How to enable locator feature on iPhone

How to add an iPhone to Find My

The first time you launch the application, you need to grant all required permissions. But that won’t help you find your iPhone with Find My. To activate this feature, open the settings and go to your Apple ID section. Next, you need to follow the path “Locator”. “Find iPhone”.

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Here you need to move all the sliders to the active position, that is, to the right:

  • Find iPhone. helps you manage your device remotely;
  • “Locator Network”. creates a local network between gadgets authorized in the application to search in the absence of access to the Internet or GPS;
  • Last Location. Providing Low Battery Information to Apple.

You also need to activate the “Share location” option. It is located in the previous menu item. If the function is activated, you will be able to share geolocation with your friends.

Further, it is recommended to configure the parameters through the program “Locator” itself. Open the settings inside the application and move the slider to the right next to the “Friendship Requests” heading. This will allow your friends to add your device so they can find another iPhone in Find My if needed.

Individual friends can be added to the “Favorites” section. So you can always see where the right person is, and not look for a friend from the full list of people who are located in the “Users” tab.

Of the useful functions of the application, it is worth noting the ability to set a name for your favorite locations. For example, at home, work or cafes. The operation is performed by pressing the button “Name the current location”.

To add a new person on your own and keep track of his location, you need to go to the “Users” tab and click the “Add” button. To add user gadgets (Airpods, Apple Watch, and so on), use the “Devices” tab.

Please note that the other person must agree to add. Otherwise, you will not be able to find someone else’s iPhone using Locator.

Find another iPhone in Find My

Many Apple iPhone owners are faced with the loss of their smartphone. Until recently, you had to use the Find My iPhone app to find your device, but in iOS 13 it disappeared. Now fans of “apple” are invited to find another iPhone through Locator, a new program created for similar purposes.

How to find your iPhone

To find your iPhone using Find My, if it’s lost, follow these instructions:

  • Log in to your Apple ID on another Mac, iPod Touch, iPhone or iP
  • Open “Find My” and go to the “Devices” tab.
  • Select the missing iPhone.
  • Use one of the search tools that Apple offers.

So, on the page of the missing device, there are several things you can do. In particular, find out the location of the iPhone through the “Directions” menu. The geolocation of the device will be shown on the map.

You can also click the Play Sound button to make the missing device start emitting sound signals. So its location is much easier to determine. over, the determination of geolocation occurs with an error of up to 200 meters. If it was not possible to find the phone on the map, it is recommended to activate notifications about the find by moving the slider of the same name to the right.

The option “Mark as missing” is also available. If you click this button, a text entry field opens in front of you. Here it is recommended to enter information that the iPhone is missing and provide contact information for communication.

Finally, you can do a factory reset on your Apple iPhone. But this should only be done as a last resort, when there is no longer any chance of finding an iPhone. In this case, the person who found the device will not be able to access personal information.

Finding another iPhone is also easy with the locator. To do this, simply open the “Users” tab and select one of your friends. If he did not put a ban on the provision of information about the location, his location will be displayed in the map tab.

Download and installation order

You do not need to take additional steps to download and install Find My if the iPhone is based on iOS 13. The application must already be preinstalled on the device. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine the desktop after the update, as well as the system folders.

If you still can’t find Locator, you can download the app from the App Store. But owners of Apple devices running old operating systems like iOS 11 and iOS 12 shouldn’t even try to find a new program. Such users need to refer to the help of the Find iPhone and Find Friends applications to access the Locator functionality.

How to enable offline search

The locator app searches for a missing iPhone only if the device is connected to the Internet. But this limitation can be circumvented by activating “offline search”. To enable the option, you need to open the smartphone settings, go to your Apple ID profile, then. “Find My”, and then. “Find iPhone”. Here you need to move the slider opposite the “Enable offline search” item to the right.

Depending on the version of the operating system, it may be referred to as “Locator Network”. They are equivalent options that perform the same function.

About Find My

Find My is a new solution from Apple. During development, the manufacturer set a goal to combine the functionality of several applications at once, so that the user can not only find the iPhone in the iOS 13 Locator, but also get additional features.

Main functions

Find My is a combination of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. These are two similar programs that were preinstalled on iOS 9-12, on the one hand, they have similar, but on the other. different functionality. In particular, “Find iPhone” was intended to find a missing device, and the second program. to find friends on the map.

Also, to the already existing functions, the ability to search for other Apple gadgets that were lying around was added. For example, Airpods or Apple Watch. As a result, users got a convenient application. And now you can find someone else’s iPhone, your own device or other device from the Apple ecosystem in the locator.

Turn on MMS on iPhone

To be able to send this type of messages from the iPhone, you need to make sure that the corresponding function is activated in the phone settings.

    Open “Settings” and then go to the “Messages” section.

In the “SMS / MMS” section, make sure that the “MMS messages” option is activated. Make changes if necessary.

  • If Wi-Fi is activated on the phone, temporarily turn it off and check if the mobile Internet is working: its presence is a prerequisite for sending MMS.
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    Setting up MMS on iPhone

    As a rule, the phone does not need any MMS settings. all the necessary parameters are set by the cellular operator automatically. However, if the attempt to send the file was unsuccessful, you should try to manually enter the required parameters.

    How to to turn off precise location for apps in iOS 14 (and iPadOS 14) so they can’t track you!

      To do this, open the settings and select the “Cellular” section. In the next window open the section “Cellular data network”.

    • APN. specify;
    • Username and password. enter “mts” in both columns (without quotes);
    • MMSC. http: // mmsc;
    • MMS proxy.;
    • The maximum message size is 512000;
    • MMS UAProf URL. leave this field blank.
    • APN.;
    • Username and password. do not fill in these fields;
    • MMSC.;
    • MMS proxy.;
    • The maximum message size is 1048576;
    • MMS UAProf URL. Do Not Fill In.
    • APN. mms.yota;
    • Username. mms;
    • Password. leave the field blank;
    • MMSC. http: // mmsc: 8002;
    • MMS proxy.;
    • Maximum message size. leave the field blank;
    • MMS UAProf URL. Do Not Fill In.
    • APN.;
    • Username. beeline;
    • Password. leave the field blank;
    • MMSC. http: // mms;
    • MMS proxy.;
    • Maximum message size. leave this field blank;
    • MMS UAProf URL. Leave blank.
    • APN. mms;
    • Username and password. write “gdata” in both columns (without quotes);
    • MMSC. http: // mmsc: 8002;
    • MMS proxy.;
    • Maximum message size. leave blank;
    • MMS UAProf URL. Do Not Fill In.
  • When the required parameters are specified, close the window. From now on, sending MMS should work correctly.
  • These simple recommendations will allow you to set up MMS in order to be able to transfer multimedia files through the standard Messaging application.

    How to use Find My in iOS 13

    The Locator app is divided into three tabs. The first helps you find friends and family, the second helps you find your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Airpods, and the third helps you manage your personal location settings. For user convenience, a map is also displayed in each tab.

    To find out where your friend or child is, open the “Users” section and select the person you need. Its address and location will be displayed on the map, and you will also see additional options.

    • Contact. Opens a contact card on iPhone.
    • Routes. Redirects to the “Maps” application, where it builds a route to the selected user.
    • Notifications. Allows you to receive notifications when a person comes or leaves a certain location. You can also adjust the accuracy of the response (in other words, the range) of notifications.

    The same tab should be used to add the desired person to favorites, disable tracking of your location and delete the user.

    The Devices tab shows all the gadgets that you and your family members use (for those who have connected a family account). Your current device is marked with “With You” and is available first in the list. There are several options for each gadget in this section.

    Also, using the “Devices” tab, all data is erased and unused gadgets are deleted.

    The “Me” tab contains the user’s personal settings. Use it to find your location, turn off the Share Location option for all contacts, and unsubscribe from friend requests from strangers.

    The “Name current location” button also allows you to name popular places, such as home, work or favorite cafe.

    How to use Find My in iOS 13

    The Find iPhone feature helped find more than one lost device, and in general there are no complaints about its work. This is why the debut of the new Find My app in iOS 13 came as a surprise to many. Apple has made it possible to search for non-internet iPhones and have added a number of other improvements. This article will show you how to use the Find My app in iOS 13.

    What the Find My app looks like in iOS 13

    The Locator application is based on the Find iPhone and Find Friends programs. It works now, in the fifth beta version and previous builds of iOS 13. At the first launch, the user sees a welcome screen with short information about the application and an offer to share the location. If you want your friends to always know where you are. accept this offer. After that, three tabs will appear on the screen: “Users”, “Devices” and “Me”.

    Important! You can stop sharing your location at any time right in the app or from the iPhone settings menu. on this later.

    Turn on offline search in Find My

    The Offline Search feature in iOS 13 is a new way to find your lost iPhone, whether you have an internet connection or not. It uses technology based on Bluetooth and encryption protocols. Below is a general outline of how it works.

    Every iPhone, even if it is not connected to the Internet or turned off, transmits a signal that can be read by other devices nearby. They automatically capture this signal, add information about their location, encrypt the data and transmit it to Apple servers. Access to confidential information is provided by a unique key, which only the owner of the lost gadget has. He sees the last up-to-date location of his iPhone and finds it.

    To enable offline search, open Settings and tap your name at the top of the screen. On the next page, find the Find My app icon, go to advanced options, and tap Find My iPhone.

    Enable Offline Search by moving the slider to the right. That’s all, now it will be more difficult to lose your smartphone.

    We hope today’s instructions will help you understand how to use the Find My app on iOS 13. If you have any questions, leave them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below this post.

    Locator setup. how to turn Find iPhone on and off

    Go to smartphone settings, open your Apple ID by clicking on your card with your first and last name. In a new window, open the “Locator” section.

    Go to “Find iPhone” and make active the item to search for the device itself and use the locator network.

    Locator network. allows you to search for your phone even if it is disconnected from the network, this is a very useful feature. It works when you turn on Lost Mode. Your iPhone will communicate with other Apple devices via Bluetooth and send them location data so you can see where it is. All this is done in anonymous mode.

    The last geolocation is when the battery charge is critically low and the phone can turn off at any time. It will send its current location to Apple. This is a very useful feature, especially if you are going on a hike, so you can be found very quickly in case of unforeseen circumstances.

    Go back to the previous section and turn on the “Share location” feature so that added family members or friends can see it, to whom you will send it yourself through the phone book. If you do not enable it, you will not be able to share the location.

    For everything to work correctly and the location is determined accurately, you need to enable the “Geolocation Services” function. It is important.

    Go to your smartphone settings, go to the “Privacy” section, open “Location Services” and make it active.

    Fear that the battery will run out badly after activating this function. no need when certain applications will request access to it, just tell them. activation of geolocation only when using.

    At any other time, it will simply not be used and will have a minimal effect on the battery.

    Important! If you have lost your phone and now you cannot find it, then I recommend reading the material on this topic. find an iPhone via iCloud. It describes in as much detail as possible what needs to be done in this situation using iCloud.

    Find My iPhone

    The locator app for iPhone includes two other apps, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends. Allows you to quickly locate your phone, send your location to your family / friends, and can help in critical situations.

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    Important! The application helps to search for your device, even if it is already disconnected from the Internet.

    • Find your phone: information is shown clearly on the map
    • Lost mode, when the smartphone is locked and you can leave your contact information on the screen
    • View last location
    • Play a beep so you know where to look
    • View remaining battery level
    • The finder will not be able to access your personal information
    • You can completely clear the iPhone from all the data that is on it online
    • You can send your location to family and friends if you want
    • In case of critical discharge, the smartphone will send data to Apple about your location
    • Receive data about the location of relatives or friends who will share it

    It is very convenient to use this function to find your loved ones. Who, for some reason, can get lost, so you can always quickly find them. over, the route can be built, as in the navigator.

    Information where your device is located is displayed on a visual map that can be turned on in satellite mode, which will greatly facilitate the search task.

    Interesting! If you decide to erase all data from your iPhone. Once found, everything can be quickly returned using the iPhone backup function.

    Locator app. features

    Open the locator app on your iPhone. Information about all your devices will be shown here, where they are located.

    Here you can also add people with whom you want to share your location and see their location. The main thing is that they also have an iPhone.

    Routes. If they have shared their geolocation with you, here you can also build a route to this person. Just like in a GPS navigator. So, if you wish, if you cannot find each other, just share the geolocation for an hour, the route will be built. Few people use this, but it’s really convenient.

    Contact. person card, phone number.

    Notifications. you will receive notifications if a contact changes their location.

    Also here you can set a different name for the location at your discretion.

    IPhone Locator. Search for Your Smartphone: Features and Settings

    Find My iPhone or another way Locator is an application for iPhone smartphones that helps to determine the location of the device, find family members or friends on the map.

    This is a very important function of the entire iOS operating system, which should be configured immediately after turning on your smartphone for the first time.

    The previous article was devoted to how to hide an application on the iPhone. Today we will look at a very important function and application Find iPhone, where it is located in the settings, how it works and helps when searching for your device. This feature works for iPad, Apple Watch, Air Pods and iPad Touch too.

    Important! On how to find your device when it is lost, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed and visual instructions in the material. find an iPhone via an iPhone, computer or other smartphone.

    As you can see, this is a very important part of the iOS operating system and the phone itself. Therefore, always turn it on in the settings so that your device is protected.

    Application to the mobile operator

    If you want to track your phone using IMEI, the only working way is to contact your mobile operator. First of all, you need to call the operator and ask to block the phone number. Then you need to ask the mobile operator, together with the police, to track the location of the smartphone by IMEI.

    An alternative option is to try sending an SMS to a stolen device and offer to return the phone for a “generous reward”. Negotiating with a thief is not the most pleasant pleasure, but if the phone is not turned off yet, you may get your smartphone back as quickly as possible, after parting with a certain amount of money.

    Instructions for finding iPhone via Android

    If a gadget is lost or stolen, you can remotely track it and block access to personal data. Apple provides alternative ways to find iPhone via Android phone without an iOS device.

    How to Turn Off Tracking on iPhone

    Using and enabling / disabling the function

    The main purpose of the program in question is to find devices associated with the same Apple ID account, as well as those for which family access is open and configured. How to use it correctly and how to configure it for the most convenient work, we previously talked about in separate articles.

    Learn more: How to turn on Find My iPhone (Find My) on iPhone How to find your iPhone if it’s lost How to set up Family Sharing on iPhone

    Sometimes in the operation of the function, all sorts of problems can arise, leading to one disappointing result. the lost device is not displayed on the map. There may be several reasons for this, and all of them, like the solution options, were also considered by us earlier.

    Learn more: What to do if Find My iPhone doesn’t find your iPhone

    In some cases, you may need to turn off Find My, for example, before selling your iPhone or in order to sign in to another account. A separate instruction will help you to do this.

    Read more: How to turn off Find My iPhone on iPhone

    Describe what did not work for you. Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

    Call your number

    You can also call your own iPhone from another phone.

    • Open the “Phone” application;
    • Go to the “Favorites” tab;
    • Add the desired phone number by clicking on the plus in the upper right corner;
    • Select the “Call” action on the pop-up form. You can also send SMS or make a video call.

    By using the above tips, you will greatly increase your chances of finding your lost smartphone. Good luck!


    Like most of the preinstalled iPhone apps, Find My has a number of options that are not available in its main interface. You can view them and, if necessary, change them as follows:

    • Open the iOS “Settings” and go to manage your Apple account ID. this is the first in the list of available sections.

    Further, if the device has version 13 or 14 of the mobile OS, open the subsection “Locator”.

    If the OS version is 12 or lower, first go to “iCloud”, and then open “Find iPhone”.

    You will see a list of parameters that can be changed. We recommend that you activate all of them, if you have not done so before, and also configure the application itself. This is exactly what we will talk about further.

    There is also a search in the iOS settings. the corresponding line is called up by swiping from top to bottom when you are at the beginning of the list of available options. You need to enter the query “Find iPhone” into it, regardless of the version of the operating system. Thus, you can open the application itself, and not its parameters.

    How to disable T9?

    If a feature is ineffective, it is wiser to disable it. You can remove T9 on iPhone in just a few steps:

    Go to “Settings” and select the “General” section.

    Scroll down and find the “Keyboard” subsection.

    Toggle the toggle switch “Auto correction” in the inactive position.

    It’s time for an easier exhalation. T9 will no longer interfere with the process of writing SMS, as well as messages in Viber and What’s App messengers.

    In the “Keyboard” section, you can not only turn off T9, but also perform a lot of other settings that most iPhone owners do not even know about. for example, add a new keyboard in Hebrew, Chinese, Korean and other languages, set up autocorrect abbreviations (“etc.” on “etc”).

    T9 on iPhone

    The automatic word substitution feature on the iPhone is not actually called T9 at all, but Auto Correction. Commoners also use the term AutoCorrect. This feature is activated on Apple gadgets by default, so the iPhone user will definitely suffer from the “disservice” of the device from the very beginning of its use. Fortunately, turning off T9 and avoiding discomfort is easy.

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    How AutoCorrect works and why people complain about it?

    “Auto-correction” monitors what the user writes in the “Text” field of the SMS. If he uses a word that is unfamiliar to the program, “Auto-Correction” considers that the user was mistaken and suggests the correct (in her opinion) option. The corrected word is visible just above the one entered by the originator.

    The user needs to click on the “cross” and close the option offered by T9. If he clicks on the space, the word he wrote will be replaced by the upper one. This is where the problem lies: when typing, iPhone owners constantly forget to press the “cross”. as a result, instead of a reasonable message, a sheer absurdity is obtained.

    Autocorrect was supposed to improve the speed of typing SMS messages, but had the opposite effect. The reason is simple: there is a huge number of slang words in the Russian language, and new ones are constantly appearing. it is, alas, impossible to teach the program to the “common Russian” and make it follow speech trends.

    How to turn on T9?

    It is logical that “Auto-correction” is turned on in the same way as it is turned off. you just need to move the slider to the active position. The main question is different: is it worth enabling this feature and, if so, why?

    In fact, T9 is not as useless as users think, it can learn. If you set up, for example, abbreviations for those cumbersome terms that you have to constantly use due to the debt of work, this will help to significantly save time on correspondence.

    You can teach “Auto-Correction” new words like this:

    In the subsection “Keyboard” find the block “Abbreviations” and click on “New abbreviation”.

    In the “Phrase” and “Abbreviation” fields, write down the full cumbersome phrase and its truncated variation (for example, an abbreviation), respectively.

    Try to write an SMS. make an abbreviation in the message body.

    “Autocorrection” suggests using an expanded version of the phrase. Press Space and the abbreviation will immediately be replaced by the full phrase.

    Most iPhone users take T9 for granted. they constantly suffer from the interference of this function, but do not try to disable it, although this is done in a few simple steps. Disabling is optional, because T9 on the iPhone can not only “put sticks in the wheels”, but also be a “good assistant”. you just need to spend some time replenishing its vocabulary.

    How to share a location

    To send your location to another person, follow these steps:

    • Open the Find My app.
    • Switch to the “People” tab, and then click “Start sharing location”.
    • Select a user from your contact list or use the “” button to add a person not from your phone book.
    • Click on the “Send” button and select the time from the drop-down menu: 1 hour, until the end of the day or indefinitely.

    A notification will be sent to your friend. If he approves the request, you can track his location.

    To view your location, a person will need the Find My application installed on a mobile device or on a Mac computer.

    Learn more about iCloud

    Find iPhone is powered by iCloud, Apple’s proprietary cloud. It allows you to save, run, sync and edit your data from any convenient device that is connected to your account.

    In the cloud storage, you can create a backup copy of the OS, save contacts and media files, combine calendars and notes information between different devices.

    Documents that are opened using the “cloud” are synchronized across all devices.


    The Find My app for Apple devices is a service that combines the functionality of Find iPhone, Find Friends, and some of the Family Sharing options.

    • Shows the location of friends and family;
    • Allows you to share your location;
    • Displays all your devices on the map.

    The Find My iPhone app works with iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS Catalina. It is not available for older versions of operating systems.

    “Find iPhone

    This is a built-in service from Apple that makes it easy to find your lost iPhone, iPad or Mac using the cloud storage.

    Using the Find iPhone option allows you to do the following:

    • View on the map the location of all gadgets that are linked to your Apple ID;
    • Delete your personal data from the missing gadget;
    • Lock the phone and prohibit its use;
    • Display a message asking you to contact the owner of the device.

    Previously, this function worked in a browser, in a desktop program and in a special application “Find iPhone” for mobile devices.

    At the moment, it only applies to devices with iOS 12 and earlier and on the iCloud website. IOS 13 and iPadOS devices, as well as Mac computers now use the new Find My iPhone option instead of the new Find My iPhone option.

    How to turn off Find My on iPhone

    You can stop sharing your location with friends at any time, as well as disconnect all devices from the service. To do this, follow these steps:

    • Open the Latitude application, click on the “Me” tab and slide the “Share location” switch to the inactive position;
    • Go to the device settings, open the “Latitude” section, find the “Find iPhone / iPad” tab and disable the option. Last Location and Offline Access will automatically turn off.

    But you won’t be able to completely remove the Find My app from your iPhone or iPad. It is a system program that is built into the OS, so it cannot be uninstalled.

    How to turn Find My iPhone on and off

    To turn on Find on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

    • On iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Settings app.
    • Click your name.
    • Click “Latitude”.
    • If you want friends and family to know where you are, turn on the option “Share location”.
    • Click “Find. ””, Then turn on the “Find. “.
    • To find your device when it cannot connect to the Internet, turn on Latitude Network.
    • To send your device’s location to Apple when the battery is low, turn on Last Location.

    In the item “Find” instead of ellipsis, the name of the device will be written. Move the switch to the desired position to activate or deactivate the search.

    How to get started

    First thing you need to do is activate location services on your device. This is done in this way:

    • Open the settings on your phone. Scroll down and go to the “Privacy” section.
    • Click on the “Location Services” tab and pull the switch to the active position.

    Your device will now appear on the map. This will allow you and your friends to track it at any time.

    How to follow your friends

    You will not be able to see the whereabouts of a loved one until he gives his consent to this.

    To do this, the user must share his location with you, as described in the previous paragraph, or accept the request sent by you.

    After that, the person will appear in the People list and on the map in the Latitude application.

    In addition to viewing geolocation, in the application you can:

    • See the distance from a friend to you;
    • Connect with a person in various ways;
    • Build a route from your location to the point where the person is now;
    • Set up a notification for how a person comes to or leaves a certain place.

    This last option is especially useful for parents. It allows you to track whether the child is late for the lesson, whether he attends extracurricular activities, whether he is late at school, and so on.

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