How To Connect Pantum Printer Without Disk

Method one

  • Turn on the computer and wait until the operating system is fully loaded.
  • Connect your printer or MFP to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Go to the computer menu by clicking the “Start” button.
  • Open “Control Panel”.
  • Select the section “Devices and Printers” or “Printing Devices” (depending on the operating system).
  • Click on “Add Printer” or “Add Printer“:
  • Next, the process of installing the printer begins. In the opened “Add Printer” window, the system will display the printers available for installation.
  • Canon mg2440
  • Samsung scx 3400
  • Canon lbp 810
  • Epson l355
  • Canon mf3010
  • Canon lbp3010b

Select the required printer and click “Next”.

  • If there is a required device in the displayed list, for example, you need to install an HP deskjet, then you must manually select the connection method.
  • To do this, you need to name it “The required printer is not in the list”:

Next, you should find the printer by other parameters. For example, you can select a printer by name, manually register the path to it. Either you need to add a network device by IP address or have an HP deskjet wireless connection over Wi-Fi and Bluetuth.

You can pay 30-50% less for light, depending on what kind of electrical appliances you use.

  • You can also add a manually configured local or network printer. Select a printer port and click Next. In the Manufacturer column, indicate the manufacturer: Xerox, Epson, Brother, HP, etc. And from the “Printers” list, select your model: mg2440, scx 3400, lbp 810, l355, mf3010, etc.
  • Click “Next” and give the printer a name, for example lbp 810.
  • Click “Next” again and wait for the installation to complete.
  • To check if the installation is correct, select “Print Test Page”. After the installation is complete, click the “Finish” button.

A quick way to install a printer without a disk

Usually, for the printer to work correctly, you need to load the driver from a special installation disk, which is supplied with the printing device itself. But if you need to connect a printer or MFP, this very installation disk may NOT be at hand. And it often happens that the driver was developed for Windows XP and it SIMply does not work on Windows 8.

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If it is impossible to install the Canon 810 printer from the original disc, then you can always do it manually: this method is SIMple and accessible to everyone.

Instructions for installing a printer without disc

Method two

If the printing device cannot be connected through the control panel of your computer, you can use an alternative method and download the driver from the printer manufacturer’s support page on the Internet.

Before installing a printer without a disk, you need to find out the exact model of the device, as well as the version and bitness (in bits) of the computer’s operating system. The brand and model are listed on the front of the printer itself, such as Canon lbp 810 or Samsung scx 3400, etc.

We recognize the bitness of the OS by clicking on the icon “This computer” with the right mouse button and Selecting the item “Properties”.

Having decided on the outgoing parameters, we are looking for drivers on the manufacturer’s official website:

It is also advantageous to download the driver to a computer from the official website because setting via the operating system provides only the basic functionality necessary for the printing process, while installing the Advanced version from the manufacturer makes it possible to correctly set up the scanning program as well.

On the printer manufacturer’s website under the Support section, you need to find your specific HP deskjet or scx model and download the correct driver version from the floppy disk. Usually the driver is downloaded to the computer as an archive file, which must be unzipped before installation. Perhaps, after unzipping, several files of different types will appear in the folder. Among them, by name, you need to find exactly the driver that suits your operating system. Such a file will have an exe extension (for example, for the i-SENSYS MF3010 MFP, when installed on a computer with 32-bit Windows 8, the driver is called MF3010MFDriversV2095W32RU.Exe).

After opening the required file, a window for installing the program on your computer will appear.

Some printer models may require you to disconnect the Samsung scx MFP from your computer during installation for correct software setup. Then you can safely follow the prompts and, after a few minutes, the required driver will be installed.

Below are informative on the topic:

Electrical connection

Obviously, the printer needs a separate power supply to operate, since USB does NOT supply the machine with the correct voltage. The set must include a cable, one end of which is inserted into the printer (the connector is located at the back), and the other into the outlet. It is better to use a surge protector or stabilizer to protect equipment from damage during a Thunderstorm or voltage drops.

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I am sure that the first step does NOT cause you any difficulties. The only moment that many people encounter is the presence of an additional power button hidden somewhere behind.

Therefore, if immediately after connecting to the power source, the indicators DO NOT light up, the device does NOT show signs of life. we look at the front panel, looking for a key with a SIMilar designation:

Or we use the switch at the back:

Modern technologies

If earlier printing devices could only be found in offices or institutions that provide scanning / copying / printing services, now almost every computer user has a printer or MFP.

How To Connect Pantum Printer Without Disk

Such machines have a lot of varieties regarding the print quality (differ in DPI), the type of cartridges, the method of printing on paper (using ink, powder, dotted strokes of the plotter), the availability of additional connection interfaces, convenient controls, a screen, etc.

Every day, wireless devices that connect to PCs, smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are becoming more and more popular. A very good option when you want to get rid of the wires. But while such devices belong to the premium segment, and not everyone is ready to overpay for this functionality.

Therefore, in the instructions we will focus on the more familiar and common wired connection with a laptop or stationary PC.

How to connect a printer to a Windows 10 laptop via a USB cable

The latest version of Windows is equipped with built-in customization tools, which significantly shorten the process and make it understandable for beginners. In Windows 7/8, the situation is almost the same.

You will need a special cord, which is not always included in the kit. Do not forget to check this point with the seller and purchase a cord if necessary.

Next, we connect the PC to the printer, turn it on and wait for the system’s reaction: in most cases, the new device is detected automatically, and if the Internet is available, the drivers should be installed without your participation. It takes up to 1 minute.

Unfortunately, it happens that the computer cannot see the printer. First of all, I advise you to restart your laptop, then use a different USB port. If it does not help, we will try to configure it manually.

  • Through the Windows 10 search bar, enter the corresponding query;
  • Go to the “Printers / scanners” parameters section;
  • Click on to add a new device:
  • Then just following the instructions of the “Installation Wizard”.
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If you have a “seven”, then SIMply open the “Start” menu and there we see the desired object:

When a list of available external devices opens, click on the add button on top and wait for the system to find your equipment.

  • After that, the following scenarios are possible: the OS itself will select the software on the machine, or it will offer to download it from the Internet (the official website of the manufacturer). You can also insert the complete CD / DVD media into the drive and specify the path to the required inf-file;
  • Reboot your PC and enjoy the result.

If you don’t want to search for software manually or don’t know how, then I advise the utility for automatically downloading the latest updates. IObit Driver Booster:

Useful content:

How to properly connect a printer to a laptop without an installation disc

How to connect a printer to a laptop without an installation disk (or with it), what steps should you go through, can difficulties arise? We will deal with this issue in this publication. Consider a SIMple instruction and ways to eliminate possible problems.

Connect via Wi-Fi

Everything is extremely SIMple here. Usually manufacturers provide a link to download the application, through which it is convenient to configure the wireless mode. Or the package includes a disk drive (sometimes there may be a USB flash drive) with the necessary software. It is enough to install it and follow the prompts.

The second possible option is to use the button WPS on the router. But it should also be supported by the printing machine (see the characteristics in the instructions or on the developer’s website).

The third method is to manually enter the password from the wireless network. It is necessary to enable the search for available networks using the buttons and the screen on the equipment, then select yours from the list and enter the access code (security key), if it is installed on the router. Here is an example for Epson (to add, the menu is most often in English):

Here is a useful that will help you better understand the topic.

How to connect a printer to a laptop Windows 8 July 10. I hope you figured it out. If you have any questions, you are experiencing difficulties. write, we will try to consider your situation individually.