How to connect a brother mfp via WI-FI

How to connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi

As recommended by the hardware designers, the Wi-Fi connection of the Brother printer requires defining the network settings for the router or access point. After finding them, the data needs to be written down. the information will be needed a little later. The list of required data over the network includes:

Installing Brother printer using wireless network connection – with network card reset

  • name. “SSID” or “ESSID”;
  • key. security or encryption password.

To find out the information, you need to inspect the router. its bottom or side. If the information is not specified, then it is worth re-reading the documentation that comes with the router. Brother does not have the required data, so if your search is unsuccessful, you should contact your hardware manufacturer or internet service provider.

Important! If the Wi-Fi access point uses WEP encryption with multiple keys, then you only need to record the first.

iPrint Scan / iPrint Label

As an alternative to AirPrint printing, Brother also offers iPrint Scan Apps for iPhone and iPad and iPrint Label.

They can be used, respectively, to print / scan directly from a smartphone and to create labels for printing on compatible wireless devices.

After launching the app of your choice, scroll down the screen associated with usage information and click Accept.

On iPhone

With an iPhone (or iPad) and would you like to connect a Brother Wi-Fi printer to your device? No problems! Again, you can do this through AirPrint, the printing technology built into iOS devices and available in most printers from the respective manufacturer, both through the dedicated iPrint Scan y iPrint apps and label.

Again, make sure the printer and mobile phone are on the same network before proceeding.

Printing a document via AirPrint on iOS is extremely easy: first open the file you want to print on paper, click share (square with an up arrow) and tap the impresión panel that is offered to you.

In some applications, such as Word for iOS, you must instead enter the functional menu (by clicking, for example, the button), tap the impresión object located inside and therefore the AirPrint icon.

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In any case, click on the printer, connect to the suggested panel, wait a few seconds for the Brother machine to be found, and select it by touching its name; set the number of copies y print options using the items on the screen and tap the impresión item located in the upper right corner to start the process immediately. Very easy, don’t you think?

How to connect a Brother printer via Wi-Fi. step by step instructions

The purchase of new office equipment for individual users leads to a dead end with reflections on how to connect a Brother printer via Wi-Fi. The step-by-step aLGorithm depends on the MFP model and the manufacturer’s requirements. Accurate execution of the instructions will help carry out the procedure in a matter of minutes.

Brother DCP t510w Wi-Fi connection

  • The device drivers are loaded onto the laptop. from the supplied media or after downloading from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The system will guide you through all the stages of debugging, ask you to select the necessary items for wireless connection in the MFP menu.
  • The program will ask you to enter the password from Wi-Fi, using the “forward” or “back” button (select the desired characters).

Important! For DCP t510w, Wi-Fi connection takes a little time. Once successfully connected, you can use wireless equipment all the time.

If problems arise, experts suggest carrying out the procedure in the classical way, using a wired connection. The connector for the USB cable on this model is located on the inside, under the scanning platform, and not on the outside. Part of the wire is hidden in a neat cable channel.

The MFP control panel is equipped with a set of buttons and an LCD display. Navigation in the device is simple, even a beginner can handle it. The screen displays all the necessary information:

  • print statuses;
  • error messages;
  • usage guide.

In the printer menu, copying, scanning, and paper type are easily configured. It provides information about the device. The buttons are signed in Russian, which simplifies the use of the equipment.

Important! You can also configure the wireless network there.

Brother HL l2340dwr WI-FI connection

Before debugging, the black and white laser MFP is connected to an electrical outlet via a cable and turned on. If you need to combine with Mac OS, the process is almost the same. Both devices are combined using a cable, drivers are downloaded to the netbook from the manufacturer’s official page. They are rarely present in the complete media.

In the Dock panel, you need to go to “system preferences”, then move to “scanners and printers”. In the window that appears on the display, click on the plus sign and select your device from the proposed list.

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The connection between the printer and the netbook can be made in several ways:

  • Direct. occurs with the help of the control of the apparatus itself. You need to connect to a Wi-Fi network, install drivers on a personal computer and find it in the list of available network devices.
  • Via WPS. considered the fastest way. Requires pressing the button of the same name on the router and MFP. Connection takes place in automatic mode.

Modern printers have their own control unit, with which you can configure many parameters. The latest MFPs are equipped with WPS and do not cause problems when creating a laptop-printer-router link.

Important! Connecting to Wi-Fi HL l2340dwr via Windows follows the above schemes. The only difference is the presence of drivers on the installation media.

Brother DCP l2520dwr Wi-Fi setup

Debugging begins with pressing the “Wi-Fi” button and launching the application on the personal computer that is responsible for configuring the wireless network. To create a connection with a device, you must carefully follow the instructions that appear on the display.

While connecting to an access point, the Wi-Fi indicator will blink (the same effect occurs when the connection is disconnected).

Important! If the procedure is successful, the “Wi-Fi” icon will be constantly lit. For DCP l2520dwr, Wi-Fi setup does not take much time. provided the correct password from the router is entered.

Connecting and configuring the printer to Wi-Fi

Let’s go directly to connecting it to the WI-FI network. After rebooting, run from the “Start” menu, configure the wireless network.

Start. HP. HP Laser Jet. Wireless Setup.

Click on the link “Open Embedded Web Pages”. After you have entered the settings of the Router’s connections, you need to select your home WI-FI-Network, specify the type of encryption and connect to it, the state of the wireless network on the router should be “Enabled”

In my case, I select a network from the “SSID” list. Next, I select the type of encryption “WPA / WPA2”. I am specifying the password for the Wi-Fi network. and click the “Apply” button.

Connecting and configuring the printer via USB

We run the program for configuration via USB, in my case it looks like this:

After getting acquainted with the operating conditions, we launch it through the advanced installation:

We agree to the terms and choose our WI-FI printer model, in my case it’s HP LaserJet Pro.

We select “Setting up printing via a wireless network”

Next, connect the Printer via USB to our PC.

Only after that we turn it on. Click “Next”. the printer will be installed. In my case, the installation will take place and the wireless WI-FI network setup will start (You do not need to start it! To start, we restart our printer) and we can proceed to configuring the wireless network.

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We connect a Wi-Fi printer via a Router

Multifunctional device (MFP). a device that combines the functions of a printer, scanner, facsimile device, copier. Let’s figure out how to connect a WI-FI-Printer or MFP through a Router, in order to further carry out network printing via our wireless network. I will try to make the instructions as useful and versatile as possible, as an example I will use an MFP from HP.

Important to know: The list of supported printers for each Router is individual, before proceeding to the settings, I recommend making sure that the router supports the custom option.

connect, brother, wi-fi

And so the first thing that needs to be done is to download the program for setting, the ideal option would be to have a CD with this program, it comes in the kit. For the most pedantic, go to the router manufacturer’s website and download the latest version, in my case for the HP LaserJet Pro P1102w RU MFP. To connect your printer, I strongly recommend that you read the instructions for connecting it, as it may differ slightly from the one presented.

Print setup

To be able to print via WI-FI, we launch the wireless network setup wizard (As we did earlier).

Start. HP. HP Laser Jet. Wireless Setup.

Next, we wait until the necessary checks pass, after which in the window that opens, select:

After installing the USB drivers, the USB MFP was installed.

After that we established WI-FI connections, and two printers should be installed in the operating system, we check:

In order for our printer to see another PC, you need to run the same setup utility on it, only on the installation selection tab, you must select “Advanced” and After a couple of seconds, your second PC will find the connected MFP and you can print over the network.

If you need to print from a smartphone or tablet, you can do this using the dedicated HP ePrint app, which you can download from google play. Then you can easily print any documents and photos from your smartphone or tablet via WI-FI.

There is also an HP ePrint service center, with which you can send documents to print from anywhere in the world, with only Internet access.