How to connect the xerox workcentre 3025 printer

How to connect Xerox to Wi-Fi

The manufacturer Xerox Workcentre 3025 has provided the ability to connect to it wirelessly, which is provided due to the built-in Wi-Fi module. The procedure can be performed in two ways:

  • directly to a computer device equipped with an adapter with any operating system, including Mac OS;
  • through home routers.

Xerox Phaser 3020 Wi-Fi setup

You need to configure it in accordance with the aLGorithm:

Important! For the Xerox Phaser 3020 printer, the Wi-Fi setup operation is carried out using the Xerox Easy Wireless Setup program. It is automatically installed with all printer drivers.

If you plan to use the printer wirelessly with laptops, mobile phones, or computers, it is best to configure settings using CentreWare Internet Services. For this you need:

  • turn on the device and open the browser;
  • enter the IP of the device and press “Enter”;
  • open the “Properties” section;
  • enter data for administration, press “Enter” and go to the properties section;
  • go to the “Wi-Fi” menu;
  • click on the link “Wi-Fi Direct”;
  • activate the option by moving the lever to the “On” position;
  • in the window that appears on the screen, fill in the fields with the device name, its IP address, network keys, and also indicate what needs to be done. activate or deactivate the group owner;
  • confirm your agreement with registration by clicking on the “Apply” button;
  • complete the installation by clicking on the “Ok” button.

Configuring Xerox Wi-Fi Connection to Computer and Laptop

In the Xerox Workcentre 3025, Wi-Fi configuration is implemented according to several schemes. Operation can be performed on the machine, using the CentreWare Internet Service drivers, or using the Wireless Setting Program. These rules are relevant for almost all models of printing devices.

Xerox Workcentre 3025 Wi-Fi Setup

As you understand the Workcentre 3025 printer, how to configure Wi-Fi on it to be able to work wirelessly, it becomes clear that the easiest way is to choose the hardware method of setting up the device. For this you need:

  • go to the device settings section and click on the “Device status” button;
  • select the required network by moving the cursor with the selection using the arrows;
  • enter the data for obtaining the admission of administration. login and password;
  • select the “Wi-Fi” section, move the switch to the “On” position and press the “OK” button;
  • choose the options for carrying out the settings procedure. “Master” or “Non-standard”.
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The Xerox 3025 Wizard format assumes automatic WPS configuration when connected to Wi-Fi. After selecting it, the user’s screen displays information about the activation of the network search procedure. Upon completion, you need to select the desired network, specify the data to ensure secure communication, and press the “OK” button, after which it becomes possible to use the device.

Additional Information! If you select a non-standard setting, the SSID information must be entered manually, and then the SSID screen will appear. In its field you need to enter the value of the parameter, select the operating mode, follow the link “Encryption” and click the “OK” button.

Xerox Workcentre 3025. configuring Wi-Fi connection

Modern printers are focused on multifunctionality. They can be used as both wired and wireless printing devices. You can take full advantage of the capabilities and benefits only if the equipment is properly configured. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the methods and aLGorithms for remote connection. The focus of this article is the Xerox Workcentre 3025 and Phaser 3020 printers on how to connect these devices to Wi-Fi and configure them correctly. Information on similar devices is also given.

Xerox b205 Wi-Fi setup

It is convenient to make settings in the Xerox b205 printer via WPS. To do this, go to the “WPS” section from the device settings section and select the type of connection with the second device. It can be with or without a PIN. Having decided to set the access code, you will need to enter its numerical value in the window field on the screen. It corresponds to the combination of numbers indicated on the label under the case. The PBC setting format assumes that no code is required. To activate the option, it will be enough to press the WPS button on the router.

You can also set up your printer when devices are connected via a network cable or USB. The procedure is carried out according to the standard scheme by entering the IP-address of the equipment in the browser window, information about which can be obtained from the information about the parameters on the case.

After entering the data to gain access to administration, in the additional options, activate the radio option and select the desired Wi-Fi. If it does not exist, the data should be updated. The network may be invisible. To identify it, you need to click on the “Enter a new SSID” button.

For reference! Additionally, in the security settings, the methods used for authentication and encryption are selected, after which a password is entered. a digital combination of keys.

Xerox Phaser 6020 Wi-Fi setup

The printer can be configured using the network search scheme or with the Wi-Fi direct option enabled. To bring the device to a working state in the first way, it is necessary:

  • Insert the disc into the floppy drive with the program file and wait for it to autoload.
  • Go to the software settings section.
  • Accept license agreement.
  • Select connection type. wireless.
  • Select setup method. search for networks.
  • Set the selection in front of the desired network.
  • Enter the passphrase and click on the “Next” button.
  • Go to the “Advanced” section and disconnect the cable when such instructions appear on the screen.
  • Select from the offered list of devices the printer that you plan to connect.
  • Follow the appropriate link to install the driver.
  • Press the “Finish” button after the device completes the operation.
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To connect using the Wi-Fi Direct function, you need:

  • open the printer settings menu;
  • go to the network settings section;
  • turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function;
  • click on the “Apply settings” button.

Installing Drivers for Xerox

When purchasing a printing device, the kit, along with the equipment and manual for its use, includes a disk with program files and information necessary to access the settings and activate all functions of the equipment.

The drivers are suitable for all Xerox wireless printers intended for printing and copier, including the Work Center 3025 model, the connection to Wi-Fi of which is carried out according to the same scheme, which is relevant for all printers of this model range.

Insert the installation disc into the drive, as a result of which it will automatically start.

Select the “Install” item in the pop-up window menu.

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Installing Drivers

Activate the installation of the program by clicking on the corresponding link on the screen.

Follow the Install software link

Make a choice of the method of connecting the printer. via Wi-Fi or USB and click the “Next” button.

Connecting the Printer Using a Cable

Connect power to the device, cable and wait for the end of the installation.

Printer connection type

Next, you should print a test page to test the service by pressing the “WPS” button.

For reference! By the way, the test page contains the device’s IP address, login and password for local administration, and data for the default network settings, which is useful when connecting devices directly.

Wi-Fi Direct

Thus, you can directly connect to phones, tablets or laptops. First, enable the function on the Xerox WorkCentre 3025 MFP, then enter the device name, IP address, and network key. On some firmware, you may need to enter additional information.

Settings Failure

Check which hardware is the default for printing. To do this, go to the control panel, then to “Hardware and Sound”. “View devices and printers”. Right click on the printer icon and select the “Set as default” option. In some cases, this is enough for the device to work correctly.

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If the problem persists, double-click the equipment icon, in the window that opens, select the “Printer” tab and uncheck the “Pause printing” and “Work offline” items. Also click on “Clear Print Queue”.

If this does not help, go to the control panel, select the “View” menu item “Small icons”, go to the “Administration” tab and open “Services”. In the window that appears, you need to find the “Print Manager” service and set the automatic startup type.

If the service is stopped, click also on the Start button, and then print a test page.

Lack of driver

It happens that the computer does not see the printer via USB due to the lack of a driver or due to improperly installed or outdated software.

Go to the manufacturer’s official website, download the driver for your device from there and install it. Then restart your computer and try to print a test page.

If you accidentally installed an unsuitable driver, go to the “Device Manager” through the control panel, find the necessary hardware there, go to its properties, then to the “Driver” tab and click on the “Uninstall” button. After that, install the new software downloaded from the manufacturer’s official website.

Faulty connection

Sometimes a computer or laptop cannot see the printer via USB due to a faulty cable or port, or a bad connection.

  • Disconnect the device cable at both ends and then reconnect.
  • Check if the USB connector is working properly. Try to connect another device through it: for example, a keyboard or mouse.
  • Try connecting the printer to a different USB port.
  • If possible, replace the cable.

Also make sure the printer is turned on. Some devices have the power button on the back or side, and users simply forget to press it. Sometimes the computer does not see the printer via USB due to such a trifle, and the solution of the issue takes literally one minute.

The computer does not see the printer via USB: how to fix it?

The reasons can be many, from an unconnected cable to a failure in the operating system. Let’s consider common problems and their solutions. from simple to complex.

Device malfunction

If the printer does not connect to your computer via USB and all of the above methods did not resolve the issue, the problem may be in the hardware itself. Try connecting your device to another computer or laptop. If the problem persists, the best option is to take the printer to a service center for a technician to test and repair it.