How to delete a contact on iPhone 10

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How to add contacts to the Telegram channel?

Go to the menu by clicking on the three stripes icon in the left-right corner. In the menu that opens, select Contacts. In the upper right corner, click on and add a new interlocutor, indicating his name, surname and phone number.

How to see recently added contacts on iPhone?

everything under the inscription Your contacts on the left. In the Sort drop-down list above the contact list, select the Recently Added option (usually selected by default).

How to delete multiple contacts on Android?

  • Open the list on Android.
  • Call the context menu and click “Delete group”.
  • Check multiple entries or click “Select All”.
  • Tap “Done” to start deleting phones.

How to delete synced contacts from Google?

Remove synced data from your Google Account

  • Follow the link: and log in.
  • Next, we scroll almost to the very bottom and find the item “Google Chrome Synchronization”.
  • Of course, you already guessed that you need to click on the link “Stop syncing and delete data from Google servers”

How to selectively delete contacts from iPhone?

  • Open the Contacts app and tap the contact you want to delete.
  • Click “Change”.
  • Scroll down and tap Delete Contact, then tap Delete Contact again to confirm.

How to quickly delete numbers on iPhone?

How to Delete Contacts from iPhone (on

  • Go to from your computer.
  • Go to the Contacts web app.
  • Find the contact you need to delete and click the Edit button.
  • Scroll down the page and click the “Remove Contact” button.
  • Confirm deletion.

How to uninstall multiple apps at once on iPhone?

Press and hold the icon of any application until it begins to wiggle, then slightly move your finger so that the cross (“×”) in the upper left corner of the program icon disappears.

How to set up “Do not disturb” mode on iPhone?

Do Not Disturb is a useful iPhone feature that does not miss any calls to your device during user-set hours. Typically, iPhone owners set Do Not Disturb so that no one can reach them at night or during a work day. However, the option can be used differently. as a whitelist that allows calls only from selected subscribers.

The parameters of the “Do not disturb” mode are set in the section of the same name in the “Settings”.

On older versions of iOS, the function settings block is located in “Notifications”.

In addition to the main toggle switch. “Manual”. in the “Do not disturb” section you will find a lot of other settings:

“Planned.” This setting allows you to adjust the length of time that Do Not Disturb will remain active.

“Call admission”. Here you can determine which subscribers will be able to reach you when the Do Not Disturb mode is activated. If you select the “From all” option, all calls will be blocked; if you check the box next to “From the elite”, the people most important to you will be able to contact you at any time of the day.

The main thing is not to forget the contacts of important people to assign the status of “Chosen”.

“Repeated calls”. If this toggle switch is activated, the call of the subscriber who showed persistence and called the second time within 3 minutes from the moment of the first call will not be muted.

“Silence”. In the “Silence” block, there are two options. “Always” and “Only while the iPhone is locked.” If you check the box next to the second, the unlocked iPhone will skip calls. Choose the Always option and stop worrying about whether your device is locked at night or not.

How to Whitelist Do Not Disturb Option?

Set this option to work around the clock and deactivate the “Repeated calls” slider.

Go to the “Contacts” application and open the card of the person whom you would be glad to hear. Find the item “Add to Favorites” in the card and click on it.

In the “Call admission” section of the “Do not disturb” option settings, check the box next to “From favorites”.

With such an iPhone setup, no one can reach you except the person you are waiting for. From selected contacts and a whitelist is formed.

What applications allow you to create a blacklist?

An iPhone user may have a logical question: why do you need applications to create blacklists at all, if you can get rid of unwanted calls with the help of built-in iPhone functions? The fact is that third-party software offers gadget owners incomparably more opportunities than an integrated tool from Apple.

The application has a 10-day free period, which will be enough for the user to get acquainted with the capabilities, advantages and disadvantages of this utility.

Creation of black and white lists is just one of the functions of the iBlackList program. The owner of the gadget is also capable of:

    View the history of blocked calls and messages (if necessary, this list can be quickly exported). Create multiple profiles with different blacklist settings. Activate the parental control function, which involves blocking outgoing calls to unknown numbers. Put a password to launch the application so that another person cannot change the settings.

The creators of iBlackList have made a lot of effort to ensure that the user of the application has the opportunity to reliably hide the fact of adding the intrusive subscriber’s number to the black list. For example, in addition to the real password, the owner of the gadget is able to launch a “fake” one. If the annoying interlocutor suspects that his number is blocked and asks to show the blacklist settings, the user should enter a false password and show an empty Black List (which is actually a fake).

The iPhone owner has the ability to hide the iBlackList application icon altogether. in this case, you will have to call the black list through the dialer buttons.

There are other applications that block calls. for example, Black Phone, Call Control, Calls Blacklist. however, the functionality of each of them is incomparably poorer than that of iBlackList.

How to see blocked contacts on iPhone?

If one of your acquaintances asks why your cell phone is not available all the time (and you are not a fan of long telephone conversations), it is worth checking if you have sent this person’s number to the blacklist by mistake. You can view the contents of the blacklist like this:

Go to “Settings” and find the “Phone” section. Follow into it.

In the “Calls” section of the “Phone” section, select the “Blocked” subsection.

In the “Blocked” and contains a list of all numbers that you recognized as undesirable.

Using the “Add new” button, you can add to the list, but only with those numbers that are present in the phone book. If, on the contrary, you want to remove any number from the black list, click on the “Edit” button in the upper right corner, then on the red circle with a minus opposite the contact.

Do not forget to confirm your desire to remove the number from the unwanted list. click “Unblock”.

After that, you can please your friend by saying that you are “in touch” again.

How to add a number from “Messages” to the blacklist?

You can block the number from which tons of spam and advertising offers come via SMS directly in the Messages application. This is how this procedure is performed:

Go to the “Messages” application and open the correspondence with the number that sends spam.

Click the “Contact” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

A panel with additional buttons will appear. among them there will be a round icon with the letter “i”. You need it. click on it.

Further. according to the standard scheme: we are looking for the “Block subscriber” button and send the number to the “Black List”.

How to blacklist an unknown number on iPhone?

Bank employees and collectors sometimes infuriate with annoying calls. especially when they turn to the wrong address. They always call from different numbers. if all these numbers are added to contacts for the purpose of subsequent blocking, the phone book will “swell” to such an extent that it will be completely inconvenient to use it.

Fortunately, an unfamiliar number can also be blacklisted on an iPhone. How it’s done?

In the “Phone” application, go to the “Recents” section.

Find the number from which they annoy with regular calls, and click on the icon with the letter “i” opposite this number.

On the next screen, find and click the “Block subscriber” button (already familiar to you). Next, confirm the lock.

The number will appear on the black list, however, this will most likely not solve the problem with calls from the bank. You will simply begin to annoy you with calls from other numbers, of which the collectors are above the roof.

How to add / remove contact from iPhone blacklist?

Along with iOS 7, iPhone owners have the ability to create blacklists with built-in means of their “apple” gadgets. The article will tell you about different ways to add a number to the blacklist, as well as why third-party applications do this better.

Previously, an iPhone user who wanted to blacklist a pesky number had to download and install paid apps. However, since the appearance of iOS 7, this need has disappeared. all modern versions of Apple’s operating systems have a contact blocking function, which allows you to do without downloading third-party software.

There are several ways to block a contact on iPhone. all of them are equally simple.

How to block a caller from iPhone contacts?

One of the numbers contained in the phone book should be sent to the blacklist as follows:

Open the built-in application “Phone” and go to the section “Contacts”.

Find the contact you want to block and click on it.

Scroll down the subscriber card. you will see the “Block subscriber” button. Click it.

Confirm your intention to send the contact to the blacklist. in the menu that appears, select the option “Block subscriber”.

You will not receive any phone calls or SMS messages from the person whose number was included in the Black List. Even through the Face Time application, he will not be able to reach you.

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You should enter the phone book exactly through the “Phone”, and not through the “Contacts” application. In “Contacts” the option “Block subscriber” is absent.

No matter how hard the iPhone user tries to protect himself from annoying caller calls using the blacklist, he cannot be 100% sure that he will succeed. It is enough for the caller to activate the service “AntiAON” (“Number identification restriction”), and he will not be afraid of any black list.

You can completely save yourself from annoying attention only by creating a white list that blocks incoming from unknown and hidden numbers. However, when using such a filter, the owner of the gadget risks missing an important call.

How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone?

Seasoned iPhone owners have long been accustomed to going through quests that iOS developers never tire of coming up with. And those functions that seem elementary for Android owners raise a lot of questions among iPhone users. For example, you decide to sell your gadget, a logical question arises: “How can I delete all contacts from the iPhone?” Android users will say: “What’s so difficult, just select the” Delete all “option in the settings and clear the contact book.” To which experienced iPhone users will only smile and go to connect with iTunes.

We want to tell you how to delete all contacts on iPhone as quickly and easily as possible. Especially for this, we chose the four most popular, and most importantly legal methods.

total cleaning

Perhaps this is the easiest and fastest way not only to delete all contacts from the iPhone, but also to reset content settings altogether, including photos, records, notes, etc. This is ideal before selling your phone to ensure that your data and information are cleaned from the device.

Before resetting the settings, be sure to transfer all the content to your computer, otherwise you will not have the opportunity to restore all this data.

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “General” and scroll down the page.
  • Find the “Reset” item and select it.
  • In the menu that opens, find and select the item “Reset content and settings”.

Just a couple of clicks and your iPhone is clean and ready for sale. You can also reset geo settings, keyboard dictionary, Home settings, or select Reset All Settings to completely clear your phone.

delete contacts using iTunes

In this method, we will tell you in detail how to delete contacts from iPhone using the familiar iTunes program. By the way, in the same program you can restore photos that you accidentally deleted. How to do this, read 4 Ways to Recover Photos on iPhone.

In order to delete all phone numbers in iPhone at once using iTunes, follow the following list of steps:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • On your PC, open iTunes and click on the iPhone button. Usually, the name of your iPhone and its memory size are pulled up, for example, iPhone Sergey 8 GB (as in the photo).
  • Find the “Details” item in the “Settings” menu and click on it.
  • In the window that appears, check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with” and select Windows Contacts from the drop-down list. Also check that the checkmark is next to the item “All contacts”.
  • Scroll down the page and find the “Add-ons” block, where check the box next to the word “Contacts”.
  • When all the manipulations are completed, click on the “Apply” button and start the synchronization process.

The meaning of all these actions is that there is no file on the computer of the format we have chosen, therefore, during the synchronization process, old phone numbers will be deleted, and new ones will not be added. If you have a saved contact list on your computer, then this method is not very suitable for you, because instead of the old list of numbers, you will have a new one in your phone book.

delete contacts using iCloud

Of course, you will have to get confused with this method, but it will allow you to finally register with iCloud and start using its functions to the fullest. In order for this method to work, you must be sure to log in with your Apple ID both on your phone and on your computer. If you do not have an Apple ID, then be sure to get one before proceeding with this method. You can do this for free, but how. To delete contacts on iPhone using iCloud, you need to perform the following series of actions:

  • In the phone, select the “Settings” application and scroll to the iCloud item.
  • The phone will ask you to enter your ID and password. enter everything and press the “Login” button. At the bottom there is a button “Get Apple ID for free”, you can click on it and fill out a simple registration form.
  • In the window that appears, the device will ask you if you need to combine data from iCloud with the information stored on the phone itself. Click the “Combine” button.
  • If the slider in the “Contacts” field is inactive, activate it by moving it to the right. You don’t need another iPhone.
  • Now you need to go to and re-enter your Apple ID and password.
  • The iCloud menu will open in front of you. Select “Contacts” from the drop-down list. In the list of contacts that appears, select several phones that you want to delete.
  • After that, click on the gear in the lower left corner and find the “Delete” function. Click on it and confirm your action in the pop-up window. In just a couple of seconds, you will see the selected phone numbers disappear from your phone book.

deleting one contact at a time

This method of deleting contacts from iPhone is suitable when you need to get rid of a couple of outdated or unnecessary phone numbers. You can delete them one by one using the standard functions of the iPhone itself. To do this, follow the following list of steps:

  • In the Contacts app, select the number you want to remove.
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “Change” button.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and find the “Delete contact” button, click on it.
  • A window will appear where you will need to confirm your action and click on the “Delete contact” button again.

Such an easy and quick way to delete a contact from an iPhone will turn into torture if you need to clear the entire phone book, which has more than a hundred numbers. For mass deletion of contacts, we recommend using other methods.

Illegal Ways to Delete Contacts from iPhone

It will not be a revelation that there are many ways to illegally delete contacts from an iPhone. The most popular is phone jailbreak. Basically, after jailbreak, you can install any program, go to the iPhone file system and work with iOS as with regular software. But! We emphasize that after such manipulations the phone becomes as unprotected as possible. If you had no viruses on your iPhone before jailbreak, then after this procedure it is very easy to put several viruses into your phone and then think about how to remove them from there. Is it worth it? We think not. over, there are legal and not too complicated ways to help you delete all numbers on iPhone quickly and easily.

There are also several programs for working with the phone book, but all of them are more aimed at grouping phones into lists, therefore, deletion there occurs by groups.

We hope that our article was useful, and the question “how to delete all contacts from iPhone” was solved once and for all.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press CtrlEnter.

How to remove a contact from a specific chat on Whatsapp?

To exclude a person from a group chat, you must follow the sequential steps:

  • enter the dialogue;
  • select one of the participants by clicking on the name at the top of the window;
  • tap “Change”, select an item in the list to clear.

Note that the exclusion of one of the participants in the conversation will not automatically erase the dialogues with his participation. To make the conversation with him inaccessible, you need to clear messages.

How to remove a contact from WhatsApp on Android?

The procedure for excluding a person from the list on smartphones running on the Android platform is somewhat different from the general one. There is no single icon in the application that allows you to do what you want with one click. Instructions for deleting a contact from Whatsapp on Android:

  • log in to WhatsApp, select the numbers to delete;
  • go to the phone book of the mobile device through the utility menu. Such a step ensures that exactly the interlocutor who has an account in the application will be deactivated;
  • call the context menu next to the name;
  • confirm exclusion from contacts.

The specified procedure will be relevant for owners of Samsung smartphones and devices that run on Windows.

How to permanently delete a contact from WhatsApp?

Some modern smartphone models, before deleting a contact from Whatsapp, offer their owner a choice:

  • erase data irrevocably;
  • hide data about a person from accounts, but at the same time do not erase them irrevocably.

This function is very convenient, it allows you to return a person to communication if the situation changes. When carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to approach the decision to exclude the subscriber carefully and, possibly, take advantage of the offer of advanced technology.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

In addition, many users note that erased personal data may periodically “pop up” in the messenger. A common reason is that the chat history has not been cleared. To eliminate it is necessary:

  • open a conversation with a subscriber;
  • call up a menu in which to select an item offering to clear all messages in the chat.

By sequentially clearing the entire communication history, the user completely frees WhatsApp from the appearance of the data of the excluded person.

How to remove a contact from WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

The abundance of instant messengers and social networks can confuse even the most experienced user. The application interface is not universal. This or that option may differ significantly depending on the utility used. In WhatsApp, the button that allows you to remove a person from interlocutors is not visible. Let’s figure it out: how to delete a contact from Whatsapp, how the methods differ depending on the shell of the smartphone, how to carry out the procedure in a separate conversation or the application as a whole.

How to remove from WhatsApp on your phone?

Before starting the procedure for excluding a subscriber from the utility, it is worth remembering that WhatsApp synchronizes data with the address book and a list of phone numbers. Deleting data from WhatsApp will make it disappear from your smartphone’s phone book. The standard application does not allow you to see which of those present in it has this or that messenger installed. Therefore, operations directly with him can lead to the cleaning of numbers that are not interlocutors in WhatsApp.

  • log in to the messenger, identify those people whose data you want to erase;
  • call the menu by clicking on the three dots at the top of the dialog box;
  • go to the menu, tap on the item that sends to the list of phone numbers.

Of course, you can delete it directly from the phone book, but in this standard application, the owner of the smartphone does not have access to information about the presence of the interlocutor of the installed messenger.

How to delete a contact from WhatsApp on iPhone?

A similar procedure is provided for owners of Apple devices. Instructions:

  • log in to the messenger, select the subscriber whose number will be excluded from the lists of the iPhone application and book;
  • go to the book with iPhone phone numbers;
  • select a subscriber, call the menu opposite his name;
  • in the list, go to the lowest points by tapping “Change”;
  • select an item that allows cleaning.

After the sequential execution of the procedure, you need to log in to the messaging service to make sure that the manipulations are effective.

What the user will see if he is removed from contacts?

A blocked user will in no way be able to determine that his number would have been erased from the interlocutor in WhatsApp. The messenger developers did this in order to protect the privacy of their users. The excluded interlocutor will still be able to write, send files and participate in group conversations at the invitation of other participants.

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The user will be able to understand what is in the block only by indirect indications or if the one who removed himself informs him about it. Indirect signs of being blocked:

  • unread messages. After sending messages, only one gray checkmark is “lit” next to them, the status of messages does not change. Double blue check marks do not appear;
  • inability to make audio and video calls;
  • no display of changes to the interlocutor’s profile. For example, the avatar does not change, while such changes are noticeable from the profiles of other users.

Messages and files sent from such an account will be displayed as from a person who is not in the friends list. It will not automatically be added to those dialogs and conversations that will be created by the account owner who cleared the account. If the information is simply hidden, it remains possible to restore it. For example, from a backup of conversations that are available on the device’s internal storage or Google Drive. It is possible to save to another cloud storage. Previously, in the settings, activate the ability to create a backup archive.

You can remove a contact from Whatsapp by following a series of simple steps. It is worth remembering that the application data is synchronized with the phone book of the device. Cleaning the data in the messenger automatically leads to their disappearance from the book. Modern smartphones have a function that allows you to simply hide data without permanently erasing it from the device. After clearing, the data may appear in the application, in this case, you need to clear the history of dialogs with it. After the procedure, the owner of such data will not be able to find out that he is in the block. This can be understood only by the totality of indirect signs.

Removing via iCloud

iCloud is Apple’s proprietary cloud storage. If the phone book is attached to it, you can easily remove unnecessary numbers from it. Cloud storage assumes access to files from any device, and you should use this by logging in under the same Apple ID on your phone and PC (tablet).

  • go to the “Settings” menu;
  • choose “iCloud” among them;
  • enter your Apple ID and password, and then click on “Login”;
  • We respond positively to the iPhone’s request to combine the information stored on it with iCloud;
  • we activate contacts in the cloud storage menu by translating the toggle switch;
  • put the iPhone aside and go to iCloud from another device by following the link and entering the Apple ID and password;
  • holding down the CTRL key, select unnecessary phone numbers, while the selected contacts will appear on the monitor screen on the right;
  • click on the gear icon in the lower left corner of the screen;
  • in the menu that opens, select “Delete”;
  • confirm deletion.

After all the manipulations have been done, it will be possible to observe how unnecessary numbers alternately disappear from the iPhone phone book.

How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone

You can completely clear the phone book on the iPhone using iTunes. This requires:

  • connect iPhone to computer via USB and exit to iTunes;
  • after recognizing the iPhone, an icon representing it will appear on which you need to click;
  • select the “Settings” menu, and in it. “Information”;
  • check the box “Synchronize contacts with” by choosing from the offered options Outlook or Windows Contacts; mark with marker “All contacts”;
  • at the bottom of the page, select “Add-ons” and tick the “Contacts” box, and then synchronize the phone book in iPhone and PC.

The essence of the action is that the contents of the PC phone book replaces the iPhone phone book. If no contact information was stored on the PC, such information on the phone will be completely cleared. But if it was not only in the iPhone, but also stored in the PC, you can restore the phone book in the phone in case of accidental erasure or purchase of a new gadget.

Manually delete contacts from iPhone

The most common situation is the deletion of one more unclaimed number. To complete it, you need:

How To Delete All Contacts On iPhone!

  • go to the “Contacts” menu by tapping on the face icon at the bottom of the screen;
  • choose what you want to erase;
  • click on “Change” in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Scroll down the opened page until the “Delete contact” button appears;
  • confirm deletion by tapping on the same button again.

The instruction shows how to delete a contact on iPhone, and works well if you want to erase one number from the list.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts from iPhone

There are times when you need to delete several numbers that have become unnecessary at once, or even completely clear the entire phone book. If the list of numbers is large, manually erasing each of them is extremely inconvenient and time-consuming: repeating the same manipulations a dozen times is rather tedious. Among the ways to quickly delete contacts from iPhone is commonly referred to as iCloud.

How to delete a contact on iPhone. step by step guide

Deleting a contact is one of the necessary actions for a user of any mobile phone. However, even such actions can seem complicated until the device is mastered. In addition, those who have changed their Android phone to an iPhone often note that deleting contacts is more difficult on an Apple device. Here are some instructions for removing unnecessary numbers from iPhone.

Jailbreak removal

Jailbreak is an officially supported procedure by Apple to jailbreak an iPhone. At the same time, the use of the device opens up additional opportunities, including those related to the deletion of unnecessary phone numbers. So the device user can use the Erase Contacts token (the corresponding icon appears on the iPhone display).

Clicking on the icon starts erasing all entries in the phone book. Such actions are usually required infrequently, but they are convenient if there is a desire to sell the iPhone in order to purchase a new model.

However, the question of how to quickly delete contacts from the iPhone can be answered like this: by means of the iPhone itself. It’s not worth getting a Jailbreak just to once erase the entire phone book at once.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone Phone

Phone book recovery is possible all through the same iTunes and iCloud. By syncing your contact list across devices, you can easily restore it to your phone. Henceforth, in case of changing the phone, it is recommended to store files in the cloud storage or use the iTunes application to store files, through which, in addition to viewing and listening to media files, you can synchronize devices.

So, the question of how to delete a contact on iPhone suggests different answers. In any given situation, the iPhone user always has a simple way to quickly remove unnecessary information or, conversely, restore lost information.

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Erase Contacts program

Erase contacts is an application that can be downloaded from Cydia, specifically from the Bigboss repository. Don’t worry, you don’t need to add it, since this is the default repository in Cydia, you don’t need to add it, it has already been done for you.

  • Go to Cydia
  • After loading, from the bottom right, click on Search and enter Erase Contacts. After the steps taken, you will see something like the following:
  • Next, click on Erase Contacts, then Modify (top right) and Install (the Modify button appears together after clicking it). The tweak will be installed.
  • Next, on the desktop, click on the Erase Contacts icon that appears.
  • Everything deleted!

delete contacts one by one

In order to delete multiple contacts on iPhone, you need to do a couple of simple steps, namely:

  • We go to the “Phone” application on the iPhone, open the “Contacts” list
  • Next, select the desired name that you want to delete, click on it and get to the menu.
  • Click on the “Change” button in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down the page to the end, click on the “Delete Contact” button.
  • We confirm the action by clicking the button again.
  • Done! You were able to successfully and quickly delete a contact from iPhone.

Delete all contacts at once through iTunes

If you do not know how to delete contacts from iPhone all at once, for this you will also need the “beloved” iTunes media combine.

  • We connect our device to the computer, go to iTunes.
  • When the device is detected, click on it in the upper right corner.
  • Go to the section “Information” (Info).
  • Next, put a tick in the “Sync Contacts” field and then, just below, in the submenu, select “All Contacts”.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom and in the “Advanced” section, put a tick on “Contacts”.
  • Next, at the bottom right, click on “Apply”.
  • A window will appear that warns that all numbers from the iPhone will be deleted. We agree and click on “Replace information” (Apply).
  • Done!

And now let’s look at a few more ways to just delete contacts from the iPhone, which are available to users with a jailbreak installed. There are also two such methods, but their implementation is interesting.

How to delete contacts from iPhone. all ways

Perhaps each of us was faced with the need to delete contacts from the iPhone. In some cases, a “total cleanup” is required, for example, if you bought a used iPhone, and its previous owner did not clean the phone. Today we are going to take a look at all the existing ways to delete contacts on iPhone.

There are several ways how to delete contacts from iPhone: deleting each entry individually, deleting all contacts from iPhone completely or several selective ones using iCloud. For those who use jailbreak, there are two more ways that we will consider additionally.

Removing from the file system

Yes, you can permanently delete a contact from the iPhone directly by going to the file system.

First, we need one of the file managers for the iPhone. I will show with iTools as an example.

  • We go to the file manager, go to the address \ private \ var \ mobile \ Library \ AddressBook
  • Delete 2 files: AddressBook.sqlitedb and AddressBookImages.sqlitedb
  • Reboot.

All! Now it only remains to make sure that it is empty, and now you can safely fill the vacant space with your contacts. Good luck!

How to Delete Contacts from iPhone in Various Ways

Hello everyone! Even such a simple operation as deleting contacts from the phone book on iPhone can still provoke some questions and cause certain difficulties. No, it is quite easy to get rid of one number. it can be done using standard telephone means. I chose. deleted. Elementary!

But what if you want to remove all the phone numbers at once? Or make a selective deletion (for example, remove 50 from 100)? Choosing and washing one at a time is a very long time, tedious, boring, and in general it will quickly get bored. Is there a solution to this problem? Of course! In this article I will tell and show you how to do all these operations in almost two clicks! Intrigued? Whether there will still be 🙂 Let’s go!

Removing one contact

It seems to me that it is worth starting with the standard methods.

As a matter of fact, I will not describe anything especially, I will give a rather short instruction (plus, just in case, I added screenshots. they will absolutely definitely help you navigate and do everything right).

So, go to the standard “Contacts” application and choose any name.

In the upper right corner, click on change, and then scroll the screen to the end. click delete.

That’s all! Agree, it’s very simple. However, if you have a large number of phone numbers in your address book, and you need to get rid of them all at once, then read on!

Erase All Notebook on iPhone Completely

You can delete contacts completely and completely by performing a full reset (how to do it?). that is, erase all content and settings. Yes, not only they will be “destroyed”, but also absolutely all information. A fairly radical way to solve the problem, but it has a right to exist.

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If the rest of the information still needs to be saved, then you will either have to select and “filter out” each phone number separately (a rather laborious task), or use the method described below.

How to Delete Multiple Contacts at the Same Time from iPhone?

A free program that allows you to do almost all possible operations with the phone book on the iPhone. Including:

  • Creation of groups.
  • Selecting contacts (for example, duplicates) and then deleting them.
  • Sorts numbers in the phone book by various attributes (company, e-mail, address).

Important! After installation, you will be asked to provide access to the application to the phone book, of course, for correct operation, be sure to click “allow”.

I would like to note such a moment. all the methods for deleting contacts on the iPhone described in the article are suitable for any model. It doesn’t matter if you’re holding the “starter” iPhone 4 (S), 5 (S), 6 (Plus), or the “advanced” iPhone 12 Pro Max. These operations are valid for any of them.

Finally, a little advice. if contacts are not deleted (or rather, they immediately reappear after deleting), this means that you have enabled synchronization (saving backups) in the iCloud cloud storage. What to do? You just need to turn off sync. Believe me, there is nothing complicated in this. here is the most detailed instruction (with pictures, blackjack and everything that is supposed to be)!

How to Delete Contacts from iPhone?

Deleting contacts directly from the iPhone one at a time is no longer easy. it is completely impossible to erase them in groups. IOS developers have made every effort to make users have to puzzle over how to remove numbers. Now many ways are known. the article is devoted to them.

A user who has just switched from Android to iPhone will probably be surprised at how complicated and confusing the procedure for deleting a number on an “apple” device is. On an Android smartphone, you can simply bring up the contact’s context menu and tap Delete. On the iPhone, there is neither a context menu, nor a delete key, which would be located in a prominent place. The owner of the gadget will be forced to crawl through the book of numbers to find the necessary button.

We’ll make it easy for a novice user and show you how to erase a contact right on iPhone. In addition, we will describe methods of mass deletion of numbers that require the use of special software.

How to quickly delete multiple contacts at once via iCloud?

If you need to delete several contacts at once (but not the entire phone book), you should turn to the iCloud cloud. For the method to work, you must be sure to log in under the same Apple ID on your PC and iPhone.

Let’s describe the entire procedure for deleting numbers via iCloud from beginning to end:

In the “Settings” iPhone, select the section “iCloud”.

Enter your Apple ID and password in the appropriate fields. Then click “Login”.

iPhone asks if you want to merge information on your device with data stored in iCloud. Select the “Combine” option.

Switch the “Contacts” toggle switch to active state.

After that, you can put your iPhone aside.

Log into from your PC and enter your Apple ID / password.

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Holding CTRL on the keyboard, select the contacts you want to erase.

The selected contacts will appear in the list on the right side of the screen.

Click on the small gear in the lower left corner.

In the menu that appears, select the “Delete” option.

Confirm that you really want to erase the number. click “Delete”.

Wait a few seconds, and you will see how the contacts you deleted via iCloud will disappear from the phone book one by one.

How to Delete Contacts from iPhone Manually?

Manual deletion of numbers involves the following actions:

Go to the “Contacts” application on your iPhone and select the contact you want to delete.

Click on the “Change” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of the next screen. there you will find the “Delete contact” button.

Confirm that you want to say goodbye to the contact. click “Delete contact” again.

This deletion method is suitable when you want to erase a single number. If you need to clear the directory completely, deleting contacts one by one will take a lot of time. To accomplish this task, it is better to use special software.

How to delete all contacts on iPhone at once?

There are several ways to clear the phone book on iPhone. The most famous one involves the use of the iTunes media combine. Here’s how to remove all contacts:

Connect your device to PC with USB cable and open iTunes.

Click on the “iPhone” button.

In the “Settings” menu, select the “Information” section.

Check the box next to “Synchronize contacts with” and in the drop-down menu select any option: “Windows Contacts” or “Outlook”. Make sure there is a dot next to “All Contacts”.

Scroll down the page to the “Add-ons” block and put a tick in front of “Contacts”.

Start the synchronization process. click “Apply”.

As the sync progresses, iTunes will replace the contents of the iPhone phonebook with the information stored on your computer. If there is no file of the corresponding format on the PC, it is obvious that the directory will be empty.

There is a faster way to delete all contacts from iPhone is to reset the device completely. To do this, you need to go along the path “Settings”. “General”. “Reset” and select the option “Erase content and settings”.

As a result, not only contacts, but all user data in general will disappear from the device. It is better to do a hard reset just before the sale of the iPhone.

How to Delete Numbers from Jailbreak iPhone?

The owner of a jailbroken iPhone has more options to delete contacts from a mobile device. He, for example, can use a tweak called Erase Contacts. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repository and is completely free. After installing the application, the following icon appears on the iPhone screen:

Just click on the Erase Contacts icon and confirm the operation. all contacts from the phone book will be deleted.

There is another way. connect the jailbroken device to a PC and erase contacts through one of the file managers (say, iTools or iFile). In the file system, the telephone directory is stored at privatevarmobileLibraryAddressBook. If the iPhone is not jailbroken, this method will not work. in the “Custom System” section, you simply cannot find the “Private” folder.

There are tons of ways to delete contacts from iPhone. It is necessary to choose a specific method based on the goal. If a user thinks that a number of useless numbers are cluttering his phone book, he is able to erase several entries at once via iCloud. To delete one number, there is no need to contact iCloud. you can perform this operation right on the device. If the user prepares the gadget for sale and wants to erase all contacts, he will have to choose one of two options. use the iTunes media combine or simply perform a complete reset of the gadget through the “Settings”.

Via iTunes

You can quickly delete all contacts from iPhone by synchronizing your smartphone with iTunes. Install it on your computer, connect the phone to the PC with a cable. How to Delete All Contacts from iPhone in iTunes:

  • On the left you need to find and click on the phone icon.
  • Open the subsection “Information”.
  • Check the box next to “Synchronize contacts”.
  • In the drop-down list next to it, select one of the phonebook options. it must be empty. If you have not previously saved entries in Windows Contacts on your computer, set this value.
  • Scroll to the “Add-ons” block and mark “Contacts” to erase all data on phone numbers.
  • Click “Apply”.

Synchronization will start, iTunes will find the phonebook on your iPhone and replace it with an empty one from your computer. As a result, all contacts on iPhone will be cleared.

If you accidentally erased phone numbers, iTunes can also help you recover them. How to recover deleted contacts on iPhone: launch iTunes, connect your phone. In the program, click on the smartphone icon, open the “Browse” tab and run the “Restore from a copy” function. Indicate a copy for the required date and wait a couple of minutes, all contact details will be returned to the phone.


Through the menu of iPhone 4S, 5S, 6 or other version, you can delete contact numbers one by one. You cannot restore a deleted contact via your phone. To manually erase data:

  • Go to the phone book.
  • Click on the entry you want to remove, a full entry card will appear.
  • In the upper right corner, click “Change”.
  • To delete one of a person’s phone numbers, click on the red circle next to it. the field will disappear.
  • To completely erase a record, scroll to the bottom of the list and click “Delete contact”.

After confirming the action, the selected entry will disappear from the smartphone’s memory. You can return it only by synchronizing the phone book with iTunes, if a copy of the data was previously created there. To delete multiple contacts using this method, you will have to manually erase each entry separately.


The Apple cloud stores only your data for which you have given permission. Synchronization with the server occurs while recharging the device connected to the Wi-Fi network. Before deleting all contacts from iCloud, check the service parameters: in the main settings menu, find and click on iCloud, enter the Apple ID login and password. We confirm that you want to combine the data. Check that the item “Contacts” has been activated.

If iCloud has already been set up correctly, skip to the next step. Go to and sign in to your account. Select the item “Contacts”. a list of entries from the phone will appear. Select with the mouse those that need to be erased by holding down Ctrl on the keyboard. The selected stitches will turn blue and the people icons will appear on the right side of the screen. In the bottom left corner, click on the gear, in the submenu, select “Delete”. The data will disappear from iCloud, with a slight delay, the list will be cleared and the list on the phone.

For devices with Jailbreak

Owners of jailbroken devices get a little more control over their entire smartphone. To delete contact records, use additional applications on iPhone:

  • Erase Contacts. completely deletes the phone book, just run the utility and confirm the action.
  • File manager iFiles or iTools. in the “private” section, find the “AdressBook” folder and delete files with the extension. sqlitedb.

Full reset

To delete the phone book before selling the device, it is best to do a hard reset. This will also erase all photos and videos, SMS messages. In the main section of the settings go to the “Reset” section and activate “Erase content and settings”.

Agree to the warning and personal data will be deleted.

How to delete one or all contacts from iPhone

Using standard iOS tools, you can only delete contacts one at a time, and even this function is not easy to find. It is generally impossible to clear the entire phone book through the device menu at once. We figured out how to delete contacts from iPhone. you need iTunes or iCloud cloud storage. Owners of jailbroken smartphones can also use third-party file managers.

Clearing the phone book on iPhone is easy. To delete individual entries from it is the fastest way to manually through the device menu; it is convenient to remove several pieces through iCloud. If you decide to erase all data completely, sync the gadget with iTunes or reset the content to it. In order not to mistakenly lose the necessary data, do not forget to first create a backup copy of the device, then it will not be difficult to restore any information.