this and came up with several convenient and high-quality options.

The previous article was about how to back up your iPhone. Now you will learn how to free up space on iPhone. clear its memory in a few simple ways.

Important! Here you will find exactly the effective ways to clean iPhone that work. There are other options, but they will save only kilobytes, they are to go directly into each program on the iPhone and delete the files / cache they use. Where it is really justified. we will consider below.

Clearing data from the cache

We have already examined this method in detail and with pictures in the article about how to clear the cache on the iPhone. Let’s repeat.

The first step is to clear the temporary files of the Safari browser. Go to settings and open the “Safari” section. Here click on “Clear history and files”.

Also, as described in the second chapter, in the storage you can see how much data is taken and from which application. Just remove it from iPhone completely and then reinstall it. All temporary files will be deleted.

Important! About programs for cleaning the iPhone. Of course, you can use them, but most of them are paid and do not always work correctly. You can always find them in the App Store, but it’s up to you whether to use them.

How to completely clear an iPhone

Why would a user need to completely clear the iPhone? Most often, this becomes necessary before selling your smartphone to a stranger. I don’t really want any personal information to become available to the new owner.

Sometimes a full cleaning of iPhone X / 8/7 Plus / 7 / SE / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4S is required in case the device stops working normally. As a rule, the gadget starts to hang for no reason, glitches, applications can crash, the system slows down and works much slower. Clearing iPhone junk usually fixes this problem right away. over, it is not always possible to do a complete cleaning of the iPhone memory, for a start, you can try to delete unnecessary programs, cache and temporary files.

How to Delete Other Storage on Your iPhone

How to clear memory on iPhone

Daily use of iPhone or iPad results in a lot of junk on the device. Some of it is visible files. For example, duplicate photos, unnecessary images, contacts, outdated notes, unused apps, etc. There is also other rubbish. these are temporary files, cache and cookies. Both those and other files clog the operating system and interfere with its stable operation. As a result, iPhone / iPad starts to freeze or glitch. To optimize your iOS system, you need to clear iPhone memory and free up space. For this, it is better to use a free special software solution. iCareFone.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone and iPad: Options

Many of the mobile users often wonder how to completely clean the iPhone from junk and all contents. The easiest way is to start manually deleting all data right from your device. But just imagine how long this process will take: each file will need to be selected on the phone and deleted. It can take all day.

The second way is to use the restore device function in iTunes. But this also has its drawbacks. The device will completely return to its original condition, as after purchase. All settings will have to be done again. again, this is too much time. This option is also not suitable for those who want to partially clean the iPhone from junk.

The third way is to clear your iPhone through the Settings. General. Reset app. Here you can perform both full and partial clearing of iPhone memory. There are several more options, but perhaps the most convenient is to use the iCareFone-Cleaner program: an accessible interface, the ability to free up space on iPhone and iPad by deleting all personal and confidential information, including cache, temporary files, browser history, contacts, mail data, etc. etc.

How to Clean iPhone X / 8/7 Plus / 7 / SE / 6s / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4S

Download iCareFone-Cleaner from the official website and install it on your computer.

Launch iCareFone-Cleaner. Connect your iPhone or iPad using a USB cable. The program will recognize your device (model, memory size, serial number, etc.).

Press the START button. The program will start analyzing your device. The utility will determine how much memory can be cleared on the iPhone. You will see how much space is used by cookies, temporary files, photos, applications, etc.

Now you can choose what exactly you want to delete to free up space on your iPhone. Use the “Clean” button to clean. In sections such as Photos, Applications, you can use the “Details” button to mark which files need to be deleted.

When the cleanup is complete, you will see how much memory you were able to free up on your iOS device. If you need to completely clear your iPhone, you can use the separate Fulldataeraser function.

iCareFone-Cleaner. This is a magic app for speeding up and cleaning iOS devices that allows you to instantly and reliably erase unnecessary files, free up a lot of space and protect personal data, which allows you to keep the performance of iPhone / iPad / iPod devices at the highest possible level. Supports iOS 11/12 and iTunes 12.6.

Install iPhone cache cleaner apps

Although Apple itself is against the use of such applications, they can be quite convenient. To find similar apps, use a search engine like Google.

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How to clear junk iPhone memory

Did you get a message stating that you can no longer save the photo, since there is no free space and you need to delete some of the data? So, for those who have seen this message, there are several ways how to free up space on the iPhone and not delete your favorite music or video files. How to clear memory on iPhone?

The longer your iPhone runs, the more junk accumulates. Garbage is all sorts of data, temporary files that are not useful to you. Over time, such files accumulate a lot and they can take up several gigabytes on the device. How to free up space on iPhone, very easy, remove this junk.

Removing Apps on iPhone

You can delete apps from iPhone right on the desktop. To do this, press your finger anywhere on the smartphone screen and hold it for 2-3 seconds. After that, a cross will appear next to the application icons, by clicking on which you can delete unnecessary games and files.

You can also get rid of annoying applications through the “Storage” menu. Go to “Settings”, select “General”, then open statistics and see your data warehouse. Find the application that you no longer need and click on it. In the window that opens, select “Delete”.

Another way to uninstall apps on iPhone is cleaning through iTunes.

Connect iPhone to Computer and Launch iTunes.

Find the application you do not need and uninstall it by clicking on the “Uninstall” button located next to.

When copying materials, a link to the site is required.

How do I clean my iPhone? Several easy ways

There are six ways to clean up unnecessary junk on iPhone:

  • Full device recovery in iTunes.
  • Delete iPhone in iCloud.
  • Deleting settings and all content on the device itself.
  • Partial removal of applications from the desktop.
  • Removing applications in the “Storage” menu.
  • Removing apps via iTunes.

Before you clean your iPhone, it’s worth deciding how radical the cleaning should be. If you plan to sell a gadget, then you need to delete absolutely all information from it. If you want to free only part of the memory, then the last three options are suitable for this.

Delete the cache on the iPhone in the applications themselves

In some applications, you can delete the cache from the settings of the application itself. Try to find the function of clearing the cache in the settings of the application itself. For example, let’s take the Tweetbot application, its temporary files take up a lot of space, and you can only clear the cache in the settings of the application itself.

IPhone Recovery

Restoring an iPhone is the process of resetting all settings to factory settings. In this case, all content and personal data will be deleted, and an updated version will take the place of the outdated iOS.

To restore your iPhone system, you need:

Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer and download the latest firmware file for your smartphone to your hard drive.

Disable the “Find iPhone” function in the gadget settings.

Connect iPhone to Computer and Launch iTunes.

Open the sync settings page for your device with iTunes.

Press the “Restore iPhone” button while holding down the Shift key.

In the window that opens, select the firmware option you need (most likely, it will be there alone).

Confirm the request to restore the smartphone system.

Perform a hard reset iPhone

If you are still wondering “How to free up space on iPhone?”, Then this method will help you get rid of junk for a long time. Be sure to back up your device to iTunes or iCloud and then do a full iPhone reset to delete the content. After a full reset of the iPhone, you will need to go through the device activation procedure again, and then restore the settings and data from the backup.

We clear the cache in the settings

How to clear cache on iPhone? You need to go to the “General” section in the settings, and then select Storage and iCloud. On the “Storage” tab, click on Manage. Next, we clear the cache on the iPhone and delete data that takes up a lot of space. Let’s delete unnecessary data using Safari as an example.

Clearing Safari History

It is recommended to start a thorough cleaning of the iPhone by deleting the history of visits and cookies. To clean the browser, you need to do:

  • In “Settings” go to Safari.
  • Activate the function “Clear history and data”.

A data value of zero indicates that the web browser is completely cleared. It is worth noting that the above steps will not affect Safari in any way.

Radical methods. reset iPhone to factory settings

There are two ways to completely erase an iPhone: on the smartphone itself or using iCloud. Let’s consider them in more detail.

IOS update via iTunes

It is very convenient to update the iPhone via Wi-Fi networks, but the procedure is accompanied by the creation and saving of temporary files, which are partially deposited in the gadget’s memory. For this reason, it is recommended to install iOS via iTunes. This will free up memory as much as possible, since the firmware is unpacked on the PC.

Erasing content via iCloud

If it is more convenient for you to use a computer, then you can erase your iPhone using the iCloud cloud service. In this case, both the computer and the iPhone or iPad itself must be connected to the Internet.

  • On a computer, go to
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Launch Find iPhone app.
  • In the All devices list, select the device you need.
  • Click on the Erase iPhone button and confirm the action with another click on the Erase button.
  • Activation Lock will require you to enter your Apple ID password in advance.
  • If your iPhone is not stolen, you can skip the next step with entering the trusted phone number and SMS for the kidnappers.

Radical methods of clearing iPhone memory are also dangerous pitfalls. So, if your device has been jailbroken, it will most likely be removed. And you will have to restore the firmware, and then repeat the hack. Read more about this situation in the article How to remove everything from iPhone.

Plus, Activation Lock can turn your mobile device into a brick if you can’t remember the password you want. Use these methods only when absolutely necessary and in full confidence in your abilities.

Reset Data on iPhone

  • On your mobile device go to Settings. General.
  • Select Reset. Erase Content and Settings.
  • If a lock password is set on your mobile device, you will need to enter it.
  • Confirm your intention to erase all content twice.
  • If the Find iPhone function is active on your device, you will need to enter an additional password from Apple ID.
  • After that, the erasing process will start.
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    Please note that resetting and clearing iPhone memory can take a long time. from 2 to 15 minutes depending on the model of your smartphone or tablet. This means that you need to ensure that the battery is sufficiently charged or connect the device to the mains. It’s also important to remember that the deletion process is irreversible and affects all personal data, apps, and settings on iPhone. We strongly recommend making backups just before resetting.

    Restart iPhone

    This is the simplest way, in which all processes are terminated, freeing up RAM. In addition, the cache accumulated in browsers and applications is cleared. Rebooting completely from the cache will not get rid of, although it will reduce it.

    Download large app

    This unconventional method is suitable for iPhone owners whose memory is full. Its essence is to start downloading software, a game or a movie, the volume of which exceeds the free space in the phone’s memory. Finding that the loaded object does not have enough memory, iOS will begin to clear space for it on its own, removing temporary files and other garbage. After installation, this software can be uninstalled.

    Dr. Cleaner

    Dr. Cleaner is one of the best iPhone cleaner apps which is supported on iPad too. Ideal for:

    • debris removal;
    • duplicate photos;
    • clearing the cache;
    • cleaning of duplicate contacts is also available.

    The application has the ability to sort data and search for large files. Dr. Cleaner will help you optimize your device’s memory. It is not only a program for removing unnecessary files, but also a library for your photos.

    Installation is not difficult, this program can be found in the App Store absolutely free of charge. The use is extremely simple. Just press the “Scan” button and wait for the results.

    Features of clearing the cache through iTunes

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean your iPhone is to use iTunes. In order to get rid of unnecessary cache files, you will need:

    • telephone;
    • a computer with any operating system;
    • wire for connecting the device.
    • The first step is to turn off this function in the “Settings” menu in the “Device Name. iCloud. Find iPhone” section.
    • Then you need to connect your phone to your computer and turn on iTunes.
    • Then go to “Overview” and create a backup copy of the content. This will get rid of garbage, because it simply will not be saved in the copy.
    • Then restore the backup and estimate the amount of storage through storage.

    The vacant space was once filled with garbage. With iTunes, you can continue to track memory and prevent device overflow.

    Learn how to clean your iTunes library from the video:

    Magic Phone Cleaner

    This cleaner has two main functions, with which you can clear the memory of temporary data and delete large files. Magic Phone Cleaner simplifies the cleaning process, the application helps to detect large files and shows them depending on the sorting. You can decide for yourself what to delete and what not.

    Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser

    Apeaksoft iPhone Eraser is one of the easiest and safest programs to clean your iPhone completely. The program will help you reset all settings and prevent file recovery. This application works from a PC and supports cleaning devices such as iPhone iPad and iPod.

    To install, you need to do the following:

    • Go to the official link
    • Start downloading via the “Download” button.
    • After downloading the.exe file to your computer, click on it to get started.
    • After downloading this software, double-click the file and follow the instructions on the screen. Select the program language. There are only four to choose from, namely French, Japanese, English and German.
    • A warning notification about the presence of a virus may pop up, but don’t be alarmed. This program is absolutely clean. To prevent uninstallation or blocking of the application, disable the antivirus.
    • There are three cleaning levels to choose from. Low, medium and high, the choice depends on your preference. The final step is to click on “Start”.


    CleanMyPhone is a powerful weapon in the fight for free space on your iPhone. The utility will help free up space by deleting unnecessary files and speed up the device. This application works on any iOS version.

    This program works with iPhone and iPad via Mac OS X.

    You need to install the program only through the official website in order to avoid pirated copies. At a discount, you can grab this utility for 20.

    Anyone can handle the cleaning process, if you have any problems, you can use the following instructions:

    • Connect your phone to PC.
    • Run the application.
    • Select cleaning mode.
    • After scanning, select files to delete.
    • Click on “Clear“.

    You should also note the following advantages of the program. CleanMyPhone is capable of:

    • clear notes;
    • remove duplicates;
    • fix bugs in media sync and much more.

    The only downside to CleanMyPhone is the price, but it’s worth it, your phone will say “thank you”.

    Can i manually clean my iOS device?

    Every year iOS increases the amount of internal memory, but even this does not save users. With a minimum of effort, you can manually clean the system of junk and unnecessary applications.

    One of the options is to go through all the folders on the desktop, but you can ease this process several times.

    In the section of system settings through the “Storage” you can track not only the volume of the application, but also the date of the last use. Programs are arranged not by date of use, but by volume, but this does not complicate the cleaning process.

    To remove unused applications from your phone, you need to:

    • Go to “Settings”, then to “General” and “Iphone Storage”.
    • Next, you need to wait until the data is scanned and get rid of what you no longer need. If in doubt, you can use the unloading. Upload differs from deletion in that documents and data remain on the device and only the application is deleted. Thanks to unloading, the program can be restored at any time by clicking on the icon. If you are sure that you will no longer need the program, you should completely uninstall it. If you need to temporarily clear the memory, then it is better to use unloading.

    Clean Doctor

    • Clean Doctor helps you find duplicate files taking up space.
    • Clearing calendar and contacts is also available.
    • Optimize your iCloud storage with one click.

    What to do if iPhone slows down? How to clean the device from debris?

    Nothing is as annoying as a hanging phone. An iPhone with everlasting glitches can ruin your mood in a split second. How to deal with such a disease? Is it worth buying a new device?

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