How To Connect HP 107w Printer

Helper programs

In addition to the official resources, you can use third-party programs. They independently scan the connected equipment, then begin to search for the optimal software. The advantage is not only automatic search, but also the parallel ability to install and update any other drivers for your computer and peripherals. The user only has to choose the software that, in his opinion, needs to be installed. Our site has a list of the best applications of this class, check them out at the link below.

In particular we want to Pay attention to DriverPack Solution. one of the most popular programs for mass installation and updating of drivers. It contains the most extensive database, due to which drivers will be found even for a not-so-well-known COMPONENT. Its direct competitor is DriverMax, a SIMilar app. You may find instructions on how to work with them helpful.

Downloading the Driver for the HP LaserJet P1102 Printer

The compact HP LaserJet P1102 printer has excellent consumer demand and is often used both at home and at work. Unfortunately, the printer’s hardware will be able to independently find a common language with Windows 7 and other versions. As a result, the device will not be seen by your computer as a full-fledged printing device.

HP official website

Official Developer Site. Priority place to find the right driver. Here you can always find and download the latest version of it, fully compatible with the selected operating system, and not worrying about the safety of the downloaded files. Let’s break down this process.

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    Open the HP portal using the link above. In the upper area of ​​the site, select the “Support” tab, then “Programs and drivers”.
How To Connect HP 107w Printer

Our device is a printer, so we select the appropriate category.

You will be taken to the Printer Series Wanted page. The site will automatically detect the version of the operating system and its bitness. If necessary, you can click on “Change” and select another OS.

The current version of the printer is marked “Important”. Opposite the notification there is a button “Download”. click on it to save the installation file on your PC.

  • As soon as the download of the file is completed, run it by double clicking.
  • There are two options for installing the drivers. via USB cable and wireless. In our case, a USB connection is used. We select this parameter in the section for printers of the P1100 series (our P1102 is just included in the series of this equipment).
  • The program will sequentially display animated prompts on the operation of the printer and the initial settings. Use the rewind tool to skip this information.

    You can go directly to the installation by selecting the Matching Item on the top bar.

    Finally, the installer window will appear, mark the “Easy installation (recommended)” point and move on to the next step.

    We select the device model. in our case, this is the second line “HP LaserJet Professional P1100 Series”. Click “Next”.

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    We put a dot in front of the available connection method, connect the USB cable to the computer, then click “Next” again.

  • At the end of the installation, you will be notified by an information window.
  • The process cannot be called complicated, just like fast. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with other methods, which may be more convenient for you.

    HP Support Assistant

    The company has its own utility that works with laptops and office equipment. It is important to use it if you have more than one HP device that requires installation and driver updates. In other situations, downloading the program will, rather, be unjustified.

      Download and install Caliper Assistant. There are only 2 windows in the Installation Wizard, where you need to click on “Next”. A shortcut to the installed assistant will appear on the desktop. Run it.

    A welcome window will appear. Here you can set the parameters as you wish and proceed to the next step.

    Hints may be displayed to explain how the assistant works. I missed them, click the text button “Check for updates and messages”.

    The stages of scanning and collecting the necessary information will begin, wait. This can take a few minutes.

    Open the “Updates” section.

    A list of devices requiring a software update is displayed. Check the boxes you want and click on the “Download and Install” button.

    All Further actions will take place in automatic mode, Wait for them to complete, Close the program and you can start checking the printer.

    Finding a driver for the HP LaserJet P1102 printer

    Experienced users know that any peripheral, including printers, requires a driver. a unique program required to communicate between the operating system and the end device. Now we will look at several ways to find and install related software.

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    Equipment ID

    Each device is classified by ID number, which is assigned exclusively by the manufacturer. Knowing this code, you can also get the latest or earlier, but possibly more stable driver versions from your OS. For this, special Internet services are used that select software using an identifier. In P1102, it looks like this:

    For more information about searching for software through an identifier, see the link below.

    Windows Device Manager

    But not everyone knows that Windows can install drivers on its own by searching the Internet. It is convenient in that it does not require the use of all sorts of programs and online services, and if the search is NOT successful, you can always go to other more reliable options. The only peculiarity is that you will NOT get a proprietary utility for extended printer management, but you can safely print any pages. Installation through the built-in capability of the operating system is described in detail in our other article.

    This ends the popular and convenient driver installation methods for the HP LaserJet P1102 printer. As you can see, this is a fairly SIMple procedure that users can handle even with minimal knowledge of the PC.

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