How to connect pantum m6500 printer to laptop

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  • MS6000-series
  • for Windows 10. XP, Mac OSX 10.13. 10.7, Ubuntu 12.04. 18.04, Android 4.4.

    After starting the file, a window opens where you can select any of the offered interface languages ​​(including Russian).

    Thank you very much, the printer came with an installation disc, but I have a Netbook and I don’t have the ability to use the disc. Installed the driver from this site. Everything works.

    Hello Ekaterina. Thanks for your feedback.

    Now you know how to scan to a printer. As you can see, everything is quite simple. And if you still have questions with connecting the device, or need help with servicing or repairing printing equipment, please contact the TonFix service center. We work throughout Kiev quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee.

    How to scan from printer to computer. setting options

    If it is important for you to get the best possible quality scan, you should set special parameters before scanning. Such settings are to adjust the number of dots per inch, resolution

    The DPI function is responsible for this. For documents, high rates are usually not set, because it just doesn’t make sense. And the process itself will take longer. So:

    Such settings are to adjust the number of dots per inch, resolution. The DPI function is responsible for this. As a rule, high scores are not set for documents, because it just doesn’t make sense. And the process itself will take longer. So:

    • In order to instantly transfer the image, without the recognition function. set 100-200 dpi.
    • Sufficient parameters for recognition of a text document 300-400 dpi.
    • For a detailed picture, set 500-600 dpi.

    Infrastructure mode

    For cases where the router is compatible with WPS, the device is connected and configured by pressing a single key on the case without the participation of a computer:

    • To do this, press and hold the button for Wi-Fi connection on the MFP control panel.
    • Hold WPS on the wireless router (be sure to disconnect the network cable from the router before doing this).
    • For Wi-Fi settings of Pantum M6500W, open the Start item or Control Panel “Devices and Printers”.
    • Under the address bar, click “Add Printer” (in Windows 7. “Install”).
    • In the window that opens, select “Add network, Bluetooth or wireless”. If the list is empty, click on the inscription below, specify the type “TPC / IP device” and enter its IP address and port number to which it is connected.
    • Select “Special” and go to the section to change the parameters.
    • Enter your details and specify the “LPR” protocol.
    • Install drivers or wait for Windows to do it automatically.
    • Be sure to update the driver.
    • Name the MFP and share it if necessary.
    • If at the 5th step there is a desired device in the list, select it.
    • After installing the drivers, the printer can be selected as the default.

    How to scan a document: general instructions

    When the device is connected and configured, you can proceed with further actions. So:

    Lift the cover of the ready-to-use device (must be switched on). To get a clear image, it is worth wiping the glass if you notice dust or dirt on it. Do not scan documents that are dirty when printed.

    Put the document or photo from which you want to receive a scan, in text or image on the glass.

    Note! On some devices, such as the HP MFP, the document is text-up. 3

    Lower the printer (scanner) cover down.

    There is a general method for all versions of Windows operating systems:

    • open “Start”;
    • go to the “Control Panel”;
    • then click “Hardware, Sound” or “Devices and Printers”, and then “Printer”;

    connect, pantum, m6500, printer, laptop

    The path may be slightly different (depending on the OS itself). You have the opportunity to see the preliminary result. For this there is a button “View”.

    Scanning can be done in another way:

    Through Paint. Located in the Start menu with standard programs. To start making a scan, go to “File”. “From Scanner or Camera”. If you do not need to configure anything, you can immediately select “Scan”. In a different situation, click on “Adjust image quality” and yourself write down the items that you need when scanning

    It is important that the printer is turned on and not offline. Using additional software from the Internet, or from specialized manufacturers and various scan utilities

    The printer usually comes with a carrier (CD) with native software, for each model it is different. The use of such programs allows you to achieve better quality. Working with such software is intuitive and simple. As soon as the scanning process begins, the sensor on the device will light up. There will be a little noise during this. Click on “Import” and save the scan to the created or selected folder.

    How do I scan to a computer from a printer? You can use third-party software for this. Quite popular are:

    • ABBYY FineReader. In addition to scanning, the utility can recognize text in more than 150 languages.
    • VueScan. The software is compatible with many flatbed scanners and MFPs. You can save documents in formats such as JPEG, TIFF, and PDF. The utility has a built-in OCR system. Accordingly, you do not need to install additional software for scan recognition.

    When it comes to free software, we recommend checking out CuneiForm. The utility has good functionality, including working with tables, different print fonts and text recognition in several dozen languages

    Pantum M6500W Drivers. Most Affordable Wi-Fi MFP

    Hey! You are looking for a working driver on the Pantum M6500W?

    The MFP Pantum M6500W is a copy of the M6500 model, but with the ability to connect the device via Wi-Fi. over, this Wi-Fi works every other time. Seriously, 5 out of 10 devices could not be found on the network. Of course, someone returned the device, but these cases were isolated, basically everyone clung to the cable and forgot about what they overpaid for 800 rubles more.

    But more on that below, because you came here in search of drivers for this device. As always, I uploaded them to Yandex Disk, which will allow you to download them at high speed, without registration and other husks.

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    How to set up Wi-Fi on Pantum m6550nw

    Users are faced with the question of how to properly configure the Pantum m6500w printer via Wi-Fi. The scheme is carried out using two methods.

    Search for updates using standard Windows tools

    If the site is empty, then Device Manager will also handle the search for compatible firmware files. If you open the peripheral section and right-click on the name of a half-broken printer, a small context menu will appear. Above. the “update driver” button. Below is a change of configuration information, and “Properties”.

    TIP! You can also try to remove the device, and then update the driver again.

    The last point is the most important. Behind the “Properties” there is a sub-item “Drivers”, and there is already an update, moreover, manual and automatic.

    If, after going to updates, click on “search” on the computer.

    In a second, you will be prompted to view a list of compatible peripheral drivers. The developers will offer to choose the brand, model, and other details. In some situations, it is impossible to restore the functionality of old printers differently than through the “Device Manager”.

    Printer with navigation display

    Peripherals equipped with touchscreens or standard information screens make presetting much easier. The reason for this is the function of connecting to a Wi-Fi network, previously provided by the manufacturer, which is hidden in the “Settings” section in the “Network” section. Depending on the manufacturer, the names may change, and therefore you will have to go through the parameters thoroughly.

    After the transition, it remains to select your home wireless network and enter the password using the on-screen or standard physical keyboard located next door.

    Downloading drivers on the official website

    HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung. manufacturers often post up-to-date (and even archived) information in the “Support” section. It is also full of instructions for setting up, warranty cases and repairs. To download patches and updates, just find the search bar and enter the name of the current computer peripherals. As a result, links to archives with drivers will appear.

    Wireless network connection

    In addition to wired computer peripherals, there are MFPs, scanners and printers adapted to work without USB cables and familiar interfaces. The advantages of wireless technology are numerous. the ability to start printing from any computer or laptop (and even from smartphones and tablets), the minimum number of wires and rarely occurring problems with drivers due to a kind of technical “novelty”.

    And in how to connect a printer to a laptop, you rarely have to figure it out twice. the equipment literally automatically starts working. However, there are exceptions that are important to know about:

    Standard printer to laptop connection

    Installation of wired computer peripherals begins with unpacking and connecting: first to a power source, and then to a laptop via the USB interface (compatible cables are included with the equipment).

    After preliminary preparation, the printer or MFP remains to turn on and proceed to the following sequence of actions:

    • Open the section with “Parameters” through the “Start” menu and go to the “Devices” sub-item.
    • After switching to the left side of the interface, the “Printers and scanners” section will appear, from where the developers from Microsoft offer to connect the printer to the laptop via the “Add” button.
    • The search procedure for new equipment takes 15 to 35 seconds. The list of found and compatible peripherals will appear in the same place. If an error appears instead of the names of printers and scanners, you will have to experiment.

    There are many options. downloading drivers for old equipment, adding a TCP / IP address, searching via Bluetooth. In most cases, the developers hint at a wireless connection of the printer to the laptop, which is described below. In the meantime, it is better to find the driver disc in the kit and read the instructions issued by the manufacturer: Samsung, Epson, Canon, Brother, Pantum. regardless of the brand, subtleties are found everywhere.

    WPS protocol

    An alternative option is to connect the printer to print without an installation disk to a laptop via WPS using a home router. Before starting the procedure, both on the network equipment and on the periphery, you will have to press and hold the WPS button until a corresponding warning appears and the corresponding indicator lights up. In most cases, you will have to monitor the events on the screen of the MFP or directly on the printer.

    Setting up the printer via a router

    Then it remains to go to the settings of the network equipment at the address: or and open the diagram of the currently connected devices. The corresponding option is not available everywhere. some routers are not even equipped with USB. But where such an opportunity is provided, a corresponding menu item will appear, and at the same time. also a chance to organize a “Print Server”.

    How to connect a printer to a laptop: for all major models

    A printer is a multifunctional peripheral device designed to display graphic or text information on physical media. paper and film. Printers (laser, dot matrix, inkjet) are often found in enterprises and offices, in schools and universities, and are widely used at home. for printing documents, preparing reports and family albums from printed photographs. And it’s not difficult to deal with the peripherals, but sometimes problems arise. for example, when you have to connect a printer to a laptop.

    Connecting to a router using WPS

    If the printer supports this technology, then this method is one of the easiest. Support should be indicated in the specifications of the device on the manufacturer’s official website or in the instructions that come with the printer. You can also inspect the device itself externally for the presence of the corresponding key.

    Now you need to check if the router supports this technology. This can be done in two ways:

    • There should be an information sticker on the underside of the case. If there is an inscription WPS, it means that such a function is present. The pin code that is needed to connect the devices is also indicated next to it.
    • If there is no sticker on the router’s case at all, or if there is no such line on it, this does not mean anything. You can find out about WPS support in the web-based settings panel of the router. There should be a corresponding item. This is how it looks on the example of a router from the manufacturer D-Link.

    If this item is missing, then the router does not support this technology.
    The instructions for connecting via WPS are as follows:

    • Open the printer menu and go to the wireless connections (WLAN) tab.
    • We select WPS as the connection method (usually it is already selected as the preferred one).
    • After that, we proceed to the direct connection. Press the WPS button on the router. The corresponding light should flicker.
    • On the printing device itself, click on the “OK” button. That’s it, the printer is connected and ready to work.

    WPS technology is not secure, because with such a connection, an attacker has a much higher chance of connecting to your device than in the case of a normal connection through a set of network security keys. So in some cases it is better to connect to the printer that way. Detailed sequence of actions:

    • Open the menu with a list of WI-FI networks on the printer (the instructions are relevant for devices that have a display).
    • We click on the desired Wi-Fi network and enter the authorization data using the virtual keyboard.
    • We confirm.

    If the specified data is correct, the connection will occur without problems.

    Connecting to a router using Ethernet

    You can connect the MFP and router directly via a LAN cable, leaving a free USB port on the printing device. The connection is carried out as follows:

    • Insert one end of the twisted pair cable into the computer and the other into the corresponding connector on the back of the printer.
    • On the printer, click on the PrintScreen button.
    • On the laptop, open the “Devices and Printers” window through the “Start” menu. We connect a new printing device, select the local type.
    • Now you need to create a new port. Standart TCP.
    • Enter the ip-address of the printing device (it is displayed when the PrintScreen button is pressed).
    • We save the parameters. When doing this, you need to make sure that TPR and the byte counting option are enabled.
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    Installing Drivers

    Before connecting and using the machine, you need to install the drivers supplied on the disc bundled with the machine. Better yet, go to the official website and download the latest software from there. In no case try to download drivers from third-party sites. there may be viruses.
    Using the Epson model as an example, let’s look at how to install drivers and connect to a wireless network on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and even on XP:

    • First, go to the official website of the company. We register a specific model for which you need to download and install software (for example, Epson 1366, L4160, L3050, L366, etc.).
    • Select the “Settings” line and click on the “Load” button. After these steps, the official Epson Install Navi utility will be loaded, with which you can easily configure Epson equipment. After downloading, run the program.
    • When you open it for the first time, the utility will automatically load the necessary software for the selected printing device model, after which it will be necessary to configure the connection to the device.

    Let us consider below in more detail the methods of how to connect a printer to a laptop via WI-FI.

    How to find out if the printer supports WI-FI?

    Support or lack of support for WI-FI is indicated in the specifications of the printing device. But, even if the model does not support working with a wireless network, there are other ways to connect:

    • Router with Print Server option. Such devices usually have a USB connector to which the device can be connected. Once connected, you can use the printing device from any device connected to this access point.
    • Connect the printer to another computer, which in turn is connected to the router. Thus, the printing device will also be connected to the access point, and through it it will be possible to print documents directly from the laptop connected to the home network.
    • Another option is to supply additional equipment. For example, an open access server that is connected to a printing press via a cable.
      Most modern models, however, support work with wireless networks without the need to connect additional equipment.

    Even the most budgetary models. For example, devices from the following manufacturers:

    • Brother
    • Samsung
    • Xerox
    • HP
    • Epson
    • Canon
    • Pantum.

    How to connect a Canon printer via WI-FI to a laptop? Almost in the same way as printers from other brands that have WI-FI support. directly or through a router. There are also other ways.

    USB connection

    The easiest way is to connect the printer to a WI-FI router via a USB connector. Most modern printers connect in this way without problems, but for some you have to download and install special software. Let’s consider what to do in this case, using the example of routers from popular manufacturers Asus and TP-Link.
    For Asus routers there is an official utility for pairing with printers. Printer Setup Utility. It is supported by devices from manufacturers such as HP, Canon, Epson. Step-by-step instruction:

    • We connect the printer and the router using a USB cable.
    • We connect to the router (via a LAN cable or over the air, it doesn’t matter).
    • Head over to the Asus web page and download the Printer Setup Utility app. Install and open. The program window looks like this:
    • To find the printer, click on “Next”.
    • The print device should be found immediately.

    Sometimes the error “Unable to find a wireless router with a connected printer” may appear.

    Most often, it is corrected by an elementary reboot of the printer, router or computer. It is also recommended to double-check if these devices are properly connected to each other.
    With TP-Link routers, you need to do the following:

    • We connect devices to each other in the same way as in the case of Asus.
    • Open the official TP-Link web page and download the TP-Link USB Printer Controller utility, specially designed for pairing a printer with a WI-FI device.
    • Run the installation program.
    • Click on “Next”. To launch the utility after the installation is complete, check the box “Launch USB Printer Controller”. A shortcut will also appear on the desktop
    • The program window looks like this:
      The printer name should appear in the list.
    • Now, when printing from a computer, the print device will connect automatically. The main thing is that the program is running at this moment. You can configure it to start automatically with the OS boot by checking the corresponding checkbox in the settings.

    With this connection, the printer can be used from any connected device on the same network.

    Using Google Cloud Print

    This connection method assumes that you can connect to your printing device via the Internet from anywhere, provided that it is connected to the computer that is currently running, for example, via a USB port. To do this, you need to use a Google account. Detailed setup process:

    • The first step is to log into your account (if it is not there, register by going to and clicking on the “Login” button, then “Create an account”). We turn on the Internet browser Google Chrome (some Google services do not work on other browsers). In the upper right corner, expand the context menu, find the “Settings” line, click on it.
    • In the open parameters we find the item “Login” and log in.
    • After a successful login, go to connecting the printer to your account. Scroll through the parameters window to the very bottom and go to additional settings.
    • Under the heading “Google Cloud Print” click on the “Configure” button.
    • Next, we will go to the page with devices. To add a new printing device, click on the corresponding button.
    • On the next page, you can add the connected printing device. If at the moment several such devices are connected to the laptop, you can tick all the options (or just the one you want).
    • That’s it, the printer has been successfully added and linked to the account. To find out the status or change the parameters of the device, click on the line “Add printer”.
    • Specifically, here you can change the name of the device, remove it from the list, add a new one and share it.

    For direct printing, follow this link from any convenient device.

    Loading the driver for the virtual printer.

    The downloaded file must be launched, the installation will take place in automatic mode. After installing the driver, when printing any document, the system will give you a choice of a virtual printer.

    It is enough to specify the required parameters and click on the corresponding button.

    How to connect a printer to a laptop via WI-FI. manual connection, WPS, via USB, using Ethernet and Google Cloud Print

    Modern models of printed devices support the possibility of wireless connection, since it is much more convenient than a cable. How to connect a printer to a laptop via WI-FI? There are several basic and very simple ways to do this, which will be discussed in this article. But even older models that do not support WI-FI by themselves can be connected via a wireless connection. You can also set up a connection to them from a laptop without a wire, but this is somewhat more complicated, since you will need additional equipment.

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    This is the advanced line of Pantum printers. The manufacturer claims that they are productive, economical and functional at the same time. No compromises have to be made. Duplex printing and excellent network interface are provided. Cost of ownership is kept to a minimum.

    Model P3300DN prints up to 33 pages per minute. The monthly limit is 25,000 pages. The weight of the device does not exceed 6.8 kg. It will take about 8 seconds to wait for the first page to come out. Starter rechargeable cartridge rated for 6,000 pages.


    This is the flagship line of printers from Pantum. The manufacturer promises to print up to 42 pages per minute, and up to 120 thousand per month. The limiting resolution is 1200×1200 dpi. The first page is rendered in 6.5 seconds. Implemented duplex printing, Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base TX.

    Other characteristics of the P5000DN version:

    • work with separate drum and toner cartridges;
    • drum cartridge resource. 60 thousand prints;
    • 250 sheets in the output and 100 in the multipurpose tray;
    • optional storage expansion. up to 2000 sheets.

    Pantum printers overview

    The printing equipment HP, Canon, Brother is widely known. But still, there are other brands that definitely deserve attention. Therefore, before buying, you should familiarize yourself with the review of Pantum printers.


    This series of printers is characterized by increased technical characteristics. Users will definitely be pleased with the presence of a wireless interface and compactness of the case. You can print up to 22 pages per minute. Duplex printing is only possible in manual mode. The monthly peak load can reach 15 thousand pages.

    Starter refillable cartridge is rated for 700 pages. The device is made with a laconic design. Color mode is not available. Feeder capacity can be up to 150 sheets.

    Printing on glossy and matte paper, labels and even transparencies.


    Printers in this series belong to the entry category. They are marketed as an excellent choice for households and small businesses. The device takes up relatively little space. Perfect for printing letters, personal documents and statements, abstracts.

    The designers have taken care of the ease of refueling.

    Main technical properties:

    • laser printing element;
    • print speed. up to 20 pages per minute;
    • maximum monthly resource. up to 15,000 pages;
    • high-speed USB 2.0 interface;
    • working resolution. up to 1200 dpi;
    • manual duplex printing;
    • home page out in less than 7.8 seconds;
    • resource of the black cartridge. up to 1600 pages;
    • output tray up to 100 sheets.

    The lineup


    This model is positioned as a great companion for people who need to print a lot. Implemented connection via Wi-Fi technology and the use of Ethernet networks. At the same time, the rather sparing price pleases.

    Up to 60 thousand pages can be printed per month; minute output reaches 30 pages.

    Other characteristics of the subspecies Pantum P3010D:

    • laser black and white printing;
    • A4 format;
    • resolution up to 1200×600 dots per inch;
    • the ability to automatically print on both sides;
    • monthly peak production. 25,000 pages;
    • cartridge resource. 3000 pages;
    • printing on paper with a density of 0.06 to 0.2 kg per 1 sq. m;
    • feed up to 250 sheets;
    • output tray with a capacity of 120 sheets;
    • printing on thick paper, labels, envelopes, cardboard and transparencies;
    • USB 2.0 interface;
    • mobile printing modes are not supported.

    Features of the

    Of course, all of the operating facilities of the printer manufacturer Pantum are located in China. Your own brand is a very good sign; this means that the company is going to improve its reputation, and not hide behind other brands. The quality of Pantum products is on average not worse than that of the world’s leading companies. The brand is owned by Zhuhai Seine Technology, which has been producing printers for about 10 years.

    She has already been included in industry ratings several times. The Pantum brand has existed since 2011, and has been operating in our country since 2012. The assortment of the enterprise includes GDI models, or the so-called Windows printers.

    Devices of this brand are ideal for home use. But for office use, it is better to look for more expensive equipment.

    The firm officially announces that it plans to become a global market leader in 2021. The brand has concentrated the full cycle of development, direct production and wholesale of equipment. You can meet Pantum products in 40 different countries.

    Pantum M6500W Wi-Fi connection: simple instructions

    Many modern printers and multifunctional devices (MFPs) are connected to computers and laptops not via classic USB, but via wireless technologies. Wi-Fi is commonly used as such an interface, especially in offices and small businesses where it is necessary to provide general access to the printing device. Let’s consider how to connect a Pantum M6500W printer via Wi-Fi and configure it for optimal performance.

    Pantum connects to the network in two ways:

    • in infrastructure mode. switching is performed through a wireless router;
    • in direct connection mode. the printer connects to the laptop directly via Wi-Fi.

    With any connection, the device will work with only one computer at a time!

    Review and setting up printing on the Pantum MFP here:

    Infrastructure mode

    For cases where the router is compatible with WPS, the device is connected and configured by pressing a single key on the case without the participation of a computer:

    • To do this, press and hold the button for Wi-Fi connection on the MFP control panel.
    • Hold WPS on the wireless router (be sure to disconnect the network cable from the router before doing this).

    Devices will automatically establish a connection even if the access point is broadcasting encrypted traffic and does not broadcast the SSID to the network.

    • Under the address bar, click “Add Printer” (in Windows 7. “Install”).
    • In the window that opens, select “Add network, Bluetooth or wireless”. If the list is empty, click on the inscription below, specify the type “TPC / IP device” and enter its IP address and port number to which it is connected.
    • Select “Special” and go to the section to change the parameters.
    • Enter your details and specify the “LPR” protocol.
    • Install drivers or wait for Windows to do it automatically.
    • Name the MFP and share it if necessary.
    • If at the 5th step there is a desired device in the list, select it.
    • After installing the drivers, the printer can be selected as the default.

    Direct connection

    How to connect any printer to a laptop, see here:

    When connecting the printer to a PC via a USB cable, connect them and run the tool for configuring Pantum M6500W connection via Wi-Fi:

    • Select the required network if several appear in the list.

    In the case when the access point name is not broadcast, you can enter it manually!

    • Authenticate. enter the password and select the type of network encryption.
    • If successful, a window with connection information will appear.
    • If an error occurs, you will see a similar message.
    • Check your wireless login information and try again.

    When the Pantum M6500W printer is directly connected to a laptop via Wi-Fi, users can connect to the printing device without entering a password by finding it on the network. The network name will be indicated as “Pantum-AP-XXXXXX”, where instead of XXXXXX the digits of the MAC address will be indicated.

    I think our readers will not have any difficulties. But in any case, you can always write in the comments and ask any question.!

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