How to control TV via iPhone

Smart IR remote

Turns Smart into a universal device for controlling not only TV, but also a projector, set-top box, air conditioner and other equipment.

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In the menu that opens, you will:

  • select the desired device (in this case, click on the icon with the TV image);
  • decide on the brand and model of the TV (choose from the list of available options);
  • a remote control will open, which can be used to control all the options of the selected TV.

Honor’s interface is in English, but it’s so simple that it’s easy to figure out.

The utility is paid and does not work with all brands.

TV Remote

With the help of the program, as well as a phone or tablet on Android OS, you can control television equipment running on this operating system.

  • switch between joystick and touchpad modes;
  • play games on the big screen, controlling the gameplay with a remote control phone;
  • use voice commands to search for information;
  • type text on Android TV.

The only thing is that it is not possible to turn off the TV.

LG TV Plus

After installation, it will ask for access to the microphone, memory and other sections of a smart, such as the P Smart 2021 Midnight Black. To continue working, you need to click “Allow”. Next, you have to read the license agreement and accept it.

The app must be connected to the same network as the TV. The software will automatically find the turned on TV of the required company (you need to confirm the choice) and open the remote control screen to control it. Both standard options for remote control of LG TV from a phone are available, for example, to make the sound quieter / louder, and advanced: viewing content from a smartphone on a TV screen.

Nuance: The program under this name is used for the latest TVs with webOS. For models released in 2012–2013, you will need the TV Remote program.

Ways to control the TV from a smartphone

One thing combines both methods. you need software to turn the phone into a remote control (remote control).

Universal utilities

What are they needed for? The first point is that not all TV manufacturers develop proprietary utilities. The second is how to control the TV through the phone if there are several TV devices from different brands in the house (for example, KIVI and Panasonic)? For each to install a separate program? Not necessary. There are two versatile options available.

Apps from manufacturers

The giant companies took care of the development of proprietary utilities for remote control of a Samsung TV, LG or another brand from a phone. It remains to go to the Play Market, App Store and download the program. After installing it, you can use a mobile gadget instead of a remote control.

Smart View

Multifunctional program for convenient control of Samsung TV (for example, 43TU7090), playback of content from the phone. After starting the program, users will be prompted to decide on the permissions for the application.

Then the possibilities of the software will open:

  • quick selection and launch of Megogo, YouTube, Netflix and other entertainment applications;
  • browsers for searching information;
  • playback of photos, music and other files from the phone;
  • watching content from TV on the screen of a mobile gadget;
  • TV remote control, for example, on / off it.

You can switch between tabs at the top of the screen, a remote control with a trackpad is at the bottom.

TV Side View

How to use the program after installation:

  • Select the country of residence from the list and read the official agreement by ticking the consent box.
  • 4 digits will appear on the TV screen, which must be entered on the smart.
  • Add a device compatible with the program.
  • Enable TV remote start.
  • Install the required channels.

After the simple first steps to set up the utility, you can start testing your phone as a Sony TV remote control. Using a mobile device, you can switch between channels, switch to the “My Library” mode, find programs, receive notifications about the start of your favorite talk show, etc.

TV control apps

Consider the most popular applications that will help you use your smartphone as a remote control.

Connecting a smartphone to a TV

The whole process is carried out using a wireless connection. As a result, two devices must be connected to the same network. Set up synchronization between the equipment via a direct connection via Wi-Fi Direct (the function must be present in both devices) or a Wi-Fi router.

If you are using a TV device model without Wi-Fi, then you can connect it with a cable and control your TV without problems. this will not be an obstacle. Smart-TV will receive packets with information from a Wi-Fi router, and it can be controlled from a cellular wireless network.

This option is considered quite convenient in some situations. Since the transmission speed is much higher over a LAN cable than over Wi-Fi. As a result, if the user’s router gives a weak signal, then it is best to give preference to a direct connection. That is, the videos will be watched on Smart-TV, and control is carried out from the cellular TV over a wireless connection.

In general, it is clear how to connect a phone to a TV. Let’s imagine that you already have a smartphone and Smart-TV connected to the router. If there are any problems, you need to study the features of connecting the gadget and TV to the router.

You may encounter problems when connecting a gadget to a television device. In this case, you need to check the parameters, for this make sure that:

  • Smart-TV and smartphone are on the same network.
  • UPnP is enabled (not disabled) on the router.
  • The firewall does not suspend traffic between these devices and the local network.

Samsung Universal Remote

The South Korean technology manufacturer Samsung is perhaps the most famous brand in the world. Of course, the company had no right to leave consumers without a proprietary application that would allow the phone to be used as a remote control.

The program is called Samsung SmarTView, it is presented as a practical and simple utility. The main feature is the function of broadcasting images, both from a smartphone to a TV, and vice versa. Therefore, you can watch your favorite TV shows even when you are away from your TV device.

If we talk about the advantages, then it is worth highlighting the versatility. The application is tailored not only for TVs, but for any equipment from Samsung, which is equipped with a built-in infrared port.

For users who have several TVs in the house, there is an opportunity to create a special quick access tab for each model. If additional gadgets are connected to the TV device, for example, an audio system or a game console, then using Samsung SmarTView, you can quickly set up the operation of equipment within one menu.

Main functionality of the software:

  • Unique remote control. The user will be able to add custom buttons for various commands, as well as set their shape, color and size. You can also install an icon on each key.
  • Creation of macros. The ability to customize the list of actions with one click. This could be changing channels, changing the volume, or turning on the TV.
  • Create and save IR codes for various commands.
  • Scanning Models to Adjust Timing.
  • Backup. Absolutely all basic parameters and commands can be dropped onto another smartphone without any problems.
  • Widget for the main menu of an Android smartphone. TV-device can be controlled even without opening the program.

How to control a TV from an Android phone via apps

Not so long ago, controlling TV from your cell phone was considered a fantastic and impossible task. Modern technologies have stepped forward, and now control of the TV using an ordinary smartphone is quite possible. Since everyone has a mobile phone, why don’t they notice the remote control? Smartphone app developers and electronics companies have made this idea a reality. They did not confine themselves to the question of how to control the TV from the phone, but went even further. in addition to the remote control function, now on the TV you can completely duplicate the smartphone screen, as well as launch various content directly on the TV.

From the topic of the article it is clear that a smartphone can fully replace a standard push-button remote control. How to do this and what is required for this? on this later in the article.

What do you need to control a TV from your phone? Developers of modern technology are trying to minimize instructions for setting up, connecting a device.

The task of the companies is to make the operation of various equipment as comfortable and simple as possible. There is no need for a long study of instructions, watching videos, chatting on forums to find the answer to the question “How to use the phone as a regular remote control for a TV device?”.

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Smartphone, TV and app required. The most popular option is a Wi-Fi connection. Thanks to the presence of a wireless interface, the user will be able to install various applications, connect different devices to each other.

Today, even the cheapest mobile phones have wireless connectivity, and televisions are no exception. Wi-Fi is supported only by Smart TV, “smart” operating systems, turn it into a device with advanced functionality.

You can control an outdated TV model without Wi-Fi support only if the smartphone has an IR transmitter. Next, let’s take a closer look at the guide for controlling the TV using applications.

How to control an old TV from a tablet (smartphone)

A rather interesting solution was proposed by Xiaomi, known in the gadget market as an organization that produces inexpensive but high-quality smartphones with high performance and additional “chips”.

Through the built-in infrared port, Xiaomi smartphones have the ability to control old television devices that do not have Wi-Fi. This control method applies to air conditioners, projectors and other equipment. If you are the owner of a TV without Smart TV support, you can purchase a Xiaomi cell phone and control the device via infrared.

If we consider the features of connecting a phone to a TV, there are no difficult points in the software issue. Perhaps you thought that you have to connect the TV to the PC, thereby activating the program. Everything is much simpler. You will need to download the application to your mobile device, depending on the operating system, then connect the smartphone and TV, make adjustments to their work, and that’s it.

The first step is to find the official applications for the correct operation of the television device. When buying a model from the LG brand, you will need to familiarize yourself with the company’s website. If the company is no less well-known, then you need to find universal software. Most often, such applications contain the phrases Remote Control or Remote TV. For example, consider the following applications:

When the user does not want to depend on the wireless Internet, plus he also bought a cell phone from Xiaomi with an infrared port, it may not be necessary to perform additional steps. The official Mi Remote app must be present on the mobile phone. The program is quite simple and easy to use.

We open the software, synchronize with the necessary TV, and you can simply forget about the control panel.

You can proceed to the study of applications that, in force majeure situations, can easily perform the functions of a real TV remote control after installation on the phone.

Selecting an application to control your TV

Users know what it takes to control a TV from a tablet and a smartphone. Now we will look at the most popular applications, plus we will study the connection process.

Accent will be based on software for Android devices, as more utilities are presented for this particular operating system. In most cases, the programs are universal, therefore they are suitable for any technique. Most of them are used for iPhone too.

often than not, annoying ads will haunt you in free apps. It is best to choose with the minimum amount of advertising for comfortable control of your TV. After all, constantly pop-up videos repel the user and overload the cell.

There are registered manufacturers that support their specific line of smartphones and for high-quality synchronization of the virtual remote control with their Smart TV models, and to support their own brand they develop software.

Such a decision of companies is considered quite practical, especially if a person prefers a particular brand. Also, companies build in such developments unique functions for maximum interaction of cellular with TV.

Let’s imagine that you are the owner of a TV and cell phone from the global brand Samsung. In such a situation, there is no need to use other applications to connect these devices.

In such a situation, Samsung SmarTView is the best option. The main competitor, also the Korean company LG, did not approach the development of the application so critically. Their LG TV Remote app can be used on any Android or iOS device, regardless of brand.

How exactly to switch channels on a TV using a cellular, we will consider further.

Easy Universal TV Remote

A program for mobile phones that makes the device a remote control. This software differs from analogs only in the interface. Accordingly, the set of commands remains practically unchanged. With the Easy Universal TV Remote, you can turn on the TV via your phone or change the sound, change the channel, etc.

To get started, just select one of the 3 proposed connection modes for your mobile device, as well as the TV model. Most of the free programs have one common drawback. there is no option to disable ads. Accordingly, it is impossible to get rid of annoying banners that overload the smartphone’s processor and interfere with the normal use of the application, as well as expand the functionality of the software.

TV Remote Control

Universal software that allows you to control television equipment using a smartphone. The application does not have a Russian-language version, but the intuitive and simple interface fully compensates for this flaw. Therefore, each user has to cope with the functionality of the main menu.

Set up a wireless Internet connection or synchronize the program and devices via IrDa interface. Then write down the IP address of the TV, and also select your own from the list of proposed models. The application developers have implemented support for popular models from leading manufacturers: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sharp, Akai and many others.

The software has many useful commands for controlling Android TV: power on, numeric keypad, channel change and sound settings. There are no paid versions of the software with advanced functionality, so ads will periodically appear.

How to control a TV using a tablet or phone

By the way, you can use your accessory like a real gamepad, although you won’t be able to connect it to a PS3 or Xbox360, because it is intended only for control in games for a TV. Naturally, this is a very incomprehensible activity, but in this situation Samsung Remote fails. Pressing the button may just not work, but in my opinion, this is not a very big loss. Of the minuses, it should also be noted that in the 2nd variant of the button layout, after clicking on one of them, the screen will move exactly to the center of the remote control. It’s a trifle, but after a couple of minutes it starts to slightly annoy. Still, the response times are great. In this regard, the phone is simply indistinguishable from the remote control.

I have been using it for a long time! A charming thing! Grandmothers came to NG and, in order to keep them busy, turned on the series for them, when it was necessary to switch to the next episode or just pause so as not to run back and forth from the kitchen (where I cut salads _ ^) to the living room, very nice was to control TV via wi-fay from an accessory that is always at hand and operates within the radius of the router’s action.!

Message sent via iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Use Your iPhone As A Universal TV Remote Controller ( FREE )

Message sent via iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

and what kind of TV should you buy, what Samsung is clear, and which one? or just the one in which there is Wi-Fi? or only a series of elites?

Message sent via iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

During all this time, there was one update. But with my TV Samwysung works absolutely no problem!

I also want to recommend iMediaShare, a handy thing, something like AirPlay.

Those who hate Samsung don’t buy their tech.

P.S.S. The reporter! Well, if you are doing an interview specifically about Samsung, then the Apple docking station remote control is not appropriate here.!

A wonderful application, I have been using it for a long time, by the way, input problems can be solved using jailbreak and samygo.

looked at her for a long time. but to my 40-inch 5000 does not connect, although the TV can see.

how did you connect it on the waffle? I just conducted a LAN cable from the router to the TV set, but still I can’t connect, I don’t see.

IOS Users Can Control Samsung Smart TVs with Updated Smart View Software

Samsung has taken a step towards the owners of the iPhone and iPad by expanding the capabilities of the proprietary Smart View application, designed to control Smart TVs. At the moment, new features are available in beta testing format, and the official launch is scheduled for early 2016.

The main innovation of the software is support for third-party devices. Smart View will be available not only for owners of gadgets running Android, but even for iPhone and iPad users with iOS 7.1 and higher. over, there will be an application for the desktop version of Windows. The software, among other functionality, will allow you to transfer multimedia content from mobile and desktop devices to TVs for playback.

“The new Smart View application has received support for a wide range of devices for connecting to Samsung Smart TVs, and not only the Galaxy models for which this service was originally created. As a result, Smart View now supports Android, iOS and Windows, allowing users to stream their photos, music and videos from their gadgets to Samsung Smart TVs. ”.

In addition, Smart View software will be available for more Samsung TVs. We are talking about devices from the 2011 model year.

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How to Use Any iPhone as a Smart TV Remote Control (100% Works)

How to Control a TV Using an Iphone

How to control a TV using an iphone

It seems like you hated Samsung. the fact remains. Koreans can do benign and multifunctional technique. For example, TVs, especially the Elite series. In this industry, they occupy the top positions without any questions. Each of them has different software, so it was not a huge surprise for me when I found out that it can be controlled using any phone from the Galaxy series, but there was no word in the annotation about such ability of gadgets from other companies, including Apple. With the help of Samsung Remote, this is now acceptable for us.

There are two methods of interacting with the screen. 1st. these are four buttons, in order to switch channels and change the sound level. If this is not quite enough for you, then the 2nd option is a full-fledged panel that does not fit completely and must be moved with a swipe. There is one button on it, which is missing on the unique remote. HDMI. It may be a trifle, but nice. From this layout, you can also freely change the outputs, activate the display mode in 3D and go to the Smart menu. By the way, the latter is most convenient to control directly from the phone, because it will be much more familiar than using the remote control to select the appropriate item. The same is the case with the web browser. To be honest, Samsung made it terrifying in their own TVs, because to do small operations on it, you need to suffer a lot. Now, with the help of a special trackpad, this process can be facilitated, but, unfortunately, not by much. You cannot move the cursor freely. It will move slowly, at a speed of 2 pixels per second, and this is no good.

Short description

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Control your TV with iPhone / iPad and VooMote Zapper

If you’re one of those old-fashioned people who still watch TV on traditional TV, then you probably have that same wireless channel change thing at your disposal. It uses AA batteries and magic beams of light to switch channels and adjust sound.

Now you can safely put aside the usual remote control and lean back on the big soft sofa, getting rid of the last pair of AA batteries. Thanks to VooMote Zapper, you can use any iGadget in your home as a universal remote control.

Of course, the idea of ​​such an approach is not new for Apple technology, because the Cupertino-based company helps such developers in every possible way to introduce unusual accessories. But VooMote is small, relatively inexpensive, and tightly integrates with iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

According to the manufacturer, this product line is suitable for any electronic equipment, thanks to the four built-in IR transmitters. You can twist, flip and tilt your device, and VooMote Zapper will still work.

  • Set up takes minutes.
  • One Touch function allows you to execute a series of commands with one button.
  • Ability to personalize VooMote Zapper.
  • Controlling multiple devices in different rooms with Room Control.
  • Using the swipe gesture for basic functions, including channel switching.
  • Share settings with all iOS devices via iCloud.

The range of the VooMote Zapper is 7.5 meters, which is more than enough for a typical apartment. The device is an elegant solution for a touch-sensitive universal remote control, and its cost does not exceed 70.

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How to control TV via iPhone

Today’s TVs go beyond TV monitors. They are increasingly dominated by the capabilities of a low-power computer, in particular, they can access the Internet, install applications, synchronize with other devices. One of the capabilities of modern TVs is the ability to control them using a tablet or smartphone, clearly how to do this will be described in this article.

In order to control the TV, it is necessary that the TV and the smartphone / tablet are connected to the same local network. It is also necessary that the corresponding application be installed on the smartphone / tablet. In practice, it looks like this, you need to connect your TV to a router (via Wi-Fi or a network cable) and connect to the same router from a mobile device.

At the time of this writing, there are three applications:

Links for iPhone / iPad (iOs) Links for Android
LG TV Remote 2011 (iOs) LG TV Remote 2011 (Android)
LG TV Remote (iOS) LG TV Remote (Android)
LG TV Plus (iOS) LG TV Plus (Android)

LG TV Remote 2011. this application should be used for TVs manufactured in 2011

LG TV Remote. this application is suitable for TVs produced in 2012-2013.

LG TV Plus. this application is for TVs released in 2014 and later with Web OS.

You can find more information in the description for each application.

In my case, I am using an LG TV with Web OS. therefore, further we will talk about setting it up.

Attention. So that there are no problems with the connection of mobile devices and control, we recommend updating the TV firmware.

After installation, launch the application and turn on the TV you want to connect to.

Allow the program to send you notifications.

The program will scan the network for TVs and indicate them in the program. Select the one you need, in this case it is one.

Next, a window should appear about the successful connection to the TV.

As a result, you will see a control menu, which is quite easy to understand.

It follows from Honor that there is more than one menu. In one of them, you can launch the Smart application or switch the input to another device.

In the other, you can use the touch panel.

A feature of using a phone / tablet as a control panel is that you can control the TV from another room, in general, where your wireless network will be “caught”.

As you could see for yourself, you can control the TV not only using the remote control or the youngest in the family, but also using a smartphone / tablet.


For owners of TVs from the South Korean company Samsung, the manufacturer has developed its own application called Samsung Smart View. It is recommended to use it regardless of the phone model. This program for Android is a TV remote control that has the following features:

  • full customization of equipment through the application;
  • creation of additional buttons;
  • one-click command management;
  • data backup creation;
  • data synchronization;
  • broadcasting photos and videos to TV from your phone and vice versa;
  • watching TV programs at a distance;
  • control through one application several devices of this company at once, but subject to the presence of an infrared port.

Dexp is a Russian firm for the development and production of electronics and household appliances. In the global market since 1998. To date, the manufacturer has not yet created a proprietary application for controlling TVs via Android. Therefore, any universal application is used for TVs of this brand.

Important! To establish communication with a mobile device in most TV models of this company, communication with the phone is established through the “Configuration” section in the TV engineering menu, where the model of the desired gadget is entered. Next, the TV itself finds the device with which it needs to contact.

How to control TV via Android phone using Wi-Fi

As mentioned earlier, you can create a remote control from an Android mobile device for any TV with a built-in Smart function and maintaining a Wi-Fi connection.

If this function is absent, it can be compensated for using a smart set-top box like Google Chromecast. Such set-top boxes are connected to TV via cable. The remote control for the Android digital TV set-top box is also very handy. Thanks to him, through TV, you can use the Internet, Skype, play any files from your mobile device and switch channels.

The connection settings algorithm is also very simple:

  • Download and install the necessary program on your mobile phone, which will make the remote control from the Android smartphone and will fit the TV model.
  • Check the TV’s wireless network connection.
  • Complete settings in the program.

Important! To control TV from an Android phone, both devices must be connected to the same network.

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If there are problems when connecting the gadget to the TV, then the first thing to do is to check the following parameters:

  • connecting both devices from the same network;
  • UPnP router connection;
  • correct firewall settings.

IR remote control for android

Unfortunately, mobile devices equipped with an infrared port are gradually dying out. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models still had a built-in infrared port, but the subsequent S7 and S7 Edge models no longer. This feature is more common in smartphones from Chinese manufacturers. These phones include Xiaomi Mi5, Huawei P9, Meizu Pro 6, etc.

Mobile devices with an infrared port usually have an OS add-on or a separate application. However, the functionality of such programs is very limited. Therefore, to control TV via infrared, it is recommended to install a third-party TV remote control program on Android.

Universal TV Remote

This is another free program that will turn a smartphone into a remote control for almost every TV model. After launching the application, a virtual remote control will appear on the phone, the buttons of which will be the same as on the main one. But compared to Smart IR Remote and SURE Universal TV Remote, this application seems a little outdated.

Overview of third-party IrDA applications

Below is an overview of the most popular specialized applications that will make it easier for users to control TV through a mobile phone.


This trade mark originated in Japan back in 1974. It specializes in small household, climatic and consumer electronics. For TVs of this brand on Google Play, you can find an application called Remote Control For Supra TV.

For TV from Sony, Sony Video and TV SideView programs have been developed with a Russian version. After the first launch, both applications are immediately ready to work without additional settings. Using these utilities, you can manage multiple devices at once. And for the keys, you can connect a vibration function, which is also very convenient.

Note! You can use the Sony Video and TV SideView utilities for both Android and iOS phones.

For owners of LG TVs, the manufacturer has developed the LG TV Plus utility, which is suitable for controlling equipment of only this brand.

When launching the program to expand the TV functions, the application requests access to multimedia files. This is followed by the initial settings. On the Smart TV itself, through the tool menu and “Network”, you need to activate the LG Connect Apps function, which starts an automatic search for devices for synchronization. Further, the use of the virtual remote control becomes considered configured.

Features of this application. the ability to switch channels through the keys, a number pad for searching and broadcasting multimedia files of the phone on the TV screen.


Smart IR Remote is compatible with almost any infrared device. And now, with his help, it is possible to control almost 900 thousand different devices.

TV SideView

Although the name does not indicate a specific brand, this app is not suitable for all TV models. It was developed by Sony TV devices. After launching, the program is completely ready to work. There will be ads in the app, but they will not interfere with use. It is noteworthy that the channel keys immediately open here and there is no need to look for them in additional menus. As for the settings, they allow you to set vibration and add buttons to the control panel.

The application is suitable for all users and has a Russian-language version. over, no additional settings are required before launching, which is a clear advantage.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Another interesting option for controlling your TV from your smartphone. The main difference is in the interface. As for the functionality, it almost completely repeats the set of commands of other applications. You can switch between channels, use the numeric keypad, increase or decrease the sound.

Before starting, you must select one of the proposed connection modes. As with most other apps on this topic, banner ads will appear from time to time. You cannot disable them, since there is no paid version.

How to connect a smartphone and a TV device

Controlling your TV from your phone is quite simple. This requires a wireless connection. over, both devices are connected to the same network. Synchronization settings are made through direct activation of WI-FI Direct. Or a router. If the TV does not have a WI-FI function, it can be connected via a cable. By the way, sometimes this option is more acceptable, since the transmission speed through the cable may be higher, especially if the WI-FI signal is weak.

Before you can proceed with the configuration, make sure of the following:

  • Phone and TV are on the same network.
  • The router has UPnP mode enabled.
  • Firewall is configured correctly.

If all of the above is observed, there should be no problems with connecting the device.

By the way, if the TV does not have WI-FI and you cannot synchronize it via the network, Xiaomi offers a solution using the infrared port of its gadgets. over, it is possible to control in this way not only TVs, but also other household appliances. Now let’s go directly to the review of the software.

Lg plus

Like the previous version, this virtual remote control for LG TV from your phone is created exclusively for one brand. In the description of the application, you can find out which LG TV models are supported by this program.

After you have made the first launch of the application, it needs to be granted permission to use media files. This significantly expands the functionality, as it allows you to play music and videos from the phone’s memory (or memory cards) directly on the TV.

This is followed by the initial setup of the application. On the TV, you need to go to the Network section and then LG Connect Apps. By enabling the function, you start an automatic search for devices. After synchronization, you can start controlling the remote control from your smartphone. The features of the application include the ability to play multimedia files. Implemented support for entering and switching channels from the keyboard, as well as a numeric pad for search.

Android TV Remote Control

The app is used to control TV from Android phone. Before the first start, you need to connect the TV to the WI-FI network. Further, after launch, the user grants all the necessary permissions, including access to multimedia. From the list of devices, you must select the appropriate TV and you can start using the remote control.

The features of the application include security, localization (there is support for the Russian language), technical support from Google. Controlling your TV from your Android phone with this app is easy and simple.

TV Assistant

It is a universal app and works with most modern TV models. You can download the program via Google Play. A short instruction manual is offered immediately upon start-up. If you already know how to use the app, you can skip this step.

To connect to TV, you need to go to the Remote control section. It will take just a few minutes. The application offers a user-friendly interface. All buttons are in place.

The advantages of this virtual remote control include support for all versions of Android OS, Russification, and the absence of advertisements. The software is completely free. File exchange is offered, you can connect via a QR code. In general, the program leaves a pleasant impression of using.

Samsung SmarTView

The South Korean company offers to make a remote control from the phone to control the TV. Samsung SmarTView is not only a way to control TV devices from this manufacturer, but also the ability to work with other brand household appliances.

The main feature is that you can stream multimedia files from your mobile device to your TV and vice versa. After synchronization, users can watch programs or movies even if they are away from the TV.

Unlike most other TV applications of this type, Samsung SmarTView offers richer functionality. For example, if you have several TVs, you can bookmark each of them in the application. In addition, using a smartphone, you can configure the operation of any gadgets connected to the TV device.

  • Ability to customize and add your own buttons.
  • One-click action list setup.
  • Creation of infrared codes and commands.
  • Fast sync.
  • Data backup.
  • Widget for the main menu. You can operate the virtual console without turning on the software product.
  • The ability to turn on the TV through the phone.

TV Remote Control

This program is a universal TV remote control via a phone, that is, it allows you to control a TV of any model using your mobile phone. Despite the absence of a Russian-language version of the software, it has a clear interface that any novice user can understand. To work with the application, it is enough to synchronize the program, smartphone and TV via IrDA interface. The creators of the software product have implemented support for the most popular models of Smart TVs from well-known manufacturers Samsung, PanSonyk, LG, Sharp and Akai.

Using the application for a mobile phone, you can control the numeric keypad (for example, to search for the desired content on the Internet), switch channels on the TV from the phone and change the sound settings. The software product is downloaded in the public domain, so from time to time various advertisements will appear.