How to distinguish a laser printer from an inkjet printer

What is the difference between a LASER PRINTER and an INKJET PRINTER

Nowadays, there is a need to have a laser or inkjet printer at home in order to print documents or photographs. But what are the differences between laser and inkjet printing technologies??

The main difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer is the different printing technology. Printing on inkjet printers requires the use of ink cartridges, while laser printing uses cartridges that have a special powder. toner.

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The printing process of a laser printer is radically different from that of an inkjet printer: the toner is applied to the paper sheet, not ink droplets. When heated, the toner transferred to the paper “cakes”. It is as a result of this that the image is formed. In addition, in a laser printer, texts are output page by page, rather than line by line. Therefore, the print information is stored in the memory of the printer itself. Laser printers operate relatively quietly, while printing is not distracting or annoying. High resolution is easy to achieve thanks to the compact and precise focusing of the beam. Inkjet printers have a lower resolution because they use tiny droplets of ink.

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In the process of printing on an inkjet printer, an image is formed by spraying many ink drops on paper. Liquid ink flows from the cartridge into tiny ink chambers, from the chambers under some pressure they spray onto the paper through nozzles. Depending on how exactly the pressure is created in the chamber, the following subspecies of inkjet printing are distinguished: piezoelectric, thermal inkjet and bubble.

  • Piezoelectric technology uses piezoelectric crystals that deform when exposed to an electric current and successfully serve as a buoyancy force.
  • With thermal jet technology, the ink in the chamber is heated to the boiling point by being pushed out through the nozzles by steam pressure.
  • The difference with bubble technology is that paint droplets are pushed out by gas bubbles rather than steam.
  • Laser printers use powder toners instead of ink.
  • Laser technology has the following advantages: prints come out very clear, resistant to light and water.
  • A laser machine has a faster print speed because the laser beam travels much faster than the print head of an inkjet printer.
  • The inkjet printer is suitable for printing a large number of color images in the printing industry, as well as at home or in the office. Laser printers are also suitable for large print quantities.