How to connect a selfie stick to a Samsung phone

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What is this device?

The telescopic selfie stick can be safely considered an improved version of a camera tripod. The overwhelming majority of today’s youth have already appreciated this device, which greatly facilitates the process of photographing. This tool is convenient because it allows you to take a picture of yourself against the background of some picturesque area or an interesting monument without outside interference. In fact, a selfie monopod is an ordinary phone or camera, securely fixed on a tripod equipped with a remote control. With the remote-controlled telescopic stick, you can easily capture yourself from various angles.

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Existing types of devices

Modern manufacturers produce several varieties of these monopods. Therefore, for those who have already understood how to connect a selfie stick to the phone, it will not hurt to deal with this issue. The simplest, and therefore the most budgetary option is considered to be a regular selfie tripod. Its inconvenience lies in the need to set a timer on the phone or smartphone. And you will have to do this before each photograph. In addition, the monopod is equipped with not very strong mounts, which are not designed for long-term use.

The next variation is the selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote. This more advanced model has a remote control that has two buttons at once. Both hands will be involved in the process of taking pictures. One of them will have a remote control, the other will have a tripod. As you can see, this also does not add convenience. In addition, this model is not designed for all types of smartphones.

Another rather popular device is a selfie stick with a button and a wire, which is needed to communicate with the camera. One of the main advantages of this model is the presence of a button for the shutter release. It sits on the tripod itself.

But the most popular model is a monopod with a Bluetooth button on a tripod. When folded, the length of this device is only 23 cm. During operation, the length of the telescopic stick can be increased to one meter. The device is equipped with a sturdy steel phone holder. Charging such a device is sufficient for a 100-hour survey. The main advantages of this monopod include ease of use and long service life.

Recommendations for choosing a device

Those who are interested in how to connect a selfie stick to the phone should find out what to look for when buying this accessory. Despite the external similarity, each of the models on sale has its own pros and cons. The most convenient, and therefore the most popular, is a stick with a button on the handle. A more cumbersome and less convenient option is an ordinary tripod. In the process of using it, you have to periodically set the timer to capture the next frame. Models without a button are suitable for those who want to save money.

The most durable are expensive tripods with reliable camera mounts. It is known that the maximum length of this two-kilogram monopod is about 200 cm.

How to connect a selfie stick to your phone?

To connect your phone to a wired telescopic tripod, you need to connect one end of the wire to the audio jack of your mobile phone, and the other to the jack on the monopod.

Before connecting the selfie stick to the “Lenovo” phone, you need to activate the device itself, and then, opening the phone settings, find Bluetooth and start a search for devices. After waiting for the phone to find the monopod, you need to connect to it. After that, you can activate the camera and take pictures.

For those who do not yet know how to connect a selfie stick to the “NoKIA Lumiya”, you need to exactly repeat the procedure described above.

How to assemble and configure the device?

Before connecting the selfie stick to the phone, you must carefully read the instructions attached to it. Having studied all the subtleties in advance, later you can easily assemble and connect it. First of all, you should choose reliable mounts of the right size for this modern device that facilitates the process of photography. Having installed the mount on the tripod of the stick, you need to place the camera on it more comfortably and fix it well.

After that, you need to enter the settings of the activated camera and replace the function of the key that regulates the volume level with the key of the camera itself. These manipulations should be carried out with smartphones. On the iPhone, they are completely unnecessary, as there will be an automatic change of settings.

How to charge a monopod?

We are considering how to connect a selfie stick with a button, but first you need to recharge it. Before starting another photo session, it is recommended to make sure that the monopod is fully charged. The indicator of the selfie stick connected to the USB connector should flash red. The average charging time is about one hour. The end of the process is indicated by an extinguished light.

How to connect a selfie stick to the phone: instructions

Until a few decades ago, many of us did not even know that pictures can be taken with something else besides a traditional camera. Fortunately, progress does not stand still. The rapid development of technology has led to the fact that today almost all of us have mobile phones, to which a selfie stick (monopod) is easily selected. How to connect this device, how it works, you can find out by reading this article.

SelfiShop Camera

Control key assignments are also available here. Perfectly syncs up to work with a monopod. The program is as simple as possible, and is suitable only for selfies, the rest of the possibilities are limited. But this has its own plus, thanks to its modest functionality, the program does not take up much space and does not load the phone.

Connecting a selfie stick over the wire

The cable connection method, although a little outdated, has a significant advantage. the device will be powered by the phone, which means that it does not have to be charged. Most Android smartphones such as Honor, Huawei, Nokia, Sony Experia, Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, Motorola still have a 3.5mm headphone jack, so the method is relevant.

How to connect Honor selfie stick via cable:

  • The smartphone must be secured in the stick holder.
  • Insert the wire into the headphone jack.
  • Wait for connection.

The device is successfully connected, you can now launch the Camera app, turn on the front camera mode and use the tripod button to take a photo.

Selfie Stick How-to | connect your cheese stick to you galaxy phone

In order not to suffer the quality of pictures, it is better to use models with a self-timer, they take a picture in 1-2 seconds after pressing, which avoids blurring the frame when contacting the button. The cheapest selfie sticks use a poor quality cable that can break with any hook. You need to be careful.

Camera Applications

When you figured out how to connect a selfie stick to Huawei and other smartphones, you can proceed to study the programs. They are able to make the use of the camera more convenient and functional.


A timer or self-timer function is available in most camera applications, including standard ones. The peculiarity of this function is that the photo will be taken after a certain time after pressing, which should be enough to build the phone for a selfie. By default, this time is 2-3 seconds, but usually it is possible to increase it to 5 or even 10.

  • You need to open the “Camera” application on your smartphone.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Activate the “Timer” function.
  • To increase the time, click on the “Timer” twice, or set the parameters in the settings.

The cellfie

Another version of the program, which surpasses the standard in its capabilities. In the application settings, you can configure the camera control buttons, has functionality for creating selfies.

Bluetooth connection

Let’s figure out how to connect a selfie stick to an iPhone or Android using Bluetooth, because this is the kind of connection that photo devices usually work with. The advantages of working via Bluetooth are speed, and the fact that you do not have to worry about the integrity of the cable.

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The first switching on and synchronization are carried out according to the instructions:

  • You need to turn on the device. How the Xiaomi selfie stick is connected: you need to hold down the power button for a few seconds. On other models, it may just be an on / off switch.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu of the smartphone.
  • Select the line “Bluetooth”.
  • Move the toggle switch to the active position.
  • In the list of devices, select a monopod (selfie stick).
  • Open the Camera app and take a photo or video.

It happens that the smartphone does not find the required monopod in the list of devices. In such a situation, both restarting the phone and a monopod for selfies can help.

Advice! After you managed to connect the selfie stick to Samsung or another phone and take a photo, the device needs to be turned off. This will help conserve battery power.

Ways to use a selfie stick without syncing

We have already figured out how to connect a selfie stick via Bluetooth, but sometimes there are problems with the operation of devices:

  • The smartphone does not have a 3.5 mm jack for connecting via a cable;
  • broken bluetooth sensor in the remote or stick;
  • the button giving the command for the photo does not work.

There are several ways to solve the problem. The easiest one is to buy a Bluetooth button, then it will sync with the phone, and the old stick will act as a holder. There are two more ways. voice control and self-timer, they should be considered in more detail.

How to connect a selfie stick. instructions for setting up and operating

Let’s figure out how to connect a selfie stick. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with the different connection methods and possible problems that arise in the process. You also need to familiarize yourself with programs that work with monopods.

Why the button does not respond to the tripod?

The fact is that the Bluetooth button in this case does not work at the software level. Those. it works, but the Camera program does not understand it. She just doesn’t know that when you press the Bluetooth remote button, you need to take a picture

1) Selfie stick does not take pictures, but adds sound on Android.

The selfie stick is defined as a wireless Bluetooth keyboard. The button on the monopod sends the volume up code. Because of this, your Android smartphone shows a volume up slider when you press the monopod button. This means that the remote button is working correctly. Now it’s up to the program. You need to find a program that will understand this code and take pictures. On some Samsungs, this function works in a standard camera. But unfortunately, on most, you need to install another program that will correctly understand the codes from the monopod buttons. We suggest using the “Selfishop Camera” program. So if the phone sees the monopod as a headphone with a button or as a headset, then that’s good. So it works.

How to set up to connect a monopod to an Android phone.

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to set up a monopod on Android, then you are on the right track. Just a few correct steps and your monopod will obediently shoot at the push of a button.

Step one. plug in monopod.

Step two. search and scan selfie buttons

Step three. customize actions on selfie buttons.

Step four. saving results.

Step 2.1. Connect the wired monopod (which connects to the phone to the smartphone using a cable) to the headphone / headset jack (3.5 mm) using the plug.

Step 2.2. Selfie stick monopod connection via bluetooth wireless channel.

1) Turn on the power on the monopod (if the bluetooth button is built into the grip of the selfie stick). We are looking for and connect a device with the name of a monopod.

2) When the indicator light on the bluetooth monopod / remote button starts flashing, turn on bluetooth on your phone (smartphone).

3) Find the paired device in the bluetooth list of the smartphone / phone. For Selfie King: “Winnersun”. For Selfie Pro: “Yunteng”. For Selfie Hit: “Selftimer03” or “icanany selfie stick”. Selfie Star: “kjstar”. For Selfie Mix: “EDUP-3515”, “ABShutter” or “Aple_Mler”.

4) Click on the name corresponding to your monopod. Wait for the pairing of the monopod (remote-button bluetooth) with your phone (smartphones). When the light indicator on the monopod (bluetooth remote button) goes out and the message “Connected” appears on the screen of the phone (smartphone). pairing was successful!

Go to the selfishop camera program and start shooting!

Why Bluetooth monopod buttons don’t work on Android?

In Android 4.4, and many versions of Samsung smartphones, the Bluetooth button can work with the standard Camera application. It is also possible to support the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons as an increase and decrease. To do this, in the additional settings, you must select “Volume buttons. as increase or ZOOM”.

How to connect a monopod selfie stick to Android

If you have a phone based on the Android system: Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, then most likely it runs on the Android platform. You bought a monopod, but during the initial check on your phone, smartphone in the standard “Camera” application, the bluetooth button does not work. Why? Because the bluetooth button does not always work in the standard “camera” application on the Android platform. But do not rush to return the monopod to the seller and give up the pleasure of taking photos with a selfie stick.

Selfie stick compatibility check online

Selfishop offers a unique way to determine the compatibility of your monopod before purchasing and before connecting! We have collected statistics of our users and now you can find out the compatibility by the model of your smartphone. This will be useful before purchasing a monopod. Just enter your smartphone model and see the result. whether your smartphone is compatible with a selfie stick or not. Our test is located at this URL:

Which monopod to choose?

  • The cheaper and more bulky options are a regular tripod. Choose an angle, set a timer and you’re done. Not the most convenient option, but someone may also be interested in it.
  • Monopods with a special button on the handle are considered more convenient. Pressing this button activates the shooting procedure on your smartphone.

Each monopod has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are important to consider when buying. Choosing a more expensive model, you can be sure that the tripod will not break during a fall, and the smartphone will not jump out of the mount during shooting. Such a unit weighs about two kilograms.

Also pay attention to the length of the stick. It can also be different. The maximum possible length at the moment is about two meters.

Terms of use

If you have just purchased a device and still do not know how to use it, then here are a few basic points that you need to know:

  • If your monopod works on a Bluetooth connection, then the first thing to do is charge your device.
  • Attach your phone tighter so it doesn’t fall out in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Adjust the length of the stick for easy shooting.

Each time using a new device, read the instructions for it. It is better to sit an extra half hour reading the manual than later wonder why your device is not working. The instructions described in the article are somewhat universal and you can adapt it for any purchased monopod. But better than us, only the manufacturer of the selfie stick can tell about the capabilities of your selfie stick.

Therefore, do not be lazy to study the guides. So the process of connecting the monopod to the phone will be easy and enjoyable, and the pictures themselves will be of high quality and memorable. Well, the monopod itself will serve you much longer.

How to connect a selfie stick to the phone: instructions

Well, you have chosen the right monopod and are ready to put it into action. To do this, read the instructions that come with the monopod. The general instruction looks something like this:

  • First, take care of the mounts for your mobile gadget. After making sure that the fasteners are working and perform the assigned tasks without any problems, proceed to the next step.
  • Mount your smartphone on a monopod tripod. Fasten it tightly with fasteners. And check if it is held securely there. It is better to check this in advance than when shooting against the backdrop of a reservoir.
  • Depending on the model of your phone, there are differences in the connection of the monopod to the telephone device.
  • If you have a regular smartphone running on Android or iOS, then just connect one end of the wire to the jack on the monopod, and the other to the phone jack.
  • If you have Lenovo or NoKIA Lumiya, then first you need to turn on the monopod. Using a smartphone, find a monopod via Bluetooth and establish a connection with it. Done.
  • If you have Android, then the button on the monopod will adjust the volume level instead of clicking the camera. Don’t panic, this is a feature of the installed system. You just need to go to the camera settings and change the function for this key.
  • If you have an iPhone, then you will not need such manipulations. Everything will be configured there automatically.

    Congratulations! You have connected the monopod to your gadget and are ready to shoot. But there are still a couple of important issues to be resolved.

    Charging the monopod

    Yes, your new device also needs recharging. Therefore, immediately before taking a photo-video-shooting, you need to check the presence of a charge. A monopod connected to the USB connector will signal full charging by flashing a red signal. If the device is discharged, then put it on charge. Within an hour, the red light will go out, which will indicate the end of the charging process.

    How to connect a selfie stick to a phone (Samsung, Lenovo, Nokia, iOS, etc.)

    Technology is advancing uncontrollably. And if before taking a photo of yourself was something unthinkable, now anyone who wants to do it. The selfie stick is designed to make this task easier and take better pictures. But what is the correct way to connect the device to your mobile phone? In this article, I will tell you how to connect a selfie stick to an Android phone or an iOS. Samsung phone. Nokia, Lenovo and others

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    What is a selfie stick?

    A selfie stick is also called a monopod. In fact, this is a modification of a tripod for a camera or smartphone. The difference is that you can turn this tripod in different directions and adjust the appropriate shooting angle. If you want to take a photo against the background of the terrain or various attractions, now there is no need to ask passers-by. The smartphone is securely mounted in a monopod. You just need to adjust the required length for the telescopic stick, choose the angle and take a photo.


    As already mentioned, there are several varieties of monopods. They are divided by price categories and by their capabilities.

      A regular selfie tripod. We set the timer. We get a photo.
      The main inconvenience:

    • a timer must be set before each photo;
    • the mounts are not strong enough. They cannot be exploited for too long.
  • Monopod with Bluetooth remote control. There is a remote control and a tripod with your camera.
    The main inconvenience:
    • Two hands are used simultaneously;
    • Compatible with a limited number of smartphones.
  • Monopod with a button. One of the most popular models. The button is located on the tripod handle. Before use, you need to connect the device to your smartphone with a wire.
  • Monopod with Bluetooth button. Connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth connection. The button activates the camera shutter. The most popular model at the moment.
    • It is taking shape. In this state, its length is 23 cm.
    • Stretches to a length of about one meter.
    • When charged, it can be used for 100 hours.
    • Secure phone mount.

    How to connect any phone or tablet to your TV using USB

    Connecting your phone to your TV is not as easy as you might think. Whether you want to enjoy Netflix, share photos, or use it to work at home, connecting a cable between your phone and TV can be tricky.

    But this is not impossible. it’s all about choosing the right cable.

    Here’s what you need to know about how to connect your Android or iOS phone or tablet to your TV using a USB cable.

    Choosing a monopod for your Samsung smartphone.

    Now there are more cases of selling faulty selfie sticks. In addition, if the seller assures that their monopods work with any models of phones, smartphones and there are no problems, most likely this is a deception. Connecting wired monopods can cause problems on many Android smartphones.

    Problems connecting a monopod to a Samsung smartphone

    If, when you connect a wired selfiestick monopod, the “Headphones” icon appears on the top panel, or the “Headset” icon appears, but after 2-5 seconds it turns into the “Headphones” icon, then this monopod will most likely not work with this Samsung device. Perhaps it is technically incompatible with your smartphone and this is not yet a solution to the problem. For a final check, run Selfishop camera. Go to “Settings” (upper right corner of the screen), and run the “Monopod Connection Assistant”.

    • Step one. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. You have already connected the monopod to Samsung.
    • Step two. Press the button on the monopod. If the message “code 88” or another code does not appear on the phone screen, but the inscription “Button not found” remains, then this monopod is not compatible with your Samsung phone. Alas, this problem has not yet been resolved. The point is the technical incompatibility of a smartphone and a wired monopod. No program will help in this case. You can try other programs, but you will only waste your time.

    wired monopod compatibility. by icon.

    Headset icon. compatible, headphone icon. incompatible.

    Connecting a wired monopod to a Samsung smartphone.

    Connect the selfistik monopod wire through the 3.5mm headphone jack to your smartphone or tablet. If the “Headset” icon appears on the top panel of the phone, near the battery level of the phone, then you have successfully connected the monopod to Samsung. Run the Selfishop camera program, go to “Settings” (upper right corner of the screen), select “Monopod Connection Assistant”.

    • The first step is in the “Monopod Connection Assistant”. Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen. You have already connected the monopod to Samsung.
    • Second step. Press the button on the monopod. The button code will appear on the screen. For example: code 88 or another code. It’s good, the monopod is successfully connected to the Samsung smartphone.
    • Step three. Settings are saved. Congratulations! Take photos with Selfishop camera.

    How to connect a monopod to a Samsung smartphone or tablet

    Monopod. a new gadget that allows you to take safe selfies, joint family photos and interesting photos and videos that cannot be taken with your hands. It is very convenient when traveling, because takes up little space. The advantages of a monopod are obvious and indisputable, so you need to be careful about buying a selfie stick for your Samsung smartphone or tablet. And, despite the seeming simplicity, you need to learn how to use the monopod.

    Galaxy Watch. Design | Samsung Developers

    Before connecting via phone, enable debugging on watch and phone.

    Gear: Settings Gear Info Debug
    Galaxy Watch: Settings Watch Info Debug
    Galaxy Mobile: Settings Developer Options USB Debugging

    To display Developer Options on a Galaxy mobile device, go to Settings About Device Software Information, then tap the Build Number until the screen displays Developer Options Enabled.

    To connect via phone, your phone must have sdb over BT installed.

    SDB over BT is only available for Android. You will be prompted to install sdb over BT automatically when you start using Galaxy Watch Studio, or you can transfer sdboverbt_160523.APK file from \\ Galaxy Watch Studio \ tizen \ tools \.

    Connecting Bluetooth Selfistik Monopod to Samsung Smartphone.

    Connecting a monopod with a Bluetooth button to the phone (Selfie Pro. Yunteng 1288, Selfie Mix. Z07-1, Selfie King. Dispho, Selfie Hit. Selftimer, Selfie Star. KJStar) Samsung smartphone. The good news is that bluetooth connectivity usually isn’t a problem. Problems arise if the monopod is broken.

    So, you have a monopod with a Bluetooth button. Bluetooth buttons are built into the handle of the monopod and separate remote buttons. Selfie buttons are battery operated so they can be tested immediately upon receipt. The remote control with a built-in Bluetooth button needs to be charged for 30-50 minutes before use.

    We proceed directly to the connection. First, turn on the power of the bluetooth button on the remote control or on the monopod with the on / off switch (Selfie Mix, Selfie Pro, Selfie Star), or by long pressing the power button (Selfie Hit, Selfie King). Depends on the model. After turning on the power, the indicator light will light up and in a second it will start blinking. If the lamp does not light up, the monopod is discharged or broken. Call the seller and try to exchange it.

    Bluetooth button is on, indicator is flashing. Now activate bluetooth on your phone, in the bluetooth settings, start “Search for devices”. The phone will search for a monopod for a few seconds. When the monopod name appears on the Samsung smartphone phone screen:

    • Selfie Mix. AB Shuter, Aple Mler;
    • Selfie Hit. Icanany Selfie,
    • Selfie Star. KJStar;
    • Selfie King. Winnersun;
    • Selfie Pro. Yunteng;

    click on the name of the monopod. The word “Pairing” will appear under the monopod name.
    Then launch the Selfishop camera program, press the capture button and take a shot. Congratulations on your first successful shot! Use monopods!
    As a rule, Bluetooth monopods send standard codes: 66, 24, 25. And our program is configured for them. But if your monopod sends other codes, then in the program settings you can set your codes.

    What to do if the wired monopod is not connected.

    Return the wired monopod to the seller, and exchange it for a selfie stick with a bluetooth button or a remote button. Selfistik Monopod with Bluetooth connection should connect without problems. If it is impossible to return and exchange the monopod, do not worry! Buy a separate Bluetooth remote button from us and you will have a full-fledged monopod. Only the cord will be superfluous, but this is nothing! Selfishop is always happy to help!

    How to connect a selfie stick to Android?

    Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony work on this platform. It is likely that after buying and pressing a button, the monopod will not work. Fortunately, this does not mean that the gadget is malfunctioning. The point is that on the Android platform, this button does not necessarily work correctly. To put it simply: the button itself works properly, but the command will not be understood by the camera.

    How will we proceed to connect a selfie stick with a wire or via Bluetooth:

    • First of all, download the selfishop camera and insist on connecting the monopod with the assistant. Everything there will be painted literally step by step.
    • If you have a model with a wire, connect it to the headset jack. In order to connect a selfie stick via Bluetooth, we act like other similar devices: turn on the stick itself, then look for the device we need in the list on the smartphone.
    • Press the pairing button and wait until the device is recognized. Then you will see that the light diode on the stick has gone out, the message “Connected” will pop up on the screen.
    • Then we turn to the selfishop camera program and take a photo of ourselves.

    How to connect a selfie stick?

    Fashion. this is a lady who is hard to resist. Even the most persistent and rejecting modern hobbies, sooner or later try something out of interest. So the selfie stick has now become almost a must-have addition to modern smartphones. If you were also tempted and bought a monopod selfie stick for yourself, the question of how to connect it correctly is relevant for you.

    How to connect a selfie stick to iphone 5?

    Again, choose either the wireless or wired model. Before connecting the selfie stick to the iphone 5, make sure that the chosen model will work with your device at all. Compatible are KJStar Selfie Stick, Selfie King, Selfie Pro.

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    How to connect a selfie stick with and without a wire in this case:

    • In working with a wired device, everything is simple, since here it is enough to connect the gadget with the already familiar method.
    • If the selected model is for wireless connection, press the power button. Then we wait for the transition to pairing mode. You can recognize the start of work by the blinking of the indicator light.
    • Next, turn on Bluetooth on your device and start searching for a selfie stick. We select the desired device and wait for the start of pairing.
    • After successful pairing in standard applications, select Camera and start shooting.

    Possible problems in the question of how to connect a selfie stick

    Most likely, the questions below will be relevant to you. The fact is that not everyone succeeds in connecting this gadget the first time. And depending on your device, there can be many reasons for this.

    If your smartphone runs on Android, do not be lazy to download free Camera FV / 5, SelphieShop Camera, The Cellfie applications. This will allow you to get comfortable and hassle-free use.

    IPhone owners will benefit from BT Shutter from the App Store. It makes it possible to easily shift the shooting functions to the volume keys. In addition, you will have the opportunity to apply various effects to the taken photos.

    The hardest part will be connecting a selfie stick for Windows Phone owners, since until recently these devices did not support taking selfies at all. I had to download completely third-party programs for use. Now there is a proprietary Lumia Camera that recognizes the selfie stick.

    Remember that this device does not work with two phones at once. Before connecting to a new one, be sure to break the connection with the previous one. Remember that the gadget holds a charge for no more than an hour, it is better to turn it off after taking a photo.

    What is a selfie stick?

    In order to set up a monopod for your mobile phone, you need to familiarize yourself with the varieties of this device. Selfie sticks come with a Bluetooth connection or with a wire that plugs into the audio output of your Android phone.

    Important! Both options are good in use, but it is worth noting that the wireless monopod is easy to connect and sync with the device, unlike the option with a wire.

    Now we will take a closer look with the main types of connection of this device.

    Programs for installing a selfie stick on Android

    Of course, you can take beautiful selfies without auxiliary applications, but they can significantly speed up the process and open up additional opportunities. Below are the examples that are most popular among users:

    • B612 is a program specially designed for taking selfies. It allows you to apply additional effects directly while photographing or shooting video. Such an application is equipped with an auto-timer, a large set of filters, the function of creating fashionable collages and the ability to share the result with any popular social network.
    • Selfie Shop Camera. helps to quickly and correctly connect both wireless monopods and wired devices. Suitable for almost all selfie sticks, easily connects to a smartphone.
    • Retrika is a common selfie app that users of phones with a front camera especially like. The utility contains more than 100 filters that are programmed before the start of the picture. In the program, you can beautifully process photos by applying different effects.

    How to install a selfie stick?


    Such a selfie stick is similar to the wireless model, but differs in the presence of a wire and the feature of installation with Android. On the handle of the monopod there is a release button, and on the other end there is a wire with a 3.5 cm plug, like for headphones or a mobile headset. Such a stick is defined by the system precisely as a headset with a remote control, thanks to which you can easily control the camera.

    This is the most popular type of monopod, which has a low price, fairly simple connection and easy setup. It is connected to a mobile device with a regular wire, and then it is synchronized with the phone.

    Important! In this case, you do not need charging for a selfie stick and other additional settings.

    How to install a selfie stick on Android with a wire?

    If your selfie stick is a wired model, you can connect it to a phone without Bluetooth by changing the button functions. And if Root rights are connected on your Android, then this will greatly facilitate the task. But in this case, we will go the other way, since there are other ways to adapt the monopod without paying attention to the brand of the smartphone.

    While it is quite easy to figure out the wireless connection, the wired one raises a number of questions. A selfie stick with a wire is installed like this:

    • We attach the mobile phone to the end of the stick.
    • We insert the plug located on the wire into the headset jack.
    • Press the button on the tripod, check the reaction of the camera to this action.
    • If the camera takes a photo when you press the start button, you can switch to the front camera mode and take a selfie in the usual way.
    • If the smartphone camera does not respond in any way, then go to the settings of the pictures, select the “Menu” item. Usually the “Menu” button is represented by a column or a row, consisting of three dots in the very corner of the screen.
    • In the presented “Menu” select the item “Settings” and here “General settings”.
    • In the “General settings” we find the parameters of the volume buttons and activate the snapshot function by pressing the button on the tripod of the stick. Not all mobile phones support the volume key control function. In this case, you will be rescued by third-party applications in which buttons are natively supported.

    Important! For successful pairing, pay attention to the device’s compatibility with Android system, as some mobile phones are only suitable for IOS. But there are also universal models suitable for smartphones.

    We would like to note that in the cheaper version it is easy to configure the use of the volume buttons, but the maximum photo size will be somewhat limited, so we will consider another option for a selfie stick.

    What problems can there be when connecting a selfie stick?

    Sometimes there may be some problems in connecting such monopods to a smartphone. Why is this happening, what is the reason and how to fix it? We will describe the answers to these questions further.

    A list of problems when connecting a stick for a photo and ways to solve them:

    • If you connected the device to the phone, but for some reason it does not work, check that the plug is connected correctly in the audio jack.
    • Your accessory does not want to work due to the fact that the keys on the camera of your smartphone are not prepared in advance to work with the device. In this case, you need to take several steps to configure them. Above, we described the procedure with the settings item in the form of three solid dots. If, after changing the parameters of the volume buttons, the selfie stick does not connect, then repeat these manipulations again, or try another method and save the settings.
    • If your smartphone does not have a button customization function, download the Camera app option. There are a lot of them, some of them only need to be installed without additional settings. Others need to be configured step by step, but in general, such applications make it much easier to use a monopod.
    • It happens that you cannot reassign buttons in any way and applications do not work or simply cannot be installed. In this case, you need to flash your smartphone to a newer Android system. If, for example, your phone with the installed OS version 4.2 does not see the connected selfie stick, then update the smartphone DO version 4.2.2 or to 4.4.

    Important! Selfie Camera apps can be downloaded from the Play Market or Google Play, and some of them don’t have to pay at all.

    As you can see, there may be several reasons that prevent you from easily and quickly connecting the device to the phone, but each of them is completely solvable.

    How to set up a selfie stick on Android via Bluetooth?

    The biggest problem with Bluetooth is pairing the device. This often pushes people to look for a solution to the problem, how to install a selfie stick on a phone using wireless Bluetooth.

    • After making sure the device is charged and the batteries are inserted. If the batteries are not quite fresh or you are not sure of them, then take a few new ones with you, replace them immediately, so that for sure.
    • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
    • Next. turn on the selfie stick for pairing with Android.
    • Go to the “Menu” of the phone, to the item “Settings” and find the found new device.
    • We find the name of our monopod and establish a connection, which should appear in a few seconds. The selfie stick can be named by the manufacturer or as a monopod model.
    • After pairing, go to the camera on the phone, take pictures by pressing the button on the tripod.

    Selfie photo is ready! If desired, you can rename the name of your device so that later you can easily find it.

    Important! If the mobile phone is connected to the device for taking a photo, but for some reason the picture is not taken, then use third-party applications for Android, which we will talk about a little later.

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