How to connect epson l355 printer to WI-FI

Epson L355. how to connect via Wi-Fi to a laptop

A couple of years ago, only expensive equipment could work wirelessly. Now the situation has changed dramatically. Modern devices, regardless of their price, have a built-in Wi-Fi module. This also applies to printers. Many of the latest models are capable of working wirelessly using Wi-Fi. One of these printers for printing is the Epson L355. Using this model and several others as an example, it will be shown how to connect a device from Epson to a computer or laptop via Wi-Fi.

Epson l386

Connecting via Wi-Fi Epson l386 is not difficult. The device does not have an LCD display, so the entire procedure for connecting to a computer or laptop is carried out using the display.

Setting procedure in button mode:

  • Connect Wi-Fi.
  • Disconnect USB LAN cable if connected to network.
  • Press the “WPS” button on the access point.
  • Press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer for more than 3 seconds. The network status indicators will flash alternately.
  • If the connection is successful, the 2 network status indicator will flash simultaneously. orange and green.

Example of correct connection

If you have not connected to a local Wi-Fi network, only one button of the network indicator will blink. To reset the network state, press the Wi-Fi button, and then repeat the setup procedure again.

Note! The lights on the printer will flash alternately until the LAN cable is disconnected. Do not press the “WPS” key until 2 sensors are completely extinguished.

Epson l3060

It is convenient to use Wi-Fi Direct (Simple Access Point) to connect this printer model. This method allows you to connect the device to computers and laptops without interacting with a router. In this case, the Epson printer itself acts as a point.

Important! The printing device connects to the same Wi-Fi network as the device.

  • While holding down the Wi-Fi button on the printer, press the paper-like icon at the same time until the network status lights alternately flash.
  • Once the connection is established, one of the indicators will light up orange.
  • Load paper into the tray.
  • Hold down the button with the sheet and the letter “i” for more than 10 seconds. The printer will print a Network Status Sheet. It will display the password from Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Next, you need to go to your computer or laptop.
  • On the Wi-Fi connection screen, select the SSID displayed on the network status sheet.
  • Enter the password from the printed sheet in the Wi-Fi section.

Epson l4150

This modern printer model is equipped with a small LCD screen with which you can perform many operations. Including connection to the device via Wi-Fi.

To manually configure the wireless network from the control panel, you must:

  • Make sure the access point is turned on and communication is possible.
  • Enter the “Setup” section on the printer’s LCD screen.
  • Select “Network Settings” or “Network Settings”.
  • Click on “Wireless LAN Setup”.
  • Then confirm the action by clicking “Yes”.
  • Select the “Enable” section.
  • Click on the section “Manual Wireless LAN Setup”.
  • Validate action.
  • Click on “Search SSID” and connect to Wi-Fi. To do this, you must select the name of the local network.
  • Choose from 2 safety standards.
  • Enter the WEP key, that is, the Wi-Fi password.
  • Click “Ok”.

Epson l3150 and Epson l3151

These 2 inexpensive models are identical and are intended for home use. The printers are very lightweight compared to other Epson devices. They weigh 3.9 kg.

Epson l3151 should be connected to Wi-Fi in the same way as Epson 1350. Printer model data is best set using a PIN code:

  • On the Wi-Fi router, enable the “WPS” button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).
  • Load paper into the device tray.
  • Hold down the button on the printer that resembles a piece of paper with the letter “i” for at least 7 seconds.
  • The network status sheet is printed.
  • Press the “Wi-Fi” and “Circle with a triangle inside” button simultaneously until the network connection indicators start blinking alternately.
  • On a computer or laptop, enter the pin code that was indicated on the network status sheet.
  • Wait until the network indicator on the printer turns green.

Note! If you hold down the network status button for less than 7 seconds, a network connection report will be printed. This report will be missing PIN information.

Epson l355

For those who are interested in how to connect Epson l355 via Wi-Fi, there is a whole instruction:

  • The printer comes with a special installation CD that you need to insert into the disc tray of your computer or laptop. The total disk will be 2. You need to select the one that is suitable for the PC operating system. Mac will have macOS, other devices will have Windows.
  • There will be an InstallNavi.exe file in the root folder of the disk. It should be run.
  • Then you just need to follow the instructions of the installation wizard.
  • When finished, enter the “WPS” pin code using the router settings application on the computer.
  • Press the “Wi-Fi” button on the printer and hold it for 3 seconds.
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Installing drivers for Epson

When the printer is successfully connected to the local network, you need to proceed to installing the software on the device from which you will print. If it is a laptop or a computer, then everything is easy. It is enough to use the disc that comes with the device.

Note! If there is no driver disk, you can download it from the official website of Epson.

During the installation of the application, in the “Printer Connection” section, select “Wi-Fi Connection” to add a device.

Epson Driver Disc

for Windows

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    SecureEasySetup Function (SES)

    • Turn on your router and wait for it to start working.
    • Disconnect the USB cables or network patch cord from the printer. Pay attention to the network status lights on the printer. Orange should be on permanently, or both lamps (there is still a green one) should go out. Only then can you continue to connect.
    • Find on the router, press and hold the SES button. Its location can also be indicated in the instructions for the equipment. Release only when it starts flashing.
    • Now press the Wi-Fi button on the printer body. Both network indicators will start flashing in different colors alternately. It is usually green and orange.
    • After successful connection, the bulbs will start working at the same time. Wait until the green indicator turns on. This can take up to five minutes.
    • If only green started flashing, it means that the connection has not been completed. Press the “Wi-Fi” button again and repeat the procedure.

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      How to continue setting up Epson L355 WI-FI?

      When performing Epson L355 WI-FI Setu p the first thing you need to check and install on your system. these are the printer and scanner drivers. This will help your system detect the Epson L355 printer and other related components. After that, you can proceed to the configuration process, which is described below. But before starting it, make sure that the access point is turned on and all communication channels are available.

    • First turn on the printer and click the Setup icon. You will receive this icon on the control panel of your Epson L335 printer.
    • Now in the “Settings” window select “Network Settings” and click “OK”.
    • In the “Network Settings” window, you need to find and select the “Wireless Network Settings” option, and then click the “OK” button.
    • In the wireless setup window you will get the advanced setup option, select it and click OK.
    • New Windows will appear on the printer screen. Here you need to select “Manual Setup / Manual Wireless LAN” and then press the OK button.
    • Instantly, a connection request appears on the screen. Now, to connect to your network via a wireless router, select infrastructure mode.
    • After that, you have to click on the “Search for SSID” option. Now, if this option does not appear on the printer LCD screen, check if the access point is available to connect.
    • Now you need to choose the name of your network / WI-FI and choose the appropriate security option for it. After that click OK.
    • Once you do this, a settings confirmation window will appear on the screen of your printer. Click OK to connect to the network. However, if you are using any security blocker on your Wi-Fi network / router, you need to enter the security code in order to establish a stable connection.
    • Now you just need to give instructions on printing or scanning to make sure you followed the Epson L355 WI-FI setup process correctly.

      Epson Navi

      • Find the printer software disc. It should be somewhere in the tech box. But also the installation program can be downloaded from the company’s website at the link or our database with a convenient search by device model.
      • Download “Epson Install Navi” on your PC and run it as administrator.
      • First, the utility itself will determine the device model and download the drivers for it.
      • Your intervention is required already at the step of choosing the type of installation.
      • Click on the option with Wi-Fi.
      • If the devices have already been “paired” before, then this step will be skipped. If not, then proceed according to the proposed scheme.
      • At the last stage, you can specify the “IP” address of the printer manually, instead of automatically receiving.
      • Name, port and IP address information can be useful when connecting other PCs or laptops to the printer.

      Automatic driver installation for USB device

      If you are using one of the operating systems of the Windows 7, 8 or 10 family, then the driver can be installed automatically from the OS database. To do this, make the first connection via a USB cable. After turning on the printer and computer, wait until the device is recognized and installed. You can watch the process in the notifications in the lower right corner. Everything will take from 5 to 20 minutes. After the USB cable can be disconnected.

      Epson L355 Wi-Fi Setup

      If we look back in time, there were so many tasks that took a lot of time and effort. Today technology has changed this situation and now you can do the same job in just a few minutes. For example, if we take printers, then imagine that you had to manually copy a document every time you want a copy. The printer has given us freedom from this monotonous job. If you look for brands in the market, you will notice many options, but one who has never failed in presenting a wide variety and at the same time availability. this is Epson. Through innovation, they have now come up with printers that can be used from anywhere in the home as they work with Wi-Fi, such as the Epson L355 WI-FI setup.


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      Epson L355 WI-FI setup: simple and efficient process

      Epson L355. an excellent printer that has all the characteristics of a good and functional printer. However, most users get confused or run into errors when connecting their Epson L355 printer via a wireless network. This problem usually occurs when the user does not understand an important step or ignores any configuration warnings. Now if you are one of those users trying to find a suitable Epson L355 WI-FI Setup manual. follow this article, we also covered all the precautions here. Read this article for details.

      Instructions on how to connect an Epson printer

      Modern printing devices are created within the framework of the “plug and play” concept, so their initial installation takes a minimum of time, does not require special knowledge, and will not lead you to a dead end. The easiest way to plan your steps is to take the instruction manual that came with the package and follow the recommendations.

      What if you don’t know how to connect the printer to your laptop? First of all, users’ problems arise when it is necessary to turn on the printing device wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Confusion manifests itself as a result of a misunderstanding of where to configure the device and in which interface to include. The instructions included in the kit will help to deal with your model. Otherwise, you can use our description and manufacturer’s recommendation on his website.

      Installation and preparation for connection

      Before you take your Epson L355 and figure out how to connect it via Wi-Fi, you should prepare the printer itself according to the setup instructions that came with the device. In short, before turning on, you need to fill the continuous ink supply system on the right side. There will be four small squares in which you need to pour paint from the corresponding bottle. They are usually sold specifically for a specific line of printers.

      Then we plug the printer into a power outlet and turn it on using the button on the left side of the control box. The printer will start its diagnostics and report its end by flashing the light. Usually the process does not take more than 1-2 minutes.

      Immediately, we note that the Epson L366, L355, L805 models do not differ in functionality, so the instructions for setting them are similar. The updated models L3050, L3060, released at the end of 2017, also differ little from their predecessor L355, except that they became narrower. The setting of these models is also similar with connecting the Epson L355 printer model.

      On Epson L366 or any other similar model, Wi-Fi setup can happen in two ways: using the SSID or not. For the first method to work, your device is equipped with a small LCD screen through which all operations will be carried out.

      For video lovers. instruction “How to connect Epson printers to a wireless network?”:

      Connecting Epson L366, L355 and other models to Windows 10

      Now Epson in all operating systems is carried out according to a similar aLGorithm, this is described for previous versions. The only difference is the conceptually different interface of version 10, as well as the connection wizard does almost everything on its own, removing the need for the user to set parameters.

      This has its pros and cons, however, when installing yourself, especially a network printer, you have the opportunity to set unique security settings. Note that Windows 10 is positioned as a highly secure system. You have the opportunity to try it out in practice.

      Educational How to use Epson printer settings best

      Epson connection to Windows 7, 8: wireless and normal

      The installation of a printing device in Windows 7, 8 can be done in two ways via a wired connection, usually USB, and using Wi-Fi, if the model supports a wireless connection.

      When turning on via USB, it is enough to insert the cable into the ports of the laptop and the printing device and run the installation disc that is included in the kit. This firmware-type software product completely configures the parameters without user intervention. If the program encounters conflicting settings, the installation will display a warning message.

      If you do not have a disk, you will need drivers for the PU. When turned on, they can be loaded automatically with the conditions that there is a Windows boot disk or an Internet connection. The system will configure the connection itself. Otherwise, you will have to find the driver (on the Internet or a service center) and directly indicate the path where it is located.

      You can perform these operations without an installation disc. Use one or the other.

    • Insert the cable into the USB connector, when connecting to the Internet, the system will automatically configure the connection;
    • An icon for connecting a new USB device will appear in the lower right corner in the panel, where explanations about the connection will be given, for example: initializing a new device, searching for drivers, setting up a connection;
    • If you get a message about the successful connection of the control panel, try printing a test page;
    • If there are difficulties, check the print queue or restart the PU connection service to initialize.
    • Go to the Control Panel, the menu is on the right in the drop-down window when you click the button with the Microsoft logo in the left corner of the screen;
    • In the Configure Computer Settings window, go to the Hardware and Sound window, then to View devices and printers. The connected CPs will be listed here, if they are not expected, for these cases a virtual printing device is used, which allows you to make, for example, pdf files;
    • Click on the right mouse button and go to the “Add Printer” menu;
    • The system will offer to choose from two options: a local PU and a network one, including one connected wirelessly (WI-FI, bluetooth). Make a choice and follow the prompts of the system;
    • When choosing a local connection, you need to select the type of port: usually LTP1 is used in older models or USB in newer ones. Then the system will prompt you to specify the location of the drivers. If not, click the “Windows Update” button to automatically download from the Internet, can also be found in the catalog for your model. If there are drivers, the device will be easily connected (look at the photo);
    • When choosing a network connection, including one that works over Wi-Fi. To add, you need to set the network parameters so that your laptop “sees” it on the network. If autodetection is done correctly, then you need to connect the drivers, as in the case of the local device. PU will be successfully added, which can be checked by printing any test page (see the sequence in the screenshots).
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    Establishing a Wi-Fi connection

    A wireless LAN connection is established using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) technology. It allows you to add a new network device in one of two ways:

    • By pressing buttons on the printer and router;
    • By entering the PIN-code in the administrative panel of the router.

    In the first case, just press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button on the front of the Epson MFP for three seconds. When the first two LEDs start to turn on alternately, press “WPS” on your router. If the connection is successfully established, the indicator mode will change. They will turn on and off at the same time.

    If your router does not have a WPS button, use the second method to connect to the network. Check the PIN on the bottom of your Epson printer. The required code consists of eight digits, separated by a hyphen into two blocks of four characters. You can find it in the last line of information on the sticker, under the serial number and MAC address of the Epson MFP.

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    Wireless connection. a new interface with its own characteristics

    The latest trends in OS updates are related to the fact that the operating system itself updates drivers via the Internet, recognizing the connected device. But this applies to more models connected by cable, if there is no corresponding software interface. The system detects and connects them practically without user participation. In our article, we will figure out how to connect an Epson printer to a computer, taking into account the new capabilities, in particular, via WI-FI. Such a model could be, for example, the L355. The brand also released an automatic wireless network installation system.

    Establishing a Wi-Fi connection

    A wireless LAN connection is established using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) technology. It allows you to add a new network device in one of two ways:

    • By pressing buttons on the printer and router;
    • By entering the PIN-code in the administrative panel of the router.

    In the first case, just press and hold the “Wi-Fi” button on the front of the Epson MFP for three seconds. When the first two LEDs start to turn on alternately, press “WPS” on your router. If the connection is successfully established, the indicator mode will change. They will turn on and off at the same time.

    If your router does not have a WPS button, use the second method to connect to the network. Check the PIN on the bottom of your Epson printer. The required code consists of eight digits, separated by a hyphen into two blocks of four characters. You can find it in the last line of information on the sticker, under the serial number and MAC address of the Epson MFP.

    Open the web interface of the router in any browser. Standard login information can be found on the sticker at the bottom of the device. To go to the administrative panel, enter the specified IP in the address bar. In the authorization window, enter the username and password for the router. Go to the “WPS” section and click on the link to add a new device. Enter the PIN-code specified in the previous step.

    Note! In some models of routers, this menu may be called “QSS”. It is also possible to use the full name: Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

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