How to Connect Watch to Android Samsung Phone

How to connect smart watch to Android phone?

The usual watches, which simply show the time and additional data, are being replaced by modern devices that can simultaneously count calories, send notifications from a smartphone and information about incoming calls. Someone prefers to use fitness bracelets, while others prefer full-fledged Smart Watch. There are certain differences between these gadgets, but only in work, and not in pairing with a smartphone. Well, let’s figure out how to connect a smart watch to an Android phone. Note that we will talk about a standard connection format that is suitable for devices from all manufacturers.!

How to connect a smart watch to a phone?

Every more or less popular Smart watch comes with detailed instructions that tell you how to properly connect the gadget to a smartphone. The fact is that in order to use all the possibilities, a fitness bracelet must be tied to a specific application. With its help, the gadget will receive new updates and synchronize all data (steps taken, weather, calories burned).

Depending on the watch model, you need to install your own program, which can often be easily found in the Play Store. For example, fitness trackers from Xiaomi and Amazfit work with the Mi Fit app, and gadgets from Huawei, respectively, with Huawei Health. There are also universal utilities that are designed for all devices. But we do not recommend using them, since the functionality is often very limited, and mistakes are a frequent phenomenon.

But before installing additional software, it is advisable to connect Smart-watch to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The procedure is standard, but we have prepared step-by-step instructions anyway:

  • Open the smartphone settings and go to the “Bluetooth” tab.
  • Next to the corresponding item, move the slider to the right to activate the wireless data transfer mode.
  • We turn on the Smart watch, and then in the list with available devices we try to find their model. If the fitness bracelet is not displayed, then refresh the page or reload the gadget.
  • Click on the name of the watch and perform pairing.

Please note that some smartwatches cannot be paired with a phone without an app. They simply do not appear in the list.

And after that we proceed to installing a special program.

How to connect a smart watch to the app?

As you understand, without an additional program, you will not be able to fully use a smart watch. This is understandable, because they need to send the received data somewhere. You will need to manually install the application from Google Play, which is suitable for your Smart-bracelet. All is ready? Then we go to conjugation:

  • At the first start, we perform a simple registration by entering an email address and coming up with a password. You can also go through and quickly create an account by logging in through any available service.
  • Click on the “Add device” button, and then select the type of your gadget from the list. This could be a smartwatch, a fitness tracker, and even smart sneakers. At least that’s how everything is displayed in the Mi Fit app.
  • We pair with the device following the instructions on the screen. We cannot tell you about the procedure in more detail, since it all depends on the specific program.

Immediately after connecting, the smartwatch is often updated, so do not be alarmed if you cannot immediately start using the gadget. Also, do not forget to include information about yourself, or rather about height and weight. This will make it more accurate to track all steps.!

So, now you know in general terms how to connect your smartwatch to your Android phone. If you have any difficulties, then on YouTube look for instructions specifically for your device. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев which Smart Watch you are trying to pair with your smartphone!

How to connect Smart watch to a smartphone

How to sync Smart watch with smartphone.

  • To get started, download the Android Wear app from the Play Market, it’s free.
  • On your phone, turn on
  • Turn on Smart watch, launch the downloaded program on the phone, place the gadget at a distance of no more than 1 meter from the smartphone.
  • In the application, click “Configure”, the screen will display the name of the watch, select it.
  • The displays of both devices will show codes, if they are the same. click “Connect”, otherwise repeat the procedure.

If the process is successful, the “Connected” icon will be displayed in the Android Wear app.

If you can’t sync

Let’s analyze the popular reasons why devices on Android wear do not connect to a smartphone. The first thing to check if your internet connection is enabled is data transfer. If so, let’s look at 3 more reasons.

  • Updating the operating system and Google applications. Pay attention to device compatibility. Smartwatch on Android wear connects to phones and tablets on Android 3 and higher. Check this parameter. In addition to the OS, the device must have Google services 7.3.28 and newer, Google Search 4.0, Android Wear 1.0 application.
  • See if you forgot to turn on Bluetooth on your phone (In the settings, section “Wireless networks”).
  • The Smartwatch should not be in Airplane Mode. Go to device parameters and check.
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These are the main moments when the smartphone or tablet does not see the device. If the operating system and programs are of the required versions, airplane mode is disabled, and Bluetooth is active, restart both devices. Factory reset also helps.

Go to the gadget’s settings, select the “System” section, and then “Disable and reset settings”.

If your phone still doesn’t see your smartwatch, uninstall and reinstall the Android Wear app. Repeat the sync process.

Huawei wear

Through Huawei Wear, you can synchronize your Android device with Huawei branded gadgets, including fitness bracelets and smartwatches of several models. The program has a similar principle of work with the previous software, but it also requires some other actions.

    First, download and install the program from Google Play. After launch, you need to accept the license agreement, which you should familiarize yourself with.

The following parameters are for the most part provided for using the application with a fitness bracelet, but, unfortunately, cannot be missed.

After completing the setup, confirm the activation of Bluetooth and then search for a compatible gadget. To continue, click “OK” and be sure to turn on Bluetooth on your smartwatch.

  • Next, you need to select a device from the list and confirm the pairing. The procedure will take some time, after which the main menu of the program will be displayed.
  • If you encounter problems during connection, you can manually select the desired watch model by opening the “Smart Watch” section.
  • The program is quite easy to use due to its intuitive interface and lack of authorization requirements.

    Wear OS by Google

    This solution, formerly known as Android Wear, is the most popular way to synchronize smartwatches of different models with an Android smartphone. Thanks to it, you can significantly expand the standard capabilities of smartwatches by synchronizing with your phone and adding some new functions. In particular, control can be simplified through the Google Assistant, access to music on the smartphone is provided, the appearance is personalized and much more.

      After downloading and installing on the start screen, click the “Start setup” button. Here you can also use the link to the page describing all the benefits of the application.

    Immediately after that, a prompt will appear on the screen to turn on the Bluetooth module on the smartphone in order to subsequently search for supported smart watches. Click the “Enable” button in the corresponding window.

    Next, you need to turn on Bluetooth on the connected watch. The procedure may differ on different devices, but is unlikely to raise any questions.

    After successfully detecting the smartwatch, a list of connections will appear on the smartphone screen. If the gadget is missing, you can tap on the link “The watch is not in the list” to go to the help section.

    Synchronization with the watch is fully automatic, so the procedure can be completed. Since Wear OS by Google provides a ton of options, it’s best to get familiar with the app’s features on your own. The connection process, as you can see from the instructions presented, should go through without problems.

    Other applications

    We did not consider applications that are not related to the topic of connection, but provide the ability to synchronize between devices. Among them are Google Keep, Coffee, Find My Phone and many others that differ significantly in terms of functions.

    It is worth remembering about the presence of such software, since with the help of each of them you can get functions that are absent by default on the gadget.

    Xiaomi watch for any phone

    You can connect the Xiaomi Amazfit watch to the phone using the Mi Fit mobile application:

    How to connect the watch to Android via Bluetooth

    There is an option when you can link the watch to the phone via Bluetooth without using any application. For this:

    Apple Watch with Android

    Apple plans to release a paid app for Android smartphone owners so that iWatch can be synchronized with a mobile device. But so far there is an alternative way to connect the Watch Series with a smartphone from a non-Apple manufacturer. This requires the installation of third-party software on both gadgets. Then you can connect them via Bluetooth connection.

    Step-by-step instruction

    Check the battery charge of your smartwatch. If necessary, put them on charge. Usually, this takes no more than 3-5 hours.

    Open the settings of your smartphone and in the section “Connected devices” or “Wireless connections” (the name may depend on the version of Android installed), find “Bluetooth”. Flip the switch to the on position.

    In the subsection “Available devices” the name of the Smart-watch will appear.

    If there is a QR code on the box with the Smartwatch, it must be scanned. the Play Market will automatically open on the required application.

    If this is the first time you launch the application, you may need to register. Enter your email address and create a password. Instead, you can also log in using a third-party service such as Google. In this case, you do not need to come up with a password.

    In order to connect Smart-watch, click on “” in the upper right corner of the application.

    In the list that appears, select “Clock”.

    A warning will appear that when the device is connected, information about the user’s activity, sleep and heart rate will be collected. To continue, select “Agree”.


    Select the type of watch you are going to connect.

    For faster pairing, bring your Smartwatch closer to your smartphone.

    If the device was successfully connected, the Mi Fit notification will be fixed in the notification shade. This is necessary so that Android does not automatically unload the running application from the device’s memory, which makes it possible to seamlessly synchronize the watch and smartphone.

    How to connect a smartwatch to an Android phone

    Smart watches are becoming more and more popular. They can not only send notifications to their owner and track his sports activity, but also open up additional opportunities for him. But, How to Connect Smart Watch to Android Phone?

    Any Smart-watch interacts with a smartphone through a special application that can be downloaded from the Play Market. Usually, a link or QR code can be found on the box with the device, making it easy to download the desired program.

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    Let’s consider the connection process using the example of Xiaomi Amazfit and their proprietary Mi Fit application. The tips discussed below can be applied by connecting any Smart-watch. only the visual design of the assistant program and the arrangement of menu items are different.

    If the watch loses connection with the smartphone

    Most smartphones on top of Android use a proprietary shell from the manufacturer. In addition to interface differences, it may contain third-party optimizers that are designed to improve device performance and increase energy efficiency.

    However, some shells indiscriminately unload any applications that run in the background from memory, which causes the watch to lose connection with the smartphone and cannot receive notifications. In order to fix this problem in Mi Fit, you can do the following:

    How to Pair Samsung Galaxy Watch with your Phone – Set Up Process

    In the “Profile” tab in the “My devices” section, select the connected Smart-watch.

    Find the item “Run in the background” and click on it.

    Read the instructions on the current page. As you can see, in order to avoid interruptions in communication, it is necessary to change the rules for autorun and battery management. To do this, in turn, you must press the “Go to Settings” buttons. This makes it easier to find the desired settings on the Android system.

    In the autorun settings, find Mi Fit (or another application if you are using a smart watch from another developer) and move the “Allow the application to start automatically” switch to the Enabled position.

    In the background activity settings, select the “No restrictions” option.

    connect, watch, android, samsung, phone

    These settings may vary slightly in smartphones from different manufacturers. However, the essence remains the same. It is necessary, firstly, to allow the application to turn on automatically if suddenly for some reason it stops working. And secondly, you need to prevent system optimizers from closing the program to save energy. The battery life of the smartphone will not change from this, since modern watches use energy efficient Bluetooth 5.0 and newer, and the problem will be solved.

    Fitness bracelet settings

    Universal recommendation for any tracker:

    • Charge the device and phone.
    • Download an official or analog application with subsequent installation.
    • Indicate personal information, including anthropometry, height, weight, age.
    • Synchronize gadgets via Bluetooth connection.

    At the final stage, they go to the bracelet to the “Notifications” item, mark the options with vibration activation. In the “Settings” enter the date, time, required measurements. The main thing is not to forget to indicate the desire for activity (the number of steps planned for a certain time period). Additional “programs”, such as “Master”, “Selfie”, will allow to expand the capabilities of the device. To avoid the appearance of errors, do not bring the tracker to full battery discharge.

    The main purpose of the bracelet in terms of interaction is its work with a binding to a smartphone. This makes it possible to significantly expand the possibilities of using the device and the efficiency of the readings. The maximum stability of the device is ensured when it is as close as possible to the mobile device.

    Since the fitness bracelet has a compact overall dimensions, its design uses parts that maximize the saving of working space without loss of functional qualities. Sometimes this leads to the need to introduce miniature low-power elements. Due to this, the Bluetooth configuration transmitter is also quite weak.

    Two smartphones can aggregate with each other during a Bluetooth conference at a distance of ten or more meters. With the trackers under consideration, the distance is reduced to 2-3 meters, depending on the capabilities of a particular device.

    If pairing fails

    The first steps to follow if your smartphone or iPhone does not connect to the fitness bracelet:

    • reboot Bluetooth to check if it is not connected to another phone;
    • disabling and re-enabling iPhone;
    • reconfiguring tracker.
    connect, watch, android, samsung, phone

    The reason for the lack of synchronization problem often manifests itself in the unoriginal application. For example, the “pirate” Band cannot be connected to the official Mi-Fit program “Xiaomi”. Among the troubleshooting issues is a low bracelet charge, after which the procedure is successful.

    After synchronizing the paired devices, do not allow the tracker to completely discharge. If you do not adhere to this advice, the risk of failure of the installed settings increases. It is imperative to make adjustments to the issuance of notifications, reminders, alarms, date, time. All other nuances are noted by checking the box opposite the corresponding box.

    The application is configured immediately after its launch. First, they register, log in, enter a phone number or email address. A more accurate adjustment is made after synchronizing the smartphone with the fitness bracelet.

    In the work of the most modern technology, malfunctions and malfunctions can occur. If this is caused by a manufacturing defect, the device can be replaced under warranty. In other cases, they find out the reason and take the necessary measures, most of which are available for an independent decision.

    Before purchasing a fitness bracelet, you should carefully study the instruction manual and technical parameters of the device. If you follow the recommendations, there are no problems with synchronizing the tracker and smartphone.

    Smartwatch and Android

    The smart device connects to an Android phone using special software. Applications (there are several of them) are available for free download in the public domain of the Play Market catalog.

    After downloading, you need to establish a connection “watch. Android phone”. To do this, an application is activated on the smartphone and the bracelet is turned on at the same time. Further steps for synchronization can be presented in the form of an algorithm:

    Combining one watch and several different mobile phones will not work. Whereas on one smartphone you can “install” several hours at once, for example, your own and for children. When changing a smartphone, the Smart-bracelet disconnects from the old gadget and connects to the new phone.

    10 reasons to buy a mechanical wristwatch

    The first analogue of modern wrist mechanical watches appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. And although today it is much more convenient to recognize the time by numerous gadgets, mechanical wristwatches still do not go out of fashion.

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    Configuring Applications

    All applications that are installed on a mobile phone and support a smart accessory are configured through the same utility that was used for synchronization. Enough:

    • go to the application;
    • select “Settings”;
    • find an application in the list;
    • select “Activate for SmartWatch”.

    The same applies to sound notifications about calls and SMS arriving on a mobile gadget.

    Setting up an accessory after connecting

    In order to use all applications not only on the phone, but also on the SmartWatch after connecting, the wrist accessory must be customized for yourself. For ease of use, you can change:

    The order and possibilities of settings depend on the models of the equipment involved.

    The logarithmic scale is a useful and complex function of a wristwatch

    Despite the rapid growth in popularity of smart watches, analog models are in great demand among buyers. This is not surprising, because many people are fans of the classics. For today, given.

    Clock setting

    Having figured out how to connect a smartwatch to an Android phone, you should start setting it up. First of all, you need to consider setting parameters in relation to notifications, since this is one of the main functions of the gadget.

    Messages are alerted according to the current profile set on the smartphone. In other words, if the sound is turned on on the phone, then it will be duplicated on the watch. If the profile “Silent” is active, then the signal and vibration will not be turned on.

    You can separately set the mode on a wrist accessory as follows:

    • Activate the gadget screen.
    • Swipe from the bottom of the screen to the top.
    • Click on the inscription “Do not disturb”. In earlier versions of Android, the caption can replace the bell icon, after clicking on which the silent mode is activated.

    An important parameter is the choice of the interface language. Often it is installed in accordance with the settings of the smartphone system, but if this did not happen, you must follow these steps:

    • Find the gear symbol in the clock menu and click on it.
    • Go to the section “Common settings”.

    Select “Language” and set the required language.

    connect, watch, android, samsung, phone

    The clock screen options have the following options:

    • display time during periods of inactivity;
    • turn off the display when the user is not looking at the gadget or using its functions;
    • complete shutdown (for example, during a visit to the cinema).

    You can set the settings in the application on the phone: go to the appropriate section and select the “Do not turn off the screen” item. On the watch, this is done in the “Screen” section. The brightness of the display is also set here by moving the slider.

    Connection app

    Despite the fact that the gadget can work as an independent device, it will be possible to take full advantage of its capabilities only with the help of a mobile phone.

    Synchronization between a smartphone and a watch takes place thanks to the Wear OS by Google app (formerly called Android Wear). You can download and install it through the Play Market.

    The main functions of the program include:

    • Using the voice assistant to get weather information, create reminders, search the Internet, and more.
    • Setting goals for physical activity and viewing its dynamics.
    • Listen to music and switch songs without having to reach your phone.
    • Receive notifications about calls and messages, as well as other notifications from applications installed on the smartphone.
    • View and create lists, events in the calendar.
    • Payment for purchases.

    Features may vary depending on watch model and country of use.

    How to connect a smartwatch to Android?

    The device pairing process is performed according to the following scenario:

    • Turn on the power on the watch.
    • Activate Bluetooth data transmission on your smartphone.
    • Launch the pre-installed Wear OS application.
    • Open the menu and click the “Configure” item.
    • Choose the name of your watch from the list provided.
  • Wait for the secret code to appear. Verify the identity of the numbers on both devices.
  • Press the “Connect” button if the data is correct. If the codes do not match, you must restart the wrist accessory and repeat the procedure from the beginning. Gadgets should be at a minimum distance from each other (preferably no more than 1 meter).
  • The process is completed, which will be indicated by the inscription “Connected” in the application window on the phone.

    If an unexpected error occurs, a crossed out cloud will appear on the screen, notifying of a failed sync.

    Connecting Smartwatch to Android Phone. Detailed Guide

    Smart watches have several purposes: tracking the location of a child, quickly answering an incoming call, viewing messages, monitoring a person’s physical condition during sports. Such devices are increasingly found in the arsenal of accessories of the modern user. In this article, we will look at how to connect a smartwatch to an Android phone and perform basic configuration of its functions.

    How to connect a second smartwatch to Android?

    Connecting multiple watches to one smartphone is only available on the Android operating system. It should also be borne in mind that one watch cannot be connected to several mobile phones.

    • Launch the Wear OS application on your smartphone.
    • Click on the down arrow. It is located next to the name of the previously connected gadget.
    • Select the item “New watch”.
    • The following steps almost completely repeat the connection procedure described in the second section of the article.

    The information provided allows you to understand how to connect your smart watch to your Android phone. The procedure is performed in a matter of minutes and does not require any special skills. The main parameters of the accessory are also configured at an intuitive level, which ensures trouble-free use by any category of users.

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