How to delete a conversation on an iPhone in a vibe

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One message at a time

If you do not want to delete all the correspondence, then you can only clear one unnecessary message. over, Viber will offer you to delete the message, both on your phone and on the device of your interlocutor. How to do it:

  • Go to the application.
  • The history of all chats opens in front of you.
  • Go to the one where you want to delete the message.
  • Press your finger on the SMS text, hold for a few seconds until the menu bar appears at the top.
  • Choose the “” button.
  • The program will offer you “Delete from me” and “Delete everywhere”.

When you select “Delete from me”, the message is deleted only on your phone. And if you choose the second option “Delete everywhere”, then the text of the message disappears both on your phone and on the interlocutor. But he also has in the text field in place of the deleted SMS, the entry “Message deleted” will appear, and if he did not have time to read it, he will guess that you have addressed something to him.

The disadvantage of this version on the iPhone is that, if you wish, you cannot select several messages at once and delete them. You need to click on each one selectively.

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Delete a chat completely

If you are not a fan of keeping correspondence in Viber or do not want someone to see what you are talking about with a specific contact, then you can clear the chat with one move. This is done as follows:

  • Open Viber.
  • The entire history of correspondence is displayed in front of you.
  • Select the one you want to delete and do not go into it, but simply swipe your finger in this line across the screen from right to left.
  • Available functions will appear in the field with correspondence, select “Delete”.
  • Press, and the chat disappears from the history of the messenger.

This is how you can easily delete a chat in Viber. In this case, the chat is not hidden from the correspondences available in the field of view, but all messages are deleted along with it. If you deleted the chat because you are worried that someone will read your correspondence, then in this case it is better to use the “Hidden chat” function, where no one else can get access to the correspondence except you. The chat will not be reflected in the general history and at the same time will be securely blocked with a four-digit password.

How to delete a chat in Viber on iPhone

Messenger programs, among other software for mobile devices, are considered the most popular. Viber is one of the top three messengers. It has a clear and simple interface, as well as a large number of additional features, in addition to free messages and calls. The chats in the application are located very conveniently, you can view information for each and make the necessary changes. One swipe is enough to delete a conversation. And if important messages have been erased in the chat, you can quickly restore them.

How to delete a conversation

It is not difficult to delete a chat or an individual message. Both functions are available in Viber on iPhone. Just a few seconds. and unnecessary information will be deleted. Below is an instruction for each case.

Is it possible to delete chat in Viber on iPhone

When communicating via the Internet in Viber, a lot of information accumulates, which can clog the phone. Sometimes deleting a chat is required to hide important or personal information. Accordingly, many users are worried about the question, is the cleaning of individual messages and the whole chat available in the mobile version of Viber for iPhone? As in any other messenger, in Viber you can also clear a message or immediately chat with a specific user. It is very easy to do this, but it is important to know that after deleting the correspondence, it will be possible to restore it only under certain conditions.

Recover Deleted Messages

What if you accidentally deleted the correspondence, but important messages remain in it? Viber has the function of archiving data, on iPhones it is called “Backup”. If you have deleted important information, you can restore it from a backup. What do I need to do:

  • Open the application.
  • Go to “Settings”, through the “” button at the bottom of the panel.
  • Choose “Account”.
  • Next “Backup”.
  • Below “Restore”.

But you should understand that if previously this function was not active in your Viber profile, then, accordingly, nothing was saved, and you will not be able to restore data from past correspondence.

How to Delete Text Messages on iPhone

For iPhones, there are two more fallback methods where Viber application data can be saved. This includes backups through a dedicated iTunes program, as well as iCloud cloud storage. The first option is suitable for those users who synchronize their smartphone with a computer, which is quite rare, but iCloud is a mandatory account for registering an iPhone and its operation in the App Store. To check what information you have stored in the cloud, go to “Settings”, “Passwords and accounts”, select “iCloud” and see which applications are configured for archiving in the storage. If Viber is on this list, then you can go to the iCloud mail and see the necessary messages.

How to delete messages in Viber on iPhone?

Now it’s time to delete the SMS that you so often send to your friends and family. There is also nothing particularly complicated here, but the principle is a little different.

This variant is usually associated with Android devices. I think you will understand why when you read the instructions.

Here is the scheme for deleting a message in Viber:

  • go to the correspondence, where the message you need is located;
  • hold down on it and an additional menu appears;
  • select Delete and then choose one of two options: Delete from me or Delete everywhere.

If anything, you can only delete messages that you sent. It will not be possible to delete strangers, since it is not in your competence.

Usually, the interlocutor will receive a notification that you have deleted the message. If your friend has a version lower than 5.6.5, then it will simply disappear without a trace.

How to delete chat, message, account and contact in Viber on iPhone?

Messengers have long been a part of our life. Viber is one of the most installed on iPhones in the CIS countries, because it is easy to use and everyone is happy.

Today I propose to consider some points that will help you understand even more with this application. Let’s analyze how a chat, a regular message, a contact and of course the account itself are deleted.

All these questions are often asked and therefore, I will try to describe as clearly as possible all the points of these operations.

How to delete correspondence (chat) in Viber on iPhone?

Let’s start with the simplest and first try to delete the most common correspondence that you already have in the application.

This operation is incredibly simple, and if you are a native iPhone user, you can probably guess how it is done.

If not, then just follow these steps:

  • launch the program and look for the desired chat that we would like to delete;
  • now just drag it to the left to bring up an additional menu;
  • choose Delete and you’re done.

This deletion logic usually works on iOS in almost all programs. There are of course exceptions, but I think you should remember this moment, it will definitely come in handy more than once.

How to delete a profile in Viber on iPhone?

Well, the very last thing I would like to share with you is the deletion of your account in the Viber application. This is implemented directly in the application and it pleases.

Of course, you cannot find the first time, so I will describe the process to you step by step. Again, nothing difficult will meet you.

How to Delete Conversations on iPhone (2020)

  • go to the most recent tab and click Settings;
  • select Privacy and at the very bottom, click Disable Account;
  • remove the application.
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If any correspondence is important to you, then it is best to make a backup. Then you will not have the opportunity to proHonor any messages.

How to delete a contact in Viber on iPhone?

If suddenly, a situation has arisen that you want to delete any of the contacts that you simply do not need anymore or there are reasons for this, then this is also possible to implement.

The developers try to ensure that you make the minimum effort to fulfill such a need.

  • go to the Contacts tab;
  • select the desired contact and look for a pencil on the top right;
  • at the very bottom, there is a button Delete contact.

With such a simple logical chain of actions, you can get rid of a person you don’t need in your application. This need happens and quite often.

How to delete all correspondence at once?

Now, with your finger, click directly on the dialog that you want to delete and hold it in the clamped state for some time. After a few seconds, a trash can icon will appear on the screen, clicking on which the dialogue with a specific user will be deleted without the possibility of further recovery.

One message

We click in the area of ​​the element to be deleted with the right mouse button, which leads to a menu with possible actions.

    Select “Delete from me”. the message will be erased and disappear from the dialogue area in the Viber window.

If the menu for the sent message is called at step 2 of this instruction, in addition to the “Delete from me” item, the list of actions contains the “Delete from me and Recipient_name” item, highlighted in red. By clicking on the name of this option, we destroy the message not only in our messenger, but also at the addressee.

At the same time, a “trace” remains from the message. the notification “You have deleted the message”.

Some or all messages from a single chat

If the task is to delete information that was exchanged with the only interlocutor in Viber, that is, the data has accumulated within one dialogue, you can get rid of it using the Android client application very quickly and easily. At the same time, there is a choice of what exactly to delete. a single message, several of them, or the entire chat history.

    Open Viber for Android, go to a conversation containing a more unnecessary or unwanted message.

Long press in the message area to bring up a menu of possible actions with it. We select the item “Delete from me”, after which the element of correspondence will disappear without a trace from the chat history.

Instead of the deleted text or other type of data, the messenger will display a notification “You deleted the message”, and in the chat visible to the interlocutor. “User_name deleted the message”.

    Open the chat to be cleared, call up the menu of options available for the dialogue as a whole by touching the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. We select “Edit messages”. the chat title will change to “Select messages”.

By touching the areas of received and sent messages, select those of them that will be deleted. Tap on the “Trash” icon that appears at the bottom of the screen and click “OK” in the window asking about the permanent deletion of the selected entries.

That’s all. the selected chat elements are erased from the device memory and are no longer displayed in the conversation history.

    We call the dialog options menu, from which you need to delete all the elements of the correspondence.

Click “CLEAR” in the pop-up window, as a result of which the history of correspondence with an individual Viber member will be deleted from the device, and the chat area will become completely empty.

Those Viber users who are looking for a method to delete absolutely all messages that have ever been received and transmitted via the messenger, without exception, can be recommended to use the function of the Android client application described below.

Note: As a result of performing the actions described below, the entire contents of the chat history are irreversibly destroyed (if there is no backup copy). In addition, the messenger will remove all headers of dialogs and group conversations, which are usually displayed in the iOS tab

The list of features available in Viber for iOS practically coincides with that of the above-described Android messenger client, but there is no possibility to delete several elements of the correspondence at the same time. IPhone users can delete one message, clear a separate chat from information completely, and also destroy all conversations conducted through the Viber messenger along with their contents at one time.

All posts

It will not be possible to completely clear the chat from a computer, but you can delete the conversation itself along with the contents. To do this, we act as it seems more convenient:

    In an open dialog, the history of which needs to be cleared, right-click on the area free of messages. Select the item “Delete” in the menu that appears.

Next, we confirm the request that appears by clicking on the “Delete” button. the conversation title will disappear from the list of available messenger windows on the left, and at the same time all information received / transmitted within the chat will be erased.

Another method of destroying an individual dialogue and its history at the same time:

    Open the deleted chat and call the “Conversation” menu by clicking on the button of the same name at the top of the Viber window. Choose here “Delete”.

We confirm the request of the messenger and get the same result as after the previous paragraph of the recommendations. removing the conversation header from the list of chats and destroying all messages received / transmitted within its framework.

As you can see, regardless of the operating system in which the Viber client application is used, deleting messages from it should not cause any difficulties for a service member. This function can be activated at any time, and its implementation requires only a few taps on the screen of a mobile device from Andro users

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Today Viber messenger confidently overtakes the former most popular Skype for a long time. There are a lot of reasons for this: this is the ease of use of the application, and the absence of any payment and commissions charged for sending text messages and video calls (only traffic is paid directly at the rates of your Internet provider).

Due to the fact that for many this application has become the main method of communication on the World Wide Web, the question “how to delete messages in Viber?”.

Features of groups

How to delete messages in a group in Viber and whether it can be done. this is done in the same way as in the screenshot above. But we want to note that you can “remove everywhere” only your messages, the messages of the participants will remain. Also in the group chat, when you long press on the message of the participants, there is “delete from me”. that is, you can remove the phrases of friends, but only in your correspondence.

Important! Even if you are a group administrator, you cannot delete a message from the group in Viber of other members!

If you do not particularly want to delete the conversation, but you just need no one to accidentally see it, there is an opportunity to hide it. This is called hidden chats.

In order to make the chat hidden, you must click on it before the context menu drops out. There, select the item: hidden chats. If this is the first time you do this, the system will prompt you to select a pin code with which you will be able to access hidden conversations. It consists of 4 digits.

In order to subsequently access this chat, you will need to enter this very pin in the search bar. To access it, click on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the application.

Remove multiple messages from the dialogue

This was an option to delete an individual chat. But it also happens that you only want to get rid of one or two messages. The Viber application also provided for such an option. To do this, enter the chat.

  • Click on the desired message.
  • Select the “Delete” option in the drop-down context menu.

You can delete several messages at once. To do this, click in the upper right corner on the menu button, select the option “Edit messages”. It will be possible to put a check mark on those elements that you want to destroy. You can choose an unlimited number. And how to download Viber on PC you can find out in another article.

How to delete messages in Viber on iPhone?

Otherwise, the algorithm for deleting messages both one copy at a time and the entire history of correspondence is identical to the deletion process on Android devices and on desktop computers and laptops with Windows and Mac OS.

The iPhone model does not matter, everything happens in the same way on the fourth, fifth and sixth “apple phones”.

We hope, ”now you understand how to delete messages in Viber and now you can fully use all the functions of this wonderful messenger on your computer and mobile device, without being distracted from the communication process.

If you need to know how to get rid of unnecessary messages, it’s time to find out how to delete all correspondence in Viber. it is quite possible and quick to do this. But keep in mind that even if you have a backup, you will not be able to restore everything. So, media files are not copied. Most of the options for creating backups also do not involve transferring emoticons.

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So you should start removing it only if you are completely sure that you do not need it. Still, it is worth making a backup before starting, so that later it will be possible to restore deleted information.

How to delete conversations in Viber on iPhone 4,5,6,7 ?

We will tell you how to clear a chat in Viber in a group on an iPhone or in an individual conversation, step by step.

  • There are a couple of differences
  • Enter the menu
  • Swipe to the left near the desired chat
  • This will also display a similar context menu: “Dock”, “Hide”, “Delete”

Second way: if you need to clear Viber correspondence in a group on Iphone. Then there are only 2 ways: either leave the chat, or delete all messages in chats.
Settings, Calls and Messages. Clear History.

How to erase multiple messages

You don’t have to erase all messages. In Viber, you can select several messages and erase them, leaving important or memorable SMS. The operation can be performed on a smartphone and PC. On the computer, you need to enter the chat, mark messages by highlighting with the mouse, click on the icon in the form of a basket below.

How to clear conversations on Android and iOS phones:

  • Launch the messenger and enter the conversation.
  • Click on the button with dots, tap on the line “Select messages”.
  • Mark unnecessary SMS, tap on the basket, it is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose a removal method.

The action is the same in Viber on iPhone and Android. If the function is not available, update the messenger to the latest version.

How to Erase Conversations on iPhone

You can also clear all chat on iPhone. The action is no different from an Android smartphone. The only difference may be the size of the buttons and the color tone of the menu.

You can clean up unnecessary dialogue in a few seconds. This simple operation is available on modern and outdated Viber builds and allows you to speed up the messenger.

How to clean up the correspondence of the interlocutor

You can delete your messages not only on your device, but also on your interlocutor. To do this, select the appropriate option during SMS allocation.

You can erase SMS from yourself and your interlocutor on a PC. To do this, select unnecessary messages, click on the button in the form of a basket and select “Delete from me and from (subscriber’s name)”.

While clearing messages on your smartphone, a confirmation window will appear. In it, you can select the method of performing the operation, usually the deletion option is available for both chat participants. “Delete everywhere”.

Important. You can clear SMS in Viber with the interlocutor. The operation is available only for sent messages, both participants will not be able to delete the received text.

How to delete conversations in Viber on your phone and computer

Sometimes there are too many messages in the messenger. They take up extra space and can slow down your smartphone. We will figure out how to delete Viber correspondence on a computer and phone, how to erase messages completely or selectively.

On the computer

You can also erase all the correspondence through a computer. The action is available on old and new versions of the messenger.

  • Open messenger.
  • In the window on the left, find the chat, right-click on it.
  • Select the “Delete” option.
  • A window will open with the signature: “Really delete this conversation”, confirm the action.

Important. Viber on the computer and phone is synchronized using an Internet connection. Deleted chat will disappear from all synced devices.

How to clear all Viber chats on Android

You can clear the entire chat at once. This can be done in a few seconds.

  • Start the messenger, on the main screen, select the desired dialogue.
  • Tap on the button on the top right, click on “Clear chat”.
  • Confirm the operation.

The messenger will clear all correspondence. You can start a new conversation at any time, for this go to the “Calls” menu, find the person you need and write a message.

Can I delete a conversation in Viber

Cleaning up a chat in Viber is not difficult. This can be done through a mobile device, computer, or laptop. To perform the operation, you do not need to install additional applications, all options are available in the messenger menu.

To work, you need a device with an installed messenger, connected to the Internet.

Important. Deleted SMS can be restored, but for this a copy of the data must be saved using the “Backup” option.

Is it possible to restore the correspondence

You can return accidentally erased messages. To do this, you will have to use the built-in “Backup” option:

  • Click “”, open “Settings”.
  • Enter the “Account” section, tap on the “Backup” function.
  • Click “Restore” and wait for the operation to finish.

Important. You can restore deleted correspondence if the backup function has been configured. If there is no saved data, it will not be possible to return it.

There are several ways to delete messages in Viber. This option allows you to get rid of unnecessary information and speed up the work of the messenger. If the backup option is configured, accidentally deleted data can be restored.

Eliminate the message at home and everywhere

To erase a specific message, you need:

  • Go to chat, select the desired message
  • Press and hold on it, then click on
  • In the dialog box that opens, select Delete
  • Next, select the action: Delete from me or Delete everywhere (delete the message in Viber from the interlocutor).
  • An inscription will appear, You have deleted the message, you can delete it, for the beauty of the correspondence sheet, by repeating these steps.

Important! You can delete a message sent directly by you, but not a message that was sent to you!

How to delete a message in Viber on iPhone

When texting with someone in the messenger, situations arise that you could mistakenly send a message without looking at whom you are sending, or, having written a message, changed your mind to send it, but clicked the send button, the question arises of how to delete a conversation in Viber on an Iphone.

All messages are stored on the server and there are no restrictions for clearing this or that message, but be careful when using this function, you can delete messages in Viber on iPhone only on your own, or everywhere, i.e. the interlocutor too.

Attention! By deleting the message only for yourself, you cannot then remove it from the interlocutor.

Clear chat

Let’s take a look at how to delete Viber conversations on iPhone:

  • We open the chat we need
  • Next, from above, click on the name of the interlocutor
  • Go to Information and Settings
  • Scroll to the very bottom
  • Click on Clear chat. Delete all messages

After these simple manipulations, the chat window becomes clean.

Delete chat completely

If you do not want to communicate with a person anymore, or you have added him to the black list and do not want to see a line with his chat, then we will consider how to delete a chat in Viber on an iPhone.

In fact, it is very easy, but not everyone knows that such a function exists and how to get to it:

  • Go to the chats and select the one you want to liquidate
  • Now make a swap. swipe it from left to right
  • An additional menu will appear, select Delete.

in the list of all your correspondences, this chat will not be displayed.

Delete all or multiple messages in Viber on iPhone

If you know how to delete a message in Viber on iPhone, you can quickly clear the chat list from unnecessary dialogues or erase the message before the recipient sends it, if suddenly you change your mind about giving him some information.

Delete all or individual chats

If you need to get rid of all chats at once, follow these steps:

  • Start Viber.
  • Open the menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Calls and Messages” section.
  • Click “Clear message history”.

Once the cleaning is complete, you will see Viber, which does not have any dialogs or groups. However, the interlocutors and other group members will have all the correspondence.

If you are not going to delete all dialogs, but want to get rid of only individual chats, then the order of actions will change slightly:

  • Open the dialog list.
  • Find the chat you want to delete.
  • Swipe to the left near the dialogue.
  • Select “Delete chat”.

This way you can delete any number of chats. They will no longer appear in your list of conversations, but they will remain with other users with whom you communicated.

Deleting Messages

Now you know how to back up and restore data from them, so you can proceed to the study of the main question. how to delete messages in Viber on iPhone? The application allows you to erase different amounts of data. You can delete all chats at once, erase messages in a dialogue or a group. for solving each problem there will be its own algorithm of actions.

Deleting individual messages

If you don’t want to delete the entire conversation, but are looking for a way to erase only a few messages, follow these steps:

  • Open the chat.
  • Find the message you want to erase.
  • Press and hold your finger.
  • Select “Delete”.

You can delete several messages at once: for this you need to go to the chat, open the menu and select the “Edit messages” option. After that, it will be possible to mark the messages that you want to erase.

Messages can be deleted not only for yourself, but also for the interlocutor. If you choose to delete only yourself, then the interlocutor will have the full version of the correspondence. To prevent this from happening, select the option “Delete everywhere”.

You can delete everywhere only those messages that you yourself sent. You cannot erase other people’s messages, even if you are the administrator of the group in which you are communicating with other users.

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Creating a backup

Before deleting messages on Viber or getting rid of a few dialogs, make a backup. It may never come in handy, but if you accidentally delete something important, then a backup will become a solution whose value cannot be exaggerated. To back up messages:

  • Start Viber.
  • Open the main menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Account”.
  • Select “Backup”.
  • Click Create Now.
  • Provide access to configuration data.
  • Wait for the end of saving the backup.

The backup will go to the cloud storage, from where it will not disappear anywhere until you delete it yourself. If you decide to reinstall the application or restore accidentally deleted messages, then for this it will be enough to go to the “Backup” section in the settings and click the “Restore” button.

After restoring, you will find the correspondence in the form in which it was at the time of the backup. This method has a drawback: only text messages are saved, media files will be lost. Therefore, if you delete photos and videos, you will not be able to restore them from the backup.

Delete contacts and disable a profile

If you started cleaning Viber from messages, pay attention to the list of contacts. For example, you deleted a dialog you don’t need. The next step will also be logical. deleting the contact with whom this dialogue took place. If a message comes from this number, you can quickly block it or mark it as spam.

  • Run the application.
  • Open the “Contacts” tab.
  • Select the entry you want to delete.
  • Click on the pencil icon to go to editing.
  • Select “Delete”.

The most radical step you can take is to completely disable your Viber account. To remove from the messenger:

  • Open the “” tab.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select the “Privacy” section.
  • Click “Disable Account”.

After performing this operation, you will lose access to all correspondence. But if you have a backup copy of your data, you can re-register with Viber using your phone number and restore chats from the backup. Media data (photo, video, audio) will disappear, but the message text will remain intact.

How to delete all SMS for yourself and the interlocutor at the same time

Sometimes there are incidents when a message or photo was sent to the wrong person. Can you imagine if the boss opens your photo from the Cote d’Azur? It’s embarrassing, yes. Fortunately, the messenger makes it possible to delete unwanted messages not only from yourself, but also from other users.

This is easy to do: we open the conversation that needs to be corrected. We grab that very insidious message and wait for the pop-up window. As soon as it appears, quickly click on the “Delete everywhere” option. Exhale. now your mistake will not be noticed (unless the recipient has time to read the message).

The only thing that will still give you out is a notification from the interlocutor that the file has been deleted. By the way, you will receive the right to delete messages only with those SMS that were sent by you. Such a trick will not work with messages from friends. The same rule applies to group conversations, where each participant has the right to delete only his own SMS.

Clearing chat without deleting

Viber makes it possible not only to delete the chat, but also to completely clear it, saving the dialog box. This can be useful if the conversation can compromise you or is unpleasant.

To do this, in the main section, you need to click on the dialog that you plan to clear. We hold it down until an additional menu pops up. In it, we select the function “clear chat” and confirm our intention. After these actions, the chat will be displayed empty, but you can see it in the list of conversations.

Delete chat

In order not to clog the dialog box, you can delete the chat in Viber, after which it will not be displayed in the list. Actions will take less than a minute, and the order will please the eye.

So, if your smartphone supports Android system, the plan of action is as follows:

  • We go to the “Chats” section, located in the lower left corner of the display.
  • Select the dialog and hold it down until an additional menu appears.
  • We find the option “Delete chat”. Now the content of the conversation has gone to the trash, and its “title” has disappeared from the general list. Note that in case of mistaken choice of chat, actions can be canceled.

If you want to delete all dialogs, then perform the following manipulations:

  • Go to the “” menu and open the settings.
  • Scroll to the item “Calls and messages” and click on “Clear message history”. We confirm our intentions and see a blank screen in the “chats” section.

You can delete one conversation in Viber on iPhone by following these steps:

  • We go to the “Chats” menu, select the dialogue of interest, after which the area in which it is located is shifted to the left.
  • Three buttons will appear in front of you, you should select the “Delete” box.

You can clean all chats on the Iphone like this:

  • Click “”, go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Open the “Calls and Messages” section, click on the “Clear message history” option. Done, all chats demolished.

Removing conversations from your computer is just as easy. We go to the version of Viber for Windows and look for the chat that needs to be deleted in the general list (on the left in the application window).

Next, click on the conversation with the right mouse button and select the “Delete” function. The chat will no longer be displayed.

Deleting a business chat

Progress does not stand still, business chats have recently appeared in the vibe. Advertising mailings from restaurants, brands and real estate agencies are interesting, by no means, to everyone. As a rule, many SMS remain unread.

What if you are not interested in annoying ads? Simply remove these dialogs. We will disappoint you in advance: it will not be possible to permanently demolish the entire folder with advertising, since the mailing list will work. You will have to periodically clear chats manually.

So how do you clean them? Go to the “Chats” menu and select the “Business Chats” tab. We hold down the annoying community chat, wait for it to change color.

As soon as this happens, in the upper right corner you will find the coveted “Trash” icon. Drag the chat there.

It is possible to delete several chats at once, only for this you need to wait for the color change and touch all the dialogs that require deletion. As soon as the unnecessary is highlighted, we send all the garbage to the trash.

The process of deleting business conversations from the desktop version (on laptops and tablets, for example) is not very different. To do this, move the mouse over the chat, right-click on it and select the “delete” option. We confirm our desire, the chat disappears. However, it should be understood that after deleting the dialogue, users or publics can write to you again, and the chat sent to the scrap will come out again.

Important: if, when you try to delete a business chat in Viber, you confirm the “Exit” function, you can get rid of notifications and community messages in the future.

Delete chat in Viber

Each of us periodically conducts audits. They can relate to different areas. cleaning the house, burning old notebooks and notebooks, parsing closets with things. Putting things in order in the phone is also an important part of the life of a modern person.

Sooner or later, we delete SMS, clean chats and send contacts to the trash. Why collect information trash? Let’s take a closer look at how to delete messages in Viber.

Why delete chat on Viber?

Everyone will have their own answer to this question. It is unpleasant for some to bump into chats with certain people, others are wary that the smartphone may end up in the hands of third parties, and other users simply do not consider it necessary to keep “cute conversations”.

Whatever the reason, the goal is the same: delete messages on Viber.

How to hide a chat?

In some situations, there is no need to clean and delete the chat, but there is no desire to show it to everyone. For such cases, the developers of the messenger have provided another interesting function. hidden correspondence.

In order to switch a chat into secret mode, you need to click on its name and hold your finger until a pop-up window appears. Then we press the button “Hide chat”. Now the dialogue will not be displayed in the “Chats” screen and will remain inaccessible to the eyes of others.

How to erase multiple messages from a conversation?

Selectively editing the correspondence should be the same way that a randomly sent photo is deleted. We open the “Chats” window, select the right person, go into the conversation and clamp the letter that needs to be destroyed. We are waiting for the pop-up menu and select the “Delete from me” option if the message was not sent by you, and the “delete everywhere” button if you were the author.

In such a simple way, you can save the conversation, partially removing the “tails”. In case of total deletion in the recipient’s dialog, your messages will also disappear.