How to clear system memory on iPhone

Delete the content of the Video app

Quite often, users forget to remove watched content from the Video app. But it is movies, TV shows and other various videos that are often responsible for memory overflow. To delete videos that have become unnecessary, simply go to the standard “Video” application, click “Change” and press the “X” button to erase all unnecessary memory.

Limit message storage time

There is another way to optimize the Messages application. You can set a limit on how long messages are stored in the device’s memory. To do this, go to the menu “Settings” → “Messages” → “Leave messages” and select “30 days”.

Please note that after setting this parameter, all text messages will be deleted from the device memory forever 30 days after receiving. If you care about the history of your correspondence, then it is better to ignore this method and go to others.

Store photos and videos in the cloud

If basic iCloud storage won’t fit all of your photos and videos, use a third-party service. Services such as Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive and others provide extremely capacious cloud storage for free. Upload media files from your iPhone and iPad to them, thereby freeing up clogged memory. Please note that before deleting photos and videos from the device, you must make sure that they are completely copied to the cloud storage.

Go to Apple Music

For some users on iPhones and iPads, music is not the place to take up the most space in apps or photos. But there is no need to manually download music to a mobile device via iTunes for a long time. Music streaming service Apple Music allows you to listen to any music directly over the Internet, without resorting to downloading songs directly to the memory of the iPhone or iPad (although there is such an opportunity).

How To Delete System Storage On iPhone! (2020)

Apple Music subscription is paid (169 rubles per month), but the first three months Apple allows you to use the service absolutely free. For this not the largest amount, you get access to tens of millions of songs, personal selections, thematic radio stations and other music content. In order to start using Apple Music, you just need to go to the “Music” application and start the registration process.

Remember to sync your device with iTunes

When syncing iPhone or iPad with iTunes, logs with previously recorded errors are transferred from the device to the computer. After transferring from gadgets, they are deleted, as a result of which memory space is also freed. The most noticeable effect of syncing with iTunes will be noticed by users who have not connected their mobile device to their computer for a very long time (or never).

Delete the Safari cache

In addition to the read list cache, you can also delete the temporary files of the browser itself. They include browsing history, search queries and other miscellaneous information. You can clear the Safari cache in the menu “Settings” → Safari → “Clear history and site data”.

Remove message attachments

Attachments in messages in the application of the same name can hang in the memory of an iPhone or iPad with a similar load. In order to deal with them, start the “Messages” application, open any dialog and click the “Details” button located in the upper right corner. After that, hold down on any attachment until a pop-up menu appears. In it, select the “” item, mark all unnecessary attachments and click on the trash can icon to remove attachments from the device.

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Total cleaning of the Safari browser

The very first place to start freeing up iPhone memory is a web browser. In some cases, it inflates like a balloon. Let’s start by clearing the Safari cache, cookies and deleting temporary files. To do this, go to the settings of the mobile gadget and find the Safari section:

Once in, we find the item Clear history and site data.

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After that, go to the section “Additional” “Data” sites:

We click on the “Delete all data” button in order to delete all saved information about sites and thereby at least a little, but free up memory on the iPhone.

Do not forget about the separate “Offline List” function, which serves for deferred reading of pages in Safari and thus also takes up space in the ROM. over, sometimes the volume occupied for this can reach a gigabyte and even more.

clear, system, memory, iphone

How to Delete Other Storage on Your iPhone

In order to clear it, go to the “Settings” “General” “Statistics” “Storages” “Safari”. Here you need to tap on the “Delete” button to completely remove the entire offline list. Please note that clearing the cache will not remove items from the Reading List.

Correct iCloud setup

In the operating system, everything is closely tied to Apple’s proprietary service called iCloud. Here and cloud storage, and streaming audio and video content, and backup information and much, much more. Its correct configuration and use will free up memory on the iPhone for the necessary data. So what needs to be done?!

Move the “iCloud Library” item to “On” and uncheck the “Save originals” checkbox.

By the way, after that it is better to listen to music in streaming mode through iCloud, and the tracks themselves are not stored in the phone, but simply deleted. iPhone can receive podcasts of content uploaded to iTunes. Also, I would recommend connecting some kind of streaming service. The Yandex.Music service is very good in this sense.

Do you need it? Most users do not even know about this function while it is actively eating up space in the gadget’s ROM. To turn off Photo Stream. slide in the “Settings” “iCloud” “Photos” the corresponding switch to the “Off” position.

Operating system update

Don’t forget to update your iOS operating system to the latest and most current version.

The fact is that updates, as a rule, fix old bugs about flaws. Including those related to the use of the permanent memory of the smartphone. In addition, in the latest versions, the developers have significantly improved the performance of iOS and the stability of its work on the iPhone 4, 5 and 5S. You can check the availability and availability of a new version of the OS in the “Settings” “General” “Software updates”.

How to free up memory on iPhone

Despite the fact that modern smartphones iPhone and iPad tablets have a large amount of permanent memory, sooner or later, most of their owners are faced with a lack of free space on the device. It is especially annoying when you need to download or save something very important on your phone and here, as luck would have it, the iPhone writes “There is almost no space”.

What to do in this case? The answer is simple. delete the unnecessary. Many users inadvertently throw themselves into “all bad”, deleting everything. Often this ends in failure because system files or just something important for you can fall under the hot hand. In this article I want to tell you how to free up memory on the iPhone without the risk of deleting anything you need or even disabling the operating system on your iPhone and iPad.

Find unnecessary apps

Those who are fond of various games on a mobile phone or tablet, the memory is often crammed with old games that have not been used for a long time, and they forgot to delete them. To fix this and clear up free space on iPhone and iPad. open “Settings” “General” “Statistics” “Storage”:

Here you will see a list of applications sorted according to memory usage. We select those of them that are not needed and are not used by you and delete:

Also, as an option, you can try to completely reinstall and “heavy” applications that you are using. The fact is that in order to rollback in case of a failure, they can, in parallel with the current version, save previous, outdated versions, which also occupy the disk space you need. Reinstallation will simply delete everything you don’t need. After that, your iPhone will most likely no longer write “There is almost no space”.

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Disable automatic data download

Backing up your iPhone or iPad on your computer or in the cloud is undoubtedly important and useful. But downloading everything that is downloaded or purchased from iTunes on other connected devices is optional. most likely, some of the files being synced on the iPhone are simply not needed.

To prevent automatic downloading of data on iPhone, you need to:

  • By moving the sliders, select which categories of files should (or should not) be automatically downloaded to the phone. The more sliders the user puts in the “Off” position, the more memory space he will be able to save in the future.
  • Scrolling down the page in the same subsection below, the iPhone owner can turn off the “Autoplay video” option. it’s easy to guess that it takes up a significant portion of the iPhone’s memory.

Tip: to prevent downloading a large amount of data on the road or in other circumstances, when the availability of free memory is especially important, you can move to the “Off” position the “Cellular data” slider located in the same subsection.

Safari cleaning

The most popular browser on iOS, like any other program for viewing web pages, accumulates a lot of unnecessary data during its operation. in a couple of months of intensive use, their total volume can reach a gigabyte. You can free up phone memory using the browser by sequentially selecting the options “Clear history” and “Delete cookies and data” in the Safari subsection of the “Settings” iPhone.

Hard reset iPhone

You can clear the iPhone memory without connecting the device to a computer by dropping files and system “trash” right on the phone, by going to the “Settings” section in the “General” and selecting the “Reset” option there. by agreeing with all the system warnings, the user will be able to release up to several gigabytes.

How to free up memory on iPhone?

An Apple product owner who already knows how to unlock an iPhone or iPad and what to do if problems with connecting to Wi-Fi are found, sooner or later will face a new problem. a lack of space on the device. As you know, you cannot insert a flash card into an iPhone, so you will have to solve the issue radically. to look for ways to free up the phone’s memory. How to do it without any extra effort. let’s try to figure it out.

Removing previous system updates

If the iPhone is updated via iTunes, no extra data is left on the device; when a new firmware is received directly on the phone, the original data will most likely be saved in memory. and, since it is no longer needed, it will become another “garbage”. You can delete them by going to the “Storage” subsection, then to “Management”; by pressing the button and confirming his intention to clear the iPhone memory, the user will receive up to several gigabytes of free space.

Deleting Messages

It is worth saying right away: text messages, i.e. SMS, do not take up much space. Nevertheless, over several years of storage, they can accumulate up to a hundred or two megabytes, which, given the impossibility of expanding the iPhone’s memory, is sometimes critical. The user can easily delete unnecessary SMS, as well as set the storage period in the “Messages” subsection of the same iPhone “Settings”.

Removing unused applications

Installed applications and games can take up a lot of space if you do not use them. they can simply be removed or downloaded from the device. And then, if desired, install back.

In the same section “iPhone Storage” you can download both individual applications and games, and all at once that you have not launched for a long time.

This function does the following: deletes all application data. files, pictures, audio, and leaves the settings, like the shortcut on the desktop.

You just need to click on the shortcut then to download it again. This is convenient, especially with games that you just downloaded, but do not plan to play in the near future.

Removing iOS updates

When system updates arrive on the device, the iPhone automatically downloads it before installing it on the phone. Such an update can take up space from 2GB.

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Open the device settings, go to the “General” section and then to the “iPhone Storage”.

Uninstall the iPhone update and the space will be reclaimed immediately. It’s always worth doing this if you don’t want to install new updates.

Important! It is here that you can see how much space is occupied by which application, music, photos and other objects on your phone. And almost all of them can be removed from here.

How to check memory on iPhone

The memory can always be quickly viewed in the device settings. Go to them, go to the “Basic” group and open the information “About this device”.

All capacity and available memory will be shown here, if you need to make an iPhone update or other operations that require a lot of free space. always see the information here first.

Cleaning up unused files

Go to the “Files” program, here you will see the folders that other programs have created to store their files and two directories: iCloud Drive and iPhone.

Go to these folders and delete those files that you do not use. Old documents, pictures and other elements that take up the device’s memory can be stored there.

clear, system, memory, iphone

We do photo optimization

In “iPhone Storage” click on the option to optimize photos, they will be transferred to iCloud, and on the phone they will be compressed to a smaller size.

Interesting! Also, photos can be simply transferred to some cloud service, without leaving them on the smartphone at all.

Other methods

In your phone settings, go to “Photos” and turn off the upload to Photo Stream function. Helps some people save memory.

See if there are saved voice messages in calls.

Voice recorder recordings can also take up space.

Video app. also worth a look if you use it and remove unnecessary from there.

Podcasts are also saved to the system.

Clear Safari data

All browsers store history, cache and other data. Mobile Safari is no exception. Get in the habit of going into Safari preferences at least occasionally and deleting history and data.

Delete messages to clear the cache

Believe it or not, simple SMS text messages can accumulate in such a large amount that over time they will clog up memory. After a few years of using the iPhone, they can take up gigabytes of space. This is especially true of messengers, through which the user sends friends, in addition to text, also photos, videos, etc.

Force system reboots more often

When you reboot the system, some temporary files are deleted, so this solution will help free up space on the iPnone. Press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Use Battery Doctor to clean up

Ignore the name of the app: aside from battery information, it does a great job of cleaning up all the junk. In the Junk tab, you can clear the cache and delete temporary application files, clearing up free disk space. In addition, Battery Doctor can free up RAM, including through a widget or a quick launch icon on the desktop. This should come in handy for game lovers.

Clearing browser data

As you know, absolutely all browsers store cache and many other data. And the mobile Safari browser is no exception. Therefore, a very useful habit for every iPhone owner will be to regularly enter the Safari settings and delete history and data.

How to clean documents, data and free up memory space on iPhone 4 / 4S

A few years ago, 1 GB of memory was enough for many iPhone owners. But today everything has changed. The software began to weigh more, so the device’s memory fills up very quickly. In addition, more and more interesting applications appear, each of which you want to have on your phone.

When there is not enough memory, the user thinks about how to clear the cache on the iPhone. This article contains tips on how to free up space on iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and other gadgets.