How to create cloud storage on iPhone

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How to delete files in the cloud on iPhone?

If you find that you are running out of space or simply accumulated a lot of unnecessary information, you can easily delete unnecessary files. This is as easy as saving to the cloud on your iPhone. This is done as follows.

  • Launch the Files app
  • Click Browse at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “iCloud Manager” under Locations.
  • Click on a folder to open it.
  • Then. “Select” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select the files you want to delete.
  • Click “Delete” in the lower right corner.

It is worth noting that there is no confirmation of the operation when deleting. Deleting files only marks them in advance. They can be restored in the Files application.

Where is the cloud on the iPhone? What is iCloud and how to use it

There was a time when cloud storage was just a high-tech term used by industry insiders. Now everything is different, and each user can access such services. They are designed to make your life easier by vastly expanding your device’s memory size through digital means. Where is the cloud on the iPhone and how to use it?

How to Move Files in the Cloud on iPhone

iCloud Drive is now stored in the Files app for iOS 11. It opens up many options for storing and organizing files on your device. You no longer need to stick to app-based folders to organize your content. you can handle everything in Files like Dropbox or Box. How do you work in it? How to find cloud photo on iPhone and copy it?

  • Launch the “Files” application
  • Click Browse at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on iCloud Manager under Locations.
  • Click on a folder to open it.
  • Then. “Select” in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the files you want to move.
  • Click Move at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click a folder to choose a destination for the files.
  • Select “Move” in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to use iCloud Drive on your iPhone

The great thing about iCloud Drive for iOS. this is what it always works. You don’t need to do anything or configure anything. Once you’re signed in to your iCloud Drive account, any cloud-enabled apps will give you options to open and save documents.

One of the best features of iCloud Drive. this is how it works in conjunction with Mac and Windows. Saving any documents in the cloud makes them instantly available to any service that supports it in iOS, and vice versa. Where is the cloud on the iPhone? You can find all files, documents and folders in the iCloud Drive app.

In order to access the full version of the “iCloud” site, you will need to use any browser other than “Safari”. There is no mobile version of this resource, but the process of working with the online repository is very simple. So you can process data from multiple accounts at the same time.

How difficult is it to use cloud storage?

With the right service, cloud storage is incredibly easy to use. Most modern devices give you the ability to save to the cloud immediately. From there, accessing your data is as easy as using an embedded storage medium.

The main hurdle when working with cloud storage is data management. It is possible to sign in to the cloud from an iPhone, but it requires a third-party browser. In addition, the habit of having information in several places is difficult. Fortunately, most cloud services make it easy to automatically back up your data and manage your files.

What is iCloud?

iCloud Drive. it is Apple’s solution for managing documents and files on iOS and Mac. If you have an iCloud account, you can use this storage. Subscription range from free to 19.99 per month, depending on your volume needs. First of all, you will need to complete the setup process and get started with iCloud Drive.

Why is it useful to use cloud storage?

There are several good reasons to use cloud storage. For example, Apple likes to charge extra fees for increasing storage devices. The problem is that modern devices continue to consume more and more storage space. Regardless, Apple is not going to reduce the cost of the 256GB iPhone models, so an alternative is needed.

This is cloud storage. Remote servers can store tons of photos, videos, and other data at a reasonable cost. Beyond that, you rarely have to take extra steps to access them.

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Cloud storage also makes it easy to transfer data between multiple devices. Imagine a simple process of copying photos from your phone to PC without the cloud. You will have to deal with wires or the cumbersome process of sending files via email. Syncing iPhone to the cloud avoids this.

Yet one of the most overlooked benefits of cloud storage. these are the backup options it offers. Ideally, you should make a copy of every important file you have on the server. This will allow you not to worry about the risks of losing information.

However, the best reason for using cloud storage is relatively simple: it’s the future. People may one day live in an era where the cloud will become the dominant storage method. So it’s best to check it out now.

How to choose an iCloud Drive subscription plan

By default, iCloud Drive comes with 5GB of free space. This is the same amount that you previously received for backups. Where is the cloud on the iPhone? In new versions, it is accessed through the “Files” application.

If you feel that this is not enough, you can sign up for more GB. Or, if you are already paying for an iCloud subscription, you can change it to suit your current needs.

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Click on iCloud.
  • Next, click “Storage“.
  • Click Change Storage Plan.
  • Choose the plan that best suits your needs.
  • Click “Buy” in the upper right corner.
  • Sign in to your iCloud account to complete the purchase.

That’s all. Your storage will change immediately and you will see the selected subscription.

Go to the cloud on iPhone

Cloud storage is hugely popular for its convenience and affordability. Many applications offer their users storage space for important files at affordable prices. Nevertheless, a branded iCloud cloud is available for iPhone owners, this article will help you to enter it.

Go to the cloud on iPhone

IPhones have a built-in function of syncing with Apple’s iCloud cloud, but the user has the right to decide whether to enable it or use the services of third-party applications, for example, Dropbox or Yandex.Disk. The advantage of iCloud is ease of use on iOS devices.

iCloud Drive

The iCloud service allows you to store various user data in the cloud storage, and you can access them both from the iPhone and from other devices from Apple, including a Mac computer. In the latter case, the user can create a special folder on the computer, all files from which will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, and which can be viewed on the website.

To use the cloud on the iPhone and go into it, you must activate the corresponding feature in the device settings.

Scroll down and find the line “iCloud Drive”. Slide the switch to the right to activate data sync with cloud storage.

The iCloud Drive app will now appear on your desktop. Opening it, the user will be taken to the storage with free 5 gigabytes of disk space. We recommend you read our article on how to use iCloud on iPhone at the link below.

Problems signing in to iCloud

At the end of the article, we will look at the most common problems and their solutions that arise when logging into iCloud, whether it is an application or a web version.

    Make sure Caps Lock is off and the Apple ID and password are correct. Please note that in some countries it is possible to use your phone number as your Apple ID. Forgot your username or password? Use our tips to regain access to your account.

Find out the forgotten Apple ID
Apple ID password recovery

  • If your account has two-step verification enabled, check that the verification code you entered is correct;
  • If after logging in, not all sections are available to the user (for example, there are no Contacts or Notes), then you should go to “Settings”. “Your Apple ID”. “iCloud” and enable the necessary functions using the switches;
  • User may encounter various errors when logging into their Apple ID to activate iCloud. We described how to deal with them in the following articles.
  • details:
    “Apple ID blocked for security reasons”: returning access to your account
    Fixing the error connecting to the Apple ID server
    Fixing the error “Verification failed, login failed”

  • Make sure “iCloud Drive” is enabled in iPhone settings. How to do this is described at the beginning of this article;
  • Update your device to the latest iOS version. This helps in case of incorrect application work due to incompatibility;
  • Files not syncing with other devices? Check if everyone is signed in with the same Apple ID.
  • The user can choose what kind of cloud storage he uses: standard Ikloud or third-party services. In the first case, you need to activate a special function in the settings.

    How to sign in to iCloud from iPhone

    Owners of several Apple devices must know how to log into iCloud from an iPhone or iPad if necessary, because sometimes you need to get data from another device right now.

    For those who have never used iCloud: this is a cloud storage that not only makes it possible to store and synchronize your media files, contacts and other data. But it also backs up all devices, which will make it easy to transfer everything you need to a new model.

    ICloud features

    The cloud syncs a lot of data

    Let’s see, what can iCloud sync? Standard transfer objects include:

    • Multimedia content (books, films, and so on). Your entire library will not be lost when you move to a new version of the iPhone, or when it breaks.
    • Photo and video. Not a single shot you take will be lost, which means that valuable memories will remain in your memory and phone account forever.
    • Settings. You don’t have to find the desired sound level or design again. iCloud will pull everything up by itself.
    • Messages and ringtones.
    • Application data (game progress, accounts, etc.)
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    I especially want to dwell on the synchronization of application data: some games allow using synchronization to pause the level on the iPad and continue from the same place on the iPhone (and vice versa), which is very convenient, for example, in the case of a dead battery.

    How to sign in to iPhone cloud

    It will not be possible to get into the storage through the standard Safari browser: you will be asked to log in to the iPhone and go into it, but in the meantime, it may be necessary to visit the full version, and not the mobile.

    For some, it is possible with the help of Google Chrome, but soon Apple will cover this possibility. To be able to log into your cloud or friend’s account, simply click “Share” and select “Full Site”, and then follow the resulting link. Similarly, you can immediately find the button “Full version”.

    Where to download iCloud?

    You do not need to download anything, the cloud service is built into iOS starting from version 5. Fully all functions become available after a free update to iOS 8 and higher. It is also worth noting that registration is unnecessary: ​​the login and password from Apple ID are used to enter.

    Create Your Own Hosted Cloud Storage Server in Minutes. OwnCloud

    Do not transfer your data from iCloud to third parties under any circumstances! They will be able to study all your photos, correspondence and other materials.

    When you might need to sign in to the iPhone cloud

    The data required for synchronization is marked

    It may be necessary to get into the repository through the site version in the following cases:

    • Asking a friend to drop an important file from his cloud. In order not to suffer with account unlinking and other troubles, you can simply log into iCloud in the browser.
    • Broken iPhone. For important meetings, you can pull out a contact number from synchronized contacts.
    • Desire for more convenient navigation. Someone likes this version more.

    Remember: by synchronizing your data with the cloud and knowing how to enter it, you will never lose important information.

    How does the cloud work on iPhone? Principle of operation in general terms

    The principle of cloud storage is built on streaming files to local server storage Apple.

    When an iPhone user takes a new photo, records a video file, or works with bookmarks on the gadget, the built-in iOS monitoring system records and saves the results of new or previously changed files to the device’s internal cache. By connecting to Wi-Fi, you are automatically connected to the iCloud cloud storage. iOS sends a command to the server about changed or new documents, and they are automatically uploaded to Apple’s local storage.

    The file, at the time of uploading from the iPhone to the cloud, is divided into equal parts and distributed among the storage servers. Each document or photo has several backups that allow you to store information in different places. In case of loss of data about the downloaded file or equipment malfunction, the backup will instantly get information about the previously uploaded media content to the cloud.

    When an iPhone user enters the cloud storage and downloads the file he needs, it is automatically assembled by means of powerful computing equipment and transmitted through secure encryption to the owner’s phone.

    Which cloud is best for iPhone at present?

    Indeed, many iPhone users often wonder where to store their photos and video recordings. How can you access them most quickly from any part of the planet where there is Internet.

    The task of choosing cloud storage for the iPhone comes down to several competitors in this area. We will try to tell you in more detail about the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

    The assessment of cloud storage services for the iPhone will consist of the following criteria:

    iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service

    iCloud. a powerful and high-tech cloud service that is able to keep your personal media files safe and sound from unauthorized persons. In addition to storing photos and data, it is able to: track the location of your iPhone computer or other phone; quick and remote setup of iPhone, calendar events and more.

    There is no point in talking about the convenience of using the iCloud service, which was specially developed by Apple for buyers and users of iPhone or iPad. Quite simple.

    By purchasing a new iPhone, you create an iCloud cloud account that is tied to one or more devices, if you have more than one.

    To access the cloud on iPhone, you need to be authorized in the device settings, and all previously saved photos or personal data, such as contacts, calendar entries or notes, are automatically downloaded to the iPhone. This adds the maximum number of points to the usability of the iCloud service. You don’t need to install additional software on your phone.

    When registering an Apple cloud storage account, the user is given 5 GB of free storage for the most important files on the iPhone cloud. To expand the amount of storage in the cloud, you are offered a choice of three subscription options, which are presented in the screenshot below. The cost is indicated in rubles per month of use.

    Yandex Disk is one of the ways to choose cloud storage for photos and videos on iPhone

    Recently, we described in detail one of the processes of downloading music to the iPhone using the Yandex Disk cloud storage. You can read about it here.

    In addition to downloading music, this service will allow you to store in your cloud spaces all the photos and video files that are on the iPhone.

    Many iPhone buyers use the cloud storage service. This is primarily due to the small amount of memory in the device. Yandex Disk for free offers about 20 GB for uploading media files to the cloud from the iPhone. This space is more than enough to understand all the features of the service in free mode.

    The usability of Yandex Drive on iPhone doesn’t seem as promising as in the case of iCloud. Autoload YAD will allow you to automatically upload only photo and video files from iPhone to cloud storage.

    As for the cost. Yandex offers, as we said earlier, about 20 GB of permanent space in the cloud for free, as well as the ability to expand memory for an additional fee. You can familiarize yourself with the current tariffs (at the end of 2017) in the screenshot below.

    Attention! Yandex Disk constantly conducts free promotions with Partners, which will allow you to significantly increase your iPhone cloud storage space. The price and cost of these services may differ from the presented on the official website of the software product.

    A Brief Summary of Choosing Cloud Storage for iPhone

    We have considered just a few options for the most popular services for storing photos and videos from iPhone on the Internet. There are a huge number of competitors who can offer you the most favorable terms for renting a storage facility. The main thing is not to forget that proven and popular services have reliable data protection against hacking, which will prevent the leakage of personal files to the Internet. Choose the most convenient way to store your data in the iPhone cloud, based on our summary table of advantages and disadvantages.

    How to create a cloud on an iPhone using a PC or phone?

    The process of registering or creating a storage account on the Internet on iPhone does not take much of your time. Let’s take a closer look at the situation using the example of registering a cloud of iCloud and Yandex Disk from start to finish.

    Create Apple ID and register iCloud for iPhone

    Go to the official cloud storage website: Register by clicking on the “Create” button opposite the Apple ID, as shown in the screenshot below.

    Fill in the personal details that are required for iCloud cloud registration.

    We recommend that you write down your new Apple ID and password to sign in to your account. The registered data of the cloud service is required for the correct setup of the iPhone for your account. If the iPhone is sold or transferred to third parties, be sure to log out of your account so that your personal data will not be transferred to other users.

    It is possible to create an iCloud cloud not only from a computer, but also directly from an iPhone. To do this, go to “Settings”, etc.

    Registering Yandex Disk cloud in iPhone

    We need to download the official app from the App Store.

    The registration process is pretty straightforward. Open the app and click

    If you already have a login from the mail or Yandex Music listening service, it is not necessary to register. Enter your account details and log in to the application.

    Correct configuration of Yandex Disk and iCloud will allow you to use the services in automatic mode. We will tell you a little later how to configure cloud services without errors.

    How to go to the cloud on iPhone and which cloud storage service to choose

    After reading this manual, you can deal with the popular issue of transferring and saving photos to the cloud on the iPhone, additional phone settings, as well as choosing the most convenient data storage service.

    Every year, the development of cloud storage for saving personal photos or documents is more popular among iPhone users. This may be due to the small amount of memory of the device, or vice versa, with the conveniences that are offered to us by data storage services on the Internet.

    How to quickly access the cloud using an iPhone or computer?

    If you need to download photos or videos to your computer from the iPhone cloud storage, we recommend using the official and free program from Apple for Windows operating systems. iCloud for PC

    Install the downloaded program and make the minimum settings that will be requested in automatic mode.

    After installation, go through authorization and check the boxes in the menu items of the sections with the files that you want to synchronize and transfer from the Internet storage iPhone to your computer.

    To access the Apple cloud directly from your iPhone, we advise you to perform additional phone settings, which will allow you to view files without using additional software. Go to “Settings”. Choose the section “iCloud”.

    After you have entered the general iCloud menu, scroll to the very bottom to the optional checkbox with permission to store documents and data in the iPhone cloud. Activate it.

    After confirming the storage of data from programs that use the iCloud service, the necessary files and backup copies of applications will be automatically copied to the storage service from the iPhone.

    To view files in Apple storage from iPhone, go to your phone’s home screen or desktop. The installed “iCloud Drive” app will appear as shown in the screenshot.

    The program will allow you to view files in iCloud from the iPhone as a file manager. For the most detailed view of not only files and documents from the iCloud cloud storage, we recommend using the data synchronization program for your computer.

    It is important to know! Try to learn all the functions and settings of your iPhone’s cloud storage device. “How do I use the cloud on my iPhone?” There is nothing difficult. Just follow each step in our instructions, and she will answer all your questions in more detail.

    How to save a photo in the cloud of iPhone or Yandex Disk?

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    To upload a photo from iPhone to the cloud, go to the “Settings” section. Click on your Apple ID account. Next is “iCloud”. “A photo”. Make active the checkbox next to “Media Library”.

    Apple cares about its users and leaves detailed descriptions of functions to the most popular menu items in iPhone settings.

    As you could already understand, by activating this menu item in the settings, you can upload a photo to the cloud on the iPhone. Next, set optional additional settings for saving the originals of photos or vice versa, optimizing the storage of the device.

    If you are not sure about syncing and transferring photos to iCloud from iPhone, we advise you to check the downloaded files through your personal computer storage program.

    The simplest and most affordable option for storing photos in the device cloud is using the Yandex Disk service. The main advantage of this program is comfort and ease of use, and also, in comparison with iCloud, you are provided with much more free space to save photos.

    Open the disk program and try to customize it according to our instructions. Go to the settings section by tapping on the gear in the upper left corner of the display. Pay attention to the menu item “Upload photos”. We advise you to actively upload photos only via Wi-Fi in order to save money if your telecom operator does not provide an unlimited tariff.

    Uploading photos and videos to Yandex Drive is automatic. On some devices and firmware, users have reported minor problems with automatic loading. They have to leave the screen of the gadget in an active state while the data is being downloaded to the server.

    You can see the current state of the uploaded photos and video files in the “Camera” section. A running line with the amount of loaded material will be displayed in the upper status bar of the program. With Yandex Disk you will forever forget about such a question, “How to save a photo to the cloud on the iPhone?” The application will automatically do everything for you.

    Also, do not forget that Disk has a separate program not only for the iPhone, but also for the computer. Therefore, it will be a pleasure to download photos and video files from the cloud to your computer.

    To transfer a separately taken photo to the cloud on the iPhone from Yandex, click on “Photo”. Select the photo you would like to upload to the server. Click on the sharing button in the lower left corner. A pop-up window will appear with additional information on copying or slideshow. Scroll the program bar to the end until you find “Disk”. Select or create the desired folder in which you would like to store photos from iPhone.


    In this detailed guide, we tried to talk about the main advantages and disadvantages of the most popular cloud storage services for the iPhone. We advise you to use iCloud to store notes, calendar data, as well as contacts that are present on your phone.

    In the case of Yandex Disk, you greatly facilitate the process of uploading not only photos of photos, but also videos from iPhone to cloud storage.

    Do not forget to sync or urgently download photos from the iCloud cloud storage, you will need to install an additional program on your PC. Yandex Disk allows you to download any files up to 2GB in size from the cloud without installing software.

    If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in the comments to this article.

    How to open a zip file with standard programs on an iPhone or iPad

    It doesn’t take much effort to open a zip file on an iPhone or iPad. Apple has taken care of this and is already enabled on iOS 7 models.

    Before opening a rar or zip document on iPhone, you just need to click on it. To save items, you need to tap on the large “Share” button, then select “Save file” or “Open with”. As a result, the documents are unpacked and saved.

    You just need to tap on the selected document

    What are zip files and archives

    People have long been able to calmly open archives on a computer, it does not require much effort. However, a situation often arises when there is only a phone at hand, and the letter is transmitted using Whatsapp or Telegram.

    There are several ways to unzip a zip folder on iPhone

    For your information! Archives are a program that allows you to compress the size of not only a certain number of files, but even several folders. As a result, they take up much less space on any device, but the quality of the elements is not lost, but remains original.

    Such folders are very convenient for those people who often need to send or receive a large amount of information.

    Unzipping via cloud storage

    Sometimes a user can stumble upon the desired archive while surfing the web. It needs to be saved to a cloud (Google, Yandex. Disk, Cloud Mile), and then use the special Files application, which has been available on both iPhones and iPads for some time now. The unpacking steps are as follows:

    • Click on the link to this document,
    • Press the “Download” button.
    • After the element finishes loading, you can see the “Open with” button on the screen. It is required to click on it and select the appropriate program.
    • When using the “Files” application, you need to tap “Save to files”.
    • In the pop-up window, you need to find a place to store documents.
    • After open the “Files” application, find the “Places” button, click on it.
    • A list will appear where the documents can be stored. Select the zone where the downloaded archive is saved.
    • Find the required document, the “View Content” button will appear. After clicking on it, you can view all the items packed into a compressed file.

    Such actions allow you to download and immediately unpack archives that are found on the Internet on a mobile device.

    You will need to click on the “View Content” button

    How to open zip, rar archives using third party applications

    However, on older iPhones, compressed folders can only be unpacked using some additional applications. To do this, you need to download a special program from the App Store that will help you unpack documents on your mobile device. The most commonly used program is WinZip. a popular archiver for iPhone.

    After installing the application, it is recommended to do the following:

    • Transfer item to mobile device.
    • Go to the menu and select “Downloads”, find the required document.
    • Click on it, use the “Open with WinZip” function.

    Note! After that, the unpacked files can not only be viewed, but also saved or transferred to other people.

    Another popular application is WinRar, which allows you to open a rar archive on the iPhone.

    If you don’t really like the application or you can’t install it, you can use other options:

    • iUnarchive. The program is quite simple to use. After downloading it to the phone, they open it, first select the folder, and then the compressed element itself, after which it will be unpacked. The advantage is the presence of its own small browser through which you can download the archive from e-mail or exchanger. In this case, the document does not even have to be looked for, the opening will occur immediately
    • ZipApp. It is quite simple to unpack and create archives using this program, the menu is clear. To work, you need a mailbox connection and permission to use. For those who are hindered by advertising, there is a paid version. The lack of the Russian language is considered a disadvantage, but the program is quite simple and straightforward;
    • iZip. A similar application is very similar to the previous one, however, you can open not only standard archives in it, but also folders with the zipx, gzip, tar, 7z extensions. The program can also create compressed documents, and unpacked elements can be easily saved or sent by mail.

    The choice of installation to open zip on iPhone depends on user preference and mobile phone capabilities.

    The choice of the archiver depends on the preference of the user

    How to open a zip file on iPhone and iPad: archivers for iOS

    Often, files downloaded to iPhone are packed into archives. In this way, you can reduce the size and preserve documents, photos and videos. When receiving such documents on a mobile device, many people wonder how to open a zip file on an iPhone. There are several options for how to do this.

    How to unpack via browser and online archivers on iPhone

    If you do not want to install the application on the iPhone, then it is allowed to use online services.

    Important! It is worth remembering that this method is not so safe, because you have to upload the document to a third-party site.

    To unpack the archive, you need to do the following:

    • Save the compressed item to the “Files” file manager.
    • Go to the website of the online archiver through Safari or another browser.
    • Load the saved archive, perform the actions indicated in the online archiver.

    As a result, all folders are unpacked and the necessary documents are received. Unpacking via a browser is carried out in a similar way.

    Before you unzip the zip file on iPhone, it is recommended that you study all possible methods and then choose the most suitable one. It is worth remembering that some archives may require a special code, without which they will not open. In this case, you should take care of it in advance, otherwise you will not be able to unpack the folder. It is important to be careful when unpacking using online services to avoid virus infection and damage to items.


    In this lesson I will talk about the free cloud Yandex, Google and Mail. What is it, how to create it and how to use it.

    What is cloud

    The cloud is a service where data can be stored and easily managed. That is, you can upload your files to it, work with them directly on the Internet, download them at any time, and also transfer them to another person.

    Any user can get such a service at their disposal for free. In fact, it is your own hard drive on the Internet.

    We can say that this is something like the Local Disk of a computer, but only with the ability to use it on any device with an Internet connection. Plus, you can transfer files to other users by simply sending them a download link.

    • Store files and file folders
    • Work with them on any computer or smartphone with Internet access
    • Easily and quickly transfer files to other people

    Thus, it replaces flash drives, disks and other devices for transferring information.

    That is, I can upload the files I need to such a service and work with them on any other computer with an Internet connection. It can be documents, books, music, videos. in general, any files.

    Initially, they are only available to me, but if I wish, I can make some of them public. Then they can be downloaded.

    That is, a special Internet address (link) will be generated, where the file can be saved to a computer. I can send this address to any person (for example, on Skype or via mail), and the person will be able to download my file.

    Cons of cloud services

    Everything has its pros and cons. And cloud services also have them. I will list the main ones:

    Memory consumption. In other words, the work of cloud services “strains” the computer. In the case of Yandex.Disk and Cloud. the load is insignificant, but Google Drive is quite gluttonous. Modern computers may not notice this, but the old ones will have to pant.

    Security. Since the cloud is an Internet service, there is always a certain possibility that your files may fall into the wrong hands. Of course, modern data protection technologies minimize this probability, but there is always a risk. over, the service is public.

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    We need internet. Without the Internet, you will not be able to use any cloud service.

    How to use the app

    After installing the application, a shortcut to the program appears on the desktop. With the help of it, we will work with the cloud.

    When you start the program for the first time, you will be asked to enter data from the cloud. Type your email address and password from it. Then agree to the terms of service and click “Login”.

    Now, when you open the program icon, your cloud will open directly on your computer. in a regular folder.

    Also, along with the opening of the application, its icon appears in the tray.

    This is where the computer clock is. in the lower right corner of the screen (on the taskbar, where the rest of the icons are).

    This icon can be hidden under the small arrow next to the alphabet.

    create, cloud, storage, iphone

    How to Free Up iCloud Storage (& Never Worry About It Again)

    With it, you can control the application. To do this, you need to click on it with the left or right mouse button.

    Synchronization of files / folders. This is the most difficult part to understand, but you definitely need to understand it in order to successfully work with the application.

    The meaning of synchronization is that the computer or smartphone on which the application is installed must connect to your cloud and download files from it or to it.

    This process must be completed, otherwise we will not be able to use the downloaded data. Synchronization takes place via the Internet. That is, without the Internet, it is simply impossible.

    Consider the following situation. I already have uploaded files and file folders on my cloud.

    By the way, initially, when you receive a cloud, there is already some information on it. So if you did not specifically delete it, then several files are there.

    I installed the application on my computer, opened it, entered my username and password. A folder with a cloud has opened. So all the data that was on it initially should be uploaded to this folder. That is, my cloud and computer must sync.

    It turns out that all the files that are on the cloud are downloaded to my computer in this same folder. And if there are few of them and they are small in size, then this process will happen quickly. I may not even notice him.

    But if the files are large, and my Internet is not very fast, then synchronization will take some time.

    In practice, it looks like this: I open the application shortcut and see an empty folder, although I know for sure that there are files on my cloud.

    Usually, in this case, users start to get nervous. they worry that their files have been deleted. In fact, they are all in place. And we do not see them because the synchronization procedure has not yet been completed.

    And this can be checked. When syncing is in progress, the application icon (the one in the tray) seems to move.

    And if we click on it, then in the menu that opens there will be an item indicating the progress of the process.

    In fact, at this moment, files are being downloaded from the Internet. That is, the Internet itself may work slower because of this.

    Synchronization can be turned off if necessary. To do this, click on the application icon in the tray and select the appropriate item from the menu. By the way, there you can completely exit the program.

    In general, while synchronization is in progress, the files will not be available. The same thing happens when transferring information from a computer to the cloud.

    How to upload a file (folder with files) to the cloud. To do this, you just need to copy the necessary files, and then paste them into the application folder.

    Copying / pasting happens as usual, but after that all the transferred files should be synchronized. Otherwise, they will not be uploaded to the Internet to your cloud.

    In the Cloud app, this process happens instantly. over, even for large files (from 1 GB).

    Synchronization takes some time in Yandex.Disk, but it is still fast.

    With a fairly slow Internet connection, a 1 GB file downloaded in just a few minutes. If you upload it directly to the cloud (without an application), this process would take more than an hour.

    But Google Drive lags behind in this regard. Apparently, this application works using a different technology, and synchronization takes the same time as a regular file download.

    My results may differ from yours. Perhaps your synchronization process will be faster or, on the contrary, slower than mine.

    How to download a file (folder with files) from the cloud. All files that you want to download to your computer or phone from the application must be fully synchronized.

    create, cloud, storage, iphone

    You can transfer them to your computer by ordinary copying. That is, you open the application, copy the necessary files and paste them into the folder of your computer of your choice. That’s all! A couple of seconds. and the files are downloaded.

    Which service is better

    As various tests have shown, the “mail” clouds, which I have just talked about, are superior in quality, convenience and free capabilities to all other similar services.

    I will not go into details, but the seats were distributed as follows:

    Therefore, I recommend that you still use one of these services. If you do not have an email account on any of them, then you just need to register. You will have a new mail (which, by the way, is not at all necessary to use) and a cloud.

    Of course, there are other sites where you can get the cloud service for free. But most of them have various unpleasant limitations in the free versions.

    But there is one that compares favorably with all the others (including the “postal”). It is best for transferring files to other people. His address:

    Mega. it makes sense to use this service for those who place files for download. The fact is that through special loaders like MiPony they can be saved very quickly and easily to a computer. Much easier and faster than other cloud services. Free 50 GB allocated.

    Initially, the site opens in English. To switch to the Russian version, click on the Menu button (top right), select the Language item from the list, then click on Russian and on the Save button.

    Just in case, I will give two more good cloud services:

    • Dropbox. 2 GB free.
    • One Drive. 7 GB free.

    How to manage the cloud

    You can manage it on the very site where you received it. Go there with your username and password, go to a specific section and get access to the cloud.

    And you can do it even easier, more convenient and, most importantly, much faster: using a small application (program).

    Each service has its own, that is, you need to download it from the site on which you have a cloud.

    This application allows you to quickly and easily upload, watch, download files and file folders from your cloud service. It takes up very little space, and you can install such a program on any computer or smartphone (not only on yours).

    How to install the application. Open your cloud and there will be a link or a download button in a prominent place. The pictures below show where such a button is in “mail” cloud services.

    Download the program file and open it. The installation will begin. Below is an illustrated instruction for each “mail” service. Do everything as in the pictures, and the application will be installed.

    Where and how to get the cloud

    There are websites that give users a cloud. It’s like with mail: there are sites where you can get it. We go to such a site, register and get a cloud service for storing data.

    We are allocated a certain free volume. On some services, it is a very decent 50-100 GB. If you want more, then this is for money.

    And you can register several times and, accordingly, get several free volumes. Everything is free, everything is legal!

    The easiest way to get the cloud is to do it wherever you have your mail. The fact is that the largest email sites (Yandex, Mail, Gmail) distribute such services for free. You just need to want.

    That is, you don’t even need to register. Just open your mail and indicate that you want to receive the cloud. They give it to you right away.

    Cloud for storing photos from iPhone and Android

    Backing up your photos to the cloud is essential, and will help out if your iPhone is lost, stolen, or software crashed. This list contains the best photo backup services!

    I’m sure you won’t argue with me, the most important thing in a smartphone is photography. This is the memory of the unique moments of life, which will no longer be possible to reproduce again. If you do not play it safe and something happens to your smartphone, then these priceless memories will be lost forever.

    I know some cool apps for backing up and storing photos in the cloud. It keeps them safe no matter what happens to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Which cloud to choose will depend on the features you need.

    Below are the best cloud photo storage services available on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows and Android.

    Apple iCloud Photos

    For those fully immersed in the Apple ecosystem, iCloud Photos is the perfect cloud. The service not only creates automatic backups of all photos immediately after they were taken on the iPhone. But it also allows you to quickly access them from any Apple device. Instantly from iPhone and iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and from any computer and mobile device via

    High resolution originals are stored in iCloud, while small versions are stored on devices, which saves space while still having access to all photos.

    The Photos app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac also has basic photo editing features such as cropping, retouching, adding filters, and manually adjusting white balance and other settings. ICloud Photos also has a photo sharing function, you can share vacation pictures with friends and family from iOS devices, and they can comment on photos and rate.

    Apple provides 5 GB of free space in its cloud storage, the next tariff is 50 GB for 59 rubles per month. On average, 5 GB is enough for a person, provided that you are not using iCloud to store photos. Most users who use iCloud as backup storage choose the 50 GB plan, if you need even more space, then the in iCloud are reasonable. 200 GB. 149 rubles per month, 1 TB. 599 rubles and 2 TB. 1490 rubles.

    Google Photos (My Choice)

    Today, almost everyone is somehow connected with Google, it can be a Gmail mailbox or a YouTube account. Having a Google account is helpful if you want to use its cloud to store your photos. You can add photos to Google Photos, the service will automatically sync with the Photos application. It is also possible to back up your entire photo collection using the computer version of the downloader.

    Google Photos has a pretty amazing organizational tool. For example, it can automatically recognize things like people, places, food and events, and create collections from them. In addition, you can create your own or shared albums. There is even an option to let other users add their photos to the shared album.

    Google Photos also includes some basic editing features such as adding filters, setting alerts, and changing color balance.

    You can store unlimited photos in Google Photos.

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