How to connect headphones to your Samsung Smart TV

Connecting wireless headphones to an Android TV

The Android operating system is mainly used by Philips and Sony TVs. These manufacturers did not make any restrictions on connecting Bluetooth devices. Therefore, the sync instruction will be identical. There is nothing complicated about it. The main thing is to set the appropriate parameters in the menu.

Connecting wireless headphones begins with the fact that the user enters the main Android TV menu, and then selects the “Wired and wireless networks” section at the bottom. Activate Bluetooth wireless technology, and then select Search for Bluetooth device. A notification will appear on the TV screen that it is necessary to activate this wireless technology on the device. Important! Headphones must be within 5 meters of TV.

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Turn on the headphones, and then click on the “Search” button. Connection mode is automatically activated. This will be indicated by a flickering blue indicator. What if it doesn’t blink? Press and hold the power button or the key on which the corresponding icon is drawn.

A list of devices available for connection appears on the TV screen. Select the name of your headphones, and then click on the “Connect” button. The device is connected, but now you need to set its type. Select “Headphones”. A new notification will appear “Connected to Headphone Model Name”.

Now the sound from the TV is played through the headphones. Sound parameters are controlled through the TV settings. Go to the section “Removing a device”. Here you will find the necessary commands to turn off the wireless headset and operate the TV in standard mode.

Now you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Sony, Philips TVs, as well as devices from other companies running on Android TV. Synchronization setup process takes no more than 2-3 minutes. Practice shows that users do not have any difficulties. It is enough to adhere to the instructions.

What you need to connect

Wireless headphones for TV are connected via Bluetooth. Therefore, to set up synchronization, it is enough to set the appropriate parameters in the TV settings. No additional devices are required. It is much more difficult to pair headphones with a TV if it does not support Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. In this case, the list of required equipment will look like this:

  • TV;
  • Bluetooth transmitter;
  • wireless headphones.

The specifics of connecting television headphones directly depends on the device of which company you are using. For example, LG TVs have a dedicated sync app. The customization features are also determined by the Smart TV operating system. We will carefully analyze how headphones are connected to TVs from various companies so that users do not have absolutely any problems.

Connecting bluetooth headphones with Samsung Smart Tv without any adapters; secret menu; EXCLUSIVE!

Connecting Wireless Headphones to LG TVs

LG TVs operate on the webOS operating system. Therefore, the process of connecting headphones via Bluetooth will be significantly different. The synchronization process is quite complex. Especially if we draw parallels with TV from other manufacturers. There is very little information on this topic on the Internet.

To begin with, you can only connect an LG headset. This means that TVs from this South Korean brand only work with branded devices. Take your remote and then go to settings. Select “Sound” and then “LG Sound Sync (Wireless)”.

Please note that even if the TV supports Bluetooth technology, then it is primarily aimed at connecting the Magic Remote, as well as other branded devices. It is possible that you will need a Bluetooth headphone adapter.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Samsung TV

There is also an alternative connection scheme for the headset:

  • Open the Bluetooth settings menu.
  • Select “Bluetooth headset”.
  • Click “OK”.
  • Hold down the green button to start the search.
  • Select your headphones and click “OK”.
  • Enter the PIN code, it is indicated in the instructions.

This instruction is published on the official website of LG. According to this scheme, branded devices are connected.

Some users prefer to set up their connection through the TV Plus program. You can download this utility from branded markets. Google Play and Apple Store. These apps have been specially designed to control LG TVs. They operate under the webOS operating system. Setting up a connection through a proprietary application is possible on models with webOS 3.0 and higher firmware installed.

Everything is done in an elementary way. First, download the LG TV Plus app to your smartphone or tablet. We go into the program and set up synchronization with the TV. There is a special section in the application settings. “Bluetooth Agent”. Headphones are connected through this agent.

Connecting Wireless Headphones to Samsung TVs

Samsung Smart TVs are extremely popular. This is not surprising, because the products from the South Korean brand have proven themselves from the best side. Therefore, many users prefer this particular technique. However, not everyone succeeds in connecting headphones to a Samsung TV.

Most of the difficulties in the synchronization process arise from compatibility issues. Therefore, it is desirable that the headphones are also from Samsung. However, the latest TV models from the South Korean brand support connecting devices from other manufacturers. In theory, compatibility shouldn’t be an issue.

How to make sure that the sound is reproduced not through the built-in TV speakers, but through the headphones? Much depends on the model, TV line, and Smart TV firmware. Open your TV settings. Go to the “Sound” section, and then “Speaker Settings”. Turn on Bluetooth headphones. They should be located as close to the TV as possible. The blue light will start blinking to indicate that the device is entering pairing mode. Select the “Bluetooth Headphone List” tab.

What if “Bluetooth headphone list” is grayed out and cannot be selected? In this case, you should go to the service menu, and there activate this option.

The menu interface may vary according to your TV model. However, in general, the connection algorithm is the same. A list of devices available for connection will appear on the screen. Select the model of your headphones from the list provided. The sound will be broadcast through the headset.

To connect wireless headphones to a Samsung K series TV, you need to act a little differently. Go to TV settings, and then select the “Sound” section. In the menu that appears, select the “Select Speaker” tab, and then the “Audio Bluetooth” item.

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Instructions for connecting Bluetooth headphones to the TV

Not all modern TV models are equipped with high-quality speakers. Therefore, the clarity and naturalness of the sound can leave the best. Mostly this kind of problem is solved by connecting acoustics. However, this option is not suitable for all users. Now we will look at how to connect wireless headphones to your TV to enjoy high quality and clear sound. Synchronization of these devices will provide maximum immersion in the movie, game, and also ideal for listening to your favorite music.

Connecting to other brands of TVs

Not every TV can connect headphones. Some devices do not support this wireless technology. However, the problem can be easily solved by purchasing a special transmitter. What are the criteria for choosing this device? The main parameter is the number of simultaneously connected devices.

Any transmitter is capable of connecting Bluetooth headphones to a TV. Simultaneously, two headsets can be connected to premium devices. Modern adapters are unable to connect more than two headphones.

To listen to music via Bluetooth headphones, buy the Mpow Streambot adapter. The cost of this device is 30. For one headset, high-quality sound is guaranteed. The basic configuration of the device includes a rechargeable battery. The adapter allows connection of various devices. Even without preliminary setup, you can listen to the sound that is transmitted to the wireless speakers.

To connect two headphones at once, you will have to purchase a more expensive device. For example, Avantree Priva. This device costs about 60. Miccus Mini Jack would be a good solution. These transmitters allow you to connect your headset to your TV without any hassle. So that users absolutely do not have any difficulties, we have developed a step-by-step algorithm:

  • Connect the previously purchased transmitter to the network. The specifics of the connection will depend on whether it has a separate power supply.
  • Plug the transmitter into the TV’s RCA (cinch) jack. If your model is not equipped with this interface, then you must first purchase a special adapter.
  • Mostly the transmitters start automatically, immediately after they have been connected to the network. Some models need to be activated manually by pressing a special button. If the corresponding indicator is on, it means that the device is connected.
  • Synchronization between the transmitter and the headphones is automatically established. This is because both devices operate at the same frequency.

What if the sound is still coming through the TV speakers or the headphones cannot be seen? Reset the settings. After restarting, the adapter will automatically connect to the headset.

Absolutely all users are interested in the question of how the sound is regulated, as well as in what radius do you need to be from the TV? This aspect directly depends on the adapter model. Mainly, the power source should be within a radius of 10 meters. If you go beyond this limit, then the signal quality will noticeably decrease. It is possible that synchronization will be broken.

Which headphones are suitable for Samsung TVs?

The South Korean company has tried to equip its Samsung TVs with all the latest innovative solutions. Therefore, according to many users of the latest Samsung TVs, there should be no problems with connecting headphones here. over, this applies equally to both the original headset from the company itself and to other manufacturers of headphones for TV sets.

However, if you do not have the latest version of the TV, then there may be problems with connecting third-party wireless headphones to the TV. This means that these instances are suitable for connection only with their own headset made by Samsung. As for the wired options (headset with a long wire), there are special solutions to the problem. precisely, not even solving the problem, but simplifying it, whereby connecting headphones to the TV will become easier and more convenient. We will discuss further where to find the socket for connection.

RESOLVED: How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Samsung Smart TV ? A television

The HU6900 does indeed support BT. Here is the link to the user manual. It explains how to connect BT devices

The NU6900 may or may not have BT capabilities, depending on where it is sold. Here is the link to the user manual. It explains how to connect BT devices if your specific model has one.

If BT settings are missing on TV, here is a video showing how to connect 2 BT headphones to BT adapter connected to TV’s RCA audio output jacks.

The BT transmitter dongle in the video shown below with the link to Amazon is not currently available from them, so here is the direct link to the supplier.

Other alternative BT transmitters may be available, I have not tested.

Most BT transmitters with BT Ver. 4.1 or above supports multiple connections, and you’re in luck that your headset model supports multi-point mode. which means they can connect to the same BT source at the same time. Many BT headsets do not have this, so only one headset will be able to connect to the BT source at a time

You will need to change your TV audio settings to route audio to the TV’s external RCA audio ports, away from the TV’s internal speakers.

USB to TV: Connection as Mass Storage

While screen mirroring is the most common option for connecting your phone to a TV via USB, there is another option: Instead of screen mirroring, you can also simply view files, such as pictures, on the TV.

However, this requires a compatible monitor, TV, or projector. Most modern displays should accept USB sticks.

Of the various USB to TV connection options, this is the easiest, and since it only requires a phone, a USB cable and a USB TV, it’s easy to set up. Which cable you need depends on your phone.

On iPhone or iPad, use a Lightning cable (or 30-pin for older devices); alternatively, Android users will need a micro-USB or USB-C cable. The USB cable that came with your phone or tablet should work fine.

How to connect Android phones and tablets to TV using USB

You have two options for connecting Android phones and tablets to your TV:

  • USB-C cable with DisplayPort support
  • USB cable with MHL
  • USB cable with Slimport

Connecting phones, tablets and TVs via USB: success!

Although the USB connection to your TV varies by device, connection type and display inputs, it is fortunately easy to set up, but keep in mind that wireless streaming is usually more convenient.

Whether you are using an Android, iPhone, or Samsung device with DeX, there is a way to connect your phone or tablet to your TV for big screen viewing.

To find out more, check out our essential list of screencasting methods.

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The procedure for connecting Bluetooth headphones to the TV is as follows:

Done! Headphones are connected to the Samsung TV.

How to connect headphones to your LG TV?

Pairing your headset with an LG device if it has a Bluetooth module is the same as the step-by-step guide above:

  • Go to the “Bluetooth” menu, select the “Bluetooth headset” item, click “OK”.
  • In the list of devices, you need to select the model you want to connect.
  • Enter the PIN-code (it should be indicated in the instructions, most often 0000 is indicated in the factory settings).

What if there is no Bluetooth module? Then you need your smartphone at hand. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Find the “Smart Hub” button on the remote control and press it.
  • A code will appear on the screen. It needs to be scanned using a smartphone to install a special application called “LG TV Plus”.
  • After starting the program in the list of proposed models, you need to find your TV model.
  • The TV screen will display a PIN code that activates the application: it will become identical to the remote control.
  • Find the “Bluetooth Agent” item in the application menu.
  • Put your headset in search mode.
  • Pairing and control of the device is carried out via a smartphone. you just have to choose your model of a wireless headset.
  • When you want to return to the speakers again, in the application you will need to select “Connect to TV speaker”.

How to connect headphones to a TV?

Modern TVs are equipped with powerful speakers. So, it would seem, why create pairing between TV and wireless headphones? This is supported by two reasons at once:

  • Creates the effect of complete immersion in what is happening on the screen, because you are not distracted by extraneous noise.
  • You can watch your favorite movies at any volume without disturbing the rest of the household.

The connection is as follows:

  • Wireless headphones must be put into search mode. If they are turned off, hold the power button for a few seconds (when turned on, the device will give a characteristic signal).
  • The next step is to go to the TV settings. They will contain the item “Search for Bluetooth devices” (it is located in the sound settings).
  • Open the menu of this item and find the name of your device in it.
  • The last step is pairing. Now you can watch TV through headphones.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to your TV?

Connecting headphones to a TV is a simple process and is largely identical to pairing with any other device. An appropriate Bluetooth module must be built into it. If it is not there, pairing can be done through a TV set-top box, special external adapters, game consoles.

How to connect wireless headphones to a Sony TV?

By analogy with previous brands, a Bluetooth headset can be connected to Sony devices in all the above ways. You need to have a TV model with a built-in module and follow the instructions from the first paragraph of our article. If it is not there, then the headset can be connected using an external receiver or through one of the other external devices, which we will write about below.

How to connect headphones to a Samsung TV?

Most of the models that Samsung produces are already equipped with a Bluetooth module. However, there are some nuances. Older models only connect directly to a subwoofer, mouse or keyboard. You cannot connect a Bluetooth headset via this channel. That is why a dedicated Bluetooth transmitter and digital-to-analog converter are needed. These two devices paired are responsible for pairing the headset with the TV.

other ways to connect wireless bluetooth headphones to TV

We have already described one of the main methods used to establish a connection between a TV and wireless headphones: the presence of a receiver and a converter or a Bluetooth module of your smartphone and an application. However, there are other ways:

  • Via Android TV Box, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Roku. Many modern set-top boxes are suitable for pairing between a TV and headphones.
  • Through the Playstation 4 and Xbox One game consoles. These devices support a limited number of wireless headphone models. But if you are trying to connect a supported model, you can enjoy full sound while using the console.

Headphone connection

If it is not difficult to find the connector, then many people succeed in connecting the headset itself not the first time. This is due to certain features of this process.

Correctly connecting wired headphones to your TV is not difficult. We stick the wire into the connector and that’s it. But with wireless, you often have to tinker, especially if you do it yourself at random. Then you have to wander for a long time in the vastness of the TV set menu. Therefore, it is better to use this article and understand how to properly connect any headset to Samsung TVs.

Connect any headphones to your Samsung TV

It often happens that a person comes home late from work and is tired. However, before going to bed, I want to watch TV, but how, because the whole family is asleep, and I don’t want to wake anyone up. The only correct solution in this matter would be headphones for Samsung TV: wired or wireless. A convenient solution will allow you to watch TV in complete silence for others, without disturbing anyone.

If wired headphones are limited by the length of the cable, then wireless ones function within the same room and even outside. Despite all the comfort from using such a headset, it still needs to be connected. How this is done, what difficulties may arise and how to solve them, we will consider below.

Wired headphones

As already mentioned, the process of connecting wired headphones to the TV is simple. We find the necessary connector at the back, plug in the wire. The sound went into the headphones. The only thing is inconvenient to do it regularly. Firstly, the socket may become loose and then you will have to drag the TV set for repairs, and secondly, for many users, TVs hang tightly against the wall, which does not allow getting the ill-fated connector.

In this case, a special device. a “digital converter” can help, which will have to be connected to the TV once, and all subsequent times to establish a wired connection with it directly, and not to climb behind the TV.

Or there is a second solution, which is even simpler and more convenient. using a wireless headset.

Where is the headphone jack on TVs?

Any Samsung TVs have a headphone jack. If earlier, TVs were oversized, and the headset input was located in front of the screen, now technologies are moving forward. Screens get bigger and more limitless, and all necessary connectors are located at the back.

Answer: The 3.5mm headphone jack on Samsung TVs is located at the back and is not difficult to find. A headphone icon is drawn next to it.

Which headphones are suitable for Samsung TVs?

The South Korean company has tried to equip its Samsung TVs with all the latest innovative solutions. Therefore, according to many users of the latest Samsung TVs, there should be no problems with connecting headphones here. over, this applies equally to both the original headset from the company itself and to other manufacturers of headphones for TV sets.

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However, if you do not have the latest version of the TV, then there may be problems with connecting third-party wireless headphones to the TV. This means that these instances are suitable for connection only with their own headset made by Samsung. As for the wired options (headset with a long wire), there are special solutions to the problem. precisely, not even solving the problem, but simplifying it, whereby connecting headphones to the TV will become easier and more convenient. We will discuss further where to find the socket for connection.

Wireless headphones

There are a lot of wireless headphones for TV. Different in appearance, convenience and connection method. However, the views under consideration, in a priori, should be suitable for any TV. But this is not the case with Samsung. The company deliberately made sure that customers grab the original products, rather than buying a competitor’s headset. To do this, all Samsung TVs have the ability to connect only with their own products. How to connect a headset via Bluetooth, consider below.

What to do then with the rest of the wireless headphones, because you don’t want to buy a new headset because of a new TV. There is an exit. You can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter with which you can connect any wireless headphones. These transmitters differ only in the number of connected devices, from which the price for them also differs.

How to connect to the Smart TV system?

The most modern Samsung TVs (5-6 series) have a built-in Smart TV function with an equipped Bluetooth module. Connecting headphones to TVs with Smart TV function is carried out according to the principle:

  • You need to turn on the headphones by selecting the pairing mode. How it happens is usually written in the manual for using the device. This happens by pressing a button, holding it, etc. Everywhere is different. The result will be shown by an indicator light: red or blue flashing will show you that the headphones are on.
  • Turn on the TV, enter the menu (do not be alarmed if it differs from the illustrations in the article, each model has its own panel design) and go to the “Sound” section.
  • Go to the “loudspeakers” tab, then to the “list of Bluetooth headphones”. The TV set will automatically start searching for similar devices with a specific operating protocol. A list of found devices will be displayed. If your headphones are not displayed, then you need to move them closer to the TV set and click “update”.
  • Next, you need to click in the list of your headphones and “pairing and connection”. Sometimes you need to enter an access code, it can be: “0000” or “1234”. The connection will be established soon and you can enjoy the sound through your headphones. To switch the audio signal from the headphones to the standard TV speakers, you just need to turn off the headset. When you no longer need to use an external headset, you can remove the automatic connection in the system settings. Then a notification will not pop up constantly on the TV with a proposal to transfer the sound to the headphones.

Koss UR20

A well-known brand in narrow circles of music lovers. The ear cushions fit snugly on your ears and isolate you from extraneous noise. A long stay in them will not cause painful and uncomfortable sensations.

We recommend watching a video review of the KOSS UR20 headphones:


This connector is used in all devices that are somehow related to sound. In smartphones, in iPods, in computers and laptops. etc., wherever there is the word “sound”.

To connect a headset, on the back of the TV, find the headphone icon, and under it there will be the same port. If you can’t find the headphone markings, then look for the abbreviation H / P OUT.

If you didn’t find anything similar from the above, but found the designation “AUDIO IN RGB / DVI”, then in no case connect headphones there.

Bluetooth transmitter

Even if your TV has a Bluetooth module, you are not 100% guaranteed that everything will work.

The Bluetooth transmitter was created especially for such purposes. It looks like a regular adapter that connects to the TV in any possible way.

An external connection or built-in battery is used for charging. Contact with the TV is carried out by pressing the button, literally for 3-5 seconds. The audio stream from the TV goes first to the transmitter, which is the transmitter, and then to the headphones. There are models with which you can connect 2 or even 3 pairs of headphones.

Via bluetooth module

The connection method is identical to that of connecting headphones to a telephone. The instruction is the same:

  • Turn on your headphones.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on the TV.
  • All sorts of signals will be shown on the TV display to which you can connect. select the signal from the headphones.

Connection methods

There are two ways to connect headphones to your TV:

  • By wire.
  • Wireless.

As you can understand, the first method differs from the second in the presence of wires when pairing with a TV. If your TV, for example, does not have a 3.5 mm jack, then you will need a special adapter. And in the second method, Bluetooth technology is used, with the help of which a connection is established between the TV and the headphones. Now let’s look at each of the ways.

Sennheiser HD 180

Another representative from the German company Sennheiser.

They look stylish and beautiful. A long wire is enough to comfortably watch TV (length 3m).

From the video you will learn about the characteristics of the Sennheiser HD 180 headphones and how they sound:

Sony (Sony)

  • Open the Android TV menu, and, scrolling to the bottom, select “Wired and Wireless Networks”.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your TV.
  • Start searching for devices by clicking on the item of the same name “Search for Bluetooth devices”.
  • Turn on the headphones and press the search button (the blue “light” should flash, if this does not happen, press and hold the power button).
  • The TV has detected your headphones. Select them in the menu that appears and click “Connect”.
  • A menu for selecting the type of device will appear. subwoofer, headphones, etc., select headphones.

Practical advice on how to connect wireless or cordless headphones to the TV

Television sets have long ceased to be just a “box for watching TV programs”. Every year more and more technologies appear in the TV industry. The ability to connect headphones to a TV is not a new implementation at all, but it is still in demand. This can be useful if there are many household members in your house, but you still want to watch your favorite movie in silence and on the big screen. So how do you connect headphones to your TV? There are several options.