How to connect the g3411 printer to the phone

Google Cloud Print

To print something on a printer from an Android smartphone or tablet using this method, we need:

  • Android App “Virtual Printer”.
  • Installing Google Cloud Print.
  • Google account.
  • A home printer that is connected to a laptop or computer.

Google Cloud Print is installed as follows:

  • On the top panel of the browser on the right, click on “Configure and manage Google Chrome” (looks like three parallel stripes). Enlarge
  • Scroll the list to the end, at the very bottom, select “Show advanced settings”. Enlarge
  • Select the “Google Cloud Print” tab, click on the “Configure” button. Reference information can be found in the “Details” section. Enlarge
  • The “Devices” page will be displayed, where we select “Add Printers”. Enlarge
  • A window will open showing the printers connected to this computer. A tick should be marked with the one from which printing will be started, after which you should click on the “Add printer” button. Enlarge
  • After a few seconds of waiting, a message will appear informing you that the registration process is complete. Then we activate the “Printer Management” section. Enlarge
  • The control buttons will be shown on the top panel. In this situation, you need to select “Add a regular printer”.


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Notifications will be received from the system, click “OK”. It then searches for available printers and displays a list of printers when finished. Now on the printer page, click on the “Try it now” button (means “Try it now”), you can specify “Print anything” (prints anything) or “Print anywhere” (print function anywhere).

To print a picture or text from a web page, you need to open a browser on the required page, call the settings menu in the upper right corner of the display (an icon with three vertical dots). In the drop-down list of actions, indicate “Print”.

Now you need to open a tab in the “Save on Google” section, specify “All printers”. We select the device from which we will print, then set up the format, number of copies, etc. We activate the “Print” button.

To print a document, photo, picture, find a folder with the required object, select it and click on the page menu (an icon with three parallel lines). The menu button, depending on the model, can be located in a different place (for example, in the upper right corner of the display or lower left), or look like three vertical dots. In the window that appears, select “Print”.

Here the “Save to Google” window will open again. There you can save the picture in PDF format by clicking on the icon (the first fragment in the screenshot). To print, click “All Printers”, and in the section that opens, select your printer, and then click on the icon again, but with the image of the printer.

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In this situation, an active internet connection is required to print.

Connecting your phone to a printer via Bluetooth

Some of the above Android applications allow you to connect between a smartphone and a printer via a Bluetooth connection.

This requires a Bluetooth interface supported by the printer.

Branded applications for printing from Android phone to printer: download

For printers of well-known brands, such as HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung and others, there are proprietary applications for printing from Android devices.

They are an order of magnitude more functional than “Virtual Printers” from Google, have more settings and different configurations for printing documents and photos.

How to print from Android phone to printer

There are several ways to print from an Android phone to a printer:

  • Using Google Drive and the Cloud Print app;
  • Using a proprietary application;
  • Using universal apps.

Correct connection of the printer to the Android gadget

There are several connection methods, which can be divided into the following groups:

  • Direct connection. Performed using a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • Connection through an intermediary. The printing process is controlled through a laptop or PC, and the gadget only gives instructions for printing. Google Cloud applied.
connect, printer, phone

For an Android device, in all cases, you need special software, for example, Printer Share, since a printer cannot print without instructions. There are also print apps which we will look at below.

Google cloud

The most convenient option with which you can print files, while being anywhere in the world. We print by linking the gadget to a Google account. The same account should be used on the computer and the gadget.

How to connect a printer to an Android phone or tablet

There are several ways to connect the printer to Android devices:

  • Using a USB cable;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Via computer.

Different types of printers, as well as different applications, can support one or several types of connection, or all at once. For more details, this information can be found in the manual for your printer model, as well as in the description for the selected application.

How to connect the printer to the phone via Wi-Fi

Modern printers are pretty easy to connect to your phone over Wi-Fi. If you bought a printing device recently, then first you need to install the cartridge and connect the cable, then the MFP and the router. Then you need to turn on Wi-Fi using the button or through the menu on the PC. Then you can act in three different ways.

  • directly;
  • using a virtual printer;
  • via remote connection.

Using a computer, you can easily connect your phone to the MFP. You just need to install TeamViewer on the PC and QS Team Viewer on the gadget, enter the ID from the phone to the computer and connect. Then open the file transfer section. Now any file can be downloaded and printed.

Note! There is an option to work with Dropbox cloud storage. It must be installed on both a mobile device and a PC.

Direct connection

When using this method, everything depends on the gadget. Now many phones have the ability to directly connect to the printer without the help of a computer or any applications. You just need to use a router to connect the devices on the same network. Then, on the device, find available networks and select the desired device.

Despite the efforts of developers trying to make gadgets more versatile, some printers do not work directly with specific brands of mobile phones. This mainly affects the equipment of the Apple company, the certification features of which correspond to proprietary standards.

For this reason, many provide for connection through an application, for example, HP Smart, Canon print, Epson, Samsung, and so on. It all depends on the brand and model of the printing device. Although besides these there are general applications designed for different printers.

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Setting up your phone for printing

It will not take long to configure it, time may only take the search for the program:

  • Find an app designed for this device.
  • Download it to your phone and open.
  • At the bottom of the window that opens when you turn it on, you need to select “Wi-Fi printer”.
  • The program itself will find devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the phone.

How to print a document on iPhone

Connecting Apple gadgets to an MFP is even easier. They already have a special Airprint function that helps you connect your iPhone to this unit via Wi-Fi:

After all actions, the selected files will be printed on the printer.

Google application for printing from a smartphone

How to connect a printer via Wi-Fi to a phone without a computer

Printing from phone to printer via Wi-Fi is carried out in two ways: using Google services and directly.

How to connect the printer to the phone via Wi-Fi

Nowadays, many people work on phones, so they need fast printing or scanning. To do this, you need to know how to connect a printer to the phone and what files can be printed. This is discussed in the article.

How to connect a printer via Android

Smartphones and tablets with the Android platform are the most widespread in our world. To connect them to a printing device, you need to:

  • Download PrinterShare.
  • Launch the application.
  • Select “Printer” in the window, find and click on the “Wi-Fi printer” button.
  • Select the file you want to print in the suggested categories.
  • Having selected the necessary document, you need to set the parameters and print it.

Note! Files stored in the internal memory of a mobile gadget are usually located in the “Documents” folder.

How to connect Canon PIXMA G3410 G3411 G3415 G3510 G3210 G3010 Wireless Setup

How to connect iPhone to printer via Wi-Fi?

IPhone manufacturers have done everything possible to make it as easy and simple as possible to connect their smartphones to modern office printers. The issue of printing using AirPrint technology is being resolved. As in the previous case, to connect, both the iPhone and the printer must be within range of the same wireless network.

Important! The program does not require the installation of drivers and other additional software, so you can start printing almost immediately after starting it.

In order to connect one of the available printers to an iPhone or iPad, you just need to go to AirPrint and, in the case of automatic selection, the program itself will find the desired device.

Which phone can be connected to the printer via WI-FI?

Most modern smartphones on Android and iOS platforms, as well as tablets and iPads, have the ability to connect to a printer using special software. Unfortunately, it will not work to connect an old push-button “Nokia” to modern printing devices. In addition, the printer itself for connection must be equipped with a special network adapter.

PIXMA G3010 G3200 G3410 G3411 G3415 G3510 (Part3). Wireless Setup. SEE DESCRIPTION BELLOW

The function of connecting a smartphone to a printing device will be useful for those who prefer to print photos taken with a phone camera and downloaded books and documents. Thanks to printing without the “intermediation” of a computer or laptop, you can save a lot of time, and you will not have to clog the device’s hard disk with unnecessary “garbage”.

Important! In order for the devices to “find” each other, they must both be connected to the same wi-fi network.

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In the case of Android OS, in order to properly connect the phone to the printer and print any document from it, you will need:

  • Download and install a program called “PrinterShare”
  • Launch the application and select the appropriate printing option in the menu that opens
  • Select an available connection type (for example: wi-fi printer)
  • Find the necessary document in the smartphone’s memory and click on the “print” button

In order not to disrupt the printing process, it is worth providing devices with uninterrupted wi-fi coverage so that the connection between them does not break. As practice shows, printers with Wi-Fi printing have a small but unpleasant drawback. It consists in the fact that if you forget to disconnect the device from the source of the wireless Internet, then unscrupulous colleagues can “stick” to it and use the device for their own purposes. In order to prevent such cases, it is best to never forget to turn off the device after use.

How to connect the printer to the phone via WI-FI

Currently, a large number of printers for office and home printing are equipped with the function of connection and control via smartphone. However, many users of printing devices still occasionally have problems connecting the printer to the phone. This article will definitely be useful to them.

How to print from phone to printer?

After the connection between the devices is established, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • Open a file or web page that you want to print
  • Click on the “share” button and then select the “print” function
  • Select the proposed device from the list
  • Specify additional parameters (print type, number of copies, etc.)
  • Print required items

For those who, for one reason or another, do not like wireless printing technology, there are more conservative methods of printing from a phone. For example, you can use a USB cable. In order to print information from the phone using a USB cable, the phone must have a USB Host input suitable for this operation. In addition, you will need to acquire special software, which is difficult to find and download for the same Android platform.

Most of all, the latter method is suitable for printers from HP, since their manufacturer has foreseen the possible desires of customers and has developed a special utility called “ePrint”. It is quite easy to download and install it for both Android and iPhone, and after launching it, the devices successfully sync with each other, allowing you to start typing.

Important! Canon specialists have developed similar software for their devices. The program is called “USB connection Kit”.

Another useful utility for printing photos and documents directly from the smartphone screen is “Cloud Print”. The developers of the program have tried to make their software work with the maximum number of printer models and with the minimum number of errors. Cloud Print has performed especially well with devices from Kyocera, Canon and HP. The positive aspects of this small utility include:

  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • Wide range of options for customizing printed images
  • Built-in file conversion capability
  • Nice and user-friendly interface

All the user needs to do after downloading the program to his smartphone is to add the necessary devices from the list. If the printer does not have access to the global network, but supports printing from the cloud storage, you can link it to an account in the application.