How to connect a phone to a printer and print

Frequently asked questions about connecting an iPhone to a printer with AirPrint

Q: What to do if I see the message “No printers for AirPrint printers” or you have printing problems?

A: Make sure your iPhone has the latest iOS version and that the app you are printing is up to date. Or you can check with your printer manufacturer to see if any firmware updates are available for your printer model.

Q: Can I use an AirPrint printer with a Bluetooth connection?

A: No, you cannot use AirPrint. You can only use Wi-Fi network or Ethernet connection.

Q: Why I Can’t Print After Connecting iPhone to Printer Using AirPrint?

A: After turning on the printer, wait a few minutes before trying to print. After connecting to the network, some printers may take a minute or two.

Printer Pro. connect iPhone and printer to wireless network

Download Printer Pro App

Download and install Printer Pro on iPhone, and then check if your printer is compatible with the iPhone printer. If you want add a subscription.

Click the Add Printer button located at the bottom left of the screen. And then you can connect iPhone to printer for printing.

On the Select Printer page, you can select a network printer, if recognized as a Bonjour device, you can add manually via static IP.

Click the Start Print button to exit to the main screen where you can start printing downloaded documents, web pages, and more.

There is a test print process when connecting the iPhone to the printer. You can check the paper to see if there are any strange errors or anomalies that might have ended up in the print buffer. If the test page looks ok, click Looks Good. On the test page you just printed, check if the test markings are visible or cut off on the page.

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Top 3 Ways to Connect iPhone to Printer with or Without AirPrint

Are you still using the traditional method to print content from iPhone? Transfer iPhone content to a PC using iTunes first, then connect the PC to an HP printer to print the image or file. Have you ever considered connecting your iPhone directly to a printer? The HP printer can support Wi-Fi and AirPrint. It might be quite easy to sync iPhone content to printer directly without USB or iTunes. Check out the methods from the article to get the desired file printed in the article.

Printopia Pro. get an iPhone for an old printer without an app

install Printopia Pro software

Enter your email and personal information to download the program from the official website. And then install it on Mac. No need to install app on iPhone.

sharing a printer across subnets

Find your printer in the list and click Share. And then you can share printer subnets without Bonjour gateways, multicast configuration or other complicated solutions.

advanced settings for more control

It allows you to completely customize the settings for your printer. Select a different paper tray or paper size, set color and print quality options, or use any custom function your printer offers.

connect iPhone to printer for printing

And now you can print across subnets without complicated network reconfiguration. Most important function. you can even print with VLAN support.

how to connect iPhone to printer using AirPrint

Actually many printers support AirPrint like Canon, HP, Brother and others, you can get a detailed list from both Apple and the printer manufacturer. AirPrint lets you print content wirelessly to your iOS device. Just learn more about how to sync iPhone to printer using AirPrint as shown below.

You must be logged into the same Wi-Fi network on both your iPhone and printer. This way, you can print whenever you want as long as you are on a Wi-Fi network. The whole procedure is very simple and quick. Read below how it works.

use the same WI-FI for iPhone and printer

If your printer supports AirPrint, you can connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network. And then your iPhone will automatically find the AirPrint printer and connect to the printer.

select iPhone content to print

Open the image, document, or other file you want to print from. You can click the Share icon to find the print option. After that click “Print” and select the AirPrint-enabled printer.

connect iPhone to printer for printing

Select the number of copies or other options, such as the pages you want to print. And then click “Print” in the upper right corner. To view iPhone content, you can double-click the Home button and click Printer Center.

Advice. To cancel a print job, you can double-click the Home button, then Printer Center, then Cancel Printing. What’s more, some printers also provide a screen when the iPhone is connected to the printer. This makes it easier to get the files you want.

Top 2 Ways on How to Print from iPhone without AirPrint

What if my printer type does not support AirPrinter? How to connect a printer to an iPhone like a case? This article introduces some 3rd-party apps that help bridge the gap between iPhone and printer, Printer Pro and Printopia. recommended programs you need to try.

In this article, we are going to show you how to connect iPhone to printer. AirPrint should be the most convenient way to connect iPhone and printer. When you are using an old printer that only supports Wi-Fi, you can also use a 3rd party app to get iPhone content to the printer. If all of the above solution doesn’t work for you, you can use USB or iTunes to copy the files to your computer and then print the files from the computer instead. If you have any questions about this topic, you can share more details of your opinion.

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From this article, you can learn Top 5 Methods to Connect iPhone to Mac Wirelessly and via Third Party Software.

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How to connect a printer to Android and print

Let me show you how you can print photos or documents directly from your Android phone by sending the print to your printer. To do this, you will need to connect your Android to the printer via WI-FI or USB, which we will do.

This article is suitable for all brands that produce phones on Android 9/8/7/6: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, ZTE, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

Correct connection of the printer to the Android gadget

There are several connection methods, which can be divided into the following groups:

  • Direct connection. Performed using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Connection through an intermediary. The printing process is controlled through a laptop or PC, and the gadget only gives instructions for printing. Google Cloud applied.

For an Android device, in all cases, you need special software, for example, Printer Share, since a printer cannot print without instructions. There are also print apps which we will look at below.

Google cloud

The most convenient option with which you can print files, while being anywhere in the world. We print by linking the gadget to a Google account. The same account should be used on the computer and the gadget.

Print text from Android device

There are several ways to print photos, SMS, documents, web pages and more. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Google Cloud Print

To print something on a printer from an Android smartphone or tablet using this method, we need:

  • Android App “Virtual Printer”.
  • Installing Google Cloud Print.
  • Google account.
  • A home printer that is connected to a laptop or computer.

Google Cloud Print is installed as follows:

    On the top panel of the browser on the right, click on “Configure and manage Google Chrome” (looks like three parallel stripes).


Scroll the list to the end, at the very bottom select “Show advanced settings”.


Select the “Google Cloud Print” tab, click on the “Configure” button. Help information can be found in the “” section.


The “Devices” page will be displayed, where we select “Add Printers”.


A window will open showing the printers connected to this computer. A tick should be marked with the one from which printing will be started, after which you should click on the “Add printer” button.


After a few seconds of waiting, a message will appear informing you that the registration process is complete. Then we activate the section “Printer Management”.


  • The control buttons will be shown on the top panel. In this situation, you need to select “Add a regular printer”.
  • Enlarge

    Now from Google Play install the “Virtual Printer” application. The utility requires certain permissions, click on the “Accept” button. When the installation is complete, lower the curtain, select the appropriate line, activate the service.

    Notifications will be received from the system, click “OK”. It then searches for available printers and displays a list of printers when finished. Now on the printer page, click on the “Try it now” button (means “Try it now”), you can specify “Print anything” (prints anything) or “Print anywhere” (print function anywhere).

    To print a picture or text from a web page, you need to open a browser on the required page, call the settings menu in the upper right corner of the display (an icon with three vertical dots). In the drop-down list of actions, indicate “Print”.

    Now you need to open a tab in the section “Save to Googlehellip,” specify “All printers”. We select the device from which we will print, then set up the format, number of copies, etc. We activate the “Print” button.

    To print a document, photo, picture, find a folder with the required object, select it and click on the page menu (an icon with three parallel lines). The menu button, depending on the model, can be located in a different place (for example, in the upper right corner of the display or lower left), or look like three vertical dots. In the window that appears, select “Print”.

    The “Save to Googlehellip,” window will open again. There you can save the picture in PDF format by clicking on the icon (the first fragment in the screenshot). To print, click “All Printers”, and in the section that opens, select your printer, and then click on the icon again, but with the image of the printer.

    In this situation, an active internet connection is required to print.

    How to sync Android with computer via USB and WI-FI

    Printing via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

    To print documents or photos using this method, you will need a special application. Let’s take as an example the most popular ndash, PrinterShare.

    The program is distributed on a paid and free basis. In the free version, the functions are significantly limited and should be considered as a test. Consider the work of the “Premium” version, with which you can print contacts, photos, call logs, SMS messages, files from Google Docs, Gmail, SD cards in DOC, PDF, DOCX, XSLX, TXT formats, etc.

    Install PrinterShare from Google Play using the link We launch the application. The main page will show the options for choosing the storage for the desired image or file, and in the lower right corner there is a “Select” button. Click on it, after which a window will be displayed where we indicate the type of connection (printer) that must be used.

    USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ndash, this is a connection that is carried out using the appropriate type of communication. Choosing a Wi-Fi printer, it will immediately start an automatic search in the network for a wireless printer that is connected to the router. After completing the search, follow the prompts of the system and establish a connection. After that, select the print object.

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    Regardless of the format of the selected file, click “Print” (if no correction of the selected file is required) or “Settings” (adjust the print parameters). Then click “Select Printer”.

    Connecting an Android gadget to a printer via USB or Bluetooth is similar. The Russian-language interface of the application is clear and simple, so when working with it, no problems should arise.

    Wi-Fi connection

    To implement this method, the printer must have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. It is important to make sure you have it as it will not be on older models. There is no need to perform special actions here, you just need to use the functionality of the program and follow the instructions to connect.

    Printer software for Android

    Most smartphones from well-known manufacturers already have modules and print services from Android in their arsenal.

    For some, it is necessary to install printing programs on the printer for Android.

    Connecting Android phone to printer using USB cable

    Connecting an Android phone or tablet to a printer via USB is the easiest way to print. Modern office equipment already has built-in components for creating a connection between a mobile device and a printer, scanner.

    To connect to older models, you need to use Android apps. Best of all. proprietary applications from the printer manufacturer. If the branded application does not support USB printing, then you can use the universal.

    Remote connection

    Using this method, you can open the desktop of a mobile device on a computer. To do this, you need the QS Team Viewer utility on the gadget and the Team Viewer program on the PC.

    To set up remote access and organize printing from your phone, you need:

    • Install both apps.
    • Open QS Team Viewer on a mobile device and get an ID.
    • Open Team Viewer on PC, enter the ID of the mobile phone, check the “Remote control” box and connect to the gadget.

    Now the PC is connected to the mobile phone and from it you can download and print any of the files.

    If a gadget from Apple is connected, then the files should be located in the relatively new section “Files”, which appeared along with iOS 11.

    How to print from phone to printer?

    After the connection between the devices is established, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

    • Open a file or web page that you want to print
    • Click on the “share” button and then select the “print” function
    • Select the proposed device from the list
    • Specify additional parameters (print type, number of copies, etc.)
    • Print required items

    For those who, for one reason or another, do not like wireless printing technology, there are more conservative methods of printing from a phone. For example, you can use a USB cable. In order to print information from the phone using a USB cable, the phone must have a USB Host input suitable for this operation. In addition, you will need to acquire special software, which is difficult to find and download for the same Android platform.

    Most of all, the latter method is suitable for printers from HP, since their manufacturer has foreseen the possible desires of customers and has developed a special utility called “ePrint”. It is quite easy to download and install it for both Android and iPhone, and after launching it, the devices successfully sync with each other, allowing you to start typing.

    Important! Canon specialists have developed similar software for their devices. The program is called “USB connection Kit”.

    Another useful utility for printing photos and documents directly from the smartphone screen is “Cloud Print”. The developers of the program have tried to make their software work with the maximum number of printer models and with the minimum number of errors. Cloud Print has performed especially well with devices from Kyocera, Canon and HP. The positive aspects of this small utility include:

    • Compatible with all Android devices
    • Wide range of options for customizing printed images
    • Built-in file conversion capability
    • Nice and user-friendly interface

    All the user needs to do after downloading the program to his smartphone is to add the necessary devices from the list. If the printer does not have access to the global network, but supports printing from the cloud storage, you can link it to an account in the application.

    Topic: how to print document, photo, text from Android phone to printer via Wi-Fi, USB or computer.

    Despite the fact that we live in the age of digital technologies and paper media are gradually losing their relevance, they still have not completely outlived their usefulness. And people sometimes still have to face the need to print a document or photo. But now it is much easier to do this, there is no need to use auxiliary intermediate means or devices in the form of a computer, laptop, USB stick or other removable storage device. You can easily print from Android phone to printer directly. And in this article we will figure out how to do it.

    How to connect a printer to an Android phone or tablet

    There are several ways to connect the printer to Android devices:

    • Using a USB cable;
    • Bluetooth;
    • Wi-Fi;
    • Via computer.

    Different types of printers, as well as different applications, can support one or several types of connection, or all at once. For more details, this information can be found in the manual for your printer model, as well as in the description for the selected application.

    Connecting your phone to a printer via Bluetooth

    Some of the above Android applications allow you to connect between a smartphone and a printer via a Bluetooth connection.

    This requires a Bluetooth interface supported by the printer.

    Bluetooth and USB

    When connecting in both ways, work is carried out through special utilities from the manufacturers of MFPs. Here, as in the case of Wi-Fi, all the same operations are done. Only the selectable connection item in the menu is changed. However, many common programs (PrintShare) also support these connection methods.

    All gadgets with Android OS, starting from version 4, can be connected via USB to printers and MFPs. IPhones are synchronized with office equipment from the earliest versions.

    Currently, a large number of printers for office and home printing are equipped with the function of connection and control via smartphone. However, many users of printing devices still occasionally have problems connecting the printer to the phone. This article will definitely be useful to them.

    Printing from Google Drive with Cloud Print

    Next, using the example of a photo, we will consider how to print from an Android phone to a printer using Google cloud storage and the “Virtual Printers” application.

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    You need a Google account to use Google Drive. If you do not have it, then you should register. And also. a virtual printer connected to the account.

    Instructions for setting up printing to a printer via an Android smartphone:

    • Install the “Virtual Printer” plug-in on your mobile device;
    • Open a gallery of images;
    • Select the desired photo;
    • Press the “Share” button;
    • Select the item “Save to Disk”;
    • Open Google Drive;
    • Open a photo to be printed;
    • Open the context menu by clicking on the icon with 3 vertical dots;
    • Select the “Print” item;
    • Click “Select printer” and, if necessary, specify the number of copies, as well as the paper size;
    • Click “Add printer”;
    • Select the “Virtual Printers” printing service;
    • Wait for the search for printers, or add manually;
    • The results found will display all printers that are connected to the “Virtual Printers” service, as well as printers that are located in the same local network with a mobile device.
    • You need to select the desired printer, after which the photo will be sent for printing.

    If, after the search, the notification “There are no printers in the list” is displayed, then you need to connect the printer to the “Virtual Printers” service (link to instructions).

    If the printer is on a local network, make sure the mobile device is also registered on that local network.

    When working with documents, as a rule, programs already have a built-in function of sending to print, so there is no need to use Google Drive.

    The advantage of using the “Virtual Printer” application is that the device and the printer do not have to be located on the same local network or Wi-Fi network, you can send a document or photo to print to a printer located in another part of the world.

    Printing with Google Cloud Print

    This is a virtual printing device from Google Corporation. Its principle of operation is as follows:

    • Linking the printer to a Google account.
    • By opening Google Chrome, you can print any file that is in your account

    Printing with Dropbox

    To print files via Dropbox, you must register for an account on the site. Next, you need to install the same application on the mobile. It is downloaded from Google Play.

    Then all that is required is to save the images in the Dropbox. Printing is carried out via PC.

    Cloud printing

    This method is possible provided that the printer is ultra-modern, with a built-in function. Cloud Print ready. If the data is transmitted through a Microsoft service, then add. no applications or actions required.

    • Internet access.
    • Mob. Android gadget.
    • Registered account on the site.

    This method is very successful, since it assumes remote printing of files. You can play almost everything, including SMS-correspondence. You can activate the process for a recipient located in another city. For sending, it is required that the other person has the MFP also supports this option.

    If you are an Iphone owner, then you cannot do without a computer in this case.

    How to connect your phone to a printer and print files, documents and photos on it

    Many Android smartphone owners are interested in how to print images or documents from their phone to a printer. This is an urgent question, because in modern mobs. the devices are equipped with cameras that are not inferior in quality to professional ones. There are different ways to connect a gadget to an MFP. Let’s consider in more detail.

    Working with WPS

    This method is only suitable for advanced owners. It is more complex. To know how to print an image from your phone, you should learn how to set up devices. The connection is carried out through a router. Through it, data will be output to the printing device. Let’s use the instruction:

    • Check Mac Address Filtering.
    • See how securely the network is protected by encryption.
    • There is a pin code on the bottom of the router. It is an eight-digit number.
    • This option must be activated on the router. Then write in the browser line:
    • Go to the router settings. We send to the “Security” tab, in “Enable WPS” click the message.

    The router has a built-in network search function. It is usually located at the bottom of the device. Press it until the required connection is received. If the router does not have the required key, then you should use the mob software. device.

    Find Wi-fi Protection Setup. It is located in the “Network” section.

    Wi-fi printing

    This is the easiest and most efficient way to connect. The printing device must also support wireless technology. To check compatibility, send a request to the printer from your smartphone. If both devices are synchronized, then further connection is possible.

    If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

    • activate Wi-Fi on mob. phone;
    • activate communication on the MFP;
    • enable search for available devices, wait until the required gadget is found;
    • select the name of the printer from the mobile. device;
    • enable pairing;
    • upon successful connection, launch explorer or another utility to print files.

    This method is versatile and comfortable due to the lack of wires. However, a significant drawback is the incompatibility of devices. Unrecognized devices may occur. In the case of a USB connection, this is almost impossible.

    How to connect a phone to a printer

    Owners of devices on Android OS are concerned about how to connect a phone to a printer. Use different ways:

    • If the devices are of the latest generation, then it is better to pair them via WI-FI.
    • Standard USB connection.
    • Working with settings
    • Using cloud services.
    • By installing special. applications.

    What information can be printed from a smartphone or tablet

    There are various methods for connecting the tablet to a printing device. If both are wireless enabled, no cables are needed for setup. All you need is to download the program. The file is printed remotely.

    Different types of files are transferred using the cloud service:

    • Word document;
    • a photo;
    • archives.

    All current operating systems are created with support for wireless and wired sending of information. This also includes cloud sync.

    You can connect the device in different ways. Let’s consider each method in more detail.

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