How to connect a Canon printer to a smartphone

How to connect an Android smartphone to a printer and print photos?

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If your printer has a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module, you can print to it directly from your smartphone. Here’s how to do it.

Most modern printers support wireless connections. This means that you can send documents and photos for printing not only from a computer, but also from a mobile device. There are several Android apps that allow you to do this. Let’s analyze the most popular of them and explain with an example how printing is carried out.


One of the most popular apps with over 10 million downloads. With PrinterShare, you can print almost all kinds of data on your smartphone: pictures, contacts, calendar events, website pages, messages, call details, emails and documents.

You shouldn’t expect fine tuning and great functionality. The program is tailored for the most common printing and this makes the utility very easy to use. Immediately after starting, at the bottom of the window, select the printer and the type of its connection. Regardless of how the device is connected, an automatic search will start. There are three types available: Wi-fi, USB, Bluetooth.

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After the printer is found, in the main menu, select the category and file you want to print. In the settings, you will be prompted to change the following parameters: image size, positioning, scaling, margins and page orientation. As mentioned above, there is only basic functionality here. After setting, it remains only to click “Print” and the document will be ready.

If for some reason this application does not suit you, then you can use other similar utilities.

I PrintScan

And although this utility does not support the Russian language, it is quite easy to understand it. In addition to the above functions, it can work with scans. Of the minuses, obsessive suggestions for finding a printer should be noted, which pop up with any action. This is not very convenient if you need to prepare a document in advance, but there is no way to connect the device at the moment.

Canon Print

Almost all office equipment companies have their own printing applications and Canon is no exception. Here you will also find ship functionality, but unlike the previous software, CanonPrint can work with NFC technology on a smartphone.

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Samsung Mobile Print

Something in between, between all the other utilities. Supports NFC, Cloud and SNS. Knows how to use the camera as a scanner. However, it can only connect to the printer using Wi-fi, which may not be convenient for all users. However, Samsung is trying to build wireless connectivity into all of its latest products.