How to completely reset iPhone 5

How to format an iPhone via the programming interface?

Restore the iPhone file system can be done without a computer. through the software interface. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Disable Find My iPhone. if enabled. This is done in the “iCloud” section in “Settings”.

This stage is not necessary, however, if you format the gadget with the “Find iPhone” option activated, closer to the final stage you will still have to enter the password for your iCloud account.

If you forgot your Apple ID password, you must first worry about restoring authorization data and only then format.

Follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset“. In the “Reset” subsection, find the “Erase content and settings” item and click on it.

Enter password. It is not in the form of an Apple ID password, but a 4-digit security code.

Confirm you want to erase iPhone and wait for recovery to complete.

This formatting method is not suitable for users who installed custom firmware on their devices. It is better to restore such gadgets through iTunes. otherwise the OS on them will stop loading.

How to format iPhone remotely?

The need to erase data from the iPhone remotely arises after the loss of a mobile device. this measure allows the user to prevent important information from being “in the wrong hands.” Remote formatting is possible only if the “Find iPhone” option is activated on the lost gadget.

Here’s how to proceed if a user wants to erase data remotely:

completely, reset, iphone

Go to and enter your iPhone account information. Apple ID and password.

Go to the “Find iPhone” section.

In the “Find iPhone” service, enter your Apple ID password again.

How to hard reset iPhone 5,5s and 5c

In the “All devices” menu, select the device that you want to restore.

In the menu that opens, click on “Erase iPhone” (“Erase iPad”).

Confirm that you want to delete data from iPhone. click “Erase” and re-enter the password.

Then you just have to wait for the formatting process to complete. Data will be deleted even if the lost iPhone is low or powered off.

After recovery, the “Find iPhone” option on the gadget is deactivated. This means that you won’t be able to see the location of the device on the map or turn on the sound signal on it.

How to Format iPhone via iTunes?

A user intending to format an iPhone via iTunes must first decide which version of the “operating system” he would like to see on his device. Owners of iPhones of the 4th modification are limited in their choice; their gadgets are not powerful enough to run the latest iOS. You can download the required firmware here. the “operating system” file will have the IPSW extension.

After downloading the firmware, proceed as follows:

Connect iPhone to Computer and Run iTunes on PC.

Proceed to the device control menu. click on the button with the smartphone image.

completely, reset, iphone

Hold Shift and click on the “Restore iPhone” button. This will bring up the Explorer window.

Select the IPSW file through Explorer and click “Open”.

A file download indicator appears in the iTunes window. As soon as the indicator bar reaches the end, the formatting (recovery) of the iPhone will begin.

In the course of the formatting procedure, in no case should you disconnect the USB cable from the mobile device, otherwise the gadget may end up in the “eternal” apple mode.

As soon as the recovery is completed, the user will see a corresponding notification on the PC screen. Then he can proceed with the initial setup of the iPhone.

How to format iPhone?

To rid the file system of “junk”, iPhone should be periodically formatted. Formatting the “apple” gadget can be done in different ways. both with the use of a PC, and without it.

Not every used iPhone seller cares about giving the buyer a “clean” gadget, without user data. The buyer, who has received a bunch of playlists, notes, numbers and other useless information in addition to the “mobile phone”, is forced to independently delete everything from the iPhone and return the gadget to its original settings. Fortunately, this is not difficult to do. in the article we will tell you about several effective methods at once.

Is it possible to completely format an iPhone?

It is not entirely correct to use the term “formatting” in relation to iPhones and iPads, because Apple gadgets have closed operating systems. If you do not understand why formatting a device with a closed “OS” is nonsense, you should learn more about what the formatting process is.

Formatting is not “erasing everything,” as most PC and smartphone users think. Formatting is the process of marking up an information carrier; the result of this process is the file system. In the language of visual examples, before formatting, the hard disk is a lump of paper, and after formatting it turns into a blank sheet on which you can write a poem (or any other information).

On iPhones, the file system is created by the manufacturer. It is impossible to change its structure or destroy it to the ground. But how to increase the performance of an “apple” gadget if its file system is clogged?

IPhone recovery can be done in different ways, however, before proceeding with this procedure, one very important detail should be clarified.

Check before restoring iPhone

A user who wants to get rid of all the “junk” files by restoring the iPhone, you first need to clarify whether the device has “wrong”. The “wrong” status allows the “apple” gadget to work with SIM-cards of all Russian mobile operators. even after recovery. If there is no “wrong” status, then after formatting the user will receive a smartphone that is not able to recognize any domestic SIM-card. Unfortunately, many iPhones “arriving” from Europe and the United States do not have a “disloyalist”.

After restoring such a gadget and turning it into an iPod, the user will not be able to present any claims to the seller or manufacturer. the user acts at his own risk.

Information resources recommend checking the “nonlock” through the website. However, this service has become increasingly frustrating lately. In order to clarify whether the iPhone has “wrong”, the user is forced to register through the mailbox, share paid offers from on social networks. and eventually find out that the SIM-Lock check service is temporarily unavailable. At the final stage, the iPhone owner is advised to resort to a paid service, which, according to the signature, “always works well.”.

The period of inoperability of the free service has been dragging on for quite a long time, so you should turn to another information resource. The services of this site are completely free, as evidenced by the seal with the inscription “Free” at the top of the screen.

To check the “wrong”, you must first specify the IMEI number of the mobile device. The user needs to follow the path “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”.

You need to enter this long number in the only field of the online service. Then you should go through the “ReCaptcha” check and click “Check”.

Wait two to three seconds, and the test results will appear on the screen. We are interested in the penultimate line. “Operator lock status” If this line says “Unlocked”, you can safely proceed with the iPhone recovery procedure.

Whichever method of formatting the iPhone you are going to use, you should first make a backup of the data via iTunes or iCloud. After the restoration, there will be no numbers, notes, or other information on the gadget. If the user discovers that, having formatted the smartphone, he lost an important file, he can easily restore it from a backup.

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IPhone Factory Reset Precautions

But, before proceeding with the description of the ways to reset iPhone to factory settings, you need to make some warnings.

  • Before proceeding with a factory reset, you need to make sure your iPhone is at least 30 percent charged. Because if it runs out of power during a factory reset, it will create additional problems for you.
  • You shouldn’t do a factory reset on a jailbroken iPhone. Otherwise, it may cause the smartphone to freeze when loading.
  • It is highly advisable to make a backup before resetting iPhone. If necessary, this will allow you to restore important information that was on the device before the reset. In order to make a backup, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes and open “File. Devices. Create a backup copy”.

Hard reset

All iPhones can be restored to factory settings by a so-called “hard reset”. For all models up to and including 6, this is done by pressing the Home and Shutdown buttons for about 15 seconds until the white Apple logo appears on a black background. The following procedure is the same as when you first turn on the device.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus restart by holding down the power and volume down buttons for at least 10 seconds.

For Apple phones from model 8 and newer, Hard Reset is done in three stages:

  • quickly press the volume up button;
  • quickly press the volume down button;
  • hold and hold the side button until the white Apple logo appears on the black screen.

Reset iPad to factory settings

It is technically impossible to change or reset the login password on iPhone and iPad without completely erasing user data, including files, installed applications with all settings, personal notes, etc. The only way to bypass this protection is to perform a full reset of the operating system. Consider how to reset iPad to factory settings if you forgot your gadget password.

Find iPhone

This feature determines the location of the device. a useful thing if the owner is worried about the safety of the phone. If you plan to sell your device, then resetting your iPhone to factory settings is not enough; you need to remove the device from the Find iPhone app. To do this, open the settings menu and go to the iCloud tab. Scroll to the item “Find iPhone”, you need to switch the switch to inactive state. Confirm with your Apple ID password. After that, wait for an e-mail with a confirmation of disabling the function.

Reset via settings

Now let’s talk about how to reset iPhone to factory phone state. To get started, go to the phone settings program, and then scroll down to the General tab. At the end of the list is the “Reset” item. There, the owner will have to choose whether he wants to permanently erase the information from the smartphone, or just reset the settings. Click on the selected method, and then the “operating system” will offer to copy the application files to the cloud. If the information is important, then click on “Erase after unloading”, if not, then select the “Erase” item. Then we enter the Apple account password and wait for the device to reboot.

Step-by-step instruction

While different platform distributions differ from each other, factory reset on Android is the same regardless of your software version.

1) To start the process of deleting data on a smartphone or tablet, first touch the “Menu” key to open a number of available options on the screen.

3) In the “Privacy Settings” menu, click the “Factory data reset” option, and on the next menu, choose whether you want to reset the settings on Android and erase all data on the device, information on your external microSD memory card, or on all media by filling in the appropriate checkboxes. When you have made the desired choice, you must confirm it by clicking “Reset Phone”.

4) You will be asked to confirm once again that you are really ready to reset your device to factory settings. Click the Delete All button to complete the process. The device will perform a full factory reset on Android and by restarting your tablet or smartphone, you will see that it is ready to use again.

Please be aware that the process of deleting all stored data may take 10 minutes or more to complete, depending on how much information is stored on the device and / or memory card.

How to Factory Reset iPhone: 3 Ways for Different Occasions

Keep a quick cheat sheet on how to factory reset iPhone. with and without iTunes.

For a number of reasons, you may need to reset your iPhone to factory settings. In Apple’s terminology, this is called “restoring iPhone“, that is, returning the original settings and setting up the smartphone as new. Read below for three ways to do this.

Method one, through iTunes (the device turns on)

If your iPhone is not severely damaged and can turn on, and you have a USB cable and a computer or laptop with iTunes installed, do the following:

  • Launch iTunes on your computer.
  • Under Settings [your name] iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. If iTunes requires you to enter a password or make this computer trusted, follow the instructions of the program.
  • When the device is displayed in the program, select it in the panel on the left.
  • In the Overview tab, click the Restore iPhone button.
  • In the pop-up window, click “Restore” again to confirm.

After that, the device will be cleared of your data and returned to factory settings, and the current version of iOS will be installed.

Method two, through iTunes (the device does not turn on)

If the iPhone is no longer able to start on its own, you again need a computer with iTunes and a USB cable. To reset the settings, follow the instructions:

  • Connect iPhone to Computer and Open iTunes.
  • Under Settings [your name] iCloud, turn off Find My iPhone.
  • On the connected device, make a forced restart:
  • IPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then press and hold the power button until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press the power button and volume down button at the same time. Hold them until the recovery mode screen appears.
  • IPhone 6s and earlier: Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. Hold them until the recovery mode screen appears. In all three cases, it looks like this:
  • A pop-up window appears in iTunes asking you to restore or update your device. Click “Restore”.
  • In this case, the iPhone settings will also be reset to factory settings, and the current version of the operating system will be “uploaded” to the device.

    Method three, without iTunes (the device turns on)

    You can also do a factory reset on the iPhone itself if you don’t have a computer. But this can only be done if the device turns on.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    • Go to the device menu in the “Settings” “General” “Reset“.
    • Click “Erase Content and Settings”.
    • Enter your device password or Apple ID password to confirm.

    After that, wait for the settings to be erased. The device will be returned to factory condition.

    If your iPhone turns on, we recommend that you back up your data to Apple cloud or external storage before resetting.

    How to Factory Reset iPhone

    Apple device owners regularly look for information on how to reset iPhone settings. This solution is suitable for cases when the phone fails for no apparent reason or before the sale of the device. In the process, errors of the operating platform are removed, if necessary, user files are deleted. There will be nothing complicated in the process, it is important for owners to know how to reset iPhone to factory settings.

    Reset via iTunes

    In order to perform a full reset iPhone through a computer using iTunes, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions.

    • Connect the device using a cable to iTunes.
    • Find the iPhone in the list of identified devices.
    • In the window that appears, click “Restore iPhone”.

    Remember that when restoring a smartphone, the process should not be interrupted in any case, since an incorrect completion will lead to the loss of the device’s performance.

    Reset via Hard Reset

    If factory reset on iPhone did not help, then there is another option for deleting user information. Hard Reset. To do this, hold down the “Home” button and the “Power” button, hold for 10 seconds and wait for the “bitten” logo to appear. For models from the eighth generation, a different principle applies:

    • press the volume up button with a quick movement;
    • also press the volume down key;
    • hold down the power button of the device until the Apple logo appears.
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    There are no restrictions on the number of hard resets by the manufacturer, so the procedure is performed as needed, including to eliminate errors in software platforms and applications. This method is suitable for restoring a smartphone if after a reset the device freezes on the boot display.


    Now, let’s walk you through how to completely reset iPhone and settings. At the beginning of the process, make sure that the smartphone is charged more than 30 percent so that during the reset the device does not run out of power and cause additional problems. Check if the device is jailbroken. after a reset, the smartphone may freeze on the start screen. The main thing is to save user files in the cloud, write down names and passwords, copy contacts from the phone book. Also, through iTunes, you should create a backup copy of settings and applications, so that you can quickly restore deleted information later.

    To do this, run the program on your computer, go to the “File” section, open the “Devices” tab and click “Create a backup copy”.

    Find iPhone

    This feature determines the location of the device. a useful thing if the owner is worried about the safety of the phone. If you plan to sell your device, then resetting your iPhone to factory settings is not enough; you need to remove the device from the Find iPhone app. To do this, open the settings menu and go to the iCloud tab. Scroll to the item “Find iPhone”, you need to switch the switch to inactive state. Confirm with your Apple ID password. After that, wait for an e-mail with a confirmation of disabling the function.

    Creating a backup copy. is it necessary?

    Before you reset your iPhone to factory settings, you should make a backup copy of the data stored on your phone using iTunes. then, if necessary, you can restore important information. There are two ways to create a backup:

    In the context menu of the AppStore, go to the path “File”. “Devices”. “Create a backup copy”.

    Click the device icon in the top panel and in the “Overview” section click “Create a copy now”.

    It will not be possible to “resurrect” all data using a backup copy. only the following will be available:

    Games, apps and music will not be restored.

    How to Reset iPhone via iTunes?

    If you need to reset the settings via iTunes, the first step is to turn off Find My iPhone (if activated). To deactivate on the device, follow the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Find iPhone” and turn the toggle switch to the “OFF” state. Then connect the gadget with a USB cable to your PC and follow these simple instructions:

    Click on the “Device” icon and you will find yourself in the “Overview” section.

    Click the “Restore iPhone” button.

    In the window that appears, click “Restore” again. this way you confirm the request.

    After that, iTunes itself will download the software to the gadget and return the original iPhone settings. When you reset the settings in this way, contacts, SMS, calendars, alarms and notes will not be affected, but you will have to say goodbye to multimedia files.

    Factory hard reset iphone 5 5S 5C SE

    How to Factory Reset iPhone?

    Unfortunately, novice iPhone users do not always prudently approach downloading applications to the device. many, admiring the abundance of free software in the AppStore, install everything without thinking about the usefulness of the programs. It is the lack of free memory that is usually the reason why the iPhone starts to work worse: for example, freezes or spontaneously reboots. If such “symptoms” appear, then it’s time to “clean” the device’s memory. you can do this by resetting the iPhone to factory settings.

    Completely reset the settings via Hard Reset

    Reset via Hard Reset is needed in such a situation: the user has forgotten the security password and cannot deactivate Find iPhone. the enabled function, in turn, prevents restoring settings via iTunes in a softer way.

    Such an operation is called “Hard” for a reason. a reset can lead to the fact that all personal data will be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to contact Hard Reset only after other options have already been tried and have not been crowned with success.

    Recovery via Hard Reset is done as follows:

    Connect the gadget to your PC and launch iTunes as usual.

    Enter your smartphone into DFU mode in the following way: simultaneously hold down the Home button and the power button and count to 10. Then release the Power button and continue holding Home until the characteristic connection sound in iTunes. After entering the gadget in DFU mode, it makes no sense to look at its screen. it will just be black, without icons and images.

    Turn to iTunes, and you will see that the window has changed and there is only one button available. “Restore iPhone”. And you need to press it.

    It will take a long time to wait until the initial settings are restored. about 10 minutes. When the reset is completed, the user will have to choose one of two options: reactivate the gadget or try to return the deleted data through a backup in iTunes. To implement the second option, you need to go to the “Overview” section of the device and click the “Restore from a copy” button.

    Next, in a special window, you need to select the copy that suits you best and click “Restore”.

    Reset iPhone via “Settings

    You can reset the settings on the iPhone without connecting the gadget to the computer at all. you need to proceed as follows:

    Go to “Settings” and select the “General” section.

    Scroll to the end and select the “Reset” subsection.

    You will see that the device offers several reset options, including:

    • Factory reset on iPhone. With such an operation, all personal information that the user stored on the gadget will remain in place. But, for example, alarms and standard application settings will be reset. This short-term operation (reset lasts no more than 1 minute) can help with intermittent iPhone freezes.
    • Erase content and settings. This type of reset is useful when an Apple user wants to gift or sell a used iPhone. The buyer receives a completely “clean” gadget without traces of preliminary use. including de-authorization of the Apple ID. Such an operation is longer and takes about a couple of minutes (depending on how cluttered the memory is).
    • Reset network settings. This operation helps if, after replacing the SIM, the gadget cannot find the network of the new service provider and access the Internet via 3G. Personal information will definitely not suffer from such a reset.

    Before you reset your iPhone, pay attention to these “safety rules”:

    • Before resetting (especially the second, longest type), recharge the gadget at least to 25-30%. If the iPhone “crashes” while erasing data, most likely, it will have to be restored via iTunes and a cable.
    • A jailbroken iPhone (eg Pangu) will end up in eternal apple mode by erasing content. Again, you will need to restore via iTunes with a preliminary introduction of the gadget into DFU mode or Recovery Mode.

    Alas, the problems of smartphone users are not limited to gadgets freezing. quite often the owners of even such secure devices as the iPhone become victims of fraud: attackers learn the security password, change it remotely and start blackmailing and extortion. your humble servant also found himself in such a situation. Transferring money is out of the question. blackmail will never end. but a simple reset to factory settings via iTunes will help keep cybercriminals off the hook. The main thing is not to neglect such an opportunity as creating backups: then even after a “hard” reset, you will be able to restore important data.

    Resetting all data and settings

    Now that you have moved everything to a safe place, we can reset the iPhone.

    • Open “Settings”, find “General” and go down, there we will see “Reset”.
    • Go to the reset menu. 6 options open before us, and we are only interested in two. “Reset all settings” or “Erase content and settings”.

    If you choose the first option, then you will not lose your data. photos, music, contacts, etc., but only return your phone to the initial settings. This function is needed for those who experience malfunctions of the device, for example, problems with cellular communication, Internet settings, etc. So you will return the phone to the initial settings, without losing data.

    And in order to completely reset the iPhone, you need the second option. Click on it and wait for the process to complete, which will last from two minutes or more, depending on the memory load. Thus, you will be able to erase everything that was on your iPhone, from settings to private photos. The iPhone 5 is now as clean as a baby’s tear. And you can safely transfer it to other hands.

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    Reset iPhone Settings and Delete Data

    I don’t want to start this article with guessing why you needed to reset the iPhone, you just have to focus on the fact that the reset menu and the general reset menu are in the same place, so in the article we will combine the solution of both issues into a single whole.

    completely, reset, iphone

    Those of you who are looking for information about a regular factory reset. you can safely go down one step below and contemplate detailed instructions. For the rest of those who want to erase data from their phone, for example, for sale, we want to offer a certain sequence of actions so that they do not bite their elbows later.

    If you decide, for example, to change your iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, then before that you need to complete three simple procedures: backup, reset all data and settings from iPhone 5, transfer information to a new i-gadget.


    Before you reset iPhone 5 and erase its settings, you need to transfer everything to your computer. you can do this using iTunes or iTools. There is also the option of creating a backup copy in the cloud, it will suit you if you have a configured iCloud account and the phone can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

    All these simple manipulations are described in the article on creating backups, therefore, if this information is new for you, with the material, before going further.

    Reset iPhone via iTunes

    You can also return your phone to its original settings using iTunes. To do this, connect the gadget to your computer, open iTunes and wait until the program detects your device.

    After that, you just need to go to the tab of your phone and click the “Restore iPhone” button. If you had Find My iPhone turned on, iTunes will ask you to turn it off. You just have to follow the request and disable “Find My iPhone” in the iCloud settings, and finally also refuse to select the previously saved backups. Thus, the recovery process will begin, which will completely clear your device and return the settings to standard.

    Transferring information to a new device

    After resetting the settings and content on the old smartphone, we need to transfer them to the new one. For this we need the previously created backups. As you remember, there were two options. via PC or the cloud. The transfer process is very similar to restoring an iPhone from a backup, so we will not duplicate the information and just provide you with a link to the very article.

    So we showed you how to erase all data from your iPhone and, if necessary, transfer it to a new one. As it turned out, there is nothing complicated in this procedure. We wish you pleasant use!

    Do not forget to read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

    Hard reset iPhone content

    The second button from the top “Erase content and settings”, allows you not only to reset the settings, but also to erase all data from the iPhone or other device. Very useful when selling or donating a used gadget.

    If you want to delete everything from the iPhone. click the Erase content and settings button, we see a warning:

    Are you sure you want to continue? All media files, data and settings will be erased. This action is irreversible.

    A couple of times we confirm with the button. “Erase iPhone”. The phone turned off and after 2 minutes turned on again, in some cases the reset procedure may take longer, it all depends on the model and the amount of memory filled.

    iPhone 5S: How to Hard Reset and ERASE All Content

    Important! When buying a used iPhone, before paying, always reset with the button. Erase content and settings, this will allow you to avoid, in the future, a possible activation lock.

    After turning on, the iPhone asked for activation, during which we needed the Internet (Wi-Fi or iTunes on a computer with Internet access). During activation, the iPhone is gossiping about something and connecting to Apple’s servers. Accordingly, without the Internet, a completely reset iPhone cannot be started. iPhone or iTunes suggested to me: Set up iPhone as new or Restore from backup, I chose the former. Upon completion of all stages of activation, we get a clean, empty iPhone, where not a trace of the previous owner remains. We tried to find anything in the iPhone, but nothing was left, the “Erase content and settings” button deleted everything:

    Factory reset and hard reset Apple iPhone

    Well, friends, it’s time to get rid of the contents of our iPhone. If earlier, using the instructions for beginners, we filled the phone with various information (games, music, photos, movies), now we will learn how to quickly get rid of all files and settings, returning the device to its original state. Today we will consider resetting all information Apple iPhone with iOS 7. But if you do not have a phone, but an iPod touch player or an iPad tablet computer, then you can also perform a full reset using the instructions below.

    We will erase all information from the iPhone by means of the phone itself, namely the section. Reset. In addition to completely resetting information, we will consider other types of reset available in the settings of any iPhone, iPod or iPad, which are also useful. The method considered today is not the only one, just as quickly you can erase absolutely everything from the iPhone in another way. using the recovery procedure in iTunes. There is also a third way. remote reset.

    To be honest, today’s reset I am doing for you, our reader, a lot of information has accumulated in my iPhone, which I do not want to delete at all. In general, I advise you to use a reset or a full reset:

    • When your device is about to have a new owner
    • After lots of experimentation and testing of thousands of applications
    • Reset sometimes we help in case of iOS firmware failures

    Since I need my information, I will do the following before resetting:

    Now I’m ready to perform a hard reset. Before we start, you need to know that immediately after the reset, we need a Wi-Fi access point or iTunes installed on the computer with Internet access. Although mobile internet will probably do too. Another very important feature for iPhone owners is that the phone must be officially unlocked. If you have a locked model, then do not reset. But iPad and iPod touch users have nothing to fear. here we go.

    The first thing you need is a good level of battery charge, if you do not have 100% charge, then it is better to connect the iPhone to power.

    We put it on charge, now go to the standard “Settings” application, select the “Basic” section. Scroll to the very bottom, there is the “Reset” section. Here we see the following types of reset:

    • Reset all settings
    • Erase content and settings
    • Reset network settings
    • Reset keyboard dictionary
    • Reset Home Settings
    • Reset location warnings

    Let’s analyze the first three types of the most popular faults:

    Factory reset Apple iPhone

    The very first is “Reset All Settings”, a very handy thing when you need to reset all iPhone settings without losing information in your phone.

    Click the Reset all settings button, a notification appears:

    Are you sure you want to continue? All settings will be reset. Information and media will remain.

    Confirm the reset with a few more clicks. Reset all settings. The reset procedure takes less than a minute, it applies all the initial settings to the iPhone, including among standard applications, alarms are also lost, but applications, music, photos, contacts and videos remain in place. Safari bookmarks and calendar notes are also intact.

    Reset network settings

    Resetting network settings is also sometimes used by ordinary users. Helps when iPhone refuses to connect to a configured Wi-Fi hotspot or problems with mobile Internet settings. If iPhone cannot find the network of the mobile operator, for example, when you inserted a SIM card from another service provider, then this reset sometimes helps. In general, if you have any network problems, try this reset. Doesn’t touch information and other settings.

    In today’s example, we learned how to make a full reset of the iPhone, and looked at other types of reset. Well, tomorrow I will try to return all my discarded information back to my phone by restoring from a backup.

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