How To Connect Printer To Pc

We organize printing through the network. How to connect one printer to two computers

If you are planning to find an answer to the question of how to connect a printer to two computers, then first of all you will have to synchronize both PCs with each other. But please note that this procedure is only possible if these 2 computers have network cards. Today they equip any motherboard, but if suddenly your PC is quite old, and therefore it lacks a network card, then be sure to buy it and install it in the right place.

We create a working group

After you have connected 2 PCs to each other, using the appropriate cable for this purpose, you can start configuring the necessary software. To do this, you need to create a LAN home group.

  • Open the start menu and go to the section called “Connection”.
  • Click on the item that is responsible for displaying all connections, and select the option that implies the organization of a LAN connection.
  • Call the context menu of this element and open its properties.
  • In the new window that opens, you should go to the tab “Internet Protocol TCP / IP”.
  • Find the button with properties and click on it, after which you will see a field for editing network parameters.
  • On one PC, write “” in the IP addresses field, and “” in the subnet mask field. On another PC, you have to enter “” and “” respectively. Be sure to remember to save your changes.

Now, to further solve the problem of how to connect several computers to 1 office equipment, in particular two, you have to create a so-called N. Working group of available units of electronic equipment.

  • Open the context menu “My Computer”, then select the item that opens the system properties.
  • Go to the “Computer Name” tab and click on “Change”.
  • Now an empty field should appear in front of you, where you must enter any name for the PC. Save the made change by clicking “OK”.
  • Restart your computer and do the same with other computer hardware. However, he will need to give a different name.
  • After the next reboot, you will receive a LAN, consisting of two devices connected to each other.

Connecting a printer via a USB adapter

If you decide to connect two computers to one printer via USB, then you need a usb switch for the printer or a special splitter for the printer. It should be noted that the usb switch for the printer allows you to connect, on the one hand, any USB-Office equipment, and on the other, two computers. In general, everything is very SIMple and practical.

Setting up the printer

To find the answer to the question of how to connect two computers to one printer, now all that remains is to configure the printing office equipment itself. By default, its installation must be done on one of the PCs. He, in turn, will be the main one in the previously created LAN. Therefore, first you will need to work with him.

  • Open the list of Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  • Go to the section containing the list of printers, where you need to find the icon for your device.
  • Open the device menu by right-clicking on its icon and click on its properties.
  • Go to the “Access” tab and check the box that denotes the provision of general access to this office equipment. If necessary, you can change its name.
  • Now you need to configure the second PC unit. In this case, you need to do the same as with the first computer equipment, but only in the category “Printers and Faxes”.

Thanks to the above steps, you can make one printer available to two personal computers connected to each other by a single local network. But keep in mind that the installed office equipment, although it will work, processing jobs coming from both computers, but it is better not to send documents for printing SIMultaneously from all devices. Otherwise, with thoughtless use, this office equipment may start to slow down or even freeze.

Connecting directly to a PC

For a visual aid for connecting a printer without a router, see the following:

The router is not working, but the printer is needed? Following these instructions:

  • Press the “Wi-Fi” button until the power indicator does NOT start blinking.
  • Then press the “Color” button, then. the “Wi-Fi” button. The indicator next to her began to flash.
  • Run the previously downloaded driver from the official website.
  • Disconnect from a wireless network if connected to a PC.
  • In the “Select a method of connecting to a wireless network” select “Direct connection”.
  • The printer is connected to the PC, all sensors stop blinking.
  • Canon will be displayed as a separate Wi-Fi network in the “Current Connections” section of the computer.

Advantage: Canon Pixma MG3640 is NOT dependent on the signal quality of the router. Disadvantage: PC does not have access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, which can interfere with comfortable work.

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Connecting using WPS

WPS is a standard for automatically creating a wireless network. Designed to SIMplify router configuration for ordinary users.

  • Before connecting, you need to make sure that there is a “WPS” button on the router,
  • Enable WPA or WPA2 encryption in the router software settings.

Attention! Under no circumstances is WEP, otherwise the MG3640 will NOT connect. You can check it in the wireless settings on your PC.

Completed the settings and checks, do the following to connect the Canon Pixma MG3640 to the router:

  • Turn on the printer, hold down the Wi-Fi button until the power indicator does NOT blink.
  • Press the “Black / BW” button first, then “Wi-Fi”.
  • The power indicator should be solid green and the Wi-Fi indicator should blink faster.
  • On the router (Wi-Fi router), press and hold the “WPS” button for two minutes.
  • If the power indicator starts flashing, the connection is being established.
  • Both indicators are on, not blinking. the printer is connected to the router.

After the end of the procedure Do not forget to install the software, the driver from the official Canon website, and follow all the instructions.

How to connect Canon Pixma MG3600 printer via Wi-Fi?

Connecting your printer via Wi-Fi is a convenient feature that frees your work area from wires. But manufacturers still cannot provide a SIMple and understandable way to connect equipment to a PC. In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly connect your Canon MG3640 over Wi-Fi. Here are some convenient ways.

Reference! The Canon Pixma MG3640 is an inkjet multifunctional printer, scanner and copier. Average. Main characteristics:

  • Printing. color,
  • Maximum image size. A4,
  • Ability to print text and images from both sides,
  • B / W printing speed. 9 A4 pages per minute,
  • Color print speed. 5 A4 pages per minute,
  • Main input tray 100 sheets.

Connecting to the MAC OS operating system

But how do you connect a Canon printer to an Apple laptop? There is no floppy drive in the products of this company. You need to download the software to install the drivers and follow the instructions:

  • Double click on the downloaded file, will start the “Settings” process, then click “Open”.
  • On the next screen, press “Next”.
  • Enter your password to the system, allow the installation of a third-party tool.
  • Next screen. Click “Start setup”.
  • The program is looking for the latest updates. Can practice for a few minutes.
  • Specify the required region and country.
  • Confirm License Agreement.
  • Agree or opt out of the Extended Survey Program (sends MFP performance data monthly to Canon).
  • The computer is checking the status of the printer. Process Takes up to five minutes.
  • Select wireless connection.
  • Select the connected printer from the list of devices.
  • A user manual will be displayed on the screen with detailed instructions for setting up Canon. Prepare the printer for connection. Check the correct display of indicators and buttons.
  • A separate message will ask for access to passwords. Click “Allow”.
  • The latest drivers are installed on MAC OS.
  • The Add Printer button appears on the screen. Click “Add”.
  • The found printer will appear in the Add window.
  • “Bonjour” device appears first, then “Canon IJ Network”.
  • Choose the second option, the printer is configured.
  • Is MG3640 installing for the first time? The software prompts you to customize the printheads. Agree.
  • Press “Start” to run a test print version. In a separate window, set the number of copies, page size.
  • Will complete the installation of Canon MG3640.

Connecting without using WPS

In rare cases, the router does not support the security protocol. Then you need to immediately launch the software to download and install the necessary drivers, and do the following to connect Canon via Wi-Fi:

  • Insert the CD that comes with Pixma MG3640, or open the installation file from the manufacturer’s official website.
  • Such a window will appear on the screen. Do not press anything. We wait.
How To Connect Printer To Pc

  • In the next window, click the “Printer Settings”.
  • The application checks for the latest updates. Looking forward to.
  • The software should detect the country automatically. If not, select the region manually.
  • We accept the terms of the license agreement.
  • We agree with the next window. Application asks for permission to send additional information about device operation to Canon.
  • Click on until the connection method selection window appears.
  • Choosing the first item.
  • The computer will search the Canon MG3640 on the network to connect via Wi-Fi. The process can take up to five minutes. Be patient.
  • When connecting the printer for the first time, the computer’s network connection will be disconnected for a short time.
  • The user manual will be displayed on the screen with detailed instructions for setting up Canon. Prepare the printer for connection. Check the correct display of indicators and buttons.
  • During setup, a message may appear on the screen: “Setup wants to access your passwords.” Click “Allow”.
  • Software, drivers and tools are being installed. We wait.
  • The Add Printer button appears on the screen. Click “Add”.
  • The found printer will appear in the Add window.
  • “Bonjour” device appears first, then “Canon IJ Network”.
  • Choose the second option, the printer is configured.
  • If Canon is being installed for the first time, the software will prompt you to adjust the printheads. Agree.
  • Start to run trial print.
  • Completes the installation.

Attention! During the final settings, the printer offers to install additional programs that allow you to adjust images, edit the number and volume of documents. Here is the installation of THESE utilities should be discarded. They only load the system by offering the tools that are in the Microsoft Office package.

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Pixma MG3640 is set up and ready to go. Also, the technique can be connected to the computer directly, rather than resorting to the “mediation” of the router.

Factory reset

If you need to connect the printer to a second computer, or connect through a new router, you must reset the network settings back to factory defaults. Do the following:

  • Hold red Resume button until LED blinks 21 times.
  • Release the button.

The network settings have been reset to factory settings. With these settings, printing and copying documents via a computer will not be available.

If someone is interested, you can see the review of the MFP, which is discussed in our article:

To connect your printer to your computer, you must follow the guide. If none of the methods works, you should make sure that the router is turned on and the computer is picking up the Wi-Fi signal. If you have any questions, write to us. in the comments or in the online chat. We are always happy to help our readers and subscribers! Thank you for attention!

detailed instructions

  • First you need to connect the device for printing to the electrical network and turn it on. If the device is new, i.e. Just purchased, be sure to remove, in accordance with the annotation, all transport belts, which are usually yellow or orange.
  • Insert cartridges into a brand new multifunctional device according to the illustration provided in the instructions supplied with it, which necessarily come in one set with such a device.
  • In the next step, you have to turn off the new printer and connect it to the USB port of the PC, using a USB cable, which is usually purchased separately from the device.
  • Turn on the device you just connected to the pc and pay attention to the computer. It should detect the printing device, after which the operating system installed on it will display messages like “Found new hardware” in light yellow windows, and its name will be displayed below.
  • If you connected the printer to the computer correctly, then you should open a window called “Found New Hardware Wizard”. The CD with device drivers pre-installed in the drive will take effect after you choose to install automatically or install from a specified location and click on “Next”. Installation in automatic mode is definitely the preferred option.

How to properly connect the printer to the computer

Some users are sometimes faced with the need to solve a problem related to how to connect a printer to a computer. In general, connecting an MFP or printer to a PC is quite easy and SIMple and any beginner can handle it. To do this, you need to connect the printer / MFP to a computer and a power source, as well as install the device software, i.e. Special software. over, for any operating system, the sequence of actions will be identical, even if the device is connected to windows 10. The main thing in solving this problem is a step-by-step approach. The following detailed description should help you in this matter.

Other options

If the above method does not suit you, then you can connect the printer to the computer with the New Hardware Wizard, i.e. Straight from the included CD-ROM. To do this, you just need to insert it into the drive and after automatic start find the corresponding inscription in the menu and click on it. Pre-check the connection of the computer to the printer so that during the installation you do not have any problems, and after its completion, the installed device is ready for setup and operation.

Another option that allows you to connect to a computer using a USB cable is to install the driver from the window with a list of printers and faxes. There you should find the installation of a new device and select the following: “Local printer connected to this computer.” If you want the PC operating system to find the device connected to it by itself, check the box next to the item that automatically detect the printer. Of course, in order to connect a device using this option, there must be a CD with the new hardware software in the drive.

If you don’t have the drivers or you just decided to update them, because. Don’t like to use old versions, then you can find suitable software for your device on our website or on the official website of its manufacturer. It will be quite easy to navigate through its web resource, because all websites of world manufacturers of office equipment printing have Russian-language versions. After downloading, you have to unpack the archive, then just install.

If the methods involving connecting a PC to a printer using a USB cable do not suit you, then you can use a Wi-Fi router to solve this problem. You can find out how to properly connect the device to a computer in this way in this article: connecting a printer via a router. It is also possible to connect a printing device via a local network. read more about this in the article “how to connect a printer via a local network”.

Incorrect connection

If even a minor mistake was made when turning on, it will not work. Therefore, first of all, you should check the order and correctness of the inclusion. Items to be checked:

  • Whether the MFP is connected to the network;
  • Power button. If the corresponding button is NOT pressed on the device, it is not even worth waiting for a stable connection. Sometimes users SIMply forget to turn on the device and, as a result, cannot get started.
  • USB connector. Usually devices are connected to a PC via a USB 2.0 connector. For the connection to work, you need to check the input is working properly. To do this, you need to pull out the wire and insert it again. If the PC beeps, everything is fine. Otherwise, you can check the input by connecting other equipment (mouse, keyboard, speaker).
  • Wires. Some problems are caused by the usual communication cord. Its serviceability can be checked by replacing it with another.
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If no connection errors are found, and the computer does not see the connected printer, you must proceed to check the following possible causes.

Reasons for the lack of connection and how to solve problems

If both devices are working properly, the reasons may be as follows:

  • User error when connecting the MFP to a PC.
  • Previously installed drivers are out of date, unstable, or not loaded.
  • By default, another device is selected.
  • Disabled Auto Print Service.
  • Windows operating system errors.
  • Device breakdown.

To figure out how to connect a printer to a computer if it does not see it, we will consider each problem in more detail.

Drivers are missing or not working correctly

If the drivers have not been installed previously, it is important to do so immediately. The software disc is usually included with the MFP when you purchase it.

How to connect a printer without a disk to a computer? If there was no disk or it is lost, you can always download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website. For example, to connect an HP series to a computer, you should go to the official page of Hewlett-Packard, select the operating system (Windows 7, 8 or 10), its bit and download the proposed file.

In the event that the drivers were previously installed and do not work correctly, you should remove the old ones before installing new ones. For this you need:

  • In the section “Add or Remove Programs” remove the program.
  • In the “Device Manager” remove the installed driver.
  • Will launch a new software file.

To run the installer, in the folder that was downloaded, find the Setup file.

USB connection.

The USB cable connection is the most common and easiest way to connect a USB printer to a PC. The whole process takes place in several steps:

1.Connect to the network.

Connect device to PC with cable.

Turn on the power button.

Install driver.

If the kit comes with an LPT cable, the connection aLGorithm will be SIMilar.

The computer does not see the printer: reasons and solutions

Sometimes users are faced with the problem that when they connect a new or previously used printer to the computer, they cannot establish a connection. If this happens, you do not need to rush to the service center right away. First, you need to check the main reasons for the connection failure and eliminate errors, if any.

Wi-Fi connection

This method is not suitable for all MFPs. Before starting the setup, you need to check if the device supports this feature. Such information can be found in the accompanying papers or on the manufacturer’s website. And a SIMple inspection of the device can help in this matter. If the printer is connected via Wi-Fi or via Ethernet, there must be a corresponding input on its body.

  • Enable Wi-Fi on the router.
  • Enable connection on MFP.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to establish a connection.

If the user has problems when setting up work, he can find complete instructions on the Internet by entering the query “how to connect a printer to a computer via wi-fi” and entering the desired brand.

OS errors

If the printer is connected to the computer, but it does not see it, it is possible that there is a problem with the operating system. You can check this by connecting the device to a second PC. Such errors can only be fixed by reinstalling the system.

If the above methods DO NOT help fix the problem, and the user is still worried about the question “why the computer does NOT connect the printer”, he should contact the service center specialists. Competent employees will fix the breakdown, if any, or point out mistakes made when setting up.

When all the reasons are eliminated, it remains to correctly connect the MFP to the computer. This can be done in several ways, which will be described below.

Methods for connecting the printer to a computer

If the printing device is connected to one PC, the user can choose one of two ways:

  • Po Wai. Fay.
  • Using a USB (USB) cable.

When the machine is connected to two or more computers, it is recommended to select the LAN connection method.

Automatic printing

If, due to an error or malfunction, the automatic printing service is disabled on the computer, the MFP may NOT work. How to check it?

  • In the “Start” menu, select the “Control Panel”.
  • Then go to “System and Security”.
  • Find “Administration”.
  • Open the item “Services”.
  • Select “Print Manager”.
  • Right-click to go to “Properties”.
  • Check the box “Automatic”.
  • Check “In Progress” status.