How to connect a keyboard to a sony TV

Criteria for choosing a wireless keyboard for TV

Choose a wireless keyboard that has a touch-sensitive cursor pad (touchpad). Thus, the keyboard will also act as a mouse manipulator, which is necessary when browsing websites and navigating applications and widgets. Such keyboards are also convenient for the presence of hot keys, which allows you to control other functions of the TV: switching channels, adjusting the volume, calling the menu, etc., replacing the remote control. Some models have a built-in microphone and a headphone jack, which is especially convenient when using Skype and other voice and video communication programs. Certain models of keyboards, adapted primarily to control the Android operating system, have a built-in gyroscope, which allows you to control TV applications and games in space, changing the location of the keyboard in the air. When buying a wireless keyboard, be sure to consult the seller about the compatibility of the device with your TV model.

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Wireless Smart TV Keyboards are lightweight, with a significant proportion of two AA batteries to power the device. Connecting the keyboard to the TV is simple: just insert the keyboard adapter into a free USB port on the TV and you can start using it. The keyboard will be configured automatically. There are also models of keyboards that can connect via wi-fi and Bluetooth if your TV has a wireless module.

Wireless keyboards for Smart TVs

Among modern household appliances, TVs with the Smart function stand out favorably. and more, the TV is becoming like a computer, you can install applications on it, listen to music and watch video files from external sources, and go online. However, what is a computer without a keyboard. It is much more convenient to use Smart TV to go out and chat on social networks using the keyboard. And while sitting on the couch, it’s even more profitable to use wireless keyboards without being limited by wires.

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The process of connecting the keyboard to the TV

How do I set up a wireless keyboard? There are no fundamental differences from connecting wired devices. For peripheral devices to function correctly, you do not need to install additional drivers or any other software. To connect the keyboard to your LG Smart TV, you need to follow a simple step-by-step instruction, which we will now consider.

Algorithm for turning on the Bluetooth keyboard on the TV:

  • Insert the keyboard adapter into the USB connector. The interface is on the side or back of the TV.
  • Activate your peripheral and then turn on Bluetooth to start syncing.
  • A notification will appear on the TV screen that a new device has been detected. Wait until the connection is complete.

What if the keyboard doesn’t appear? Some TV models require a few additional steps to complete the sync process. Open Device Manager and then select the keyboard. After that, a dialog box with the name of your device will appear on the screen.

Take the remote control and click on the “OK” button in the “Manager” window. As a result, the inscription “Needs pairing” will disappear, and a new status will appear instead. “Connected”. If you have a Russian-language interface, the message “Connection established” will appear.

The procedure for connecting a keyboard is carried out in just a few steps. Therefore, there should be no problems with synchronization. If the proposed instruction did not help, then there are problems with the compatibility of the peripheral device with the TV.

What is it for

To answer this question, you need to remember the main advantages of TVs with support for the Smart TV platform:

  • watching movies and TV series online;
  • Internet surfing;
  • playback of content from streaming services;
  • listening to music;
  • viewing clips.

How to connect keyboard to your sony tv review

It is not very convenient to enter queries into the Google or Yandex search engine using the remote control. Not to mention that it takes up a lot of nerves and forces. It is much easier to connect the keyboard to a Smart TV, which will allow you to quickly type text.

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If you do not plan to browse sites too often, and you will play movies and music through special applications, then you should connect the mouse to the TV. The presence of this device will make working with all applications more convenient and comfortable. The remote control is more for channel switching and volume control. It’s better to connect a mouse and keyboard to Smart TV.

To fully use all the functionality of Smart TV technology, you need to connect to the Internet. This is very easy to do. It is enough to go to the settings, and then select one of the proposed connection methods. an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

How to connect a mouse to a TV

A mouse for Smart TV is connected in the same way as a keyboard. If you are using a wireless mouse, then plug the adapter into the USB connector. The connection of wired devices is carried out in the same way.

If the user did everything correctly, a notification will appear on the TV screen that the new device is connected correctly and ready to use. You can scroll through web pages or TV menus with the wheel. Launching applications and playing files is done by clicking the left mouse button for the TV.

How to connect an Air mouse? First, let’s figure out what it is. Air mice allow you to change the position of the cursor by moving your hand. However, you only need to move the hand, not the entire arm. Response to user commands is carried out by reading information from the built-in gyroscopic sensor. Air Mouse is ideal for TV control.

There are two modes of air mouse operation speed. There is a keyboard on the back of such a device. The power source is two AAA batteries. In order to save power, the air mouse turns off automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity. Connection is carried out according to the same principle as connecting a conventional computer mouse.

Instructions for connecting a keyboard and mouse to the TV

The remote control is not multifunctional. Owners of modern TVs solve this problem by connecting peripheral devices. However, few people know how to connect a keyboard to a TV so that the device identifies the connected device.

To begin with, the synchronization of wireless computer mice, keyboards and TVs is relevant if your device supports Smart TV. To control an ordinary TV, the remote control included in the basic package is quite enough. What is it for, and how to set up the connection? These are the questions we will answer now.

Possible connection problems

Compatibility issues are the main reason why the TV cannot see the connected device. To avoid these problems, select the appropriate peripheral manufacturer. For example, if you use TV from LG, then it is more advisable to buy additional gadgets from this manufacturer. However, practice shows that compatibility problems are extremely rare.

What should I do if the keyboard is connected to the Samsung Smart TV correctly, and you are using a device of the correct brand, but the synchronization still fails? Such problems are solved by updating the firmware. Download the latest updates from the manufacturer’s official website. The operating system is updated via a USB flash drive or over the Internet.

How to get the keyboard back on a Samsung TV if it’s missing

If your equipment has ceased to “see” the connected devices, then first try to restart it. If this measure did not help, then you should check the ports for operability. To do this, connect other devices through them. If they are not visible either, then it is worth contacting the repairman.

How to connect a keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV: methods, instructions

How to connect wireless keyboard and mouse to Samsung Smart TV? Owners often use a remote control to administer settings and menu options on a TV. However, it does not always meet expectations for multifunctionality. Even the universal remote control is not as comfortable as the portable mouse and keys that we are used to using for PCs and laptops. Modern Smart TVs allow you to use these gadgets to improve your work, but not everyone knows how to do it. We will tell you more in our instructions.

Connect the mouse

Here the connection method depends on what kind of hardware you are using. If it is wired, then simply plug it into the appropriate port. If this is a Bluetooth device, then turn on the power on it, insert the radio sensor into the port and use.

We connect the keyboard

Insert the plug from the mouse or keys into the USB connector of the TV. If Connect succeeds, the TV will make a distinctive new device detection sound. A system notification will appear on the screen in the corner stating that not all applications support the new connected device.

If you want to make a setting, then go to “Menu”. “System”. “Device Manager”. This section has all the tools to help you set up input devices to work with TV.

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If you have any questions or complaints. please let us know

  • changing button commands;
  • manual debugging;
  • pointer size;
  • pointer speed.

But there is also an alternative connection method. via Bluetooth. It will be needed for those users who have wireless technology. In this case, turn on this module on Smart TB, and insert the radio sensor into the USB slot.

Wait for a sound confirmation and start using.

How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV?

The procedure is quite simple, and does not require special knowledge in the field of technology. First, inspect your TV case to make sure there is a USB input. If you plan to connect both add-ons at the same time, then you will need two such connectors.

Determine connectivity

First you need to make sure the hardware is compatible with each other. We emphasize that not every technique will work perfectly, so be sure to test the connection before buying. Among the mice and keyboards that will definitely match Samsung:

  • Logitech;
  • A4tech;
  • Genius;
  • CBR;
  • Apple;
  • Samsung;
  • Gembird and some other Chinese products.

Possible problems and solutions

One of the most common problems is the incompatibility of equipment with each other. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, be sure to check the pairing option before buying.

How to change the language on the wireless keyboard to the TV?

In the hardware keyboard settings window, click on the “Layout selection” line and in the next window select the “External Keyboard RU” layout. After configuring the keyboard, it becomes possible to switch the layout using a key combination, but by default the key combination looks like “Shift Space”.

How to switch language on Android Bluetooth keyboard?

First, with the keyboard connected, you need to go to the device settings and find the “Language and input” item there. There, find the “Physical keyboard” section (if the keyboard is disabled, it will not appear in the settings), and in it the item “Select keyboard layout”.

How to connect a wired keyboard to your TV?

To connect a wired mouse or keyboard, you need to insert the cable from the device into the USB interface from the TV. It is located on the side or back of the body. If the device is wireless, then take a special adapter and insert it into the USB connector.

How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to your LG TV?

We connect the mouse and keyboard to the LG TV

We take the adapter from the mouse, or keyboard, or both (as in my case) and connect them to the USB connector of our TV. At this moment, messages should appear on the TV that new devices are connected. These messages disappear very quickly from the screen.

How to connect a wireless keyboard to Russian?

switching languages ​​is done by simultaneously holding CtrlShift in almost the same way as on a computer. In general, I advise everyone. With it, you can easily switch the layout. Just press Ctrl Shift and you can type in Russian or English.

How to open the keyboard on an LG TV?

To open the onscreen keyboard manually, simply tap the text field where you want to enter text. Tap the key once and the next letter entered will be capitalized. Double tap and all letters you enter are capitalized. Tap to switch between numeric and symbol keyboards.

Connecting the keyboard

Before connecting a keyboard to the TV, you should determine which input tool is used.

It can be wired or wireless. Hence the differences appear in how you can connect the selected keyboard to your Samsung TV or another brand.

Mouse connection

Further to the question of how you can connect a mouse to a TV for comfortable work with browsers, applications, etc. In fact, there is nothing complicated here.

Working with a wired device is frankly inconvenient. The whole point of remote control is lost, when you can lie on the couch and flip through pages in the browser, switch compositions in the player with mouse clicks. The wire will need to be long enough, plus it can easily be damaged during operation.

As for how to connect a wireless mouse to a TV, then you should act by analogy with a keyboard. The principle is completely identical:

  • Bluetooth connection. You need to enter the settings, go to the “Device Manager”, find an active mouse with Bluetooth enabled and pair.
  • Via USB. This is another wireless connection option that requires a plug. It plugs into the USB port on the TV, and connects the mouse to the TV. In fact, the TV will perceive such a connection as a wired one, via a USB port. The drivers will be installed automatically and the device will be ready for use.


In order not to separately connect a mouse, keyboard and in parallel use the remote control to the TV, Samsung has developed its own proprietary device. In fact, this is a remote-keyboard that combines a remote control, a keyboard and a mouse at the same time. The connection is made via Bluetooth.

There should not be any special difficulties with the connection.

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Wireless keyboard

Now to the question of how to properly connect a wireless keyboard to the TV.

There is nothing difficult here. Most often, users prefer to connect a wireless computer keyboard to a TV from LG, Samsung or another manufacturer.

Simply connecting the cord to the connector will not work. Here the task is somewhat more complicated, since some settings will be required.

The very connection of a wireless and more convenient keyboard to a Smart TV looks something like this:

  • Bluetooth is turned on on the keyboard and TV;
  • TV settings open;
  • the section “Device Manager” or an analogue is selected, depending on the menu of a particular TV;
  • then a new device is added via Bluetooth;
  • the system finds an active device;
  • according to the instructions displayed on the screen, the pairing of two devices is performed step by step.


In some cases, to connect the keyboard to the TV using Bluetooth technology, a special plug is used. It plugs into the USB connector and thus provides a communication signal between the input device and the Smart TV. Drivers are loaded automatically, no complicated settings need to be done.

Wired models

Usually there are no serious obstacles in order to connect a regular wired keyboard to Smart TV.

This is the simplest option. If the TV has access to the Internet, with a wired connection, the device will automatically find and install the necessary drivers. It is important to choose an initially compatible model, as well as to fulfill the manufacturer’s requirements when connecting.

If we are talking about wired input tools, the connection is carried out in the following ways:

  • using a USB connector;
  • through adapters.

In most cases, there is the possibility of just USB connection. Such a connector is provided on most TVs, plus a similar connection option is available on modern keyboards.

  • insert the keyboard cord into the socket on the back of the TV;
  • wait for TV to detect a new device;
  • if necessary, give permission to install drivers;
  • wait for the installation to complete.

After that, a notification should appear on the screen that the device is connected and ready to work.

This is due to the date of manufacture of the input device, specific model and manufacturer.

A similar option provides for the use of adapters.

Modern Smart TVs and set-top boxes have at least 1 USB port. Therefore, an adapter is required if you want to connect an old keyboard model.

But with DIN keyboards, everything is more complicated. You will need to re-solder the cable, cut off the DIN connector, and then solder the PS / 2. Then the USB adapter is already used.

The problem with only one USB port on the TV can be a problem if you want to connect a keyboard and mouse. In this case, you will need to use the USB Hub. This is an analogue of doubles and tees, only designed specifically for USB.

Why is it needed

Modern Smart TVs have wide functionality. With their help you can:

  • watch movies and TV series online;
  • surf the Internet;
  • use streaming services;
  • listen to music;
  • watch clips;
  • work with applications.

The main purpose of the remote control is to change channels and change the volume. They are poorly adapted for text input.

To solve this problem, to significantly speed up and simplify the movement of the cursor, work with text, just connect a keyboard and mouse.

In fact, a mouse and keyboard are needed to simplify, speed up the work with the TV, all its capabilities, and maximize the benefits of Smart TV.

Availability of keyboard and mouse support

The study of this issue should begin with whether it is generally possible to connect a keyboard to a particular TV.

At the same time, you should not worry too much if initially the TV does not belong to the category of smart ones. Even outdated TV models can be made Smart by purchasing a special set-top box. The same keyboard or computer mouse is already connected to it.

To check for this possibility, you must:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • select the “Device Manager” section or its equivalent;
  • find a list of gadgets available for connection.

If among them there are options such as a keyboard or mouse, the TV accurately supports the connection.

Each user will decide for himself which devices to buy. After all, they can be wired and wireless. Each option has its own advantages and connection features.

Connecting a keyboard and mouse to the TV

Modern Smart TVs have ample opportunities. This includes launching and working with various applications, and watching videos on sites, and using a browser, etc.

The only problem is that to control the cursor and enter text for search, for example, you need to use the remote control. And this is objectively not very convenient.

If Smart TV is used not only for switching channels, it makes sense to think about connecting a keyboard and mouse.