How To Connect Phone To Pantum Printer

How to connect the printer to the phone via Wi-Fi

Currently, a large number of printers for office and home printing are equipped with the function of connection and control via smartphone. However, many users of printing devices still periodically have problems connecting the printer to the phone. This article will definitely be useful to them.

How to connect iPhone to printer via Wi-Fi?

The iPhone manufacturers have done everything possible to make the process of connecting their smartphones to modern office printers as easy and SIMple as possible. The issue of printing using AirPrint technology is being resolved. As in the previous case, the connection requires both the iPhone and the printer to be within range of the same wireless network.

In order to connect one of the available printers to an iPhone or iPad, you just need to go to AirPrint and, in the case of automatic selection, the program itself will find the desired device.

Which phone can be connected to a printer via Wi-Fi?

Most modern smartphones on Android and iOS platforms, as well as tablets and iPads, have the ability to connect to a printer using special software. Unfortunately, you cannot connect an old push-button “Nokia” to modern printing devices. In addition, the printer itself for connection must be equipped with a special network adapter.

The function of connecting a smartphone to a printing device will be useful for those who prefer to print photos taken with a phone camera and downloaded books and documents. Thanks to printing without the “intermediation” of a computer or laptop, you can save a lot of time, and you will not have to clog the device’s hard disk with unnecessary “garbage”.

In the case of Android OS, in order to properly connect the phone to the printer and print any document from it, you will need:

  • Download and install a program called “PrinterShare”
  • Launch the application and select the appropriate printing option in the menu that opens
  • Select an available connection type (for example: a wi-fi printer)
  • Find the necessary document in the smartphone’s memory and click on the “print” button
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In order not to disrupt the printing process, it is worth providing devices with uninterrupted wi-fi coverage so that the connection between them is not broken. As practice shows, printers with printing via Wi-Fi have a small but unpleasant drawback. It consists in the fact that if you forget to disconnect the device from the source of the wireless Internet, then unscrupulous colleagues can “stick” to it and use the device for their own purposes. In order to prevent such cases, it is best to never forget to turn off the device after use.

How To Connect Phone To Pantum Printer

How to print from phone to printer?

After the connection between the devices is established, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Open a file or web page you want to print
  • Click on the “share” button and then select the “print” function
  • Select the proposed device from the list
  • Specify additional parameters (print type, number of copies, etc.)
  • Print the items you want

For those who, for one reason or another, dislike wireless printing technology, there are more conservative methods of printing from a phone. For example, you can use a USB cable. In order to print information from the phone using a USB cable, it is necessary that the phone has a USB Host input suitable for this operation. In addition, it will be necessary to acquire special software, which is difficult to find and download for the same Android platform.

Most of all, the latter method is suitable for printers from HP, since the manufacturer has foreseen the possible desires of customers and has developed a special utility called “ePrint”. It is quite easy to download and install it for both Android and iPhone, and after launching it, the devices successfully synchronize with each other, allowing you to start typing.

Another useful utility for printing photos and documents directly from the smartphone screen is “Cloud Print”. The program developers have tried to make their software work with the maximum number of printer models and with the minimum number of errors. Cloud Print has proven itself especially well with devices from Kyocera, Canon, and HP. The positive aspects of this small utility include:

  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Wide possibilities for customizing the printed images
  • Built-in file conversion capability
  • Nice and user-friendly interface

All the user needs to do after downloading the program to his smartphone is to add the necessary devices from the list. In case the printer does not have access to the global network, but supports printing from cloud storage, you can link it to an account in the application.

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So which phone can be connected to the router via Wi-Fi?

Correct answer: a phone, the hardware of which includes a special Wi-Fi module.

The presence of such is indicated by the inscription Wi-Fi on the packaging of the device or the corresponding mention in the user manual.

Why Wi-Fi Internet on your phone is better than 4G connection?

  • – Benefit: why pay extra for mobile traffic when there is a “free” home Internet?
  • – “Unlimited”: with a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, you do not have to “count” the spent megabytes.
  • – “Independence” from cellular operators: in the absence of a mobile signal, you can safely use the Internet (on some devices, even with no SIM card).
  • – Battery saving: Wi-Fi application is less power consuming than working on LTE or 3G networks, therefore, when working with Wi-Fi, the battery drains more slowly.

Let’s take a closer look at how to connect the Internet on your phone through a router on the main mobile OS.

How to connect Wi-Fi on Android phone?

Connecting Android devices is almost the same for all models of cell phones and smartphones: the differences are NOT significant.

To connect Wi-Fi, you first need to unlock the device and go to the main menu.

Next, in the list of icons, look for “Settings” (the icon usually looks like a gear, or a panel with horizontal sliders) and go to the OS settings.

In this window, the main setting menu will appear in front of you: here (usually the first item) Wi-Fi settings are located. go to the Wi-Fi submenu.

(For “older” versions of Android, first you need to go to “Wireless networks” and select “Wi Fi Settings” there)

In the settings window:

  • – if the Wi-Fi adapter is enabled, the networks available for connection will be displayed;
  • – if the Wi-Fi module is turned off, the system will prompt you to turn on Wi-Fi and view available network connections. You can connect the adapter with a slider (usually, in the upper right corner. see the picture).

Select the network you need from the list, and in the dialog box that appears, write the password to access this network.

If you entered the password incorrectly and the connection to the wireless network did not happen. click on this network again and in the dialog box that appears, specify “Forget”, after which you must enter the required Authentication data again.

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How to connect an iOS phone to a Wi-Fi modem?

To set up a connection to a Wi-Fi access point on iOS, you first need to go to the main menu and select the “Settings” subsection there.

Then select “General”. “Net”. “Wi Fi”.

Set the touch slider to “ON” to search for available Wi-Fi hotspots.

Select your home network from the list of networks and enter Authentication data.

If everything is specified correctly, in the future your phone will automatically connect to your home Wi-Fi network.

How to connect your phone to a router via Wi-Fi?

Of course, the mobile Internet is a pretty useful technology that allows you to connect to the World Wide Web almost anywhere in the world. But for home use, 4G communication standard is far from always convenient and profitable, especially if the subscriber has a high-quality modern router installed.

And in this article we will analyze how to connect a phone to a router, and how home Wi-Fi Internet is more profitable than a “classic” mobile connection.

At the same time, we will immediately “get rid” of several common misconceptions:

  • – firstly, almost any modern phone can be connected to a Wi-Fi network: the success of this operation in no way Does not depend from the manufacturer of the gadget (whether it is Samsung, Nokia, fly, LG, or a SIMple pusher) or its appearance (“classic” push-button phone or a modern sensor)
  • – secondly, the connection of “mobile” Wi-Fi Also does not depend on the Internet provider: if a Wi-Fi access point exists, then you can connect to it. And who provides this resource: Rostelecom, mts, byfly or a millionaire neighbor. it doesn’t matter.
  • – and finally, the operating system installed on cell phones (Android, Windows Phone or iOS) only affects the way the LAN connection is configured.

How you can connect Wi-Fi on your Windows Phone.

Connecting such phones is almost identical to setting up Wi-Fi on Android devices.

The only difference here is the visual design of the menu interface.

Find in the menu “Settings”, then go to the submenu “Wi-Fi” and select here the network you are interested in.

If necessary, enter the password to connect to Wi Fi. the phone is ready to work in the home network.