How to clear search history on Samsung a50

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Using data recovery software

Browser history is stored on your computer’s hard drive just like any other file. By deleting the history from the browser, it is also deleted from the computer disk. This means that the browser history file can be recovered from the computer hard drive in the same way as any other file.

To do this, you can use Hetman Partition Recovery. It is enough to know where the browser history file is located, what name it has, and scan the disk in order to find and restore it. Typically, the browser history file is stored in the following folders:

Google Chrome: C: \ Users \ (Username) \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \ local storage

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Mozilla Firefox: C: \ Users \ (Username) \ AppData \ Roaming \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \

Microsoft Edge: C: \ Users \ (Username) \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ History

Please note that some of the specified folders in the browser history path may be hidden. To display them, enable the display hidden files function.

To restore browser history using Hetman Partition Recovery, launch the program and scan the disk on which the browser is installed, the history of which needs to be restored. After that, use the program to go to one of the above folders (depending on the browser used) and restore the history files.

Save the recovered files back to the browser history folder from which they were deleted.

Using the DNS cache

The DNS (Domain Name System) of the operating system temporarily saves your lookups and deletes them after you restart your computer. When you delete your search history, the DNS cache is not deleted. This means that you can see all the domain names to which the referrals were made.

This is a fast, but not very reliable method. It is inconvenient to use it to restore old history, and it can also show an incorrect history, since all computer connections to the Internet are stored in the cache, not only from the browser: including applications, ads, antivirus programs, etc.

This way, if the application connects to something on the internet, it will also be displayed as a website search. Therefore, it will be difficult to determine where the search was carried out by the user, and where other applications of the computer.

How to Delete History of Web Pages Visited – Clear Browser History

To restore history from the DNS cache, you need to do the following:

Run the Run tool (Windows R) and enter the command “cmd”

Enter the command in the Command Prompt window that opens ipconfig / displaydns

As a result of executing this command, the user will be shown all the sites to which the transition was made, including the connections of computer applications. But only website addresses will be displayed, not the pages to which the link was made.

To flush the DNS cache without restarting the computer, type ipconfig / flushdns in the Command Prompt and press Enter.

How to restore browser history after cleaning

Read how to view your browser history online. What programs to use to view and restore Internet browser history.

Each transition of the user to the Internet sites is saved in the Browser History. along with all the details: the time of the visit and the name of the search. This history is available to the user and can, if necessary, be deleted: both completely and individual searches.

Someone will think that any user can view and delete history, no matter how it was at all. but this is not so. History can be deleted, but there are ways to restore it. In case of erroneous or accidental deletion of the browser history, it can also be restored using one of the methods described below.

Recover deleted history using the “Google My Actions” service

This is a quick and easy way to see your browser history. But it can only be used if you use a Google account and were logged in while using the Internet.

History from Google My Activities is not deleted after clearing browser history. This is where the entire history of using the network is stored, including the pages visited and the devices connected to the Google account. That is, using Google My Actions, you can even restore the history of your Android background.

Go to your Google account and select My Actions.

This section will display the entire history of visits to sites and other actions performed by the user during the time when he logged into his Google account. All actions will be sorted by dates of implementation, starting with the last one. There is also a filter with which you can view your actions at any time.

Any of the actions of the history can be deleted both individually and by day (all day at once).

By going to the menu item on the left “Select deletion option”, you can specify the period of time for which you want to delete history / actions.

If necessary, tracking actions and history can be completely disabled. To do this, go to the menu on the left “Tracking actions” and disable this function by clicking on the checkbox on the right. At the same time, the old history will remain until the moment tracking is turned off. It can be removed manually.

Tracking app history and web searches can be resumed at any time.

Clear cache, history or cookies on Samsung with the free Samsung Cleaner app

Professional Samsung Cleaner app. Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android version) is designed for Samsung and other Android users to effectively manage your Android phone. You can use this free app to clear cache, history or cookies on Samsung.

If you want to back up your Samsung phone or need more features, you can download the PC version of it to give it a try.

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Check out the Samsung Cleaner App. Coolmuster Android Assistant:

Free up space and speed up your Android phone with one click.

Manage your media, documents and apps on your Android phone.

3.With Wi-Fi scanner, you can connect your Android phone to PC wirelessly.

Find out how to clean your Samsung phone:

Download Samsung Cleaner app. Coolmuster Android Assistant and install it on your Samsung device.

Open the Apps drawer. click on the app and launch it on your phone. The main page of the application shows you the available and used memory.

Step 3: Free your Samsung phone. You can click on the main button. to free up space with one click.

Manage Samsung files. Click on File Management. you will see how much internal memory and SD memory.

Click on the main button. you can get a list of junk files including cache files, temp files and thumbnails. You can easily mark them and click Clean. to delete unnecessary files.

With the File Management feature, you can manage your media and documents, and find files.

Manage applications. Click on App Management. you can selectively or completely stop the apps running in the background and uninstall the unneeded app from here. You can reduce battery consumption by closing apps in the background.

To stop applications running in the background, you can click on Stop and mark the red circle next to the running application, just click Stop. If the circle is inactive, it means the application is closed.

This app is applicable to all Samsung phones in the market, including Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 / S8 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5, Samsung Galaxy Note9 / Note8 / Note7 / Note6 / Note5 / Note4, Samsung Galaxy A9 / A8. / A7 / A6 and so on. It also supports other Android brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, HTC, LG, etc.

Easily Manage Samsung SD Card Files on PC / Mac

Step # 7

Find and click the “Privacy” tab.

Step # 8

Scroll down to the very bottom, click on “Clear browsing data”.

How to Delete Browsing History on Samsung Phone (Clear Browser Cache)

The wife opens the browser history. unknown artist, approx. 1586

So you’ve bought yourself one of the bright new Samsung Galaxy smartphones, huh? You will be happy to know that the iris and fingerprint scanners on your high-tech gadget will perfectly protect your privacy from prying eyes. How to clear history on Samsung Galaxy S8? Read on to find out about this. However, from time to time, you may have to give your beautiful phone to a friend, loved one, or acquaintance. If this thought gives you a faint feeling, then it would be a good idea to know how to delete your browsing history. Samsung’s Android smartphones come with the company’s own web browser, but that’s not a cause for concern as the whole process is pretty straightforward. So how to delete browser history and clear cache on Galaxy S8 and S8? It’s simple, you just need to follow a few steps outlined in the guide right below, the first guide is for Samsung’s default browser, and below we have prepared another guide for Google Chrome.

Why clear history on Samsung phone

There are many different reasons for clearing history on Samsung Galaxy duos a3, S8, a5, j3, j2 and so on. Below are the two most common reasons.

Memory. If you surf the internet a lot on your Samsung mobile and then clear your history, you can clear some places that may be filled with other data.

Confidentiality. If you are looking to sell your cell phone and want to make sure that you still have personal data, knowing how to clear Samsung’s history will ensure that no one can view your history.

These are just some of the most common reasons for clearing browsing history on Samsung.

How do i delete my internet history on Samsung Galaxy A50 ? How on

If you are looking for the best way to erase browser history in Samsung Galaxy A50, check out the guide below to learn how to easily open browser settings and delete internet history in a few steps. We present the only way to clear browsing data in Samsung Galaxy A50. Let’s follow the instructions and keep your browser data private and use automatic rules to delete all visited web pages and downloaded files. As a result of the whole process, your browser memory will be erased.

How to clear Yandex search history on Samsung

Yandex Browser is one of the most popular navigators in Russia. Its versions are installed both on PC and on mobile devices, on which it is equipped with the equally popular assistant “Alice”. Having used the search engine on our smartphone for a long time, we may have a desire to delete the history. How can this be done? Below we will find out how to completely clear the Yandex search history on Samsung phones. And also what optional will help us with this.

Features of saving search history in mobile Yandex

Many of us have our own secrets. They also concern search queries that we would like to hide from the people around us. That is why many are interested in deleting the search history in Yandex Browser, and are looking for ways to implement their plans. At the same time, clearing requests can help to increase free space in the memory of your Samsung phone, which will also be useful.

It is also important to distinguish the search history from the search substitution that Yandex performs. The latter is performed automatically from the most popular queries on the network, and you should not be afraid of them.

The history of user surfing is stored by mobile Yandex during the period while you use the browser of the same name or the Yandex application. Accordingly, a web browser can store your search history for months or even years. This is why you need to clear history on your Samsung.

Let’s see how this can be done.

How to Spot Clear Browser Requests on Samsung Phone

If you want to delete your search history in Yandex Browser only for a couple of your queries, then it is very simple to do this:

How to Clear Browser Data on SAMSUNG Galaxy A5 2017. Delete Search History

  • Launch your Yandex mobile web browser;
  • On the screen that opens, click to the right of the search line on the button in the form of three horizontal lines;

Clearing Yandex app history on Samsung

You can also delete requests in the Yandex application installed on your phone.

  • Launch the app on your Samsung;
  • Tap on the search bar, and below you will see a list of what we searched earlier.
  • At the top left is a button with three horizontal lines. Tap on the indicated button, and in the menu that appears, select “Settings”;
  • In the list that opens, select “Clear history”;
  • A confirmation prompt is displayed. Click on “Yes”;

If you now tap on the search bar on the main screen, you will see that the search history is no longer available.

Complete deletion of history on Samsung in Yandex Browser

If you want to completely clear the Yandex mobile history on your Samsung smartphone, there are several ways to do this.

  • Launch your Yandex mobile web browser;
  • On the screen that opens, click to the right of the search line on the button in the form of three horizontal lines;
  • In the menu section that opens, at the bottom, tap on the tab with the designation of the clock face;
  • Both the pages that you visited and a list of search queries entered by you will open;
  • Perform a long tap on any of the links you provide;
  • In the menu that appears, tap on “Clear history”. The entire history of your Yandex Browser will be deleted.
  • Launch your mobile navigator on Samsung;
  • Tap the button in the form of three horizontal dots to the right of the search bar;
  • In the menu that appears below, select “Settings”;
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How to clear Yandex browser history on Samsung phone A50 and A51 or others

During daily use of the Samsung a50 or a51 phone, we browse many sites, through the Yandex browser, after which a trace remains.

If you forgot about incognito mode or stumbled upon pages that should not be in the Yandex browser history, you should clear your data from browsing.

After cleaning, so that this does not happen again, activate the time range for cleaning or disable saving altogether.

In this way, you will not have anxiety that someone suddenly penetrates your innermost thoughts and recognizes the search categories.

Deleting the history of viewed pages is available both directly in the browser itself, which I will talk about, as well as their “Applications” settings.

NOTE: although the entry has a name like how to clear Yandex history in Samsung a50 and a51 phones, you can do the same with j4 / a5 / j2 / a10 / j3 / a30 / a6 / a5 / a30s with such success.

Clear Yandex browser history on Samsung a50 / a51 j4 / a5 / j2 / a10 / j3 / a30 / a6 / a5 / a51 / a30s

To do this, you need to launch directly the browser itself and click on the vertical ellipsis.

Next, select the settings (I have a black background in the picture, you may have a white one, but you can also make it dark).

Third step. find the option “Clear data” (just scroll down until you see).

Now put the checkboxes in front of the required lines (mark what you want to clear and leave blank).

The last step is “Clear data”. This is all your Yandex browser will be clean and ready for new views and search for the necessary content.

Please note that Yandex browser is a program that collects data from users of the Russian-speaking Internet.

The more terms you enter in the search bar, the more facts the search engine remembers about you.

Recognizes behavior (e.g. visited social networks), habits and shopping processes implemented on the phone.

And this is not a secret. The Internet giant is open to storing various user data. By creating an account, you automatically consent to the collection of your personal data, information about created content (e.g., email, documents) or actions (including videos viewed on YouTube).

You share your search history even when you’re not signed in. Fortunately, you can prevent Yandex from viewing our activities, but this is a topic for a different post. Success.

Perfectly Delete All History on Samsung Phone

Let’s start by completely wiping your Samsung phone of data. To do this, you need to restore your smartphone to factory settings. Then he will be in the state in which we were after removing it from the box.

It is good to make a copy of the most important data in advance and remove the memory card. To restore the original settings of the smartphone, enter the settings menu, and then find the tabs “Backup” and “Reset”.

Then look in the submenu for “factory settings” or “reset”. We approve the team if we are convinced of the need to delete all data from our device.

After a while, our phone should restart and after a few seconds you will see a welcome message and a request to reconfigure your Google account.

Please note that the path to a specific menu may vary depending on the manufacturer, but in all cases, the procedure for restoring factory settings is the same.

Delete Phone Call History on Samsung Phone

Deleting call history on Samsung is not difficult. Launch “Phone” and move to the last tab.

This location displays a chronologically ordered history of links. Select “Three dots” and click delete.

If you want to delete one call, highlight the contact, then select the “Connection Details” option and click the trash can icon or at the top right “Delete” (depends on Samsung and android version).

In this way, you can delete individual lines. If you want to remove all this. select the icon first from the top.

After selecting the history of all calls, click “Delete”. this way you can clear the call history. As a result of this operation, your Samsung will be cleared.

How to Delete Browsing and Browsing History on Samsung Smartphone

At some point, using a browser on a Samsung phone or tablet, you may notice a rather significant drop in application performance.

Some people mistakenly believe that slower browser performance is the result of internet problems.

For this reason, like so many others, it’s time to clear all your search and pageview history, cookies and cache.

Most modern browsers are equipped with mechanisms that allow you to browse the Internet in the so-called “private mode”.

Once enabled, the browser does not save any search history, cookies, temporary files or page browsing history on the Samsung phone.

After clearing all browser-generated elements when visiting subsequent pages, you can expect both positive and negative effects. slightly longer loading times, but only when visiting for the first time

How to clear your browser’s search and browsing history

Unfortunately, this method only works correctly if you are using the Chrome or Yandex app (Yandex uses chrome technology), so if you are using the default app to browse sites, and on Samsung this is the “internet” browser you will not be able to use this way.

Step. open the Google Chrome app.

Step. tap on the three dots icon located in the upper right corner of the app.

Step. a menu will appear, and in this menu click on “Settings”.

Step. After that, you will be able to see all the settings of the Google Chrome app. Click on the “Personal Data” option.

Step. Scroll down and tap on the “Clear History” option.

Step. A small notification window will appear on the screen allowing you to select the data you want to clear from the browser.

Step. Make sure all the checkboxes are checked in the fields “Browsing history”, “Cache” and “Cookies and site data”, as well as any others that you want to delete.

Tap “Delete data” and then click “Clear”.

As I said above, the big disadvantage of this method is that if you are using a standard pageview application, you will not be able to use this method.

If you want to remove traces of visiting some sites on your Samsung phone without deleting all information from the device, then you should only clear browsing data.

Why clear history on Samsung phone

There are many different reasons for clearing history on Samsung Galaxy duos a3, S8, a5, j3, j2 and so on. Below are the two most common reasons.

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Memory. If you surf the internet a lot on your Samsung mobile and then clear your history, you can clear some places that may be filled with other data.

Confidentiality. If you are looking to sell your cell phone and want to make sure that you still have personal data, knowing how to clear Samsung’s history will ensure that no one can view your history.

These are just some of the most common reasons for clearing browsing history on Samsung.

Delete Text Message History on Samsung Phone

How about SMS? Also, you shouldn’t have any problems deleting unnecessary messages. To do this, we need to open the list of messages, click the three-dot icon (or menu, depending on the device and the manufacturer’s overlay) and find the option “delete messages”.

You can then flag all messages or individual conversations with that person. Only if you want to delete only one text from the sequence of conversations, and not all correspondence with this person, we must go through a message from this person.

Then scroll down the list for that particular text message what we mean, keep your finger on that message until you see additional options and choose “delete message”.

You will get the same effect by designing a three-dot menu already in this post. Removing the entire history from our device or individual categories is not a difficult task.

Samsung allows you to erase data in almost any case and configuration. Whether it’s entire lists or individual cases.

Just remember to make backups before completely rebooting your device, as you never know when we’ll need them. Success.

Using apps

Each application works differently. Some just run and press one button, for example “Cache Cleaner”. Others, like Clean Master, require more action:

  • Run the program.
  • Open the “Trash” tab.
  • Wait while the software scans the phone and identifies unnecessary files.
  • Check the list of what the program wants to remove and uncheck unnecessary checkboxes. Treat this point carefully so as not to lose photos or important applications that the program, for some reason, refers to as garbage.
  • Click “Empty Trash”.

You were able to delete the cache on Android Samsung using the program, and now the phone will work faster. But if you don’t need the program itself, you may need to uninstall it as well. Some of these “optimizers” take up a lot of memory space. If you decide to leave it, look in the menu for the function of removing garbage on a schedule, and disable the rest of the “checks”.


All in all, you are presented with two methods for clearing cache on Samsung Galaxy S6: one. Clear app cache, including clearing individual app cache, and clear cache in all apps on Samsung Galaxy S6 with one click; other. clear system cache in recovery mode.

Also, you’d better do a hard reboot before clearing the cache on your phone to avoid errors during the clearing process.

Samsung A50 Delete Contacts | How To Delete Call History In Samsung Galaxy A50

Clearing cache won’t affect or even delete or erase your data on Samsung Galaxy S6. If you are still worried about the safety and security of your data on your phone, you can back up your data using the tool FoneDog Toolkit. FoneDog Android Data and Restore before clearing the cache.

FoneDog Android Data Backup & Restore tool can selectively back up Android data to computer with one simple click, including your apps and app data. Samsung Galaxy S6. one of the supported Android devices 8000.

At the end of the day, if you are still not sure about the methods to clear cache on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or if you have any problems, please contact us.

Clear cache partition on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

This mode is most likely to be used by advanced users. It completely erases cache partitions including standard cache files and third party applications.

Since it cleans up the cache files associated with standard apps / services, it can be more useful when tweaking your phone’s performance.

We use Recovery Mode to perform this action. This mode helps you perform extensive operations such as flashing firmware, mods, upgrading, factory reset, backups, and more.

To learn more about this mode and how to enter recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, follow the instructions below:

This guide should help you access this mode and use it effectively on these two smartphones. Now let’s find out how to clear cache partitions in recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

Boot into recovery mode. follow the instructions above.

3.Click on Clear cache partition and confirm your action.

Click on reboot system now to exit recovery mode.

You have successfully cleared the cache partition on your phone. It should now run smoothly, error-free and better in all aspects.

Note:. Since then, recovery mode has many power options. You shouldn’t use them unconsciously. It can damage your phone.

This clears the cache on your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, both methods are irreversible and cannot be undone after this step. Share your thoughts on this tutorial in our Комментарии и мнения владельцев section.

Since both phones are powerful, we recommend that you try out PSP games to improve your gaming experience. You can play almost all PSP games with the PPSSPP emulator. The following guides will help you:

This concludes our guide and we hope it helps users clear the cache memory on their smartphones. Don’t forget to share this guide, Комментарии и мнения владельцев and follow us.

Solving the error when clearing the cache partition

Problems are likely appearing in the process of clearing the cache on your Samsung Galaxy S6. The main reason for this unexpected interruption is because your phone’s RAM retains access to the partition for some actions.

So, before clearing the cache on your Samsung Galaxy S6, it is better to do a hard reboot instead of a hard reset. This tool will not erase important data on your phone, but cleans up unnecessary data and temporary files in storage.

Clear cache, history and cookies on Samsung Freely

Over time, when you use the browser to search the web on your Samsung phone and tablet, the temporary data accumulates and takes up most of the Samsung memory.

This temporary data, including cache, history and cookies, is automatically stored on your device. They will slow down your Samsung from time to time. A problem arises. how to clear cache, history or cookies on Samsung ?

System functions

This is an easy way how to clear cache on Android Samsung manually. In order to erase all temporary files at once, you need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone and go to Optimization.
  • Go through 3 points on the right to Memory Settings.
  • Click on “Cache Data” and delete it.
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Applications”.
  • Find the one you want and click on it.
  • Go to “Memory” or “Storage”.