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Driver for Printer HP Laserjet 1010 for Windows 10

The HP laserjet 1010 printer is very common even though it’s 2017 on the street. This model has proven itself very well. It is not whiMSIcal in work, it is distinguished by SIMple refueling without flashing the chips, and the cartridge withstands a large number of refills without replacing parts.

In most cases, new computers and laptops are equipped with Windows 10. In most cases, not on their own, but SIMply because Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 SIMply have drivers.

The same participation befell the HP laserjet 1010 printer. Although there was no driver on the official website already under Windows 7, under windows 10 Ego will not be even more so.

Missing driver on the official website for HP laserjet 1010 under Windows 10

In previous articles, we described how to connect HP laserjet 1010 to a computer or laptop with Windows 7. In the same article, you will learn how to connect HP laserjet 1010 on Windows 10 with a missing driver.

Connecting HP laserjet 1010 to a Windows 10 computer or laptop

Since there are drivers for the HP laserjet 1010/1012/1015 under Windows 10, we will use the HP 3055 printer driver to set up this printer in Windows 10.

To do this, open the “Control Panel”. “Devices and Printers”.

Go to “Devices and Printers”

In this case, the printer must be connected to the computer with a cable and turned on.

Here we click “Add Printer”.

Add a new printer

In the window that opens, select “The required printer is not in the list”.

Go to manual installation of the HP laserjet 1010

Next, select the last item “Add a local or network printer with manually specified parameters” and click “Next”.

Add a local printer

In the next window, assign the printer port opposite “Use an existing port” Expand the list and select the port named DOT4_001. If there is such a port, then create it in the line below. Please enter the name DOT4_001.

Designates a printer port

Now a window with driver selection will appear. In it, first you need to click “Windows Update” so that the system updates its driver base.

How To Connect To The Printer Snpch

After that, on the left side of the window, select “HP”, and on the right side we look for one of the following drivers:

  • HP LaserJet 1015;
  • HP LaserJet 2200 Series PCL5;
  • HP LaserJet 3055.

After selecting the driver, click the “Next” button and this completes the installation of the HP laserjet 1010/1012/1015.

Finishing the HP laserjet 1010 installation on Windows 10

Restart your computer and printer. Now you can try to print.

You can also try to install the driver from Windows Vista, which is on the Official page of drivers for HP laserjet 1010/1012/1015.

Instructions for second platforms

To connect the printer to the computer to other operating systems. MacOS or Unix. all steps are repeated in the same order.

In most cases, to automatically detect and download drivers, SIMply connect the device cable to the Corresponding connector.

After that, the system determines the model and brand and performs first a search and then installation of the necessary programs.

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If there is a connection problem, Apple’s operating system opens the Printers Scanners menu. Looking for a connected device and performing manual installation of drivers.

On Linux, you may need to install the CUPS printing system to get started.

Although in modern versions of operating systems based on UNIX technologies, installation is automatic, in much the same way as for Windows.

Connecting a device using a cable

The easiest way to connect a printer to a computer is with a regular cable, just as it has been done for decades. The connection process can be divided into the following stages:

The printer connects to the network;

With the help of a special cable, which usually comes with a printing device, it is connected to a computer;

The driver for the printer is installed, and then you can start using it.

A feature of this connection is the location of the device.

The average cable length does not exceed 2-3 meters, which means that it is best to install the device on the same table where the computer is, or, in extreme cases, on the next.

After connecting to the network (and it is not recommended to connect the printer to the uninterruptible power supply unit due to the high power), it is required to connect to one of the ports of the motherboard.

Several years ago, printing devices could only be connected to a PC using the LPT port. for this reason, it was impossible to work with laptops.

Now manufacturers of such equipment prefer the USB interface.

And for printers that have only an outdated interface, they use special adapters. though not always working and unreliable.

USB cables of a modern printer have two different connectors. a standard flat “A” (the same as on flash drives and ordinary adapters) and type “B”, which has an almost square shape.

The USB-A port connects to the computer and the USB-B port to the printing device. Due to this difference in the connector, incorrect connection is impossible.

Windows computer

For PCs and laptops with Windows operating system, the steps for wired connection and printer setup are as follows:

Printer software is usually run from external media. As a last resort, the driver will have to be downloaded from the Internet.

And sometimes it is enough to disconnect it from the PC and turn it on again. the system will recognize the device again and install the necessary software.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

Before connecting the printer to a wireless network, check for the presence of an Ethernet port. If there is one, the printing device can work autonomously.

In the absence of a connector, the printer is connected to a PC or print server. a small device that provides a connection to the network.

The next step is to install the printer so that it is able to perceive a wireless signal, preferably in line of sight with a Wi-Fi router.

To connect a printing device to the router, turn on the printer and follow the instructions on its screen.

All wireless models equipped with a display for information output.

If you have problems connecting, you should follow the instructions provided with all new printers.

Some devices can only connect to the wireless network through a computer with a Wi-Fi module (most often a laptop).

To connect computers running Windows OS to a network printer, follow these steps:

Open “Control Panel”;

Select the menu of devices and printers;

Click on the item for installing the printing device;

Choose to add a network printer;

Wait until the system detects the presence of a printing device and automatically update the software;

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Print a test page to verify that the drivers were installed correctly. If necessary, you can set the network device as the default printer. This will allow you to immediately send printed documents to it.

Printer Sharing, Windows PC Connection

In order to connect computers to a printer paired with a PC on which Windows is installed, you need:

Now, to connect other computers with Windows OS, add a network printer in the same way (through the control panel and the list of printers).

The system automatically searches for the printing device and installs the drivers.

The same is done for computers on which the Apple platform is installed. in this case, look for a new printer in the system settings section.

Access for a printer connected to a Mac OS computer

If the printer is connected to a computer with a Mac OS operating system, the user actions should be as follows:

Now you should take turns connecting to the printer through other PCs.

For technology running under Windows, to gain access, you will need to download the Bonjour Print Services for Windows program and, most likely, will install drivers from the device manufacturer’s website.

For a PC with an Apple platform, it is enough to perform the same steps that were required to connect to a printer connected to the network through a computer with Windows OS.

Connecting network printers

The printer can NOT be connected to specific computers. in this case, access to it is provided from multiple devices (including even smartphones and tablets).

There are three connection options:

Using a wireless network;

Via a PC with Windows OS;

Through computers running Mac OS.

Using the printer from a smartphone

To print from mobile devices running Windows, you can use the following programs and technologies:

Starting work with Google Cloud, you should launch the Google Chrome browser and find additional settings in its menu.

Now you need to find the virtual printers section and click on the control point for devices with virtual memory support.

The next step is to add a new printer. After setting up the printing device, it can be used both from a computer and from any mobile device synchronized with a PC using a Google profile.

In addition to THESE applications, there are a number of others that support the connection of mobile gadgets with various platforms.

They are produced by manufacturers of printing devices. for example, HP has special ePrint software for THESE purposes.

And the only requirement for the operation of such programs is the assignment of the printer to the network.

How to connect your printer to your computer: Detailed instructions for Windows, Mac OS and Android

Knowing how to quickly connect a printer to a computer, you get the opportunity to print documents from any device. a computer with Windows or Mac OS, and even from an ordinary smartphone on the Android or iOS platform.

Indeed, the need to print a document, photograph, just a picture or text arises for many. And they are relatively inexpensive compared to computers or laptops.

Buying a printer is only the first of those tasks that have to be solved by a person who is going to constantly use a printing device.

The next step is to connect the device. physical, to a specific computer, or network, allowing you to print from multiple laptops or PCs.

over, modern printers are compatible even with smartphones and tablets. printing from THESE gadgets is provided without direct connection or transferring information first to a computer.

  • Connecting a device using a cable
  • Windows computer
  • Instructions for second platforms
  • Connecting network printers
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection
  • Printer Sharing, Windows PC Connection
  • Access for a printer connected to a Mac OS computer
  • Using the printer from a smartphone
  • conclusions
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How to connect a printer over a local network

Configuring the connection of computers to one printer over a local network, usually used in office buildings, so as not to equip each workplace with a printer separately, but to purchase one MFP and open shared access to it from other computers over the network to save budget, which is quite important for small organizations. So that you do not have any problems with the connection, now we will step by step with you set up a connection to the printer via the local network.

On the first computer. If you are connected to the printer directly, you need to go to the Network and Sharing Center section, where you will need to work with the network discovery parameters. You can enter the control center in at least two ways:

Or click WinR and enter: control.Exe / name Microsoft.Networkandsharingcenter

Or open the Control Panel and in the Network and Internet section.

Click the Network and Sharing Center.

Next, we select Change advanced sharing options.

And we configure the main points of network discovery, as follows.

  • Enable network discovery;
  • Turn on file and printer sharing;
  • Disable sharing with password protection at the bottom;
  • Check carefully and click Save changes.

Now we need to share directly with the printer. To do this, we go to the Start menu, open Devices and Printers, right-click on the desired printer and select Printer Properties.

In the Sharing section, check Sharing this printer and click Apply.

That’s all in general.

On the second computer. You need to connect remotely to the printer, go to the Start menu, open Devices and Printers and click Add Printer.

Selecting Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.

And, after finding the desired printer, highlight it and click Next.

We are waiting for connection to it.

And in a new window with a question about trust, click Install driver.

We expect the fastest installation of the necessary drivers.

Then, Changing the printer name as desired and click Next.

The connection to the printer was successful and you can use it by default.

Let’s take another look at remotely connecting to a printer in Windows 10.

On the second computer with Windows 10. You need to connect to the printer via the local network, open Windows Settings and go to the Devices section.

Next, we are in the Printers and Scanners section, click Add a printer or scanner.

Press The required printer is not listed.

And in a new window, highlighting Select a shared printer by name and click Browse.

In the left window of the explorer, Opening the Network and select the desired computer.

Where, by selecting a shared printer and clicking Select.

Check the addition of its network address and click Next.

We are waiting for the end of the fast connection to it.

In the window asking about trust in the printer, click Install Printer.

We are waiting for the end of the quick installation of drivers.

Changing the name of the printer as desired and click Next.

And, in fact, you can immediately use this default printer.

That’s probably all. See you on the following blog pages. Until then. While.