How to connect a printer to HP Wi-Fi

How to turn on Wi-Fi on an Acer laptop

If you become the owner of an Acer laptop, and for some reason, Wi-Fi does not work, do not despair. Most likely, it is just deactivated and you need to know how to turn on Wi-Fi on your Acer laptop. As in most cases with other manufacturers, acer has its own magic combination on the keyboard, which activates the Wi-Fi adapter and allows you to connect to wireless networks without any problems. So, just hold down the Fn F3 buttons, and you have a working Wi-Fi on your laptop.

Enabling Wi-Fi programmatically

Have you tried all of the above methods to activate the module for wireless connection, but nothing helped? It looks like the adapter has been deactivated by software. The answer is to be found in the operating system options. Using the standard settings of the operating system, there are two ways to activate the Wi-Fi adapter.

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Enabling Wi-Fi hardware

The need for the Internet exists constantly, therefore, how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi is an urgent question. Initially, you should try to establish a hardware connection. The simplest and most common option is to use the Wi-Fi activation buttons on the laptop. If this method does not work, then it may happen that the module driver has crashed. Consider the possible options.

This method boils down to enabling the module in the Network Connection Center. You can get to this menu by clicking Start, but you can also use the Win R key combination. A command line will pop up in front of you, in which you need to enter ncpa.cpl. This request will display the desired control center, where all active and inactive connections for different types of networks will appear.

From the proposed options, you need to find a Wi-Fi connection on a laptop. If the item you want is indicated by a pale gray color, then it is disabled, which makes it impossible for a wireless connection to be available on the device. To activate it, you need to call the context menu by right-clicking on this device and select “Enable”.

Further, you can safely try to connect to available wireless networks.

How to set up Wi-Fi on a Windows 7 laptop

Depending on the operating system that is installed on your laptop, there may be different problems with establishing a wireless connection. And it often happens that the laptop does not connect to WI-FI in Windows 7.

Let’s consider several options for how to fix this problem.

To begin with, you have a wireless network available to connect, but the laptop won’t establish a connection. We find in the Taskbar, located in the lower right corner, the icon denoting the network, and click on it with the left button of the manipulator. A menu will appear in front of you, in which all available wireless networks will be displayed. From the list provided, select the network to which you want to connect at the moment.

After selecting the network, a window for entering the password will appear. After filling in the field, the connection process will begin, which may take 1-2 minutes. If everything is correct, then a wireless connection will be established, and you can use the Internet on your laptop without any problems.

Another option that will enable Wi-Fi on a laptop will be of interest to more advanced users, since it involves more actions. But with its help, it becomes possible to manually fill in some data that relate to the connection.

To use this option, you should go to the Network Settings section located in the Control Panel, and then go to the settings of the new Internet connection. After the dialog menu opens, you need to select the manual configuration option. Further, in a new window, you will be able to assign a name to the access point, select the type of security, type of encryption and assign a new password for the connection. When all the required fields are filled in and the settings are saved, the newly created network will appear in the list of available ones, and you can connect to it.

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How to turn on WI-FI on an Asus laptop

If you have an older Asus laptop, it may be equipped with a conventional mechanical switch that activates the Wi-Fi module on the device. Therefore, simply slide this switch to the “on” position. If you have a newer model, you can enable the ability to search for wireless connections with a combination of buttons. Again, depending on the laptop model, the power button may be different. The main thing is that you need to look for it in the row of service buttons at the top of the keyboard. Such a button will be indicated by a working antenna transmitting a signal. It could be F2 or F10. These buttons should be used in conjunction with the Fn key.

Wi-Fi activation using buttons

Some laptop computers equipped with connection adapters are not capable of connecting to wireless networks after activating the device. How do I turn on Wi-Fi on my laptop? In such cases, one or more buttons located on the laptop will help. There may be several options, and they directly depend on the model of your laptop, as well as the date of its release. On older models, the inclusion of the WI-FI module is presented in the form of a separate toggle switch or a separate button. Such a switch can be located both on the front and on the side of the case, so you need to carefully examine your laptop for such a button.

If, during the search, it was not possible to find the button for activating the wireless connection, you should look for the button in a number of function keys. They are located at the top of the keyboard and are usually labeled F1 through F12. Among these buttons, you need to find the one that is responsible for activating the transmitter. Most often, it is marked with the Wi-Fi icon in the form of a transmitting antenna.

Many manufacturers have tried to unify this function, so you can turn on Wi-Fi on a laptop by simply pressing Fn F5. Try it and chances are you will be lucky.

The next method, how to connect a laptop to Wi-Fi, is similar to the first one, however, it requires going to the Device Manager. By right-clicking on the My Computer icon and holding down Properties, you will see the Device Manager submenu. Having opened the device tree, you need to find the one that is responsible for the wireless connection in the Network adapters menu. Most often, it is marked with WI-FI, Wireless or the like. It also needs to be activated, after which you already try to establish a wireless connection with existing networks.

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Connect to an HP printer wirelessly

Install the HP driver for step-by-step USB or wired (Ethernet) printer connections.

Windows or Mac computers: Go to and follow the printer setup and setup instructions for your connection type.

When you connect a USB printer cable to a Windows computer, instead of setting up the connection using the HP driver, in most cases, Windows will automatically detect the printer and install the built-in driver for basic functionality. You may be prompted to install the device driver.

How to connect HP 3520 to Wi-Fi

The Deskjet 3520 printer has wireless connectivity that allows it to easily connect to a Wi-Fi network. We’ve prepared the right steps for you to connect your HP 3520 to a Wi-Fi network.

Solved: Deskjet 3512 eprinter won’t connect to WI-FI. HP Support Community

Welcome to the HP Support Forums! Hope you enjoy it here.

I understand that you are trying to connect the Deskjet 3512 All-In-One printer to your network using a Chromebook. I can help you with this.

  • From the printer home screen, scroll down to Settings and press OK.
  • Scroll down to Wireless and click OK.
  • Scroll down to Wireless Direct and click OK.
  • Scroll down to On. (No protection) and click OK.
  • On your Chromebook on the network, you should see an option with a name similar to HP Print XX Deskjet 3510. Connect to this network.
  • In the address bar, enter and press Enter.
  • Click the Networking tab.
  • On the left side, under Network, you should see the Wireless Setup Wizard option.
  • Run the Wireless Setup Wizard to add the printer to the network.

The printer should then be connected and you should be able to print. Let me know if this solves your problems or if you have any other questions. Otherwise have a good day!

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If you appreciate my help, please let others know by clicking on the thumb icon below my post.

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How to connect HP 3525 printer to WI-FI

Think through the steps to connect HP Deskjet 3520 Wi-Fi Printer

  • Since the Deskjet printer is equipped with a touchscreen control panel, it is easy to connect to a wireless network without any problem.
  • You can choose a connection type when you set up your HP Deskjet 3520 printer.HP Auto Wireless Connect lets you connect to multiple compatible wireless devices without using USB or Ethernet cables.
  • This feature is available in the driver package. You can get the driver from the installation CD or from the Internet. If you have an installation CD, insert it into your computer and complete the installation by following the instructions.
  • When the connection window appears, select “Wireless” as the network connection. You will receive a hint. Select Yes, send wireless settings to printer. You can now wait while HP Auto Connect processes the next steps.
  • If the above method didn’t help, don’t worry, we have another method for you. Using the HP Deskjet 3520 Wireless Setup Wizard from the printer control panel. another easy way to connect to a Wi-Fi network using. How to connect HP 3520 to Wi-Fi. Manual.
  • You will need a network name, password, or WEP / WPA passphrase.
  • Touch the wireless icon on the printer control panel. Select your printer from the list of available networks. You can enter your wireless network name if it does not appear in the list.
  • After pressing the “OK” button on the next screen, you must enter the password. If none of the methods work, you are using the WPS method.
  • There are two types of Wi-Fi Protected Setup methods that you can use to connect your HP Deskjet 3520 printer wirelessly. this is the button click method and the second. PIN method.
  • In this method, you need to make sure that the router has a WPS button. Press the WPS button on the printer. It will remain active for 2 minutes, during which you need to connect to the network, how to connect HP 3520 to Wi-Fi.


Quick Steps to Set Up Your HP Deskjet 3520 Printer for a Network Connection

Turn on the device. pressing the power button.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network using the touchscreen control panel.

Use the controls on the display panel and connect to a wireless network.

Tap the right arrow key and tap the Wireless Setup Wizard.

Select “Network” in Setup and select Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wizard.

Select your network that appears in the list.

Enter your WPA password and click Done.

Tap the OK button to complete the settings.

Click OK. if you want to run the wireless test report, or select “Skip”.

Articles “Connect your Deskjet printer to:”

Configuring a Legacy Printer over Wi-Fi

If the system does not install the drivers in a standard way, the configuration program will not see the device either. In this case, you will have to install the software manually.

In the system search find “Devices and Printers”.

Start “Adding a printer” by selecting the button of the same name in the toolbar.

The automatic search will start but end with a zero result. Therefore, we will set the parameters manually by selecting “Add a printer by its TCP / IP address or hostname”, click “Next”.

In the next window, enter the address of the router. Since the printer uses a built-in print server, this address will not differ in any way from the address at the bottom of the router.

The program will ask us to specify additional settings. Select the protocol, as in the screenshot, repeat the input of the address in the “Port name” and “Printer name” fields and specify any queue name that is convenient for you, click “OK”.

Driver installation stage. We have it outdated, so we specify “Install from disk” and look in the explorer for the path to your.inf-file of the driver. Or you can try to find the model you need in the list of drivers already installed in the system.

If everything goes well, the program will report about it. Try printing a test page. Done!

Enabling Wireless Internet on Windows 10

Using the resources of manufacturers

This method involves self-installation of drivers from the websites of manufacturers of the connected equipment. Accessing the official websites of well-known brands such as Canon or HP via a computer is absolutely safe from the point of view of the possibility of receiving malicious software.

To find the driver you need, you just need to know the model of your printer. The exact specifications can be found either in the accompanying documentation or on the case. After the model name is found, you can start searching through the browser. As a rule, when specifying the exact name in the search bar of any browser, the manufacturer’s website will be in the first position in the list of drop-down options for various sites offering programs. Usually, but not always

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Therefore, in order to exclude potential threats to your computer, pay close attention to the site where you got when you click on the link. The manufacturer’s website is difficult to confuse with any other: firstly, its name, as a rule, speaks for itself, and secondly, such a website is usually clearly structured and devoid of all sorts of unnecessary information that is not directly related to the maintenance of branded equipment

For example, you need drivers for an HP printer.

  • We go to the site
  • Through the “Support” menu we find the item “Drivers and Programs”.
  • Enter the product name or serial number in the search bar.
  • We find a list of software offered in our case.
  • We select the necessary (you may need information about the version of your OS, be prepared for this).
  • We are waiting for the completion of the download of the package and, by running the file, install the drivers, following the prompts of the wizard.

Connecting the Printer to the Network

If everything is ready to get started, you can start connecting. First you need to configure the printer to work on a local network.

Using the WPS function

If the printer and router have this function, then it is better to use it. It is easy to use and provides a fast and reliable connection.

  • Enable WPS on the printing device. If there is no screen, then you need to find the button responsible for enabling the function. If there is a display, you need to go to the Wi-Fi settings and activate WPS.
  • Press the same button on the router until the indicator starts blinking.
  • On a printer with a screen, hold down the “OK” button until a message about successful connection is displayed. If there is no display, then the connection should go through automatically.

If everything went well, you can proceed to connecting the computer.

Configuring printers from HP

Reboot the network adapter

To activate wireless data transfer on a laptop with Windows 10, just restart the built-in Wi-Fi module. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

  • Right-click on the “My Computer” icon on the laptop desktop.
  • In the context menu, click once LMB on the line “Properties”.
  • In the window that opens, go to the “Device Manager” by clicking on the appropriate option in the left column of the properties menu.
  • After completing the previous action, a window will appear on the screen, in which the list of devices connected to the computer will be presented by sections. Here the user needs to expand the “Network adapters” section.
  • Turn off your adapter by clicking on its name with RMB and clicking on the item “Disable”.
  • Wait until the completion of the module deactivation procedure and perform the same steps to enable it. That is, once again click on the word RMB, and then click on the line “Enable”.
  • Check the result. Now you can go to the connections section and sync with an available Wi-Fi hotspot by entering the appropriate password for it.

Updating network adapter drivers on Windows 10

Thus, you can enable wireless Internet on Asus laptops in different ways. The most common of them and simpler to implement were discussed above. After reading the above information, it will be possible to understand how to enable Wi-Fi on an ASUS laptop.

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Using Google services for virtual printing from your phone

Android phones have a virtual printer. Google Cloud Print. This program does not require installation.

To set up a Google service, you need to follow these steps:

  • Launch the Google Chrome browser and connect a Google account by logging into it.
  • Go to the “Additional settings” section in the browser settings.
  • Find “Google Cloud Print” and click the Configure button.
  • When the page opens, select the “Add printer” option.
  • From what is issued on the page, select the desired MFP.
  • When the phrase “Procedure completed” appears, select “Manage printers”.
  • Click on the “Add a regular printer” button.

The printer is now connected to your Google account and you can start printing from any smartphone. To do this, you need to do the following steps:

  • Install the “Virtual Printers” application.
  • After opening the application, you need to click on the printer drawn at the top.
  • Select your printer from the given list.
  • Then find the document you need. It is most likely located in the “Web”, Dropbox or Local folders.
  • Configure the required parameters and press print.

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