How to connect Canon mg2540s printer to laptop

Wireless connection

How to connect a projector to a Windows 7 laptop using a wireless network? This is done very simply. The Wi-Fi cable connects to the USB ports of both devices. If a laptop or video projector has a built-in Wi-Fi card, you can do without an external antenna.

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In order for the synchronization to be successful, you will first have to install the projector drivers on the laptop. For the latest versions of Windows, starting with the seventh and higher, drivers for many models of video projectors are already preinstalled. Therefore, you do not have to download anything from the Internet or read from a CD-ROM.

PC does not see the device

If the computer does not see the projector, the cause should be looked for, first of all, in the drivers. The problem is solved by installing them and then restarting the laptop.

Difference between laptop and computer connections

When using Microsoft operating systems, the principle of operation of a laptop and a personal computer itself is very similar. The only differences are in the hardware. If the user does not connect the projector to a laptop, you can use the instructions for connecting this device to a PC.

Important: Many modern laptop models lack not only VGA and DVI inputs, but even HDMI. Instead, there is mini HDMI and USB. This means that you have to use adapters.

How to connect a projector to a laptop

The latest generation notebooks support wireless data transfer. But there are also models that can be connected to a projector using a cable.

Common ways to connect a video projector to a laptop are:

  • HDMI;
  • mini HDMI;
  • VGA;
  • Wi-Fi.

There are no particular difficulties in how to connect a projector, for example Acer P5327W, to a computer. But, if such an action is performed for the first time, incomprehensible moments may arise. Next. how to connect the projector to your laptop using the above methods.

Instructions in 4 points on how to connect a projector to a laptop

The article answers the question of how to connect a projector to a laptop. This guide will help you avoid common difficulties and synchronize two devices in a few minutes. What is such a connection, and how to solve common mistakes. below.


The menu that appears after displaying a picture on an external screen shows the user the following mode:

  • PC only. Everything is displayed only on the laptop display, while the broadcast from the projector is inactive.
  • Duplicate. The broadcast from the laptop display takes place through the projector and is duplicated on the wall. It’s kind of a copying process. Most often this mode is used for educational and working presentations.
  • Expand. On the desktop, the screen is divided into two halves. Thus, the right side of the screen will be shown on the projector, the audience will not be able to see the left.
  • Only a projector. The image is broadcast to the projector while the laptop screen is inactive.

How the picture is displayed

After the device (Acer X118H) has been successfully connected, the image on the projected surface is displayed through the menu: “Display resolution”. “Multiple screens”. “Extend these displays”.

Windows 8 makes video output even easier. In the control menu, select “Display resolution”, then you just need to press the button for selecting the external screen.

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How to connect a Canon pixma printer to Wi-Fi

Detailed instructions for connecting Canon Pixma to Wi-Fi

Insert the CD into your computer’s drive and select “My Computer” or “This PC.” Select the drive and double-click MSETUP4.EXE. If you don’t have the CD, download the software link and the Canon pixma WI-FI connection guide from our website.

When the screen appears, select Next. Select “Connect to wireless LAN” as the connection method and click “Next.” Select “Connect to an access point” as the connection method to the wireless LAN and click “Next”.

Make sure your Canon printer is turned on. Make sure the green power light is on and click Next. The program will automatically search for printers that are already connected. If this is the first time, he will not be found. When your printer name appears in the list, click Next to connect your Canon pixma printer to Wi-Fi.

When the installation starts, click Next. Wireless Installation. Hold the Wi-Fi button
on a Canon printer until the orange indicator light flashes twice. Let go of it and then select Next. Make sure the blue Wi-Fi indicator is blinking quickly. When this happens, go to the access point and press the wireless button within 2 minutes. The green-blue power indicator stops blinking and remains on.

A message appears, and after completing the connection to the access point, click Next. Select your region, language and click Next. Select the software to install and click Next. Click Yes. I accept the Canon pixma Wi-Fi end user license agreement.

Click “Next” and the program will be installed. Click on the Redetect option to find your printer again. Depending on your network configuration, the software may take some time to discover the printer. This may include choosing to re-discover multiple times.

After completing the cable-free setup, the screen displays your printer model and wireless SSID. Select Finish. If this is the first time, select Run and follow the instructions on the screen to align the printhead. Otherwise select Next connect Canon pixma printer to Wi-Fi.

Click Next again and if you want to register your printer, click Next. You can also register later by clicking Cancel. Click Agree if you would like to participate in the advanced survey program. Otherwise, click Disagree. Select Execute to test print on your printer. Otherwise, click Next. Select “Exit” to complete the process of connecting your Canon pixma printer to Wi-Fi.

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How to connect a Canon pixma mg2540s printer to a computer via WI-FI

Connecting using Wi-fi Protected Setup

Pixma printers support router connection using WPS. This method avoids entering passwords and simplifies the hardware installation procedure. In our case, the method is recommended for the Canon MG3640 printer. To use WPS, check the router settings before setting up the printer and activate WPS if necessary. The router must be equipped with a WPS button.

The aLGorithm for connecting the printer is as follows:

  • Connect the printer to the mains.
  • Press and hold the Wi-fi button until the printer power light starts blinking.
  • Press and hold the WPS button on the router.
  • When the printer and router are connected, the light on the printer will be on continuously.

The procedure for finding a printer by the router takes a few minutes, but in the future it will ensure uninterrupted access of the MFP to your network.

Dealing with legacy printers?

Users still use fairly old printer models. These models do not have Wi-fi connectivity. In addition, the manufacturer does not release driver updates. For this reason, users are forced to replace a perfectly working but outdated printer with a new, upgraded model. How do I find a solution? As an example, let’s try to connect the Canon LBP 1120 printer to the Windows 7 operating system on a computer or laptop.

The manufacturer’s website officially states that drivers for a 64-bit system are in development. If the user has a 32-bit OS, then there should be no problems installing the driver. You can check the system capacity in the Computer menu. Properties. System type (the Bit depth field). The driver for the LBP 1120 model is downloaded from the official website and installed on a computer or laptop.

Then the printer is connected as standard:

  • Disconnect the computer (laptop) and the printer from the power supply. Connect the printer to the computer via the USB port.
  • Turn on the printer, then the computer (laptop). After loading the operating system, the search for new equipment will begin.
  • Search for and install the driver. To do this, cancel the search for the driver on the Internet and specify the system folder (the option “Search for a driver on this computer”), where the driver was saved after downloading.
  • After installing the driver, the printer is ready to work.

And what to do if the 64-bit operating system Windows 7 is installed on the computer (laptop)?

The problem has two options:

  • Connect the printer to another computer or laptop that has the necessary drivers, and print the necessary documents and photos via the local network;
  • Pair a virtual machine with the LBP 1120 printer driver for Windows XP.

Virtual machines are familiar to many advanced users. These are emulator programs that reproduce the work of different platforms without reinstalling the working operating system. Examples of such machines are programs VirtualBox, Windows XP Mode.

Briefly, the aLGorithm is as follows:

  • Download and install a virtual machine on a computer.
  • Find and save the Canon LBP 1120 driver for Windows XP to your computer.
  • Start the virtual system, install the printer in it.

Setting up and working with virtual machines requires a fairly high level of competence. If the user is not confident in their abilities, entrust the connection of the Canon LBP1120 printer to a professional.

PIXMA Printer Wireless Setup Guide

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    Connecting using WPS

    WPS is a standard for automatically creating a wireless network. Designed to simplify router configuration for ordinary users.

    • Before connecting, you need to make sure that there is a “WPS” button on the router;
    • In the software settings of the router, enable the WPA or WPA2 encryption protocol.

    Attention! Not WEP at all, otherwise the MG3640 will not connect. You can check it in the wireless settings on the PC.

    After completing the settings and checks, do the following to connect the Canon Pixma MG3640 to the router:

    • Turn on the printer, hold down the Wi-Fi button until the power indicator starts blinking.
    • Press the “Black / BW” button first, then “Wi-Fi”.
    • The power indicator should be solid green and the Wi-Fi indicator should blink faster.
    • On the router (Wi-Fi router), press and hold the “WPS” button for two minutes.
    • If the power indicator starts blinking, the connection is being established.
    • Both indicators are on without blinking. the printer is connected to the router.

    After the end of the procedure, do not forget to install the software, the driver from the official Canon website, and follow all the instructions.

    Connecting to the MAC OS

    But how do you connect a Canon printer to an Apple laptop? There is no floppy drive in the products of this company. You need to download the software to install the drivers and follow the instructions:

    • Double click on the downloaded file, start the “Settings” process, then click “Open”.
    • On the next screen, press “Next”.
    • Enter your system password, allow the installation of a third-party tool.
    • Next screen. Click “Start setup”.
    • The program is looking for the latest updates. It may take a few minutes.
    • Specify the required region and country.
    • Confirm License Agreement.
    • Agree or opt out of the Extended Survey Program (sends MFP performance data monthly to Canon).
    • The computer is checking the status of the printer. The process takes up to five minutes.
    • Select wireless connection.
    • Select the connected printer from the list of devices.
    • The user manual will be displayed on the screen with detailed instructions for setting up Canon. Prepare the printer for connection. Check the correct display of indicators and buttons.
    • A separate message will ask for access to passwords. Click “Allow”.
    • The latest drivers are installed on MAC OS.
    • The Add Printer button appears on the screen. Click “Add”.
    • The found printer will appear in the Add window.
    • “Bonjour” device appears first, then “Canon IJ Network”.
    • Choose the second option, the printer is configured.
    • Is MG3640 installing for the first time? The software prompts you to customize the printheads. Agree.
    • Press “Start” to start a test print version. In a separate window, set the number of copies, page size.
    • Complete Canon MG3640 Installation.

    Connecting without using WPS

    In rare cases, the router does not support the security protocol. Then you need to immediately launch the software to download and install the necessary drivers, and do the following to connect Canon via Wi-Fi:

    • Insert the CD that comes with Pixma MG3640, or open the installation file from the manufacturer’s official website.
    • Such a window will appear on the screen. We do not press anything. We wait.
    • In the next window, click on the “Printer Settings”.
    • The application checks for the latest updates. Looking forward to.
    • The software should detect the country automatically. If not, select the region manually.
    • We accept the terms of the license agreement.
    • We agree with the next window. Application asks for permission to send additional information about device operation to Canon.
    • Click further until the connection method selection window appears.
    • The computer will search the Canon MG3640 on the network to connect via Wi-Fi. The process can take up to five minutes. Be patient.
    • If this is the first time the printer is connected, the computer’s network connection will be disconnected for a short time.
    • The user manual will be displayed on the screen with detailed instructions for setting up Canon. Prepare the printer for connection. Check the correct display of indicators and buttons.
    • During setup, a message may appear on the screen: “The setup wants to access your passwords.” Click “Allow”.
    • Software, drivers and tools are being installed. We wait.
    • The Add Printer button appears on the screen. Click “Add”.
    • The found printer will appear in the Add window.
    • “Bonjour” device appears first, then “Canon IJ Network”.
    • Choose the second option, the printer is configured.
    • If Canon is being installed for the first time, the software will prompt you to adjust the printheads. Agree.
    • Start to run test print.
    • Complete installation.
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    Attention! During the final settings, the printer offers to install additional programs that allow you to adjust images, edit the number and volume of documents. You should refuse to install these utilities. They only burden the system by offering the tools that are in the Microsoft Office suite.

    Pixma MG3640 is set up and ready to go. Also, the equipment can be connected to the computer directly, without resorting to the “mediation” of the router.

    Connecting directly to a PC

    For a visual aid for connecting a printer without a router, see the following

    The router is not working, but the printer is needed? We follow these instructions:

    • Hold down the “Wi-Fi” button until the power indicator starts blinking.
    • Then press the “Color” button, then. the “Wi-Fi” button. The indicator next to her began to blink.
    • Run the previously downloaded driver from the official website.
    • Disconnect from a wireless network if connected to a PC.
    • In the “Select a method of connecting to a wireless network” select “Direct connection”.
    • The printer is connected to the PC, all sensors stop blinking.
    • Canon will be displayed as a separate Wi-Fi network in the “Current Connections” section of the computer.

    Advantage: Canon Pixma MG3640 is independent of router signal quality. Disadvantage: PC does not have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which can interfere with comfortable work.

    How to connect Canon Pixma MG3600 printer via Wi-Fi?

    Connecting your printer via Wi-Fi is a convenient feature that frees your work area from wires. But manufacturers still cannot provide a simple and understandable way to connect equipment to a PC. In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly connect your Canon MG3640 over Wi-Fi. Here are some convenient ways.

    Reference! The Canon Pixma MG3640 is an inkjet multifunctional printer, scanner and copier. Average Highlights:

    • Printing. color;
    • The maximum image size is A4;
    • Ability to print text and images from both sides;
    • B / W printing speed. 9 A4 pages per minute;
    • Color printing speed. 5 A4 pages per minute;
    • Main input tray 100 sheets.

    Factory reset

    If the printer needs to be connected to a different computer, or connected through a new router, you must reset the network settings back to factory defaults. Do the following:

    • Hold the red Resume button until the light blinks 21 times.
    • Release the button.

    The network settings have been reset to factory settings. With these settings, printing and copying documents via a computer will be unavailable.

    If someone is interested, you can see the review of the MFP, which is discussed in our article:

    To connect your printer to your computer, you must follow the guide provided. If none of the methods works, you should make sure that the router is turned on and the computer is picking up the Wi-Fi signal. If you have any questions, write to us. in the comments or in the online chat. We are always happy to help our readers and subscribers! Thanks for attention!

    How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop

    Connecting your Canon printer to a computer or to a note book a few years ago was considered not very easy. In the former, we had to create a special port and connect to it, make sure that we have all the necessary drivers, and we configured everything correctly, and then sit and wait for our operating system to allow us to print.

    Now, fortunately, this whole procedure has become much easier and clearer. If we are going to connect our printer directly to the PC, or we want to create a new network connection to the printer, then with the development of modern technology, everything can be done much faster and easier.
    First of all, you need the printer to fit near the computer. It is very important that your printer is located so that the cable can freely reach the port.
    Before starting the procedure for connecting the printer to a PC, you need to install the necessary software that came with the printer. This will make it much easier to connect.

    How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop
    If the software isn’t there, don’t worry. Windows is able to automatically detect the printer connected to the computer
    Before connecting the printer to the computer, install the software supplied with the printer (to facilitate the connection process).
    If the software isn’t there, don’t worry. Windows is able to automatically detect the printer connected to the computer
    Follow the Windows instructions to set up your printer. Windows will automatically detect the new printer and install the required software.
    Check if the printer is installed correctly.
    Open Control Panel.
    Select “Devices and Printers.
    Find the connected printer in the list.

    Place the printer near the computer. Make sure the printer is located at such a distance from the computer that the cable can easily reach the port.
    Before connecting the printer to the computer, install the software supplied with the printer (to facilitate the connection process).
    If the software isn’t there, don’t worry. Mac OS is able to automatically detect the printer connected to the computer.
    Connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable. Connect directly to a USB port, not to a USB hub (hub).
    Make sure the printer is plugged into an electrical outlet and turned on.

    Follow the Mac OS instructions to set up your printer. Mac OS will automatically detect the new printer and install the required software.
    Check if the printer is installed correctly.
    Open the Apple menu.
    Select “Printers & Scanners.
    Find the connected printer in the list.

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    If you do not know how to connect a laptop to a Canon printer, download the latest drivers for your printer model from the manufacturer’s website. this will solve the problem with installing the printer.
    To install a printer that can be accessed by any computer on the network, go to the first subsection.
    To provide network access to a printer connected to a Windows computer, go to the second subsection.
    To provide network access to a printer connected to a Mac OS computer, go to the third subsection.
    Check your printer for possible network connections. Many newer wireless printers have Ethernet ports. If your printer is not one of them, you need to either connect it to your computer and share it on the network, or connect it to the print server (a small device through which you connect to the network and to which you need to connect the USB printer cable).

    Place the computer where it can receive a wireless signal. The printer must be able to receive and send signals to the wireless router.
    If you are connecting your printer via Ethernet, you need to connect it to your router. This means positioning the printer so that it can be easily connected to the router. Turn on the printer. Follow the instructions on the screen to connect the printer to the network.

    For more information on network settings, read the instructions that came with your printer. If you do not have instructions, find them on the website of the printer manufacturer.
    Some printers need to be connected directly to the computer in order to connect to a wireless network; other printers allow you to set up a wireless network connection directly on the printer itself.
    If your printer supports a wireless network, find the network through the interface menu. Then enter the password to gain access to the wireless network.

    Without disc

    If for some reason there is no driver disk, you can go the other way. You need to go to the Internet and find drivers suitable for a specific model of the device. Usually they are posted on the manufacturer’s website. Then the files should be downloaded and installed according to the attached instructions. By the way, this method can be used even if the laptop does not have a floppy drive (such models are not uncommon today).

    Another option for finding and installing drivers is to use System Update. In this case, you need:

    • in the “Control Panel” find “Device Manager”;
    • open the “Printers” section;
    • find the name of a specific model in the list;
    • right-click on the found device name and select “Update drivers”;
    • press “Automatic search”;
    • follow all instructions that appear on the screen.

    Installing Drivers

    Via USB

    First, connect the device to a power source. You also need to make a connection with a laptop. The kit usually includes 2 cables to enable this. After using the USB port, you can turn on the equipment by pressing the button on the external panel. Usually Windows will immediately recognize the arrival of new hardware. The required software is installed automatically.

    If this does not happen, you should act manually.

    • in the “Start” menu, find the “Settings” item;
    • click “Devices”;
    • select “Printers and Scanners”;
    • click “Add printer or scanner”;
    • after completing the search, select the appropriate option from the list.

    If the laptop does not find the device, click Update. Another option is to click on the button indicating that the device is not in the proposed list. Then follow the instructions that appear on the monitor.

    • find “Devices and Printers” in the “Start” menu;
    • select “Add printer”;
    • click “Add a local printer”;
    • in the window that appears prompting you to select a port, click “Use existing and recommended”.

    With disc

    For the device to work correctly, certain drivers must be installed. As a rule, a disc with them is attached to the equipment upon purchase. In this case, you just need to insert it into the laptop’s disk drive. It should start automatically.

    If this does not happen, you can switch to manual control of the process. To do this, go to the “My Computer” section. There you need to double-click on the name of the disk.

    Installation is performed using the Install files. exe, Setup. exe, Autorun. exe.

    The interface can be anything, but the principle is the same in all cases. You just need to follow the instructions of the system, and the installation will be successful. The user is asked to agree to the terms of use of drivers, to choose a method of connecting the device. You also need to specify the path to the folder where the files will be installed.

    Via Wi-Fi

    Most modern printing machines allow wireless connection to a laptop. All you need is a Wi-Fi network and internet access. The main thing is to make sure whether the equipment has such a function (this will be indicated by the presence of a button with a corresponding symbol). On many models, when connected correctly, it will light up blue. The aLGorithm of actions for adding a printing device to the system may be different depending on the type of OS.

    • in the “Start” menu open “Options”;
    • in the section “Devices” find “Printers and scanners”;
    • click “Add”;
    • if the laptop does not see the printer, select “The required printer is not in the list” and go to manual configuration mode.
    • In the “Start” menu, open “Devices and Printers”;
    • select “Add printer”;
    • click “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”;
    • select a specific model of equipment in the list;
    • click “Next”;
    • confirm the installation of drivers;
    • follow the instructions of the installation wizard until the end of the process.


    To print any document, you need to set up the technique. The process is quite simple. the user must:

    • in the “Control Panel” find the section “Devices and Printers”;
    • find your model in the list that appears and right-click on its name;
    • select the item “Print settings”;
    • set the required parameters (size of sheets, their orientation, number of copies, etc.);
    • click “Apply”.

    How to connect a Canon printer to a laptop?

    A printer is a device you need to work in any office. At home, such equipment is also useful. However, in order to print any documents without problems, you should correctly set up the technique. Let’s figure out how to connect a Canon printer to a laptop.

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