How to connect an epson printer to a router

5) Creating a task for Cron to run the script

This Cron task will run our script every minute. Log into the web interface of the router using a browser. Open the already familiar “Administration” tab. scroll down to the “Cron” section and make sure it’s on:

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Fill in the “Additional Cron Jobs” text box as shown in the picture above (paste the root / jffs / watchprinter command there).

6) Establishing a connection to the print server.

Next, Windows will ask you to install drivers for your printer. They usually go on the CD-ROM supplied with the printer, or they can be downloaded from the printer manufacturer’s website, which is preferable, because the site usually contains the latest drivers. Then you can use your printer.

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1) Enabling JFFS

Go to the “Administration” section of the router web interface and scroll down to the “JFFS2 Support” section

Set the JFFS2 switch to the “Enable” position, as in the screenshot above and click the “Save” button. We wait a few seconds for the router to write the changes and click “Apply”. Again, we wait for the router to process our request and set the “Clean JFFS2” switch to the “Enable” position. Don’t click the “Save” button under any circumstances! Click the “Apply” button right away. The router will format the available space on its flash drive. Wait for the router to finish processing and set the “Clean JFFS” switch to “Disable”. Now click “Save”. The router may need a reboot.

2) Enabling USB support

Click on the Services tab. USB:

Set the switches as shown in the screenshot above. Don’t forget to click “Apply”.

4) Script to start the print server

Change the current directory to jffs by typing cd / jffs Then enter wget Now you need to give the downloaded script the necessary rights. This is done with the command chmod x / jffs / watchprinter If you now type ls, you will see that the file name turns green, which means that this file is executable.